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Ohio Primary Today: Winteregg, Gurr, Ashworth Vs. John with $3.3 Million to Spare (Updated) Results Are In



93.4% Reporting

Winner J. Boehner (i) 68.8%
J. Winteregg 21.9%
E. Gurr 5.5%
M. Ashworth 3.9%

boehner won


By Isabel Matos

Photo by Allison Shelley/Getty Images

“I ABSOLUTELY trust Barack Obama.” — John Boehner
“There is no need for a special committee on Benghazi.” — John Boehner
“Wait, what? I have a primary on Tuesday and J.D. Winteregg is gaining ground? Let me make a call.” — John Boehner
“Hey, Barack…is it OK if I pretend to be conservative until Tuesday or will doing so negatively impact my golf privileges? It’s cool? Great! Love ya, man…see you on the links.” — John Boehner
That is just one of several colorful posts on J.D. Winteregg’s Facebook page on May 2nd. He is one of John Boehner’s challengers GOP primaries here in today’s primary in Ohio.  John Boehner faces two others challengers:  Eric Gurr and Matthew Artsworth.   Information on the 8th Congressional District

Boehner was first elected in 1990. He had no challengers in three primaries leading up to the 2010 election where he won 85% of the vote.  In 2012 he had one challenger and won with 84% of the vote. Boehner did some campaigning around the state. He made five stops over three days across six counties in District #18.

Boehner has $3.3 million in spare change. The Virginia-based Tea Party Leadership Fund reportedly spent $320,000 on voter outreach and Winteregg’s campaign. This is how some of it was probably spent:

Winteregg is a High School French Teacher.  Matthew Ashworth is a mortage underwriter and Eric Gurr is a computer consultant who had collected $25,000 in campaign donations.  North Carolina race also today.  Indiana Race results to come.


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Scam Alert: Sarah’s Not Running for Senate, so DO NOT DONATE to Dan Backer’s Tea Party Leadership Fund

draft sarah scam!!

By Isabel Matos

Sarah is NOT running for Senate!

Yet another article by Lee Stranahan warning unsuspecting Tea Party Americans who make donations in good faith to Tea Party Organizations that a scam is being perpetrated by the Tea Party Leadership Fund. Dan Backer strikes again. This is not new. I published how the funds got intercepted by Backer and eventually ended up in Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn’s campaigns here. Backer is a despicable liar and a cheat who needs to be exposed. Pass this along to your friends and/or anyone you know on or off Facebook. None of this should be taking place. What bothers me about this entire scenario is that RINOS end up enriching themselves off of the very people who want them voted out of power because RINOS want to see them crushed. It’s beyond bothersome. It’s infuriating!

For weeks, I’ve been reporting on how TheTeaParty.net Leadership Fund uses ‘petitions’ and ‘Draft’ schemes as a way to make money and build big mailing lists.

Today, Backer and the TPLF are at it again.

A new email about ‘Draft Sarah Palin’ is a humdinger, with copy written to separate well-meaning patriots from their money, including saying in bold ”you can be a tangible part of saving our nation from slipping into the vast sea of liberal socialism.”

How does sending money to Dan Backer and TheTeaParty.net Leadership Fund accomplish that? It DOESN’T.

Palin isn’t running. She isn’t going to run. And IF she ran, she has a HUGE war chest.

So giving money to the group wont do a thing to stop the sea of liberal socialism but it will make money for TheTea Party.Net Leadership Fund.

Here’s the email in its entirety. Stranahan wants you to see how manipulative it is:

New from a sponsor of TheTeaParty.net
Is this email not displaying correctly?
View it in your browser.


Sarah called it!

Obama led the way for Putin’s Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Even before he took the oath of office, Sarah Palin warned us about the disasters to come under Obama’s terrible leadership.

“After the Russian Army invaded the nation of Georgia, Senator Obama’s reaction was one of indecision and moral equivalence, the kind of response that would only encourage Russia’s Putin to invade Ukraine next.” – Sarah Palin, 2008

AND Palin was right…when Obama did nothing, Russia took what they wanted. This proves Obama is nothing more than a weak homeland bully — attacking American citizens and watching freedom around the world burn.

Sarah Palin is the conservative leader we need in the U.S. Senate, NOW. 

But her window to commit to this race has almost closed, and that’s why I need you to respond to this request IMMEDIATELY. We need your help to gather the signatures necessary to push Sarah Palin over the top in a critical run for Alaska’s Senate seat in 2014.

CLICK HERE to sign your Draft Sarah Palin petition.

Incumbent liberal Democrat Mark Begich is terrified of an Obama vist to Alaska, because he knows the American people are awakening.

Sarah’s the proven leader we need. She has a better grasp on world politics, and she knows what it means to cherish and protect our American freedoms far better than THE MAN WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE LEADING THE FREE WORLD.

Last I checked, Mark Begich has spent too much time in Washington D.C. begging the Obama administration for favors rather than representing the good people of Alaska. Send Sarah to replace Begich and stop Obama!

Senator Sarah Palin, this is the name we need to put an end to Barack Obama and Harry Reid’s reign of liberal terror.

The United States Senate rests just outside conservative control, and by electing more Tea Party Heroes to replace the establishment cronies from either party – you can be a tangible part of saving our nation from slipping into the vast sea of liberal socialism.

Now more than ever, we need another Tea Party Hero in the Senate to halt Harry Reid and his pals in their war against our Constitution on issues like amnesty and gun control and our nation’s crushing debt. With Sarah in the Senate, conservatives across America will rest easier at night knowing she’s at the watch.

I need your renewed support today by signing the Tea Party Leadership Fund’s petition to draft Sarah Palin to the U.S. Senate – and I need you to chip in $5 or more to get Sarah’s name on the ballot.

Sarah is the proven Maverick who’s stood up to the special interests in Alaska and has been a tireless advocate for our Tea Party values ever since she hit the national stage.

Sign your name to the petition right now, and make a donation of $5 or more to convince her we’re serious.


Dan Backer
Tea Party Organizer

P.S. We worked hard to get her attention — now let’s seal the deal. By signing our renewed petition, you make a bold statement — you’re tired of the wishy-washy sellout establishment shills and you’re ready to put a real leader in the Senate next to Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Follow this link, sign your name to our petition, and help us show Sarah Palin the Tea Party Leadership Fund has her back!


The Tea Party Leadership Fund is a leader in this freedom movement putting your nationwide support into local action.  Learn more                                       TheTeaPartyLeadershipFund.com


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About That Bogus “Draft Sarah Palin for the Senate” Group


Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Ted Cruz at recent CPAC event

By Gary P Jackson

If you are a Conservative, you may have gotten a few e-mails from a Washington, D.C. based group called the Tea Party Leadership Fund. These letters will be signed by a man named Todd Cefaratti.

The letter states they are looking to “Draft Sarah Palin” into making a run at Alaska’s Senate seat in 2014, a seat now held by democrat Mark Begich. This of course has caused quite a stir, and unfortunately many have sent their hard earned money to this crew.

Recently, the group commissioned a poll of Alaskans, looking to legitimize their efforts.

Harper Polling found these results:

Former Governor Sarah Palin leads a Republican primary ballot with the three most likely candidates: Palin, Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell and 2010 GOP Senate nominee Joe Miller.

GOP Primary Ballot:





Palin leads slightly among both men and women at +1% and +4% respectively.

Among voters who describe themselves as “very conservative”, Palin’ s lead grows to 20% over Treadwell (43%-23%).

In a head-to-head match up against Miller, who has officially formed an exploratory committee,Palin leads 52-19%

Treadwell leads Miller 45%-26% in a hypothetical match-up.

Of the three candidates, Governor Palin boasts the strongest image with 62% of GOP voters holding a favorable opinion of her.

Additionally, the survey measured voter opinion about key characteristics of the three Republican candidates. When asked which candidate would “fight hardest for conservative values”, voters decidedly chose Palin over Miller and Treadwell.

Fight Hardest for Conservative Values:




Among “somewhat conservative” and “very conservative” voters, Palin leads by +35% and +4% respectively.

When asked which candidate would be the “strongest person to take on liberal Democrats in Washington,”
Alaska Republicans again picked Palin.

Strongest to Take On Washington Democrats:




These are great numbers for Governor Palin, but not surprising for any one who has followed her for any length of time. Governor Palin has consistently polled better than any Republican in pretty much any situation.

I’m reminded that during the 2012 election cycle, well into March of 2012, long after the field had settled a bit, Governor Palin was still far more popular than any of the actual candidates, and was seen by voters as a possible “unity candidate” had there actually been a floor fight at the convention.

It makes perfect sense that Alaskans, as well as Americans in general would be excited at the prospect of Governor Palin joining such leaders as Ted Cruz and Rand Paul on Capitol Hill. The problem is, Governor Palin has no intentions of running for that seat, nor is she happy with this so-called “Draft Sarah effort.

On Friday Tim Crawford, Treasurer of SarahPAC issued the following statement:

Governor Palin is grateful and honored by those Americans who support her and her beliefs. However, the draft Sarah Palin for Senate fundraising campaign initiated by the Tea Party Leadership Fund is not authorized, endorsed or supported by Governor Palin or SarahPAC.

It doesn’t get any plainer than that. As of Monday, the Tea Party Leadership Group was still trying to raise money off of Governor Palin’s good name, despite her admonishment.

I did some research on how this group has used it’s money. In 2012 the group spent $169,172.00, mostly in opposition of Barack Obama. They only supported 5 Republican candidates for a total of $26,972.00.

For the 2014 election cycle, the group has only supported one candidate so far, Paul McKinley from Illinois, for a total of $25,782.86.

This group, which counts Niger Innis as a “senior adviser” troubles me greatly. I don’t care for groups that use Governor Palin, or any other figure to raise money, knowing that person has no interest in that effort. It seems the idea here is to not only raise money, but build a significant email list, perhaps for sale to the highest bidder.

If Governor Palin decides to run for political office, I’m pretty sure she’ll make an announcement well ahead of that run. In the mean time, there are real candidates that could use your help, and legit groups to donate to. Governor Palin has said she will be working hard to help elect Conservatives in 2014. She’ll need your help as well.

Frankly, and this is just my personal opinion, the Senate would be a severe waste of Governor Palin’s talents. Sarah Palin is a proven CEO, a leader. There is really only one office that fits her tremendous talents, and the address is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D.C.


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