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Dangerous Sarah Palin Stalker Released From Prison Pending Sentencing

By Gary P Jackson

The crazed stalker family that has been harassing Sarah Palin, her attorneys, and friends, are back in the news again.

The father and son team of crazies have been in federal custody since August of last year, after being convicted of stalking Sarah Palin, and others.

In case you are new to the story, Shawn Cristy has been stalking Sarah for years, and even traveled from his Pennsylvania home to Alaska. He sent Sarah a photo of a gun he claims to have purchased, and also promised to rape and kill her, her daughters, as well as a family friend, who also had restraining orders placed on the Christys.

Shawn’s mother was also involved in this years long ordeal, but was not prosecuted.

I should also note the father, Craig Christy left several rather insane and disturbing comments on this blog as we were covering this story. Evidently he’s convinced Governor Palin and his son had some sort of an affair, and now the Palins are out to get him.

Probably why he still has not been released from the federal mental health detention center in Alaska.

From WHTM News:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) – A 20-year-old Pennsylvania man convicted of harassing Sarah Palin’s Alaska lawyers has been released pending his sentencing scheduled for June 8.

Shawn Christy of McAdoo, Pa., has been in custody since he and his father were arrested in August, most recently at a federal Bureau of Prisons medical facility outside Alaska.

A federal prosecutor says Christy was released and sent back to Pennsylvania this month after the bureau said in a report he was not a danger to the public.

Christy and his father, 48-year-old father Craig Christy, pleaded guilty in January to making harassing phone calls to Palin’s attorneys. Palin attorney John Tiemessen (TEE’-mess-sen) testified in January that the men’s calls threatened both Palin and attorneys.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Retta-Rae Randall says Craig Christy remains at a Bureau of Prisons medical facility, where he received a psychiatric evaluation. It was unknown if the father and son were held at the same facility.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen an entire family of stalkers fixate on one group. Unless you count the Manson family as a real family.

These people need to be locked up, and stay locked up.

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More on the Insane and Dangerous Palin Stalking Family Just Arrested by the FBI

By Gary P Jackson

We just reported the father and son stalking duo of Craig and Shawn Christy were indicted by a federal grand jury in Anchorage, Alaska and arrested by the FBI in Pennsylvania.

Kelly over at Barbaric Thoughts has been keeping watch on these people for some time and reports:

I’ve been popping into the Facebook pages of these two from time to time just to see what crazy stuff they’ve come up with lately. The father is more nuts than the son. He thinks that Palin is in love with his son, that she built her home in Tucson for her and Shawn and not her and Todd. He’s also said that the Palins tried to kill him in PA as he was chopping wood in March of 2009. The latest crazy idea they came up with is that Willow has autism

Bear in mind, these Facebook posts are from the FATHER, not the son. He is most certainly is as crazy as the son, and the son has threatened to rape and kill Sarah, her daughters, as well as one of Sarah’s oldest friends, who like Sarah, has a federal restraining order against the family.

This may be what triggered the action by the FBI:

Again, this is the father, NOT the son.

On April 27, Craig Christy left this comment on our blog:

Ask Sarah to explain why she announced she was leaving office on 7-3-09 one hour after my son Shawn Christys psych evaluation with the Secret Service.He was mentally sound to testify about their sexting affair in Feb-March 2009.Facebook Stand Strong Shawn Christy.

You know when the United States Secret Service is evaluating your metal stability you’ve crossed over into another dimension. What troubles me is the fact mother Karen was not arrested and remains at large. She is just as crazy as her husband and son, and just as dangerous.

H/T: Ladybug


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Stalker Who Threatened To Rape and Murder Sarah Palin, Her Daughter, and a Friend, Is A Bachmann Supporter


Shawn R. Christy, right, looks over court documents with his mother, Karen, center, and father, Craig, at the family’s home in McAdoo. [Republican Herald]

By Gary P Jackson

We’ve talked about Shawn Christy before. This guy is certifiable, and as we reported, so is his family. Christy lives in a fantasy world where he believes he and Governor Palin had some sort of “intimate relationship” and his crazy family goes along with this. I’ve even had Christy’s father, Craig, send me insane messages about Secret Service cover-ups after I wrote about this nonsense.

Christy has threatened to kill Sarah, rape and kill her daughter, as well as Sarah’s good friend, Kristan Cole. He’s sent both Sarah and Kristan violent threats, and was even harassing Kristan’s kids on Facebook. Again, Christy’s mother and father were in on this, and sent messages of their own.

All three of these people belong in a facility for the criminally insane.

Kelsey at Barbaric Thoughts has the latest on these loons.

Recordings of telephone calls made to Sarah Palin’s attorney by a 19-year-old Pennsylvania man accused of stalking the former Alaska governor are peppered with profanity-laced tirades and vows to continue calling nonstop.

In one recording, Shawn Christy of McAdoo, Pa., tells Palin’s lawyer: “You want to play games, you wanna play little court games, well play games, now come on .. Come on! Let’s play games as far as you want it to go on!”

The recordings have been submitted with a motion by attorney John Tiemessen asking a state magistrate in Alaska to deny a request to dissolve a restraining order against Christy.

The motion says Christy’s father, Craig Christy, also has made multiple calls to his office. One of the calls is included in the filing.

There is really not sufficient punctuation on a standard keyboard to express the seething, spitting, splenic, paranoid, bat-guano crazy rage that is encapsulated on the audio,” Tiemessen wrote in the document filed late Tuesday. “None of these calls advance resolution of this matter. They only reinforce that the Christies are a disturbed, obsessed and delusional set of individuals who can not be trusted to behave in a minimally socially acceptable manner on the telephone.”

[ …. ]

Shawn Christy disputes involvement in a letter threatening Palin’s teenage daughter Willow that was submitted as evidence against him earlier this year.

The letter, consisting of cut-and-paste words, says that if Palin didn’t announce by the non-existent date of April 31 that she would not run for office, “you will be cleaning Willows brain cells off your clothes.” It is signed “Hollow Point” and mailed from southeastern Pennsylvania, which the Christys say is nowhere near McAdoo. They also say the handwriting on the envelope is nothing like Shawn Christy’s, who submitted copies of the letter and envelope, along with a letter he wrote to Palin in the past to compare hand writing.

I demand evidence be submitted to the United States Secret Service for further investigation, to prove my innocence, and I demand a retrial,” Shawn Christy wrote in his request.

His mother, Karen Christy, told The Associated Press that the phone calls to Tiemessen reflect the deep frustration the family feels over the letter her son is accused of sending and their inability to find who has the original. In one of the recordings, Tiemessen said he sent the original to the Anchorage office of the FBI, but declined to identify what agent had it, saying he didn’t know. The FBI won’t confirm possession of the letter, Karen Christy said. She believes the letter weighed heavily in extension of the restraining order against her son.

No one has yet to prove that Shawn wrote that letter and no one has been able to produce the original letter,” she said. “Until something is proven that Shawn did it, I don’t see how they can hold that against him.

Craig Christy just mailed a request to get the restraining order against him resolved as well, according to Karen Christy.

Tiemessen told the AP in an email that after the court’s May decision, “Karen Christy promised that her family would not contact us anymore.” That promise was short-lived, Tiemessen said.

The Christys claim that they just want to be left alone,” he said. “They have the power to make that happen. The fact that they continue on this self-destructive path suggests an unfortunate and potentially dangerous alternative desire.”

These people are definitely “disturbed” and most certainly dangerous.

Kelsey has much more, including some screen captures of Facebook postings from both Shawn and Craig. In her investigation, she also discovered that Shawn is a supporter of Michele Bachmann. My advice to Bachmann is: Get plenty of security.

Read it all here.

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Family Affair: Deranged Palin Stalker Admits Rape Threats, Parents In On The Plan


Shawn R. Christy, right, looks over court documents Wednesday with his mother, Karen, center, and father, Craig, at the family’s home in McAdoo. [Republican Herald]

By Gary P Jackson

We’ve been rather quiet on this, as it’s our opinion that giving these insane losers publicity just gives them what they want, and it encourages more loons to step up. However, this ongoing issue with Shawn Christy and his entire family, warrant some coverage.

Full disclosure, though never published, this deranged loon’s father, Craig has even left insane comments on this very blog. We never published, but do have them archived as further evidence of these people’s depravity.

The kid, Shawn Christy has threatened to rape and kill not only Sarah Palin, and her daughters, but also family friend Kristan Cole. They have harassed Sarah’s parents Chuck and sally, as well. And by “they” I mean the entire Christy family. That’s right, this is a family activity.

From the Anchorage Daily News:

A restraining order against a 19-year-old Pennsylvania man accused of stalking Sarah Palin has been extended for six months, following testimony from the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee that she feared for the safety of herself, her family and friends.

Palin testified by phone that she believed Shawn Christy of McAdoo was sending out a clear signal when he made a one-day visit to Alaska on her birthday in February. She also said she feared Christy’s parents because of their contentions that she had a sexting relationship with the teen in 2009.

I believe when he traveled to Alaska on my birthday, he did that so he could prove that he had the means to do so,” she said. “I believe that his and his parents’ repeated contact with those close to me to get me to respond to their false and very, very bizarre allegations constitutes a – obviously, a problem – on their end.

At Monday’s hearing, however, a court magistrate denied requests for protective orders against Shawn Christy filed by Palin’s father, Chuck Heath, and her friend, Kristan Cole, saying the two failed to take part in Monday’s hearing. Palin’s attorney, John Tiemessen, said Heath might be on a bear hunt in Southeast Alaska and Cole was traveling by plane.

Magistrate Jonathon Lack denied a protective-order request by Cole against Christy’s father, Craig, for the same reason. Lack denied Cole’s request for a protective order against Shawn Christy’s mother, Karen Christy, last month. But he told the Christy family Monday that any further contact with Heath or Cole could lead to a restraining order.

Lack also issued a restraining order for Palin against Craig Christy, which includes protection for Palin’s parents and Cole. Palin’s protective order against Shawn Christy protects her parents and Cole as well.

Craig Christy was accused of leaving multiple harassing telephone messages for Palin’s parents and contacting Cole’s children on Facebook.

Palin and Cole obtained original restraining orders against Shawn Christy last year, saying he threatened them, sent a receipt for a gun purchase and said he was buying a one-way ticket to Alaska.

The Christys, who do not have an attorney, also participated in Monday’s hearing by phone.

Lack gave each of them an opportunity to question Palin. Shawn Christy asked Palin if she was aware of threats to her and emails he made to her when she was governor, to which Palin replied that was the job of the governor’s security detail. Christy has said the threats were “stupid pranks” to get attention. He said his life is difficult because he deals with complications from Lyme disease.

Christy also has acknowledged sending threatening messages in 2009 to President Barack Obama, and to Republican Sen. John McCain, who chose Palin as his running mate in the presidential race the previous year. Christy was apprehended by authorities in Washington, D.C., two years ago. At the request of the Secret Service, he underwent a psychiatric evaluation, which concluded Christy had a sense of grandiosity that “could turn somewhat paranoid,” according to court papers.

Christy said someone purporting to be a 15-year-old girl started texting him after he began sending these messages. He said he thought the texter was either law enforcement or Palin. His parents believe it was Palin, which set off the numerous phone calls to Palin’s parents, according to court documents.

Karen Christy said in court Monday that all the family ever wanted was for Palin to talk to them about their beliefs about the texting. If it wasn’t her, she could tell them, Karen Christy said, then asked Palin why she never responded.

I will not reward that kind of behavior and encourage that kind of behavior,” Palin said. “That kind of behavior is dangerous.

When Lack issued his decisions, both Shawn and Craig Christy attempted to perform a citizen’s arrest of the magistrate. Craig Christy said Lack should be excused from the proceedings since he was appointed by then presiding Judge Morgan Christen, whom Palin later appointed to the state Supreme Court.

Unfazed, Lack invited the Christys to file a complaint with the presiding judge.

After the hearing, Tiemessen said the Christys have made it clear that “absent an order like this,” they would not stop contacting the Palins or those close to them.

As they’re repeatedly said, ‘Why haven’t you told us to stop?’ Well, today, I think in pretty clear language, the court told them to stop,” Tiemessen said.

These people are clearly insane, and very dangerous. This kid also threatened the President as well as John McCain, then calls it a “prank” and blames it on the side effects of Lyme disease? Really?

How about we put the blame where it belongs: The kid and his parents who are obviously just as mentally defective as the kid.

For some back story, here’s what the family’s local paper had to say in 2010 after Sarah filed an emergency restraining order:

Former Alaskan governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was granted a restraining order against an 18-year-old McAdoo man Monday after allegedly receiving threats from him since summer 2009.

A court document filed on behalf of Palin in district court in Anchorage, Alaska, states that Shawn R. Christy had been threatening and stalking her through phone and e-mail communications.

According to the court transcript, Palin testified by telephone that she feared for her life and for her family’s safety.

Bottom line is, he is crazy and could kill me,” Palin said in the transcript. “He wants me dead.

In an interview Wednesday night at his McAdoo home, Christy said he tried to contact former presidential candidate U.S. Sen. John McCain and Palin, McCain’s running mate, because he believed the U.S. Secret Service had tampered with his cell phone.

Christy said he began making threats to get their attention and have his phone fixed.

It wasn’t the brightest idea,” Christy said Wednesday.

The document alleges Christy tried to get in touch with Palin numerous times, made references to having guns and said he would be coming to Alaska and she should “watch her back.” Christy also claimed to have a sexual relationship with Palin and threatened to sexually assault her, the document states.

At the court hearing Monday, Palin also testified that Christy believes he has a relationship with her daughter, Willow, and has brought up the girl’s name.

The Secret Service investigated and found that Christy did make threats to Palin, the document states.

A similar restraining order was granted to a friend of Palin, Kristen Cole, 48, of Alaska, effective Monday. Both orders state Palin and Cole believe Christy to be delusional.

According to the court document, Cole stated that even after asking Christy to stop contacting her in 2009, he continued to do so, sometimes every few weeks and sometimes daily in an attempt to be put in touch with Palin. The document also states that Christy tried to arrange meetings with Cole and Palin, threatened Cole and once told her he, “tried to follow the Bible but had evil and wickedness in him.

Cole’s protective order claims Christy told her that she knew the truth about his relationship with Palin, and Cole needed to contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation or would be “punished.”

The orders are active for 20 days or until the issue is resolved by the court. Both orders prohibit Christy from contacting, stalking or threatening Palin and Cole and their families.

According to Palin’s hometown newspaper, the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman in Wasilla, Alaska, Cole said she was worried about Christy’s correspondence for months, but when he called from a number with an Alaskan area code to say his plane landed in Alaska, she made the move to have the court intervene.

Palin attorney’s, Thomas Van Flein, said Christy had “risen to the top of the dozens and dozens of people” who have threatened Palin since 2008, when she emerged on the national stage.

He stands out as the most persistent,” trying to reach her through friends, associates and family members, he said.

Family reaction

Christy and his family, however, say things aren’t as they seem.

Craig Christy, Shawn’s father, said the matter began when Shawn left home without telling him or his wife, Karen, boarded a Greyhound bus and headed to Washington, D.C., in November 2008.

Shawn ran out of money and had no where to go but said he felt safe around the White House and decided to hang out there, his father said. Eventually, Shawn drew the attention of the Secret Service and was questioned by agents, but he not arrested.

In December 2008, Shawn said his cell phone started malfunctioning – clicking and making strange noises. Also, when he used a public computer at a library in Tamaqua, the computer started malfunctioning. Shawn said he began to call the Secret Service to see if the agency had somehow altered his phone and the computer.

After getting no response, Shawn said he tried to reach McCain and Palin and left repeated messages. Still with no response, he began to send threats, thinking that would get him the attention he needed to get his phone fixed. He also called the White House for action but said those he spoke with laughing at him and antagonized him.

Shawn claims he turned himself into authorities in Washington for the threatening messages but was never charged. His parents soon became involved when Secret Service agents visited the family at their home and interviewed Shawn on June 18. He still wasn’t charged with a crime but was ordered to undergo a psychological review, according to his father, although Shawn was found to have no problems.

Shawn said he admitted making threats to McCain, Palin and President Barack Obama. He also admitted to trying to contact Palin through Cole, Palin’s family, her attorney and the Alaska governor’s office. He said he found the numbers by looking them up in online phone directories.

Shawn also said he called Palin’s office in 2008 because he was a supporter and wanted to know more about her views. Shawn said he intended to apologize to Palin in person at an event in Pennsylvania and at one of her book-signings in New York, but he didn’t confront Palin or her family.

When explaining how he contacted Cole from a phone with an Alaskan area code, Shawn said he purchased a pay-by-the-minute phone for which he could select the number and area code. He figured someone in Alaska would pick up a phone call from a number with a local area code. He said he called Palin’s mother from the same number in an effort to reach Palin.

Shawn said Wasilla police called him and read the protective orders over the phone to him, and his father said the family received hard copies of the documents, which McAdoo police delivered to Shawn on Tuesday. McAdoo police declined comment Wednesday.

Craig said Shawn was never in Alaska. Shawn said that although he purchased a one-way ticket in the spring, but never went on the trip because he couldn’t afford a return ticket. He said he bought the ticket because he wanted to talk to Palin and the FBI in person.

Shawn said he sent Palin receipts for a gun but that it wasn’t intended as a threat. Rather, he said he sent a receipt from when he sold a gun to a gun shop in Tamaqua in April, letting Palin know that he wasn’t going to shoot her. Shawn said he didn’t contact Palin, Cole or anyone else after July 3. According to court documents, however, Shawn did contact Cole again.

Shawn said the religious reference mentioned in the court orders was misconstrued. He said that when he referred to being evil, he meant that all humans are considered sinners by God. He said he was raised Christian and wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Craig contends Shawn is not delusional, as Palin and Cole claim. Karen Christy is now concerned for her family’s safety and claims they’ve been the targets of threats.

I wish, honestly, I could go back and it didn’t happen,” Shawn said.

Palin and Cole have requested a long-term protective order. A hearing on that request is scheduled for 10 a.m. Oct. 13 before Anchorage Master John E. Duggan, according to the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman newspaper.

Craig said the family, all of whom receive treatment related to Lyme disease, can’t afford to hire an attorney or fly to Alaska for the hearing, so Shawn will have to participate by phone.

The 20-day protective order prohibits Christy from following, approaching, confronting, watching or otherwise staking or threatening to stalk or assault Palin.

If Christy violates the order, he can be arrested without a warrant.

Clearly deranged. This loon thinks he has a relationship with Sarah’s daughter and the Secret Service messed up his phone. Oh, and here he claimed in September 2010: “I wish, honestly, I could go back and it didn’t happen,” and yet, he has never stopped, nor have his dirt bag parents.

These are the kind of people who must be taken seriously. He’s another Jarred Lee Laughner in the making. What is it with liberalism that brings out the worst in people?

We love Jim Hoft’s take: “SICK LEFTIST FREAKS! The whole crazy family was threatening Sarah Palin, her parents and her daughters!

Once again, liberalism leads to mental instability.


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