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Epic Showdown in Mississippi, Primary Results in Oklahoma Updated Tonight

refuses to concede

Update 1:20 a.m.  

A source close to McDaniel told Breitbart News that he is considering legal challenges over ballots. Democrats who voted for Cochran on Tuesday but voted three weeks ago in the Democratic primary in the state were not allowed to vote in Tuesday’s election.

Update 10:51:29

The loser wins and the winner loses. If I were McDaniel I would have the elections attorney keep the pressure on. What went on is illegal. A moral victory nonetheless.  It took fight.Chris McDaniel


Winner T. Cochran (i) 50.9%
C. McDaniel 49.1%


another maverick

T.W. Shannon LOSES by 20 points – SMEARED BY Lankford

courting black voters

By Isabel Matos

While we wait for the results of the election, let’s go over six-term Senator’s last ditched efforts to draw support for a victory in the Mississippi runoff tonight.  It should be called the run-out-of-time-off. 76 year old Cochran is not only out of touch and a tad out of his mind, he has prepared to do anything to win he is so out of control and desperate to stay in power. Chris McDaniel:

Seriously, folks, the Cochran campaign has reached a new low. They are attempting to steal this race with Democrat votes.

Cochran’s campaign organized an outreach to African American voters which raised eyebrows. Thirty-seven percent of the state’s population is black, the highest percentage of any state, and most are Democrats.


Even Democrat Party Chairman Rickey Cole stated:

“I’m encouraging Democrats to stay out of the Republican primary,” state Democratic Party chairman Rickey Cole, “simply because I believe that party primaries should be an opportunity for the party faithful to pick their candidate for the general election.”  [Of course, he feels there is a better chance for Democrats to win if a Tea Party Conservative wins the race.]

William Widmer for The New York Times  reports:  Black voters may be the only path to victory left for him in a high-profile race.

“You’ve got to be willing to cross the line sometimes, and go over to some strange places for our interests.” “In tough times, you’ve got to do some unusual things,” said Bishop Ronnie C. Crudup Sr., a pastor of the New Horizon Church International in Jackson.  It is a risky strategy, and one that the Cochran campaign is sensitive about, given the conservative tilt of the Republican electorate here. But it may be the only path to victory left for Mr. Cochran whose four-decade career in Congress is imperiled by a Tea Party-backed challenger, Chris McDaniel.

The “super PAC” supporting Mr. Cochran, Mississippi Conservatives, is paying African-American leaders, including Mr. Crudup, to help lift black turnout, said Pete Perry, a Republican strategist working for the group.

On another front, Absentee ballot irregularities and massive turnouts have been reported:

One can’t be sure who or what to believe but the substantial increase in absentee ballots but according to the Clarion Ledger there were just more than 1100 cast in the runoff than the election:

It’s important to understand that the June 3 absentee numbers include Democratic primary absentee ballots as well, mostly from the first and second Congressional districts. However, the Secretary of State’s office says they can’t break those numbers out. It’s impossible to judge how many Democratic absentee ballots were cast. Best guess, based on total votes cast and the percentage that came from the second congressional district, I would wager between 5 and 15 percent were Democratic votes. That would mean an additional 900-2,700 absentee ballot increase for the GOP runoff. Here’s what you can gleam from the absentee ballots:

Cochran has slight edge in absentee ballots

Looking at counties Cochran won in the primary, absentee ballots increased 14 percent or just more than 1,600 ballots. In counties where McDaniel won, the number of absentee ballots increased just more than 6,5 percent or almost 450 ballots.

Team McDaniel is not taking any chances, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, Freedom Works and the Senate Conservatives Fund have hired an attorney 

“to ensure a free and fair election in Mississippi on June 24.”

In a press release the groups said:

“Thad Cochran and his Establishment handlers are out trolling, begging, for Democrats to cross over and vote in the Republican runoff, despite Mississippi law that clearly prohibits anyone voting in the Republican nomination process who doesn’t intend to support the GOP nominee in the general election campaign,” TPPCF Chairman Jenny Beth Martin said. “The potential for abuse and illegality is obviously huge. That’s why we’ve retained and brought in J. Christian Adams.”

They have pledged to bring in “election observers” to, they say, “observe whether the law is being followed.”

Cochran support has come from several establishment figures including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell whose Senate’s campaign arm held a fundraiser for Cochran in Washington.

Total spending in the Thad Cochran-Chris McDaniel GOP primary battle has reached at least $17.4 million, most of it from super PACs and other outside groups.

The Cochran campaign had raised about $4.5 million at last report. McDaniel had raised about $1.5 million.

Unlike in Virginia, the third candidate in the race who was losing, Thomas Carey, didn’t give a hoot about either candidate in Mississippi and did not drop out of the race before June 3rd. Had he done so, a lot of money could have been saved and voters could have been spared the mess.

Chris McDaniel
155,040 49.5%
Thad Cochran Incumbent 153,654 49.0
Thomas Carey 4,789 1.5

The winner tonight will face former Representative Travis Childers, “a conservative” Democrat, in November.




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Raw: Video of Sarah Palin at TW Shannon Liberty Rally Tulsa 4/24


by Isabel Matos

See Timeline of Events and Exciting Rally HIGHLIGHTS here: 

TY David N. Dankerburg

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PACKED House for T.W. Shannon Rally in Tulsa OK 4/24 (Updates Complete)


by Isabel Matos

Last Picture and Raw footage: VIDEO OF Sarah at Liberty Rally:

Sarah Palin Facebook Post 13 hours ago

reporter picture of sarah

Tonight’s exciting Rally at Oklahoma was captured in pictures tweeted or shared by those who were there. I will conclude with an image above by Oklahoma reporter Tessa Maune who wrote: It wasn’t easy, but we got an interview with Sarah Palin. I suppose you could call me a “reporter grizzly” because I had to do some throwing down to make it happen. Check it out at 9 & 10. H/T DeeDee3  Local Television Coverage (3 clips):  http://www.newson6.com/story/25337346/powerful-republicans-show-support-for-tw-shannon

Check out my tweet which is on every link on T.W.’s Campaign page here! How cool is that?!




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Join the Excitement For T.W. Shannon Liberty Rally Thursday, 4/24 at 6 p.m. #LibertyRally #TeamTW #ThatWoman

big rally november  24

By Isabel Matos

Thursday, April 24th, 6:00 p.m.  

Rally for U.S. Senate Candidate T.W. Shannon with

Governor Sarah Palin, U.S. Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee

Green Country Event Center 12000 E 31st ST, Tulsa OK   RSVP 

Timeline of Endorsements

Sarah Palin Endorses T.W. Shannon

March 12th:  Wow! I am truly honored to hear the news that Governor Palin has endorsed my candidacy for the U.S. Senate. When I asked Governor Palin to support me, I told her that we need a new generation of conservative leaders committed to fighting–and winning!–the battles that will determine the future of our country. I am humbled beyond words that she is supporting me. What a blessing!  ~ T.W. Shannon

    T.W. SHANNON FOR U.S. SENATE FROM OKLAHOMA          Tom Coburn leaves large conservative shoes to fill as he retires from the U.S. Senate. At 6’5 feet tall, T.W. Shannon is just the leader to fill them. T.W. is the underdog in his race, but that’s not a position he’s unfamiliar with. He’s had to beat the odds all of his life. He became the first Republican to ever win his district’s seat in the Oklahoma state legislature even though the naysayers said it couldn’t be done. When he sought to be Speaker of the House, the naysayers said he was too young and too conservative to win. But his colleagues chose him anyway, and he became the youngest Speaker in Oklahoma history!T.W.’s opponent has the backing of Beltway insiders, but T.W. has the passion and experience We the People need in Washington. As the former Speaker he can stand proud on his record of fighting for conservative legislation that directly benefited the lives of Oklahomans by lowering taxes, cutting government waste, and breaking the cycle of poverty by encouraging entrepreneurial self-reliance as the proven path to prosperity. T.W. understands that we need real leaders with vision and a steel spine to get things done. As he told me: “We are suffering from a lack of conservative vision. I believe we desperately need leaders with deep convictions who will fight—and win—the battles for conservative policies.”We can also rest assured that T.W. will bring to D.C. the integrity and moral compass he acquired growing up attending Bethlehem Baptist Church and teaching Sunday School. T.W. Shannon is exactly the kind of dynamic young conservative leader we need in Washington!
To learn more about T.W. Shannon and lend him your support, please visit his website at www.twshannon.com       ~ Sarah Palin

tw shannon endorsement sarah palin

March 12th:  I am absolutely convinced that we need new leadership in D.C. That is why I’m running for U.S. Senate. The campaign trail can take candidates away from their families a lot. My family and I have pledged to pray daily for all those in this race as well as for their families. I’ve always believed that we are competitors not enemies. Please join us in praying for wisdom and humility. ~ T.W. Shannon

tw with family

March 24th: Mark Levin endorses Shannon “I’ve taken a very close look at this race and have talked to a number of folks who know Shannon. I want to join great conservatives, like my friend Sarah Palin, in endorsing Shannon for Senate in Oklahoma. Shannon is very impressive and, I believe, understands the dire situation facing the nation.”

March 27thThe Senate Conservatives Fund is on board! T.W.’s underdog campaign continues to gain momentum with the endorsement of an organization known for protecting Constitutional principles and conservative values. ~  T.W. Shannon

senate conservatives fund endorsement

April 2nd  : Today, conservative United States Senator Mike Lee has endorsed my campaign for the U.S. Senate! Senator Lee has been one of the few conservative leaders challenging the status quo in Washington, D.C. and I am proud to have his support. ~   T.W. Shannon

mike lee endorsement

April 4th, Ben Carson:  I enjoyed having the opportunity to visit with my friend, Dr. Benjamin S. Carson, to talk about our shared faith, personal testimony, and the rejection of the lefts’ welfare dependency mentality for minorities. His endorsement means a lot to me personally, and for our campaign! T.W. Shannonben carson for tw

April 14th, Devon Shannon’s “Endorsement” In Case You Missed It: Have you seen my wife Devon’s new video about her story and testimony? She never ceases to amaze me and I know you’ll be moved by her words. Check it out now and SHARE with your friends and family to help us spread the word!  ~ T.W. Shannon

April 16th Ted Cruz joins Team T.W. – Makes first Senate Endorsement.

“T.W. Shannon is a strong Constitutional conservative who will fight for individual liberty and help turn our country around,” Sen. Cruz said. “T.W. embodies the American dream. I’m proud to offer T.W. my enthusiastic endorsement because not only will he vote the right way, but he’ll stand up and fight with us in the Senate to stop President Obama’s assault on our liberties and defend America’s founding principles.”

“One of the things I keep hearing as I travel the state is that my fellow Oklahomans feel like their personal freedoms are under assault,” said T.W. Shannon. “Whether it’s the government mandating health insurance we don’t want, or invading our privacy, or forcing people to violate their conscience by providing abortion drugs—Oklahomans now fear their own government is taking away their liberty.

“But it doesn’t have to be this way. Thomas Jefferson said when the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. If conservatives here in Oklahoma and across America will unite, we can protect our God-given liberty, and take back this country.

“We need to send a message to Washington, D.C., and make our voices heard. I hope my fellow patriots from here in Tulsa and all across the state will join me with Gov. Palin, Sen. Cruz and Sen. Lee as we rally for Liberty here in the heartland.”   

April 24th:  Freedom Works supports T.W.  Very exciting news that I hope I can count on you to help me SHARE! We’ve received the endorsement and support of one of the top conservative organizations in the nation: FreedomWorks is leading the fight for lower taxes, less government and more economic freedom for all Americans. I look forward to standing with them as Oklahoma’s next U.S. Senator. ~ T.W. Shannon

freedomworks supports shannon

Awesome NEWS JUST IN for T.W. Shannon!Click here for FULL DETAILS T.W. Shannon has vaulted into the lead in the last month. The ballot movement in this race has been nothing short of dramatic:

                                      Feb 9-11   March 16-17   April 21-22
Shannon Margin         –35                  –9                      +10
T.W. Shannon            16%                 28%                  42%
JameLankford         51%                 37%                  32%
Randy Brogdon           NA                    7%                    7%
All others                        1%                    2%                    3%

Undecided                     32%                 26%                 16%


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