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Sarah Palin – Baldwin County Republican Party Keynote Speech (FULL) Alabama April 25th, 2014.

By Isabel Matos

Brand New Video: FULL SPEECH (You don’t want to miss it, it’s really awesome!) Sarah Palin keynote at Baldwin County Republican Party Fundraiser in Orange Beach Alabama.  “I’m not afraid at to go on a Rino hunt!” ~ best.line.of.the.speech. (It was for me-what was yours?)

Orange Beach Orange Beach 1

Video courtesy of Orange Beach Babe H/T for video lead ShellyMicAB

Gulf Shores, Alabama ~ Pictures Courtesy of Laura Del Pesce ~

EXCITING HIGHLIGHTS at Patriots Attend Sarah Palin Keynote in Alabama

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Wayne Mazza: Governor Sarah Palin ~ The Voice and Identity of Conservatives Everywhere ~

sarah orange beach

By Wayne Mazza

Governor Palin is the Voice and the Identity of Conservatives everywhere.  

This is a follow-up from last night’s article!

wayne and todd

Governor Palin descended on the Orange Beach Event Center with the grace of an eagle and the roar of a Grizzly!

Never one to mince words, she went straight to the heart of the matter regarding the state of our nation and the contributing incompetence of the people and leaders of our nation.  This would be President Obama and the cast of characters who are called leaders but more appropriately resemble clowns.

Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon

Orange Beach Mayor, Tony Kennon, was the first to speak. He made it a point of how having God in his family’s life and our nation was essential. He then said our country could use a Ruth or Debra today as he turned to face Governor Palin and said something to the effect that we may have ours.

Note: prior to having my picture taken with Governor Palin, Mary Cole, one of our members, said I should think about what to say and not wait till my turn for the picture. I was trying to think what I wanted to say. My mine was spinning trying to decide. So much I wanted to tell her. Suddenly it came to me. After the picture I thanked Governor Palin and said “Remember, God chose three women to do what no man could or would do.

She looked me straight in the eye and said “Right on”.

Coincidence?  I think not!

U.S. Rep. Bradley Byrne, R-Fairhop

Next Senator Bradley Byrne came out to introduce Sarah. He said something that was music to our ears!

Senator Bradley Byrne said this about the foreign policy debacle in Crimea and the Ukraine. I don’t think Putin would be there with a VP Palin or better yet a President Palin. Wow, PRESIDENT PALIN!!

To my knowledge no other politician has acknowledged her leadership in this way. This was a direct comment that would confirm Governor Palin not only has the leadership qualities to be president, but has the tenacity to deal with and set forth a strong and formidable foreign policy.

Governor Palin referenced the fact of how President Bush was under constant attack from the media and democrats when gas prices went up but this administration has gotten a pass for higher gas prices.

And remember, these increases have been over $3.50 a gallon for about 5 years of Obama’s presidency.

Again, Sarah stressed several times that it is now or never to save our country. While saying this, Sarah’s eyes were piercing and focused. Her jaw was set like a warrior ready for battle. Her battle cry was “We must take back the Senate.” To me it was like telling her army no quarter, it is literally a life and death situation for our country!

To reiterate from last nights post, that means whether our conservative candidates win or lose their primaries, we must back our candidates in the general election!

YES, it is that important! No and’s, if’s, or but’s!! No Excuses!

Teamwork Period!! All focused on one goal, take back the Senate and maintain the House!!!

My fellow Palin supporters and all conservatives, keep this in mind:

If Governor Palin stresses this, even in her fight to unseat RINOS in the primaries, the very least we can do is trust her and follow her lead!

In closing there are three major things that really made me stand up and take notice!

1. Her reference as a Godly woman in the same category as a Ruth or Debra by the Mayor.

2. Her reference by a sitting Senator in regard as how a President Palin would not allow an enemy to walk over us without consequences.

3. Governor Palin is the first one to message how an ex president was viciously attacked on high gas prices while a sitting president gets a pass.

The night of adventure may be over, but the real journey now begins.

Full Speech


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6 A.m.a.z.i.n.g Pictures of Sarah Palin at Orange Beach, AL, Friday 4/25/2014.

just sarah 2

By Isabel Matos

This gallery is by Brian Kelly | bkelly@al.com:  Former Alaska Gov Sarah Palin addresses several hundred people at The Conference Center at The Wharf in Orange Beach on Friday, April 25, 2014.

Just sarah 1

sarah alabama

sarah AL 1

sarah smile 1

just sarah 3

just sarah 4

one more

Okay I found one more.. couldn’t resist. Turns out it’s my favorite one!

not this one

Just one more.. so that makes the total 9. There’s never enough of Sarah!



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Patriots Attend Sarah Palin Keynote ~ Awesome Highlights AL ~ 4/25/2014

orange beach

By Isabel Matos

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (AP) – Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was in Alabama tonight.  She spoke at an event organized by the Baldwin County Republican Party at the Wharf in Orange Beach. The former Alaska governor last visited Baldwin County on May 3, 2011, when she delivered a speech to the Exceptional Foundation. Patriots from all over the country met this weekend to see Sarah Palin at Orange County, Alabama Republican fundraiser event. The pictures are highlights from the journey (starting at the bottom and working your way up.)

HIGHLIGHT #11  Governor Sarah Palin KEYNOTE SPEECH (Full) 

HIGHLIGHT #10  Our distinguished Contributor, Wayne Mazza, with a grinning Todd Palin. 

wayne and toddby Wayne Mazza

  • Hi, here is a quick summary of tonight’s event.

    Sarah spoke in front of a very enthusiastic crowd tonight. Baldwin county is the reddest county in Alabama, so to say she was with friends was an understatement!

    Of course, I was there with a contingent of the 2016 Earthquake group, 30+ strong from all over the country.

    As always, when you are in the presence of Sarah Palin, you can feel the spirit of God around you. You feel uplifted and full of REAL HOPE!!

    Sarah laid it all out. She stressed teamwork, how important it is to take the senate, and that means supporting RINO’s in the General elections in November.

    She was firm about this, but also made it known she was going to do some RINO hunting on the primaries!!!

    She also was bold in saying that what is going on from this administration has to be on purpose, because they can’t be that dumb in DC!

    This is the first attack from our Northern light that millions of us have felt.

    Just to sum up the night, Todd sat at a table right beside us. He was gracious and took a picture with me.

    He also said he would try and have Sarah come and have a group picture with us when she was done with the book signing.

    To our delight Gov. Palin did come out and had a group picture with us as we proudly displayed our earthquake name tags in full view.

    What a night, I can see those democrats trembling from my house!

HIGHLIGHT #9 US4Palin Contributor Lynda Armstrong wants to send a message: “THANK A VET”

lynda and sarah 3

HIGHLIGHT #7 A wonderful lady we all love in the Palin community with Todd.

lynda with todd

HIGHLIGHT #7  Governor Palin confers with Party Chairman, Matt Simpson

AL 7

HIGHLIGHT #6 Sarah getting ready to deliver her speech.

AL 2

       HIGHLIGHT #5  Sarah Palin taking pictures with guests.      AL 1Highlight #4 A welcome sign for Sarah and group picture.

Tickets sold for $125 individual and $1500 per table of 10 (silver sponsors) which included a photo opportunity with the Former Governor of Alaska. Sarah Palin’s Earthquake group is pictured below. They were silver sponsors of the event.  Those who bought gold tickets had a chance to get their autographed books “Good Tidings Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas” specially signed.

event tonight

AL 3

    HIGHLIGHT #3 Beautiful view from Beach House (Sigh) Gulf Shores, Alabama

orange beach 1 

orange beach 3

         A little Patriot R&R at the Meet UP: Retreating and Reloading!

wayne and cyndi


walk beach

HIGHLIGHT #2 ~ Mobile Tunnel  ~

tunnelcrawdaddiesAL bayou

HIGHLIGHT #1 ROAD TRIP from Texas to ALABAMA for Meet-Up


Photo UPDATES 12:55 a.m. 4/26/2014.

Pictures Courtesy of Patriots Lynda Armstrong and Laura Del Pesce (pictured above under the Welcome To Louisiana road sign). She drove most of the way rebound trip. 


Great Report from the Event by Wayne Mazza here:


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