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Sarah Palin Fires The Bus Back Up! One Nation Tour Headed To Iowa Now!

By Gary P Jackson

SarahPAC has just announced that Sarah has fired-up the One Nation Tour bus and is heading to Iowa this week. Reading the letter below, sounds like she is fired up and ready to rumble. So are we!

From Sarah:

We are very happy to jump back on the bus for another leg of our “One Nation Tour“! We accept with gratefulness an invitation to meet folks at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines this week. The heartland is perfect territory for more of the One Nation Tour as we put forth efforts to revitalize the fundamental restoration of America by highlighting our nation’s heart, history, and founding principles.

In a grossly weakened economy – especially when recovery is thwarted by today’s Obamanomics – prudent Americans make sensible decisions to live within their means. This includes seeking affordable participation in more community events, local patriotic parades, and traditional all-American venues like state fairs. State fairs hold a special place in our nation’s history and heritage, so my family is honored to highlight one of them on one stop along the One Nation Tour route – America’s historic Iowa State Fair! (I’m also excited to try some of that famous fried butter-on-a-stick, fried cheesecake-on-a-stick, fried twinkies, etc. I’ll enjoy them in honor of those who’d rather make us just “eat our peas“!)

Unlike next week’s Obama Bus Tour, taxpayers aren’t funding our tour, which is why we so appreciate your support in allowing us to be out there on the open road to visit with you to highlight small towns, big-hearted people, and the important role they play in our most exceptional nation.

You can participate with support for the “One Nation Tour” through SarahPAC.com and following virtually by bookmarking the SarahPAC website. We’ll have updates from the road as our Constitution-draped bus travels to shine a spotlight on more of our nation’s fine history. Watch this video and let the American road inspire you!

Thank you for your continued support of SarahPAC. Let’s stay committed to the worthy cause – restoring all that is good and strong and free in America!

Thank you sincerely,

~ Sarah Palin

If you like to donate to SarahPAC click here.


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Sarah Palin: *Sigh* Reports of Tour Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated

From Sarah Palin:

Imagine our surprise when reading media reports today that the “One Nation Tour” has been cancelled. Why didn’t anyone tell me? Oh, wait, that’s because it hasn’t been cancelled. (Good ol’ media… you never cease to amaze!)

As I said myself at the end of the east coast leg of the tour, the summer is long, and I’m looking forward to hitting the open road again. The coming weeks are tight because civic duty calls (like most everyone else, even former governors get called up for jury duty) and I look forward to doing my part just like every other Alaskan.

I wouldn’t think it to be such a slow news day that, what with numerous wars and serious economic woes concerning Americans, a bus is driving news stories today. The next leg of the tour continues when the time comes. In the meantime, no one should jump to conclusions – certainly not the media with their long track record of getting things wrong or just making things up.

~ Sarah Palin


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Sarah Palin And The American Spirit

By Gary P Jackson

A great video showing what Sarah Palin’s One Nation Tour is all about. Also shows what the media circus missed.

From Sarah Palin:

Our family has been blessed with an opportunity to showcase all that is good and strong and free about our exceptional nation.

Even though the media too often sadly chose sound-bites over substance, they did get lots of substance during our “One Nation” tour from the nearly two dozen opportunities I got to speak candidly with them and talk about policy, politics, history, and everything in between. More importantly, I got to talk with countless everyday Americans who want to get our country back on the right track.

It’s been an extraordinary honor to meet so many fellow patriots who care deeply about this country, who want a brighter future for all of us, and who recognize the undeviating line that connects our history to our future.

Not surprising, some members of the media missed a lot of this due to their relentless and futile search for scuttlebutt. So, we assembled this video to capture the amazing Americana spirit of the places and people we visited. I invite you to enjoy this recap of last week’s east coast bus tour.

Please remember we must learn about our past – our great successes, our bitter struggles, our enduring strength – in order to navigate through the challenges ahead so that we might remain a shining city on a hill and the abiding beacon of freedom.

As we look to our Charters of Liberty and our strong foundation to fundamentally restore America, we’ll keep moving forward… and we’ll keep reporting on it ourselves.

~ Sarah Palin

You can help Sarah Palin take our nation back from the Ruling Class. Visit SarahPAC here.

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Sarah Palin Plans to Meet Key Early Primary State Leaders

By Gary P Jackson

Looks more and more like an announcement may be immenent.

From Scott Conroy at Real Clear Politics:

PORTSMOUTH, N.H — Sarah Palin insists that she is not yet running for president, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that she is indeed seriously interested in the job.

The former Alaska governor had purposely steered clear of high-profile Republicans on the first leg of her nationwide bus tour this week, but that changed suddenly on Friday morning when she had coffee here at The Golden Egg Diner with New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte.

Palin endorsed Ayotte during her hard-fought primary battle last July, and in a brief interaction with reporters here, the former Republican vice presidential nominee indicated that she was not yet finished making the rounds with key GOP officials to whom she lent her support during the 2010 midterms.

I just heard from Nikki Haley the other day in South Carolina, and she’d love for us to hit her state, too,” Palin said of the first-term South Carolina governor to whom she provided critical backing last year.

Asked if she also intended to meet with Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad during her impending trip to the nation’s first presidential voting state, Palin told RealClearPolitics, “I endorsed him, too, early on, so yes.”

An aide to Branstad told RCP that Palin has not yet reached out to the Iowa governor.

Palin’s eagerness to talk about her outreach to these three key early-state leaders is yet another indicator that she is earnestly contemplating a presidential campaign — a decision that she may put off until as late as October.

Palin said that in addition to her impending visits to Iowa and South Carolina, she also now intends to take her bus tour to the West Coast.

Though she has for years derided what she refers to as the “lamestream media,” Palin has eagerly and cheerfully spoken with reporters throughout the past week and has clearly enjoyed the presidential buzz that she has begun to fuel in increasingly unabashed fashion.

Ayotte, asked whether she would consider endorsing the former Alaska governor if she does run for president, at first tried to walk away without answering the question and was then noncommittal.

I’m focused on serving the people of New Hampshire in the U.S. Senate, and that’s where my focus is,” she said. “Again, it’s up to her what decision she makes with her future . . . and also what I’ve said before is anyone who is running for president, I certainly will sit down and talk with everyone about what their plan is for the future of America.

If she does run, Palin would likely focus on Iowa and South Carolina, where her socially conservative bona fides and tea party message would likely play well, but she has suggested several times that she would not write off any state if she gets in the race and may also campaign heavily in New Hampshire, where she would start as a heavy underdog.

Palin’s formidable retail politicking skills and natural ability to connect on a human level could play well here with Republican primary voters like Jack Doykos, who happened to be eating breakfast with his wife when Palin stopped by the Golden Egg.

Though Doykos is still an undecided voter, he had a telling response when asked what he thought of Palin just after he met her for the first time.

I think more of her now than I did 10 minutes ago,” he said.

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Video: Sarah Palin Visits Boston Freedom Trail And The North End

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Boston Herald: GOP Megastar Sarah Palin Turns The Freedom Trail Into A Street Party

Photo by Mark Garfinkel

By Gary P Jackson

Everywhere Sarah Palin and her family go on their One Nation Tour she is mobbed by supporters. This is significant because she’s been doing this in deep blue states. Sarah Palin is the type of person who loves to mingle with the crowds. She’s always been one of the best at retail politics. She’s a people person, and connects one on one very well.

Thursday morning Sarah and her family toured the historic sites in Boston. They were well received. As the Boston Herald points out, not everyone is happy though. The Republican establishment is in high dudgeon because Sarah’s trip to Boston, and her clambake tonight in New Hampshire, is completely overshadowing Mitt Romney’s presidential announcement.


GOP megastar Sarah Palin turned the Freedom Trail into a street party this morning as she toured Boston’s historic sites with her family in her latest stop in a headline-grabbing East Coast trip.

She first stopped by the Old North Church and gift shop where she posed for photos and handed out copies of the Constitution to kids.

The throng of supporters then followed her to Paul Revere’s House where a worker at the gift shop gave Palin a T-shirt with the famous saying, “Don’t Tread on Me.”

I feel at home,” Palin said to her dad, Chuck Heath, who was next to her inside the gift shop. “This is good. This is so nice.

Her dad told the Herald after that his daughter is from a “normal family” and they are all enjoying the trip. “We support her in whatever she does. She’s very honest.”

On Bunker Hill, Palin did a little politicking criticizing Mitt Romney, who announced his candidacy for president today, saying his health care mandate for Massachusetts could hurt him.

In my opinion, any mandate coming from government is not a good thing,” Palin told reporters.

Palin is driving straight into a Republican Party furor as her headline-grabbing One Nation tour threatened to overshadow today’s presidential announcement by Romney, a party front-runner in most polls.

She will certainly be in New Hampshire to rain on Mitt’s parade,” wrote Massachusetts GOP spokesman Tim Buckley in an e-mail obtained by the Herald. Bay State GOP officials confirmed yesterday that Buckley wrote the e-mail, but said it was a private exchange and not an official communication.

I guess she blew in with the storm,” sniffed state House minority leader Bradley H. Jones (R-North Reading) yesterday, a longtime Romney supporter. “She may generate a lot of attention, but given the choice between seeing Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney, I’d much rather see Romney.”

But Palin fans, who breathlessly tracked her bus trip from New York to Boston’s Long Wharf Marriott yesterday via Twitter, gloated that Romney’s noon 2012 presidential announcement in Stratham, N.H., is doomed to obscurity.

Mitt Romney will be talking to himself,” said Judson Phillips, leader of Tea Party Nation. “It’s stupid for him to announce in the middle of her tour. He’ll just get buried in the noise. He’ll be an afterthought.

Romney is expected to return to the Bay State for a big-bucks fund-raiser at the Four Seasons tonight hosted by former Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker. Neither Romney nor Palin’s spokespeople returned requests for comment.

Palin launched her tour on Sunday, and has passed through Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Yesterday, she made stops at Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty in New York City before heading to Boston where, Palin said, she planned to visit the Freedom Trail.

On the jaunt, the former Alaska governor has played coy with reporters, who have been reduced to tracking her movements via Web and street rumor in a media scavenger hunt. Palin has told reporters she is still considering running for the Oval Office but hasn’t made up her mind, and has declined to notify local Republican officials of her itinerary in any of her East Coast stops.

Handing out copies of the Constitution to kids and visiting locals in such a historic city. Looks like Sarah is spreading the message of Liberty and Freedom, just as she promised she would.

Read more and watch video of the event here.


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Sarah Palin To Host Seacoast Clambake In New Hampshire Thursday

By Gary P Jackson

Breaking news Wednesday evening from the Union Leader:

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: YES, SHE’LL BE HERE. Sarah Palin is making plans to be in New Hampshire on Thursday evening.

The Granite Status has learned that Palin’s staff has reached out to a number of New Hampshire Republicans for a clambake on New Hampshire’s Seacoast.

Kevin Smith, executive director of the conservative issues group Cornerstone Action, confirmed tonight, “I received a call from one of Sarah Palin’s staffers asking whether I would be available for a clambake tomorrow (Thursday) evening on the Seacoast.

He said he was given no further details and expected more Thursday morning.

I appreciate them reaching out to me,” Smith said.

We’ve also learned that among the other Republicans invited were Shannon McGinley, chair of Cornerstone Action, and Jennifer Horn, founder of the conservative non-profit issues advocacy group, “We the People,” which happens to be the phrase on the side of Palin’s “One Nation” tour bus.

It will be Palin’s first visit to the Granite State, home of the first-in-the-nation primary, since the fall of 2008, when she was running for vice president.

Palin has been touring historic sites on the East Coast and meeting voters since Sunday, generating a huge buzz in the political media.

Know what else is going on Thursday in New Hampshire? Mitt Romney will announce his candidacy for the presidency. I know, I can barely contain my excitement. How about you?

This prompted the Poll Insider to tweet:

A source tells me that @SarahPalinUSA will invite @MittRomney to clambake 2morrow so that he will at least have media present 4 announcement

Some may say that is tacky, but considering Romney made a big trip to South Carolina a week or so ago, and only had 40 people show up to listen to him try to explain away his RomneyCare debacle, it’s pretty spot on.

My guess is the beech in New Hampshire will be quite crowded Thursday night.

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Sarah Palin: My Family Doesn’t Need A Bus Tour To Be Tested

When asked if it bothers her to have the media following her every move on the tour, Sarah Palin replied that it doesn’t because the media has been so nice, and proceeded to thank them for being nice. She was very gracious.

She also added, based on a question regarding what the tour was about, that someone else had asked her if this was a test for her family. She said that her family has already been tested over the last three years in personal and political ways and that’s not part of the mission. The fact that she offered that was interesting because it sounds to me like she’s saying her family is ready and doesn’t need any preparation.

Be sure to watch to the end for an interview with Piper Palin!

By Gary P Jackson

As you know Sarah Palin has been giving extensive media availability to those who are respectful and serious. She’s been talking policy every day along the way on her One Nation Tour. Here a reporter catches her and the family as they are about to depart on yet another adventure.

Watching Piper, who has already body checked a reporter or two, is priceless.

The Right Scoop has the video, click on the image above to view.

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Sarah Palin: Eliminate All Energy Subsidies

Sarah Palin and Piper talking to locals at Coffee Express in DillsBurg, PA

By Gary P Jackson

On Sarah Palin’s One Nation Tour she is answering a lot of policy questions from intrepid reporters. Funny how easy it is for the media to get her attention when they ask intelligent questions. It’s our contention that Sarah Palin, who has a degree in journalism and communication, is giving the lamestream media the schooling they didn’t get in college.

Scott Conroy over at Real Clear Politics is one of those who asks good questions, and get good answers. Mitt Romney, desperate to remain relevant, has been pandering to the ethanol crowd by saying he’s on board. Sarah, who actually knows something about energy production, and viability has a different idea:

DILLSBURG, Pa. — Asked Tuesday whether she supports the federal subsidy of ethanol, an always critical issue in the presidential nominating cycle, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin went one step further and called for the elimination of all energy subsidies.

I think that all of our energy subsidies need to be relooked at today and eliminated,” Palin told RCP during a quick stop at a coffee shop in this picturesque town tucked into the south-central Pennsylvania countryside. “And we need to make sure that we’re investing and allowing our businesses to invest in reliable energy products right now that aren’t going to necessitate subsidies because, bottom line, we can’t afford it.

If she runs for president, Palin plans to make energy issues a centerpiece of her campaign and will tout her record as governor on restructuring the oil tax regime in Alaska and initiating a massive natural gas pipeline project, which currently remains in limbo.

Her emphatic stance against ethanol subsidies may ruffle some feathers in the nation’s first voting state of Iowa, but it will also win her kudos from fiscal conservatives who praised former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty when, in a speech announcing his candidacy in Des Moines, he called for the phasing out of the federal subsidies that cost taxpayers about $5 billion last year.

Mitt Romney, who will announce his candidacy Thursday and is considered the front-runner in the GOP field, said last week in Iowa that he supports ethanol subsidies.

But Palin differs, saying, “We’ve got to allow the free market to dictate what’s most efficient and economical for our nation’s economy. No, at this time, our country can’t afford the subsidies. Before, though, we even start arguing about some of these domestic subsidies that need to be eliminated — should be — we need to look at ending subsidies and loans to foreign countries and their energy production that we’re relying on, like Brazil.”

Palin and family members traveling on her “One Nation” bus tour spent Tuesday morning touring the battlefields at Gettysburg before heading for Philadelphia.

BTW, though Pawlenty has suddenly gotten religion on ethanol, he was, as Minnesota Governor, one of the nation’s biggest ethanol proponents, and signed the most aggressive ethanol requirements in the nation. In other words, nothing more than an election year conversion. We’ll have more on Pawlenty’s love for ethanol in an upcoming article.

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Sarah Palin Talks With Greta On The Bus

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin sits down with Greta Van Susteren and talks about her One Nation Tour as well as her vision for the country. Long interview, lots of substance.

Videos courtesy of SarahNet

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