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Bing and Google Honor Memorial Day Quite Differently

By Gary P Jackson

The two largest search engines, Bing and Google, use their home pages to commemorate all sorts of holidays, birthdays, and so on. Google is notorious in how it remembers certain events though, and how it ignores others.

Bing, on the other hand, never fails to show respect.

On Memorial Day, the two internet giants’ home pages looked like this:

At least Google, which goes all out for holidays like Cinco de Mayo, and May Day [the anniversary of the Communist revolution] had something, but not much, and certainly not enough, considering what it does for other holidays.

I would think honoring those who gave their lives for Liberty and Freedom would be a top priority for those who count on free speech to make a living. Without the sacrifices our veterans have made since our nation’s founding, our free speech rights might not exist as they do today.

This isn’t the first time Google has done this, nor will be it the last.

In June of 2010, we covered how both Bing and Google handled the anniversary of the D-Day invasion.

I’m OK with both Bing and Google doing their own thing, but is it too much to ask for Google to show a little more respect for our troops?

H/T Sissy Willis



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Andrew Breitbart’s Postcard to Our Troops

By Gary P Jackson

It’s been a tough few days for all of us. The sudden loss of Andrew Breitbart has left us devastated.

I must confess in all of remembrances, great stories about his life, as well as feeling shock and more than a bit of disbelief [at first] I never really broke down until today.

I never had the privilege of meeting Breitbart, but I admired him greatly. I loved his take no prisoners attitude, and wish I had the kind of grace he showed while doing it. I’ve never had a hard time arguing, but it’s the way he did it all that was so remarkable. He would say that he hated the enemies of Liberty and Freedom to his very core, but he never came off as mean-spirited. It’s a quality I really admired in him.

Another quality Breitbart had was the ability to inspire. He was the kind of leader you wanted to look up to and follow their lead. A remarkable man of the sort who we rarely see and will forever miss.

As I was saying, his death shocked and saddened me, but the full impact of what we have lost didn’t really hit me until today when a copy of postcard tweeted by “Hating Breitbart” came through my Twitter feed. This accounts belongs to a movie of the same name.

From the website:

Hating Breitbart” tells the story of how one man with a website upended the traditional press and repeatedly found himself the target of a media feeding frenzy.

I’ll have more in another post about all of that.

The postcard, which comes to us courtesy of Beverly Perlson who runs the website Band of Mothers is addressed simply “Dear Soldier.”:

Dissent is NOT patriotic!

Dear Soldier,

I apologize from the bottom of my heart for the putrid behavior of the American media. You have exhibited heroism while they took the lowest road.

I have committed all of my resources to undo that lowering. History will prove you right. And the mainstream media and Hollywood will have been exposed as the traitors they are.

Andrew Breitbart

When I read this, I lost it.

What you see here is a man with real passion and a strong sense of right and wrong. Breitbart saw great injustice, then looked around and saw no one was really doing much about it. He took up the fight himself and fought with everything he had.

He saw how the media, Hollywood, and the left in general, treated our finest and bravest, and he took it personal. Breitbart was the warrior who looked around at all of the hate spewed from the vilest elements of our society, and said “not on my watch!”

Andrew Breitbart was a marketing genius, and the true king of all Conservative media. He was intelligent and motivated. He could have easily taken the another path, become wealthy and admired by the usual suspects. After all, he grew up around Hollywood and had worked in the business.

He didn’t do this. Instead he decided to take on the corrupt media and the Hollywood elite. He took them on with everything he had, and inspired others to do the same. And he was winning.

Andrew Breitbart had courage and the heart of a warrior. There is now a void that may never be fully filled.

Reading the note to our troops and seeing the passion Breitbart had for his work, I have come to fully understand the magnitude of the loss our nation has suffered and what a magnificent man Andrew Breitbart was.

May God bless his soul and may we all be continually inspired by the life and works of Andrew Breitbart.


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Sarah Palin Shows Leadership By Skipping NBC/POLITICO Dog And Pony Show

By Gary P Jackson

The media was all aflutter when it learned Sarah Palin wasn’t going to attend the “Republican Debate” at the Reagan Library in May. Of course the “thought leaders” all saw this as a sure sign that Sarah wasn’t going to run for President. This is know as wish-casting, something the naysayers do a lot!

The fact is, this “debate” is being hosted by two of the most leftist organizations out there: NBC and POLITICO. Might as well have the Daily Kos and Huffington Post host the thing. Experience tells us it won’t be a fair debate, there is an agenda at work here, and the moderator will be working to craft the best “gotcha” questions imaginable.

Past that, it’s way too early. May 2011 is 19 months, just a few months shy of two years, from the 2012 election. Can’t we at least wait until 2012 to start this process?

Sarah Palin won’t be the only Republican hopeful skipping the debate, but you’d think she was, considering the hand wringing.

Tim Crawford, SarahPAC’s treasurer, issued a statement saying people shouldn’t read anything about 2012 into her skipping the “debate.”

Katrina Trinko from National Review Online reports:

Sarah Palin’s decision to deliver a speech in Colorado the same day as the first GOP presidential primary debate does not signal that she will not run in 2012, says an official with Palin’s PAC.

It has nothing to do with a decision [about running for president in 2012]. The Governor said the other day that she will make a decision about that in the coming months,” Tim Crawford, the treasurer of Palin’s PAC, told National Review Online.

Palin will be the keynote speaker at the Colorado Christian University’s “Tribute to the Troops” event, which the university describes as “a military and veterans appreciation rally and charity benefit.” The benefit will be held in Lakewood, Colo. on May 2, the same day Politico and NBC News have scheduled the first GOP debate at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, Calif.

It should be noted Sarah had scheduled an event in Colorado earlier to support the troops, and the event was canceled due to threats of violence from “loving and tolerant” liberals. It should also be noted that Sarah specifically chose this date, and is doing this appearance no charge, so every dime raised will benefit the group.

More on this later.

Even Allahpundit at Hot Air recognizes this is a smart move:

Good politics, actually, and if not for the location, I’d say it was great politics.

SarahPAC’s treasurer tells NRO that the scheduling had nothing to do with the debate. Okay, but raising money for families of deceased vets on a night when the Pawlentys and Gingriches of the world are chasing their personal ambitions on national TV is a pretty sweet contrast to draw. It’s also an opportunity to enlarge the shadow she’s cast over the field. Her absence at the library will be felt regardless, but if she says something provocative in her speech at the fundraiser that gets the media’s attention, she might steal the spotlight away from the debate the next day. That’ll drive her rivals nuts and build momentum for a splashy late entry into the race.

The only potential liability is that skipping a photo op with Nancy Reagan makes it a bit harder to claim the Reagan mantle. Even that’s a minor concern, though: None of the other top-tier candidates seriously present themselves in the Reagan mold, and since the debate’s being sponsored by two media outlets that grassroots conservatives loathe, her decision to skip the event is easily forgiven. It’s all upside. Exit question: If it’s wrong to read any political significance into the scheduling of the May event, is it okay to read some significance into the scheduling of this event in October?

We have to disagree with Allah on the Nancy Reagan photo op. We all love Nancy, but she has been co-opted by the party elites, and doesn’t carry the heft that Ronnie did. Besides, Sarah had her real Reagan moment when she was the keynote speaker at the event celebrating Reagan’s 100th birthday. The ranch really represents the very essence of Ronald Reagan, and Sarah was able to walk the paths and ride the trails of Ronald Reagan at the ranch.

The October event Allah refers to is the Extraordinary Women Conference. This will be a huge event that will be simulcast live to more than 1,000 churches nationwide. This has the potential to reach anywhere from 500,000 to 1 million viewers. [and that’s a very conservative estimate] This is a powerful setting for Sarah to speak in. A powerful way to get her message of faith out.

From News Advance:

Sarah Palin will be the featured speaker at a women’s conference at Liberty University this fall.

The former Alaska governor will share her “personal testimony of faith” at the Extraordinary Women Conference, which will be held at the Vines Center on Oct. 7-8, according to a news release from conference organizers.

Liberty Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. said in an e-mail Tuesday that the university is “honored to host (the conference) and to welcome Governor Sarah Palin to our campus.

Governor Palin is greatly admired by our Liberty University faculty, staff and students for her patriotism and her determination to stand up for what is right despite vicious and unrelenting attacks against her and her family.”

The conference in Lynchburg is one of several stops on the 2011 “Everlasting Hope” tour, part of outreach efforts by the American Association of Christian Counselors, a Forest-based organization led by Liberty professor Tim Clinton. His wife, Julie Clinton, is the point person for the Extraordinary Women conferences.

We are just thrilled to death,” Julie Clinton said in an interview Tuesday about Palin’s upcoming appearance in Lynchburg.

Palin, who will speak at the conference on Oct. 8, was sworn in as the first female governor of Alaska in December 2006. In August 2008, she was named as Sen. John McCain’s vice-presidential running mate, making her the first woman to run on the Republican Party’s presidential ticket. She was named in TIME magazine’s 2010 list of “100 Most Influential People.”

Her October appearance at Liberty will be broadcast live to more than 1,000 churches, Falwell said.

Sheya over at Conservatives4Palin has his own take: [emphasis mine]

Governor Palin to Politico: Take Your Liberal Biased Debate And Shove It!

Doing this fundraiser, instead of the debate, is a sign that Governor Palin will be a candidate for president in 2012.

Last month, we reported that the Governor was scheduled to do a fundraiser for the Patriots & Warriors Gala, an organization that tax records show had around $1,000 in revenue in 2008 and $2,204 in total assets in 2009. The event was canceled after the people who hate the Governor released an onslaught of personal attacks on the organisation.

[ … ]

So what do we have here? First the Governor schedules a May 2nd event for a small organization with assets totaling around $3,000. She then asks the organizers of the newly scheduled event to hold the event on specifically the same date and does it for free.

There’s a pattern here. It’s not that the Governor won’t be attending the debate because she’s doing the fundraiser. She’s purposely doing the fundraiser to not attend the debate. Governor Palin is sending a message to the far left NBC and Politico: you can’t suck up to Obama and trash her, her kids and Republicans in general all the time and expect a credible debate in return.

[ … }

If Governor Palin wouldn’t be running she wouldn’t have gone out of her way to have an event on that night to avoid the debate. If she isn’t a candidate, she wouldn’t attend the debate anyway and would have just stayed at home to watch it so she could make an educated decision on which other candidate to support. The fact that Tim Crawford gave his statement suggests that the Governor wanted the message out loud and clear.

Let us not mince words. It’s pretty clear that Governor Palin, with her years of experience in running a business, close to 20 years of public service, and her vast experience in energy, is running for President of the United States. She will be participating in a lot of debates but the liberal biased Politico/NBC debate will not be one of them.

Let the liberal and establishment heads begin to explode, George Will; I mean yours too.

Sheya is spot on. If Sarah was not going to run in 2012, she wouldn’t have went out of her way to schedule the event at the same time as the “debate.” As we all know, even if she wasn’t going to run, she has signaled that she has every intention to be a major political force for years to come. She would have indeed sat back and watched this dog and pony show, to see how the candidates performed. The message is loud and clear: Sarah Palin is running for President!

Of course, this may be the worst kept secret on earth!

Read more of Sheya’s take here.

The Denver Post has more on the tribute to the troops event:

When the original event was canceled, John Andrews, an enterprising sort, immediately called Palin’s people to tell them that Palin was, in fact, always welcome in Colorado.


Andrews was trying to get Palin to attend his Western Conservative Summit event, which last year was best known for producing the Lone Tree Declaration.


This year, Andrews was hoping to bring in some presidential candidates, such as, maybe, Palin.

I remember that it was the day of the Super Bowl,” Andrews is telling me about the call. “They [the Palin camp] said to make it quick because they wanted to watch the game. When I asked about July, they said why not do it on May 2, which was still an open date on Palin’s calendar, and why not do it as a tribute to the military.”


Andrews says that Palin, known for her hefty speaking fees, is doing the event pro bono. And the affair will take place the same night as the first Republican primary debate at the Reagan Library in Santa Barbara

The NBC/POLITICO “debate” is a complete waste of time, and many of the “front runners” will be avoiding it like the plague! Sarah, once again, shows leadership and political savvy by steering clear of this disaster. [much like she did by skipping CPAC] You can bet that whatever happens at the “debate“, coverage of her event at the Colorado Christian University will overshadow it.

Plus … an organization that is helping the families of our brave men and women will get a much needed financial boost. And frankly, that is the most important thing about May 2, 2011, as far as all of this goes.

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Goodyear And NASCAR Team Up To Support Our Troops

Fans who attended the NASCAR Coke Zero 400 Saturday night in Daytona, or watched on TV, were treated to a wonderful salute to America’s armed forces, as well as a unique program designed to raise money for Support Our Troops ®, a nationwide program whose mission is to bolster the morale and well-being of America’s troops and their families.

Along with the iconic Goodyear logo in the familiar yellow, every tire on every car that competed in the Coke Zero 400 had “Support Our Troops” proudly displayed in red, white, and blue.

This was, in my opinion, pretty cool all on it’s on, but the purpose of this was to create a unique souvenir for NASCAR fans, as well as raise money for Support Or Troops ®. Between now and July 17th, you can bid on tires that were on the race car of your favorite driver during the actual race.

The special-edition tire comes complete with a certificate of authenticity furnished by Goodyear that includes the driver’s name and car number, the race the tire was used, the driver’s finish in the race and the tire’s Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

This is a great program, and a way to get a premium souvenir, while at the same time supporting the best this nation has to offer, our brave men and women in the United States military.

Whether you’d like a tire from race winner Kevin Harvick’s car, or one of the other 42 drivers, you’ll have a cool piece of history. In addition to the tires, you can also bid on an authentic hood from Brad Keselowski’s car, and a replica mini-hood from Dale Earnhardt Jr.

From Support Our Troops ®:

For the first time in history, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, exclusive tire supplier of NASCAR’s three major national series, has rebranded all Goodyear Racing Eagle tire sidewalls with a patriotic red, white and blue “Support Our Troops” color scheme.

It is a very loud and very strong ‘thank-you’ to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces who do so much for each of us.

What the troops do for us each day, under impossible demands, is an awesome miracle“, points out Martin C. Boire, Executive Director of Support Our Troops. In fact, the red in the flag stands for them because they’re giving their all to America, not asking what she’ll give them. So isn’t it time to show them how much we all care? And I want to thank Goodyear and NASCAR for stepping up for the troops in a major way to help everyone do just that.

[ …. ]

The tires will run on the NASCAR Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series races on the 2nd and 3rd. They launch the Goodyear Support Our Troops Program that then runs through November. You can get in on the action at Goodyear.com.

First, Goodyear will auction off online the special edition driver-autographed Support Our Troops tires used in the July 3rd Coke Zero 400, at Goodyear.com.

That is everyone’s first chance to step up for the troops the way they have stepped up for all of us.

Second, Goodyear is jump-starting this fundraising drive with a $20,000 donation to Support Our Troops, Inc.

This is a challenge for other great American companies who have what it takes to match that corporate gift to Support Our Troops, Inc.

Third, through November the Goodyear Support Our Troops Program will operate through Goodyear.com and Goodyear Tire dealerships across America to provide everyone a variety of ways to show their support for the troops and participate in a series of fund-raising initiatives to benefit members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families.

100% of funds raised go to Support Our Troops®, the nonprofit nationwide organization which bolsters the morale and well-being of America’s troops and their families. Funds raised through the Goodyear effort will benefit highly effective programs which deliver over $8 million per year in care packs and requested items to the front lines, positive support at home, military kids’ camp assistance and more.

Martin C. Boire, Executive Director of Support Our Troops, says, “I want to thank Goodyear and NASCAR for stepping up for the troops in a major way.

Ryan Newman autographs one of the Goodyear Racing Eagles:

This is a fun way to support out brave men and women, and you’ll have a neat souvenir. Add a couple of supports inside the tire, lay it on it’s side, put a piece of tempered glass over it, and you’ll have a cool coffee table and great conversation piece.

To bid on one of these unique tires, or a hood, visit: http://www.goodyearsupportourtroops.com/

To learn more about Support Our Troops ® visit their home page:


Bid early, bid often!

Goodyear is the exclusive tire used in the NASCAR Sprint Cup, Nationwide, and Camping World series, as well as NHRA Full Throttle Championship Drag Racing.


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Happy Independence Day America: Remembering Our Founders And Our Troops

By Gary P Jackson

As we celebrate our the 234th Birthday of our Republic, I’d love to share one of the most beautiful and inspiring renditions of America the Beautiful, by Ray Charles

I know everyone is excited about the day, and has their activities planned out. From wonderful parades to BBQs, ball games, and rodeos, or maybe a magnificent concert and fireworks display, this is a day of fun and celebration.

As we celebrate the birth of our Republic, the greatest nation the world has ever known, I hope people will reflect on the founding. The fight to win Freedom and Liberty, at a time when tyranny was the norm, is the defining struggle for all of mankind.

On this day, take a little time to reflect on those 56 men who risked it all as they signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776:

Take time to visit the wonderful project, Constituting America, and check out what Janine Turner has going on, by visiting the website: http://www.constitutingamerica.org/

As one must never forget the sacrifices our brave men and women make to keep us safe and free, please take time to consider supporting one or more of these fine organizations who support our troops.

Fisher House: http://www.fisherhouse.org/

Standing For Our Soldiers Troopathon: http://www.troopathon.org/

Wounded Warrior Project: http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/

Any Soldier: http://anysoldier.com/

Check out Sarah Palin’s Troopathon message of support here.

Have a wonderful 4th of July y’all!


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