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Palin: The Guy in Office is An Idiot When It Comes to Energy #PalinRally

America's Last Standby Isabel Matos

Below are glimpses of Sarah Palin and excerpts from her “America’s Last Stand” speech at the Tea Party rally in Eastern Tennessee tonight. This post will be updated as soon as a video of her speech is published.

The rally was scheduled to be held at Somokies Stadium, but was moved to the Sevierville Convention Center due to weather concerns.

The Sevier County Tea Party in association and JL Production organized the event. Judge Jeanine Pirro, Senator Rick Santorum, and Col. Allen West were scheduled appeared as well. Palin keynoted the National Tea Party Convention in Tennessee in 2010 when the Tea Party movement would give back the GOP its majority and power in the House in an historic midterm election later that year. In 2011, Palin railed against crony capitalism and the permanent political class at a rally in Indianola, Iowa.  Read more from Tony Lee‘s article.


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It’s Time For “Heels On Gloves Off” ShePac Rally In Des Moines! First Picture/s Updates Complete.


Pictures and Videos courtesy of @CaffeinatedThoughts click ShaneVanderHartHERE

Sarah Palin Speech:

Joni Ernst:

Sarah and Joni

Rally Over

Joni Ernst: Thanks again to everyone for coming out in support of the big rally today and pushing through the inclement weather! Big thanks to Gov. Palin, Lt. Gov. Reynolds, Sen. Fischer and Gov. Orr for being a huge source of support todayeynolds, Sen. Fischer and Gov. Orr for being a huge source of support today.


I will post updates later on should anyting come up. Thanks for viewing! I.M.


By Isabel Matos

April 27th: Time to watch some #heelsmakethemsqueal !


Governor Palin, Lt.Governor Kim Reynolds, Senator Deb Fischer and Governor Kay Orr 

announce their joined support for Joni Ernst, Senatorial Candidate for Iowa

iowa april 27th

March 26th Sarah Palin Endorses Joni Ernst

Joni Ernst for Iowa

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