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Open Letter to Mr. Erick Erickson

Dear Erick Erickson:

I don’t know you that well. I only read an article from time to time but what kind of a poor excuse for a patriot are you? First the injury (voter fraud and attacks on McDaniel) then the insult (they can’t speak up).  Your silencing anyone from participating in an invite to a question and answer speaks volumes.  Thanks a lot.

I am dismayed at your site’s refusal to allow concerned Americans who happen to be from Mississippi and are very upset at the obvious voter fraud and race baiting that has gone on, to air their thoughts. It has not gone unpunished by the RNC. On the contrary, it is being completely ignored. It is not only a sign of things that have happened before (Chairman Priebus dismisses votes from Ron Paul delegates at the 2012 RNC Convention), but of a sign of things to come you may not know about, because you were not a part of that particular place in history like I was, so consider this a post which took 55 years to write.  Wise up, Mr. Erickson!

I wasn’t born last night, but I wrote this on his Facebook timeline last night:

Republican National Committee started a Q&A.  August 9 at 2:27 pm · Chairman Reince Priebus is at the RedState Gathering & ready to take your questions for the next 30 minutes:

questions and answersLet me tell you something, Mr. Priebus.. Cuba had a revolution because a corrupt RINO (yes, a Republican), justified an opportunistic, charismatic and evil revolutionary to take his place. If you continue with the corruption, allowing for voter fraud, amnesty, hating women, children and using blacks as tokens for your campaigning, you will either starve the party to death or invite a very nasty consequence for all. I don’t even want to think of it. Sometimes there are things that are more important than money, power or fame. That is human decency, honor and a respect for the people of a nation who have begged you to listen. I don’t know how you sleep at night betraying not just us, but this wonderful country, but you will not rob ME of mine. Shame on you for taking one red cent from anyone to push the LEFT’s agenda. I see why you’ve been hired-anyone who can keep a straight face with the emails and earfuls you must be getting… is beyond hopeless. For shame!  ~ Isabel

If you need more information about the history of the take-over, I will be happy to provide it, but it is best summarized in just a few lines for a lesson learned: Corruption is foolish because it gives the left the justification to impose their own corruption (which is worse). Only a party that leads with moral authority instills fear in the opponent and wins victories. When you help the GOPe by covering up its corruption it further impedes our rights to not only free speech, but the benefits of honest leadership, integrity of a political process and the very future of our Republic. We, the voters, take this seriously.

Instead of serving yourself by covering for cowards and sellouts who have done less than nothing for our party, join us in taking on the corruption you have sometimes alluded to in your electoral articles.  It takes guts to be a patriot, and part of that means sacrificing certain privileges and “access” to power. I saw a lot of soft ball questions and weak-knee’d patriots all over the thread. That’s the type of constituents the GOPe wants: easily steered sheeple (maybe, like you).


These are just some of the comments you made in the article where a moderator (possibly hired) repeated similar lingo, just to deny voters the chance to express their opinions about fraud in Mississippi’s race and to protect Reince from them.

We invited Reince Priebus, Chairman of the RNC, to the RedState Gathering. Normally at the Gathering, with some exceptions, we ask our speakers to take questions from the crowd. Twice now the Chairman of the RNC has come and taken questions from the crowd.  This year, I insisted on asking the questions in a conversational interview format.

After the interview, a number of attendees expressed their anger to me that they could not ask questions.In fact, one was so deeply hostile that after yelling at me, he stormed from the room, yelled at another attendee, then tried yelling at Reince. At the conclusion of the Gathering, he came up to me and apologized and noted his reaction was proof I had done the right thing.

Here’s what I got: 1) you may have exaggerated the story to justify your actions, or 2) the story of the attendee was also exaggerated to portray these voters as an angry mob that has to be dealt with.  You then wrote:

Secondly… more importantly, during the Gathering we became aware of an organized effort to embarrass the Chairman and otherwise disrupt the event. In fact, when I undercut the effort, one person affiliated with one of our sponsors began loudly playing ringtones from his phone to disrupt the event. Another tried to block the video camera recording the event with a sign.

There is nothing conversational about dismissing people’s rightful anger and right to speak up. You should have expected and managed the situation, but the RNC is making a case for not having open primaries anyway so this is just one more reason to justify it. You protected the same Chairman who cynically used an image of a T.E.A. sign in a survey he wants answered to give the impression he is listening.  Is that not enough to sicken you? Post byReince Priebus.


Mr. Erickson, you could use your writing skills to enlighten voters by letting them know that the RNC Chair is a mouthpiece for the GOPe, and with all due respect, a hired liar who looks innocent so he can deceive..why not? It’s true!

You could also start by admitting to yourself that the RNC Chair could not care less about the people he is asking support or opinions from, and show respect for voters by treating him like someone who is supposed to serve and represent us, not a celebrity with a fragile ego. Given all the mischief going on in the establishment, why are you not helping us fight this war against a machine that is desperately seeking to crush us? It is no secret: the GOPe wants to engage us in Death by Suicide. Why take that side? We need people to hold them to task, not be intimidated by them.  They are cowards, remember? Have I missed anything?

Back to the context which I started with: We (Cuban-Americans who fled Fidel Castro’s communist dictatorship) have been called many names:  angry Anti-Castro mob, Cuban Mafia, etc. It’s not new.  The name calling is a smear tactic to intimidate and coerce into submission. Unlike the GOPe who fears the president and media’s “smears”, a true patriot does not care what names they are called.

In the meantime, no one has the right to cast a negative light on people who have a right to complain about a victory they were robbed of and are now being given the runaround on.  You may not agree, but the GOPe is governing in despotic ways.  It may be in the form of dopey surveys and shutting people out at “gatherings” where they were, again, invited to participate, but it’s a red flag for some of us who have been speaking up for a while. Please explain how people taking the time to attend your Q & A and showing up with signs saying #remembermississippi are in any way a threat to Reince Priebus. We have been treated worse and are happy warriors. So what’s the big deal?

A dozen people, that’s it? You couldn’t handle 12 voters. If there isn’t an awareness on your part that the lack of courage to stand up to our establishment is part of the problem, and that because of that corruption conditions are ripe for a revolution (in Cuba it was from the left), then history will repeat itself.

This is America, though, and revolutions arise for all the right reasons, to protect the People, the Truth, God’s stewardship and Independence from tyranny. The corrupt leaders in our party have been paving the way for a corrupt left to be emboldened and move forward to replace us. It should make you stop and think: you should not take for granted what the Good Lord intended for this country, and how it was envisioned by its founders.

My country never had that unique feature in its Constitution. Yes.  Stop. Think.  And Thank Him for history to unfold a revolution of honor and goodness that will replace the evil one in which the rest of you will have all lost your way.



Isabel Matos




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Priebus Tweet Sparks Outrage: Sarah Palin Not Mentioned as Important Figure in Women’s History Month

It should be noted that not only is Governor Palin the leading trailblazer in the Republican Party [male OR female] she was once again named in a Gallop poll of American adults, as one of the most admired women in the world. She’s been on the list every year since her run for Vice President. Always in the top 3 of most admired. Governor Palin also has, BY FAR, the highest approval rating of any living Republican politician. In or out of office.

~ Gary P Jackson

by Isabel Matos

RNC Statement on Women’s History Month

             Posted March 1, 2014

WASHINGTON – Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and Co-Chairman Sharon Day released the following statement marking the beginning of Women’s History Month:

“Today marks the beginning of Women’s History Month, which gives us all the opportunity to celebrate women’s contributions to our country throughout our history—and especially to honor those women who fought to make this country a more just and equal place,” said Chairman Priebus.

“The Republican Party is proud to have played a leading role in securing women’s right to vote. When Susan B. Anthony defied the law and voted in 1872, she proudly voted the Republican ticket. She and other suffragists worked with her friend Republican Senator A.A. Sargent to introduce the 19th Amendment. And it took a Republican Congress to finally pass it in 1919.

“The Republican Party continues to uphold the principle of equal opportunity for all that has guided us from the very beginning. And as we celebrate the women of our party and country this month, we continue our fight for equal opportunity.”

“I’m always inspired by the stories of our country’s strong-willed women. I’m especially inspired by those suffragettes and their decades-long fight for voting rights,” said Co-Chairman Day.

“Republican women have a history of being trailblazers, breaking ground and glass ceilings — from Margaret Chase Smith, the first woman to be elected to both the House and the Senate, to the nation’s first Latina governor, Susana Martinez of New Mexico and the country’s youngest sitting governor, Nikki Haley of South Carolina.

“Republicans continue to offer a positive agenda for America’s women, as we work to create more job opportunities, lighten the tax burden, and reduce the cost of healthcare. Our policy goals are driven by the desire to do what’s best for women—not by scoring cynical political points.

“Today my granddaughters have opportunities that past generations could only dream about, but we can’t forget women in countries around the world who don’t enjoy equal rights and the same opportunities. Let’s rededicate ourselves to being a beacon of freedom and opportunity this Women’s History Month.”

So either Sarah Palin is not Republican or she’s not a woman.  Last I checked, she was both and quite impressive and remarkable at each. The picture he just described above is everything Sarah exemplifies.  What chutzpah!

I am leaving this up to you (readers) to respond to Reince Priebus.  You can go to his Facebook page, Twitter thread using the post above or under his blog at this link  to comment. Above all.. please donate to SarahPac and forget the PC-ridden and rotten to the core leaders of our party. They are the ones who are the reason for our party’s denise. This alone gives the left reason to say there is a war against women on our side. That mantra that is coming from the left .. is exactly right if they do this to Sarah.  Like or dislike her, they are shooting themselves (and us) in the foot by doing this. Fools. But this will make her bigger.

What kind of beacon of freedom and opportunity is it to dismiss the most important woman in our lifetime – one they owe their successes, not failures to.  It is nothing short of mindboggling and hostile. Enough is enough!

This is an outrageous omission and a deliberate one to spark a fuse among us. I am suspicious they are declaring war yet again because someone behind the scenes must be very nervous she might run in 2016.  How dare they?  Sarah IS a monumental figure in American not just women’s history. They cannot wrap their heads around that. I chimed in.  So did others. More to come..



@Reince Glass ceilings are tricky. Real men honor women who shatter ’em..like first GOP VP candidate @SarahPalinUSA You remember her, right?

donate to sarahpac


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Why Is the Illinois GOP Honoring an Obama Crony?

by Whitney Pitcher

GOP elephant

The Illinois Review reported today that the Illinois Republican Party will honor David W Rowe, the Chairman Emeritus of Exelon, an Illinois company and the top nuclear energy company in the country:

CHICAGO – Illinois GOP Chair Pat Brady and Finance Chairman Sandy Stuart will be honoring Exelon Chairman Emeritus John W. Rowe March 19th with a special reception at the Chicago Club. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus will also be in attendance.

Rowe made news in 2009 when he led Exelon’s split with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over the Chamber’s opposition to cap and trade.Reportedly armed with negotiated exceptions on how the proposed tax system would affect Exelon, Rowe pushed for the cap and trade tax’s passage. During a Wheeling Township GOP meeting, then Congressman Mark Kirk publicly credited Exelon’s CEO with influencing Kirk’s vote in favor of cap and trade.


The ILGOP honoree has an interesting donor record. Over the past 12 years, Rowe has written 96 checks to political candidates in Illinois state and local elections, totaling $232,000+. Over $123,800 has gone to Democrats and $83,000 to Republicans. He has donated thousands of dollars to Chicago Mayors Richard Daley and Rahm Emanuel, as well as Chicago Alderman Ed Burke (D), and Burke’s wife Anne who is an Illinois Supreme Court Justice. He’s also written checks to Cook County Board President John Stroger, his son Todd, and current board president Toni Preckwinkle.

To provide some perspective on the candidates Rowe has backed, Preckwinkle, as I have written before, is the Cook county board president who helped secure a $100 million a year Obamacare waiver for the county to allow them to expand Medicaid early. Preckwinkle was also the woman who introduced President Obama to Reverend Wright and once said that President Reagan could “rot in hell”.

Rowe also has donated to President Obama. Exelon,as a company, was President Obama’s fourth largest donor in 2008. Additionally,in 2008, Senator Obama watered down nuclear regulations while accepting nearly a quarter million dollars in campaign contributions from the Exelon. Obama buddy, David Axlerod was also once a consultant to the company, and in 2011, Exelon received a more than half billion dollar loan guarantee from the Department of Energy to build a solar plant in California.

To be sure, Rowe’s contributions include a good deal of money to Illinois Republicans as well as more than $22,000 to the RNC, $10,000 to the NRSC and a good deal to state level Republicans as the Illinois Review reported, and he is connected with one of the largest businesses in the state. However, what kind of a message is the state GOP and Reince Priebus trying to send by honoring an Obama crony who seems to possess no ideological compass? Sadly, it seems that this is only further proof that the already blurry line between Illinois Democrats and Illinois Republicans is becoming increasingly more blurry. We are governed by a single party–corruptocrats.

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Open Letter to Reince Priebus and the GOP

By Isabel Matos

Well, the results are in and everything we predicted came true. Because we ARE patriots we supported YOUR candidate, Mitt Romney.

It is shameful the way the TEA PARTY and CONSERVATIVE base was dismissed, ignored and disrespected throughout the year. Ron Paul delegates were shut out of the process and denied their right to cast their votes for their delegate at the convention in Tampa. This was poisonous to our cause.

Sarah PALIN was also the most qualified person to lead the party this year and she was shunned. There will be people saying how it was her fault she didn’t do more, or that she is not qualified or experienced enough to be president should she decide to run.

I have news for you. The party is over. Your party. The GOP has failed and Mitt Romney lost because of his own mistakes. LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE REPUBLICANS never win races, even when they fake being REFORMED CONSERVATIVES. Let this be a lesson.

And may I add: YOU will not blame Sarah PALIN for what happened in 2012. She will NOT be scapegoated like she was by Mitt Romney’s advisors in 08. It will not be tolerated by us, her supporters, which represent MOST of the party base.

SHAME on you for NOT listening to us, for not heeding our warnings, and for being so obstinate and missing the point.

It’s time for YOU TO accept responsibility for this failure.

Sincerely yours,

Isabel Matos
Miami, FL

Contributor Isabel Matos is a grassroots activist, founded the group GOP Are You Listening?, and blogs at her website The Follow Up



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