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But Of Course: Communist Party Of America Throws It’s Support Behind Obama And The Democrats

Jarvis Tyner speaks in Detroit on October 7 on the need for an all-out mobilization to defeat Tea Party and other right wing Republican candidates.

By Gary P Jackson

Surprise, surprise! Radical Communist Jarvis Tyner is backing his fellow travelers who have taken over the democrat party. He’s trying to fire up the crazies to take on American Patriots in the Tea Party movement who are trying to save our nation from certain destruction.

From our friends in New Zealand at the New Zeal blog.

Communist Party USA Leader Openly Backs Obama and the Democrats

Jarvis Tyner, national executive vice-chair of the Communist Party USA, spoke in Detroit October 7, on the need to for “left and progressive” minded people to help insure a huge voter turnout for the midterm election.

Tyner is uncompromising in his support for the Democrats and Communist Party “friend” Barack Obama.

The Communists understand what is at stake in these elections. Do you?

Let us not forget, recently the Socialist Party of America announced the names of 70 members of Congress who are also Marxists, and members of the Socialist Party caucus.

The must radical elements of humanity, violent Communists, Socialists ….  Marxists all …. are who now control the democrat party. These disciples of Lennon and Marx are evil. There is no other way to describe them.

Remember this when you vote on Tuesday.

You have a choice: Leave radicals, supported by the absolute worst of what society has to offer, in power, or vote for Common Sense candidates who will restore this nation to sanity.


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Christine O’Donnell On The Campaign Trail

By Gary P Jackson

Here’s some great video of Christine O’Donnell on the campaign trail. Good look at the real Christine, not one the media tried to sell you.

This is an important election. Go to Christine’s website and see how you can make sure she is the next Senator from Delaware, and the 41st vote against anything the Obama regime and Congress try during the lame duck session.

Remember, this is a special election, and Christine will be seated immediately, and be part of the lame duck Congress.


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Sarah Palin Makes A Surprise Visit In West Virginia

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin made a surprise stop in Wheeling, West Virginia on Saturday. Sarah made her remarks and was then interviewed by Tea Party HD. She is fired up!

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Just A Reminder Of Who We Are Up Against

By Gary P Jacson

Communists, Socialists, Revolutionaries …. Oh my!

Just a reminder of the sort we are fighting against. This video was taken at the “One Nation” rally, that took place at the Washington Mall, in response to Glenn Beck’s wildly successful Restoring Honor rally that was held on August 28.

The “One Nation” rally was sponsored Barack Obama’s permanent campaign Organizing For America, as well as SEIU, the AFL-CIO, and all of the Soros funded groups, which run into the hundreds.

Notice all of the Socialist and Communist paraphernalia, and it’s violent imagery. Hard to miss all the Che Guevara imagery are well. It’s quite telling that one of the worst mass murders in history has become the symbol for the democrat party, and Obama.

It’s not like America wasn’t warned of this either. If you remember, in Houston, Texas, one of Barack Obama’s campaign headquarters offices prominently featured a Cuba flag with Che’s picture on it. World Net Daily reported at the time it was disturbing that Obama attracts “people who think mass murderers are romantic revolutionaries.

Americans were warned in 2008 who these people are, but most laughed it off. Well, who’s laughing now?

This is why your vote next Tuesday is so important.

Americans have a clear choice: You can vote for Freedom, Liberty, and the Rule of Law, or you can vote for radical Communists who want to take all of your freedom away. Radicals who worship mass murders like Mao, Stalin, and Che Guevara.


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Sarah Palin: Barack Obama Is So In Over His Head

Vodpod videos no longer available.

On Wednesday Sarah Palin was a guest on Sean Hannity’s radio show. They talked about a variety of issues, from the hateful and racist rhetoric of the NAACP, illegal immigration, and the Gulf oil spill, to Obama’s pathetic performance as President. Sarah also talked about her sharp focus on the November elections, and what the GOP must do to take back Congress.

Sean also brought up the recent statement by Dick Morris, proclaiming Sarah the front runner in 2012. Obviously Sarah is totally focused on November, and isn’t worried about 2012. That will take care of itself. At the end she talks about going mountain climbing with Todd and Willow, something she had tweeted about earlier.

Once again Sarah offers up powerful words that will motivate those who long to see our nation back on the right track.

Video courtesy: PalinTV

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Clint Didier The Leading Republican In WA State Senate Race On The Strength Of Women, Independent, And Democrat Voters

Clint Didier has mounted a strong and effective campaign to not only unseat the far left Marxist-democrat, Patty Murray, but to take on the tired old establishment Republicans as well. Clint’s strong leadership ability, along with his Common Sense Conservative message has resonated with the people of Wasington state who are sick and tire of being represented by the radical left, and want more than just a business as usual Republican to take their cause to the nation’s capitol.

For those that are not familiar with Washington’s primary system, it’s basically a free for all deal. All of the candidates, Republican, Marxist-democrat, and Independents are on the ballot. My contacts in Washington tell me this was designed to keep far left radicals like Patty Murray in power. The way it works, is at the end of the day, the top two candidates, regardless of party will the ones to choose from come November.The idea, in this blue state,  is for you  to end up being forced to choose between two Marxist-democrats in the general election. 

That doesn’t look like it’s going to work out all too well this year.

In recent polling 8823 were asked who they would vote for if the election was held today. The results are interesting to say the least. Once you get past the obvious joke candidates like “GoodSpaceGuy” and “Mike the Mover” a clear picture emerges. Washington is a blue state, so no surprise, Patty Murry leads with 33.4% of the vote. The interesting part is that Clint Didier, who is running as a strong, unapolgetic Conservative, and running on restoring our Constitutional Republic, and the Rule of Law, is beating all other candidates, including his toughest competitor, squishy estabablisment Republican Dino Rossi.

The key to this is really simple. With women voters, Didier leads Rossi 774 to 593. Among independents it’s 143 to 74. The real shocker is that Didier, with his strong Conservative message takes democrats 121 to 0. Yes, you read that right. 121 to 0. So much for the idea that one must “moderate” their message to attact members of certain voting blocks! The only group Rossi captures is self proclaimed Republicans 1325 to 1228.

As we wrote earlier, we feel that Clint Didier is A Stong And Decisive Leader For America. Obviously his message is resonating with a wide base of voters. Clint has been endorsed by Sarah Palin, which has obviously given him a boost, but he still needs our help. Patty Murray is one of the most far left radicals in the United States Senate. We must defeat her. In order to do that, there must be a strong leader, someone who appeals to more than just the Republican base. Looking at this sampling, it’s obvious that Clint is that strong leader. With a message of fiscal conservatism, common sense, and the Rule of Law, Clint hits all of the right notes with the American people.

In order to become the next United States Senator from Washington, Clint must finish at the top. You can make that happen by visiting Clint’s website at www.clintdider.org and sending in a few bucks, as well as voluteering to man phone banks, and get out the vote efforts. The primary is in August, the time to act is now.

Let’s make sure Clint Didier will be on his way to D.C. after November!

BTW, in case you missed it, Clint called into the Rush Limbaugh show a few days ago. While the discussion is good, it’s how he introduced himself: “Clint, a farmer from Washington” that tells you all you need to know about the man.

H/T M.D.McIntyre


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Sarah Palin: Barack Obama Has The Most Disconnected Backasswards Plan Ever Imposed On The Country We Love!

By Gary P Jackson

This is what we love about Sarah Palin. Nothing shy, reserved, or nuanced about this woman. What you see is what you get! Sunday afternoon Sarah picked up her trusty BOTUS, BlackBerry of the United States, and sent this little note:

This came following tweets that read:

Sharon Angle’s right: new workers should get to invest some Social Security withholdings in their own savings accounts & Washington cont….

…to pay promised benefits to older workers. What part of “The System is Going Bankrupt” don’t you understand, Mr. Reid?

This was promptly followed by:

What happens in Vegas shouldn’t stay in Vegas;pls circulate this http://bit.ly/ddINDT

The link takes one to an editorial the Sunday issue of the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

EDITORIAL: President: we’re ‘moving forward

Mr. Obama visits Las Vegas
Two years ago, the majority of American voters supported freshman U.S. Sen. Barack Obama for president. Today, neither he nor his party seem that popular. Why?

No one supported candidate Obama based on his achievements ­– military, legislative, administrative, or creating jobs in the private sector. There weren’t any.

What they embraced was his vow to move past race and partisanship, to seek not merely Democratic solutions or Republican solutions, but bi-partisan solutions, multi-partisan solutions, American solutions.

If that Barack Obama had spoken at Aria in CityCenter Thursday evening, and then at UNLV Friday, one could easily imagine him saying, “You know, our economic policies of the past 18 months have not succeeded. In fact, many things have gotten worse. Here in Southern Nevada, your unemployment rate has skyrocketed from 4.4 percent to 14 percent, people have lost their homes, businesses have closed, 135,000 jobs have been lost. And it just might be that the tax-and-spend dinosaurs of my own party are part of the problem. So instead of making fun of Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, anyone with some fresh ideas, I’ve started calling in some of those ‘greedy capitalists’ who’ve created jobs in the past. I’m asking them what they think we should ‘change.‘”

Instead, Mr. Obama was here to raise funds for one of those aforementioned graying partisans of the Senate, Sen. Harry Reid. And Mr. Obama continued to blame all his — and our — problems on the mess he inherited two years ago.

Change? While the president did not mention Mr. Reid’s front-running Republican challenger Sharron Angle by name, he did comment on her plan to let younger workers invest part of their Social Security withholdings in private accounts they would own, while Washington would continue paying promised benefits to older Americans:

On a lot of these issues, she favors an approach that’s even more extreme than the Republicans in Washington,” said the “post-partisan” president, drawing laughter from the hand-picked, closed-door Democratic crowd. “That’s saying something. That is saying something. I mean, she wants to phase out and privatize Social Security and Medicare.

Whereupon the president proceeded to set out his own detailed plan — and Sen. Reid’s — to save a Social Security and Medicare entitlement system that’s already spent all the money current retirees ever paid in, and which is thus headed for bankruptcy.

Well, no, of course he didn’t do that.

The fact is, President Obama once again left behind a sinking feeling that neither he nor Sen. Reid have a clue how to pull this country out of its current dire economic straits.

Oh, they want to spend more tax money propping up the jobs of unionized state and local government workers — the president bragged, “We fought to keep Nevada teachers, firefighters, and police officers on the job” — at precisely the time state and local governments should be slashing their bloated budgets.

And where will that money come from? Big tax hikes on the very people who would otherwise be out there creating real, productive jobs — private businesses.

Higher cigarette taxes. Carbon taxes. “Cap and trade.” A tanning salon tax. A “1099” tax that’s projected to siphon an extra $7 billion out of the private conomy over the next decade to help fund Obamacare … which was supposed to “save us money.” They’re already talking about a national Value Added Tax, in addition to the income tax rates that will go up for everyone if the “Bush tax cuts” are allowed to expire in December.

The president nationalizes the student loan business — a precursor to forgiving tax-backed loans if graduates behave in ways he chooses, destroying thousands of private-sector banking jobs — and brags, “We fought to eliminate wasteful subsidies that go to banks to act as unnecessary middlemen in administering student loans and make the repayment of loans more manageable for students.

In a disconnect that seemed almost surreal, the president told his audience at UNLV Friday: “As I’ve repeated many times as president, I believe the greatest generator of jobs in America is our private sector. It’s our entrepreneurs and innovators, who are willing to take a chance on a good idea. … The private sector — not government — is, was, and always will be the source of America’s economic success.

That’s why we’ve cut dozens of taxes for the middle class and small businesspeople, extended loan programs to put capital in the hands of startups and worked to reduce the cost of health care for small businesses. And Harry is fighting right now to pass additional tax breaks and loan authority to help small businesses grow and hire.

But businesses are afraid to hire precisely because of the unknown costs of Obamacare, while the aforementioned targeted tax credits to support “clean energy” jobs — 50 here, 50 there, according to Mr. Obama’s own examples — will collapse the moment federal support is withdrawn.

Unfortunately, Spain already tried that, and a study conducted by Dr. Gabriel Calzada, an economics professor at Juan Carlos University in Madrid, reveals that every “green job” created with government money in Spain over the past eight years came at the cost of 2.2 regular jobs, while only one in 10 of the newly created green jobs became permanent.

President Obama admits government is not the answer — at the same time he’s growing government control over our economy at the fastest rate seen since the wartime emergency of 1942, while bragging how his administration will pick and choose which “startups” are worth taxpayer subsidies.

Problem is, it’s not working.

Preaty solid indictment of the Obama regime. It’s no wonder Sarah got so worked up and wanted to share with us all. Of course, if she’s anthing like we are, it doesn’t take a whole lot to get worked when talking about Obama and his horrific agenda for the American people. Obama must be stopped. The November elections will be the most important in our nation’s history.

We must defeat every Marxist-democrat at every level, in every election, and replace them with Conservatives who respect our Constitution and the Rule of Law. It will take years to reverse all of the damage the Marxist-democrats have done to this nation since they took control of Congress after the 2006 elections.

One of the very best ways to send a message we are done with the Marxist-progressive movement in our country, is to send Harry Reid packing. He and Nancy Pelosi represent the very worst our nation has to offer in the way of corrupt politicians. With that in mind, please support Sharron Angle, a solid Conservative who does believe in the Rule of Law, and that our Constitution is the supreme law of the land. You can visit Sharron’s website here: http://www.sharronangle.com/ She has Sarah Palin’s support, she can use yours as too!

Let’s send Sharron Angle to Washington y’all!

Artwork courtesy Stacy Drake


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Sarah Palin: This Will Be The Year Women Get Things Done For Our Country

Mama Grizzlies

Support SarahPAC www.sarahpac.com


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Barack Obama: Once In A Lifetime

By Gary P Jackson

Same as it ever was.


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