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Powerful Interview and Evidence: IRS Harasses American Grizzlies United


American Grizzlies United/Organize4Palin is not one of the 501 (c) 4 groups you have been hearing so much about. AGU/O4P is a registered 527 political organization.

What AGU Chairman Thomas S Schmitz lays out here is a completely different form of harassment than those experienced by Tea Party and Pro-Life groups.

Through total incompetence, or deliberate actions, AGU/O4P was continually harassed by the IRS.

Thomas talks with Dr Gina Loudon about his experience with the IRS. One has to figure if AGU/O4P has experienced this type of harassment, as a 527 political group, other 527 groups have as well.

One can further conclude the attempts by the IRS to harass groups with an ideology different from that of the President, goes much, much deeper than first thought.

~ Gary

NOTE: This post was put together by AGU-NY State Coordinator Ron Devito and originally published on US4Palin.

The video below is of American Grizzlies United Chairman Thomas S Schmitz explaining to Dr. Gina Loudon on the The Dr. Gina Show how AGU was harassed by the IRS during the 2012 election cycle.

Yesterday Tea Party groups nationwide rallied at IRS offices in protest of the tax agency harassing them and other conservative groups. American Grizzlies United (AGU) has received many inquiries from various groups asking if our political non profit was harassed by the IRS. AGU is currently busy responding to each request as they come in.

American Grizzlies United is a 527 Political Non-Profit, and as such has to file reports about its contributions and expenditures every quarter, as well as a tax return (Form 990) due each May 15. While AGU has not been subjected to ridiculous requests such as turning over website user names and passwords, or being asked “what do you pray about?,” the organization has nevertheless been subjected to IRS harassment.

Form 8872 is used for political organizations such as AGU to report contributions and expenditures. It is filed quarterly and accompanied by receipts documenting each donation received and expenses paid. The filing is similar to what you would see on Federal Election Commission disclosures for PACs and campaigns.

All throughout 2012 the same IRS pattern to claim “missing / late filings” occurred repeatedly.


December 2011 Form 8872 front page to report AGU’s contributions and expenditures


A donation receipt from 2011 that was filed along with Form 8872


Another donation receipt from 2011 that was filed along with Form 8872

The big trick is after you submit a required filing they send you a letter saying “our records indicate that Form 8872 has not been filed.”


Form 8872 “Not Filed Notice

So, we would file again.

Then a few weeks later we would get the exact same letter saying “our records indicate that Form 8872 has not been filed…

So we would file again.

This pattern repeated several times.

So we started sending them by certified mail with return receipt.


Certified Mail Sent July 20, 2012


Certified Mail Received July 26, 2012


Certified Mail Sent October 22, 2012


Certified Mail Received February 8, 2013


Certified Mail Sent various dates

We have no less than four registered mail receipts which were followed by four letters from the IRS saying “our records indicate that form 8872 has not been filed…

This occurred during all four quarters of 2012.

Also, to file electronically the log in area and tax exemption log in box area mysteriously disappears from the web browser.

So we’d call the IRS computer support and hold for 45 minutes. Then we were told, “yes something is wrong with the site, it should be fixed soon…


Letter to IRS accompanying re-filed June 2012 Form 8872


Received stamp on Letter to IRS accompanying re-filed June 2012 Form 8872

We eventually did get the electronic filings (for the four quarters of 2012) to work, then two weeks later…


Form 8872 “Late Filing Notice

We received four letters (one for each quarter of 2012) asking us why the filing was “late.” We had to sign under penalty of perjury. We sent the returns certified mail with return receipt, of course.

Our work continues.


American Grizzlies United Website:


Follow AGU on Twitter: @AGUGrizzlies

Follow O4P on Twitter: @O4Palin

Follow S4P on Twitter: @_Students4Palin

Follow Thomas on Twitter: @ThomasSSchmitz

Follow AGU on Facebook: American Grizzlies United (AGU)

Subscribe to the AGU You-Tube Channel: AmericanGrizzliesU


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American Grizzlies: Let’s Wise It Up in 2012, Send Our New President a Wise New Congress

By Thomas S Schmitz

AGU Coming Attractions: The Republican Establishment [#GOPe on Twitter] is officially being put on notice.

This November independent, common sense, fiscal conservatives have a plan. We can’t just repeal and replace Barack Obama to get America back on track. In order to bring the sudden and relentless reform this country needs, the plan is to send our new president a new congress.

A new congress packed with wise, independent public servants ready to make the tough decisions, ready to get America back on track, and ready to Wise It Up! [#WiseItUp on Twitter]

That’s where you come in.

The historic 2010 legislative victories happened because of you:

When the Tea Party movement first made itself heard, Speaker Nancy Pelosi dismissed it as “Astroturf,” a phony organization financed by a few millionaires. She may have been projecting — those union demonstrators you see at Democratic events or heckling Republicans are often paid by the hour.

In any case, the depth and the breadth of Republican victories in state legislative races, even more than their gain of 60-plus seats in the U.S. House and six seats in the Senate, shows that the tea party movement was a genuine popular upheaval of vast dimensions. Particularly in traditional blue-collar areas, voters rejected longtime Democrats or abandoned lifelong partisan allegiances and elected Republicans.

~ Michael Barone Real Clear Politics

We learned some lessons in 2010. Now we can take those lessons learned, move forward, and make sure that Obama’s extreme left-wing agenda receives a pulverizing destruction at the ballot box this November.

For independent thinking fiscal conservatives, the real battle this November is in the down ballot races. When it comes to the restoration of America, who we choose to be our Representatives and Senators is where the opportunity to bring real change lies.

There are many down ballot candidates who have both the ability and the right message. These down ballot candidates have pledged to the electorate that once we hire them, they won’t go along to get along, and they won’t kick the can down the road. Instead, they will roll up their sleeves, and get to work. With your help, they will work to restore America, they will: WISE IT UP!

Our republic needs sudden and relentless reform. The only way to achieve this is to give our new president a new wise congress. A new wise congress hand selected by you, the people, not chosen for you by inside the beltway professionals.


Now that the primaries are (almost) over we need to focus on helping the reform minded, under-funded, public servants (who are often the underdog candidates) in the general election. America likes an Underdog! The recent victory in Texas of US Senate Candidate Ted Cruz proves that when coalitions of concerned citizens come together: The Grassroots Win!

The AGU: General Election Candidates won their primaries because of your help. A coalition of concerned citizens knocked on doors, waved signs, phone banked, and texted/tweeted/emailed their personal contacts to help these candidates win.

America needs a fundamental restoration on every level of government. The AGU General Election Candidates go all the way down the ballot. All the way from State Assembly, City Council, Board of Education, to the US House, Governorships, and of course the US Senate. (NOTE: Candidates will be added weekly)

These candidates need your help again:

Mia B Love

UT-4 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Anna Little

NJ-6 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Matthew Lin

CA-49 State Assembly

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Mark Reed

CA-30 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Josh Mandel

OH-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Renee Elmers

NC-2 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Pat McCrory

NC- Governor

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Dan Forest

NC- Lt. Governor

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Ben Lange

IA-01 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Karen Harrington

FL-23 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Ken Timmerman

MD-8 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Kelly Hancock

TX-9 State Assembly

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Heather Wilson

NM-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Linda Lingle

HI-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Linda McMahon

CT-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

David Bradley

TX- 7 Board of Education


Elizabeth Emken

CA-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Dr. Donna Campbell

TX-25 State Assembly

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Vicky Hartzler

MO-4 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Jennifer Goode

Vacaville-CA City Council

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Gabriela Saucedo Mercer

AZ-7 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Just like in the historic and successful 2010 election cycle (because of your help: 67% of our candidates won!); American Grizzlies United will move forward by showcasing and supporting candidates personally endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin.

The AGU project: Organize4Palin will again help candidates that have received her endorsement. Here is a list (so far) of the candidates that have been endorsed by Governor Palin for general election:

Dan Bongino

MD-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Dan Bongino has been personally endorsed by Sarah Palin

Deb Fischer

NE-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Deb Fischer was personally endorsed by Sarah Palin

Richard Mourdock

IN-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Richard Mourdock was personally endorsed by Sarah Palin

Ted Cruz

TX- US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Ted Cruz was personally endorsed by Sarah Palin

Orrin Hatch

UT-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Orrin Hatch was personally endorsed by Sarah Palin

Ted Yoho

FL-3 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Ted Yoho was personally endorsed by Sarah Palin

Paul Gosar

AZ-4 US House

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Paul Gosar was personally endorsed by Sarah Palin

Jeff Flake

AZ-US Senate

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Jeff Flake was personally endorsed by Sarah Palin

Let’s WISE IT UP in November! (#WiseItUp)

Together we can finish what we started in 2010. Millions of regular, ordinary Americans like you came together to form the Tea Party movement. Across the country everyday Americans took a stand and spoke out against Barack Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.

By working together we sent new Congresswomen and Congressmen to the US House. We sent new Senators to the US Senate. We seized power of 20 legislative Houses from Democrats across the country. We captured 125 State Senate seats. We snatched 550 seats in State Houses. We achieved an absolute, all-out, unmitigated 675 seats across this great land!

This was the largest conservative victory since 1928!

Now it is 2012. Let’s just say we have some unfinished business to do. The great American awakening of 2010 was just the beginning. The coalitions that were formed still have work to do. Together, we can send our new president a new wise congress to undo what Obama has done to us.

Our chance to continue the mission and finish the job is finally here!

Will you Get Your GRRR On and stand with us again?

Join American Grizzlies United: GET INVOLVED

You can also simply TEXT: PALIN to 90210 and an AGU registration form will be sent to you via SMS.

To donate to American Grizzlies United: Contribute

American Grizzlies United General Election Candidate List: HERE

(NOTE: Candidates personally endorsed by Governor Sarah Palin are noted under the campaign/contact/social media information of each candidate on the list)

We really need all hands on deck this November to pull this off. You are the soul of this movement. This ground up call to action will change both parties in America forever. Real people like you, not inside the beltway professionals, are the solution and future of our country. The future is now. Please take a stand and answer the call.

Our work continues.

American Grizzlies United Website: http://americangrizzlies.com/

Follow AGU on Twitter: @AGUGrizzlies

Follow O4P on Twitter: @O4Palin

Follow S4P on Twitter: @_Students4Palin

Follow Thomas on Twitter: @ThomasSSchmitz

Follow AGU on Facebook: American Grizzlies United (AGU)

Subscribe to the AGU You-Tube Channel: AmericanGrizzliesU

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Tea Party, Americans for Prosperity, Sarah Palin [Her Supporters] and Strong Leadership Win in Wisconsin

Thor Tolo/UW Election Eye photo

By Gary P Jackson

First let me say, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Lt Governor Rebecca Kleefisch are real heroes. They stood up to armed union thugs, suffered death threats, and other acts of violence, just to save the state they love so much.

Governor Walker has a plan for Wisconsin that works. He’s taken a $3 billion budget deficit and turned it into a projected $275.1 million surplus on June 30, 2012 and a $154.5 million surplus on June 30, 2013. That ain’t chickenfeed!

By short-stopping the union thug bosses and ending collective bargaining for government workers, Governor Walker was able to save hundreds of union jobs those thug bosses would have gladly sacrificed for a fatter payday.

In short, Governor Walker is showing the way out for blue and purple state governments, and well as the federal government. Hopefully he’ll inspire a national Right-to-Work movement so that all of America can be as prosperous and productive as the states that already have Right-to-Work laws.

Governor Walker and Lt Governor Kleefisch prove that all any politician needs is courage and a good plan.

That’s not what has me all jigged-up though.

After the landslide win by Walker and Kleefisch, democrats … who just days before were declaring this the election to end all elections …. the most important of all time …. where whining about the money spent [never mind both sides spent roughly the same] and declaring the whole thing meaningless.

Then we have the Republican Establishment sitting back and grinning like the cat that ate the canary.

Yes, I know Reince Priebus, the RNC chair sent some resources, but it wasn’t a big effort. Frankly, listening to the after-talk, it seems to the RNC, this was more about setting up a large GOTV structure for November, rather than making sure Walker won. Maybe I’m too sensitive to this stuff, but that’s how I see it anyway.

One of the things the “conservative” talking heads, who were busy patting themselves on the back election night, were pointing out was the fact that Barack Obama was AWOL, sending a rather pathetic little tweet in support, late into the process, rather than going to Wisconsin. Well, that’s actually better than Mitt Romney managed. [and the democrats had no problem pointing it out]

Noted Profile in Courage™ Mitt Romney waited until the networks called the race for Walker and Kleefisch, at which point it was apparent that we were looking at a landslide victory. Then Mitt decided it was time to speak up about Liberty and Freedom.

Don’t even get me started on Karl “Tokyo” Rove and the rest of the clowns. Rove has yet to acknowledge any of the hard work by the Tea Party groups and the regular American people who came to help out. Evidently, to Rove, they don’t exist.

What is missing, even on many of the bigger “conservative” sites, is mention of all of the hard work by the Tea Party groups, Americans for Prosperity, and Sarah Palin, as well as many of her strong supporters.

It was an Americans for Prosperity event that brought Sarah Palin to Madison, Wisconsin last year. This is the famous “Game On!” speech where Sarah not only took on the union thugs, but told the GOP Establishment that they needed to “Fight Like a Girl!,” her cute way of saying “grow a pair why don’t ya!

As you see in the video, Sarah, and the Tea Party crowd was surrounded by armed, violent union thugs, who had been terrorizing the streets of Madison in the months previous. She never blinks. Instead, she talks above the thugs, and reaches out to rank and file union workers telling them they didn’t have to be intimidated by their union leaders, and that Governor Walker was looking to save their jobs, not take them away.

It worked too. We’ve learned 38% of union households voted for Walker and Kleefisch.

Part of the reforms Governor Walker put in place, mean the state government is no longer the bag man for the unions. No longer collecting the “tribute” workers are forced to pay to the union thugs just to have a job. Without government automatically taking the union dues out of their checks, tens of thousands of workers abandoned the unions. AFSCME the powerful municipal union saw more than 30,000 members, over 50% of their membership, take a hike.

No wonder the union thugs were steaming bloody murder! It turns out, if workers are actually given a choice, most would rather not pay “tribute” to these fat cats!

I can’t imagine any member of the Republican “leadership” being able to give the speech Sarah did, or inspire so many to follow her lead. It takes courage to walk into the middle of a hostile mob, look em in the eye and say “Bring it!

Americans for Prosperity and their people did a yeoman’s job of raising money, setting up a GOTV effort, and so on. If you aren’t keeping up with all of the good work they do nationwide on your behalf, here is their website, check it out.

Then there is the Tea Party Express. If you are on their mailing list, you know just how busy Amy Kremer and her crew were. After working brilliantly in Texas, TPE took their brand new mobile call center, a bus filled with phone banks, to Wisconsin to make last minute phone calls to voters.

Both AFP and Tea Party Express are great groups of patriots. If you have any spare change lying around there are a lot worse ways to spend it!

That brings us to Sarah Palin’s top supporters. Organize4Palin was well represented in Wisconsin.

Contributing Editor Whitney Pitcher, who is also the Illinois organizer for American Grizzlies United [O4P] traveled to Wisconsin, not only to take in a few rallies, but man the phone lines, smilin’ and dialin’.

Hard working Texan Michelle McCormick, who also spent a lot of time organizing in Iowa last year, was there. Here’s a bit from a note I got from Whitney a few days ago that I’d like to share:

Michelle and I went up to Wisconsin and attended the Madison Tea Party Express rally on Friday and the Racine Tea Party rally on Saturday morning. We spent the rest of Saturday at the Racine Victory Center making phone calls and did some block walking too.

Bill, the O4P coordinator in WI, has worked tirelessly the past several months making phone calls and other grassroots activities. Brian Lerch, one of our Illinois O4P volunteers, came up Saturday too. Janne Myrdal, the former ND O4P coordinator, came for several days and was even a poll watcher on election day. There were a few other O4P folks who helped leading up to the election as well.

Here’s Michelle McCormick and Whitney [Michelle is wearing the dark jacket]

This is [L to R] Brian Lerch, State Senator Van Wanggaard, Michelle, and Whitney at the Racine Victory Center:

[L to R] “Converted Democrat” Tamra, former IL state rep candidate Danielle Rowe, Whitney, Michelle:

Makin’ calls:

Big Crowd in Racine:

Whitney also sent along this video of Rebecca Kleefisch at the rally. No wonder Sarah Palin likes her so much. This woman has some fire in her belly!

Rebecca is definitely someone we will be watching. She is one of the rising stars of the Conservative movement.

I admire each and every one of these patriots who gave up their time to save Wisconsin from the big democrat machine and the union thugs, who were sucking the lifeblood out of Wisconsin before Governor Walker came along. These people, the members of Americans for Prosperity, Tea Party Express, [and all of the Tea Party groups] and all of our friends at American Grizzlies/Organize4Palin, are who we should be thanking. They, along with Governor Walker and Lt Governor Kleefisch are the winners here, along with the people of Wisconsin.

These are the folks who are showing all of America how it’s done.

The Republican Establishment may be crowing over “their” big victory, but we all know that it was a much larger effort by a lot of ordinary Americans doing extraordinary things.

Sarah Palin reminds America often that one doesn’t need a title to make a difference. The great victory in Wisconsin proves it.


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O4P–Boots on the Ground at the Tea Party Express Rally in Manchester, New Hampshire

by Whitney Pitcher
Governor Palin’s speech on Labor Day in New Hampshire brought hundreds to Manchester, including several Organize4Palin volunteers from New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Virginia.  CBS news out of Boston took notice of Organize4Palin’s efforts:

Organize4Palin had a tent at the rally with volunteers from Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire staffing the tent and hundreds of rally attendees stopped by to receive more information about grassroots efforts or to sign up to get involved:

Da Tech Guy blog spoke with Steve, one of the New Hampshire O4P volunteers:

He also spoke with an Organize4Palin volunteers from North Carolina who attended the rally. This couple noted, “[m]y wife and I are not political activists and have never engaged until the last year, but it is time. It is time for ordinary citizens to wake up, stand up, and speak up before it is too late. Game on!”

One of the people who got involved with O4P’s grassroots at the rally was Patty Robb of Manchester, New Hampshire, who spoke to Real Clear Politics reporter, Scott Conroy:

Patty Robb of Manchester was among the many rally attendees who gave her contact information to the Organize4Palin volunteers, and said that she and her extended family would “definitely” vote for Palin if she were to enter the race.

Robb noted that Hillary Clinton surprised pundits by winning the Democratic New Hampshire primary in 2008 and said that Palin was well positioned with blue-collar voters here, despite currently lagging in the polls.

“She tells it like it is, which is what America needs right now,” Robb said.

Warren, New Hampshire O4P coordinator,  and Heather, Connecticut O4P coordinator, noted that the event also provided opportunity for further grassroots organizing for Palin throughout New England as supporters from Maine came down to support the Governor:

Governor Palin closed out her speech with a challenge to the grassroots and Tea Party Americans:

And we do have a lot of work to do, friends.

The challenges before us, they can seem daunting, but we must not lose our optimistic spirit. It’s with optimism that America has always come through throughout our history, and what a history it has been!

Organize4Palin’s efforts continue to ramp up throughout the country. If you feel so inclined, please consider a donation to this “tundraroots” effort. Your generosity is appreciated!

Donate Now!

Crossposted from Organize4Palin.

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O4P–Boots on the Ground at the Restoring America Rally in Indianola, Iowa

by Whitney Pitcher

Governor Palin’s Tea Party rally speech in Indianola, Iowa last weekend, brought thousands of people from Iowa and around the country to hear her speak, but many came also to show “tundraroots” support for her. Organize4Palin volunteers from as far away as Alaska,Alabama,  Colorado,Florida, Arizona, Texas, New York and California and as close as Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska came to be “boots on the ground” for Governor Palin and her common sense constitutional message. Peter and Michelle, Iowa co-coordinators, and many other volunteers from Iowa did a lot of pre-rally preparations for Organize4Palin and the event itself.  More than a hundred O4P volunteers came to interact with the crowd, hand out palm cards, and collect contact information from those who were interested in finding out more about supporting Governor Palin on a grassroots level.

Iowa co-coordinators, Peter and Michelle,

and national coordinator, Karen

Organize4Palin literature

Kristen, O4P volunteer from Alaska, spent time working at the O4P booth at the event and spoke with many Iowans, and she shares:

I had the opportunity to meet with and talk to many great Iowans in Indianola while working in the Organizing4Palin booth. They were great people who had shown up in support of their principles and their country. I appreciated their questions about Governor Palin’s contributions to our State and her record as our Governor. We had the opportunity to debate ideas and clarify misconceptions. Some were supporters of the Governor and were quick to sign up to become a part of the O4P army. Others still had questions and concerns or were listening to what all of the candidates were saying, trying to settle on who they were going to support. It was refreshing to engage in serious and thoughtful discussion with them. It was inspiring to see the other O4P volunteers who braved the rain to engage in similar discussion and collect names and contact information from other Iowans in the crowd. I made genuine connections with Iowans that day and was thankful for the opportunity to share the truth of what Governor Palin accomplished while acting as Governor in Alaska with the great citizens of Iowa.

Kristen, O4P volunteer from Alaska,

speaks with an Iowa voter

Thomas, California coordinator, remarks:

Everywhere you turned, there were O4P Volunteers equipped with clipboards taking measurements for new soldiers and making sure they were armed and loaded with facts, truth…and the name of their O4P State Coordinator.

Slowly but surely people are catching on to what O4P is all about…A complete restoration of our country. Even the LSM wanted to know what was going on.

 Karen, national O4P coordinator, speaks with a reporter

Janne, the North Dakota state coordinator, shares the dedication of Palin supporters in spite of the weather:

The conditions at the event became quite difficult, in the torrential rain and mud that seemed to never end, however, our O4P volunteers from all over the nation were hard core troops and braved the weather and the heat to do the job we all had come for, which was grass roots support for Governor Palin.  We know how vitally important it is to connect with each American we meet on this journey to 2012 and beyond, and lay out the vision and record of the Governor, and then connect people with O4P so they can stay informed and get involved.  Most of the sign up people had their papers sheets soaked by rain, yet we had people in the O4P booth working overtime transcribing the information before it bled off the soaking pages.  And every time the rain let up, O4P would hit the fields of IA again to meet and greet people with the common sense message of Gov Palin’s accomplished leadership and their vision and hope to see her run for President.  I am sure most of the 2000 – 2500 people attending was greeted by an O4P person at least half a dozen times.

I came away with high regard for those Palin supporters who understand the season we are in, who are willing and very able to do the work set before us.  And of course I came away with deep inspiration to continue to call myself a Palin Conservative, regardless of whether that means I am a hobbit, barbarian, SOB or other names thrown our way.  Heck, it is an honor to be name called when doing something right, and like Governor Palin alluded to in her IA speech, as she spoke of Lincoln and what he was called; –  history is on the side of Bold and Courageous.

Colorado O4P volunteers snap a picture with Governor Palin

One of the many volunteers who made the trip of from Texas is Mai, a native of Vietnam, who shares her love for America and her well studied support for Governor Palin:

Although not all O4P volunteers were able to make the trip for the speech, Randy, the Florida coordinator, notes a few Florida volunteers had viewing parties of Governor Palin’s speech in their homes. One viewing party of nine had three individuals who entered the party not necessarily supportive of  a potential Palin candidacy, but left the viewing party fully supportive. Another volunteer from Florida, Laura, drove up to Iowa in her RV with a Palin 2012 sign affixed on her RV that incorporated a picture of her grandchildren:

This picture not only was a moving piece of political advertisement; it indicated why she supported Governor Palin, ”  [i]t’s really that simple – my belief that there is only one “candidate” whom I trust to restore this great country to what our founding fathers intended. You see, Governor Palin probably thinks like I do: We must Restore America for our own children & grandchildren.  No apologies.”

Lisa, a volunteer from Arizona, noted following the event that ” there is a wave of grassroots energy and enthusiasm no other GOP candidate enjoys – perhaps that is due to the fact Palin has a message that resonates with real people and not a carefully manufactured script meant to placate and celebrate politics as usual.” That grassroots energy and enthusiasm was on full display that weekend.

Janne shares these final words as a challenge to those whose goal is restoration of America:

So pick up the mantel of time tested truth, my friends, and move forward to restore what is great and good, and let’s show the nation and the world that you cannot name call away or “do away with” Palin Conservatives any time soon!  Some of the volunteers for O4P I saw in IA will not only run the mile dash, but will indeed run the marathon it will take to accomplish what is laid before us.

Game On and God Bless!

Organize4Palin’s efforts continue to ramp up throughout the country. If you feel so inclined, please consider a donation to this “tundraroots” effort. Your generosity is appreciated!

Donate Now!

Crossposted from Organize4Palin.


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Essential Listening: Tammy Bruce Interview’s Organize4Palin’s Man In Iowa, Peter Singleton

By Gary P Jackson

Tammy Bruce samples her weekly Palin Report where she interviews Peter Singleton, the Iowa Coordinator for Organize4Palin. As our readers know, Peter has been in Iowa for over a year building an incredible ground game. His work has inspired others to do the same in other states across the nation.

This is a solid conversation, not only about organizing, but what President Palin will need in the way of support once she is in office. Tammy and Peter remind everyone it will be on us to do the hard work once Sarah announces. We are sovereign citizens and must take on the responsibility of helping elect our new leader.

From Tammy:

As a sneak peak, here’s about 40 minutes of this week’s “Palin Report” featuring my interview with Iowa Palinsita Peter Singleton. If you enjoy media such as this, please do subscribe–becoming a member is what makes all my work possible. In addition to the weekly “Palin Report,” subscribers get a variety of exclusive media including the live show “On Demand,” the daily TAM Briefing podcast, TAM Chat room and other exclusive media.

If you would like to contact Peter about how you can get plugged in to the Organize4Palin efforts in Iowa and across the country you can reach him at Iowa–at–organize4palin.com

Both Tammy and Peter mention Contributing Editors Stacy Drake and Whitney Pitcher as people whose articles are always a must read. [Obviously, I agree!]

Both make another strong point. No one expects Sarah to announce on September 3. Of course, no one will be surprised if she does.

Their point is two-fold, if you are only going to Iowa in anticipation of an announcement, it might it not be a bad idea to reconsider. Many of us look for the Governor to announce later in the month. That said, just like her powerful event in Madison, Wisconsin, this will be a historic speech. That alone, as well as the rest of the event, will certainly be worth the effort.

Listen to this essential interview here.

If you are not a TAM, it’s worth the few bucks a month to be a member. Join up while you are at Tammy’s website!

If you haven’t, make sure you read Organize4Palin’s National Coordinator Karen Allen’s letter to Governor Palin’s supporters about how you can get involved, and help us elect a true leader, here.


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Walking the Early States is the Path to Sarah Palin’s Nomination

By Gary P Jackson

Organize4Palin has been quietly setting up one of the strongest support networks any candidate has ever had. And they have been doing it own their own, independently of Sarah Palin.

Pete Singleton, O4P’s man in Iowa has a standing army ready to roll when the Iowa caucuses start. Singleton’s people blanket the state and participate in every GOP meeting at every level.

In New Hampshire similar activity is taking place, South Carolina too. In fact, Organize4Palin is building an army of volunteers in all 50 states. You see, unlike some, Palin supporters, like Governor Palin herself, are not about to write off any state. We plan to challenge Obama in all 50 of them.

Karen Allen, the hardest working woman I know, Is the national coordinator for Organize4Palin. Here are her thoughts and directions for all Liberty and Freedom loving Americans on how we can make sure our next President is the honorable Sarah Palin from the Great State of Alaska!

Reprinted in full with permission:

Walking the Early States Path to the Nomination

Dear Friends,

We are profoundly grateful for the commitment, hard work, and insight of the California4Palin and Organize4Palin community who are working across the nation to support the values and leadership of Gov. Palin. This is truly a team effort, as we work alongside each other, pounding with boots on the ground and fingers on the keyboard. We are fortunate to serve with you and to know you.

Recently, we’ve received requests asking how to help in the most time critical efforts. We believe it’s crucial now to get behind O4P’s early state efforts en masse! O4P has chapters in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, and Florida. The path to the nomination will go through these states.

We have a number of ideas as to how the community can get behind these efforts, some of which are underway even now quietly. Most of these don’t cost any money at all, as we are an army of volunteers. However, other efforts do cost: advertising to reach other Palin supporters, providing literature on Gov. Palin’s accomplishments to potential voters, and reserving spaces at fairs and events to share information are just a few.

One vitally important way we can together support the early states effort is by donating to Organize4Palin’s Early States Fund. Reaching those early primary states and then spreading that success across the nation will provide Gov. Palin with an organized and strong network of volunteers should she decide to run, as we believe she will.

We have received a generous donation by a long time C4P-er who wishes to remain anonymous. Our C4P friend was inspired by “Charter’s Challenge” on July 10 to challenge us once again. For every $100 donated to the Early States Fund, this C4P-er will match that donation, up to a total of $1,000, for donations made through Sunday, August 21.

If you have the ability to do so in these challenging financial times, we urge you to give generously to the Early States Fund! Either way, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you are doing for this great country and in support of a great leader, Governor Sarah Palin. Again, it’s an honor and a privilege to serve with you in this great cause!

Click here to donate to the Early States Fund:

With American hearts,

Peter Singleton, Organize4Palin Iowa state coordinator

Michelle McCormick, Organize4Palin Iowa state co-coordinator

Karen Allen, Organize4Palin national coordinator

P.S. Before we go…anyone want to take a crack at what Gov. Rick Perry must have been thinking when he saw these volunteer placed O4P palm cards? Your help in the early states will place more of these cards in the hands of potential primary voters. Please help now!


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Illinois Organize4Palin Speaks with Tammy Bruce

by Whitney Pitcher

I was blessed with the opportunity to speak with Tammy Bruce, as part of her weekly “Palin Report”, about things that we are doing with Organize4Palin in Illinois, the showing of The Undefeated at the Smart Girl Politics Summit in St.Louis, and Governor Palin’s upcoming Tea Party speech in Iowa . Audio courtesy of PalinTV:

Thank you so much to Tammy Bruce  for the opportunity to discuss Organize4Palin’s efforts in Illinois. If you have not done so, please join Organize4Palin to become part of the “tundraroots” movement in your state  in support of Governor Palin. You can follow Organize4Palin on Twitter here  and can follow Illinois Organize4Palin on Twitter here.

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What Happens When a Film about the Anti “Chicago Politician” Plays in Chicago

by Whitney Pitcher

I had the opportunity to attend the screening of “The Undefeated” in Chicago on Saturday. The screening was announced late on Wednesday night and was shown on Saturday at noon, meaning that there was roughly 60 hours between the announcement and the screening itself.  In spite of this, a lack of traditional advertising, and its liberal Chicago location, even known Palin critic, Roger Ebert, noted that the 200 seat theater was nearly full.  The location of the theater was particular interesting, as it was situated just across the street from where Bill Maher would be “performing “later that evening and only a few blocks away from President Obama’s reelection headquarters, placing the theater in the symbolic midst of both Governor Palin’s  personal attacks and her political opposition.

The reaction to the film has been a delight to see. As the Chicago Sun Times noted, even Chicago Democrats came away with a new found respect for Governor Palin:

Eddie Bryant, who attended the screening of “The Undefeated” at downtown’s Gene Siskel Film Center, is an African-American and Chicago Democrat. The retired 67-year-old Union Pacific employee said he was surprised to find he actually likes Palin.

“I came because my friend is always talking about Sarah Palin. People say this lady is brainless. She’s not only smart, but she’s a clean-government person. I gained respect for her,” Bryant said.

Roger Ebert, known for tweeting and writing rather hateful comments about Governor Palin, wrote a review that was relatively mild by the standards of any harsh critic of Governor Palin. If anything, the most revealing aspect of Ebert’s review is his inability to understand the difference between conservatives and Republicans. Yes, Mr.Ebert, sometimes the protagonist and the antagonists are on the same team.

Ebert also noted that the audience was attentive and began cheering when a clip from Rick Santelli’s now famous “rant” on the floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange was played.  Applause erupted about a half a dozen times throughout the film particularly when memorable lines from Governor Palin’s speeches were shown. All in all, a very receptive audience in Chicago. Stephen Bannon engaged in a nice question and answer session with attendees following the film.

From my personal perspective, I had the opportunity to see a rough cut a few weeks ago, but seeing the finished version with nearly two hundred other individuals in a theater is completely different than watching it on your couch in front of a 20 inch TV screen. The spirit of The Undefeated showed throughout the film. Governor Palin took on the oil companies and won. She took on the political establishment and won. She took on corruption and won. It was not only her accomplishments that make the title “The Undefeated”, but the attitude which Governor Palin and the Tea Party movement carry themselves. Though I do not want to give away too much, I have to say that the final several minutes of the film provide a cinematic crescendo to the movement of the film with great commentary about Governor Palin, the political establishment, and the Tea Party from Andrew Breitbart, Tammy Bruce, Sonnie Johnson, Mark Levin and others.

Organize4Palin’s Illinois group and Students4Palin were at the screening handing out palm cards and signing people up with Organize4Palin before and after the film. Below are a few volunteers still ready for action, just after most attendees had been seated:


One of the individuals who signed up with Organize4Palin simply identified herself as “Chloe’s Mama Grizzly”. She had come up from Marion, Illinois—more than four and a half hours from Chicago. She spoke to me about her own personal story about an overreaching government and their neglect of parent’s rights. Her experience and the example of Governor Palin had planted a seed in her to possibly run for elected office.

Governor Palin’s story of reform and fighting corruption is likely why many Illinoisans, including Democrats like the aforementioned Mr. Bryant, have respect for her.  Illinois has a bipartisan corruption problem and a massive spending problem. Just as the country as a whole needs Sarah Palin as a leader, so does the state of Illinois. As I drove back to Springfield from Chicago on I-55, I passed the Exxon Mobil refinery in Joliet, and it reminded me of how the film highlighted Governor Palin’s firm stance against the oil giant in holding them accountable to their lease.  Additionally, the sometimes harsh Illinois winters will benefit from the completion of the natural gas pipeline that Governor Palin championed which will bring North Slope natural gas to the Midwest. Just as the cinematic story of her achievements came to Illinois, so do her political achievements themselves as well.


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Organize4Palin Building Strong Ground Game In New Hampshire

By Gary P Jackson

The lamestream media and GOP elites continue to push the meme that Sarah Palin isn’t running, and of course, if she was, she couldn’t win anyway. Yeah, this is stupidity squared, but wishcasting is all they got left. At this point Sarah Palin is ineluctable.

As the latest polling shows, Sarah’s 25% “strongly favorable” rating is the highest of any candidate tested.

We’ve talked about Organize4Palin in Iowa, Sarah’s not so secret weapon, and how well they have organized the ground game in that state. The work O4P volunteers in Iowa have done, is nothing short of amazing. The Boston Herald is reporting just how formidable Sarah will be in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Organize4Palin volunteers, like their Iowa counterparts, have been working hard to put together a solid team, ready to mobilize as soon as Sarah joins the race.

Warren Rasmussen, who chairs the New Hampshire chapter of Organizers 4 Palin, said the Newsweek interview confirmed what he’s long believed.

We have a crew of volunteers, and we’re anxiously awaiting her announcement,” Rasmussen said. “Everything that she’s doing right now leads me to believe she’s in.”

Palin caused a sensation when she stopped in Seabrook, N.H., last month during a media-swamped bus tour — grabbing headlines the same day former Bay State Gov. Mitt Romney officially announced his presidential candidacy. She’s said she is seriously considering running for president but has offered no timeline as to when she’d make a final decision.

She told Newsweek in an article published last weekend, “I do believe I can win.

Sam Cataldo, a Republican state representative from Farmington, said Palin’s got an electric touch that none of the declared Republican candidates can match.

She’s a mom, she’s a wife, and she’s a fighter,” said Cataldo, 74. “We need somebody who can bring people back together again, and she can do it.

[ …. ]

Derek Kittredge of Rochester dismissed the polls as meaningless this early in the primary season.

I don’t think you can take the polls very seriously at this point. Until she announces, it doesn’t mean anything. There are very strong advocates, and they will get out of their chairs if asked and work for her,” Kittredge said. “She’s doing everything she needs to do to be the most serious candidate out there.”

Nashua resident Sandra Ziehm added, “I’ve been told she can’t take New Hampshire, but I think that’s cockamamie. I think she has the fight and she can do it.

[ …. ]

Rasmussen, who’s never met or spoken with Palin, said he’s got roughly 100 people committed to volunteering for her, and he’s ready to roll out a phone-bank fund-raiser in the near future. He expects her upcoming SarahPAC fund-raising report will reflect her political clout.

Steve Duprey, a national Republican Committee man for New Hampshire, said Palin has no official team in the Granite State and hasn’t been actively canvassing.

She is not following the script, but then again Gov. Palin has found her own unique way of gaining supporters,” Duprey said. “If any candidate can run for president and do it without pre-planning, she’s probably it.

That last line made me laugh. While complementary, these GOP establishment types think because Sarah doesn’t announce her every move to them, she’s not planning. I guess they think she just came up with her One Nation bus tour one day, and got on the road the next!

We’re quite confident that Sarah Palin has been planning a presidential run for some time, and quietly putting everything she needs in place to make it happen, and be successful. People forget Sarah has always been a superior strategist. This goes all the way back to her days as co-captain and point guard of her championship winning Wasilla Warriors.

There are are Organize4Palin chapters nationwide. People like those in Iowa and New Hampshire that want to see America renewed and restored. People who are organizing solid ground games in their states, getting read for Sarah Palin’s presidential run.

You can be a part of history by joining these American patriots. Click here and join Organize4Palin today.

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