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It’s Over.

GOP surrender

Please allow me to use this venue to share with you my personal opinion on what happened today, based on previous experiences from my country. Then let me know what you think. There is no right or wrong. We are discussing and needing to air our thoughts and concerns about a grave situation we find ourselves in.

I hate to be negative, and I’m doing this to vent mostly, not to make predictions, but our fight just got more difficult to say the least. Thanks to not just progressive views, but the defeatism and downright arrogant attitudes of the GOP and Democrat Senators, which Ted Cruz rightly describes as a group who does not listen to the people. We are being taunted and provoked into a fight.

The overall atmosphere in Washington, D.C., is one where politicians have not only become more corrupt and wrong in their thought process, but more emboldened against the people. It is war. And it was declared against us first. We’ve just been pushing back. I’ve been saying it from the first day I posted here.

Something terribly wrong is about to happen in this country and it will not be fixed by those who will have contributed to making it happen. So just like the past two elections which the GOP lost, I don’t want to hear from the failures who have no business going around telling people how things should be run. Their track record speaks for itself. But for the Tea Party it would have self-destructed.

This is not to call for a blame game. We should not lower ourselves to the level of representatives like Peter King and others who should govern themselves accordingly, as statesmen, not jealous brats. By contrast, Ted Cruz, who I stand by, does not honor unworthy comments with a reply but continues to fight for us and against ObamaCare despite “Washington apathy”. We should never give up.

But this is soul-searching time for those of us who have been working on behalf of a party by way of supporting it against our will and better judgement, by trying to reform it, or by supporting Conservatives to freshen the page on the Republican message. We have a party, however, who is heck bent on leaving us with no choice but to abandon it or to fiercely rebel against it from within.

It is a time to seriously consider bringing about the death of the GOP as we know it. They have not done their job. They have been derelict in their duty to protect us, which is their first responsibility. They’ve sought nothing but self-enrichment and self-advancement at the expense of our country’s future, which our children and grandchildren will pay the consequences for. They are not even done yet.

This is not about being mad. We’ve been called Tea Party anarchists, hobbits and radical extremists. The term has lost its meaning anyway. It has been a co-opted message used by the GOP for functions like the RNC convention. In many cases we know it has been misused to deceive voters by RINO candidates in disguise. (“Tea Party” or “conservative” helps them win elections.) We know the game.

The Tea Party, who the GOP despises, is simply everyday Americans who are concerned about the future of their country.  There is no better description:

The TeaParty is only AMERICANS fighting for our country in protest to our political system. We are not political. Most of us have never been involved in politics in our lives. We just love God, family, our military and our country.

We are all AMERICANS who all are concerned for AMERICA. We are just labeled TeaParty because we are fighting for our country just like the Sons of Liberty when they made a statement in Boston when they threw the tea in Boston Harbor against taxation from the British and, which led to the ultimate writing of the Declaration of Independence.  We’re not all Republicans. We’re not all Democrats. We’re not all Libertarians. We’re not all Independents, we’re not all conservatives nor any other political group that’s out there. We’re not all from one race. We’re not even all from the same religious persuasions, nationalities or ethnic backgrounds.

We are AMERICANS who care about our country and want it back. I’m proud to be part of it and I make no excuses for the same.          ~ Mary Hunter ~

This is about who we are and what we stand for as patriots. I consider myself a freedom fighter, as freedom is in every soul’s heart. I’m just fighting (this time) for America to be the beacon of Freedom for the world it has always been.

Now, thanks to greedy politicians, it may never be the same. I have considered but not rooted for a Third Party in the past because of the logistics involved, including time it would take away from backing conservatives in national and local elections, and the huge financial setbacks. A newly created party would not be able to match the funds or compete with the resources or apparatus that the other two parties with their hundreds of millions can afford. It’s not doable.

So. We are being backed into a corner because the GOP needs to R.I.P. as we know it. It is not working. No matter what we do, now matter how many candidates we elect for them to beat the Democrats, they are stuck on Surrender. And they hate us, too. The GOP should not be rewarded with any more forgiveness for their continued mistakes, but pay the consequences for failing and leave the governing to us instead. It’s that simple. But that complicated.

The Debt Ceiling vote sealed the deal for me today with the GOP.

We face three big challenges because Republicans will have caved on both ObamaCare and the debt ceiling. The momentum which was against Immigration Reform in the Sumer because of the pressure from the grassroots conservatives and the leaders who represented them (Cruz and Lee) can now go the Democrats’s way, with the help of GOP quislings who would make it as easy for them as going out one’s front door – a door the GOP would be proud doormats of! one Democrats could walk all over..

To think GOP Senators are patting themselves on the back because they raised the debt ceiling is a spectacle in itself. They act like they won. (Idiots!) Of course Obama is going after Amnesty next. Who wouldn’t be emboldened by the weakness from our own? Boehner will of course accommodate him as he usually does.

So. It’s over. Freedom as we knew it is over. I don’t know how else to put it. Republicans have squandered precious opportunities we have served on silver platters for them. This latest, the shutdown, Cruz had positioned us to make Reid and Obama look bad. We were winning! I hate to politicize the veterans rally, but the whole scenario was a negative for the White House and Reid. And yet.. the GOP (with the cooperation of elitist pundits and writers) has been fixated on punishing Cruz by making him look like his strategy lost, instead of focusing on doing what is right. They cannot forgive him for going past them and directly to the American people.  That is our party for ya. Not Grand. Just Old.

When I say we must continue fighting, I mean for whatever remaining freedoms there are left. We ,ay have to settle for or adjust to fighting battles of lesser importance as we lost the bigger ones to the government. Even if they fail we will never get them back. . I  feel like I’m stating the obvious, but we are where Reagan warned us we’d be when he spoke of freedom being just one generation away.

So what do we do?

Whether we want to admit it or not, the GOP is now part of the government with the Democrats. That is unacceptable. Something has to be done. I thought of a summit two months ago when Amnesty was being discussed: GOP vs. Grassroots, but things have escalated and we’re having fewer options to deal with.  We cannot wait until the next election. We are running out of time.

There are more of us. Yes. But even if we formed a Third Party we would still be marginalized from power. I can think of one example (there are many): Venezuela. The people were unified. They had a popular leader. They demonstrated in the streets in record numbers. They had the truth on their side and were fighting with hope because their message was right, but the powerful who were wrong, even ill with cancer and dying shortly after being elected, won.

How many people who have lived in communist countries and come to live here have you seen take up this cause? Not many. Why? Because it has no end. When those familiar with the beast see it rear its ugly head, they know in their hearts, the fix is in. Luckily, this is America and who knows? We may defy the odds. (The movie isn’t over yet.)

But I’m beyond angry. Those who allowed the powered grabs today are guilty of leaving open the possibility of that power never being relinquished to the people again. If you want to know what it’s like to be powerless here’s another example from a communist country, it’s a daily struggle to survive. You are treated worse than an animal, unless you are part of the poltical elite. It’s having to figure out how to work around what the government has rationed for you. You can dream but you can’t conquer. If you dare to, or go against the whimsical rules the state imposes, you are punished, beaten, arrested or separated from your family. Nothing has to make sense and you cannot question why.  That is not American.

It is extreme. But it’s hard to forget it and maybe it will make you feel better by having perspective on what is going on now. If any of the GOP Senators really felt THEY were losing THEIR freedoms they would be voting differently. They are not hungry for justice, truth or liberty at all. They’re just living like political beasts for and among themselves and their next feed ($). They have lost touch.

There is one way to avoid a dictatorship from happening for now: through impeachment. I learned through an article by a friend that there are supposedly 200 billion in revenue coming in every month, so there is plenty of money to pay down the debt. Obama is responsible for paying only 20 billion, like a minimum credit card payment.  If he chooses not to by stopping payment on it through the treasury secretary, he commits treason because it is a deliberate act of economic terrorism against our country. If he commits treason, Congress needs to write up articles of impeachment. The catch is we would have to convince Congress to do it.  (How likely is it they’re going to listen to us?) We would have to insist. If Congress does write them, the Senate would then have to set up treason charges against Obama and he would be ousted. (How likely would that happen  when the Democratic Senate just gained more power than ever?) Still, we have to try.

If the GOP had any courage to do what it takes, Obama would be impeached and we would avoid a Third Party altogether. But based on what we’ve seen, there is no will to make it happen, so.. Today the RHINOS with an H (the D’s and the R’s) will have all been instrumental in possibly making Obama president for life.

I’m sad. I felt like I lost a loved one today. Nothing will replace the America from before. We’re more than a generation away from restoration. I don’t want a Third Party, but the GOP “as is” has to be dissolved. They have betrayed us, the constitution and those who have shed their blood, toiled and sacrificed for the freedoms we barely have today.  It’s time to end the Party of Surrender.



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