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Palin, McCain, and the Difference between Support and Agreement

by Whitney Pitcher

For Dick Cheney and His Ilk, John McCain's Brilliant Choice of Sarah Palin was Bad News!

Yesterday Governor Palin penned a post on her Facebook page expressing her support of Senator McCain in the face of censure by his own party in Arizona.  In many ways, it echoed the op-ed she wrote for the Arizona Central when she endorsed Senator McCain’s re-election nearly four years ago. Governor Palin’s support of Senator McCain shows far more of her character than of his merit. As Governor Palin wrote last night:

We live in a time of diminishing virtues because of societal influence towards total self-centeredness. This is unfortunate and makes raising families, conducting business, and governing that much more challenging. I know how important the virtue of loyalty is because in politics it’s pretty much nonexistent. I stand on that most important virtue and answer those asking today: “Yes, I am proud to have been asked to run with him in 2008, and he is my friend.”

If loyalty is essentially nonexistent in politics as Governor Palin notes, how would anyone know what it looks like? One needs to look no further than Governor Palin’s own character and action over the years. Governor Palin has stood by Senator McCain’s side since 2008, in spite of his often tepid support for her and his nonexistent defense of her when she was more or less accused of murdering his Arizona constituents in Tucson three years ago. Governor Palin’s loyalty has been noted by many. For example, Governor Nikki Haley noted in her book about Governor Palin’s continued support in the midst of allegations during Haley’s gubernatorial campaign that she had an affair:

When allegations from Folks first surfaced, Haley remembers having Palin in her corner after just one phone call – a contrast to the way another supporter, Romney, had handled the news.

“Sarah goes with her gut, and I love her for that,” she writes. “Mitt’s team [said] they were going to have a ‘Nikki Haley meeting’ the next morning to decide what to do next.”

Governor Palin again stood with Haley in May of 2012 when a South Carolina union leader beat a pinata with a picture of Governor Haley’s face on it. This came even after Haley’s silence when Governor Palin and the Tea Party was blamed for the Tucson shooting. Suffice it to say, Governor Palin’s loyalty is because of who she is (her character), not because of who the others are.

Support differs from complete agreement, however. Governor Palin has expressed disagreement with McCain either implicitly or explicitly multiple times. As she noted in her Facebook post,  Governor Palin parts ways with Senator McCain on ANWR and immigration. She has parted ways with him implicitly too. Her “Let Allah sort it out” approach to Syria is 180 degrees different than Senator McCain’s neocon approach to Syria. In her vintage speech to a Tea Party rally in Iowa in September 2011, Governor Palin mocked Senator McCain, although not in name, for his reference to Tea Partiers as hobbits.

To be sure, Governor Palin has her share of disagreements with Senator McCain, just as some supporters may disagree with her for supporting Senator McCain in this manner. That is the beauty of independence of thought–difference of opinion does negate support. As Governor Palin’s brother Chuck Heath Jr. noted on his Facebook page today:

If I turned my back on every friend and family member who didn’t agree with me 100% of the time, I’d have no friends or family members.

It can’t be said much better than that. We don’t have to always agree, but we all can learn a lesson in loyalty from the one political figure who personifies it.


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Governor Palin Praises Jim DeMint For His Service Echoes Desire to See Tim Scott Succeed Him


By Stacy Drake

Jim DeMint announced that he will be leaving the U.S. Senate to head the Heritage Foundation. A press release from the Senator states:

Today, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) announced that he will leave the Senate at the beginning of January to become the next president of The Heritage Foundation, the largest and most respected conservative think tank in America.

It’s been an honor to serve the people of South Carolina in United States Senate for the past eight years, but now it’s time for me to pass the torch to someone else and take on a new role in the fight for America’s future.

I’m leaving the Senate now, but I’m not leaving the fight. I’ve decided to join The Heritage Foundation at a time when the conservative movement needs strong leadership in the battle of ideas. No organization is better equipped to lead this fight and I believe my experience in public office as well as in the private sector as a business owner will help Heritage become even more effective in the years to come.

I’m humbled to follow in the footsteps of Ed Feulner, who built the most important conservative institution in the nation. He has been a friend and mentor for years and I am honored to carry on his legacy of fighting for freedom.

My constituents know that being a Senator was never going to be my career. I came to Congress as a citizen legislator and I’ve always been determined to leave it as citizen legislator. South Carolina has a deep bench of conservative leaders and I know Governor Haley will select a great replacement.

One of the most rewarding things I’ve done in the Senate is work with the grassroots to help elect a new generation of leaders who have the courage to fight for the principles of freedom that make this country so great. I’m confident these senators will continue the legacy of conservative leaders before them.

You can read the entire press release here.

We wish all the best to Jim DeMint in his new role. Governor Palin sent out the following tweets regarding the news.

Above is an adaptation from an earlier post of Stacy’s from Conservatives4Palin You can click here for any updates.

~ Gary

It should be noted that Sarah endorsed Congressman Tim Scott in 2010. He would be an excellent choice to replace Senator DeMint.


From 2010:

I’m very proud to add my support to Tim Scott’s campaign to represent South Carolina’s 1st congressional district. Tim has a remarkable success story. He grew up in poverty and was raised by a single-mom who struggled to provide. With help from a mentor and his brave mom, Tim learned to appreciate the value of hard work and American opportunity. He went on to become a business owner and has served in public office with integrity on the county and state level.

Tim is a pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-development, Commonsense Conservative who’s been endorsed by the Club for Growth because of his solid commitment to the principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility.

He will represent the Palmetto State with distinction in DC, so I encourage you to vote for Tim in his run-off election next Tuesday, June 22nd. Please visit Tim’s website at www.votetimscott.com and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

~ Sarah Palin


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Sarah Palin Denounces Union Thug Tactics in South Carolina

By Gary P Jackson

Yesterday we reported on a video that surfaced of retiring South Carolina AFL-CIO union thug president, Donna Dewitt, violently attacking a piñata with South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s face on it.

Dewitt has defended her violence saying it was “all in fun.

Sarah Palin has a different take, calling on her union “brothers and sisters” to denounce the violence and condemn the union thug leadership.

his story about the South Carolina AFL-CIO President Donna DeWitt beating a piñata with Governor Nikki Haley’s face on it is disgusting.

It’s a perfect example of union boss thuggery.

To all the good South Carolina cops and teachers and other good union members out there: this is your union dues at work. Are you comfortable with this?

Please, good South Carolina union brothers and sisters, demand your union dues be returned to you; demand an apology; quit your disrespectful union if you believe actions like this don’t represent who you really are.

Stiffen your spine because you’re better than this. Respectful union members across this great nation: will you condemn or condone this union “leadership” as they give you one helluva name?

~ Sarah Palin


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South Carolina AFL-CIO Union Thug President Takes a Baseball Bat to Piñata Representing Governor Nikki Haley UPDATED

****UPDATED with New Video****

By Gary P Jackson

Union thug Donna Dewitt, the retiring South Carolina AFL-CIO president is seen taking a baseball bat to a piñata with South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s face on it. As you can see, Dewitt, who is egged on by the crowd, takes great delight in this.

Michelle Malkin reports the national AFL-CIO union thugs are trying to force You Tube to pull the video, but you can still view it, for now, by clicking here, or on the image above.

Malkin also notes that it was somehow inciting violence when Sarah Palin “targeted” Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords for defeat. Never mind it was left wing Daily Kos publisher Marcos Moulitsas who actually but a bull’s-eye on Congresswoman Giffords, targeting her as a sell-out. Evidently, this sort of actual violence by a union thug, is perfectly acceptable.

South Carolina is a right to work state, meaning union thugs are not welcome. Labor unions, with a history of violence since day one, obviously don’t like this, or Governor Haley, who has been tough on unions.

From the video description:

Gov. Nikki Haley has been vicious to organized labor, saying in her State of the State address that “unions are not needed, wanted or welcome in South Carolina.” After years of being treated like a union thug, Donna Dewitt gets sweet revenge at a retirement reception in her honor.

Let’s see, a union thug complaining about being treated like a union thug, while acting exactly like union thugs do. Amazing.

H/T: Reince Priebus


The National AFL-CIO has been trying to get the video of their thug pulled. In case this happens, we’ve found the video from a trusted source.


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Governor Nikki Haley Joins Sarah Palin in Recommending Allen West for Vice President

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin has repeatedly mentioned Allen West as her top choice for Vice President. [no matter who the eventual nominee is] Now South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is joining her with that recommendation.

From The Hill:

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, a top surrogate for GOP front-runner Mitt Romney, suggested Wednesday night that controversial Tea Party freshman Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) could be a “good” choice as the party’s vice presidential nominee.

You’ve got great ones. You have heard Gov. Palin talk about West, and he’s good,” Haley told Fox News. “Of course, Marco Rubio is great, and Chris Christie. We know he can be the fighter, and I think there are so many really great ones out there. I think Romney is going to have a hard time picking.

Palin told Fox on Tuesday night that she hoped Romney “goes rogue” and picks someone like West for the nomination.

Top of my list is Allen West,” Palin said. “I love that he has that military experience, he is a public servant willing to serve for the right reasons. When I talk about going rogue, what I want is to encourage the GOP nominee to not think that they have to go with somebody necessarily safe.

West, a conservative firebrand, has won over Tea Party supporters with his frank and unfiltered criticism of not just President Obama, but the Republican congressional leadership. But he’s also raised eyebrows with some comments, like when he suggested that President Obama “get the hell out of the United States of America” or called Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) a “plantation overseer.

Allen West would be an excellent VP choice. He has consistently been the overwhelming choice of Conservatives since speculation about 2012 began. He’s a take charge, no nonsense guy. He says what he means and means what he says. He has a solid grasp of the Constitution, and understands that Liberty and Freedom are essential.

I don’t see Mitt Romney picking West though. That’s too far out of the box for him. I suspect we’ll see someone more conventional, and unexciting. A “safe” candidate. If he does, that will be a real shame.


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Nikki Haley: “Sarah goes with her gut, and I love her for that” Mitt, not so much

By Gary P Jackson

Reading Politico’s review of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s new book Can’t Is Not an Option I found an interesting contrast of how Sarah Palin, and Mitt Romney handle things.

We all remember that Mitt Romney actually endorsed Haley weeks before Sarah Palin did, but was stuck in the basement, polling 4th in a 4-way race. Once Sarah endorsed her, it was on. Nikki shot to number 1 with a bullet!

Of course, with her new found front runner status, so came the smear machine. Haley was accused of having an affair, and being called a “slut” and a “whore.” It was pretty nasty. And it was coming from fellow Republicans.

Nikki talks about all of this in her book, and we see the difference in how Sarah Palin handled all of this, jumping right in and standing with her, and how Mitt Romney and his team handled it. It’s a real contrast in leadership.

As her tumultuous campaign for governor chugged forward, Haley found herself drawing strength from the unexpected endorsement of one of the most admired female Republican figures at the time — former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

We got a little silly for a while. We were all jumping up and down. Governor Palin’s endorsement was something that we had been hoping for a full year, but I had never allowed myself to think about too much because I knew she marched to the beat of her own drum,” Haley writes.

She describes Palin in her memoir as someone with whom she enjoyed an “instant rapport” and an immediate “kinship,” as they talked about everything from their children and shoes to the hardships of being on the campaign trail.

She was very friendly and gregarious. She signed books and took pictures with people. There was not one thing about her that was high maintenance,” Haley says.

When allegations from Folks first surfaced, Haley remembers having Palin in her corner after just one phone call – a contrast to the way another supporter, Romney, had handled the news.

Sarah goes with her gut, and I love her for that,” she writes. “Mitt’s team [said] they were going to have a ‘Nikki Haley meeting’ the next morning to decide what to do next.”

While this wasn’t exactly the proverbial “3 am phone call” it’s telling that Team Romney had to have a meeting to discuss how they would support someone they had already endorsed. It’s also telling that it didn’t take Sarah any time at all.

Leaders lead, others talk it to death first.


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Governor Nikki Haley: Sarah Palin is Going to Continue To Empower The People

Vodpod videos no longer available.

By Gary P Jackson

A short interview with South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley about Sarah Palin’s choice not to run for President in 2012. She agrees with us. Sarah will be the voice of the people, and a great inspiration for years to come.

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Landslide! Nikki Haley and Tim Scott Win Big In South Carolina GOP Runoff!

What a great night for common sense conservatism. Two really strong candidates, Nikki Haley and Tim Scott won their runoff contests by huge margins, as expected. Both candidates are solid reformers, and both candidates are endorsed by Sarah Palin.

The latest results have Haley with a 26 point victory, and Scott winning an absolute blowout with a 38 point margin over his rival.

From Fox News.com:

State Rep. Nikki Haley, an Indian American woman, smashed a glass ceiling in South Carolina politics Tuesday by winning her bid to represent the Republican Party in November’s gubernatorial race.

Haley is the first South Carolina woman to lead a major party ticket and will face Democratic state Sen. Vincent Sheheen to succeed term-limited Gov. Mark Sanford.

Haley was little known just months ago, but got a crucial boost with early support from former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement.

Haley beat U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett in Tuesday’s runoff, riding the backlash against the state’s notoriously rough-and-tumble politics.

She picked up the support of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and popular former South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford.

With her victory, state Rep. Haley moved one step closer to becoming the first female governor in the conservative-leaning state. She brushed aside allegations of marital infidelity and an ethnic slur to come within a percentage point of winning the gubernatorial nod outright on June 8. And with 40 percent of the precincts reporting in the runoff, she led with 63 percent of the vote to Rep. Gresham Barrett’s 37 percent.

[Tim] Scott, also a state lawmaker, hoped to become South Carolina’s first black GOP congressman in more than a century. Scott, who has the backing of several Republican leaders in Washington, led Paul Thurmond, the son of the late U.S. Sen. and former segregationist Strom Thurmond in the runoff. The GOP-leaning district stretches down the Carolina coast and includes Fort Sumter where the first shots of the Civil War were fired.

If elected to the House, Scott would be the GOP’s first black lawmaker since Oklahoma’s J.C. Watts retired in 2003.

You can read more here.

This is outstanding news for America, and yet another step towards taking our country back, but as we all know, we still have a battle ahead. We now have to turn these landslide primary victories to huge wins come November.

If you haven’t already, check out Nikki’s website www.nikkihaley.com From there you can follower her on Facebook and Twitter.

For those not familiar with Tim Scott, here’s a short video that sums up his philosophy nicely:

This is the kind of man we need in Congress. You can make that happen. Go to www.votetimscott.com and get involved.


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Palin Endorsements Are Key in Primary Season

By Stacy Drake

It’s primary season and Conservative candidates around the country are all hoping to get a Palin endorsement to boost their campaigns. So far it is proving to be very beneficial for the candidates that have Governor Palin’s official backing.

In Wisconsin, Sean Duffy’s campaign exploded after the governor threw her support in his direction. They successfully put enough pressure on the very powerful Chairman of the Appropriations Committee and congressional fixture, Dave Obey to plan an early retirement.

Earlier this week in West Virginia, in a race marked by one of those anxiety inducing SarahPAC targets, Representative Alan Mollohan lost his reelection bid.

Palin endorsed, Rand Paul also has a comfortable lead in the Kentucky race.

(Nikki Haley, future Governor of South Carolina)

Thursday, Nikki Haley’s campaign announced that Sarah Palin will endorse her candidacy for GOP slot in the South Carolina governor’s race. They release the following statement:


Columbia, SC – Today, the Haley for Governor campaign is proud to announce that former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin will be joining Representative Nikki Haley in Columbia tomorrow evening, Friday, May 14th, in support of her candidacy for Governor.

In response to Governor Palin’s endorsement, Nikki Haley said “It is a tremendous honor to receive Governor Palin’s endorsement. Sarah Palin has energized the conservative movement like few others in our generation. She has helped millions of Americans find the power of their voice. I am extremely proud that she has offered her support to my candidacy.”

Nikki Haley, state representative from Lexington, has been an advocate for fiscal responsibility, transparency in government, and conservative values since her first day as a state legislator in 2005.

Governor Palin and Representative Haley will appear together at a public event at 5:30 pm in Columbia tomorrow evening. Details on location will follow.

According to CNN, “Palin’s endorsement of Haley puts her at odds with her running mate in the 2008 presidential election, Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona.

McCain has backed McMaster in the primary. McMaster chaired McCain’s South Carolina campaign in 2008.”

… So take that Chuck DeVore supporters who claim Governor Palin is John McCain’s “puppet.”

Speaking of which, it’s pretty obvious why those same DeVore loyalists are so cranky about getting their perceived snub. They know that Governor Palin is the top Conservative in the nation. They know that the DeVore campaign could have used the boost in exposure and revenue. They know that Chuck is starting to become a spoiler and may possibly get Tom Campbell nominated to face off against Boxer this November. Doing so would most certainly go down much differently than “the only Conservative in the race” message they have been trying to send. Rather forcefully and usually in ALL CAPS on twitter, by the way.

On that note, I’m still wondering why “the only Conservative in the race” is trying so desperately to send Tom Campbell to Washington. I’m also still wondering why he is running so hard for the second place spot in a primary election, attacking Carly Fiorina, not Tom Campbell (a scary candidate if there ever was one) on his website and elsewhere.

So for now, Chuck will just have to stick it out with this guy

The value for conservative candidates getting a Palin endorsement goes without saying. There will be many contentious battles in the coming months and I am glad to see Governor Palin getting involved. She’s never been one to ‘play it safe’ or somebody to not ‘step on any toes’ as too many top political leaders are prone to do. She has shown courage and wisdom in her picks regardless of what many armchair pundits think or say. She has picked a number of great candidates to support and is making for a very interesting primary season, to say the least.

UPDATE: Governor Palin made the Nikki Haley endorsement official today on her Facebook page:

Shaking it up in South Carolina with Nikki Haley

I’m very proud to add my voice to Jenny Sanford’s and others in endorsing Nikki Haley for governor of South Carolina. Nikki is a strong pro-life, pro-Second Amendment fiscal conservative who served with distinction as a state lawmaker, a reformer who fought her own party to protect the interests of the taxpayer, a proud daughter of immigrants who worked night and day to achieve the American dream, a wife of an officer in the Army National Guard, a board member at her family’s Methodist church, and – most proudly – the loving mother of two beautiful kids.

It’s my honor to join Nikki today at a rally at 5:30 pm at the statehouse in Columbia, South Carolina. If you are in the area, please come by and join us.

In the meantime, Nikki needs our support in her race. She’s the scrappy underdog in a tough competitive primary. Please visit her website here, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s help this tough, proud daughter of South Carolina shake things up in the Palmetto state.

– Sarah Palin

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