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Rush Limbaugh: I Really Admire Sarah Palin

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By Gary P Jackson

On Monday night Rush Limbaugh called into Greta’s show and discussed a the Tea Party and the destruction the Obama regime has brought to our nation. He also talks about the strong conservative women we have running for office this year.

At the end of the interview Greta kinda puts Rush on the spot by asking which politician he admires the most. At first Rush seems to side step the question, not wanting to play favorites.

With that said, Rush then goes into great detail about how much he admires Sarah, and why. He also reminds listeners that the left will always tell you who they fear the most.

This is nothing new for Rush though, as he has always had high praise for her. Rush, who is no fan of John McCain, took to calling him “John McBrilliant” as soon as he announced Sarah was the vice presidential pick.

The entire interview is great. A must listen.

Video courtesy of PalinTV

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Rush Limbaugh Talks Tea, The Republican Establishment, And Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

This is great video from Rush’s Thursday show. Here he talks about having to defend the Tea Party and Sarah Palin to some people, who want leaders and hate the establishment, but don’t really have the sense to know leadership when they see it.

It’s interesting to hear him talk about absolutely losing it with people in his own home who would rather believe the corrupt media’s caricature of Sarah Palin, rather than the truth. (Man I know that feeling!)

Rush has been a strong supporter of Sarah’s. As long time listeners know, Rush is not known to show John McCain a whole lot of love. In fact, he’s been a regular whipping boy for years. When McCain announced Sarah was going to be his running mate, Rush began calling him “John McBrilliant.

Rush saw what all of us saw, right from the start. Sarah Palin is the real deal.

One piece of wisdom Rush leaves us with: The left always tells you who they fear the most. It’s not hard to figure out, just by the intensity of the left’s attacks on Sarah, that she lives in their heads rent free, and they fear her the most.

Video courtesy of The Right Scoop

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Sarah Palin Inspiring Strong Women Nationwide To Take The Leadership Role

When he reached the New World, Cortez burned his ships. As a result, his men were well motivated.—Sean Connery, from The Hunt For Red October

In the relatively short time she has been on the world stage, Sarah Palin finds herself an icon to smart, strong, independent women everywhere. Sarah routinely speaks to groups ranging from a few thousand in an intimate setting to tens of thousands in parks, arenas, and open fields. Women make up a large and active portion of these groups.

.Sarah Palin has brought to our table a new kind of conservative woman, the conservative activist. All over the United States, women from all walks of life who had been cowed in the work place by liberal feminist rhetoric. These women watched and listened. Now, the skills they learned about organizing, fund raising and campaign management are being used by these women to return their communities, their schools, their precincts and districts, to sanity.

—Jim Kelly

People may tout Barack Obama as a “community organizer, ” but Barry doesn’t have nothing on Sarah Palin! Obama spent his time in Chicago “organizing” and training agitators, rabble rousers, reprobates, and shake down artists, who would hassle and hustle businesses and government officials alike, as they sought “social justice.”

Obama and the group he worked for, ACORN, trade in class warfare, envy, and Marxist ideology. Their entire shtick consists of telling people they have been “wronged” and the world owes them for it. And of course, only Big Government can help them.

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

—Sir Winston Churchill

As columnist Jim Kelly points out in his latest piece, Sarah Palin has inspired and energized an entire nation of motivated women who seek to restore America to greatness, and move away from the Marxist agenda of Obama’s failing presidency and that of his cohorts in Congress.

Women nationwide are taking the lead role at every level: Organizing rallies, educating their friends and neighbors, creating support groups and more. Of course, in doing this, these patriotic women are motivating us guys to get off the couch and into the game as well!

Conservative Women Are Burning the Boats instead of Bras

I will be forever grateful to Senator John McCain for many things. His sacrificial service to our Republic is but one. Most recently I am thankful for his introducing to America, Sarah Palin.

Having had spent a lot of time in Alaska in the late 90’s as a representative for a premium cruise line, I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Palin on an occasion in Talkeetna Alaska. I found her intelligent and engaging but most of all I left with that funny feeling you get about people when you just know they are destined for great things in their life.

She was just as “down home” and folksy then as she is now, but get her to talk about her passion, which at that time was Alaska, and she could rattle off facts and figures to support her position like a chief financial officer on the golf course.

My interest in things military, I asked what it was like living in Alaska when the Soviet Union was only a stone’s throw from the states front porch. She replied that if it weren’t for military people willing to do isolated tours of duty in Adak, Ronald Reagan wouldn’t have been as successful in bringing the cold war to a close. That is the way I remember the conversation some 12 years ago.

Sarah Palin has brought to our table a new kind of conservative woman, the conservative activist. All over the United States, women from all walks of life who had been cowed in the work place by liberal feminist rhetoric. These women watched and listened. Now, the skills they learned about organizing, fund raising and campaign management are being used by these women to return their communities, their schools, their precincts and districts, to sanity.

I have had the privilege of being invited into the company of women such as these. Jennifer Leslie, Southern Arizona District Coordinator for Smart Girl Politics, www.smartgirlpolitics.ning.com, is actively recruiting women to be educated and run as conservative candidates.

She is part of a larger network of women whose stated purpose is to engage, educate and empower women to take a more active role in politics. Jennifer said “We debate and develop clear positions that encourage conservative activism. We want to counter negative stereotypes of conservative women often found in the main stream media.”

Jennifer came to this organization out of frustration with the complacency and same old same old that she was seeing in the Republican Party. “Tammy Bruce was sitting in for Laura Ingraham on her radio show and spoke about Smart Girl; it energized me to form our local chapter so our beginnings were humble. We put up a booth at one of the first Tea Party Rallies and we started getting to know people and women started wanting to know about us.”

As I write this, her group is voluntarily cleaning up trash at the US –Mexican border to honor the memory of Robert Krentz, an Arizona rancher recently killed by a probable illegal entrant drug smuggler.

Her group gives local women who want to run for office a soap-box upon which to test their campaigning skills. It also plugs the candidate into other conservative groups that offer time, talent and shoe leather when they need volunteers to canvass precincts for their runs for office.

Women precinct committee persons form the bulk of her membership at the moment, but Ms. Leslie expects that women from all political parties will find their way to her group. Yes they do have men candidates come to speak to her group but the focus is women.

Ruth McCLung, candidate for Congressional District 7, Terri Proud, candidate for LD 26, Brenda Burns, candidate for Arizona Corporate Commission, are all candidates that rely on the networking skills of the new conservative woman.

I recently went to another home gathering of conservative women called “Winning with Women” founded by Leslie VanBorsumm, a long time supporter of all things Republican in Pima County and the rest of Arizona and California. Packed with candidates from Phoenix to Tucson there were only four men in attendance, one was the husband of a candidate the other two husbands of precinct committee persons and myself.

Leslie remembers campaigning for Barry Goldwater. She is one of the more seasoned veterans of the Pima GOP but one who has embraced change in the party, the tools that we use, and stays active and on top of the issues. She uses Facebook to network with her women and it works.

She took a more traditional approach working within the party. She actively sought the support of the state and national party leadership before she launched. Her goals are much like Smart Girl Politics, issue education, reversing media stereotypes but more importantly, something SGP does not do is endorse candidates, combined and coordinated efforts on a regional level to get conservative women elected.

Ms VanBorsumm is a Republican and she wants Republican women elected. “We have to take back the country from creeping socialism. It’s going to be women that do it. We have replaced our family infrastructure that has traditionally been run by women, and given our female power over to Big Daddy government, no more.”

Two different groups, two different philosophies, both recognizing one thing, the liberal agenda has been slowly eating away at the sovereignty of the family in America. It is women that lead families, in every culture in the world.

They have always been the field marshals of the home. It will be women that take back their leadership and push back socialism. It will be women talking to women that re-educate the lost generations.

One of my favorite scenes in the “The Postman” with Kevin Costner is when he has been all healed up from his wounds nursed by the female lead and he does not want to return to the cause he started, the woman burns down the cabin, forcing Costner to return to the fight.

Women, like the field marshals of old, you may be the ones that have to burn the boats of the fence sitting, compromising, lazy republican men and tell them “Fight or Die, there is no going back, this is for our family.”

Teri Christoph is co-founder and vice president of Smart Girl Politics. She is host of Smart Girl Nation, an Internet radio show heard on RFCRadio.com every Tuesday at 9PM ET, and blogs at its sister site, Smart Girl Nation.

Women have always been the real backbone of society. Let’s face it, us guys will put up with a lot more than the ladies will! It’s always been the women who have really been our conscience, who have reminded us of our values and why we must never lose them.

Sarah Palin has taken on the role of the nation’s “organizer” and inspirational leader. Let me be very blunt: One of the biggest complaints against the GOP, and male conservatives in general, with a few notable exceptions, is they are spineless. Too timid to be effective. Unable and unwilling to wage an all out war for the soul of the nation. Sometimes we wonder if they even grasp just how dire, and dangerous the situation that we find ourselves in truly is.

Sarah Palin doesn’t have this problem. The Alaskan pioneering spirit runs deep in her soul. This is a women who is fearless and unapologetic. Sarah knows who she is, and knows what she stands for. There ain’t a lot of nuance in this gal!

As a result, not only has Sarah inspired and delighted millions of strong women nationwide who share her values and qualities, she has jolted the listless GOP awake! Since Sarah Palin has emerged as our nation’s true leader, we have seen our fellow men find the courage they were lacking to take Obama, and his radical agenda, head on.

Unfortunately, we men, especially those in the GOP, are still a bit behind the power curve on all of this. We are still trailing a bit, but with a strong inspirational leader like Sarah Palin, and all of the smart, strong, and determined women, who a lighting a fire under our butts, the future looks brighter then ever.

God bless strong women, God bless Sarah Palin, and God bless the U.S.A.

H/T: God, Guns, & Sarah Palin


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S.E. Cupp On Religion, Tea Parties, Barack Obama, Michelle Bachmann, And Sarah Palin

One of our favorite Conservative commentators, S.E. Cupp, has written a new book: “Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media’s Attack on Christianity” In support of this book S.E. sat down for an interview with Newsmax TV and discussed a variety of topics from religion, and the media’s continual disdain thereof, as well as Barack Obama’s radicalism and how the media simply can’t handle strong, smart, and attractive Conservative women.

S. E. makes some interesting and provocative points:

On religion, media bias, and her atheism:

I am an atheist but I’m not one of those militant atheists. I simply don’t believe. I envy the faithful. I’ve always defended religious freedom. I’m grateful for mine and I’m grateful for everyone else’s.”

I defend especially Christianity in this country because it seems to be under attack, and I’m bothered by the idea that the media has taken a side in this fight. I’m really bothered as a writer, as a member of the press, that the Fourth Estate has become so openly hostile to 80 percent of the country. This is a huge majority. And 90 percent of the country believes in God.

To go after a majority like this means they’re really not a representative media. They don’t deserve to be called mainstream.

I think the media is socially secular and increasingly so, and I think the judgment and the morality inherent in Christianity or any religious system is really threatening to a secularist movement like the media. If the media can go on unjudged, I think that makes them fairly happy.

I knew what I was getting into when I started researching this book, but I did not know the scope and scale until I really got into it. It’s not just The New York Times and CNN and MSNBC, places you’d expect. It’s on the blogosphere. It’s online. It’s the Huffington Post. It’s Salon.com. It’s USA Today. It’s radio. It’s everywhere. You really have to look hard not to find it.

The “worst offenders” include be Salon.com, Cupp says. “CNN is pretty bad. The New York Times is pretty bad only because of the clout and influence that paper has. You would expect them to be a bit more responsible. MSNBC is terrible. Some of the talking heads there like Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews — these guys really have it out for Christianity.”

On Barack Obama:

[Barack Obama has an] “affinity for radical Marxist theology.”

If you look at some of his own testimony about his religious education, whether in his book or his speeches, he discusses at length his decision to follow black liberation theology, the kind of Christianity espoused by Reverend [Jeremiah] Wright and a number of other well-known pastors around the country.”

Obama describes it as not particularly a Christ-driven move on his part but as sort of a recognition of the black social causes of the time. That’s what really drove him into Christianity. When you actually read about it, it’s far more radical than the Pentecostalism of Sarah Palin or the Baptism of a Mike Huckabee. Yet those folks are constantly painted by the liberal media as being fanatical and fringe.

“If anyone bothered to look at Obama’s black liberation theology, they would have no choice but to recognize that it’s an incredibly radical — and I would even say extreme — version of Christianity.

On Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, conservatism, and the left wing media’s inability to deal with “pretty” Conservative women:

One, the liberal media always have a difficult time dealing with pretty, conservative women. They just don’t know what to make of it. She [Sarah Palin] can’t be that smart because she’s too pretty. She can’t be galvanizing because she’s too dumb.

Two, they’re frustrated by the fact that this is a self-made woman. They spent eight years telling us that George W. Bush was this nepotism experiment gone wrong. Well, here’s a woman who came from nothing, who worked her way up to become a successful wife and mother, had an amazing political career — the first female governor of Alaska and the youngest.

This is unequivocally an accomplished woman, and the right kind of accomplished woman if you ask the liberal media — the kind that did it on her own. That bothers them because they really dislike her policies.

I think it takes a lot of courage in today’s day and age to stand up as Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin have and say look, I believe there’s a traditional role for the family. I believe in traditional values. I’m a proud Christian.

That is an act of courage today, sadly. And I think the liberal media wants to position a Bachmann or a Palin as somehow backwards or lost in time, unsophisticated, a relic.”

Conservatism rightly resists the changing tide, the changing social mores. The whole idea of conservatism is to preserve what we think is good. So these flag bearers like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, women no less, I think are really throwing mud in the eye of the liberals who would rather see them locked up in some museum.”

Check out S.E. Cupp’s new book: “Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media’s Attack on Christianity” at Amazon.com.


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Awesome: The “Crash The Tea Party” Loon Is A Middle-School Teacher (Democrat) And Is Now Under Investigation By His Employer!

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard about all of the plans of the Marxist-democrats to infiltrate the Tea Party movement and cause problems. You see, the Obama regime, with great assistance from their media partners, have been working 24/7 to convince people that the Tea Party Patriots are racists. (and stupid) Of course, like everything else Obama attempts, this too has been an Epic Failure.

Knowing this, supporters of the Obama regime are now looking at the age old Nazi style tactics of manufacturing evidence when none exists. Marxist-democrats are very good at this.

As an aside, The $100,000 Andrew Breitbart has been offering to anyone who can prove racial slurs were uttered at the Capital Tea Party in D.C., a few weeks back, still goes unclaimed, despite the fact that the reward will go to a worthy cause, the Negro College Fund.

Anyhow, let’s meet Jason Levin, an industrial strength nut-job. In other words, a typical supporter of the Obama regime.

From Uncoverage.net:

Turns out our headline-snarfing “Tea Party Crasher” who set up a new website to recruit followers, who has been giving national interviews and threatening all kinds of havoc to the tea party protests nationwide…….

( “we’ll have people show up in Nazi uniforms, we’ll get your social security numbers and personal info by passing around petitions at your rallies, we’ll carry misspelled signs and yell strange things to make you look bad“)…..

As it turns out……

Jason Levin is actually a middle-school teacher in the Portland, Oregon. He told us originally he was a “software consultant.” Hasn’t he heard of Google?

Uh oh. Turns out Jason might have been spending a lot of paid-by-the-taxpayers “school” time being a snarky, Obamist, anti-American cyber-geek.


Oh, and there’s a priceless photo of “Jedi Jason” posing with a light saber. Just the kind of guy you want teaching your young skull of mush, right?

Looks like Jedi Jason is in deep doo-doo now:

From the Portland Oregonian:

Jason Levin, the Portland man who caused a ruckus over his plans to “infiltrate” Tea Party protests in an aim to discredit them, teaches in a Beaverton middle school and now faces an investigation by the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission.

Melody Hanson, the commission’s director of professional practices, said Wednesday that the agency opened an investigation because “there was enough concern that there was some neglect of duty” on the part of Levin.

Levin teaches in the media lab at Conestoga Middle School, although he described himself in an interview earlier this week with Talking Points Memo as a technology consultant.

So, go on with your bad self, Jason Levin. Go ahead and make fun of all the tea party people as being “provincial” or “God-fearing” or “gun-loving” or “flag-waving.” Go explain explain why you want heroin legalized to your teachers’ professional standards committee.

I would say the tea party movement just scored bigtime!

Awesome! Not only is this freak show liar infecting young minds with Marxist ideology, and his own very special brand of lunacy, he’s doing it on the tax payer’s dime!

Reason number 4,877 why you should home school your children!

But as the late Billy Mays would say: “But wait! There’s more!Verum Serum has uncovered this loser’s “manifesto.”

Jason Levin’s Political Manifesto Uncovered – Apparently He Supports the Legalization of Heroin, Polygamy, and Torture Among Other Things

So Jason Levin is the total moron who put together the “Crash the Tea Party” web site. Levin is not your garden variety moron though. I mean it takes a pretty impressive level of idiocy to attempt to covertly infiltrate the biggest and most widely covered political movement in the country at the moment using a publicly available web site to provide details and solicit support for your plan. This idea is so completely idiotic that when I first heard about it I figured Levin would turn out to be an internet marketer and that this was really just a PR ploy. But alas, it seems he really is just stupid.

However, since Levin is now getting some media coverage for his little scheme – from the AP and TPM among others – I decided to dig around a bit and see if I could add anything interesting to the public record on Mr. Levin.

You simply must take a trip over to Verum Serum, by clicking here, and check this nimrod out. I mean it’s well worth the effort.

Sadly, our Jedi Knight isn’t the only loon out there, other groups are planning this sort of thing as well, so everyone must remain vigilant, and as always, when attending any event, take cameras and video recorders so these reprobates can be caught in the act, on film.

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing

-Edmond Burke

Oh,… and remember Patriots,… the only reason you’re being attacked is because you’re being effective!


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Survey: 40% Of Tea Party Patriots Are Democrats And Independents

Our research shows that Tea Party activists’ top concern – economy and jobs — mirrors the majority of voters in the country
. -David Winston, president of The Winston Group

Bad news for Barack Obama and the Marxist-democrat party. Despite what the nonsense their media partners are trying to sell the American people, a significant number of Tea Party Patriots, nearly half, are not Republicans.

The Winston Group conducted three studies from December 2009 through February 2010 and fond that while 57% of the Tea Partiers are indeed Republicans, 28% consider themselves independent and 13% consider themselves democrats.

Their summary:

WASHINGTON DC (April 1, 2010) — Tea Party activists may be ardent supporters of economic conservatism but are similar to the overall electorate when it comes to economic priorities, according to the findings of a new report released by The Winston Group today on the political movement.

In one of the most extensive looks to date at just who Tea Party activists are, how they think, and the ideas that matter to them, the report found that 17% of the people polled considered themselves “part of the Tea Party movement” and more than four in ten Tea Party members said they were either Independents or Democrats.

In three national surveys, done for New Models from December 2009 through February 2010, 57% of Tea Party members called themselves Republicans, another 28% said they were Independents, and 13% were Democrats. Two-thirds of Tea Party members identify as conservatives but 26% say they are moderate and 8% described themselves as liberal

The study also found Tea Party members are more likely to be male by a 56-44% margin, slightly older than the electorate as a whole and middle income earners. When it comes to issues, the research found that Tea Party activists espouse a strong economic conservatism.

In the February 2010 New Models study, 36% of Tea Party members name the economy and jobs as their top issue with national deficit and spending close behind at 21% — over twice as high as the overall electorate. However, when given the choice in the January survey, Tea Party members favored “reducing unemployment to 5%” over balancing the budget 63-32%, which closely reflects the overall electorate (64-32%).

While Tea Party members prioritize job creation over deficit spending and tax issues, they value economically conservative policies because they view them as a means to reducing unemployment and improving the economy. Over 4 out of 5 Tea Party members (85%) say tax cuts for small business will create more jobs than increased government spending on infrastructure while the overall electorate prefers tax cuts by a more modest 61-31% margin.

For more in-depth analysis:

Topline results [PDF]

Full analysis [PDF]

You can also read the Tea Party Memo April 2010

Couple this with the fact a significant number of these Patriots are minorities, Blacks, Hispanics, and others, and one can see the Marxist-democrat party’s once reliable voters are deserting them en masse.

And the hits just keep on coming! Now there is this bit of bad news for Obama reported by C4P:

We Ask America finds that “[t]he Land of Lincoln may be home base for President Obama, but it joins other Midwestern states having slightly higher disapproval-over approval-ratings.” A majority of Illinois registered voters disapprove of their former junior Senator and former congregant of Trinity United Church of Christ.

The poll was conducted on March 10 but since Barack Obama’s national approval has not increased in the last month, it’s unlikely that he’s performing any better in his home state.

We Ask America also finds longtime Democrat Party hack David Obey’s re-election efforts possibly in jeopardy. Over 53% of the voters in Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District are less likely to support Obey’s re-election because he voted in favor of Obamacare. Governor Palin endorsed his likely opponent Sean Duffy in mid-February and assisted him with a successful money bomb.

Exit Question(s):

We used to call folks like these “Reagan democrats” and they helped propel Ronald Reagan to two historic landslide election victories in 1980 and 1984. Do we now call them Palin democrats?

Ronald Reagan won 49 states in 1984 when he was re-elected, with his opponent, Walter Mondale, only wining his home state (by 2 points) and the District of Columbia. Will Obama even be able to carry Illinois against Sarah Palin in 2012?

Will Barack Obama start wishing there really were 57 states? (Or is it 58?… I can never keep up!)


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Sign Of The Times….Go Sarah!

A sign of the times: more and more Americans are getting creative with their messages of displeasure with government and how they are getting them out there. The latest trend seems to be pooling some money together and buying advertising space on billboards.

This is exactly what Floridians John Knapp and Eddie Roberts have done. They, along with their friends pulled out their wallets and purchased advertising on a billboard located on I-75 in Northern Florida. The sign reads: “Now it’s personal …America’s coming for you, Congress! Vote Liberals Out In 2010” the statement is signed “We The People.”

Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson interviewed the lively pair on Fox and Friends. The two explain how all of this came together.

Knapp and Roberts go on to explain the have held Tea Party events under the billboard and plan to hold many more between now and November.

It seems these partiots have been inspired by a certain hockey mom out of Alaska. The end of the video says it all.

Video courtesy PalinTV

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