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Impressive Video Wishing Governor Sarah Palin A Happy 50th Birthday

palin white house

By Isabel Matos

I can see Washington from Sarah’s house.. sort of. It felt like the two worlds within the Republican party who have been at war can finally merge and be united again under Reaganesque leadership that only Sarah could bring. That’s what it felt like. The video shows.. well.. enjoy the surprises for yourself.

Reince Priebus couldn’t come around to uttering Sarah’s name, but it doesn’t matter. The fact that he did this was enough (for now). The sooner the GOPe gets into the habit of validating her and repeating her merits for all to see, the sooner they will see how good it feels to stop going against the wishes of the base and just get on board.  It was impressive whether it was for show or not.  ShePac is not SarahPac, which I contribute to, and they have posts on anyone with an R next to their name; but Sarah is a transformational figure, in the best possible way, and it does the party good to raise her profile more. The leadership within the GOP of Jeb Bush and crony Karl Rove will certainly never bring us together.


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Sarah Palin’s Call For Civil Disobedience Around The “Barrycades”


Stephanie Frazier and Taylor Hemness of 7KLTV reported a couple of tour buses pulling up to the WWII memorial Tuesday morning. They were greeted by iron gates and police tape, but the barricade didn’t hold up for long as a group of Republican congressman moved the gates and tape out of the way to escort 91 vets inside.  The idea had come from Mississippi Congressman Steven Palazzo who had sent out for help via email. East Texas Congressman Gohmert said there were about eight congressman and senators who escorted the veterans around. “Normally they say it takes four (security) to watch over the memorial when it’s open. Well there were four of them out there!”

        Guards turn their backs as the crowd makes it way in.

By Sarah Palin

It’s beyond shameful to see Barack Obama disrespect and mistreat our World War II veterans so blatantly. Obama’s political stunt to “shut down” their memorial by barricade is to elicit an angry response to generate bad publicity for people the president uses in his continual blame game.

Don’t believe me? Look at the “barricade” at the World… War I Memorial:


The difference is obvious. There aren’t any World War I veterans alive today to mistreat in a shameful political stunt. He’s deployed more guards to bar our World War II heroes from their memorial than he sent to Benghazi when our consulate was under attack.

The President is treating our veterans the same way he treated school kids when he cancelled their White House tours. When times called for obvious government belt-tightening, he took it out on kids rather than look for anything that would affect him personally. And while our vets are barricaded from the memorial they built with their heroism, the government “slim down” won’t affect Obama’s golf game or his family’s White House chefs.

Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress are attempting to fund the Veterans Administration and other essential functions, but Democrats are blocking them because they want to make any slim down look as awful as possible in order to deflect from what this whole slim down thing is about, which is their Obamacare train wreck.

Good Congressmen are fighting for average middle class Americans to get the same breaks that Obama gave Congress, his pals, union bosses, and crony corporations who financed his campaign and snookered the media into putting him in office.

It is a sad day when We the People have to go cap in hand to the president begging him to give us the same relief he gave his friends by fiat. Thank God we have bold leaders willing to fight for those who can’t afford to pay powerful lobbyists to make Obama and Harry Reid listen.

Want to know why this whole thing happened? Look at what Obamacare is already doing to our country with health care costs skyrocketing, workers laid off or kicked to part-time, employers shutting down projects, and debt still soaring. See the article linked below. This is what America is up against.

And Obama employees who know in your hearts and souls that punishing our veterans is wrong, know that we have your backs when you say “enough is enough” and then allow our vets to gaze upon our memorials that honor America’s finest. This simple act of civil disobedience will galvanize our nation against atrocious political games, and I promise you’ll sleep well tonight.

– Sarah Palin

Article on the consequences of Obamacare:

Todd Starnes’ column today about our vets being barred from their memorial:

Obama deployed more guards to block World War II vets from their memorial than he sent to save our people in Benghazi:http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2013/10/02/confirmed-obama-admin-deployed-more-guards-at-the-wwii-memorial-than-benghazi/



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Sarah Palin Goes “On The Record”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

By Gary P Jackson

Monday night Sarah Palin appeared on Greta’s show to discuss her latest critique of Barack Obama’s failed ObamaCare gambit entitled “Lies, Damned Lies – ObamaCare 6 Months Later.

Sarah also talks about the Tea Party, gives Christine O’Donnell some solid advice on how to deal with the corrupt media, and of course her daughter Bristol’s fancy footwork on Dancing With The Stars.

The interview was taped before the live ABC dance-o-rama, where Sarah and Piper were in attendance to cheer Bristol and Mark on to a command performance.

Video Courtesy PalinTV


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The Left Attacks Sarah Palin to Distract Their Base

by Stacy Drake
Earlier this week the left went into full attack mode against Governor Palin after she revealed in a speech that her family had been given medical treatment in Canada when she was a young child. Neglecting all the facts of her story, left-wing blogs, media types, and even congressmen put out a barrage of hit pieces dedicated to painting Governor Palin as some sort of “hypocrite.” The hits were well defended in the Palin blogosphere along with other rational sites. Even a writer from Esquire felt the need to defend the governor after witnessing the lack of any damning evidence coupled with the knowledge of the geographical area in which she grew up.

Just to clarify, in case there is still any question about the story Governor Palin shared to her audience in Canada, NO she in not a hypocrite. Aaron Goldstein wrote a great piece laying out the facts of the Canadian health care system, the time frame, and also pointing out once again that Sarah Palin was five years old at that time. Aaron writes:

“Canadian Medicare was in its infancy in the mid-1960s. It was in 1966 when Canada’s Parliament passed the Medical Care Act to provide coverage for doctors’ services. Although the federal government set the standards it was left up to the provincial and territorial governments to administer the program. Not all jurisdictions joined the program right away. The last hold out would not join until 1972. That holdout was none other than the Yukon Territory.”

“Simply put, at the time Sarah Palin’s parents sought medical treatment in Canada, the Yukon Territory was not part of the Medicare program. But even if the Yukon had been integrated into Canada’s health care system, since the Heaths were U.S. residents they presumably would have been required to pay a fee for any medical services obtained in Canada. Indeed, the U.S. Embassy’s Consular Services advises Americans planning to travel to Canada, “Tourists and temporary visitors do not qualify for this health care plan and should have their own insurance to cover medical expenses.”

The fact that that so many on the right who don’t usually weigh in on all things Palin, felt the need to say something, says something about this attack. It was so over the top and devoid of historical facts and common sense. It really made those pushing it look foolish and uneducated but they persisted nonetheless.

Baseless attacks on Governor Palin and/or her family are nothing new. There was something a little different about this one however. On Monday morning I noticed that the Huffington Post version of this non-story was on the Yahoo “Most Emailed” list. By the end of the day it had worked it’s way on to the Top Story page under “Most Popular.” That made me a bit suspicious recognizing that a large scale email campaign had been pushing the story all day. When I saw DNC representatives tweeting about it and then later a congressman post an OP-ED on the subject, I knew the left-wing establishment was running with the meme at full speed.

If you look at the major headlines this week and understand the political position the democrats find themselves in, it’s easy to see why the left’s establishment would unleash this ‘weapon of mass distraction’ upon their own base. For starters, Barack Obama’s polls numbers are in the toilet. He matched his low of a 43% approval rating in a Rasmussen poll taken on Wednesday and he hit a new low for his Gallup numbers at 46% on Thursday. His signature issue, the health care bill polls even lower with the American people.

This was supposed to be the week he got his base “fired up!” Making trips to friendly districts, giving campaign style speeches. The DNC sent out numerous emails to supporters directing them to “call their representatives in support of Health Care Reform.”

Obama tried to give congress a deadline in order to expedite the process and frankly get it out of his hair… What he has left of it anyway. As of this moment, it looks like the week did not go as planned. The Democrat Congress has already burned through one of their options to move forward on the bill. Obama had lack-luster rallies, with small turn-out considering the event was free. To top it off, local democrats up for election avoided Obama’s visits like a virus.

Ace summed up the last 24 hours in regards to the health care push this way:

“The Congressional Hispanic Caucus makes a demand that already derailed healthcare reform once. The Congressional Black Caucus complains that Obama isn’t listening to them. The co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus announces that the President’s stumping across the country isn’t doing a lick of good. The Stupak Twelve announce that there will be no deal. And now the Parliamentarian makes it that much harder to get wavering Congressmen on board.

Stick a fork in it.”

I find it ironic that the left began their week trying to rally its base by attacking their most feared boogey-hockey mom on the subject of health care. Just a few short days later, the bill the president has put all of his presidential stock in, is on life support. While the left-wing base seems always in the mood to post dirty, hateful, and often untrue comments about Sarah Palin on internet forums, they have to realize that Dr. Hopenchange isn’t delivering their Utopian goods. His presidency is in serious trouble and the base he needs to get back on his feet isn’t “fired up!” They’re just easily distracted.


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Fear & Loathing Sarah Palin – Hollywood Edition

by Stacy Drake
There is a reason I haven’t stepped foot into a movie theater in years… I can’t stand Hollywood.

It’s lack of creativity, it’s drug addicts, it’s moral depravity (and I’m no saint) also, it’s grand-standing preaching actors, it’s cults, it’s creepy apartments for child actors that serve the young residents drugs and alcohol. Then there’s the not-so secret, secret about how most young men obtain their movie roles. Somebody clue in “Ricky Hollywood,” considering the path he’s chosen… The whole place makes me rather nauseous. It’s a shining example of how we have fallen as a culture.

If anyone thinks that last paragraph was hyperbole, I can assure you that it’s not. I have a geographical link to L.A. as I am just south of them. Occasionally their problems leak into our community. More often, you meet people here who have lived there and share their experiences. Then there are examples like the friend of mine that I went to college with. Hollywood stole his creativity, his soul, and eventually his life. He was the most talented person in my class and a close friend in school. He’s dead now.

So why do I pick up the rock to show you the ugly underbelly of the world’s entertainment capitol? Because I am wondering where these people get off with their judgment and ridicule.

There is no question that Hollywood considers itself part of the nation’s elite. The fact that they are accepted as such should indicate the standards by which the other members of this esteemed club live by. Many on the Hollywood left like to spew their opinions, no matter what their venue. They take aim at Christianity, Jews, and basically anyone that lives by traditional, pro-American values.

It’s no wonder that they target Governor Palin. All one needs to do is visit Newsbusters or click on a Hollywood gossip site. Just about everyday there is some member of Hollywood making a snarky and/or demeaning comment about the governor.

Last week Governor Palin flew to Los Angeles to film an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and meet with network executives concerning a documentary about Alaska. She even stopped to make a very charitable donation to the Red Cross in an effort to help out earthquake victims in Haiti and Chile. Sounds harmless enough, right?

Everything I just listed that she took part in while in L.A. was trashed and mischaracterized by the Hollywood gossip rags and eventually repeated by the MSM, or LSM, whatever you prefer. The nature of the attacks from the lie spreading, Hollywood “reporters” had a certain tone to them. They all seem to paint Governor Palin, and her “entourage” as though they were some sort of redneck hillbillies. Searching for fame and fortune on “reality shows” before they loot the Silver Spoon of all of those freebies.

To top it off, their usual nemesis, actors, jumped on the band wagon. Repeating the lies (and they of all people should know they were lies) by adding their own snarky half-witted two cents to the mix. It must be their left-wing ideology that allows them to believe that Hollywood gossip-mongers are all of a sudden members of a noble profession. I guess if it’s politically convenient, why not, eh George? I don’t imagine Retracto, the Correction Alpaca has received the proper corrections yet and I’m not holding my breath.

As if Hollywood didn’t quite get the message through to Governor Palin about the depths of their hatred, Kathy Griffin flew into Alaska to make it clear. Griffin boldly made an uninvited house call to Governor Palin’s home (knowing full well that governor wasn’t there at the time) to “invite” the governor to Kathy’s little grotesque, ridicule roadshow. This ridiculous woman used Ricky Hollywood himself, aka the father of Sarah Palin’s grandchild to introduce her on stage in Anchorage. In essence, using the one link she had, via a toddler (again) to attack Governor Palin in her own neck of the woods. Disgraceful to say the least. After hearing what was said on that stage, I’ll go even further and call Kathy Griffin a sexist bigot. Yes, the term can be applied to a woman too. I understand very well that leftists think they are immune to terms like “sexist,” bigot,” and “racist” but if the shoe fits… My colleague, Ron Devito wrote more about Griffin’s spectacle here.

In no way do I believe ALL of Hollywood is rotten and that everyone there heinous. One of my closest friends, my old roommate is an actress. I have other friends that live and work there that keep their sanity somehow, while keeping a healthy distance from the madness that is so present there. It’s also interesting to note that not everybody who wrote about Governor Palin’s visit to the city, did so with malice. Although one quickly learns what defending Sarah Palin brings you in terms of love from the left.

The left and those in Hollywood may scoff at the notion that they fear Governor Palin but they never deny that they hate her. I happen to think fear is the root of all hatred. Hollywood is full of low self-esteems, hatred, and fear. Frankly, they look silly trying to demean anyone.

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Sarah Palin Speaks to a Full House in Calgary

by Stacy Drake

Around twelve hundred people gathered in Calgary, Canada Saturday night to hear Governor Palin give a speech at the BMO Centre. CTV Calgary reports:

“Palin talked about energy policy, the environment, climate change, and of course, politics. ” …

“Senator Pamela Wallin, a former journalist, moderated a short question and answer session. Wallin says if Palin wants to run for president, she’s going to have to take a stand.

“It’s hard to be the critic of your party and its voice and its persona, so I think her intention right now is to see her party, the Republican Party, get back on track,” commented Wallin.

Wallin says its clear Palin has learned a lot about big politics since the U.S. election.

Wallin says Palin also seems to know more about Canada than most American politicians.”

Also of note, Danielle Smith of the Wildrose Alliance party of Alberta was also in attendance. It appears as though the speech went over pretty well with her.

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Sarah Palin is Right About the Tea Party

At the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville earlier this month, Governor Palin had this to say when asked about the Republican Party’s role with the Tea Party movement:

“The Republican party would be smart to absorb as much of the Tea Party as possible. The Tea Party is the future of politics. It is shaping the way of politics in the future.”

There are some within the Tea Party movement that took exception to that, misunderstanding what she meant. She didn’t mean that the GOP should take over the Tea Party movement. She meant that the Tea Party movement should take over the GOP. At least that it should be a loud voice within the Republican Party, if not the loudest.

I totally agree. It makes so much more sense within the current political time frame, to remodel a house that sits upon a strong foundation or “planks” as the governor calls it, than to build an entirely new home all together.

Thursday night on Hannity, Governor Palin spoke in detail about this very topic. Watching the interview I had one of those ‘uh huh, this is why I support this woman’ moments. Well, it’s another reason anyway. It certainly is nice to have more than one reason to support a political figure.

Hannity asked the governor, “One issue is third party candidates tea party movement running candidates. You have said an that you think that is a bad idea can you explain in specificity, why?” Her reply:

“Well, Reagan also said there are no easy answers, but there are simple answers. A simple answer to a challenge that we face today with the Tea Party movement and I believe that I’m a part of that, because I’m such a believer in freedom, that’s what the Tea Party is all about. A simple answer to the challenges they face in not knowing kind of where we belong right now, is to essentially pick a party because we are a two-party system it is easier to reform one of the parties and get the people in the party to understand what has built in great country and what will allow for a brighter future than it is to form a new machine and new process, via a third party.

Let’s get in there and take over one of the parties! Take over the Republican Party tea partiers, and get them to see the light. They are seeing the light clear and clearer everyday. Get them to understand what built this country. Get back to the foundation of America.”

What she said struck me because it was the exact tone of a conversation I had while out to dinner with friends last Tuesday night. After a healthy anti-Obama rant the conversation moved on to the Tea Party and Governor Palin. It went as follows:

(Paraphrased to the best of my recollection)

Friend: Do you think Sarah Palin will run for president?

Me: I don’t know but I hope so.

Friend: If she runs, do you think she’ll run as a republican?

Me: Oh yeah, Governor Palin is a republican, she’s not going to change that.

Friend: What about the Tea Party? I heard some talk about a third party.

Me: That’s not a good idea.

Friend: You don’t think so?

Me: Nope. We need to use the current system. We operate in a two-party system in this country, like it or not, and splitting it into thirds puts us at a disadvantage. Plus, the GOP is already an operational machine… We should take that over and tell the big government fat-cats to shape up or show them the door.

Friend: How’s work?

She can only tolerate political discussions in five minute increments.

I am in no way a Republican Party hack. I actually just re-registered as a republican last week in anticipation of the upcoming GOP primary race here in California. I had over a year hiatus from the party but I’m not missing a fight for the soul of the California GOP for nothing. This might get ugly but it’s healthy and it’s nice to hear real conservative voices in the dialog for a change.

I left the GOP for a few reasons, but mainly because they lost their way. I think with a good cleansing and some hard work, we can get the party back to where it should have been all along. There simply is no other way to defeat the democrats and their leftist agenda. The Republican Party needs a broad base of support to go toe-to-toe with the dems on a daily basis. If we help direct the debate, the GOP will respond. We just have to keep up the pressure constantly and watch out for those within the party that poison the well. When you find someone within the party acting in lines with the big government liberals, write them, call them, yell at them, and if need be, vote them out come the next election.


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Shannyn Moore: Just a Girl from Hades

by Stacy Drake

“The left’s Alinsky tactics … of isolating Sarah Palin or her poor children and beating on them, beating on them, beating on them … [won’t succeed] with the tea party movement. …You can call them racists and homophobes. But those tricks aren’t working anymore, because people are saying,
This is ridiculous.’”

“In the era of new media there’s checks and balances for the type of propaganda you serve up and if you think you can unring this bell… you’re wrong.”
Andrew Breitbart

The title of this blog is in no way a slam against Homer, Alaska. It’s merely a dig at Homer’s most hideous, self-promoting resident. Perhaps that would be a former resident, I really don’t know nor do I care enough to check.

In the quote above, Andrew Breitbart was referring to Rachel Maddow with his comments but I apply the same sentiment to all left-wing operatives that pose as any sort of ‘truth seeker.’

Anyone familiar with Governor Palin’s unhinged, ankle-biting enemies knows who Shannyn Moore is. This is an individual with little respect for honesty and certainly none for herself. She’s been hard at work since August 2008, doing nothing for a planet she purports to care for except nipping at the heels of a woman she isn’t fit to shine the shoes of. Lie after lie, phony scandal after phony scandal. I and others have referred to this sort of behavior with a Wile Coyote analogy. It make sense and it’s just as pathetic.

I’m not going to mince words here as I am growing more impatient with the left’s use of Governor Palin’s children or grandchildren to attack her. It’s been going on since the beginning of the presidential campaign but it’s only increased with time. They seem to think that is the ticket to chase her away from this nation’s political dialog. I’ve got news for them… Governor Palin is one tough lady and she is no anomaly within her family. The hack from Homer cannot do any damage with her feeble attempts to discredit Sarah Palin or her family. She has and continues to only discredit herself.

On Saturday, Ms. Moore uploaded another ‘juicy’ indictment of supposed “hypocrisy” to the left-wing rag, Huffington Post. She comes to her hypocritical conclusion after snooping her nose through the case files of a custody suit, which belong to a pair of young adults living with the consequences of their actions. Young adults with much to learn, yet their lives are splashed all over the internet and on garbage TV shows. Why? Because of politics… Plain and simple, old fashioned left-wing, gutter politics. Albeit on a whole new grotesque level. Only the left would engage their political battles upon the heads of their enemies children. The judges that allowed this to happen are primarily to blame, as I believe their ruling was based in politics as well but that’s a discussion for a whole other blog post.

Shannyn believes that the revelation that Tripp Palin, the governor’s grandson, is “an enrolled tribal member of Curyung Tribal Council” so therefore “the majority of Tripp’s health care costs are … covered by IHS and the Alaska Native Medical Center” means that Governor Palin should be FOR death panels… er, something.

Comparing all encompassing government mandates to tribal enrollment is beyond stupid. The programs set up by the federal government to assist the native population were set up a long time ago. The native population PAID for these services with blood and land. The parameters of these agreements were put into place with signed treaties. In this case that agreement was the “Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.” Tripp Palin is eligible due to his heritage to receive these benefits. Uffda has more details about IHS and Tripp Palin’s heritage here.

As someone with a healthy dose of native blood myself, I take offense to the notion that any benefit given to natives from the government as a fulfillment to past treaties is akin to “socialism.” Thereby by making all natives socialists in the eyes of Shannyn Moore and her 3000 comment posters at HuffPo. Oh, you lefties only wish.

Shannon would rather paint all American Natives and Alaska Natives as socialists than admit the fact Bristol and her family are the sole providers for Tripp. Where the hell has Levi been again? He’s been posing naked in porn magazines and using the entertainment industry’s general hatred of Governor Palin to cash in. Never giving back any of that dirty money to the son who’s life he is responsible for. I’m sure Shannon saw all of that in her little ‘fact’ finding mission but somehow omitted it once again. Levi has been too much of an asset to these people. Can’t chance losing him by admitting what an utter deadbeat father he has been.

So now I’m wondering, do military service members get the same label with this crowd? Are members of the military subject to the same “hypocrisy” label if they don’t agree with a public option? Their health care does come from the government after all. Come on Shannyn, your argument was such a wild shot that the constraints of the moral rules you pretend to follow are a bit too broad to hold much value. You end up labeling two tremendously large groups of people “hypocrites” and “socialists” that clearly do not fit into these categories.

Something tells me you’re only taking issue with Governor Palin’s grandson on this however. Yes, it looks like the left was done beating Governor Palin over the head with her son for the week and moved on to her grandson as their weapon of choice. Both children are toddlers, one with special needs by the way… Fair game to left-wing political creatures.

I thought Shannyn Moore and her keyboard pecking lefty hoard would be able to understand the difference between a benefit and mandate, but I was wrong. They see the word “health” and start chucking kitchen sinks at Sarah Palin and family. Not even stopping for a second to realize that Bristol, not Sarah enrolled young Tripp into a program which happens to be his birthright. Does Shannyn think she’s given herself a whole new set of possible phony scandals by indicting a mother for the actions of her adult children? I can’t believe we haven’t already read this article with Track as the focal point receiving his military benefits. I guess the left prefers dragging the babies through the mud over soldiers these days. It must not be as fun to beat up on our troops now that George W. Bush isn’t their commander in chief.

This is just another episode in which Shannyn Moore beclowns herself in an attempt to hurt Governor Palin. She failed tremendously as she always does. Normally I would type here that she should take a step back and try to realize that using small children is vile and evil but why bother. These people have proven over and over again that they have no morals and no decency. The depths in which they are willing to sink to trash Governor Palin knows no bounds.


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The Left HATES Sarah Palin

Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man’s sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.
– Martin Luther King Jr.
by Stacy Drake

Since when did hatred become acceptable to the left in this country? For the entirety of my life, I have watched them tell the public at large that they are all about “tolerance” and “acceptance.” That the right in this country were the one’s that “hated” and were full of “intolerance.” Of course, growing up in one of those awful families on the horrible right, I always knew that was a lie. However, back then I don’t recall the shear venomous hatred coming from those on the other side of the political spectrum that we see today.

The target of their hatred… Sarah Palin mainly but the Tea Party movement gets it just as bad because to the left, they are the same thing. On a personal level, Governor Palin receives words spewed at her usually only reserved for the worst of our society. Actually, I think leftist media agents give more respect and common courtesy to captured terrorists and convicted murderers, but that assessment only comes after seeing this with my own eyes.

The left likes to deny that they “hate” Sarah Palin. They say they have “contempt” for her, or as Mika Brezezinski says, “we’re not about hate.” Mika and her co-host Joe tried real hard, in between receiving White House talking points, during a recent segment of their MSNBC show, to convince themselves that it’s not “hate.” But it is… Actions or rather, reactions speak loudly… The relentlessness and blindness of their misguided smears and insults defines the emotion.

I’m not the only one who is seeing it. After posting a twelve minute vitriolic rant from Chris Matthews, Noel Sheppard from Newsbusters said:

“To be sure, any sane person would have expected the Obama-loving media to attack Palin after her highly-publicized keynote speech at Saturday’s National Tea Party convention.

But I’m not sure any of us were prepared for what we’ve witnessed in the past 48 hours.

Virtually any channel American’s turned to since Palin got off the stage in Nashville, Tennessee, with the obvious exception of Fox News has been an almost unimaginable hatefest towards the former vice presidential candidate.

It makes you wonder what country you’re living in, doesn’t it?”

Doctor Zero wrote a piece called “Misunderstanding the tea party” in which he states:

If you want to taste hatred, sample the venom directed at Sarah Palin, the only person currently capable of building a bridge between the energy of the Tea Party, and the established resources of the GOP.”

Then there is a comment I found interesting left in a nitpicking article by Robert Schlesinger in US News & World Report, by a person describing themselves as not a “Palin fan” but an outsider tired of the attacks perpetuated by the media at Governor Palin, titled “Dude, where’s your commonsense?” “Rita” says:

“I’m not a Palin fan and I think the tea partiers are still a little weird, but that said, THIS ARTICLE is downright weird, too. Seriously? An error in grammar gets a headline? Get a grip on yourself, man! Do you see how petty and sick you are becoming? Palin isn’t even an elected official right now; she is a private citizen, and you’re making headlines about grammatical errors?

This is not how you gain credibility to criticize her later, on more serious issues. For crying out loud, how is anyone supposed to take the press seriously -when there are really serious things to criticize- if they shoot their wad on this insipid stuff?

Did you write a headline when Obama said there were 57 states? Of course not, nor should you have! Did you write a headline when he said “corpse-man?” No, and you shouldn’t have.

But I guess what the folks on the right have been saying is true: all Democrats are “brilliant’ and all Republicans are “morons” when it comes to the press. Really, you should be ashamed of this; it’s stupid beyond belief. Perhaps Zuckerman can get you all into therapy and anger management classes before the ’10 elections? Because you guys won’t make it to ’12 if this is what you feel compelled to write about. Get a grip. Grow up. You are wholly owned by your hate, and it is screwing up the country.

My basic premise for writing the blog post is to call the left’s actions, words, and behavior for what it is. I don’t like writing about this, I don’t even like thinking about it. But they are being obnoxious with it and it’s impossible to ignore. They went too far this time and I think it’s going to backfire on them in a way they hadn’t anticipated. They never do seem to anticipate the backlash.

Sarah Palin herself seems to be enjoying their latest episode with a little front-handed mockery of her own. Her being a Christian and generally good natured, will spare her from sharing her detractors emotions.

Hatred has roots in fear and ignorance. Bigotry comes from a sense of superiority. It’s a safe assumption that the left fear Sarah Palin, you hear it all the time. Fear forces them to react the way they do, where a level-headed debate would never cause what we see from them today. Talking to any of them for more than a minute reveals their ignorance. I swear these people cannot tell you one actual fact about Governor Palin. Instead, they have filled their heads with lies. As far as the left’s superiority complex goes.. I’ll let Glenn Beck address that:

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Media Reaction to Palin’s Tea Party Speech Downright Comical

by Stacy Drake

Governor Palin delivered the first keynote address to the Tea Party Convention held in Nashville, Saturday night. I watched it live and I have to say that she absolutely knocked that speech out of the park. She spent a lot of time talking about national security, unlike President Obama during his recent State of the Union address. She unified the “loyal opposition” while really laying into the Obama administration and Congress for the current state of the economy and the unemployment numbers. She spoke about the Constitution, freedom, and Ronald Reagan. All without a teleprompter, by the way.

I knew the speech was great and effective while watching it. I really understood how effective it was after seeing this post on Newsbusters. The title, “Palin’s Speech a ‘Masterful Exercise in Paranoid Politics’ from a ‘Merchant of Hate’.”  It features a clip from a panel discussion on MSNBC following the speech. During which, democratic operative Bob Shrum says “she came across to me as a merchant of hate with an oh gosh smile.” Whoa! I guess the key words in his quote are “to me” because this man is clearly blinded by something. Perhaps a little projection on his part?

That sort of thing is actually the norm these days at MSNBC. They were the only network to cover that ridiculous email story that was so transparent in it’s attempt to paint a false picture of Governor Palin’s husband Todd’s role as an adviser. Did they expect her not to talk to her husband during her term? Did they expect Todd to ignore Alaskans concerns that they felt comfortable enough to take them up with him? Just where was the “scandal” there again? You can read a complete take-down of that pathetic, curiously timed media attack here, here, and here.

Then a funny thing happened as I went to check my email. Yahoo displays AP top stories on a splash page below the email workspace. The top story was “Palin tells ‘tea party’: It’s revolution time” I immediately let out a big laugh when I saw the photo they attached to the story.

Look at that mean revolutionary…. Grrrr
You can read the entire snarky article here

News imagery happens to be one thing I know a lot about. It’s my business. I understand what considerations are taken into account for any given story. Unlike the AP, the place I work for has standards. To try and depict Governor Palin as angry, or mean is called being “editorial.” It’s giving the media outlet’s opinion and not just stating the facts. An objective photo would have displayed a plain look or a smile. That goes for everyone across the board no matter the opinion of the news director. AP had appropriate photos to chose from like this, this, or this. But they chose the other one for obvious reasons… It fit their biased reporting.

What is really the comical aspect of it to me is that they were trying to sell an angry look with the word “revolution” next to it. For one, everyone knows she was talking about political revolution. I think most people these days, regardless of party agree with that sentiment. Then there is the fact that Governor Palin doesn’t take many pictures looking angry or mean. In fact, I think her persistent smile is just another thing that drives the miserable left, crazy. All in all, she still doesn’t come off as very threatening in that shot. It was the best one they had to chose from to fit their agenda. They are however, very threatened by her.

To editorialize the photo choice for a straight news, top story just shows once again, how far the media have fallen away from any sort of journalistic ethics. I see it get worse and worse everyday. Granted these examples are mild compared to some I have seen, and I actually find them quite humorous due to their absurdity. It still bothers me that Americans have to decode their news information anytime they tune in to it.

There are many people out there that work their tails off everyday to put food on the table. They don’t have time to be news hounds, scan the Internet, and research every story that they find interest in. So they tune in for a brief moment for a broadcast here, look over their Yahoo splash page, there. Take in what is around them. What the media is selling the busier portion of our society is their own distorted views.

It’s been said before and I’ll go ahead and say it again. Governor Palin drives the left absolutely nuts. They are quick to throw every piece of garbage they can manufacture at her without even considering the consequences to their own credibility. It’s almost as if they have lived in that tin can for so long that they can’t image that Americans would question their word. I’ve got news for them. Everyday those same overworked Americans are waking up to this. More and more people realize in the wake of the Obama charade, what a bunch of liars the press really are.

One day they will be out of business for it too. That is, if we can stop Obama from bailing out a “too big to fail” lackey press corps. Just a side-note, I wonder if Obama calls them the press corpse? Anyway, the bottom line is that Governor Palin’s speech was amazing and the media reacted the way I expected them to… Insanely biased.

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