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North Carolina Primary Race Sets Off Major Party Fireworks (Results for 6 Races in IN OH NC!)

UPDATE 5/14/2014


aiken vs elmers

3rd Confirmed Winner Renee ELMER (to face Clay Aiken)

Walter Jones

Second Confirmed winner: Establishment Walter Jones 

taylor griffin endorsementW.Jones 50.8% (21,726)

Taylor Griffin  45.1%  (19,275)  * Palin Endorsed

A.Novinec 4.1%    (1,746)

Thom Tillis

 First Confirmed Winner: Establishment THOM TILLIS More on Tillis

Winner T. Tillis 45.4%
G. Brannon 27.1%
M. Harris 17.8%
H. Grant 4.7%
T. Alexander 1.9%
J. Snyder 1.9%
A. Bradshaw 0.7%
E. Kryn 0.4%


By Isabel Matos

This is one race I can’t wait to see the results! There has been more primary excitement in NORTH CAROLINA than OHIO or INDIANA combined!  A huge intra-party feud has been playing itself out for 15 months now. First is the Establishment candidate, Thom Tillis, speaker of the North Carolina House. Tillis is backed by Rove (of course), the Chamber of Commerce, Mitch McConnell, Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney who just endorsed him yesterday.

The second challenger in the race is a pro-life candidate appealing to Evangelicals, Mark Harris. He is a preacher and is backed by “enemy” Mike Huckabee, according to those on the ground. Kristen Petersen, tea party activist who has been in full campaign mode from day one, reports:  

This is another example of the GOP establishment putting out fake Tea Party Conservative candidates to peel away votes from those that are true conservatives.  She cites the Southern Baptist’s preference for immigration restitutions (code for amnesty) even though the pastor won’t use the term (typical).  What he said.

huckabee and sarah

Huckabee recorded a robo-call on behaloof of Harris that went out to 300,00 registered Republicans between Saturday to Monday

Huckabee has inserted himself twice now in races in which Sarah Palin endorsed a candidate. (He is no friend of Sarah’s). In Oklahoma he endorsed Jack Lanford, T.W. Shannon’s opponent. In Florida he and Jeb Bush both endorsed Lizbeth Benacquisto in the last days to perpetuate the false impression that she was the establishment candidate. It gets complicated, but let’s just say Huckabee’s endorsements are a nuisance in any primary and this is how the Establishment rolls.

We have three candidates but two factions within the party (Paul vs. Bush) fighting for control of the GOP and this won’t be the first race we will see it happen in. 1

The Libertarian Conservative favored by the grassroots in N.C. is Dr. Greg Brannon “the best option to defeat Kay Hagan” as Democrats want Tillis (Rove’s choice) to be Hagan’s opponent.

This is Dr. Greg Brannon:

Husband of 25 years, Father of 7, Physician to 20,000 &

North Carolina’s Constitutional Conservative Candidate for U.S. Senate. www.GregBrannon.com

dr greg brannon

The winning candidate must have 40 percent of the votes to avoid a run-off. Rand Paul made a last-minute campaign trail stop on Monday which could determine the results of the race.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul rallied for Brannon Monday in Charlotte: “‘The status quo has gotten too strong in Washington, D.C. The Leviathan has gotten too large. … As we stand here, the debt clock is spiraling out of control. Send us a champion. Send us a hero. Send us a dragon slayer,’ Paul said, speaking prior to Brannon in front of a cheering crowd of about 250 outside the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Uptown Charlotte on Monday.”  Paul Rand, Greg Brannon

A run-off would delay challenging Democrat Kay Hagan who said: kay hagan

Mike Lee has endorsed Dr. Brannon.

greg brannon

FreedomWorks has endorsed Dr. Brannon.

freedom works

Mark Levin has endorsed Dr. Brannon.

greg bannon mark levin

Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter joined the list of endorsements today.

6 Key Races Today


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Breaking: NC Residents Urge Local Officials to Say NO to Obamacare


By Gary P Jackson

here’s a breaking news release from North Carolina. Folks are going to protest the implementation of Obamacare.

H/T: SarahNET

For More Information Contact:
Lori Bardsley


NC Residents Urge Local Officials to Say NO to Obamacare

Rally on January 9th to reject the implementation of Obamacare in North Carolina January 7, 2013– On opening day of the North Carolina General Assembly from Noon to 4PM, North Carolina conservatives, libertarians, and others seeking government accountability will gather together to remind the incoming General Assembly to honor the Oath they have just sworn.

The January 9th, 2013 rally will be held at Halifax Mall in Raleigh, NC, where North Carolina residents along with the group Coalition for Accountability North Carolina, will call on Governor Pat McCrory and other local leaders to make North Carolina the next state to reject the implementation of Obamacare.

Confirmed speakers so far include Rep. Walter Jones, Dr. Greg Brannon, Rep. Michael Speciale, Rep. Larry Pittman, and Sen. Rabin.

North Carolina residents are supporting this effort through phone calls, social media, and letters to local officials, holding them-accountable to the principles on which they were elected, to protect the state of North Carolina from federal intrusiveness.

Lori Bardsley, Communications Director for Coalition for Accountability North Carolina, said “We made history in November by helping put into office a new conservative Governor, Lt. Governor, and a Republican super-majority in the legislature. We have new Republican legislators from districts who haven’t elected a Republican in 100 years. Much of this success is thanks to the grassroots teams who put everything they had into restoring North Carolina. It is now time to help our representatives implement American principles, and our first and most critical issue is Obamacare. There is still time for our new Governor Pat McCrory to opt out of the setting up of health care exchanges in North Carolina.

More information on the January 9th rally, click here


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PPP: Barack Obama Trails Sarah Palin by 14 Points Among Independents in North Carolina

By Gary P Jackson

On Thursday democrat pollster Public Policy Polling [PPP] tweeted Governor Sarah Palin was up 14 points over President Barack Obama in North Carolina, among independent voters:

So much for the “Sarah Palin can’t attract independent voters” nonsense. We’ve noted many times that legitimate polling consistently show Sarah having the highest approval among Republican leaning independent voters, meaning they would be favorably inclined to pay attention to what Sarah Palin would have to offer as a presidential candidate.


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Interesting: Sarah Palin’s Support Among Moderates Skyrockets As Support For Mitt Romney Collapses

By Gary P Jackson

Remember how we are told Sarah Palin is “polarizing” and “extreme” and how we need to pick a “safe” [read unprincipled RINO] candidate, because Sarah only appeals to hard core Conservatives?

Yeah, we all know that’s BS, and evidently so do voters in North Carolina. Now this is just one poll, and in a Southern state, but North Carolina isn’t all that Conservative, and could be the start of a major trend.

Mitt Romney is considered the front runner among the party establishment. He’s their boy because it’s “his turn” and all. [Qualifications and ability mean little to these cats] Their idea is Romney appeals to those precious moderates everyone courts. Except it appears Romney isn’t all that appealing.

There’s the interesting dynamic going on here. In the latest poling from PPP 24% of those polled self identify as moderates. Out of those moderates, Sarah Palin leads all comers with 27% of the vote. Mitt Romney the supposed champion moderate, only gets a dismal 12%.

Sarah also leads Romney in the favorable to unfavorable department with 65/20 vs 49/23

This is consistent with the national polling PPP released yesterday showing Sarah is the front runner for the nomination.

Again this is only one state, but it’s significant. It also reminds us that Conservatism, real Conservatism works every time it’s tried. Voters, even moderates, are looking for a leader. The problem with moderate candidates, like Romney is they are not leaders. They are finger in the wind folks. Not only that, but their ideology tends to skew pretty progressive.

They may look good on paper, by appealing to “a wide rage of people” [in theory at least] but in reality, they come off as democrat-light. And this is where the problems come in. When voters, especially those moderates, are faced with the choice between a democrat-light candidate and an actual democrat, they’ll go ahead and vote for the real thing. This has always been the case.

Voters want real choices and they want real leaders, not blow in the wind, go with the flow “managers.” Only dead fish go with the flow.

So much for the meme Sarah Palin won’t appeal to moderates. It seems like Sarah Palin is actually the “safe” choice after all.


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