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Video: Sarah Palin’s Endorsements. She Is Roaring! So Just Roar Back!


 katie difrancesco 1

by Isabel Matos

I was thrilled that I had my draft ready to post a video here on March 24th, but Sarah has been on such a roll I didn’t have time to write a proper introduction for it! So it was passed around. Then I updated it after she endorsed Joni Ernst, but since then she has endorsed three additional candidates we did not know about before. It’s a great problem! I’m so excited. Please click on the candidates’ names below the clip for their campaign information on each candidate’s race.

I’m so sick of bad news. Here’s hope you can rely on.  It was fun making it and I hope you share it with friends and those you know on Facebook, Twitter or Conservative groups you meet with. Rather than tape a message that will take forever to edit, I will write what I intended to say after the clip. Because it’s a rant. Like tough love. The brand new clip has been updated. It is awesome!

These are the primaries in chronological order. Please watch the video to see who the opponents are and more.. If you click on the candidate’s name you will be directed to their page or campaign link.  So check this out and make a plan. Do it. Then share it with us and let us know how you did. NONE of these have to be from your state. None.

April 22nd

May 13th:  

May 20th

June 3rd: 

June 10th

  • Tim Scott

June 24th

August 12th 

November 4th

Tim Scott was re-endorsed January 22nd.tim scott

Recent endorsements have had people doing crazy things. As a reminder, these elections are if national concern, not just local anymore. What happened in Iowa, for example, does NOT just affect Iowans. It affects us all. People who were supporting OTHER candidates who Sarah did not support, and who are digging their heels in a very sore-loser fashion rather than getting on board with who could be the winner are not helping us. Sarah Palin would never encourage this, neither would any responsible candidate who loses a primary or her endorsement.

There should be a gracious concession and support for the winner as any good sport would do. Everyone knows that! It is plain and simple SOUR GRAPES to ask for help for a candidate nationally, get it, and then if or when they lose, complain your candidate did not get a fair shake. I will not mention who the candidate is, but I will say this. NO one has had to endure more knocks and bruises than Sarah Palin, and yet, she is gracious, whether she wins races or not. Why? Because she thinks like a winner.  She doesn’t let one loss affect her focus on the greater goal.  She does not encourage selfishness, but rather selfless patriotism which she has exemplified in every instance I can recall. That is what makes her great. If someone doesn’t succeed, she doesn’t give up. She stays positive. She’s optimistic. And above all, she keeps edifying her vision and keeps inspiring to follow her. That is who she is.

We had two similar examples of voters choosing to stay home because of a Primary situation. The first was in Indiana in 2012. The primary was between six-term incumbent Richard Lugar, as Establishment as it gets, and Richard Mourdock, the Tea Party favorite and Sarah endorsee. Mourdock defeated Lugar. So what did Lugar’s supporters do? The Hoosiers stubbornly did not accept the primary win by Richard Mourdock and out of pride and just sheer arrogance and stupidity (there is a fine line), they stayed home to protest how unfair the race was and the Democrats won a new seat in the Senate: Joe Connelly. (We lost a Senate seat because of sore losers!)

The second example was with Todd Akin. This one was just as (if not more) infuriating. The Democrats went to the polls to vote for Akin. That is who incumbent Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill thought would be a sure loser to run against.  Sarah Steelman, by all accounts, was the clear winner among the three who were vying to win the primary, according to polls before the votes took place. After voting for Akin in the primary (by that time it was too late to change perceptions or choice), Missourians ignored a solution offered by Sarah after the primary.

Todd Akin won the primary but she made an impassioned plea for his resignation. He had no chance of winning, and she clearly explained how the left manipulated the primary. This fell on deaf ears, but I have not forgotten it.

I had never seen Sarah so fired up about what she called not putting self aside for the greater good (because she walked that walk herself) than I did on that day she appeared on Greta to complain about his thinking he could win. She even mentioned we’d start a third party if we had to she was so mad. But again, Todd ignored the advice.

As if anyone was surprised, Todd Akin makes a stupid comment during an interview and says it is rare for someone to become pregnant from rape: “The female body has ways to try and shut that whole thing down. Making political hay of that is an understatement.  The comment alienated, of course, the socially conservative phobic establishment, including Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney who called him out.

Missourians insisted they knew what was right for their state and rationalized that the Republican establishment was against Akin because he was a social conservative. They took it personally instead of seriously that he needed to withdraw from the race. They tried to make lemonade with their lemon but of course, the lemon lost. It was beyond frustrating. We warned him and Missourians it would happen.  Is Akin achy we lost?

I said “we” lost. Not just Missouri. They allowed the left’s manipulation of choosing the candidate (first), then ignored our national cries. Even Sarah Palin “supporters” would not heed her advice. He had two deadlines and chose 15 minutes of fame instead. He got a whole lot of attention from July to election day. Again, where is he?

I hope the race in IOWA (Primary June 3rd) is not a repeat of either one of the two scenarios above (more like the first than the second). Get ON BOARD Iowans! In particular, I hope the supporters who spent time working on behalf of their candidates do what needs to be done.. Reload, not retreat and host pity-parties of one. Get ON BOARD Iowans! Please support Joni Ernst, for goodness sake! So much is at stake.

THINK of the rest of us who are working hard to have a majority in the Senate and more Conservatives in the House. If you support Sarah then you support the candidates she endorses, whether your guy or gal gets her endorsement or not. She obviously selects exciting, fresh, principled candidates who are willing to stand up to the establishment, each one with a special mindset to take on the corruption that is ruining our party and our country.

The time to talk is over. It’s time to walk. We can also do both always. I will help one of these candidates.  I will stop squatting on Facebook or Twitter, and dedicate at least 2 hours of my time (at least) per week if possible, or whatever my schedule permits, and sacrifice for the cause. Nothing worth winning comes easy.  There are only so many posts, so many tweets you can send to be effective IT’S TIME TO A.C.T.

I don’t want to hear any complaints from Sarah Palin supporters who want her to RUN IN 2016 as they sit on the sidelines doing nothing to help the candidates she has endorsed. Again, it’s not just local anymore. The Rinos are being hosted and financially supported by the likes of Soros and other enemies of ours in ritzy hotels, and making not-so-hidden deals to crush us.  Let’s push back. And hard. As hard as we have ever pushed back.

It’s not sexy, fun or exciting to make calls, but they have to be made. Maybe you have money. If you don’t, try finding someone who does. If you don’t like calling, then walk to put signs on people’s yards. Or call to have one up in your yard. The least you could do is pass along this information. Conservatives are horrible at getting the message out in an efficient manner. That will have to change but we’re going to have lose a few battles to become wiser or gain experience at improving ourselves, with practice. My rant is almost over.

I am mad because after all is said and done, more is always said than done. So let’s get busy and roar like Sarah! Rrrrrrrr. No excuses. Everyone has a job to do.kristi honas

Thank you.


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Governor Sarah Palin Reminds New Jersey Steve Lonegan is the Right Choice

SarahPac Steve Lonegan

By Gary P Jackson

Governor Sarah Palin talks to Sean Hannity about Steve Lonegan’s incredible life story, as well as his outstanding record as a public servant.

They also talk about America’s rich energy resources that are going untapped … AND the need for a third party.

Audio courtesy SarahNET.

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Three Ways to Help Sarah Palin Get Steve Lonegan to the U.S. Senate!

1) Anyone with a Telephone can Make calls from home HERE.

clean look

2) Anyone living in or close to New Jersey can GET INVOLVED HERE

sarah palin speaking at nj rally

3) We can contribute to the Lonegan campaign HERE.

Palin at the Rally

Sarah wrote on Facebook today:

The momentum is on Steve Lonegan’s side coming into next Wednesday’s election in New Jersey! Please visit Steve’s website to find ways to help out. It was such an honor to rally for Steve yesterday in NJ. Thank you again to everyone who came to join us – including “The Great One” Mark Levin and Tea Party Express.


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Wayne Mazza: My Day at the Governor Palin Rally for Steve Lonegan for Senate


By Wayne Mazza

I was on the road Saturday morning at 7am and got to New Egypt around 10am.  I made plans the night before to meet up with political ally and Facebook friend Pat Cashman.  I met Pat at around 10am at the Speedway where we barely had to time to greet each other.

It was just that quick, BAM! Soon as we arrived, Pat and I were volunteers.  We planted roughly over 450 “Lonegan for Senate” signs along both sides of the road.

pat planting signs

We took a quick break and got some coffee at Wawa’s then began hanging more signs on the fences of the speedway.  By then we were joined by Pat’s brother and his cousins who were also volunteers!

We did New Jersey Conservatives proud, and there is nothing better than meeting someone you are friends with on Facebook for the first time.  After the event we had a wonderful dinner together before I headed home.

What a day! I went to meet one friend and left with six more. Thank you, Pat!

new buddies

Now for the Rally

By 3:30pm the party got started, we had singing, heard from the Tea Party Express bus driver Ray, and then the speakers. The mayor of New Egypt, Amy Kremer, a Democrat congressman who is supporting Lonegan, and then the Great one “Mark Levin”.

Mark was his usual self, warning us of what is happening before our eyes, telling the president to open our Monuments, and how hard the fight ahead with establishment Republicans, the sell outs, is going to be!!

Mark Leven is middle America, just like Sarah Palin, and he connects with people just like she does. Hearing him talk in person had the hair on my neck standing up. He always brings such a sense of pride in his speeches that you think your heart is going to burst.

Mark was followed by Mr. Lonegan who really gave a great speech on family traditions and values. It was followed up by his business success.

Then, the moment we were all waiting for, was at hand.  Mr. Lonegan introduced Governor Palin and the crowd went wild. There was cheering, there were flags waving, and there she stood, “Our Mama Grizzley”, our Northern Light, the leader of the conservative movement, “Our Sarah”!

I have been privileged to be in the presence of Governor Palin four times in the last fours years and I must say, the feeling is always the same. The air feels like it is filled with electricity, her warmth covers you like a blanket on a cold night, and if you are lucky enough to catch her inadvertently looking at you as she is gazing over the crowd, you can feel the spirit of God radiating through her eyes.

People wonder why she can take all the insults and lies spread about her and keep going.  I will tell you why I think that is so. First of all, she is a Christian woman.  Second, she was an athlete, and athletes fight to the end, till the last out or until time runs out! Third, her love for not only this country but its people gives her strength.

As Governor Palin was speaking, you can feel that fight in her and that unwavering strength.  She is serious about what she says and when she sets her jaw, and her eyes are focused on the crowd, you can see the determination in her eyes and know she is taking no prisoners.

Other than the promotion for Mr. Lonegan, there were two points she made in her speech that were very clear!

1. Our country is under attack by a Socialist President. Sarah calls it the way she sees it. And     fearlessly!

2. We have to fight to elect more Constitutional conservatives. We need to send  reinforcements to help the good guys like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to Washington.

3.  Sarah also reminded us of some history. There were more battles fought in New Jersey than any other colony during the Revolutionary war, and New Jersey had her own first Momma Grizzley. She told us how Molly went to the battlefield to give the soldiers water and when her husband went down, she immediately took his place swabbing and loading canon.

When Sarah talks, people listen, and she does not have to promise hope and change, you feel it in her presence.  I was just three feet away from her here.
sarah shaking hands

Security said there were 2500 cars. At 2 per car, 5000 would be conservative. There are many over to the left side of this picture which you cannot see.rally crowd

Here she is signing autographs at the end of the rally with Todd looking on.

tea party express


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Videos: Mark Levin and Steve Lonegan Speeches at New Egypt Rally, NJ

amy kremer

Amy Kremer introducing Mark Levin, “The Great One”.

Steve Lonegan’s Speech:

videos courtesy of iizthatiiz

Other pictures at the Rally courtesy of Ed Murray The Star Ledger

 steve lonegan longenansarah waving at rallylonegan with the crowdlonegan rally sarah


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VIDEO: Sarah Palin Speech at Steve Lonegan Rally in New Egypt, NJ

sarah with mark levin and todd

By Isabel Matos

Video of Sarah Palin speaking in New Jersey at the rally for Senate candidate Steve Lonegan.


video courtesy of iizthatiiz

Just minutes before her speech Sarah Palin tweets this:


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Sarah Palin: Looking Forward to Joining the “Great One” in NJ this Saturday at Rally for Steve Lonegan

Palin Lonegan Levin Tea Party Express

By Sarah Palin:

Looking forward to joining the “Great One” Mark Levin and the Tea Party Express in NJ this Saturday at a rally for Steve Lonegan.

It’s this Saturday, 4-6 PM, at New Egypt Speedway, 720 County Road 539, New Egypt, NJ 08533.

Please come and join us!

From Mark Levin:



This Saturday, 4-6 PM,at New Egypt Speedway, 720 County Road 539, New Egypt, NJ 08533

There will be other prominent speakers and live entertainment. PLEASE COME JOIN US!

Earlier Governor Palin posted this POWERFUL Lonegan video that needs to go viral immediately

Go Steve Go!


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Breaking: Sarah Palin Endorses New Jersey’s Steve Lonegan for United States Senate

SarahPac Steve Lonegan

Minutes ago Governor Sarah Palin took to Twitter and Facebook to announce her endorsement of Steve Lonegan for the United States Senate against Corey Booker in New Jersey.

On October 16, New Jersey has the choice of two mayors to send to the U.S. Senate. Only one of these mayors has embraced and governed by the values of New Jersey’s state motto – “Liberty and Prosperity.”

During one mayor’s tenure his town’s unemployment nearly doubled, taxes skyrocketed, and violent crime increased; but in fairness, Newark Mayor Cory Booker may not have noticed these facts between his constant tweeting and trips to Hollywood.

Contrast this with Mayor Steve Lonegan. As mayor, Steve cut wasteful spending, eliminated wasteful services, stabilized taxes, and reduced debt.

Perhaps it was Steve’s prior experience as a successful small business owner and entrepreneur that encouraged him to lead with conservative principles. He understands that government is too often the problem, not the solution.

Steve asked for my support, and today I officially endorse his candidacy. I encourage voters in New Jersey to give Steve a look and not believe those in the media who tell us conservatives can’t win in certain areas! Steve’s own electoral history proves that theory untrue.

New Jersey deserves better! Steve Lonegan will fight to preserve our Liberty against government regulations like Obamacare that seek to limit our Prosperity. Let’s come together, turn out, work hard, and elect conservative Steve Lonegan to the U.S. Senate on October 16!

You can learn more about Steve Lonegan at his website: http://www.loneganforsenate.com/

You can also follow Steve on Facebook at:



~ Sarah Palin

Lonegan is elated:

New Jersey’s liberal governor Chris Cristie has done everything in his power, including rigging the date of this election, to help himself and Cory Booker, at the expense of Conservatives everywhere. This is a STRONG message that he and Booker cannot prevail.

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