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Co-Founder of Tea Party Express Openly Supports Amnesty. Has Been GOPe Operative for 50 Years. So Why Has He Been a “Tea Party” Strategist?


By Isabel Matos

I reported last month how the endorsement of the Tea Party Express in Florida’s 19th Congressional District threw the election off by giving voters the wrong impression that “their” guy was a Tea Party conservative and an outsider.

An article appearing in Richard Viguerie’s ConservativeHQ reports that Sal Russo is openly supporting amnesty. This is a 180 degree turn from Tea Party Express’s statement that it would not take a position on immigration reform.

I’m jubilant about the news because I feel a bit vindicated. I knew there were issues with TPX early on but first learned about Sal Russo when I wrote about him and possible infiltration in TPX via Russo and RandPac. Being at Lizbeth Benacquisto’s campaign helped me see first hand the impact the Tea Party Express endorsement had and the meme that would not go away in the media.  (It is important to get involved. You never know what good comes of it.)

Chris Chmielenski, Director of Content and Activism, Numbers USA mostly writes about amnesty but adds a link to Sal Russo’s past I found interesting:

The man behind the organization is anything but a fresh-faced activist. The architect of the Tea Party Express, Sal Russo, is a California political operative who has spent nearly half a century campaigning for Republican candidates. 

The Sacramento-based political action committee that funds Tea Party Express activities, Our Country Deserves Better, has taken in more than $4.5 million since forming in 2008 to help John McCain’s presidential campaign. That includes major contributions from corporate executives and other bedrock supporters of conservative candidates, such as actor Chuck Norris.

That raises a couple of questions: WHY didn’t we know about this before and WHY would a REPUBLICAN OPERATIVE be chosen to be a strategist for a Tea Party enterprise to begin with? All of this means we have to continue being vigilant but get better at disseminating information for our movement to sparkle and be squeaky clean.  Conservative HQ’s article, his links or any information leading to more knowledge about the corruption in the TPX must be shared.

After Florida I saw how TPX mixed establishment and non-establishment candidates on their national tours, how they used good people to travel and represent them at those rallies (you know who they are) and how by doing so, they hurt the Tea Party brand. TPX’s ties with the GOPe creates confusion in races they interject themselves in. It has been a big confusing mess! GOPe collaborators like Russo and organizations like the TPX need to be exposed.

I look forward to journalists in the Right Wing Media reporting more on this and for them to add Rand Paul 2016 to the list of corrupt politicians in the GOPe. Every other GOPe establishment type has been named except him it seems.

I wish I knew why Amy Kremer resigned but I can start seeing why.  I will stay on top of this.  I also promise to write what I can if I find anything.  For now this article (most of it in the passage) is a juicy and encouraging start:

Sal Russo, co-founder of the Tea Party Express, announced his support for amnesty on Wednesday, reversing his organization’s statement from a year ago that it would not take a position on immigration reform. If you take a look at Russo’s background, this isn’t exactly the revelation that some in the media are making it out to be. What’s interesting, though, is the dichotomy between Russo’s position and the principles of the organization he helped to create.

The Tea Party Express bills itself as anti-establishment, but Russo’s immigration proposal is nearly identical to the principles pushed by GOP House Leaders — John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and Paul Ryan — back in January. While most Conservatives scoffed at those principles, Russo warns that if they don’t act, immigration reform would take the shape of the “misty-eyed ideals of some of the liberal do-gooder reformers.” This is strange seeing that if you simply changed the byline of Russo’s op-ed in Roll Call to Sen. Chuck Schumer, no one would notice the difference.

Even though it’s buried in the second-to-last paragraph, Russo expresses his unequivocal support for amnesty (even though he doesn’t want you to call it that). He calls for the legalization of 11 million illegal aliens once they pay a penalty, pay their taxes, learn English, and undergo a background check. Contrary to many House Republicans, he doesn’t even block illegal aliens from eventual citizenship; instead, he says he opposes a “special path to citizenship that puts them in front of people who waited in line.” That’s a creative way of describing Schumer’s plan that creates a special path to citizenship after the 4 million foreign citizens waiting in line receive their green cards.

The Tea Party Express calls for a return to Constitutional principles, but Russo seemingly has no issue with rewarding illegal aliens whose first act in the United States was to defy the very document his organization fights to defend.

Another principle of the Tea Party Express is to restore American prosperity, which to many Americans likely means individual prosperity. But Russo joins the business elites, the GOP establishment, the Gang of Eight, Pres. Obama, and 99% of the Democrats in Congress by calling for increases in foreign worker visas. When scoring Schumer’s amnesty bill, the Congressional Budget Office found that its increases in foreign worker visas combined with amnesty would depress wages for American workers, increase unemployment, and reduce GDP per capita over time. Is that the kind of American prosperity that the Tea Party Express and Russo stand for?

The Associated Press called Russo’s comments “notable”, while other reporters wrote about the significance of his coming out party. But if one knows Sal Russo, this is really no surprise.

In the 1980’s, he started a political consulting firm in California where he helped his “close friend” Jack Kemp during his 1988 presidential run.That’s the same Jack Kemp who advocated for both the 1986 and 2006 amnesty bills. It’s the same Jack Kemp who had Cesar Conda, Marco Rubio’s chief of staff, serve on the board of his think tank, Empower America, that employed Paul Ryan. If that’s not enough, Russo also consulted John McCain during his 2008 presidential run. Russo’s open-borders, pro-amnesty ties run far and wide.

For the rest of the article read more here.


I’m not on the traitor band wagon. I just think we have to focus on exposing the infiltration and corruption going on in the GOPe and very aggressively!


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What You May Not Have Known About Anonymity on Facebook (but Should) ~ And TPX “Issue” in Question (Again)

By Isabel Matos

Here is something interesting I stumbled upon the other day. Just because a Conservative didn’t say it, does not mean it should be discounted. The truth is the truth, no matter what side it is told from. Let’s use the information for our benefit.

And here is an example of the anonymity on our site just a few days ago by Invisible Mikey who commented on Sarah Palin’s pictures under this article. You’re probably wondering why even bother with a troll who’s just a very creepy looking guy. If you click on his name above you’ll see and maybe get a few chills.

invisible mikey 1And you’ll probably ask how is all of this relevant to us? Well, Facebook has become a huge venue for the GrassRoots Conservative cause.  The ability to communicate effectively and get her message directly to people without the filter of the media is one of the reasons why Sarah Palin took to Facebook. sarah lighting

I got on Facebook in 2006. It was nice spending leisure time with people from across the country or abroad without giving up much personal identity, family status or privacy.

But it has become.. A Chore. A Call of Duty. A Patriotic Mission. Social and/or play time has become a serious quest for getting our country back on track. In 2011 I pressed “like” on Sarah’s page. I was uncomfortable and afraid then of the exposure I have now, three years later. But because we are faced with challenges that need to be met with boldness, we must have a willingness to give up some of the luxuries we used to enjoy..  including, yes, a little privacy.

To move forward we must help push Conservatism into pop (or mainstream) culture, which Sarah has been preaching about and doing. That requires us to step up our game and to begin seeing ourselves as representatives of the best that a self-governed culture has to offer. You can say we are each like ambassadors of Conservatism to our friends, co-workers and yes, even to our family.  That’s a bit of a higher calling than just posting comments or hanging with like-minded people all the time, on-line or off. We are the base and our community is home plate, but our journey is not at home. Our journey starts when we get off home plate and play outside our comfort zones. That means getting off our comfy seats, our safe and secure blankets, and not letting one person do all the work even though she does it best. It means pushing ourselves to do what we do best even better and improving what we are not as good at – communicating more efficiently. Again, if we are to grow.

I have had my share of confrontations on Facebook over one issue or another with visible avatars. I have also had incredible friendships with people I met on-line who happen to have faceless avatars. Some I have met in person, others I’ve gotten to know them by their comments or work. I have noticed these friends become more comfortable going public over time. That is the good news! Once you break the ice, it gets easier each time. With this comes growing pains, but since we are a caring community, we have the room to deal with them.

The bad news is that many are still in faceless, complaint and drive-by comment mode. Unless you 1) work in a capacity in which your anonymity is essential to doing the job that you are doing on Facebook, 2) your political views infringe upon your job status (or that of your spouse’s) outside of Facebook or 3) you have unique qualifications that the movement is better served by because your identity in full or in part remains unknown, you should shed it all aside. Yes. Unmask.


Here’s why. Having skin in the game makes you more personally invested and accountable to others by having your face and name out there. The more you expose yourself, the more you risk embarrassing yourself by making mistakes publicly, therefore, the harder you will try to avoid them.  Exposure shows you have made a commitment (verbally or non-verbally) to act according to your label or brand.. “you”.  It does not necessarily mean you’re not entitled to privacy.

We all need and deserve it from time to time. I deactivated my account a couple of days ago. It was my first time.  That’s okay. I just needed to take a break. We don’t get paid to do this, so the least we can be granted.. is a little time to chill – which I have used post a new article, and which I did with pleasure (I hope it is for you, too).

When you fight openly it IS more effective because it inspires others to fight openly as well. New “open” fighters begin to appreciate and respect the efforts of those who fought before them. They will inspire others, and cycle repeats itself. Remember what Sarah said in her Right On-Line speech in Las Vegas two years ago:  Victory begets Victory. Courage begets Courage. (I am paraphrasing but that was the gist). It makes so much sense! Where would we be without the examples of our conservative warrior pioneers in the Palin movement alone, just as an example?

And where would we be without the courageous conservative warriors pre-08 when the term was barely existent or just meant “traditional”? Let’s face it, there weren’t many. We have come quite a long way considering we’ve just begun to fight.

Could Andrew Breitbart have been as effective an activist had he hidden behind a faceless avatar or anonymous name like “AB”? Could he have been the object of our admiration, awe and inspiration had he not come face-to-face with the Occupy Movement and other real life trolls and cowards by putting himself out there?

No. He exposed them for who they were because he exposed himself.  He gave legitimacy to his cause by being so brazenly open. As a result, Occupy lost its credibility and disappeared off the map within a year. His death came too soon, but it did not come as a result of his being fearless. He did not die in vain either. Maybe in the back of our minds we fear we will suffer the same fate as he did if we open up too much. It is possible we might become targets, but the more of us that fight openly, the harder it will be to target us. Andrew had fun exposing the left and their hypocrisy. For that alone we should be thankful. We should also use as an example his transparency in his fight. W.a.r. is not just a word. It is a verb. AND it was so in Andrew’s life. We cannot fear anything or anyone if we are to fight to win.

I would have ended my article there, but to prove my point on how important it is to SHOUT and fight openly, or just be on the alert, take a look at the tweets I discovered last night (my new leisure) while browsing through #iasen hash tags.

Remember what I said in the clip above: I gave my word that I would do what I could to help. I did. And some. I had done the clip of the nine candidates Sarah had endorsed prior to my going to Naples, and learned that Shane Osborn and James Lankford were Establishment candidates. Had I not done it I would not have noticed that the Tea Party Express is (or has been – who knows how long this has been going on) used to divide and confuse us in primaries. Had I not shown my face. Had I not held hands. Had I not given my word, I would not be here sharing information today you may only have conjectured about a few weeks ago.

TPX may not have endorsed these candidates but they have helped get candidates who have no business winning primaries get elected. This may have gone unnoticed before, but we are at least aware it might be going on. At least TWO  ESTABLISHMENT CANDIDATES spoke at their rallies: Shane Osborn (Sarah Endorsee, Ben Sasse’s opponent) and James Lankford (Sarah Endorsee, T.W. Shannon’s opponent). Why are these candidates anywhere near a Tea Party event if “Tea” is trying to beat them? (I’m not even going near Clovis..) All that comes to my mind is a question: Is there mischief going on that we need  know about?

Lankford Speaking at TPX rally

Conclusion: It is scary to take risks, but without FEAR there is no risk, and without RISK there is no GAIN. We must take risks in our own unique and individual ways. It is up to us to determine what they are. If you have become too comfortable, maybe it is time to move on and challenge yourself to do something scarier and riskier.  And if you think you know something we can benefit from, listen to yourself and become louder each time so we can HEAR YOU!

I’ve had enough anonymous avatars in various sites, including my page/s, who act as if they know more than I do, or who PREACH TO me about what I should or should not know or be doing when I don’t see them taking risks or putting skin in the game.  I do enough legwork on most of what I write and talk about, so this is the TIME FOR CHOOSING NOT TO respond to anyone who lectures to me from behind a faceless avatar from now on.

If we are not efficient enough at communicating, how can you help me get this message out? Please let me know YOUR thoughts. Thanks for reading.





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Did Mitch McConnell Infiltrate Tea Party Express via Russo and RandPac? Rand Paul Supporters: He’s a RINO!

  1. Tea Party Express, 
  2. The Donahue Group, B
  3. road-Cast
  1. University of Southern California


  1. Finance, Media, Grassroots Outreach


    October 2013 – Present (7 months)Washington D.C. Metro Area

    Operations Director

    Tea Party Express

    May 2011 – October 2013 (2 years 6 months)


    The Donahue Group

    January 2010 – May 2010 (5 months)



    May 2009 – August 2009 (4 months)



    May 2008 – August 2008 (4 months)


    P.F. Chang’s China Bistro

    May 2008 – August 2008 (4 months)

This picture of Alexandra looks innocuous enough, and you may wonder why I even bothered to publish something that someone has the right to do in the United States, support a candidate they believe in.

This is why:

Mitch McConnell may have infiltrated Tea Party Express via Rand Paul and Sal Russo whose daughter, Alexandra Russo is head of RandPac.

This has consequences (like the primary race in Florida not yet determined but whose outcome is leaning Clawson who bought his way if he wins).  Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell obviously worked together to make it happen via TPX. I may post an update or timeline with all the Tea Party endorsements that ensued which contributed to voter deception in District 19.

Alexandra Russo is young. She is the daughter of Sal Russo of TPX here, firepower and Chief Strategist behind the Tea Party Express which Amy Kremer resigned from last week, immediately following RAND PAUL’s endorsement of Curt Clawson on April 14th, 2014 (four days later). I am suspecting Amy connected the dots. She did not mention Rand Paul in the note on her Facebook wall, which she tweeted, just Mike Lee and Ted Cruz.

More information needs to be revealed so that Tea Party Americans know who does what and for who.  Rand Paul is at a point in his career where he needs money, millions that McConnell and other of our opponents in the GOPe have accumulated. He is blindly ambitious, making him an obvious target for exploitation and corruption by Rinos who hate us.

This ambition is reminiscent of Rubio’s debacle and fallout in 2013 when the base turned on him for lying. The damage he did by deception is irreparable I feel, but  he still has intentions to run by all accounts. Good luck.

Rand Paul may have plans for 2016 but he is clearly helping Establishment RINOS stay in power exchange for personal enrichment and plans for 2016. I’ve been saying this since last year: Rand Paul is about Rand Paul. He could not care less about deceiving voters or fund-raise by hijacking constitutional principles. He has compromised our movement already by portraying himself as an outsider when he is obviously is an opportunist. It is up to voters to see this, especially voters wanting to get rid of GOPe elders.

I would bet $20 and lunch at an expensive restaurant that Amy realized Rand Paul is a phony and that she will NEVER admit to it. It is up to us to figure it out as months pass and events unfold in 2014.


Tea Party Express Holds Election Day Rally and Watch Party In Las Vegas (Alexandra Russo)

Chief strategist for the Tea Party Express Sal Russo, Dustin Stockton and Russo’s daughter Alexandra Russo track election results at a Tea Party Express election night party at the Aria Resort & Casino at CityCenter November 2, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. In one of the nation’s most closely watched races, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is trying to retain his seat for a fifth term against Republican challenger and Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle. Picture link

(Nov. 1, 2010. 16:00:00- Source: Ethan Miller/Getty Images North America)


Tea Party Express Holds Election Day Rally and Watch Party In Las Vegas

In This Photo: Alexandra Russo, Amy Kremer, Debbie Lee (L-R) Alexandra Russo, Tea Party Express Chairwoman Amy Kremer and President of America’s Mighty Warriors Debbie Lee watch Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul’s acceptance speech on television at a Tea Party Express election night party at the Aria Resort & Casino at CityCenter November 2, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. In one of the nation’s most closely watched races, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is trying to retain his seat for a fifth term against Republican challenger and Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle. Link

(Nov. 1, 2010. 16:00:00- Source: Ethan Miller/Getty Images North America)

Article Updated 4/21/2014 @10:07 p.m.



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Amy Kremer of Tea Party Express Who Endorsed McConnell Donor, Resigned on Good Friday. Something Is Up!


By Isabel Matos

I know it’s Easter, but the truth has no time-table sometimes, and with the FL D-19 Primary coming up on Tuesday, April 22nd, someone has to keep the story out there because it is a big deal. This article is written for Amy Kremer.

Amy Kremer, I remember when you first sent an email after I joined the Tea Party and got involved in American politics for the first time. It was such an exciting time. Here’s more on your beginnings at the Tea Party Express.

Fast forward to 2014.  We have a primary in the State of Florida two days after Easter. There has been a lot said about Curt Clawson being the “outsider” in the race; however, we have had a candidate who would better represent the People, but TPX (Tea Party Express) chose on March 18th to endorse someone who bought ads and press for months to fool constituents instead. If ever there was such a thing as crony journalism this would be it.

I am not a fan of blaming voters because unless you’re there, it’s hard to deny the impact of local media has on impressions people have. In this case, it was that “the Tea Party endorsed Clawson”. That had huge consequences, so bowing out of this situation as if it didn’t happen, is wrong.  Voters also don’t identify the establishment problem we have and that is not a local issue.

Clawson has had no experience in politics. He never even attended a single Tea Party event in 2009 when all the excitement was stirring. He was busy getting out of managing a company and paying himself a $13 million salary after laying off over a thousand workers article here over the years. How can anyone sleep at night (from Clawson’s point of view)? And how can voters trust this man with their district’s needs for jobs? I don’t get it.

Clawson is as corrupt on the outside as he is corrupt on the inside playing politics with our futures at stake by making donations to Mitch McConnell (the Senate Minority Leader and Biggest Tea-Party Terminator Wannabe, Mitch McConnell) as well as the Republican Party of Kentucky.

If he was really “Tea” he would not have donated to our GOPe enemies. This article from Shark Tank is pretty straightforward about Clawson’s deception before he was in the tank for him, openly. Clawson is shady and will care about his constituents as much as he did about his employees. He has already lied to them about who he really is.

clawsonbenacquisto outsider

But let’s get back to Amy who this article is for. 

You resigned from Tea Party (Tea-Rino) Express on Friday night (Good Friday even slower than most Fridays for news). It is curious to me.

mcconnell blue crush tea party

Maybe you did not want to be associated with the wrong endorsement (I am hoping), or maybe you were given orders to avoid certain candidates. All I know is, I would speak up if that is the case. I do not think you would get in trouble. And if you did, we should know about it. It should be something that is played out openly, for all of us to see.

As a patriot, it is your duty to let us know what happened if TPX is guilty of “selling” something they are not – TEA PARTY. In addition, if they have been involved in any unethical behavior of any kind, we should know about it as well. We’ve had enough so-called Tea Party organizations bamboozle voters.

Amy, we are WATCHING!  You have downplayed supporting Clawson this weekend but it will not go unnoticed. You are involved. And it will not be forgotten, unless you speak up and explain what happened. You have information we could use.

We know Rand Paul has ties to the TEA PARTY EXPRESS via his RandPac Chairman, Alexandra Russo, who is married or has family ties to Sal Russo of Tea Party Express (the same link above). Sal Russo is Co Chairman of Tea Party Express. That would explain a lot to many of us wondering why Rand Paul is considered “Tea”. He’s not. He’s a useful Rino desperate to make a name for himself.

rand paul outsider

TPX has to answer to us. Lizbeth is responsible, respectful and everything a candidate should be. She is much more qualified to lead in Washington than Clawson could ever be and believes that one person can make a difference. She’s like us.  Plus she’s neighborly and nice.

Amy Kremer has worked hard in the last almost 7 years but she has made some mistakes like we all do. She could end things best if she made an unofficial (or official) un-endorsement of the Anti-Tea Party candidate in this race, if anything to make a point. It would have the impact needed to set the record straight with voters who seem to be “confused”, even if it is late, and even if it was unofficial.

Amy Kremer Resigns

Here is Lizbeth Benacquisto in her own words (for the record) in case you missed them (in no particular order):


* H/T “Pat” for RandPac/Alexandra Russo lead which is to be confirmed. Update 4/21/2014 5:19 p.m.



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Sarah Palin: Looking Forward to Joining the “Great One” in NJ this Saturday at Rally for Steve Lonegan

Palin Lonegan Levin Tea Party Express

By Sarah Palin:

Looking forward to joining the “Great One” Mark Levin and the Tea Party Express in NJ this Saturday at a rally for Steve Lonegan.

It’s this Saturday, 4-6 PM, at New Egypt Speedway, 720 County Road 539, New Egypt, NJ 08533.

Please come and join us!

From Mark Levin:



This Saturday, 4-6 PM,at New Egypt Speedway, 720 County Road 539, New Egypt, NJ 08533

There will be other prominent speakers and live entertainment. PLEASE COME JOIN US!

Earlier Governor Palin posted this POWERFUL Lonegan video that needs to go viral immediately

Go Steve Go!


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Urgent: Tea Party Express’ Big Push for Sarah Steelman

By Gary P Jackson

Tomorrow is the big day. The people of Missouri have a chance to send a true reformer to Washington, someone who walks the walk. Sarah Steelman.

Both Stacy Drake and Whitney Pitcher have written about the reforms Sarah Steelman has brought about in Missouri. It’s those reforms that got Sarah Steelman the endorsement of another famous reformer, Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin feels so strongly about Sarah Steelman she was in Missouri to deliver her message of support and serve up some BBQ.

KMBC reports:

Sarah Steelman is in a tough battle though, and must prevail. The Tea Party Express is also supporting Sarah Steelman and needs our help.

The Tea Party Express, like Sarah Palin has made a real difference in close races nationwide. Here’s what they have going on for Sarah Steelman:

We are preparing for our last push and ad buy for conservative U.S. Senate candidate Sarah Steelman. Our deadline is 5 PM tomorrow to raise enough money to keep our ad on the air state-wide in Missouri through election day Tuesday. This is critically important as the last polls had her down 6 points.
We believe that we are closing the gap, but need to finish strong!

According to the most recent polling conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling, Tea Party Express endorsed conservative Sarah Steelman is 6 points down but we have momentum, Sarah Palin, and you on our side. Together we can do this and score another win for the Tea Party and conservative movement!

Read more here.

Here is the ad the Tea party Express is running in Missouri:

There are many ways to help Sarah Steelman win tomorrow. Click here to contribute to the Tea Party Express’ efforts.

You can also check out Sarah’s website for other opportunities to help. Even if your are out of state you can help make phone calls to voters encouraging them to vote for Sarah Steelman.

Sarah Palin endorsed Sarah Steelman because she has a solid record as a Conservative and a solid record as a true reformer.

Sarah Steelman will be good for Missouri and good for America.

Let’s all do our part to push Sarah Steelman to the top!


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You do NOT have Tea Party support: An Open Letter to David Dewhurst

By Gary P Jackson

This is extraordinary. I’ve never seen a group as large as the Tea Party have to publicly tell a candidate to cease and desist. Of course David Dewhurst is no ordinary dishonest politician. This is a guy who has produced some of the most despicable ads we’ve ever seen, aimed at his opponent Ted Cruz. This is a guy who has robocalls using someone impersonating Sarah Palin, claiming she supports him, when in fact she strongly supports Ted Cruz, and was just in The Woodlands on Friday.

Texas is Tea Party country. More voters identify themselves as Tea Party, percentage wise, than any other state. Among the Tea Party, Ted Cruz holds a substantial 75-25 percent advantage. That’s the ball game.

Now it seems Dewhurst, in a panic is embracing the Tea Party and claiming it’s support. Well, Te Texas Tea Party groups have a strongly worded reply. From the Tea party Express’ Texas Blog:

An Open Letter to David Dewhurst

You do NOT have Tea Party support: An Open Letter to David Dewhurst

Dear Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst,

As Texas tea party leaders, we reject your campaign’s recent claims that you have earned tea party support. We stand with the nation’s largest tea party political action committee, which has more small donors in Texas than you have – over 30,000.

Your performance in Austin is identical to the “go along to get along” establishment political culture in Washington. This behavior has led to a nearly $16-trillion-dollar national debt, infringement on our liberties, and the erosion of the American Dream. We need a U.S. Senator that is a bold leader and a proven conservative, and that is Ted Cruz.

It is obvious that your recent tea party posturing is just a desperate attempt to trick voters in the closing hours of this election. Though you are right to recognize that the tea party will be the deciding factor in this election, our support is not with you. You have failed to attract the support of this grassroots movement because of your record as Lieutenant Governor.

The Tea Party was born out of the shared frustration with both parties, which have failed to address the fundamental problems that are facing our country: unsustainable spending, job-stifling regulations and an ever-growing federal government. This movement has coalesced around the common goal of reducing the size, cost, and intrusiveness of the federal government by electing bold leaders that will stand up in difficult times.

Your dishonest and misleading smear campaign of Ted Cruz, coupled with your recent false claims of tea party support, show clearly that you simply represent the political status quo rather than the leadership we require. We have spent our time, dollars, and passion to elect Ted Cruz because he is the candidate qualified to stand up for the voice of We the People.


Whitney Neal
Flower Mound Tea Party leader

Toby Marie Walker
Waco Tea Party leader

Becky Kodrin
Waco Tea Party leader

Bobby Keith
Waco Tea Party leader

Christine Turpin
Lorena Tea Party Leader

Carol Waddell
Waco Tea Party leader

Katrina Pierson
Garland Tea Party leader

Carol Doucet
Frost Tea Party leader

Koni Burton
Colleyville Tea Party leader

Stacy McMahan
Longview Tea Party leader

Jeannie Forrest
Dallas Tea Party leader

Russell Ramsland
Dallas Tea Party leader

Matt Perdue
San Antonio Tea Party leader

Kirk Launius
Dallas Tea Party leader

Julie McCarty
Grapevine Tea Party leader

Suzanne Guggenheim
Corpus Christi Tea Party leader

Lynne Nevil
Garland Tea Party leader

Heather Liggett
Austin Tea Party leader

Jeanne Jacobs
Garland Tea Party leader

Dean Wright
Austin Tea Party leader

Michael Porter
Garland Tea Party leader

JoAnn Fleming
Tyler Tea Party leader

Sharon Guthrie
Tyler Tea Party leader

Tina Millican
Rockwell Tea Party leader

Don Vogelsang
Spicewood Tea Party leader

Amy Knickerbocker
Arlington Tea Party leader

Julie Turner
The Woodlands Tea Party leader

Joyce Luster
Farmers Branch Tea Party leader

Donna Starnes
Dallas Tea Party leader

Debbie Gregory
Whitney Tea Party leader

Maggie Wright
Burleson Tea Party leader

John Tweedell
Hideaway Tea Party leader

Lynne Tweedell
Hideaway Tea Party leader

Carol H. Haynes
Dallas Tea Party leader

Bill Hussey
Llano Tea Party leader
Terry M. Campbell
San Angelo Tea Party leader

Bob Farris
Dallas Tea Party leader

Sylvia Guzman
Frisco Tea Party leader

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Tea Party Express Launches New Ted Cruz Ad

Click on image to donate to Ted Cruz

By Gary P Jackson

The Tea Party Express has launched it’s new ad supporting Ted Cruz.

Early voting started today as well. For a list of early voting locations in your county, click here.

Ted Cruz is the Conservative we need in Washington. He’s a true Reagan-Palin Conservative, not an Establishment tool like David Dewhurst.

Dewhurst’s cronies, hoping to benefit greatly if he’s elected, have flooded Texas with special interest money. Payolla in search of payback. Ted Cruz has us, the people of Texas on his side. If you’d like to donate to the Cruz campaign, you can do so here.

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Breaking: Tea Party Express Announces “Take A Stand” Radiothon for Ted Cruz

By Gary P Jackson

As Texans and Conservatives, we know how important this Senate race is. The rest of the country needs to understand how it will impact them as well.

We have Ted Cruz, a Reagan Conservative who, as Solicitor General of Texas, has fought not only the United Nations and the World Court, but also the Obama regime, while defending both Texas and United States sovereignty which were under attack.

Ted Cruz exemplifies the Texas spirit and is a champion of Liberty and Freedom. He’s served Texas well and will be an asset for the nation.

We are fighting to stop current Texas Lt Governor David Dewhurst, a dishonest and unethical man who has spent millions of ads telling flat out lies about Ted Cruz, and misrepresenting his own liberal record.

Dewhurst has fought for amnesty for illegals, pushed for a payroll tax, killed legislation that would have banned sanctuary cites in Texas, as well as legislation that would have stopped the TSA from groping airline passengers.

Meanwhile, Dewhurst is in the pocket of lobbyists, and big money special interests. He even attended a crony laden Washington fundraiser last fall at the townhome of George Soros stooge John Podesta.

Ted Cruz is supported by those of us who love Liberty and Freedom, and want to see a return to a Constitutional Republic. People who want a smaller, more responsible government.

David Dewhurst is supported by cronies and big businesses that benefit from Big Government and live off the tax payer dollars it showers on them.

While Ted Cruz has all of the incentives in the world to bring government under control, Dewhurst has every incentive in the world to keep growing government so he can keep paying off his cronies.

We have enough corrupt bastards in Washington now. It would be a crime to send them reinforcements, which is exactly what we’d be doing, if we send David Dewhurst to Washington.

Dewhurst is the poster child for the corrupt Republican Establishment™. He’s spent a small fortune attacking Conservatives, but has run on “bi-partisanship” in previous campaigns. Like all of the country club Republicans, Dewhurst finds it much easier to attack Conservatives than his liberal brethren in the democrat party. It’s unacceptable.

I just got a note from the Tea Party Express announcing a event in support of Ted Cruz. Please allow me to share and ask that our readers from around the country take part. This isn’t just about Texas. This will have national implications.

Tea Party Express Announces ‘Take a Stand’ Radiothon for Tea Party Candidate Ted Cruz

We are just over a week away from the next major Tea Party challenge. As Ted Cruz himself has stated, “This race is ground zero in the battle between the moderate establishment and the Tea Party tidal wave that is sweeping this country!“.

We couldn’t agree more and that is why we are proudly announcing a two-hour long ‘Take a Stand’ for Ted Cruz radiothon next Wednesday, July 25th in Dallas, Texas on KLIF 570 AM to help us reach our goal of electing the next Tea Party Senator.

‘Take a Stand’ for Ted Cruz Radiothon Hosts Amy Kremer and Kay Rivoli

Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer and Tea Party Express singer and entertainer Kay Rivoli will host the event, and will be joined by some of the nation’s most influential Tea Party leaders and politicians who also proudly stand with Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate.

We understand that some of you will not be able to tune in next Wednesday and we want to start a program with a head of steam, so we are asking for your early support and donations now.

To do your part to ensure that conservative Ted Cruz is elected, please donate below HERE

The Radiothon can be viewed live online next Wednesday at TeaPartyExpress.org from 8-10 PM Central Time.

It is crucial that tea party activists and leaders from across the nation join us in supporting Ted Cruz in Texas. We cannot win this election without you!

The establishment Republicans and D.C. funded SuperPACS are dumping millions and millions of dollars into this race in order to elect another ‘go along to get along’ Senator that will walk in lockstep with the Republican leadership. We the People cannot stay silent anymore and allow the Republicans to dictate who our representatives are.

Join Amy, Kay, and millions of Tea Party activists across the nation next Wednesday for Tea Party Express’ Radiothon for Ted Cruz at TeaPartyExpress.org.


Also, we still need to raise $12,700 by the end of the day Sunday for production of our ‘Tea Party Supports Ted Cruz’ TV ad and any money you donate now will go towards achieving that goal.

Take a stand in Texas with Tea Party Express and help Ted Cruz hold his lead! Donate what you can today. Click here to donate $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000, or even more!

As always, if you prefer, you may also make a contribution via mail, by sending a check to:

Tea Party Express
8795 Folsom Boulevard, Suite 103
Sacramento, CA 95826-3720

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Noted Texas Lt Governor Who Hates “Outsiders” Interfering In Texas Politics Gets Another Infusion of Outside Cash

By Gary P Jackson

Texas Lt Governor and his buddy Governor Rick Perry have been whining for months about “outsiders” interfering in Texas politics and “telling Texans what to do.” As is always the case, these two braying jackasses are the ones up to their necks in special interest money from Washington and beyond.

From the Dallas Morning News: [H/T: StaceinTexas]

Casino billionaire comes to the aid of David Dewhurst in his Senate bid

Las Vegas casino magnate and big-time Super PAC donor Sheldon Adelson has come to the rescue of David Dewhurst’s Republican Senate campaign. Adelson, the CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corp., was a major backer of Newt Gingrich in his failed presidential bid. He has contributed $250,000 to the pro-Dewhurst SuperPAC the Conservative Renewal committee. That accounted for most of the $280,000 the PAC raised in May and June, according to the latest filing with the Federal Election Commission. Adelson is particularly interested in US support for Israel.

Conservative Renewal is one of two SuperPACs aiding Dewhurst against Republican rival Ted Cruz in the July 31 GOP runoff for the US Senate seat left by retiring Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. The other SuperPAC, Texas Conservative Fund founded by former Rick Perry chief of staff Rob Johnson, reports raising $2.49 million in the latest reporting period from May 10 through June 30.

Among its biggest donors were GOP super-donor, Houston homebuilder Bob Perry. The Texas Conservatives Fund is reporting this week that it has spent another $1.3 million worth of TV ads into the Texas Senate race.

There’s nothing wrong with raising money, as long as it’s done legally, but by God if you are going to piss and moan when PATRIOTS like Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, and Mark Levin support your opponent, and cry about them being “Washington Insiders” you better not be taking any outside money yourself!

In Of David Dewhurst, Cronies, Lobbyists, and Soros Stooge John Podesta I noted that while movement Conservatives nationwide have been supporting Ted Cruz, Dewhurst is funded by lobbyists with an agenda that doesn’t align with the expectations of the American people.

I just got a note from our friends at Tea Party Express, who have been working hard to help us defeat David Dewhurst and elect Ted Cruz that is highly troubling. In fact, it blew my mind.

Let me share it with you and ask that you take action:

Dewhurst took more money from Washington D.C. lobbyists last cycle than both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi!

You heard that right! It is no secret that Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz’s opponent David Dewhurst has strong ties to the D.C. political establishment, but this revelation shocked even us.

He is using this money to falsely attack our candidate.

With only 12 DAYS until the election, we are responding with an emergency TV ad campaign called “Tea Party Supports Cruz” that will combat the Dewhurst SuperPAC lies and extol the conservative virtues of Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz.

With our nation on the brink of financial disaster, we have to send representatives to Washington D.C. that have the resolve to represent ‘We the People‘ and not special interests.

We are off to a good start, but we still need to raise $19,000 by the end of the day Sunday to finish the production of our pro-Ted Cruz TV commercial “Tea Party Supports Ted Cruz.” We have written the script and recorded the audio, but need the money start and finish the visual production – time is running out!


It is clear that momentum is on our side, but we can’t let up with 12 DAYS to go until this important election.

As the Cruz campaign points out,Only one thing stands in the way of sending a proven conservative who will reduce government and defend the Constitution to the U.S. Senate… raising enough money to withstand another $10 million-plus negative onslaught from Dewhurst and his Super PACs.

Take a stand in Texas with Tea Party Express and help Ted Cruz hold his lead! Donate what you can today. Click here to donate $25, $50, $100, $500, $1000, or even more!


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