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Sarah Palin’s Pick to Co-Host “The View”? Tammy Bruce

Tammy Bruce

***Updated below***

By Gary P Jackson

Well here’s something kind of cool to start the day off. As you know, recently Sarah Palin, when asked …. after the mass firings at The View …. commented that the show could use a Conservative voice. Governor Palin told the Hollywood ReporterI hear everyone recently got canned from The View so maybe a show like that needs a punch of reality and a voice of reason from America’s heartland to knock some humble sense into their scripts. You know, someone willing to go rogue..” This has led to wild speculation that she would be interested in a slot on the show. Everyone with a byline seems to be talking about it.

Well, Nikki Finke writes that Governor Palin is indeed involved in the process. Reports are that Governor Palin has recommended Tammy Bruce for the slot. From Finke’s website:

I don’t think Sarah Palin is being considered to be a panelist on the show. I think she’s working behind the scenes to help them cast the conservative,” an insider tells me. “Tammy and Palin are close friends, and I think they are hot on Tammy because of Palin. They want the show to be politically combative, and Tammy would certainly be the anti-Rosie in every possible way.”

We LOVE Tammy, a lot! She’s a reformed liberal and was the president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women [NOW] for 7 years, and served on the board of directors for 2 years. She’s an actual feminist, like Governor Palin, not one of the phonies. Tammy understands how the liberal mind works, and is an outspoken voice against the evils of that ideology. She can hold her own in any setting, and would indeed be the “Anti-Rosie” in every way! She is intelligent, attractive, and unafraid! A class act. She is able to bring logic and reason to an argument with a liberal.

Tammy has a large following of her own. Her “Tammy Army” is quite active in Conservative politics. Her website, Live Wire is a daily “must read.” Having Tammy as part of the cast would, of course, help boost ratings for a show that has been on it’s last breaths, in it’s current form.

Besides her website and talk show, Tammy is a Fox News and PJTV contributor, as well as a columnist for the Washington Times.

I had a very brief exchange of messages with Tammy on Tuesday. She neither confirmed nor denied the report, but I felt she was excited. Personally, I can’t think of a better person to join the show. Tammy would represent Conservatives very well.

Let’s all send some positive thoughts her way!

If you don’t already, follow Tammy on Twitter @HeyTammyBruce


Got a message from Tammy Bruce after this was published. She confirms she is in talks with the people at The View though she can’t confirm if Governor Palin was involved in the process. We’re thinking good thoughts, as we think this would be a very watchable show with her on it.

I’ve edited the headline [added a question mark] to reflect the fact that Tammy can’t confirm reports Sarah Palin is involved in the decision, as reported by Nikki Finke.



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Tammy Bruce Talks About Chick-fil-A and Failed “Kiss-in”

A Chick-fil-A employee hands out water to a group of haters protesting the restaurant. Chick-fil-A employes nationwide handed out free water to protesters. But Chick-fil-A is supposed to be the bad guy. EAT MOR CHIKIN!

By Gary P Jackson

Tammy Bruce was on Fox and Friends this morning talking about Chick-fil-A and the really pathetic “kiss-in” that was staged on Friday by militant gay activists. As Tammy points out, on Wednesday, supporters of traditional marriage, and freedom from oppression, flooded Chick-fil-As nationwide, producing record sales. The “kiss-in” had few participants and some vandalism.

If you haven’t see it yet, Twitchy has more on the hatemongering jackass who vandalized a restaurant.

Tammy makes a lot of strong points, including the fact these militant gays are actually hurting their cause. She’s right in saying most Conservatives are fine with gays, so long as they don’t try to infringe on others’ rights.

She also notes these haters have become nothing more than fascists, but that applies to liberals in general these days, so she’s just stating the obvious here.

It’s kind of ironic though, as those claiming they are being oppressed, are actually the oppressors. That’s always the way when dealing with liberals.

Video courtesy RuBegonia


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Important: Tammy Bruce Interviews Senate Candidate Jamie Radtke

By Gary P Jackson

Jamie Radtke is another real deal Conservative superstar. She running for the United States Senate against über Establishment™ candidate George Allen.

George Allen is a big spender and if elected, will support raising taxes, and do absolutely nothing to stop the spending that has gotten us into the financial mess we are in. Electing George Allen would be a disaster.

If you saw Stephen K. Bannon’s The Undefeated, the documentary detailing Sarah Palin’s accomplishments, you saw Jamie Radtke talking about her own experiences as part of the Palin movement. Jamie is a Mama Grizzly, for sure!

Jamie has been actively spreading conservatism and fighting for Liberty and Freedom for a long time.

She just completed an interview with Tammy Bruce. To hear the public broadcast, click here.

This is a very important election. America needs to send every strong Conservative we can to the Senate. There are far too many entrenched Establishment™ Republicans. Weak kneed, milquetoast, appeasers. We need fighters. Jamie is a fighter!

The election is only days away, Jamie can use all of the support you can muster. Click here to go to her website, and make sure you follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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Tammy Bruce: Newt Gingrich’s Policy on Illegals is Obscene and We Already Fought a Civil War to End Slavery!

By Gary P Jackson

Damn it, when Tammy Bruce is on, she’s on, and in this monologue Tammy is en fuego!

I’ve talked about how Newt’s idiotic “solution” to America’s problem with illegal aliens.

I’ve focused more on the Big Government clusterfark Newt’s plan creates, and how ripe it is for massive class action law suits that will eventually lead to amnesty for the 10s of millions here in America illegally, and Lord knows how many of their family members that will follow.

I’ve also noted the situation we have now is what amounts to slavery, as illegals are, in many cases, working for low wages, and without the protections Americans and legal immigrants enjoy.

Tammy hits the nail on the head though. What Newt wants to do, the second class designation these illegals would have, would indeed be slavery. They will be like the “untouchables,” and we aren’t talking about the movie!

It is absolutely obscene.

She also touched on something that we all know will happen. Newt’s local civilian boards, that will determine who stays and who goes, are a joke. As Tammy points out, these board members will be known to the community. They are in a position they could be easily corrupted. Throw a few bucks at the right ones and these boards will just turn into a rubber stamp brigade.

And that’s the BEST outcome.

Honest, conscientious board members, especially in border states, would be targets for kidnapping and even assassination. This sort of thing is already going on inside our country in certain areas.

There is big money trafficking in illegals. Smuggling illegals across the border pays almost as well as illegal drugs, and the risks are a lot less.

Of course, the likely outcome of Newt’s “solution” is a gang of ACLU lawyers arguing in front of the Supreme Court that the entire scheme violates the 14th Amendment, even though these second class citizens are not “naturalized,” and we’ll see a mass amnesty for the entire group.

Newt is a dangerous man and simply not the sort America wants, or needs. His “solution” is one of the very worst ways ever created to deal with this serious issue.

He should be ashamed for even proposing it.


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Tammy Bruce: No GOP Candidate Is Worthy of Sarah Palin’s Endorsement

By Gary P Jackson

Tammy Bruce has a brand new weekly column at Newsmax. She’ll be sharing her thoughts with us every Tuesday. Her first column is spot on. [as usual]

Check out her brilliant column [and her great advice] here.

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Tammy Bruce Talks About Rick Perry, The Dangers of Gardasil, and Crony Capitalism That Surrounds Governor’s Office

By Gary P Jackson

Meant to post this the other day after Stacy Drake wrote about some of the pay-for-play dealings Rick Perry is famous for. Since then we’ve learned more about the dangers of Gardasil.

Meanwhile, Tammy Bruce calls out Perry for wanting to inject this potential poison in Texas school girls. As she points out, in typical Perry weasel fashion, he claims he saw the error of his ways and backed off. The fact is, Texans raised holy hell, and the Texas legislature stopped Perry, something they’ve had to do before.

You see, the position of Governor of Texas is constitutionally weak. But unlike previous governors, Rick Perry has often chosen to usurp the legislative process and issue an executive orders time and time again. This almost always gets him in trouble, and the legislature has to deal with his messes.

The Gardasil mandate would have never made it through the Texas legislature, and Perry knew it.

This may not seem like a big deal to some, but Perry is the sort who would do the same thing in Washington. As Dan Riehl pointed out on Thursday, Rick Perry is very much aligned with the establishment. As he put it:

For what it’s worth, I’m getting a sense that, within the conservative movement, Perry may come to more represent the old line conservative movement, much of which is seriously compromised as a result of having been established in Washington for so long.

In other words, Perry represents business as usual, the very last thing we need in a new president.

It should trouble voters that Perry has no respect for the Texas Constitution and the legislative process set forth in it. It should trouble them even more that he was willing inject innocent Texas school girls with a drug that hadn’t been fully tested, and has issues, all so his buddies at Merck could make a quick buck.

One correction to Tammy’s monologue, it’s not $120 per student, it’s $360. It’s a three shot regimen. That’s retail, but even at wholesale prices a lot of money for Perry’s cronies.

Something for voters to ponder. Between forcing people [mandating] a medical treatment, and all of the pay-for-play crony capitalism that surrounds the Texas governor’s office, how exactly is Rick Perry much of an upgrade from Barack Obama?

Throw in the fact he’s tripled Texas’ debt since taking office and … well … you get the idea.

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Essential Listening: Tammy Bruce Interview’s Organize4Palin’s Man In Iowa, Peter Singleton

By Gary P Jackson

Tammy Bruce samples her weekly Palin Report where she interviews Peter Singleton, the Iowa Coordinator for Organize4Palin. As our readers know, Peter has been in Iowa for over a year building an incredible ground game. His work has inspired others to do the same in other states across the nation.

This is a solid conversation, not only about organizing, but what President Palin will need in the way of support once she is in office. Tammy and Peter remind everyone it will be on us to do the hard work once Sarah announces. We are sovereign citizens and must take on the responsibility of helping elect our new leader.

From Tammy:

As a sneak peak, here’s about 40 minutes of this week’s “Palin Report” featuring my interview with Iowa Palinsita Peter Singleton. If you enjoy media such as this, please do subscribe–becoming a member is what makes all my work possible. In addition to the weekly “Palin Report,” subscribers get a variety of exclusive media including the live show “On Demand,” the daily TAM Briefing podcast, TAM Chat room and other exclusive media.

If you would like to contact Peter about how you can get plugged in to the Organize4Palin efforts in Iowa and across the country you can reach him at Iowa–at–organize4palin.com

Both Tammy and Peter mention Contributing Editors Stacy Drake and Whitney Pitcher as people whose articles are always a must read. [Obviously, I agree!]

Both make another strong point. No one expects Sarah to announce on September 3. Of course, no one will be surprised if she does.

Their point is two-fold, if you are only going to Iowa in anticipation of an announcement, it might it not be a bad idea to reconsider. Many of us look for the Governor to announce later in the month. That said, just like her powerful event in Madison, Wisconsin, this will be a historic speech. That alone, as well as the rest of the event, will certainly be worth the effort.

Listen to this essential interview here.

If you are not a TAM, it’s worth the few bucks a month to be a member. Join up while you are at Tammy’s website!

If you haven’t, make sure you read Organize4Palin’s National Coordinator Karen Allen’s letter to Governor Palin’s supporters about how you can get involved, and help us elect a true leader, here.


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Illinois Organize4Palin Speaks with Tammy Bruce

by Whitney Pitcher

I was blessed with the opportunity to speak with Tammy Bruce, as part of her weekly “Palin Report”, about things that we are doing with Organize4Palin in Illinois, the showing of The Undefeated at the Smart Girl Politics Summit in St.Louis, and Governor Palin’s upcoming Tea Party speech in Iowa . Audio courtesy of PalinTV:

Thank you so much to Tammy Bruce  for the opportunity to discuss Organize4Palin’s efforts in Illinois. If you have not done so, please join Organize4Palin to become part of the “tundraroots” movement in your state  in support of Governor Palin. You can follow Organize4Palin on Twitter here  and can follow Illinois Organize4Palin on Twitter here.

Crossposted at Organize4Palin.com

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Tammy Bruce Talks About “The Undefeated” with Stephen Bannon

Thomas S Schmitz, Tammy Bruce, and the gang from California4Palin at the afterparty for The Undefeated in Orange, California.

By Gary P Jackson

One of the stars of The Undefeated, Tammy Bruce talks with the movie’s creator Stephen Bannon. The interview takes place just before the movie’s opening. Bannon gives us a lot of insight into the movie and his plans.

To listen, click here.

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A Must Listen: Tammy Bruce’s “Palin Report” From 7/9

By Gary P Jackson

Tammy Bruce is one of our favorite people. She never fails to call it like she sees it, no matter the subject. One of the many things she does for members of her “Tammy Army is produce a weekly “Palin Report” with the latest Sarah Palin information, and sharp commentary. From time to time, Tammy makes these reports available to all.

From Tammy:

Share and share alike 🙂 Please enjoy this “Palin Report,” the weekly roundup of everything that happens after Sarah Palin gets up each morning and the liberal heads it causes to explode. This is an example of the exclusive media Tammy subscribers receive, including the on-demand daily show podcasts, the Daily TAM Briefing, the TAM Chat room, and this weekly “Palin Report.” Subscribers make my work possible and we’d love to have you in what is affectionately known as the Tammy Army.

This “Palin Report” is powerful and Tammy reads Sarah’s latest Facebook note and talks about what it means. This is essential listening. Click here to hear Tammy.

You can read my take on Sarah’s latest Facebook post, and what it means, here.


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