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Why Did Navy Yard Murderer Aaron Alexis Create A Webpage with Name “Mohammed Salem”


By Gary P Jackson

After naming the wrong man and the shooter, and getting the weapons used completely wrong, here’s yet one more thing the corrupt media is not telling you:

From Pamela Geller [Atlas Shrugs]

Law enforcement officials told NBC News that Alexis created a webpage with the name “Mohammed Salem.” This is the first I am hearing of this, and have seen no media mention of it (although the fact that he had been a Buddhist has been headlined and recounted numerous times, despite the fact is that there is no compulsion to violence, oppression and ethnic cleansing in the teachings of Buddhism).

It is striking that he would create a page “Mohammed Salem.” Perhaps as he became more violent, he identified with the homicidal doctrine of jihad. I do not expect the jihad-aligned media to look into this aspect of the case.

Clearly, Muslim Brotherhood groups were concerned that it was jihad. Hamas-CAIR canceled a press conference on Tuesday that was going to expose the funding of the “islamophobia” industry. What funding? I mean, really. And devout Muslims cheered and suggested responsibility for the Navy Yard shooting that killed 13. And many jihadists “expressed their joy” that the Navy shooting was a response to Muslim leader Ayman al-Zawahiri ‘s strikes in America.

Navy Yard gunman’s mother says she is heartbroken and sorry for families,” by Kyle Eppler, Pete Williams and Erin McClam for NBC News, September 18 (thanks to Robert Spencer):

The mother of Aaron Alexis, the Washington Navy Yard shooter, said Wednesday that she was heartbroken and sorry for the families of the victims and that she was glad he is “in a place where he can no longer do harm to anyone.”

In a brief statement to a reporter in New York, the woman, Cathleen Alexis, said her son “has murdered 12 people and wounded several others.”…

Authorities say they are still looking for a motive. Since Alexis carried out the attack Monday at the headquarters of the Naval Sea Systems Command, signs have emerged of a troubled history.

• Alexis, who served as a naval reservist from 2007 to 2011 and worked more recently as a civilian contractor, had a military disciplinary record that included disorderly conduct, insubordination and unexcused absences.

Newport, R.I., police said he called them Aug. 7 to say he had changed hotels twice because he believed people were chasing him and sending vibrations through the walls to keep him from sleeping.

Police said they had forwarded their report to police at the naval station in Newport. Military officials told NBC News on Wednesday that they had found no evidence that naval police forwarded the information to any higher command outside the base.

• The Department of Veterans Affairs said Wednesday that it saw Alexis twice. He went to a VA emergency room in Providence, R.I., on Aug. 23 complaining of insomnia and was given sleep medicine and told to follow up with a doctor, the agency said. Five days later, Alexis showed up at a VA emergency room in Washington to get a refill and was again encouraged to see a doctor, the VA said.

The VA said Alexis denied struggling with anxiety or depression or having thoughts about hurting himself or others. It also said he enrolled in VA health care in February 2011 and never sought an appointment for mental health.

• Alexis also had run-ins with the law over gun violence. He was accused in 2004 of having shot out the tires of a car in Seattle and in 2010 of having fired a gun into an upstairs apartment in Fort Worth, Texas.

• Friends and relatives have also said he had a preoccupation with the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, felt slighted as a veteran, had money problems and was so unhappy with his life that he considered leaving the U.S.

Law enforcement officials told NBC News that Alexis created a webpage with the name “Mohammed Salem,” but they said he never did anything with it. They said they had found nothing else that might indicate any interest in violent jihad or even in Islam.

We may never know the truth about apron Alexis, and what his real motivation was. He was clearly disturbed, and had serious mental health issues. Reportedly he was hearing voices for days leading up to the murders, and we know that Navy and DoD bureaucrats dropped the ball all along the way, by ignoring, or failing to report clear signs of dangerous activities by Alexis.

It’s telling that Muslims were quick to celebrate the mass murder, and hoped to claim responsibility for it. That should tell you all you need to know about those animals.

The Navy Yard shooting was another in a long line of preventable shootings, that likely happened because of political correctness. In the Ft Hood massacre, Hassan had actually TOLD his superiors of his plans to slaughter “infidels” at his earliest convenience, and yet, since he was Muslim, his superiors were too timid to take action, fearing retribution from the left. I’m guessing this played some part in the Navy shooting as well. Here’s a black guy, clearing having difficulties, but hey, it would be racist to point all of that out.

At some point, we have to say to hell with political correctness, and call a spade a spade. I KNOW Hassan could have been stopped before the Ft Hood massacre, and while I hope he rots in hell, I can’t help but think Alexis could have been stopped long before he carried out his mass murder spree, and 12 innocent lives could have been spared.


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Canada: Firefighter Dies After Muslim Attempts to Behead Him “Without Provocation” in Toronto Cafe

Dominic Parker died from severe head wounds

Dominic Parker died from severe head wounds

By Gary P Jackson

A horrific report out of Canada, via Pamela Geller [Atlas Shrugs]

I heard about this horror while I was speaking in Toronto. It’s consistent with attacks on soldiers, policemen, and first responders. Thanks to my Canadian readers who sent the link.

Police “have no motive.” Well, how can you have a motive if you pretend the motive doesn’t exist?

Man charged with murder after allegedly stabbing firefighter in the head ‘without provocation’ at Toronto cafeNational Post, September 18, 2013

An off-duty firefighter has died after being stabbed in the head “without provocation” several times at a Danforth café early Saturday morning, Toronto police said.

Dominic Parker, 45, died from his wounds in hospital after he was attacked at 1:18 a.m. at Rotana Café in the Danforth and Coxwell Avenues area. Mr. Parker was taken to St. Michael’s Hospital around 2 a.m., and died from severe head wounds shortly after midnight Sunday. Police have charged a 23-year-old man with first-degree murder.

The family is completely devastated to have their husband and father completely ripped out of their lives so violently and so fast,” said Jay Michaels, the media representative of Mr. Parker’s family.

Mr. Parker had been married for 23 years to his high school sweetheart and has two daughters, 18 and 19, both of whom are in their first year at Concordia University in Montreal.

The family is completely devastated to have their husband and father completely ripped out of their lives so violently

Aside from being a firefighter in Markham, Mr. Parker also worked as a freelance set designer and had just finished shooting a Christmas commercial Friday night around 8 p.m., said Mr. Michaels. He and two friends from the production crew decided to have a couple of beers at a nearby bar and after several hours they parted ways. Mr. Parker went to pick up his bike, which he had parked on Danforth Avenue.

He decided to stop by Rotana Café first, where he knows the owner. It was while sitting on a couch sipping tea that Mr. Parker was stabbed repeatedly in the head by a stranger.

Police are calling it a completely random act of violence,” Mr. Michaels said.

It’s unclear how many times Mr. Parker was stabbed but his most serious injury was a knife wound that went through the back of his head and through his brain, Mr. Michaels said.

Police are calling it a completely random act of violence

Doctors surgically removed part of Mr. Parker’s skull to relieve some pressure but his wounds proved too grave.

Nabil Hurhuy, 23, was arrested in Scarborough Saturday afternoon and charged with first-degree murder, two counts of carrying a concealed weapon and one count of carrying a dangerous weapon.

At the age of 40, Mr. Parker decided to fulfill his life-long dream of becoming a firefighter and signed up with the Markham Fire and Emergency Services.

It just shows what kind of guy he was,” Mr. Michaels said. “He was a guy that was doing something every day that would make him smile.”

He traveled often with his wife, a travel agent, and two daughters.

The Markham fire department is taking the lead for funeral arrangements, which will be held Friday at Markham community church The Bridge. A memorial service will be held at the Balmy Beach Club.

One thing they do have is the outpouring of support from the Markham fire department and the film community,” said Mr. Michaels of the family’s condition. “They haven’t been without a hug since this happened.”

More from Pamela here.

This is a horrific attack, and seems to be motivated by nothing but the hate radical Islam preaches to it’s followers. The Canadian media, much as the American media is known to do, seems to be downplaying this attack, and the ties to radical Islam.

Islam directs it’s followers to kill non-believers. It happens every day in the Middle East, and if these animals aren’t controlled, we’ll see it more and more in the West.

It is time for people to wake up and realize that Islam is NOT compatible with civilized society.

Pray for Dominic Parker and his family.


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Ambassador John Bolton and Colonel Ralph Peters: Washington Culpable for Widespread Genocide of Christians and Jews by Muslims in Middle East


By Gary P Jackson

Ambassador John Bolton and Colonel Ralph Peters talk to Megyn Kelly about the genocide occurring in the Middle East. Muslims have a centuries long record of slaughtering those who have a different belief system than theirs.

Colonel Peters points out that Washington is very much responsible for some of the renewed violence against Christians and Jews in the Middle East.

Video courtesy SarahNET.

Stop Genocide

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Confirmed: Eric Holder STILL Cares More About Murdering Terrorists Than The American People


By Gary P Jackson

If you know Attorney General Eric Holder’s history supporting communists, and murdering terrorists, over the American people, his latest insult to us all should come as no surprise, but if you don’t, let me give you a refresher course.

Before we even get into Holder’s career as a terrorist enabler, I want to remind readers that
As a freshman at Columbia University in 1970 Eric Holder participated in an armed takeover of the ROTC headquarters. This guy has a lifelong career as an America hating militant!

Holder’s law firm routinely does pro bono work for terrorists and Islamic supremacists.

During the Clinton presidency Holder worked over time to obtain a pardon for 16 murdering terrorists, members of the Puerto Rican terror group FALN.

The 16 members of the FALN (the Spanish acronym for Armed Forces of National Liberation) and Los Macheteros had been convicted in Chicago and Hartford variously of bank robbery, possession of explosives and participating in a seditious conspiracy. Overall, the two groups had been linked by the FBI to more than 130 bombings, several armed robberies, six slayings and hundreds of injuries.

Who can forget Holder’s pivotal role in the Elian Gonzales Affair? You remember little Elian. His mother left Cuba on a raft, child in her arms. His mother DIED escaping that communist hell. His mother DIED in order to give her son a better, safer, freer life.

What did Clinton, Holder, and company do about this? Why the sent the kid back to Cuba and their pal Fidel Castro, of course! Never mind Elian had family here in America who were more than happy to take care of him and raise him as an American. And never mind it is American policy to allow Cubans who escape to stay.

The armed thugs Eric Holder sent to snatch up young innocent Elian, and return him to communist hell!

And who could forget the what happened in Philly in 2008. Armed Black Panther terrorists showed up at a polling place, wearing full quasi-military-terrorist garb, and carrying nightsticks and weapons. These terrorists were convicted in absentia but upon being confirmed, Holder overturned those convictions. Holder has been giving aid and comfort to various Black Panther terrorists since being made Attorney General.

Of course, there is also Fast and Furious, Obama and Holder’s first attempt to pass unconstitutional gun grabbing laws. Holder put hundreds of weapons in the hands of Mexican narco-terrorists resulting in the murder of over 300 innocent Mexican citizens, as well as U.S. border agents Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata.

Both Holder and Obama, along with the rest involved in this, belong in prison, for the rest of their lives.

You can read a more thorough run down of terrorist lover Eric Holder’s deeds here.

In the aftermath of the murders in Boston by radical Muslims, what is Eric Holder worried about now? It certainly isn’t looking at the other radicals that walk among us!

Eric Holder gave a speech, where he barely mentions the victims of the Boston terrorist, but spends the bulk of his time saying he is going to be on the lookout for retaliation against Muslims.

Michelle Malkin and Megyn Kelly discuss this ridiculous Marxist’s speech:

You know, after 9/11/01 and the worst attack on American soil, one might have expected a number of attacks on Muslims, especially those exhibiting hatred of America. Thing is, we saw very little of that. Americans were too busy morning the dead, and working to rebuild.

In Boston, the same thing happened. The people came together. Thankfully not a lot of property damage, but the damage to those attacked will stay with them forever, and yet, there hasn’t been a single reported case of retaliation.

This is what makes Eric Holder’s remarks so despicable.

Serious question. It’s obvious that Eric Holder, and a significant majority of those in the democrat party hate America in the form our founders created. They hate America so much, they accuse our people of unspeakable evils that simply aren’t happening. Why don’t Holder and others just leave America and go somewhere that they can be truly happy, and stop making us miserable?

Eric Holder was confirmed by the Senate 75-21, obviously many Republicans voted for this disaster of a man. Michelle Malkin has the vote count here.

Thankfully, not all of the idiot Republicans who voted for Holder are still in the Senate, but many are. Besides being taken out and horsewhipped, every single one should be primaried in their next election. Seriously, why have a Republican in office if they are only there to assist democrats?

Video courtesy SarahNet.


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Obama Appoints French Socialist Funded by Saudi Billionaire to Shape US Global Development Policy


By Gary P Jackson

As we noted last September, Barack Obama’s ties to radical Islam and Saudi billionaires goes all of the way back to his collage days. Now it seems Obama is once again paying those who sponsored his collage education.

It’s bad enough that Obama has seen to it that imports of oil from OPEC are up 20% during his time in office, now he’s appointing a French socialist, who is funded by OPEC money, to head up the United States global policy.

From Front Page Magazine:

Esther Duflo is one of those people who are taken seriously by the sort of people who eat up TED talks with a silver spoon. Her big number is how to help people in the Third World up from poverty, which is a surprisingly profitable branch of economics when you consider the sheer number of NGOs and billionaires interested in getting into the aid business.

But there’s one particular billionaire at Duflo’s back. Abdul Latif Jameel.

Esther Duflo is one of the co-founders of the Poverty Action Lab at MIT, more commonly known as J-PAL for the father of Abdul Latif Jameel aka Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel, a Saudi billionaire with a net worth of approximately 5 billion dollars.

Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel owns the world’s largest Toyota dealership and sits on the board of Coexist as well as a number of other organizations. And Jameel provided 3 major endowments for J-PAL. Around the same time the Abdul Latif Jameel Group sued the Wall Street Journal for reporting its presence on the list of accounts monitored for funding terrorism.

Mohammed’s brother was sued by victims of Al Qaeda on accusations that he helped fund its terrorist activities after his name was found on a list in the offices of Benevolence International Foundation, an Al Qaeda front group started by Bin Laden’s brother-in-law.

So we have French socialist, funded by a Muslim radical with ties to Al Qadea shaping American foreign policy.

What could go wrong?

It’s time for Obama to be removed from office, and the Republicans had better grow a set and get it done.


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David Horowitz Unloads on Obama: Egyptian President Head of Most Aggressive Hate Group In The World, Comparable to Nazis

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi preached hate at the UN Tuesday

By Gary P Jackson

David Horwitz and Obama sycophant Michael Brown appeared on the Sean Hannity Show Tuesday night and the fireworks flew. Horowitz rightly compares the Islamic savages Mohamed Morsi of Egypt and Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Nazis, and all Brown can manage is a lame attempt to blame everything on George W Bush!

We need more people like David Horowitz who tells it like it is. As Sarah Palin put it a few nights ago, these radical Muslims do not have the values that make them fit to participate in the civilized world.

They are savages and should be treated as such.

Video courtesy SarahNet.


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Planned Well In Advance, Video Evidence: Al Qaeda Behind Attacks in Libya, No Protests Beforehand

By Gary P Jackson

Catherine Herridge and Seth Jones report that attacks in Libya were planned well in advance and carried out by Al Qaeda. Of great importance is the report that there were no protesters before the attack. The Obama regime, aided by it’s media allies have been lying, claiming this was some sort of “organic” protest movement because of that stupid You Tube video. We’ve always known better, now we’ve got a little more proof:

Catherine Herridge and Seth Jones expose Obama and his Bootlickers’ Libyan lies.

Video courtesy SarahNet.


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Sarah Palin: How Much Longer Can We Spill Our Blood in Places That do not Have the Values for a Civilized Society?

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin doesn’t mince words here. The implications are these radical Muslims do not have the values that make them fit to participate in the civilized world. These people are savages, no better than animals in their behavior.

Sean Hannity notes were giving at least $2 billion to Egypt, and Sarah wants to know when the media is going to ask Barack Obama about this.

I can’t speak for Sarah Palin, but I for one am fed up with these savages. They are violent and will use any excuse to slaughter those who don’t follow their vile, oppressive way of life. It’s time to stop playing around with these barbarians.

Powerful words from Sarah Palin:

Video courtesy SarahNet

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Report: Obama Cronies in Egypt Looking to Cash In as Embassies Attacked

By Gary P Jackson

Check this out. During the lead up to the terror attacks on our embassies, the Obama regime sponsored a trip to Egypt. Officials from the State Department, as well as Soros lackey [and communist] John Podesta were part of the group touring Egypt and looking for ways to make money by teaming up with our enemies.

From the Washington Free Beacon: [emphasis mine]

A delegation of American business leaders with lobbying ties to relatives of a top Obama administration adviser wrapped up a four-day tour in Egypt aimed at laying the groundwork for increased economic cooperation on Tuesday, as violent rioters stormed the U.S. Embassy in Cairo.

Senior State Department officials accompanied more than 100 executives from 50 American companies on the trip, which included high-level powwows with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood-backed president, Mohamed Morsi, and other Egyptian officials.

Among the Obama administration officials present on the tour, which was jointly sponsored by the State Department and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Egyptian affiliate, was John Podesta, a senior adviser to the Secretary of State and former Clinton administration official who founded the liberal Center For American Progress.

Ten of the 50 companies present on the tour have been clients of lobbying firms separately run by Podesta’s brother and sister-in-law, leaving some observers wondering what role the Democratic insider may have played in determining which companies earned slots on the potentially lucrative junket.

One of the firms, The Podesta Group, is operated by Tony Podesta, who is John’s brother. The other, Heather Podesta + Partners, is run by John’s sister-in-law.

During the several-day jaunt, business leaders from the finance, defense, and aerospace sectors, among others, were exposed to investment opportunities in Egypt’s burgeoning public and private sectors.

The group, which included representatives from 50 leading American companies and top administration officials, traveled to Egypt to deliver a simple message to the nation’s new government: Egypt is open for business, and the U.S. business community is ready to invest,” according to an account of the trip on the Chamber of Commerce’s website.

Ten of the most prominent companies to participate in the trip have been or are currently represented by either The Podesta Group or Heather Podesta + Partners, highlighting the close ties between the Obama administration and Democratic-leaning lobbying outfits.

The companies whose representatives John Podesta accompanied to Egypt have collectively spent millions on firms run by his brother and sister-in-law, records show.

They include Boeing, Raytheon, Eli Lilly and Company, Johnson and Johnson, Lockheed Martin, Credit Suisse, Google Inc., Oracle, Pfizer, and General Electric.

None of the companies commented on the trip when approached by the Free Beacon.

Lockheed Martin, a defense contractor that works closely with the U.S. government, has paid The Podesta Group more than $2.2 million since 2004 to lobby both Congress and the Obama administration on a range of issues, records show.

The Podesta Group has pushed lawmakers to endorse various appropriations measures that would benefit Lockheed, according to records.

Boeing, also an aerospace group, has been a partner of both The Podesta Group and Heather Podesta + Partners, according to records.

Since President Obama entered office in 2008, Boeing has spent $840,000 on The Podesta Group’s services, relying on the firm to lobby in favor of lucrative defense appropriations at the White House and on Capitol Hill.

From 2007 to 2009, Boeing paid Heather Podesta’s firm $760,000 to lobby the administration on multiple defense issues, including the implementation of a missile defense system, records show.

Raytheon, a prominent aerospace company, also has been a client of both Podesta family firms, spending a combined $340,000 since 2008 on a range of lobbying services.

Heather Podesta + Partners, for example, has monitored congressional legislation pertaining to the foreign sale of arms on Raytheon’s behalf, records show.

Another of Heather Podesta’s clients on the government-endorsed Egypt jaunt was Eli Lilly and Company, a healthcare organization that has paid her lobbying group more than $1.1 million since 2008.

Johnson and Johnson, which also has a stake in the health industry, has paid The Podesta Group $140,000 since 2011 to lobby lawmakers on legislation pertaining to certain medical devices.

Credit Suisse Securities, a firm that has been tied to Iran, also hobnobbed with Egyptian officials during the trip. It has employed The Podesta Group since 2009.

The company, which has been a Podesta Group client since 2009, came under scrutiny last month for paying senior White House adviser David Plouffe for a speaking engagement.

Internet search giant Google has spent more than $3 million on The Podesta Group’s services, utilizing it to lobby the White House on issues such as cyber security and online privacy, according to records.

Oracle, Pfizer, and General Electric also count themselves among The Podesta Group’s clientele, utilizing the firm to lobby on a range of high profile issues.

While details about the trip to Egypt remain sparse, the business leaders Tuesday issued a joint statement with U.S. Chamber of Commerce discussing their goals.

We believe in the critical importance and mutual benefit of investing in Egypt now—particularly in its talented young men and women,” the statement reads. “With a newly democratically elected Egyptian government now in place, we believe that it is critical to take concrete steps to broaden and to deepen the Egyptian-American economic relationship.

Egypt has clearly become an enemy of the United States since the Muslim Brotherhood has taken over, and yet, the Obama regime and it’s allies are all too ready to do business with the terrorist regime.

What is most troubling is how ready our top defense contractors are to do business with terrorists.

Communist Podesta’s role in all of this is equally troubling.

We are at war with radical Islam, and Obama’s State Department is lining up strategic defense companies to do business with our enemies. Of course, Obama himself can’t figure out if they are our enemies or our allies.

Things are out of control, and Obama’s cronies are more interested in making money than protecting America. Why are we even surprised by this?

H/T Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin

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Caroline Glick: The 9/11 Attacks on the US Embassies Were Not About a Movie

By Gary P Jackson

Caroline Glick brings some common sense to the reporting of the attacks on our embassies. The Obama regime and the media have joined the violent Muslims in claiming all of this slaughter is over an online video that few saw before the attacks. As Glick points out, this violence had been in the planning stages for quite some time:

On June 4 the White House confirmed that the US had killed Abu Yahya Al-Libi – OBL’s Libyan lietenant who had moved into Al Qaeda’s #2 spot after Ayman Zahawiri after the Navy SEALs whacked OBL.

On Tuesday 9/11, a tape was released of Zawahiri announcing that Libi had been killed earlier this year by a US drone attack. The Zawahiri tape was made during Ramadan which ended in the middle of last month. Zawahiri called for his terrorist underlings to avenge Libi’s death and especially exhorted Libyans to take revenge.

The attack in Libya was well planned and executed. It wasn’t about a spontaneous protest against some ridiculous internet movie of Muhammad. The assailants came armed to the teeth, with among other things, RPG 7s. They knew that the US Ambassador was in Benghazi rather than Tripoli. They knew how to track his movements, and were able to strike against him after he and his colleagues left the consulate building and tried to flee in a car. As Israel Channel 2’s Arab Affairs Correspondent Ehud Yaari noted this evening, you don’t often see well trained terrorists participating in protests of movies.

Then there is the attack in Cairo. They were led by Mohammad Zawahiri – Ayman Zawahiri’s brother. According the Thomas Josclyn in the Weekly Standard, the US media has been idiotically presenting him as some sort of moderate despite the fact that in an interview with Al Jazeerah he said said, “We in al Qaeda…

Egypt’s US supported Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi recently released Zawahiri from Egyptian prison. The same Barack Obama who has no time in his schedule to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu next week in New York, is scheduled to meet Morsi.

The Egyptian government has not condemned the attack on the US Embassy in Cairo. But Morsi is demanding that the US government prosecute the film’s creator.
You may be wondering how some movie no one’s heard of has caused such a hullabaloo. Well, as it turns out, the film was screened on an Egyptian Salafist television channel. Obviously the Salafists — many of whom, like Zawahiri were released from prison by Morsi, wanted to stir up anti-US violence on the eve of 9/11. So if the film is responsible for the violence, a finger needs to be pointed to its chief distributor — Al Qaida’s Egyptian friends and members.

With these facts in hand, it is clear that the attempts to present these acts of war against the US as the consequence of some stupid nothing movie are obscene attempts to deflect the blame for these unwarranted attacks onto their victims and away from their perpetrators.

Here’s the video in question, in case you’ve missed it:

One can quibble about the production values of the video, but anyone who follows the news out of the Middle East knows exactly how violent and evil the Muslim religion [as practiced by these savages] truly is.

What’s remarkable is how the radical democrats in this country have no problem mocking God, and insulting Christians, but join violent Muslims who want to kill people who insult Mohammed.

America needs to wake up and realize exactly who our enemies are, both inside and outside of our country. People are fools if they don’t include Obama and the modern day democrat party as enemies of America and our way of life.

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