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Sexy Rob Portman Supports Thad Cochran to Avoid “Ungovernable” Firebrands like Cruz in Senate Majority


By Isabel Matos

In case you hadn’t heard, the RNC Convention will be held in Cleveland, Ohio (a battleground state) in 2016.  It makes sense for many reasons, but on to Mississippi, the story that will not got away, thanks to relentless McDaniel.

It’s a bit hard to make this story sexy, but it must be covered. Establishment big shots have been rearing their ugly Rino heads as they take sides in the Mississippi election showdown. Rob Portman is the latest name to surface.  He wants to back Thad Cochran because he, like McConnell, wants to win a majority of “governable” candidates in a Senate Majority. The nerve. I have news for you:

Dear GOPe Nemeses of the People,

You are the only ones who have become

the “ungovernable” in our party. 

It is absolutely stunning to watch one Rino after another expose themselves as they shamelessly try to crush our efforts to restore a little nobility back to politics, including the integrity of the electoral process. I’m no longer angry at their attempts to defeat us at whatever cost; on the contrary, there is reason to smile and savor the moment, but just because I’m not angry doesn’t mean I’m jaded.  The lines drawn in the sand are more defined now. Every detail in this scandal matters. Names have to be noted and we cannot afford to forget them.

The comportment being displayed by otherwise more obscure, less flashy Rinos like Portman who we (I) didn’t know that well before, is now center stage material. That is a good thing. It is indeed a Biltmore-sized banquet for those of us who literally salivate at the thought of watching the GOPe and its evil doers go down in flames and burn to the last ash because of all the grief they have caused upon us. It is becoming clear how things are run in Washington (by our own) and why, as a result of the way they are run, we never win. Make no mistake, this is just the start. Wait for despotic behavior ahead. I am not kidding. GOPe are villains. I know many not care for it, but the story is beyond appetizing. One by one, as these arrogant and desperate Alinsky-lites try to “govern” and put us in our rightful place, the wannabes show a side of themselves that is worse than we could ever imagine. What’s not to love? This is a real meal. Mmm, delish!!!

Chairman of the NRSC, Senator Rob Portman is showing his support for Thad Cochran’s re-election. He donated money earlier this year to the Mississippi CONSERVATIVES, the organization behind the race-baiting ads.

From the Clarion Ledger:

Senator Rob Portman is [also] serving as a top fundraiser this election for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.  Republicans are desperate to avoid a repeat of 2012 and 2010, when arch-conservative candidates like Missouri’s Todd Akin or Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell lost seats that had been promising GOP pick-up opportunities.

Thus the decision by Portman and other GOP leaders—including Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky—to back Cochran over McDaniel. They want to win a majority—and they want it to be a governable conference–not one full of firebrands like Sen. Ted Cruz, of Texas, who was a major instigator in the government shutdown over Obamacare funding last year.

Portman used his leadership PAC to give $25,000 to Mississippi Conservatives on May 30, according to FEC records. McConnell’s leadership PAC donated $50,000 a few days earlier.

There’s your tease, you may read the rest of that article here and add this as back-up and reinforcement for who paid for what and why:

I [Erick Erickson]  can confirm that the attack ads in Mississippi run by “All Citizens for Mississippi” were funded by Senate Republicans, including Senators Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, Rob Portman, Bob Corker, and Roy Blunt. It appears our Senate Republican leaders are willing to risk losing a Senate majority so long as they can get their own re-elected. Yes folks, it is true. I can confirm what we all suspected.

The advertisements attacked Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel and painted conservative Republicans and tea party activists as racists. According to documents filed with the Federal Elections Commission, All Citizens for Mississippi received funding from a Haley Barbour backed group called Mississippi Conservatives.

Mississippi Conservatives, in turn, was funded in part by Sally Bradshaw of the RNC’s Growth and Opportunity Project, former RNC Chairman and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, the United States Chamber of Commerce, and the political action committees created for Senators Mitch McConnell ($50,000), John Cornyn ($50,000), Rob Portman ($25,000), Bob Corker ($25,000), and Roy Blunt ($5,000).

Interestingly, Sally Bradshaw and Henry Barbour (Haley Barbour’s nephew) worked on the autopsy of the 2012 GOP lossI have to use some of that juicy information for the next post – !!

Reminder: Senator Ted Cruz is Vice Chair of the NRSC, the same entity Portman and others like Mitch McConnell have used to crush Tea Party candidates in primaries. It is probably safe to say that this position may have been offered to Cruz in an attempt to keep the Senator more “governable”.  Rather than attack him, it would be wise to see this as a venue for Senator Cruz to flex his Tea Party muscle and turn an antagonistic Republican Senate committee to our benefit.

U.S. Senator Rob Portman departs a meeting with fellow members of the "super committee" on Capitol Hill in Washington

As for ACTIVISM in MISSISSIPPI there is much you can do right now. A friend, Carole Reeves Bradshaw, did her homework and called Tim Scott’s office and Mike Lee to ask them to show support for Cruz per Chuck Johnson’s request: 

Here’s your homework:

Call Mike Lee (202) 224-5444
and Tim Scott (202) 224-6121.

Ask them to stand with Ted Cruz, in the Mississippi

election corruption and to ask for a special election.

help mcdaniel

When you are finished with your homework, you can join Ana Navarro (virtually) over a glass of wine or favorite drink overlooking her favorite view from her suite – the pool side at the Biltmore.  biltmore


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Sitting Senator, GOPe RINO Gloats. Picks Fight On Twitter With Woman No Longer Candidate in Primary Race

By Isabel Matos

Updated 5/21/2014 6:56 p.m. According to Katrina Pierson the tweet was sent by John Cornyn himself who has not removed the tweet or apologized for his mocking of the former congressional candidate in Texas who lost to Pete Sessions on March 4th.  She told Breitbart News he should direct his snark at Democrats, not the conservative base she is helping to expand. Katrina has said before the GOPe is threatened by strong women. She is not afraid to fight and openly so.

That was John Cornyn’s tweet from earlier this evening captured on Twitchy with this description: Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn (or possibly a staffer operating the Twitter account) decided a snide remark worked best in response to a suggestion that Former Texas House candidate Katrina Pierson would have performed well running against him in the primary.

It is one more example of the abysmal way the GOPe treats its rock stars (who happen to be women).  This tweet is reminiscent of Reince Priebus’s the week prior to CPAC 2014.  It sparked outrage after he omitted Sarah Palin from the list of women he highlighted for Women’s history month. They are just threatened.

Just appalling.  Your outrage is welcome and needed, voters.  Karen Handel just lost a race, possibly because certain districts in Georgia were not ready to elect a woman. Voters are also not aware there is an establishment battle going on. It is the backdrop of these smaller ones. It’s really a war against anyone who is a real Conservative: strong women, blacks, youth and Hispanics. They couldn’t care any less.

I am embarrassed for the party.  It is  no day to gloat, John Cornyn! You have nothing to brag about. You have an atrocious attitude. We are indeed at war, and in the worst way possible: within our own party.  

Please wake up if you are still unaware that this IS the manifestation of the real GOPe. Make no mistake. This group of arrogant, corrupt and forgetful white men who are anti-women, anti-tea party and anti-anything but their tight circle of filthy rich, small, medium and large RINOS are determined to end us, and they want more power. Now what?

We’re not going to give it to them or allow these provocations to deter us, on the contrary. We should gather all our strength for the many days, weeks and months ahead that their ugliness will continue to rear its head. https://twitter.com/michellemalkin/status/468947594744696832




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The Truth About Rinos is That Rinos Don’t Want to Know About The Truth.

The truth about Rinos is more than just their not wanting to know the truth.  They flat out lied to voters who they set out to deceive by saying they would vote to defund ObamaCare, but they only had the intention to vote YES to CLOTURE all along so they can have it both ways (a technicality).  We can only guess what their motivation or satisfaction was to help downgrade or destroy our economy without remorse, or what compelled them to hurt citizens’ lives in daily ways.


John Cornyn was not alone in selling us out on ObamaCare.  24 others did. He like the others thought they knew better than we did.  They kept using the excuse of being blamed for a government shutdown (which would never be shut down), which was a silly argument. Ted Cruz was patient with them.  You could not find a more knowledgeable or just Senator. He was valiant and honorable defending this cause for over 21 hours on his feet without a drink or pause to go to the restroom. Instead of lauding him for his hard work, he was sneered at. His noble effort and clear, brilliant mind they saw as a threat. It’s a modern day version of Cinderella and the Three Step Brothers, in the GOP.

What drives RINOS to do this is that they can’t think outside the herd.  It’s a mentality I described in “They Are All Rhinos with an H” a few months ago.  NO. They cannot be individuals. They are simply reduced to state of primitive existence called survival.  They are (political) beasts, not human anymore.  Humans have principles. They are defined by their morals, and have a value system that guides them and holds society together.  Rinos look to fill their needs, and never see beyond thee next feed.  Things must change.

The answer for any Rino IS to listen to their constituents, like Ted repeated all throughout the 10 hours I spent watching. He recycled it a few times. The GOP showed arrogance. Their secret was he didn’t have a chance and was hung out to dry, not caring about the support we gave him.  They declared war.  Cornyn, McCain, McConnell and Representatives (let’s not forget step brother, Pete King!) may have thought they had a lesson to teach the “Junior” Senator, but he schooled them on class and grit. Rinos don’t want to know the truth or why they’re wrong. They only want to learn from those who tell them what they want to hear. Their mindset is closed, condescending and uncaring.

It takes chutzpah to ignore the will of the people and to fund ObamaCare given these circumstances, as millions will feel the effects of lower wages, less hours at work and penalties for not having insurance. This was unpardonable for our leaders to ignore. It is time to get the stomach to what needs to be done, and to remove the low-lives from seeking re-election first in 2014, then in 2016.

We are lucky to have Ted and Sarah to undo the damage done by those who think are better than the people they represent, and we need to continue discussing what it is that makes Rinos tick so we can reclaim our party again.

15 traitors

Those up for Re-Election in 2014

Lamar Alexander  (TN)

Susan Collins (ME)

Thad Cochran (MS)

John Cornyn (TX)

Lindsey Graham (SC)

Mitch McConnell (KY)

All six must go, but Texans are already looking to Gohmert to replace Cornyn.




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They Are All Rhinos (with an H)!

Green RhinocerosGreen RhinocerosGreen RhinocerosGreen RhinocerosGreen RhinocerosGreen RhinocerosGreen RhinocerosGreen RhinocerosGreen RhinocerosGreen RhinocerosGreen RhinocerosGreen Rhinoceros

It has been explained to me millions of times: Rino means ”Republican in name only”, but I always wondered if the term had any relation to the French play I read in college, Rhinoceros.  After all, the image is used to depict that special breed in our party which many of us have grown to despise – those who betray the conservative principles they are supposed to stand on. Would it not be the juiciest coincidence in the world that the “Rinos” we know today – those who have turned against us, their very own, may have derived their name from the herd of “Rhinos” running amuck in a quiet little provincial town.

I decided to finally check for myself, and reread the play in its entirety.  What a difference thirty years makes (almost)! I absorbed most of it in one afternoon, and did so with a great deal of interest and a heightened sense of awareness, because of my intimate involvement in politics today. I was glad I did not use the Wikipedia to refresh my memory.  There is nothing like nourishing one’s mind or elevating one’s spirit with literature (or art), or savoring the nuggets of wisdom and pure genius first hand, in the original language, when one is overwhelmed by the depths of the crass and vulgar actions that politics reduces individuals to.

Rhinoceros was written in 1961, by avant-garde playwright, Eugene Ionesco, of Romanian-French descent.  Amazingly, its valuable lessons can be still be applied today; specifically, to the situation we find ourselves in, in our party.  You can decide for yourself if it is true.  My translated, summarized version of the author’s forward is followed by a summary of the plot and a brief analysis.

Rhinoceros is an anti-Nazi piece inspired by events in the late 1930’s; however, it is more importantly, against collective hysteria in general, in which epidemics hidden under the guise or “alibis” of ideologies are used for the de-reasoning of history itself.  If one notes that the lies of propaganda are used to mask contradictions that exist between events and the ideologies that support them, and gave reality a true, lucid look, it would be enough to prevent us from succumbing to irrational reasoning, and to escape from its vertigos.

The hero of the play, Berenger, is allergic to the invasion of “delirium and strange magic” that attracts his friends, colleagues and neighbors, which turns them into rhinoceroses one by one. He is saved from the fate of becoming one himself because he fights so adamantly against, but must deal with the uneasiness that comes from standing alone in resisting the “collective” storms.  

Ionesco selects as a protagonist an anti-intellectual, or simple man, to expose not only the absurdity of the systems that engulf, dumb down and eventually enslave others, but the so-called “intellectuals” whose pretenses include feeling like they know more than others because they have read a novel,  newspaper article, or two. They are among the first in the play to be duped and swept away by the forces of the absurd system which they themselves cannot identify.


The Rhinoceroses appear gradually in the play:  first in the public square, then at an office building, then in the neighbor’s apartment building, and eventually in the fire department, police station and other official areas.  At every instance, Berenger questions what it is that makes those around him change, and forces himself be intensely vigilant. He checks himself constantly for minor changes in the mirror, wears a bandage around his head to ensure he does let a horn grow on his forehead, and asks others to check him for any changes, too.  He fights against becoming a rhinoceros with his whole being.

The most dramatic moment in the play is the transformation of his best friend, Jean, who lectures Berenger about being a more well-groomed, cultivated and informed in the beginning scenes of the play.  Berenger, who is a careless drinker and a bit of a sloppy dresser, does not care much about this, but listens anyway and tries to become a better person just to please his friend.  He is not proud or pretentious.  When Jean’s views begin to evolve from a man of reason into a man of a new “reasoning” and mentality, Berenger is taken aback.

In this dramatic scene, Jean begins to identify with the point of view of an animal, the rhinoceros, reasoning that it is not as bad of an animal as people say, to which Berenger replies: As long as its mentality does not DESTROY our own!  Jean cannot tell the difference between the beast’s mentality, which is against man, and that of man’s, which is superior to animals, because of its morals, principles and values.  His inability to see the change in his own reasoning marks the point at which he starts to leave his humanity behind. He expresses a desire to follow the primitive order of things, citing all of the advantages of living by the laws of nature.  As his thinking reflects that of a rhinoceros, he scans for a swamp to head toward. He is completely oblivious to the physical and mental transformation that he is undergoing. It is Berenger, in disbelief, who points it out.

Every transformation that takes place makes Berenger question. He questions the motives. He questions the thoughts and actions that take place prior to the change. To him, each person fails to do something which turns them from being human to a being a beast, and he tries to figure out what it is so it does not happen to him.  Each person has an excuse.  One leaves humanity because her husband does.  She jumps out of a window, lands on his back and they ride off into the sunset.  Others follow the herd out of political spite, or even a dispute with their employer.  Most are caught off guard and do not see it coming.  They are too busy minding their business, or too focused on details, missing the greater picture of what is happening.

Berenger loses sleep, he is so preoccupied figuring out how to avoid becoming a Rhino. He wants with every cell in his body to be immune from the epidemic that is seizing those around him.  He is questionned for questioning what is going on. He is criticized, called obsessive and paranoid, and advised not to think too much or worry, that everything is fine. Nothing he can do or say will make a difference, they say. He just needs to “change with the times” and just “deal with things!” instead of trying to change them.  Berenger is baffled by the conformity and chooses not to participate in it or make excuses for himself. He RESISTS!

Berenger laments that more were not involved as citizens, saying that their fate, and the town’s, would have been spared by it. Theory is one thing.  Instinct is another.  When you are faced with a real-life situation you have to respond with passion and instinct.  Berenger’s last contact is with his love, Daisy.  She sticks by him until almost the very end, but eventually she leaves him, too, to be with the others.  Berenger does not leave with her despite his love for her.

No one sees what Berenger sees throughout the play. He is constantly urging others to see what he sees, and reminding them of what makes them human.  They don’t. They don’t heed his warnings either. He becomes so miserable being alone at the end of the play that at one point, during his monologue, he wishes he could join the herd, but because it it too late, he has made himself to be so individualistic and immune to the epidemic, and he is incapable of it.


It does not take a lot to see that we, ourselves, are in a fight for our own survival.  The main character of the play understood that if he joined the herd, the Rhinoceroses would eventually destroy him. He was not willing to do that.  It went against every fiber of his being to allow that to happen.  He stood alone in the end.  It was not enjoyable, and he paid a price. He is a hero because he sacrificed.  We must be like Berenger.

We must SEE what is going on, protect ourselves from it, and spread the warning to others so they can SEE, too.

The “Rhinos” in our Party are trying to threaten our existence. We are in their crosshairs, make no mistake!  I have been saying this since the first article that appeared in this blog, and since I founded GOPAYL, which is a great little group on Facebook, by the way.  Why are we a threat to them?  We are a threat to them because our party is no longer against big government. It panders to groups, not individuals, because large groups of people mean bigger government programs which keep them in business.  Do not ask me to explain the “power” mentality. I understand wanting the best for people who deserve freedom. Not evil.

We must defy them with our whole being and dispell myths, educate voters. We should get off Facebook (for one week), or incorporate politics into our conversations with those around us.  Talk to the gardener, your hairdresser.. the T-Mobile lady while you wait to have an issue taken care of.. whoever you can chat with about how it is great to be American, and what it really means. Mention big government like a member in the family who doesn’t go away. Urge them to see if our lives depend on it, why aren’t we fighting more? Let’s reach out to reasonable people. It takes time and practice, but we must do it.

Let’s be lucid, fierce and focused, and continue watching for those slight digressions in language, or inconsistencies I call symptoms of rhinoceritis!  If you’re for the Tea Party, and you are against amnesty, but you support candidates who are pushing it, you could be a Rhino! Saying “It’s not amnesty” is no excuse for supporting what you are really against. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Rand Paul has also said “The party has to evolve and adapt”.. Evolve into what? We must become immune to having things two ways.  If we say we are conservative, then let’s not support candidates who are not acting like conservatives.

Let’s continue writing articles, speaking up for ourselves, speaking out against the Rhinos who see us as the threat. We know who they are.  If we are afraid to pay the price it takes, or sacrifice, we will end up relinquishing power to those who seek to end us.

The left is full of Rhinos who don’t reason, see or question, but our party is full of Rhinos who don’t reason see or question either. Neither party wants you to see or question.  To be a good Republican you must do as you are told.  Talking with the establishment is like talking to a wall, or running into one.  If they do not agree with you, you are extreme, irrational or intolerant, all of which they happen to be.  If you expose their true intentions, or tell the truth to others, they marginilize and disrespect you.  Just today the Hispanic Leadership Network banned me from posting comments about Immigration Reform.

Again, our GOP establishment in Washington has been defiant with us. We must be pernicious and push back. It’s tiring, but it is the only way to ensure a win. We send representatives to Washington to keep true to the principles that represent us, not to turn on us.  When they gradually start to see things not from our point of view anymore, but from those who are against us, they leave behind their humanity bit by bit, and take on the mentality of political animals, self-unaware of the transformation, just like Jean in the play.  We react by getting angry, justifiably so.  Don’t stop Resisting!  The Democrats and the Republican are both against us.

They are all Rhinos!


There is no window of opportunity to succeed without the input of reasonable, ordinary every day people who have no pretensions or airs, who see things that the so-called experts don’t see, who are not like the “Rhinos” in our establishment who put up walls, and who don’t reason.  This is how we will be America again.

If our politicians stay close to the people, and hold on to the principles we believe in, they will spare themselves of being transformed into Rhinos. There is only one extraordinarily ordinary individual who is loved for being one of “us”, the people, and she has been in the crosshairs of our party, like us. It’s war. I am moved every time I see this comment from a member: “Our Future President just hanging out with the common folk. No pretense.. not fake.” (L. Luerssen)sarah palin cooking hot dog

We must protect our treasure.. the “common folk”.. the People.. not just for this party’s, but this country’s own self-preservation. It is not selfish to self-preserve.


I am almost sure “Rino” was not really derived from the “Rhinos” in the play, but after rereading the play, the term sure does fit to me!I


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Just A Reminder: Mike Huckabee Supported Scholarships For Illegal Aliens

By Gary P Jackson

Mike Huckabee, the Mitt Romney of the South, talks a good game, and says all of the right words, but truth be told, he is what is known as a “compassionate conservative.” In other words, he is somewhat conservative on social issues, but a Big Government progressive on everything else.

Much like his fellow traveler, Mitt Romney, Huckabee is known for skillfully sticking his finger to the wind, and following which ever direction that wind takes him at the time.

This video, from Huckabee’s State of The State address given on January 11, 2005, shows Huckabee discussing the need for scholarships for illegal aliens. After all, he says, it’s not their fault their parents broke our laws. You’ll notice he never says “illegal” but continually refers to “status.” Typical weasel words from a typical politician.

From the text with the video:

Huckabee announces his desire to give scholarships to illegal aliens in

his January 11, 2005 State of the State address.

Huckabee doesn’t say “illegal aliens“. He uses the word “status“. But a newspaper account makes clear his intentions, “Illegal aliens would be eligible for state taxpayer-funded college scholarships and in-state college tuition rates under a bill that was endorsed by a committee of the Arkansas House of Representatives on Tuesday. House Bill 1525 by Rep. Joyce Elliott, D-Little Rock, is part of Gov. Mike Huckabee’s legislative package. It easily won favor in the House Education Committee, of which Elliott is chairman.” (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 2/23/2005)

Another newspaper account, “Gov. Mike Huckabee, who included the bill in his legislative package, drew a contrast between Wednesday’s vote in support of illegal immigrants and the state’s handling of the 1957 desegregation of Little Rock’s Central High School.’ They took a stand that Arkansas can be proud of,’Huckabee said in describing the House. ‘I think if we had taken a similar one in 1957, it would have made us proud for a long, long time.’” (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 2/24/2005)

You can read the full text here.

Yeah, I know what you are saying, this was five years ago, but as we all know, these Big Government Statists never really change, they just say whatever it takes to get by, at the time. As we move toward November, and think beyond, it’s not a bad idea to remind ourselves who some of the players are, and what they stand for.

As proven by most of his endorsements, Huckabee tends to talk the talk, but when push comes to shove, he backs the “good old boys” in the party.

Caveat emptor.

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Sarah Palin Talks About Conservative Victories And “Impotent, Limp, And Gutless Reporters” With Sean Hannity

By Gary P Jackson

Sean Hannity talked with Sarah Palin on Wednesday about a number of topics.

Sarah talks about taking on the Republican establishment (something she has a long history of) how conservatism works, energy independence, and well, her philosophy on life.

Oh, and she takes on “impotent, limp, and gutless reporters.


Sarah also lays out her platform and tells her fellow conservatives what they must do to win in November.

This is an essential interview:

Audio courtesy of PalinTV


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Republican “Good Old Boys”: Hey, Let’s Make Sarah Palin RNC Chairman!

By Gary P Jackson

You really have to laugh at these Republican establishment types. These “good old boy” characters couldn’t be more pathetic if they tried.

As you know, Michael Steele has once again opened mouth and inserted foot. Full disclosure, I like Michael Steele. I don’t have bad feelings for the guy. But he’s proven that being the Chairman of the RNC isn’t the best use of his talents. This latest flap is way overblown, however. He’s said worse.

Anyhow, this isn’t about bashing Michael Steele. Nope, this is all about exposing the pathetic milquetoast moderates and their silly notions.

With all of the calls for Steele to step down, the establishment seems to think they have an idea: Replace Steele with Sarah Palin. No, I’m serious here. Kevin D. Williams writing for National Review Online came up with this:

Re: Steele and the RNC: Allow me to chime in with my usual observation on this subject: This is a job for Sarah Palin. Palin would be a much better RNC chairman than presidential candidate or freelance kingmaker. She’d raise tons of money and help recruit good candidates, i.e., she’d excel at doing the things Steele should have been doing instead of appointing himself Republican pundit-at-large.

A Chairman Palin would help set the right tone for the Republican party without having to get herself entangled in the minutiae of policy-development, which has not been her forte. Sure, she’d be polarizing, but so is Barack Obama, and these are polarized times. And it’s one thing to have a polarizing party chairman, another to have a polarizing candidate.

Anybody disagree?

Kevin, I think if you take time to look around, you’ll see that pretty much EVERYONE disagrees with you pal. And not just with your idea of making Sarah Palin RNC chair, but your entire condescending, factually incorrect, backhanded complement filled drivel.

To take the anniversary of day that Sarah Palin literally changed history forever to insult our intelligence, and Sarah Palin, is simply breathtaking.

First of all, could you BE more obvious with your intentions here?

We all know what this little “suggestion” is all about. You beltway, establishment Republicans are looking for any way possible to get Sarah Palin out of the running for 2012, so as to pave the way for one of your show ponies, who have zero chance if (when) Sarah runs for President. Gotta keep the Big Government Republicans in power, even if it means running a show pony who can’t win against Obama.

All of you cats know exactly what Sarah Palin is capable of. You know good and well what she did to the corrupt establishment Republicans in Alaska, and you know what she would do once she was in the White House. Business as usual would come to a loud, grinding halt.

Now you are right about one thing, Sarah Palin can raise money like no one out there. That will come in handy for her in 2012, now won’t it? And you can bet there wouldn’t be any of your establishment type buddies out there on her watch, if she was RNC chair. She’s not perfect, but she’s got a rock solid record of picking winners, good solid Common Sense Conservatives, who actually believe in the Constitution and the Rule of Law. An unknown concept in D.C.

The thing is, neither she, nor the candidates she chooses to endorse, need the RNC as bad as the RNC needs them. The RNC has become so undependable, so establishment driven, and so timid, they are becoming an afterthought. Conservatives, the people that make up the bulk of the Republican base, now research candidates on their own, and send them money directly. Far less likely to see their money wasted on loser show ponies, or after hours parties.

Now you say that:

A Chairman Palin would help set the right tone for the Republican party without having to get herself entangled in the minutiae of policy-development, which has not been her forte

Could you make a bigger clown out of yourself?

I guess you’ve been too busy dreaming of mediocrity to go over to Facebook, Twitter, or check out her appearances on Fox News and Fox Business News, or listen to her speeches, most of which are readily available online at either Palin TV or The Right Scoop.

Maybe you should start with her latest red meat offering from her appearance in Norfolk, Virginia. This was a serious policy speech on national security and foreign policy. In it, Sarah lays out an aggressive agenda for not only national security and foreign policy, but Liberty, Freedom, and the American way. It’s not her first.

You can read the transcript and commentary here.

Next you embarrass yourself further:

Sure, she’d be polarizing, but so is Barack Obama, and these are polarized times. And it’s one thing to have a polarizing party chairman, another to have a polarizing candidate.

You know who else was polarizing? Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Reagan was incredibly polarizing, especially to the country club, Rockefeller, establishment wing of the party. In fact, it’s quite telling that you guys are now using the same tired old play book you used on Reagan, to no avail, on Sarah Palin.

Oh we like Reagan, but he’s kinda dumb, an ‘amiable dunce.’ He didn’t go to the right schools, you know.”  ~ Country Club Republicans circa 1976-1988

It’s awfully big of you to note that Barack Obama is polarizing as well. This gives us a chance to point out that there are two kinds of polarizing. Barack Obama is the negative kind. He polarizes people against him and his Marxist agenda. In less than two short years, he’s managed to turn most of the Republic against him and his out of control Congress.

Barack Obama has polarized the nation in a way few could. He has Americans picking up the history books, and reading the Constitution again. He has people engaged in the political process like no time in recent history. The Republic is polarized against him, and working to defeat him and his radical agenda.

Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin are cut from the same cloth. For the lack of a better term, they are “Field of Dreams” kind of leaders. They know if you stand for something, believe in something, and are a person of good character and virtue, people will beat a path to your door.

Like Reagan before her, Sarah knows you don’t moderate your message, or “move to the middle” in search of mythical “moderates” that don’t really exist. Instead, you build a solid agenda based on time honored principles. You build it, and the people will come.

When Ronald Reagan ran for President in 1980, he ran as an unabashed Conservative. He had strong positions on everything, and was thought of as incredibly polarizing. The thing is, people aren’t looking for someone who will tell them what they want to hear. They want a leader. They want someone that not only matches their values, but someone who will take a stand for those values, and never, ever backdown.

This really isn’t polarizing, in the end, it’s galvanizing. 

This is something you squishy country clubbers aren’t capable of grasping.

Reagan won back to back landslide victories running as an unabashed Conservative, with a proven record. He was able to galvanize the people, and turn the nation around by sticking to these principles,and leading with conviction.

Currently Sarah Palin is leading as an unapologetic Conservative. She’s a real fighter who never backs down, never gives any quarter. Never compromises on her principles just to curry favor from some here today, gone tomorrow faction.She too is galvanizing the nation, in her effort to save it.

Sarah Palin, like Regan,  has a proven record of not just talking the talk, but walking the walk. Her record is unmatched by anyone currently on the scene.

At the end of the day, after reading your incredibly insulting piece, I have to ask you this. You seem to think Sarah Palin isn’t smart enough to develop national policy, though for some reason you think she could develop a political strategy to win elections and raise money. (This is where you gave away your real intent BTW)

If Sarah is so bad, why haven’t you called for … oh, I don’t know …. Mitt Romney ….  to come in and save the RNC?

I mean he’s supposed to be the big businessman, isn’t he? He actually did turn around the Salt Lake City Olympics, saving them from disaster.

Why NOT Mitt Romney?.

As Romney is currently disengaged from the fight against tyranny and oppression, and unlike Sarah Palin, who is LEADING the battle, finds himself totally unencumbered by the responsibilities of saving our Republic, you’d think the guy would be the perfect choice.

Oh, I know he wasn’t all that impressive as Governor, and his endorsements aren’t worth much, especially when he waits until after they win their primary, and well, maybe we shouldn’t mention RomneyCare at all, but hey, the guy can raise money!

Much better to pick someone like Romney, and make him a clerk, than take the Commander-in-Chief off the battlefield and give Her the job, eh?

You know what? I have a much better idea. How about we just call up Ken Blackwell and ask him to take over? He’s the one who should have had the job all along.

**Check out Stacy Drake’s take on all of this nonsense here.


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Lisa Murkowski: We Shouldn’t Repeal ObamaCare

By Gary P Jackson

The above video hit my inbox a day ago and serves to remind us all of a real danger America faces: squishy, “moderate” Republicans. Look, we know what we have with the Obama regime, and his Congress. They are all hard core communists, hellbent on grabbing as much power as possible, and destroying the very fabric of American society, hoping to replace it all with their sick vision of life and government. As horrifying as that is, at least we know it, and can fight it. There should be no delusions about who these Marxist-democrats are.

On the other hand, many people see “Republican” and think “conservative” which can be very dangerous. While real conservatives believe in the Constitution and the Rule of Law, these squishy establishment Republicans, like Lisa Murkowski, have no real solid principles, and end up being nothing more than enablers for the Marxist-democrats who are destroying our nation. Many are all too eager to help, so they can say they are “bi-partisan” and call themselves “statesmen.

At the height of the ObamaCare debacle, every Republican was shouting they would indeed make repealing this unconstitutional boondoggle their first act upon taking over Congress. Now we are starting to see the usual suspects backing off of this stance.

While this video is rather short and cuts Senator Murkowski off, it served as a reminder of the great piece Stacy Drake wrote earlier this month on the occasion of Sarah Palin endorsing Murkoski’s opponent Judge Joe Miller, the former Superior Court Master from Fairbanks.

Lisa’s entire statement was:

Repealing this is not the answer in my opinion, because if you just repeal and you do nothing, we will not have addressed health care reform.

Now this is nonsense, as the conservative Republicans have a solid plan that uses market based solutions to bring about much needed reform, including law suit reform. (tort) The conservative Republicans always had a solid, workable plan. It’s ready to go, ready to replace ObamaCare, the second it’s repealed.

You can see a full length video of the Murkowski interview here, and read Stacy Drake’s excellent take on all of this here.

Repealing and replacing ObamaCare with a workable solution is the only way to retain quality health care for all Americans. As we read every day, more and more problems are being found with this insane piece of legislation, that absolutely no one read before voting on, and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, proclaimed “we’ll have to pass to see what’s in it.

We are learning that health care costs are about to rise greatly, and many employers are looking to discontinue coverage for their employees, due to draconian taxation and regulation brought about by this immoral legislation.

The very idea that Lisa Murkowski views ObamaCare as a “work in progress” is both incredibly troubling and totally distasteful.

This isn’t the first time Lisa Murkowski has sided with the Obama regime over common sense. As Stacy Drake noted,Lisa had this to say about Sarah Palin’s famous “death panels” statement that turned the health care debate on it’s ear:

It does us no good to incite fear in people by saying that there’s these end-of-life provisions, these death panels … Quite honestly, I’m so offended at that terminology because it absolutely isn’t (in the bill). There is no reason to gin up fear in the American public by saying things that are not included in the bill.

Now this is rather pathetic and ignorant on Murkoski’s part, on several levels. For one thing, no one can turn a phrase better than Sarah Palin. She has an extraordinary ability to take a rather involved subject, and distill it down to just a few simple words that say it all. Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union an “evil empire” George Bush referred to an “axis of evil” when describing our enemies. Important issues require powerful words, and none were more powerful in 2009 than “death panels.

It’s very interesting to note that while every conservative understood almost instinctively what Sarah was talking about: health care RATIONING, the squishy, establishment Republicans got it wrong every single time. They all went on and on about “end of life counseling” a provision where doctors are required to talk to older people, presumably in the last stages of life, about options. As troubling as that is unto itself, it had nothing to do with what Sarah was saying.

When Sarah introduced the world to the phrase “death panels” she also went on to talk about health care rationing, as well as Obama’s very own “Dr Mengele,” Ezekiel Emanuel who authored the “Complete Lives System” a sickening tome that lays out in detail who “deserves” health care, and who doesn’t.

Under ObamaCare, unelected bureaucrats will sit on panels and decide who will and who won’t get care, and by law, there will be no appeal. If that’s not a “death panel” then what the hell is?

To me this shows an incredible amount of ignorance on Murkowski’s part that she didn’t understand what most people got right away. You’d think a United States Senator would possess a minimum amount of reading comprehension skills, but I guess not.

The real problem here though is Murkowski, like the other establishment Republicans, actually likes Big Government, and doesn’t see a problem with ObamaCare, which is the biggest government power grab in the history of our Republic. I find this the biggest danger of all, and why we must send these establishment Republican squishes packing. They’ve enabled the Marxist-democrats in their quest to destroy America enough already.

Thankfully, there is a solid alternative, Joe Miller.

Miller, who has a unique and compelling life story, has been endorsed, most notably, by Sarah Palin, the Tea Party Express, Red State’s Erick Erickson, Dr. Christie Eberhard, the President of Alaska Right to Life, as well as many more listed here.

Joe Miller is a solid, common sense, constitutional conservative. In order to save our nation, we simply must rid ourselves not only of Marxist-democrats, but squishy establishment Republicans as well. We must elect men and women who believe in the Rule of Law, and understand that our Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

You can support Judge Joe Miller by visiting his website at: www.joemiller.us as well as following him on Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s help send Joe Miller to Washington, and Lisa Murkowski packin’!

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Sarah Palin: Leadership In Action

The mark of a true leader is that people actually want to follow them. Sarah Palin is that sort of leader. Sarah has proven herself as a leader from the time she was captain of her basketball team, and the leader of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes . When Sarah was mayor of Wasilla, she was also elected president of the Alaska Council of Mayors. And of course, as Chairman of the AOGCC and Governor of Alaska, she showed incredible leadership.

Though some were bewildered when Sarah stepped down as Governor, they just didn’t understand the dynamics going on in Alaska. Sarah has continued to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is indeed one of our nation’s strongest leaders. From taking strong stands against the unconstitutional attempts at the government take over of health care, to speaking out on energy and monetary policy, Sarah Palin has been the leading voice.

In fact, Sarah’s outspoken comments against ObamaCare stopped it’s momentum dead in it’s tracks. As Sarah talked about a system that would inevitably lead to rationing of care, see RomneyCare in Massachusetts, she called it “downright evil.” Sarah’s ability to distill down the idea of bureaucrats sitting in some government office, arbitrarily coming up with formulas for who will and won’t receive ObamaCare, based on how “valuable” they are to society, was brilliant. The idea of “death panels” is now part of the American lexicon.

The mark of a true leader though is the ability to risk it all when the situation calls for it. To go “all in” if that’s what is called for. This is just what Sarah has done with the Congressional race in New York’s 23rd district.

Some background on this deal first. This is a special election for the unexpired term of Republican John McHough, who was chosen earlier this year to be Secretary of the Army. There wasn’t a primary process to chose candidates to run for this seat, instead, this was a backroom deal where the party bosses chose who the candidate would be.

Unfortunately, the party “elite” chose an extreme liberal. At this point, the whos and whys, that “backstage intrigue” of it all, doesn’t really matter. Suffice it to say, the “elite” thought it better to run an extreme liberal in a safe Republican district. Not all that brilliant.

Enter local businessman Doug Hoffman. Hoffman, a very successful businessman in the district, and a CPA, has never held elected office, never run for elected office, but he is a rock solid Conservative, and understands that our nation is on the wrong path. Frankly, as Barack Obama allows America to turn into a financial quagmire, we could use a few more CPAs in Congress and a lot less attorneys!

For her part in what has become a national race, and a referendum on not only Barack Obama, but the direction of the GOP, DeDe Scozzafava couldn’t be less of a sympathetic figure. To call Scozzafava a RINO, Republican In Name Only,.is to insult other RINOs. DeDe is so far to the left, that she has been endorsed by the ultra-leftist group, the Daily Kos, over the democrat in the race!

Scozzafava is a darling of ACORN, supports card check, ObamaCare, all of the spending, and is married to a union leader. According to one ratings group, Scozzafava, a state assembly woman, is more liberal than 43 percent of the elected democrats in the state!

Moreover, Scozzafava is the most recent recipient of the Margaret Sanger award. Regular readers will recognize Sanger as the founder of Planned Parenthood, the “holy church” of the “progressive” movement, and the democrat/communist party. Margaret Sanger was, among other things, an ardent supporter of eugenics, she was an inspiration to such fine folks like Adolf Hitler and Josef Mengele.

Sanger, an associate of the Ku Klux Klan, and frequent speaker to the group, founded Planned Parenthood as part of her attempt to push for the abortion of black babies, who she called “human weeds.”

This is who DeDe Scozzafava is. A far left “progressive” that makes the democrat in the race look very attractive, even to Republicans. This woman is so far left that she has prompted popular columnist, Mark Steyn to coin a new phrase for her, and those like her: DIABLO, “democrat in all but label only!” Frankly, I hope this one catches on, and seeing how DeDe’s campaign manager reportedly approached the democrat party bosses about her playing on their team, this is quite appropriate!

Now for it’s part, the hapless GOP “elites” went “all in” for DeDe. The NRCC has sent an incredible amount of money up there to support this DIABLO. And Newt Gingrich, once the darling of Conservatives coast to coast, jumped in with both feet as well.

Enter Sarah Palin. Now Sarah wasn’t the first heavy hitter to come in and help Hoffman. Dick Armey and his Club For Growth were early supporters followed by Fred and Jeri Thompson. But Sarah was the first person to really stake her reputation on Doug Hoffman. Sarah was the first person considered a front runner in 2012 to lay it on the line.

In a statement on Facebook, she said it all:

The people of the 23rd Congressional District of New York are ready to shake things up, and Doug Hoffman is coming on strong as Election Day approaches! He needs our help now.

The votes of every member of Congress affect every American, so it’s important for all of us to pay attention to this important Congressional campaign in upstate New York. I am very pleased to announce my support for Doug Hoffman in his fight to be the next Representative from New York’s 23rd Congressional district. It’s my honor to endorse Doug and to do what I can to help him win, including having my political action committee, SarahPAC, donate to his campaign the maximum contribution allowed by law.

Our nation is at a crossroads, and this is once again a “time for choosing.”

The federal government borrows, spends, and prints too much money, while our national debt hits a record high. Government is growing while the private sector is shrinking, and unemployment is on the rise. Doug Hoffman is committed to ending the reckless spending in Washington, D.C. and the massive increase in the size and scope of the federal government. He is also fully committed to supporting our men and women in uniform as they seek to honorably complete their missions overseas.

And best of all, Doug Hoffman has not been anointed by any political machine.

Doug Hoffman stands for the principles that all Republicans should share: smaller government, lower taxes, strong national defense, and a commitment to individual liberty.

Political parties must stand for something. When Republicans were in the wilderness in the late 1970s, Ronald Reagan knew that the doctrine of “blurring the lines” between parties was not an appropriate way to win elections. Unfortunately, the Republican Party today has decided to choose a candidate who more than blurs the lines, and there is no real difference between the Democrat and the Republican in this race. This is why Doug Hoffman is running on the Conservative Party’s ticket.

Republicans and conservatives around the country are sending an important message to the Republican establishment in their outstanding grassroots support for Doug Hoffman: no more politics as usual.

You can help Doug by visiting his official website below and joining me in supporting his campaign:


Several things to note. Sarah took a direct shot at the party “elite” when she pointed out that Doug Hoffman wasn’t anointed by the party machine. She also took a direct shot at the GOP letting them know in no uncertain terms that “politics as usual” wouldn’t stand.

Of course, as with most of Sarah’s speeches and writings, there is a healthy dose of Ronald Reagan added, showing that she gets it. While the “elites” in the party keep telling us “the era of Reagan is over” Sarah knows what we know, that is Reagan is timeless. That’s a lesson she is about to teach all of the RINOs and DIABLOs in the party!

Bear in mind that when Sarah gave her unwavering support to Doug Hoffman, he was dead last in the three way race between himself, Scozzafava, and the democrat. This wasn’t a cut and dried “win” for anyone supporting Doug Hoffman!

Knowing this, so-called front runners like Tim Pawlenty came out with statements like this noted on The Hill’s website:

When asked on ABC’s “Top Line” webcast if he will endorse a candidate, Pawlenty replied “probably, yeah,” but said that he would need to take time to review the candidates’ policy positions.

But in the interview, Pawlenty only raised issues with Scozzafava and did not address Hoffman.

“As a conservative, I am worried about some of the things I’ve heard about how the person was selected,” he said of Scozzafava.

“The selection of this individual…seems a little cloistered,” he continued, raising issue about how the Republican Party selected Scozzafava as a nominee. Critics say that the nomination was not open and thorough enough. The party passed over Hoffman and a number of other candidates for Scozzafava.

“The process may not have been as open as it should have been,” Pawlenty added.

The governor also said that he is “concerned about some of the alleged issue positions that she holds.”

Real profile in courage there, huh! Pawlenty has since come aboard and endorsed Doug Hoffman. What of the other so-called “front runners” Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee? Well, for Huckabee, while he says that he supports the ideas that Hoffman stands for, he has no plans to endorse, or have HuckPAC send any money. That’s kind of all you need to know about Huckabee. Seems like his career as a TV host, and bass player is firmly cemented now! Romney is AWOL in this deal. Not a single word.

But what of the “Sarah effect” in all of this. Well, first of all, record amounts of money started rolling in! In less than 12 hours after her endorsement $116,000 came in. To put that in perspective, they had raised roughly $200,000 in the week before.

The most profound effect though was in polling. The Club For Growth polled after Sarah’s endorsement and it looked like this: Hoffman 31.3%, Owens (the democrat) 27.0%, Scozzafava 19.7%.

From dead last to first in just a couple of days! And this in a race that Newt Gingrich is still lecturing us that will only “split the party!”

For those that may have forgotten about the “Sarah effect” might I remind you about the run-off race in Georgia after the 2008 elections. Senator Saxby Chambliss was in a tough spot. He had won the election in a three way battle, but under Georgia rules, the winner must have at least 50.1 percent to take the seat. He didn’t have it. In the run-off election, Chambliss was locked in a dead heat race, according to the polls. Both sides sent all of their “stars” in to stump for their candidates. The democrats sent in Bill Clinton and rapper Ludacris. The GOP sent in everybody. No help, as none could draw much of a crowd on either side.

Sarah came in on a Sunday night and attended a fund raiser, and then on Monday, the day before the election, held four rallies, all to standing room only crowds. Chambliss won in a 16 point blowout!

More of the “Sarah effect” is apparent this morning as new polling out shows Doug Hoffman’s lead in the race is widening. From Real Clear Politics:

October 27, 2009

NY-23 Poll: Hoffman +5


For the second time in two days, a poll released by a conservative group finds Conservative Party nominee Doug Hoffman leading the Nov. 3 special election race for New York’s 23rd District. Neighborhood Research polled the district for Minuteman PAC, the political arm of the Minuteman Movement, which has endorsed Hoffman and is airing ads on his behalf.

Hoffman leads Democrat Bill Owens by 5 points and GOP nominee Dede Scozzafava by 20 points.

Hoffman 34

Owens 29

Scozzafava 14

Und 23

The poll was taken Oct. 25-26 of 366 likely voters. The three candidates are vying to replace former congressman John McHugh (R-N.Y.), who was appointed by President Obama to be Secretary of the Army.

This of course is great news and validates what Conservatives have been saying all along. When Republicans put up a real Conservative candidate, that candidate will win. Works every time it’s tried. Now obviously, with so many undecided this is not a done deal, but it certainly shows that being a conservative is what will win the day over being a squishy “moderate” or in DeDe Scozzafava’s case a far left DIABLO.

NY-23 is the rallying point for Conservative Americans, no matter what party they are in. As the latest Gallup polling shows, Conservative ideology is the leading ideology in America, and has been. Unfortunately, the GOP with it’s delusions of grandeur always has this “big tent” strategy of being all things to all people that only disappoints everyone.

This is not new though, this has been the basic GOP strategy for years and years. The few bright spots in GOP history are when brilliant Conservative leaders like Ronald Reagan emerge. Newt Gingrich, when he moved towards conservatism was able to break a forty year stranglehold the democrat party had on Congress, but alas, Newt has become another party “elite” squish.

Gingrich, who is being shown the truth about Scozzafava, has decided that rather than admit he was wrong, or just sort of fade into the background on this, that instead he would double down on DeDe and is now doing what the RINOs in the party do, attack Conservatives!

There are so many “gems” in this deal, but Newts reasoning that Scozzafava is “adequately conservative” is a joke, but it does give us an insight into how the “elite” party machine thinks. Scozzafava is far to the left of the democrat, but because she has an “R” beside her name she is “good enough.” Now this is a stupid strategy in a blue district or blue state, but NY-23 is a very safe Republican district that would absolutely vote for a Reagan/Palin conservative. There is no logic for this move.

Now the “elites” want us to sit down and shut up, as they know best. They say if a democrat wins, it will only strengthen Obama and Pelosi. Well, let me say this, if Scozzafava is going to vote like a democrat, what’s the difference?

We already have enough pretend Republicans in the party like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Olympia Snow, and Susan Collins. Any one of this bunch is likely to be the key vote for the democrats on issues that anger Conservatives and damage America. But even more telling, any one of these, especially McCain and his protege Graham, like Newt, are more than inclined to attack Conservatives who disagree with their “wisdom” than they are democrats!

This bunch is the reason why recent polling shows that 73 percent of Republicans think the party is going in the wrong direction.

NY-23 is ground zero for the fight over the direction of Republican party. Of course, it is also ground zero as we start to take out nation back from Obama and the communists that are destroying this great nation. Having a Conservative win in New York should tell the GOP to stop with the foolishness and stand for something, and stop with their “big tent” strategy.

The fact is, Conservatism is the “big tent” and what people want are strong leaders not squishes!

A win in New York will also have a profound effect on democrats in Congress. While there are some that will go down in flames if it means they can advance the “glorious Marist revolution” there are others, the blue dogs, who would like to still have a job after the next election! A strong showing in New York will make those in the democrat party that have an ounce of sanity left think twice before they vote for Obama’s agenda!

As for Sarah Palin, she has emerged as the leader of our movement. While others were dithering and “thinking” or worse, backing the wrong horse, Sarah stepped up and took a stand. Sarah not only took a stand against Obama, but took a stand against those in the Republican party that have it wrong. That takes courage.

I know a lot of people see this as a signal that Sarah is “going rogue” and will start some third party. Don’t fall into that trap. Sarah is a student of Reagan and understands that a third party isn’t the answer. The answer is to take back the Republican party. Reagan, after Carter was elected, and Conservatives, were feeling marginalized by the Republican party. He cautioned that forming a new party as a mistake. Four years later, Reagan was proven correct, and it was the party “elite” who mounted a third party effort to get yet another “moderate” “big tent” squish elected.

As if to highlight the fact that she is indeed a Republican, but intent on showing the party elders the error of their ways, Sarah came out in strong support today for the Republicans in both the Virginia and New Jersey Governor’s races:

East Coast Races Impact All Americans

Today at 2:36am

As I stand here in a high school gymnasium watching freshmen girls’ basketball games, I’m struck by the sight of America’s future right in front of me – these tenacious young women full of energy and intensity. I want them to realize every opportunity this great, free nation can provide.

There are big political races on the East Coast that are coming down to the wire – the results of which will impact policies and political actions that touch all of us in every state. Like other independent Americans, I don’t always see eye-to-eye with Republican political committees, so when I tell you that the Republican Governors Association has my complete support and confidence in its campaign efforts back East, know that I really mean it. The RGA is helping lead the conservative comeback beginning this year, and its involvement in the East Coast races is significant. I hope you’ll support these efforts, which are vital to the cause for America’s freedom and prosperity: http://www.rga.org/initiatives/comeback-fund/.

Let’s consider the governor’s race in New Jersey. The state has the highest tax burden in the country and the incumbent Democrat governor has only added to the economic burden. He eliminated property tax rebates for middle class homeowners while the sales tax increased. Altogether, taxes on the people in the region have increased by billions of dollars. It’s no surprise that New Jersey has the highest unemployment rate in the region! Thankfully, there is an alternative. Residents there will be better off under an administration that understands the benefits that result when workers are allowed to keep more of what they earn. Watch New Jersey’s economy come alive under new leadership that will put government back on the side of the people! Chris Christie promises this new leadership.

Fortunately, New Jersey’s Democrat governor is being held accountable with the RGA spending $7 million in the New York and Philadelphia media markets telling the truth about a liberal administrative record while highlighting New Jersey’s tax-hiking ways and reminding voters there is an alternative! The NY and Philly markets are the most expensive in the nation though, so the RGA is requesting help to stay on the air. Visit http://www.rga.org/initiatives/comeback-fund/.

Then in Virginia, there is a clear difference between Republican Bob McDonnell and his liberal opponent. Republican Bob McDonnell is fighting for cheaper American energy and lower taxes, while his opponent wants to raise taxes and, amazingly, even bragged about having more earmarks than any other state legislator. Bob McDonnell promises to fight for Virginia’s hard working families, and he opposes some heavy-handed union leadership efforts that could ultimately hurt employers and employees. The RGA has aired $6 million of TV ads exposing the liberal candidate’s record. I encourage you to help fight for our neighbors in the East by visiting: http://www.rga.org/initiatives/comeback-fund/.

Americans who believe in smaller government and free enterprise have a chance to show Washington that people all across the U.S. don’t want an ever-increasing national debt, more dependency on foreign energy sources, and more wasteful government spending. If, like me, this is what you want to show Washington, then I hope you’ll support Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell and the RGA, as great efforts are put forth in these East Coast races.

The young student athletes I’m watching right now are counting on us to do the right thing – to fight for what is right for America today and into their future. Electing candidates with common sense and respect for freedom is one way we can fight for what is right.

When Sarah stepped down as Governor of Alaska, one of the things she promised was that she would stand up for Conservative principles, and would spend her time going around the country supporting candidates who shared her values. She said it didn’t matter if they were Republicans, democrats, or from no party at all. It’s that principle over party attitude that we need in America right now.

Now is the time for all Americans to decide what they want America to be, where we want America to go. It is indeed a time for choosing.

Do we want America to remain a free Republic, a nation where a person’s own abilities and strengths are honored, a place where everyone who tries has the opportunity to succeed, or do we want a centrally controlled communist super state where little regard for personal liberties and freedoms exist. A Big Government nanny state where tyranny is the watchword of the day, and people are taxed into oblivion, while the government chooses winners and losers?

This isn’t a hard choice for me, I’ll tell you that! I stand on the side of liberty and freedom, and I stand on the side of Sarah Palin and Doug Hoffman!

Fred Thompson has a brand new advertisement that will be running in NY-23

This pretty much sums it up

Look, most of the nation is looking at the Governors races in Virginia and New Jersey as a bellwether to 2010. A referendum on Barack Obama and the rest of his communist party. And that it is. Obama won Virginia handily, and if the polling is correct, Bob McDonnell, the Conservative Republican candidate, is on his way to a landslide victory, a strong repudiation of what Obama is doing. And even New Jersey, a reliable democrat state is looking like it may elect the Republican, Chris Christie. That would be huge.

But the real battle, the real iconic election is NY-23. If Doug Hoffman’s polling holds, and he indeed wins this election, it will serve as proof that when voters are offered a clear choice between candidates, they will chose a Conservative. This should once and for all show the hard headed “elites” that running “adequately conservative” democrat-lite candidates is a losing strategy, and one that needs to stop!

Join Sarah Palin, Fred and Jeri Thompson, Dick Armey, myself, and a growing list Americans and support Doug Hoffman. Lets send a strong and clear message to the Republican party that “business as usual” just won’t cut it any more!

By winning in New York, we will start the process of taking the Republican party back from the “elite” beltway hacks and give it back to principled Americans who put their principles, their ideas, over party politics. A huge win for Conservatives, but even a bigger win for all of America. We need a strong Conservative Republican party to take America back, and get her on the right track again. We need a strong Conservative Republican party to drag America away from the abyss.

Visit Doug Hoffman’s website here, and send him a campaign contribution today. Let’s help Doug win!


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