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Politico’s Roger Simon [Democrat] Calls For The Death of John Boehner and Ted Cruz


Question: If Ted Cruz and John Boehner were both on a sinking ship, who would be saved?

Answer: America.

~ Politico’s Roger Simon [Democrat]

By Gary P Jackson

Politico has always been a far left website that stoked hate through it’s dishonest reporting, but now they are dropping all pretense of being a legit website and are just becoming another hate spewing arm of the democrat party.

You know, I understand passionate debate, even strong, spirited disagreements, along with the harshest of words, but when you start wishing your fellow Americans dead and start spewing hate like Simon, it’s all over.

In his racist, hate filled rant, Simon latches on to the one SOB that showed up in Washington, at the WWII Memorial, carrying the Stars and Bars, the Confederate Flag. He uses this to attack Senator Ted Cruz and Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and the American people who are well past fed up with our out of control corrupt government.

Of course, the Tea Party is attacked, even though this wasn’t a Tea Party event. [Though it’s been reported members of the Tea Party showed up to pick up trash around the site]

Being a Texan, I have mixed feelings about the Confederate Flag. I understand it’s history, and the fact it’s a source of pride, in the South. To Southerners the Confederate flag likely stirs the kind of emotions Texans feels when they see the Battle of Gonzales Flag. The flag from the first battle of the Revolution. But Texans have never considered themselves part of the South. We’re Texans.

It should also be noted, that when secession was put to the vote, MOST Texas counties voted AGAINST secession. As it is today, all the democrats were crowded into the major towns, and a few democrat controlled counties had the votes to give Texas to the Confederacy. And Texas was punished severely for it.

The fact is though, symbols be damned, the democrat party has always been the party of racism and hate. Nothing has changed except members of the party have become more hateful and more unhinged.

If some guy shows up in D.C. with a Confederate flag, maybe we should take it for what it is, a man with a flag, and leave it at that.

When they start showing up in white hoods with burning crosses ….. oh wait, they’d be democrats!

Let’s look at some of the hate spewed by Simon:

Harsh? Look around you at what is happening to America and you will see harsh. I am not talking about closed parks and monuments. I am talking about the funds cut to nearly 9 million mothers and young children for food, breastfeeding support and infant formula.

That is harsh. Making a war against babies is harsh. And for what? Because Cruz, Republican senator from Texas, has grown so drunk on the sound of his own voice and so besotted with illusions of his own grandeur that he believes halting government today will propel him into the White House tomorrow?

First off, some 80 some-odd percent of the government is up and running fine. The only people actually being hurt are those Obama and his thugs have chosen to hurt. Food stamps, Medicare, Medicare, Social Security, disability payments, and so on, are still coming as promised.

The fact is, all of this “shut down” madness, engineered by Obama and his people, is dinner theater. Bread and Circuses. Entertainment for the ignorant ones among us.

I have no idea if Senator Cruz is even considering a run for another office, but I suspect if he did, he’d have a whole lot of support. That scares the hell out of liberal swine in BOTH political parties!

I DO know one thing, Ted Cruz is doing EXACTLY what myself, and my fellow Texans sent him to do! Imagine that, a politician actually fulfilling his campaign promises!

For what it’s worth, my dream ticket for 2016 is Sarah Palin with Ted Cruz as her Vice President. That would upset the right people in Washington, for sure!

Simon and his fellow hate filled democrats are angry because our government is set up with a system of checks and balances designed to keep Americans from turning into a dictatorship. A source of angst among democrats who long for one.

As The New York Times ably pointed out, this shutdown did not just happen. It was plotted for months by a coalition of more than three dozen conservative groups led by Edwin Meese III. The groups were funded in part by the billionaire right-wing Koch brothers, who wanted to cripple Obamacare. (Koch Companies denies it has supported using the shutdown as a tactic.)

You remember Meese. He was Ronald Reagan’s attorney general, who was forced to resign in the Wedtech scandal while under investigation by a special prosecutor. Today, Meese sees himself not as a sleazy hustler but America’s savior. And he wants to save us from health care.

Shortly after Obama began his second term, Meese went to work gathering conservative influence-peddlers and members of the Tea Party Caucus in Congress to repeal Obamacare. Cruz was happy to act as Obamacare’s willing executioner in the Senate, and pushing a shutdown of government to do so.

House Speaker Boehner eventually went along. It was a blackmail on a massive order: Stop Obamacare or we will never reopen the government.

It is now evident that both houses of Congress have the votes to end the shutdown. But, so far, Boehner will not let that come to a vote. If he does, he is afraid the tea party conservatives will strip him of his job.

The democrats give the GOP too much credit. If there is anything in life that resembles herding cats, it’s trying to get the Republican Establishment™ to listen to it’s base of supporters, and actually grow a pair and fight back!

I always laugh when democrats get all bent out of shape over those “evil” Koch Brothers. I doubt most Conservatives could pick them out of a line up! I know they contribute to some Conservatives causes, which is their right, as citizens, but they also contribute to causes that Conservatives strongly oppose, like amnesty for illegal aliens Fact is, the Koch Brothers self identify as “libertarians.”

The democrats never seem to care where their money comes from though, and while there are a large number of millionaires and billionaires who support the democrat party, the one man who comes to mind, is Nazi collaborator George Soros, the self-declared “owner of the democrat party” Soros, a socialist, doesn’t just give money, he and his people have created hundreds of groups, all that work daily to subvert the Constitution, and destroy the American way of life.

Soros is a genuine Nazi war criminal and one of the democrat party’s big leaders.

Back to the WWII veterans and this shutdown. Those WWII vets fought AGAINST Soros and company, BTW. What does it say about an America where those who merely want the Constitution and the Rule of Law followed, are called “terrorists?” What does it say about an America where those who understand we [as a nation] have already borrowed more money than we can ever hope to pay back, and want some common sense to reign supreme, are called “extremists?”

Talk about hate, the democrat party is spewing it 24/7.

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?” the New Testament asks.

Kinda rich, considering the members of the democrat party [at their 2012 convention] BOOED the very mention of God’s name when the Convention Chairman tried to put God BACK in the democrat party platform, and democrat loons screamed “Hail Satan!” recently in Austin, Texas in support of abortion extremist Wendy Davis.

Not sure Simon and pigs like him have the moral authority to quote the Scripture.

Are you kidding me? Have you ever seen Boehner’s suite of offices in the Capitol? It would make Midas blush.

Boehner uses the same offices Nancy Pelosi used, when she was Speaker of the House. Speaking of Pelosi and making Midas blush, let’s not forget Pelosi has made tens of millions of dollars while engaged in insider trading! Pelosi and her ilk fought any and all attempts to make insider trading illegal for members of Congress, like it is for everyone else. [just ask Martha Stewart]

Boehner does not bend to the will of his Kamikaze Caucus because he is an evil man. He does so because he is a weak man. To borrow a line from Theodore Roosevelt, I could carve a better man out of a banana.

Here Simon says something that is almost true. Speaker Boehner IS a weak man. He’s also a liberal. The two go hand in hand. Boehner’s real problem isn’t weakness though. It’s understanding Conservative principles, and being willing to actually stand up and fight.

That said, I’ve actually been impressed with Boehner, at least a little bit, for finally growing a spine. He’s only four years too late!

<blockquote?There is a price to be paid for all this. Even if the immediate problems are somehow solved and a government default avoided — for now — the scab has been torn off our political wounds.

This weekend, racism came out of the closet. (Which assumes it has ever been in the closet.)


Oh noes, a scary man with a Confederate flag! He’s also holding a Marine Corps flag. We have no way of knowing if this man is a veteran, but if he IS a Marine Corps veteran, he’s EARNED the right to carry those flags!

You can always tell when democrats are losing the argument, out comes the race card!

Democrats stand up and cry crocodile tears every January for Dr Martin Luther King [a Conservative Republican] and have hijacked his iconic speech, claiming it as their own.

The difference between the racist democrats, and Conservatives is Conservatives actually LISTENED to Dr King and have the same dream.

You see, like Dr King, Conservatives judge Obama, not by the color of his skin, but the content of his character. Democrats don’t want ANY of their people, black, white, or green, judged by the content of their character!

Protesters marched through the streets of Washington on Sunday with a Confederate flag and then a protester lounged against the White House fence with one. Displaying the Confederate flag in front of a home occupied by a black family was meant to send a particular, and particularly repellent, message.

One guy with a Confederate flag, who could have been a plant for all we know, or a sincere veteran who is angry that the democrats closed down his memorial, makes the entire nation racist?

How miserable must it be to be that stupid and that hateful!

There were other signs of our descent. Remember Samuel Wurzelbacher? Known as “Joe the Plumber,” he was selected by John McCain as his presidential campaign mascot in 2008 with the same care McCain used to select Sarah Palin.

Joe the Plumber? Is he still even a thing?

Sarah Palin is very much alive and kicking the democrat’s asses! She was in New Jersey on Saturday helping get Steve Lonegan elected to the United States Senate [VOTE WEDNESDAY] and told the Garden State crowd she thought she and Todd would go stand with the veterans. As you know, Governor Palin’s son, Track, has served multiple tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, on the front lines. If any mother has a right to be with those veterans, it’s Sarah Palin.

As for McCain’s “care” in choosing the Governor as his running mate, all of the petitions from Americans and inside pressure to choose her aside, she was well vetted by A. B. Culvahouse. Culvahouse, a former Reagan adviser, has vetted numerous potential VP candidates as well as sitting Supreme Court justices [before they were confirmed] Culvahouse is a man of unquestionable character and judgement.

These people are like the man in the cartoon: He has climbed out on a tree limb and is sawing off the limb behind him, imagining that the tree will fall and not him.

They are wrong about that. America will not fall. It will withstand this moment and these people.

He’s right, America WILL NOT fall, but not from a lack of trying by the democrats! The American people are mad as hell. The democrat party may be run by far left, anti-American Marxists, hellbent on destroying the American way of life, but many people who have been reliable democrat voters in the past, are waking up and seeing who these democrats really are.

We may sound sensitive to Roger Simon’s vicious hate speech, but when you see it from democrats on a daily basis, you come to understand this isn’t one loon, or a few isolated cases.

If you are a regular Twitchy reader, you know Michelle Malkin and her team do a really good job of keeping track of all the hate spewed by democrats on Twitter. Not just by a few hate filled loons with 20 followers and half as many tweets, but by democrat party leaders, elected officials, and so on. One of the reasons we don’t write about every hate filled democrat, besides the fact it would take up ALL of our time, is the fact Twitchy does suck an amazing job.

Sarah Palin gets death threats daily, and just a few weeks ago, Ted Cruz’s aide, Amanda Carpenter, was attacked by the democrat party chairman out of Sacramento, California, who said he hoped her children died of a horrible disease!

What kind of animal wishes death on the children of their political opponents?

The other day Cher, who has completely gone off the rails, and regularly spews vile nastiness, wished death on the entire Tea Party. It was this kind of hate that, no doubt, caused democrat Jarred Lee Loughner to stalk and shoot Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords [from 2007 until he finally went on his shooting spree] after Giffords was attacked in print by Daily Kos publisher Marcos Moulitsas, who called her a traitor and placed a bull’s-eye on her. Congresswoman Giffords was one of the last “blue dog” democrats in office. Compared to the radicals in office now, she was almost reasonable on some issues.

If democrats viciously attack members of their OWN party, who dare wander off the plantation, how safe are Americans who want to save our great nation from certain destruction at the hands of these radicals?

One of the reasons I chose to highlight Simon and talk more about him and his vicious hate and outrageous lies, is the fact he doesn’t write for a hate site like the Daily Kos or even the Huffington Post. Conservatives understand that Politico is not a legitimate website. No chance of any of their people being confused for actual journalists, but unlike most democrat hate sites, Poltico is often quoted by networks, cable news outlets, even FOX, and linked to regularly by websites like Hot Air.

Roger Simon is just another in a long line of Politico writers who is mainstreaming hate as a substitute for political discourse, but coming from Politico there an air of legitimacy for some.

America is broken.

We’ve not been this divided in more than a century. The lines are drawn, and contrasts couldn’t be more stark.

On one side, you have a group of radicals who want to push their agenda of tax and spend, and grow an already bloated and out of control government, to unprecedented new heights.

On the other side, you have the American people.

My money is on the American people.



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Interesting: Washington Post Pulls Ammo Stockpiling Story Politico and Others Used to Smear Sarah Palin UPDATED: WaPo’s Editor Responds

UPDATED: The Washington Post’s Executive Editor Martin Baron responds.

As I wrote originally, there might be a reasonable explanation why an article appearing in the Washington Post and linked to and hyped by Politico had suddenly disappeared a couple of days after being used to smear Governor Palin, and being shown to be fictitious.

I was pleased to get a quick and reasonable response from the Post’s editor:

Dear Mr. Jackson:

I apologize for the time it has taken to get back to you. First, we had to determine the nature and origin of the story you referred to and what had become of it. Our staff has now conducted that research and filled me in.

The story you searched was written not by the Washington Post, but rather by the Associated Press. Such AP stories flow onto our website automatically, and then become dead links when under our contract we lose rights after 14 days. In this case, that’s today.

The second URL appears to be a version of the same story supplied by a service called Perfect Market, which also flows automatically onto our site. The same rules for publication on our site apply with regard to that as well.

Here is the wire as it appeared on another site:


As you can see, it is a story written by the Associated Press and picked up by other news sites, typically in an automated fashion.

I note that you’ve addressed this issue on your website. You suggest that (a) this was a story written by the Washington Post and (b) that we removed it under suspicious or nefarious circumstances. Neither is accurate.


Martin Baron
Executive Editor

This seems reasonable. Though one wonders why they’d bother to publish an article that it’s readers can’t come back to in a couple of weeks.

It should be noted that Fox News has the same AP article, dated February 14, 2013 available on it’s site as of now.

I have no real beef with the Post, my beef is with the propaganda sites mentioned in the original articles, and their use of a false report to smear Governor Palin and attempt to discredit he factual statement. As I wrote below, it sure seemed odd the article at the Post disappeared at the exact same moment all of the controversy was brewing. At least we know why.

The original post is below. I would say substitute the AP every time you read Washington Post but they did indeed run this fictitious article, written by someone for the Associated Press claiming these rounds were merely for “target practice” so we can’t let them completely off the hook!

By Gary P Jackson

Here’s an interesting little twist to the saga of Obama’s lapdog media trying to smear Sarah Palin over her stating the fact that the Obama regime is stockpiling over one billion rounds of ammo, mostly man killing hollowpoints.

Yesterday we exposed the lies and slanderous commentary coming from left wing propaganda sites such as Politico, Slate, and The Atlantic, and their attempt to smear Sarah Palin.

In his slanderous article, Politico’s Kevin Cirilli linked to another Obama water carrier over at the Washington Post who published an article entitled Not so sinister: Homeland Security is stockpiling ammo for target practice.

While government agencies are, in fact, purchasing large amounts of ammunition, they are doing so for training exercises and shooting ranges, according to federal officials. The Washington Post last month summed up the Department of Homeland Security’s buying of more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition for training with an article headlined, “Not so sinister: Homeland Security is stockpiling ammo for target practice.”

Funny thing. This morning, while doing some follow-up, I noticed the Post has pulled the story claiming the regime was merely stockpiling bullets “for target practice.” Wonder why that is?

A quick Google search of the article’s title led me back to another dead URL. A subsequent Bing search netted a different URL, but pushing the magic “enter” button on my keyboard nets nothing more than another dead page:

Obviously, blogging being what it is, other websites have excerpted from the Post’s untruthful piece, but the original no longer exists.

I find this very interesting. There may be a logical, legitimate explanation for the article disappearing. And I’d love to hear it, if there is.

I’ve reached out to the editors at the Post but have yet to get any reply. If they can explain why a controversial article, used to smear someone who made a factual statement, just disappeared, I’ll be happy to give them their say.

Meanwhile, one has to sit and wonder why the Post article telling it’s readers not to worry, the Obama regime is stockpiling over a billion rounds of ammo, mainly consisting of man killing hollowpoints, but it’s OK, it’s just for “target practice” …. has up and disappeared from their website.

Such is how the corrupt media works. Write a fictitious story, covering up the real intentions of the regime, and when the heat comes, instead of owning it, just send it down the memory hole.

Maybe this is why a new Rasmussen poll finds that only 6% of Americans find the media “very trustworthy” and 42% find it “not very trustworthy” or “not at all trustworthy.


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Politico’s Credibility Problem


By Stacy Drake
Follow Stacy on Twitter!

Last week, Politico’s Jim Vandehei and Mike Allen sat down to talk about the recent changes over at Fox News. As anyone could guess, these two individuals used the topic of the day to trash Governor Palin and others they decided to lump into the narrative.

Posted on Politico’s website under the video of the two talking, they wrote (emphasis):

Republicans and Fox News are moving to purge the controversial political creatures they created.

Interesting choice of words but when you’re getting ready to marginalize someone, “creature” is a good way to start. They go on (emphasis):

Both were damaged badly in 2012 by loud, partisan voices that stoked the base — but that scared the hell out of many voters. Now, the GOP, with its dismal image, and Fox News, with its depressed ratings in January, are scrambling to dim those voices. To wit:

Fox ousted contributors Sarah Palin and Dick Morris, two of the most obnoxiously partisan figures on the network’s air.

One could write an entire post on those few sentences alone. This is the left-wing media performing a textbook example of distorting every aspect of the subject to try and control what their readers walk away from the article and video believing. Too bad we aren’t all suckers, eh guys?

First of all, does anyone who knew a thing about Governor Palin BEFORE the 2008 presidential election believe for one second that she is a “most obnoxiously partisan figure?” The democrats in Alaska certainly didn’t think so. But, this is 2013, and the leftist press has now spent many years now distorting who Governor Palin is, so this is really just par for the course.

Secondly, Governor Palin was not “ousted” from FNC. If she were “ousted,” Fox wouldn’t have been in negotiations to renew her contract. But, the phonies in the media have their narrative and they’re sticking to it regardless of facts.

Not that long ago, Andrew Kaczynski @ Buzzfeed tweeted out the following:

I responded to him (a little angry at the time, I might add):

His smart-alec response to me and another individual who had challenged him on this:

My response to that:

And guess what? He never responded to my question about knowing any details of those negotiations. The reason for that is because he doesn’t know the details, and he is simply repeating the left-wing media’s narrative to reinforce the notion to his followers. They’re all full of it.

As just a reminder, Scott Conroy, who broke the story about Governor Palin not renewing her contract with FNC wrote (emphasis):

After a three-year run as a paid contributor to the nation’s highest-rated cable news channel, Sarah Palin and FOX News have cut ties, according to a source close to the former Alaska governor.

It’s my understanding that Gov. Palin was offered a contract by FOX, and she decided not to renew the arrangement,” the source close to Palin told RCP. “She remains focused on broadening her message of common-sense conservatism across the country and will be expanding her voice in the national discussion.


Bill Shine, Executive Vice President at FOX, subsequently issued a statement to the New York Times confirming the news, saying, “We have thoroughly enjoyed our association with Governor Palin. We wish her the best in her future endeavors.

Governor Palin decided to part ways, not the other way around. Fox didn’t get “rid of” her, and she certainly wasn’t “ousted.” But we all know that facts are irrelevant to most in the media when it comes to Governor Palin.

The one thing that Jim Vandehei and Mike Allen did have correct in the first part of this article, was when it stated:

Fox News, with its depressed ratings in January…

It’s true that FNC’s numbers were down in January. Did anyone bother to tell Vandehei and Allen that Governor Palin was NOT on Fox during that month? That was the first month she didn’t appear on the network, yet these two “journalists” end that same paragraph by writing:

…are scrambling to dim those voices.

So, FNC’s numbers are down the first month that Governor Palin doesn’t appear on the network, and these two use that fact to claim the network needs to “dim” her voice due to Fox’s poor ratings. That doesn’t make any chronological sense!

Then the segment shifts to the ever present anonymous republican establishment type, who gave these two some juicy quotes to feast on in regards to the battle between conservatives and the GOPe. They write (emphasis):

One high-profile Republican strategist, who refused to be named in order to avoid inflaming the very segments of the party he wants to silence, said there is a deliberate effort by party leaders to marginalize the cranks, haters and bigots — there’s a lot of underbrush that has to be cleaned out.

I think calling fellow party members “cranks, haters and bigots” to the left-wing press is a pretty good way to “marginalize” them. But this has become common with the anonymous cowards in the GOPe who work directly with the media to attack Conservatives and reformers. The article continues:

For establishment Republicans, this is all about survival, after two straight elections that saw extremely conservative candidates blow Senate races Republicans should have won…

See how that works? The anonymous GOP strategist feeds the leftist “journalists” some red meat, and “reporters” respond by selling another false narrative that directly benefits the republican establishment. According to them, it’s the Conservatives who are costing republicans election after election, not squishy moderates like Mitt Romney. Where’s the logic?

A columnist by the name of Kellyanne Conway at USA Today recently wrote:

For outside groups such as American Crossroads’ reinvented “Conservative Victory Fund” to intervene in races is not new. It was attempted just last year, and with spectacular failure.

Conservative senate candidate in Missouri Todd Akin and his Indiana counterpart Richard Mourdock? are the easy soundbites from the 2012 GOP losses, but those memorable names hide many more failed Senate candidates who had all the king’s horses and all the king’s men — and all the king’s money — and lost: Josh Mandel (Ohio), Connie Mack (Fla.), Denny Rehberg (Mont.), Rick Berg (N.D.), Heather Wilson (N.M.), Tommy Thompson (Wis.), George Allen (Va.), Linda McMahon (Conn.) and Linda Lingle (Hawaii).

Names seldom mentioned because it doesn’t benefit the left or their cocktail buddies in the republican establishment to do so.

The Politico piece goes on (emphasis):

Roger Ailes, the channel’s chairman and CEO, has a politician’s sense of his base — Fox viewers… He created not only the most-watched cable news channel in the country — he created political celebrities, several of whom dominated Republican politics in the 2012 cycle.

At various points, many of those celebrities, all with Fox contracts, were at or near the top of Republican presidential polls: Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Palin and Mike Huckabee. But by the end of campaign, Fox could seem like an alternate universe, one in which the Benghazi killings were the most important story in America and Mitt Romney, contrary to public polls and Fox’s own polls, was on his way to winning the election.

I’m not writing this piece to defend FNC in any way, but the line about Benghazi made my blood boil. What happened at the American diplomatic mission in Libya should have been the most important story in the nation, and on every network. The fact that it wasn’t tells you everything you need to know about the media in this country. Americans that were serving our country at the behest of President Obama, were killed while the Commander in Chief did nothing. And then, the administration blamed the entire event on a 15 minute Youtube clip that nobody had seen. If Hillary Clinton were a Republican, there is no way anyone would be talking about “Hillary 2016″ after Benghazi. Her career would have been rightfully over, but I digress.

Vandehei and Allen continue:

Ailes has aggressively, and shrewdly, toned things down post-election. Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly were among the first conservatives to call for a rethinking of the GOP’s opposition to comprehensive immigration reform. And then Palin and Morris got the boot, sending an unmistakable message about the new expectations for the channel’s contributors.

Here again, insinuating that Governor Palin wasn’t offered a new contract and didn’t decline it by choice. This isn’t journalism, it’s dishonesty. But we live in an era that many in the media have no ethics and no appreciation for the truth. Everything is politics to them, and anytime they can push a negative meme about Governor Palin, they will do so.

The article concludes by talking about Karl Rove and the ongoing battle between Conservatives and Rove’s wing of the party. It ends by stating (emphasis):

But a senior Republican operative said the party has two huge, unresolved impediments to the top leaders’ grand plans: “suicide conservatives, who would rather lose elections than win seats with moderates,” and the “many groups on the hard right that depend on direct mail fundraising that requires a high degree of audacity, and borderline shrillness.

Throw in a third obstacle: loudmouth personalities and candidates who, once created, are hard to control.

Translation: Self-made, principled reformers can’t be controlled by the GOPe or manipulated by the left-wing media, therefore must have their character completely assassinated by both as often as necessary. They must blur the lines between self-made, principled reformers and nutty candidates that said self-made, principled reformers never endorsed. Throw in some words like “bigot” here and there, and maybe just maybe, people will stop listening to them.

The media can wish Governor Palin had been “ousted,” they can keep writing articles about how “irrelevant” she is, after doing so for over four years now, but it doesn’t change reality. And that is that every day more and more Americans see their deception for what it is and decide to stop listening to the loudmouth personalities who make up the LSM.


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The Time Is Now as a Run by Sarah Palin Seems Imminent

By Gary P Jackson

Politico ran a story on Tuesday that got tongues wagging: [Drudge made it his headline story]

Ken Vogel and I both have sources telling us that calls were made on behalf of a mystery candidate to various early states to determine presidential filing deadlines.

The calls were made by representatives of the law firm Baker Hostetler – a firm that employs lawyer Mark Braden, who represents Sarah PAC, her political action committee.

As Ken notes, while he nor representatives of Palin’s campaign would comment on the calls, Palin is the only GOP politician eying the presidential race who is represented by the firm.

More here.

Baker Hostetler is an international law firm that is celebrating it’s 95th year. They specialize in business law and high finance. According to Wikipedia:

Baker Hostetler played a role in the recovery of funds for victims of the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme. The firm was selected to help resolve one of the largest and most complex fraud cases in the nation’s history based on its prior work in the fields of corporate finance, complex business litigation, white collar criminal investigation and bankruptcy law.

The Baker team includes the Trustee overseeing liquidation of the brokerage house—as well as related investigations and litigation—and the firm serves as Trustee’s counsel. So far, more than $1.5 billion has been recovered for distribution to victims.

Major League Baseball is a longstanding client. Baker Hostetler has represented the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Foundation’s HIV/AIDS Initiative since 2003. Other major international clients are listed here.

A lot of pundits I saw on commenting on Tuesday were “concerned” about when these calls were made. They seemed to put some importance in that. I have a different take. I’m more interested in the timing of this leak. As someone who has followed the Governor since 2007 one thing I’ve learned is she runs a pretty tight ship. The only real news that ever leaks out of her inner circle is news she wants leaked out. What better way to let her supporters know it’s on, without announcing it, than to let this bit of info get out there?

October is going to be an incredibly busy month for Sarah. She has three major events, including the Extraordinary Women’s Conference in Lynchburg, Virginia that has been sold out for months, and will be simulcast in 1000 churches nationwide, as well as a trip to South Korea. At the World Leadership Forum Sarah will give a US leadership perspective on how to lead the world out of the latest crisis. She also has an event with Glenn Beck this Friday in St Louis.

With these three events Sarah will be addressing fiscal conservatism, social conservatism, and foreign policy, all on the world stage. The timing of these events also point toward a pending run.

As we understand it now, the first filing deadline to be on a state ballot is October 31, in Florida. The next day, November 1stis the deadline in South Carolina, and then November 15th for Michigan. I look for her to announce well before these dates.


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Lying Corrupt Bastards At Politico Make Up Palin Quote

By Gary P Jackson

A you know, third tier likely presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s hired establishment hack, Ed Rollins, decided his first action right out of the gate would be to trash Sarah Palin. Never mind he was saying the same things about Bachmann …. until she started paying him.

For her part, Sarah Palin has ignored the two, as neither deserve her time. Sarah’s Chief of Staff, Michael Glassner did issue a statement about Rollins, which you can read here.

This wasn’t good enough for the gutter snipes who work for Politico though. The left wing website constantly looks for ways to start trouble among Republicans and is notorious for using “anonymous sources” i.e., the voices in their heads. They are also notorious for lying about Sarah Palin and anyone connected to her.

This time they went further than normal. They actually made up a quote and attributed it to Sarah Palin. Under the title Will rivalry make Sarah Palin run? Paul Goldman and Mark J. Rozell [yeah, it takes two of these crapweasels to write this nonsense] wrote the following paragraph: [emphasis mine]

Palin’s bus tour had some of the hallmarks of a primal scream: I built this constituency, not Bachmann, not anyone else. Looking at it through her eyes, she has a point.

Now anyone who’s paying attention knows Sarah Palin routinely rejects the idea that she’s somehow the leader of the Tea Party movement. She speaks quite humbly about her own political strengths. The hacks at Politico give the impression though, that those words came out of her mouth.

SarahPAC has released the following statement on the Governor’s behalf:

An absurd opinion piece in Politico includes a quote attributed to Governor Palin that is a total fabrication and yet is deliberately written to appear as if it is a legitimate direct quote. By any standard this is unacceptable even for an opinion piece. This puts us in mind of a real quote of something Governor Palin actually did once say to the media: “Quit making stuff up.

For those that remember the huge JournOList scandal, it’s good to remember that Politico has more known members of that corrupt cabal, than any other “news” site. Politico engages in gutter journalism and should never be taken as a serious news source. The fact is, they lie when the truth would work better.


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Jennifer Rubin’s Wrong Turn on Governor Palin’s Foreign Policy

Last November, the Washington Post hired Jennifer Rubin to replace journolister, Dave Weigel, as their “conservative” blogger. Yes, those quotation marks are needed. Many, including Newsbusters, saw this hire as a step in the right direction for the Washington Post, as Rubin replaced the unscrupulous Weigel and had a great tenure writing for the neoconservative outlet Commentary. In fact, prior to her departure from Commentary, Rubin wrote at least four lengthy pieces supporting and defending Governor Palin. Rubin wrote articles supporting Governor Palin’s non-elitism, highlighting her as a strong Tea Party voice, offering high praise for Governor Palin’s political instincts, and defending Governor Palin against those who criticized her Restoring Honor rally speech.

by Whitney Pitcher

What a difference a new employment contract makes! Rubin was announced as a new conservative commentator for the Washington Post on November 23, 2010 writing a blog called “Right Turn” and eight days later, wrote her first anti Palin screed arguing that Governor Palin was not a front runner for the GOP presidential nomination and poo pooing Governor Palin’s use of the term “death panel”–a phrase that Rubin was supportive of in her articles at Commentary. Rubin’s criticisms have become commonplace ever since as Ian, Stacy, and Doug at Conservatives4Palin have addressed in recent months.

Fast forward to today where Governor Palin’s new foreign policy hire and the news of a clear cut “Palin doctrine”, if you will, unveiled last night, and neoconservatives throughout the Beltway, like Rubin, have their proverbial panties in a wad, and for no good reason. In her latest piece today, Rubin charges that Governor Palin’s recent comments about Libya and her speech last night have Governor Palin “sounding like Obama’s liberal critics”. Then she states that this supposed shift in policy and worldview is something that ” careful observers of Palin” have picked up on.

First, Rubin charges that Governor Palin’s latest Facebook post on President Obama’s mishandling of Libya was “incoherent”and claimed that she couldn’t ascertain whether Governor Palin supported action in Libya or not. If Rubin were truly a “careful observer” of Governor Palin, as she claims, she would have remembered that Governor Palin was the first high profile political voice to call for a no fly zone in Libya in February, three weeks before President Obama went along with a UN decision to institute a no fly zone. In the supposedly incoherent post that Rubin references, Governor Palin made it very clear she supported a no fly zone, but questioned the real incoherency regarding Libya–President Obama’s actions. Governor Palin writes (emphasis mine):

Please make up your mind, Mr. President. You can’t vacillate when spending America’s human and fiscal resources in yet another foreign country without good reason. You said that Libyan leader Gaddafi has got to go. Many of us heard that as your call to action and agreed, “Okay, you’re right. He’s an evil dictator who kills his own innocent people, so enforce a no-fly zone so he can’t continue an aerial slaughter.” But then you said our mission in Libya isn’t to oust Gaddafi after all. (Or vice versa on the order or your statements. Between you and your advisers the public has been given so many conflicting statements on why we’re intervening in Libya that I apologize if I can’t keep up with the timing and rationale of your murky foreign policy positions.)

Governor Palin was quite clear that she believes that Gaddafi needs to go, which she has consistently said in interviews. What is truly incoherent is President Obama’s mission in Libya, as Governor Palin said.

Rubin then goes on to refer to Governor Palin’s speech yesterday in support of the troops in Colorado. In doing so, she relies heavily on the account of another supposed “careful observer” of Governor Palin, Politico’s Andy Barr. Politico is indeed an incessant observer of Governor Palin, but to characterize them as careful is far from the truth–biased is more like it. Barr spent so much of his piece focusing on the venue of the speech that he grossly misquoted Governor Palin’s statements claiming Governor Palin said, “we can’t undo every justice in the world” when she clearly referred to the injustice in the world.

Rubin goes on to claim that Governor Palin had an about face in her foreign policy stance, yet doesn’t articulate what those change are, other than parroting Bill Kristol in his wrong headed opposition to Governor Palin. Kristol’s rant, which Rubin heavily quotes, touts the success of the surge in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere and then infers that Governor Palin thinks that America, in her strength and leadership, needs to “back off”. This, of course, is categorically false, which Rubin would be aware of if she viewed, listened to, or read an account of the speech for herself. Governor Palin both praised the efforts in Afghanistan that led to the killing of Osama bin Laden, and America’s strength in her speech (emphasis mine):

God bless all the brave men and women in our military and our intelligence services who carried out the successful mission to bring Osama Bin Laden to justice and all those who had laid the groundwork over the years to make that victory possible. The historic action that was announced last night was the result of the diligence, hard work, and character of countless American warriors who know that those who spread evil, those with murderous intentions must be contained. Those who would kill in the name of religion must be stopped.


We are not indifferent to the cause of human rights or the desire for freedom. We are always on the side of both. But we can’t fight every war. We can’t undo every injustice around the world. But with strength and clarity in those five points, we’ll make for a safer, more prosperous, more peaceful world because as the U.S. leads by example, as we support freedom across the globe, we’re going to prove that free and healthy countries don’t wage war on other free and healthy countries. The stronger we are, the stronger and more peaceful the world will be under our example.

There is nothing in those statements or anywhere in Governor Palin’ s speech where she indicates that she has walked back her support for the surge in Afghanistan and Iraq, or believes in any kind of wet noodle spined foreign policy or “Obama lite” foreign policy as Kristol and Rubin laughably claim.

Rubin’ s last “careful” observation is that Governor Palin is a now Paulian isolationist. Another wrong assertion that Rubin would not have claimed had she actually listened to Governor Palin’s speech herself. Governor Palin very clearly both denounced isolationism and called America to be a global leader in her speech (emphasis mine):

I believe that America must never retreat into isolation. The world would be less safe and less free without our leadership. And we must never forget that America has a responsibility to lead. “To whom much is given, much is expected.” We cannot be the world’s policeman granted, or the world’s ATM. But we can lead by example. By our words and, when necessary, by our actions, we must and we will remain the world’s abiding beacon of freedom.

Jennifer Rubin has proven to be an observer of Governor Palin, but a careful one she is not. As mentioned earlier, following Governor Palin’s Restoring Honor Rally speech, Rubin wrote a piece defending Governor Palin against supposed “feminists” and praising her foreign policy stances in response to a opinion piece in the New York Times. She closed that piece with this statement:

But I give the Times gals credit — they know they are losing the battle to discredit Palin. Now they need to figure out what to do about it. They might start with examining whether their agenda has as much sell as hers.

I give the Post girl credit, in her short time at the Washington Post, Rubin may not yet realize that her about face in intellectual honesty has her in a losing battle to discredit Governor Palin. She needs to figure out what to do about it. She might start with examining whether her now Palin bashing agenda has as much sell as Governor Palin’s consistent foreign policy.

Jerry Wilson has a good piece on Rubin’s article here (H/T JimR)

Updated: On a related note, HotAir has a great piece outlining Governor Palin’s foreign policy doctrine and describing the differences between that policy, the current actions in Libya, and what many have described as neoconservative actions in the past few decades.

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The Unhinging of the Left and the Prescience of Palin

by Whitney Pitcher

On Monday, Politico published a piece that Legal Insurrection characterized as their “cheapest shot yet”. With Politico’s credibility bar already set so low that only an ant could limbo underneath, this is quite an accomplishment. The subject matter of the false allegations discussed by Politico and the individuals they interviewed belong right along side “Palin Willingly Abducted by Aliens: ‘I Can See Russia from Space'” or “Rudolph Found in the Palin’s Freezer” and other actual tabloid “stories” I’ve seen at the supermarket check out over the past two and a half years. Rush Limbaugh says that the media and the Left (but I repeat myself) will always tell you who they fear. But why do they fear her?

Two blog pieces also posted Monday at Datechguy and at the PJ Tatler highlight how Governor Palin has been prescient on nearly every major policy issue over the past few years, and this is why they fear her and are out to destroy her. Datechguy writes on how Governor Palin has been right on monetary policy, “death panels”, climate gate, Libya, drilling, supporting what now is the GOP majority House etc, writing in part following an excerpt from a Facebook post on drilling:

Sounds pretty topical, When did Palin say this? AUGUST OF 2009 when gas was still in the low $2 per gallon. Bloggers covered it. The MSM didn’t. Where would gas prices and the economy be today if the MSM reported this and the president listened to her 2 years ago?


This is why on an Easter Sunday people on the left were spending their time trying to co-opt a hash tag. This is why when Sarah Palin gives a key speech in Wisconsin on budget matters the media reports she is trying to get attention, but will play her mispronouncing “skirmish” in a loop. This is why from Day one the MSM has done their best to try to destroy her.

The PJ Tattler’s piece mentions some of the same policy issues, additionally mentioning that Governor Palin has been right on cautiousness in Egypt and warning of China’s military buildup:

Sarah Palin was cautious on Egypt, wanting to know who was likely to take power before the US insisted that Mubarak leave. She has been forceful on China, warning that its military buildup is a threat.

Meanwhile, the cerebral president with the fancy pants creases just keeps getting everything wrong. Everything he touches turns to crap. Even her website is now better than his.


Governor Palin has, of course, been right on many issues over the past two years. In addition to what was mentioned by these two writers, Governor Palin was right on coming food inflation on the heels of QE2, the threat of the possible need to tap into our Strategic Petroleum Reserve if we didn’t become more energy independent, state financial woes if they don’t address unfunded pensions, the threat of nuclear Iran, distrust of Russia on the START treaty etc.

Her prescience isn’t new. Governor Palin has been right all along, since the early days of the 2008 presidential campaign. Stacy and I wrote a post last Fall that highlighted several aspects of Governor Palin’s 2008 RNC convention speech where she correctly predicted several things that would happen if candidate Obama became President Obama. Stacy edited this video that accompanied our post, and this still rings true today:

These are all reasons why Politico gives free advertising to “authors” peddling scurrilous books about Governor Palin. Governor Palin’s foresight is why media outlets like Politico give free publicity to those involved in character assassination attempts. This is why likely boilerplate speech contracts that include bendable drinking straws become headline news if the sipping speaker is Governor Palin. This is why the media feigns ignorance when Governor Palin brings along a “hair stylist” (aka Bristol Palin) on a humanitarian trip to Haiti.

Their greatest fear? The potential for a prescient Palin to become President Palin.

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The Strategy of the Media’s Bias

By Stacy Drake

The Associated Press and Politico found it necessary to report Bristol Palin’s honest wages to the broad public, via their respective front page. Whether their reporting was honest is another matter. It’s hard to tell considering that Rachel D’Oro (a name longtime C4P readers are familiar with), author of the first MSM piece, used the Trig Truther freaks at “Palingates” as a source. Using terms like “rakes it in” and getting a “payout,” these so-called “news” articles are clearly designed to sell a narrative that the media has been pushing about Bristol’s mother for a long time. There is nothing wrong with what Bristol did for the foundation she worked for. This “story” belongs nowhere near a front page, much less a news publication. It isn’t a story, it’s one young woman’s life. Running this piece, with vile conspiracy theorists as the source, is disgraceful behavior by an already close to illegitimate press.

Kelsey has more on Bristol here.

For many years I believed that the media had a blanket left-wing bias towards all Conservatives. It has been proven lately that there is more of a strategy at play, in regards to what the media reports and what they don’t, versus knee-jerk ideology. Take for instance this story that popped up a few days ago on Mother Jones:

Send a public records request seeking documents from his 12-year stint as Arkansas governor, as Mother Jones did recently, and an eyebrow-raising reply will come back: The records are unavailable, and the computer hard drives that once contained them were erased and physically destroyed by the Huckabee administration as the governor prepared to leave office and launch a presidential bid.

In 2007, during Huckabee’s campaign for the GOP presidential nomination, the issue of the eradicated hard drives surfaced briefly, but it was never fully examined, and key questions remain. Why had Huckabee gone to such great lengths to wipe out his own records? What ever happened to a backup collection that was provided to a Huckabee aide?

Huckabee is now considering another presidential run, and if he does enter the race, he would do so as a frontrunner. Which would make the case of the missing records all the more significant. These records would shed light on Huckabee’s governorship—and could provide insight into how a President Huckabee might run the country. Meanwhile, observers of Arkansas’ political scene—including one of Huckabee’s former GOP allies—say the episode is characteristic of a politician who was distrustful and secretive by nature.

A truly fascinating piece of information, especially for a “GOP front-runner,” is it not? Yet, there were no corresponding stories from AP and the only thing Politico had on it was a link buried on Ben Smith’s blog page. Why didn’t the media cover this? Doesn’t the public have a right to know what kind of behavior a potential candidate for the presidency took part in? Can you imagine if Governor Palin had done such a thing? I would bet every dollar I have ever made, and ever will make, that that story wouldn’t be buried in a link in the blog section. It would be Top Story news, in every media publication, and on every network.

Speaking of ‘what ifs’… What if Governor Palin had said this:

Bachmann, who’s flirting with a presidential run, was in the early-primary state of Iowa last week for the Rediscover God in America conference. Bachmann was born in Iowa, as she told the crowd. But she couldn’t leave it at just being an ordinary Iowan:

I’m actually even more than just an Iowan,” she told her audience. “I’m a seventh-generation Iowan. Our family goes back to the 1850s, to the first pioneers that came to Iowa from Sognfjord, Norway.


Unfortunately, the story doesn’t hold water, as researcher Chris Rodda ably points out at OpEdNews.

I was watching her speech, and it was when she said that she was a seventh-generation Iowan that I knew something was wrong,” Rodda tells City Pages. “She’s in her fifties–there’s no way there could be seven generations between her and ancestors in the 1850s.”

So Rodda, who has a background in genealogical research, decided to do a little digging. Without too much trouble, she found that Bachmann is actually a fourth-generation American, not seventh, as she claimed. And that’s just the start.

Bachmann’s immigrant ancestors didn’t make a pilgrimage straight to the promised land of Iowa. From Quebec, they went to Wisconsin. That’s where the 1860 census found them. From there, they moved to the Dakota Territory.

Bachmann claims that her people “kept going, and they persevered” through floods and crippling winters. Well, kind of. After enduring those trials in the unforgiving Dakota Territory, they actually turned tail and retreated to the relative ease and safety of…Iowa.

Okay,” Bachmann apologists may be saying at this point, “but history is hard and stuff! Maybe this was just an honest mistake.”

Not a chance, Rodda says.

The only historical sources where she could have found some of the details of her story–like the 13-week ocean passage–also clearly show that her family went to Wisconsin, not Iowa,” Rodda says. “She couldn’t have known those things without knowing that the whole premise of her speech was a lie.”

You really can’t blame Bachmann for that though. Tuesday night on O’Reilly, she stated (4:32 mark) that she just reads whatever is on the teleprompter. She also indicated during the interview that she isn’t “afraid” of media attacks on her. After the mainstream media let a whole speech full of pandering distortions, slide on by without mere mention, I wouldn’t be afraid if I were Bachmann either. At least not at this point.

I think my Twitter buddy, Val, said it best today:

Liberals & Dems SHOULD fear @SarahPalinUSA in 2012, b/c she is thee ONLY candidate who will NOT have an October surprise!

Clearly that has a lot to do with the strategy being implemented by the media, in this pre-primary season.

Here we have three possible contenders for the GOP nomination in the upcoming presidential election of 2012. While all three claim the mantle of “Conservative,” one is treated very differently than the others. The reason for this is something I alluded to in my last blog post. The media and the left will promote and omit news that will help them in the long-run.

For Governor Palin, there will be no “October surprise.” Every little detail of her life is already out in the open. She would be the most intensely scrutinized candidate in our nation’s history. With the other two possible candidates, that is simply not the case.

Let’s face it, the other two Republicans here don’t have the same name recognition as Governor Palin. Huckabee has been largely unscrutinized for years, and most people outside the world of politics, don’t know who Michele Bachmann is. Governor Palin and her family are recognizable faces to rake over the coals.

With Governor Palin, the leftist media is forced to throw everything at her, as soon as they can. They do whatever they can think of to try and damage her in any way possible. With the others, they can afford to wait. This is after all, a strategy with the re-election of Obama in mind.

The left, and their partners in the press know what’s at stake. They don’t want to face Governor Palin in a general election, but the others look like walks in the park in comparison. They will save their bias and garbage reporting for a more strategically significant date. At the right time, they will unload all the information they held from the public on these candidates, given the opportunity. Let’s not give it to them.


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Mark Levin On Sarah Palin, Ronald Reagan, and “Intellectual” Elites

By Gary P Jackson

Mark Levin was on fire Monday morning, releasing a scathing refudiation of Republican “intellectuals” and their complete inability to recognize and understand Conservatism and it’s principles. Levin rightly points out that George Will, an elitist if there ever was one, never got what Reagan was about. I’m sure it had something to do with the fact Reagan often wore blue jeans, a no-no in Georgie’s world.

Krauthammer has long been a disappointment. He’s intelligent, for sure, but often quite wrong when it comes to basic issues. Oh, Charles can be brilliant at times, especially on complicated issues. But when it comes to the every day meat and potatoes issues, Charles just doesn’t get it. Of course, what does one expect from someone who not only worked for President Jimmy Carter but Walter Mondale, as well, when he ran against Ronald Reagan!

Calling Charles Krauthammer a “Conservative” is like calling David Frum, David Brooks, Kathleen Parker, and Peggy Noonan “Conservatives.”

The American people are well past allowing our “betters” to continually tell us how we should think, and who we should vote for.

The hate for Sarah Palin

The corporate hate for Sarah Palin at Politico is obvious. The latest is here

But if you google Politico and Palin, the evidence of a Politico agenda is overwhelming. And the manner in which Politico’s editors pursue their hate-Palin agenda is to cherry-pick the individuals they quote to make the point they want made.

A couple of quick things:

1. As I demonstrated last week, remarkably George Will missed the Reagan Revolution not only in 1976 but as late as 1980. In the 1979 Republican Presidential Primary, his first choice was Howard Baker, his second choice was George H. W. Bush, and his third choice was Reagan. Not until days before the 1980 general election did he write on November 3, 1980 that Reagan deserved election. For all his wonderful columns, the Republican electorate better understood the needs of the nation and the excellence of a potential Reagan presidency than Will.

It is hard to believe he was so wrong about a matter of such great import, despite Reagan’s presence on the national scene for many years.

2. Charles Krauthammer was not only wrong about Reagan, as late as 1980 he was a speech-writer for Vice President Walter Mondale. Krauthammer, like Will, not only missed the significance of the Reagan candidacy, but was putting words in the mouth of a terribly flawed politician from a philosophical perspective. I certainly do not begrudge, but in fact encourage, liberals becoming conservatives or Democrats becoming Republicans.

Reagan was a Democrat who famously changed parties. But I do not believe that individuals touted by a left-wing “news” site as two of the leading conservative intellectuals, who stunningly opposed Reagan’s candidacy while both were of mature age and mind, are necessarily reliable barometers in this regard. The “non-intellectual” voters knew better.

3. It is apparent that several of President George W. Bush’s former senior staffers are hostile to Sarah Palin, including Karl Rove, David Frum, and Pete Wehner, to name only three. Pete is a good friend and a very smart guy. That said, Bush’s record, at best, is marginally conservative, and depending on the issue, worse. In fact, the Tea Party movement is, in part, a negative reaction to Bush’s profligate spending (including his expansion of a bankrupt Medicare program to include prescription drugs). And while Bush’s spending comes nowhere near Barack Obama’s, that is not the standard.

Moreover, Bush was not exactly among our most articulate presidents, let alone conservative voices. I raise this not to compare Bush to Palin, but to point out only a few of the situational aspects of the criticism from the Bush community corner. (If necessary, and if challenged, I will take the time to lay out the case in all its particulars, as well as other non-conservative Bush policies and statements. No Republican president is perfect, of course, but certainly some are more perfect that others, if you will.)

This is not to say the folks cherry-picked by Politico are without accomplishment and merit. They clearly are accomplished. But that’s not the point. Most were not involved in either the Reagan Revolution or the Tea Party movement, and were not, to the best of my knowledge, early outspoken supporters of either.

What is necessary is a fulsome debate on each candidate’s substance and policy positions. Most of these Politico stories are little more than excuses to attack Palin, intended to damage her early on in case she should decide to run. This has been going on for some time now. If she is as weak as some think, why the obsession? Why the contempt? Moreover, Palin has used social media and other outlets to comment substantively on a wide range of issues and policies. In fact, she has spoken on a wider array of issues than Youtube governor Chris Christie, popular among most of these folks, and her positions have, for the most part, been solidly conservative.

(Christie’s positions on numerous issues important to conservatives are all but ignored by some of those complaining about Palin; indeed, the same could be said of potential presidential contenders Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, and Mitch Daniels, among others.)

My purpose in mentioning Christie here is to juxtapose the demands by “the intellectuals” on one politician versus another. Their inquisitiveness seems influenced by their political bias. That’s not unusual, but it requires underscoring lest their opinions be viewed or promoted as objective.

As a Reaganite pre-dating Reagan’s 1976 candidacy, the contempt for Palin does, in fact, remind me of the contempt some had for Reagan, especially from the media and Republican establishment, although no comparison is exact. I’ve not settled on a favorite would-be presidential candidate, but I also know media hit-jobs when I see them. I am hopeful more conservatives will begin to speak out about this or, before we know it, we will wonder why we are holding our noses and voting for another Republican endorsed by “the intellectuals” but opposed by a majority of the people.

Ronald Reagan was vilified by the Republican elites. It was very much like the attacks and petty sniping we are witnessing now against Sarah Palin. As is always the case, the Republicans fought harder against the Conservative, Reagan, than they did Carter!

What they are doing to Palin is nothing new. The fact is, the GOP country club set has always held true Conservatives in great contempt. Those who reflect the feelings and aspirations of the Republican Party base of voters, those true Conservatives are always attacked, ridiculed, and otherwise slandered by the cucumber and mayo sandwich crowd.

The problem with the Republican Party, the elites, is they would rather lose elections than lose power. The Republican Party, pre-President Reagan, was totally content to sit back and be the minority party, allowing the democrat party to run roughshod over the entire nation. They were happy to just sit at the table and have some power. Settling for what ever table scraps they were allowed by the democrats was fine with them.

It wasn’t until 1994 that Conservative Republicans prevailed, and ended 40 years of Democrat control of Congress. This was a natural extension of the Reagan Revolution. Sadly, once in office, many of those Republicans became just as entrenched and out of touch as the democrats they replaced. More worried about staying in office than running an efficient government.

Now the elites have carved out their little zones of power, and are not about to give them up. Not about to change the way they do business.

The Tea Party as a whole, and Sarah Palin in particular, is a direct threat to these entrenched little elites. That’s why these elites fight so hard. Things must change. Government is broken. It’s a disaster. The nation itself is staring into the abyss. We have a debt we may never be able to pay. We have an energy crisis, an economic crisis, and a national security crisis. “More of the same” is not going to cut it. Things must be shaken up, and a new path chosen.

The problem with choosing new paths though, is many of those on the old path are left behind. And these little elites don’t want to go along with the new path, especially if they lose their influence and power.

Sarah Palin represents a real threat to the Ruling Class, in both parties. She is not a “business as usual” type of leader. She’s well known as someone who “shakes things up.” Her lengthy record of leadership as a Mayor, energy regulator, and Governor shows that she doesn’t waste time doing things as they’ve always been done, just “because” and she doesn’t suffer fools well. This is bad news for the elites, because they are a foolish bunch.


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Politico’s Andy Barr Caught Red-Handed “Making Things Up” About Sarah Palin

Above: Andy Barr. Lying, corrupt, left-wing hack.



By Gary P Jackson

The corrupt, left wing media is at it again. Andy Barr, a “journalist” reports an absolute lie at the so-called “political news sitePolitico. At least this time he names a source, highly unusually for a website that’s famous for smearing Sarah Palin, and others, by quoting “unnamed sources.”

Barr used the lie to further the blood libel that somehow Sarah was responsible for the mass murders in Tuscon, even though that has been totally discredited. This is what Barr writes:

Palin retreats, won’t reload

Palin’s putting the safety catch on her references to weapons in the wake of Rep. Giffords’s shooting.

Continue Reading

Her speech last night to the Safari Club in Reno was closed press, but thanks to the Reno Gazette-Journal’s David Jacobs putting his ear to a closed door, we’re hearing the former Alaska governor’s new line.

Palin dropped the “reload” phrase from her routine, telling the audience of hunters “don’t retreat, stand tall” — a shift from her now infamous and well-known “don’t retreat, reload” line that played on a loop on cable in the after the Tucson shooting.

In the wake of the tragedy, Palin came under attack for having put Giffords’s district in crosshairs on her website.

In Reno, Palin also spoke in favor of gun rights and of her love of hunting, telling the crowd that hunting and fishing is part of American “exceptionalism.”

This is, of course, not true. Almost as soon as this BS story broke, a member of Free Republic, SFMom, posted that she attended the event and Sarah not only used her and her dad’s trademark line: “Don’t retreat, reload” but used it several times.

Rebecca Mansour, who works for Sarah, confirmed via Twitter that the Politico story is “inaccurate” and Sarah indeed used her trademark line.

Is it just me, or is anyone else just a little pissed off this twerp put the word: “exceptionalism” as in AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM, in quotes?

How cosmopolitan of Barr.

Now some people may be asking “what’s the big deal?

Well, there are several. One, this lie creates the false narrative that maybe somehow Sarah feels guilty for an event she had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH, or that maybe she is somehow “effected” or even “cowed” by the attacks on her from the vile left wing media, and the democrat party.

It also gives Barr a chance to continue the lies and blood libel from the Tuscon shootings. To plant that little seed again, that Sarah IS responsible, AND now maybe realizes it herself. That’s how these corrupt bastards work.

We make it habit of never believing a single thing written on the pages of Politico …. ever. We always consider anything they write an outright lie, unless it can be verified through many other sources, independently.

It should be noted that while Barr himself may not have been a member of the left wing media conspiracy known as JournoList, Politico is lousy with corrupt JournoListers. Many who have conspired to write false stories about Sarah Palin, and cover up damaging stories about Barack Obama.

The bottom line is: Sarah Palin has NOT retreated and has ALREADY reloaded. She’s loaded for bear and ready to take on the entire bunch.

This little story does, however, serve to remind Americans nationwide that our media is corrupt, and can no longer be trusted.


After we wrote this article, a bunch of people took to Twitter to tweet the news story around. Corrupt “journalist” Andy Barr scrubbed the website Politico of the story altogether.

Barr has NOT publicly apologized to Sarah Palin though.

You can encourage Barr to do so on Twitter. His handle is @AndyBarr34

Free Republic and other websites reported Barr’s false story as fact, so you can still view what Barr wrote, even though he threw his bogus nonsense down the memory hole


As the night rolls on, this just gets sadder for “journalism.”

Barr has restored the link to his original lie, but NOW his story reads:

Palin retreat? She’s reloading

Palin’s firing back after a Nevada newspaper reported she put a muzzle on her trademark “Don’t retreat, reload!!” phrase in the wake of Rep. Giffords’s shooting.

Her speech last night to the Safari Club in Reno was closed press, but the Reno Gazette-Journal’s David Jacobs put his ear to a closed door.

He reported Palin dropped the “reload” phrase from her routine, telling the audience of hunters “don’t retreat, stand tall” — a shift from her now infamous and well-known “don’t retreat, reload” line that played on a loop on cable in the after the Tucson shooting.

But Palin aide Rebecca Mansour denied that the former governor dropped the line, suggested to her by her father.

The governor actually did use the phrase ‘Don’t retreat, reload,‘” Mansour told POLITICO in an email. “She also said, ‘Don’t retreat, stand tall.‘”

Her father, Chuck Heath, was present at the speech yesterday, and the crowd cheered when she pointed to her Dad and repeated this favorite saying of his,” the aide added.

Compare the two stories.

Notice how Barr STILL refuses to apologize for his lie?

More diabolically, since he scrubbed the first story, someone who did not see the original story might get the idea that Barr is just a good old boy “objective” reporter who is merely reporting both sides of the story.

Notice he has no problem throwing the local reporter, who had no clue himself what Sarah did or didn’t say, right under the bus.

This is how the corrupt media works. They lie all day long, and when caught red handed, just erase the lie like it never happened.

BTW, Barr DID leave up the nearly 400 hate-filled comments from the left wing loons that read Politico. Make sure you read those. They represent the “cream of the crop” of the democrat party.

These sort of people do not deserve to have a job in the news business. At best Barr should be asking diners if they want fries with that burger. He represents everything that is wrong with journalism, as does the corrupt left wing publication that employs him.

Again, feel free to let Barr know how you feel.


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