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Sarah Palin: Celebrating America, Palin Style

By Sarah Palin

Trig and I are gearing up to watch Piper Indi march in the “big” annual 4th of July parade tomorrow with her cousins in Wasilla! (Yes, Piper’s middle name “Indi” is short for Independence.) Todd picks up Bristol and Willow to fly them over to Bristol Bay so they can get their hands dirty on our commercial fishing grounds – the season’s peak is soon and we’re praying for an onslaught of wild Alaskan salmon to slay for appreciative consumers and a huge harvest for our young crew that needs to make some money for school tuition!

Willow celebrates her birthday during this holiday week, and she gets a tank of gas in her pickup truck; it’s her favorite gift. Glad it’s Tuesday because we’ll get to tune in to Bristol’s show “Life’s a Tripp” on the Lifetime Network tonight amidst Piper’s parade preparations… I think it’s the episode where the girls attend the CPAC conference with me and we have a wild time with great friends and patriots! Tune in tonight to see Willow’s profound advice she shares on my politics. 🙂

Thinking about our son and all of America’s deployed troops and our vets who let us celebrate our great nation’s independence. Thank you, U.S. military, for serving there so we can celebrate here. We love America and we thank those who serve and sacrifice.

Happy 4th of July, America!

~ Sarah Palin

If you like Tim McGraw’s new pickup truck anthem “Truck Yeah“, you’ll understand my kids’ love of their rigs. Here’s one of the girls’ trucks; it explains why they’re expected to work for a full gas tank.


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Happy Halloween

I can never resist a photo with Trig Palin in it.

Bristol posted this on her Facebook page. It’s from Piper’s Halloween carnival.

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Sarah Palin: My Family Doesn’t Need A Bus Tour To Be Tested

When asked if it bothers her to have the media following her every move on the tour, Sarah Palin replied that it doesn’t because the media has been so nice, and proceeded to thank them for being nice. She was very gracious.

She also added, based on a question regarding what the tour was about, that someone else had asked her if this was a test for her family. She said that her family has already been tested over the last three years in personal and political ways and that’s not part of the mission. The fact that she offered that was interesting because it sounds to me like she’s saying her family is ready and doesn’t need any preparation.

Be sure to watch to the end for an interview with Piper Palin!

By Gary P Jackson

As you know Sarah Palin has been giving extensive media availability to those who are respectful and serious. She’s been talking policy every day along the way on her One Nation Tour. Here a reporter catches her and the family as they are about to depart on yet another adventure.

Watching Piper, who has already body checked a reporter or two, is priceless.

The Right Scoop has the video, click on the image above to view.

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Video Sarah Palin’s Ride To The Pentagon

By Gary P Jackson

A little raw video of Sarah Palin and her family at Rolling Thunder. Sarah arrived aboard San Diego resident Petrina Herman’s bike. The bikers took very good care of Sarah and her family at the event.

Click on photo to watch.

Please take time to remember those who have given their last full measure of devotion in the name of Liberty and Freedom. And never forget those who were P.O.W.s our those still Missing In Action.

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