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Commie Agitator Intimidates With Disingenuous “Put Illegal Kids First”

By Isabel Matos

The President was said to have torched the tougher language in the Border Spending Bill yesterday (EYE ROLL) and there is a tape of Luis Gutierrez speaking at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus while the House awaited a tougher border bill than the one the President had presented.

TPNN reported:

Gutierrez outrageously claimed that Republicans speak of Hispanics “almost as though we are a vile, repugnant community to them that they vilify and demonize in every one of their statements.” Gutierrez soon switched to speaking in Spanish and said, (translated)
“They know [Obama’s] going to act soon — they want to maintain this crisis to condemn our community, a community without rights for our kids at this moment, our DREAMers, and for millions of others that the president has said he wants to help. That’s what they want. They want to punish our community, and that punishment will be met with an electoral punishment. Be assured that we are not going to forget the mistreatment our community has received.”
Since when is simply advocating for government to enforce the law “punishing” a community?

Whether Canadian, Mexican, Colombian or whatever- the fact remains that we need secure borders. There is nothing remotely racist about wanting the rule of law followed.

The Democrats have worked very hard to make this issue about anything other than what it is truly about: enforcing the law.

Nobody wants to harm children; nobody wants to “punish” communities. It’s unbelievable that calling for the law to be enforced has become a “radical” ideology that is seen as a punishment against minority communities. Article

The representative from Illinoins lectures Republicans AND Americans for that matter by saying we are punishing the “children” of his community who have crossed the border illegally. I don’t know what community he is talking about because he does not speak for me.  Or mine (what community?) We’re not a part of communities but individuals in a REPUBLIC.  Don’t let his words or phony outrage faze you.  He is like Michael Moore.  Gutierrez is a hypocrite.

But some Republicans actually don’t care about his language him because they, too, want Amnesty.  We know Boehner does. And Paul Ryan, his buddy. Gutierrez was one of the “writers” (who knows who is actually doing the wring) of the so-called Gang of 7 Bill last year: Mario Diaz-Balart, Judge John Carter (who he mentioned in his tirade last night) and Sam Johnson from Texas on the Republican side. (Raul Labrador had dropped out.) From the left: Zoe Lofgren, Xavier Becerra, and  John Yarmouth.  I put the video I made at the very bottom for reinforcement.

Gutierrez is a community activist who has also represented members of domestic terrorist groups. Not to escalate things, but I sent him a tweet last night calling him a disingenuous Communist who should live in a communist country and defend the rights of children like in Cuba who suffer at the hands of a fascist, merciless regime for over 55 years now, even under an elderly dictator. You know where to find me, just leave this country alone, Congressman!

How dare you 1) speak for all Hispanics and 2) abuse the freedom this country gives you to say that its laws must be broken so you and your clan can contribute to its demise.  Shame on this Commie Roach! He should be called what he is.  And shame on anti-communist Balart for dealing with him at all.  Amnesty is not about feelings. It is not about tugging at the heart strings of people. It is about an Alinsky Rules for Radicals Agenda to create a Democratic Plurality.

Here are some of the pictures of the so-called “children” who (bless their hearts) are trying to get into this country.  Many are Gang Members are trying to recruit other children warehoused in the facilities.

border border 1 border 3  recruit 1

From the Article: Violent transnational gangs ‘recruiting unaccompanied minors’

Members of some of the United States’ most notorious street gangs have infiltrated shelters housing illegal immigrant minors from Central America and are recruiting them, say Homeland Security sources. An estimated 57,000 minors from Central America have flooded across the border from Mexico to the U.S. in recent months, and gang leaders are reportedly filling their ranks from among them. Transnational gangs such as the Mara Salvatruca, also known as MS-13, and the 18th Street gang are using established juvenile members from Central America to cross the border and recruit other children to the cartels, say sources. Read more
The GANG of 7 House Amnesty Bill 2013
(Starts at 48:00 -54:30 in the Original Compilation which has been trimmed.)

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