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DNC Video: “The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To”

By Gary P Jackson

Need any more proof that democrats have an incredibly warped view of society? Well watch this:

This was shown on day one in Charlotte at the democrat convention. It’s their “soft sell” attempt to get you to buy into their idea of a central command-and-control, Big Government, nanny state, that will care for you from cradle to grave. Never mind that it’s been proven over and over that these sort of schemes never work out. Governments eventually collapse under their own weight when they’ve tried this.

The government belongs to the people, for sure, but politicians and bureaucrats are OUR EMPLOYEES and work for US. Something, it seems, we must remind them of on a regular basis.

I wish I had some snappy commentary here, but a commenter on You Tube says all that needs to be said:

We don’t ‘belong‘ to the´╗┐ government – we settled that by Declaration in 1776, by Force 1775-1783 and by Law in 1791!

~ PalmettoStateForever

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