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Mississippi Tea Party Leader, Mark Mayfield, Commits Suicide

Mark Mayfield, Merrida Coxwell, John Reeves

By Isabel Matos

Madison Journal Reported: Ridgeland attorney and Mississippi tea party leader Mark Mayfield died this morning of an apparent suicide, Ridgeland Police said.  The cause of death is a gunshot wound to the head, but other details had not been released, the police said.

Madison County tea party leader Pat Bruce sent out an e-mail about 9:40 a.m. saying Mayfield had killed himself 10 minutes earlier in his garage.


Mayfield served as vice chairman of the Mississippi Tea Party and was arrested for conspiring with Clayton Kelly to take photos of Thad Cochran’s infirmed wife at St. Catherine’s Village in Madison.

Mayfield was given a $250,000 bond at his initial hearing and posted a $25,000 cash bond.

Politico expanded on the news (I do not agree with they were too eager to claim Cochran defeated McDaniel in the primary on Tuesday), reporting:

Grant Sowell, a leader of the Tupelo Tea Party who has known Mayfield about five years said he sort of “got cut off from the world” after the arrest. He shut down his Facebook and was upset that the whole scandal might hurt McDaniel’s chances.

Sowell said he called Mayfield a few days after the arrest to encourage him with some scripture, and Mayfield warned him that the phones could be tapped.

“He said, ‘I’m not guilty of anything,’ but … it gave people a paranoid feeling,” said Sowell.

“Nobody should have died over this,” he added. “It’s just an election. I’m heartbroken by it … I wish I’d reached out more.”

For the rest of the report




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Scam Alert: Sarah’s Not Running for Senate, so DO NOT DONATE to Dan Backer’s Tea Party Leadership Fund

draft sarah scam!!

By Isabel Matos

Sarah is NOT running for Senate!

Yet another article by Lee Stranahan warning unsuspecting Tea Party Americans who make donations in good faith to Tea Party Organizations that a scam is being perpetrated by the Tea Party Leadership Fund. Dan Backer strikes again. This is not new. I published how the funds got intercepted by Backer and eventually ended up in Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn’s campaigns here. Backer is a despicable liar and a cheat who needs to be exposed. Pass this along to your friends and/or anyone you know on or off Facebook. None of this should be taking place. What bothers me about this entire scenario is that RINOS end up enriching themselves off of the very people who want them voted out of power because RINOS want to see them crushed. It’s beyond bothersome. It’s infuriating!

For weeks, I’ve been reporting on how TheTeaParty.net Leadership Fund uses ‘petitions’ and ‘Draft’ schemes as a way to make money and build big mailing lists.

Today, Backer and the TPLF are at it again.

A new email about ‘Draft Sarah Palin’ is a humdinger, with copy written to separate well-meaning patriots from their money, including saying in bold ”you can be a tangible part of saving our nation from slipping into the vast sea of liberal socialism.”

How does sending money to Dan Backer and TheTeaParty.net Leadership Fund accomplish that? It DOESN’T.

Palin isn’t running. She isn’t going to run. And IF she ran, she has a HUGE war chest.

So giving money to the group wont do a thing to stop the sea of liberal socialism but it will make money for TheTea Party.Net Leadership Fund.

Here’s the email in its entirety. Stranahan wants you to see how manipulative it is:

New from a sponsor of TheTeaParty.net
Is this email not displaying correctly?
View it in your browser.


Sarah called it!

Obama led the way for Putin’s Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Even before he took the oath of office, Sarah Palin warned us about the disasters to come under Obama’s terrible leadership.

“After the Russian Army invaded the nation of Georgia, Senator Obama’s reaction was one of indecision and moral equivalence, the kind of response that would only encourage Russia’s Putin to invade Ukraine next.” – Sarah Palin, 2008

AND Palin was right…when Obama did nothing, Russia took what they wanted. This proves Obama is nothing more than a weak homeland bully — attacking American citizens and watching freedom around the world burn.

Sarah Palin is the conservative leader we need in the U.S. Senate, NOW. 

But her window to commit to this race has almost closed, and that’s why I need you to respond to this request IMMEDIATELY. We need your help to gather the signatures necessary to push Sarah Palin over the top in a critical run for Alaska’s Senate seat in 2014.

CLICK HERE to sign your Draft Sarah Palin petition.

Incumbent liberal Democrat Mark Begich is terrified of an Obama vist to Alaska, because he knows the American people are awakening.

Sarah’s the proven leader we need. She has a better grasp on world politics, and she knows what it means to cherish and protect our American freedoms far better than THE MAN WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE LEADING THE FREE WORLD.

Last I checked, Mark Begich has spent too much time in Washington D.C. begging the Obama administration for favors rather than representing the good people of Alaska. Send Sarah to replace Begich and stop Obama!

Senator Sarah Palin, this is the name we need to put an end to Barack Obama and Harry Reid’s reign of liberal terror.

The United States Senate rests just outside conservative control, and by electing more Tea Party Heroes to replace the establishment cronies from either party – you can be a tangible part of saving our nation from slipping into the vast sea of liberal socialism.

Now more than ever, we need another Tea Party Hero in the Senate to halt Harry Reid and his pals in their war against our Constitution on issues like amnesty and gun control and our nation’s crushing debt. With Sarah in the Senate, conservatives across America will rest easier at night knowing she’s at the watch.

I need your renewed support today by signing the Tea Party Leadership Fund’s petition to draft Sarah Palin to the U.S. Senate – and I need you to chip in $5 or more to get Sarah’s name on the ballot.

Sarah is the proven Maverick who’s stood up to the special interests in Alaska and has been a tireless advocate for our Tea Party values ever since she hit the national stage.

Sign your name to the petition right now, and make a donation of $5 or more to convince her we’re serious.


Dan Backer
Tea Party Organizer

P.S. We worked hard to get her attention — now let’s seal the deal. By signing our renewed petition, you make a bold statement — you’re tired of the wishy-washy sellout establishment shills and you’re ready to put a real leader in the Senate next to Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Follow this link, sign your name to our petition, and help us show Sarah Palin the Tea Party Leadership Fund has her back!


The Tea Party Leadership Fund is a leader in this freedom movement putting your nationwide support into local action.  Learn more                                       TheTeaPartyLeadershipFund.com


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Thad Cochran Hands Gift to McDaniel: Still Has No Idea What This Tea Party Thing Is. Mississippi Showdown June 3


By Isabel Matos

After five long years Cochran says: “I didn’t know much about the Tea Party.”

It’s getting close to crunch time and Cochran just handed McDaniel a marvelous gift that should be his campaign slogan until the June 3rd Missippee showdown.  If anything says “I am the establishment you are trying to get rid of” it is this.  It reminds me of the tune we used to sing and wave gleefully to the losing team at high school games: “Na na na na.  Na na na na. Hey hey hey… Goodbye.. !”

I’ve seen a lot of stupid things said by the GOP in recent years, but this has to win the merit badge dumbest of all. Lately. It does show how out of the touch and arrogant Cochran is.  Barbour is doing everything possible to help Cochran. True colors are showing now in Mississippee!  Good riddance, is all I have to say to Cochran and Good Luck to Chris McDaniel!  Show your support HERE.

Thad Cochran was not even aware that Sarah Palin had endorsed Chris McDaniel. He was unaware she did so because of his conservative  principles. Cochran must be in his loft in D.C. somewhere saying “principles? what principles?” between calls to Barbour and other “helpers” to save him.

Mark Levin and The Tea Party Patriots Fund have also endorsed Chris McDaniel. This is the fight we’re fighting: Establishment vs. Grassroots (or as I like to put it Government vs. the People.)  Not even a Hail Mary will save Thad I think.

mississippi race

More on former Governor’s Haley Barbour’s  involvement in this race: HERE

More on  Thad Cochran’s Statement in Breitbart article.

More on Missippippe election in Politico HERE.


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Linda Vega Pushes Senate Amnesty Bill at a June 2013 Tea Party “Debate”


By Isabel Matos

Well, when you find one good little nugget of information, it usually leads to more.  Here is Linda Vega (running for Texas US Senate 2014) pushing Immigration Reform, specifically the Senate Bill (S.744) at a rally last June.  Remember, she has said that she is NOT for amnesty.  And I am Sandra Fluke.

The talking points, no matter how presented, are the same ones we’ve heard before.  I felt like I was watching JeBolina Bushie pushing Amnesty. (It has less than 200 views, by the way, which shows most Texans, and Americans for that matter, are not on board with her views, contrary to what she wants to portray.)

I’m from Texas.  I’m a small town girl from the valley. Even if I have all those degrees and I’m a lawyer .. I love my state. I came back here because it’s my home.  My family’s here..

Our population is 28 million, 25 million three years ago.  People are coming into the state because it’s the land of prosperity and business.  We have an older population 28% are living past the age of 80, but we also have a population of a labor force that’s at 21%.  Keep that in mind.

By 2016 our country, our young population in Texas is going to grow smaller and smaller.  We don’t have enough people to pay into the system, to do our jobs.   We don’t have enough workers.  We need to find more workers to come into Texas.

Remember we need to keep focused on the economic issue I mentioned before.  If we get sidetracked with anger and hate we will never solve this issue.  It’s an immigration opportunity for us.  It is the opportunity to have these people to pay into our system because that will create 4 trillion dollars that we need because our deficit is so large.

That number is feeding into programs that are creating dependency, not opportunity.

The State Comptroller in Texas did a study: If we exclude undocumented people who have probably not married U.S. citizens or other people in Texas, we stand to lose 69.3 million dollars in Texas in economic activity, 38.8 billion dollars lost in gross state product, and approximately 400, 000  jobs in Texas.  That’s a lot.

We constantly contradict ourselves.  We want these people to work here, to pay taxes and then what? They don’t have an allegiance to our country. They won’t love this country.  We have to let them leave after 5 years which I’m for.

If they can’t learn English, if they can’t adjust or become committed to our country, they have to leave.  I’m the biggest proponent of that.  I’m constantly telling people, you have to learn English… you have to be part of this country.  And if you don’t want to, you must leave.

But again, I cannot fathom how we want to enforce laws to grow our government.  It just doesn’t make any sense to me.  We need to stop the Unions that exist in the Federal Government.  We need to do away with them.  That is how they get so much power.

What scares you more:  these anchor babies?  terrorists? or being held indefinitely even though you’re a U.S. citizen?,  because this is the power we are giving this administration.

I say that because the more we divide ourselves on this  immigration issue the more this administration grabs a hold of our liberties and takes them from us, over this one issue.  So if we can remain focused on the economic prosperity of immigration before we even start to whittle away at our liberties, we might get this passed.

Here in Texas 60 million Republicans vote.  Young people we need to attract into our party. This bickering on emotion and calling them names is not attractive. We need to seek an opportunity for them.  Ask yourself:  What is this bill going to do for America?  What will it give us? Peace of Mind. This bill is an opportunity for us to finally know who is here and who will hurt us. How we can regulate that better.

It is an opportunity for us to do that. If we don’t take charge as Republicans and lead on this comprehensive immigration bill we are going to lose elections for the next ten to twenty years. 

It is time for us to join together.  To find solutions. Stop the name-calling. To look for opportunity, not for immigrants, but for  us. As a country that promotes freedom.  As a country that feels safe. I want to know who’s here. The bad people, I want them to leave.  I want us to have the opportunity to have them be part of the process called immigration reform.

This bill is just a blueprint…

I don’t think she will win the race. Bush, Inc. seems to be backing John Cornyn instead.  We must be on alert, though.  The last thing we need is another Bush-type Republican playing word games with Amnesty by calling it Immigration Reform.

For the rest of her comments above and for Part one of the debate: http://latinosreadytovote.com/linda-vega-at-clear-lake-tea-party-immigrationdebate-video/

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Palin: No New Taxes: “We’ll Be Watching!”


Gov. Palin has penned a piece over at Breitbart  in which she artfully makes the case as to why we are “Taxed Enough Already” and issues a warning to D.C. politicians on their votes for this compromised budget bill– “We’ll be watching.”

From Breitbart:

No one can argue with the fact that Paul Ryan’s compromise budget bill raises taxes and increases spending. Show me one Republican who got elected on that platform. Spare America the Orwellian word games. If the government is taking money out of your pocket to fund its growing Big Brother operations, it’s a tax. Whether money is taken from you via your phone bill, your airline ticket, or your income, it’s a tax. If politicians can’t be honest about this, it’s time to go home.

The TEA Party’s very acronym stands for “Taxed Enough Already.” We sent these politicians to Congress in an historic landslide election in 2010 with a mandate to stop the runaway spending train bankrupting our nation, not to wave to it from the station or – heaven forbid – increase its speed. And yet, here we are still pretending that there are no real world consequences to running up near trillion dollar deficits year after year with no end in sight.

So, where does this leave us? We can sit back and accept the increased spending “Compromised Plan” with increases in taxes and spending, or we can charge ahead to at least preserve the very modest Sequester cuts American workers already fought for. If we go with the first option, we simply kick the can down the road yet again and wait for the inevitable real world consequences of bankruptcy (see Detroit for an example of what’s in store). Or we can go with the second option and probably get clobbered by the media (so what’s new?!).

The Political Establishment will no doubt tell us that a budget battle will distract us from the fight against Obamacare. But that excuse is just the latest variation in the Establishment’s old canard that they’re keeping their powder dry for the next big battle which never seems to materialize because they’re always too busy waving the white flag and following the path of least resistance until election day.

Enough is enough!

Here’s the deal, folks. The media will clobber us no matter what. We do not want more taxes. We want Congress to rein in spending and live within its means. (What’s so radical about that?!) Americans have gotten quite an education recently in wasteful government spending as we’ve all seen how the federal government can blow a billion dollars on a website that doesn’t work.

Do these members of Congress really think they can justify every tax dollar they spend and still demand more from hard working Americans by increasing our taxes?

2014 is just around the corner. If any member of Congress thinks raising taxes and increasing wasteful spending is a winning strategy to run on, then by all means they should vote for the Ryan budget. We’ll be watching.

Breitbart article & comments here.  Palin’s Facebook link and comments here.

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104,000 Strong: Tea Party Patriots Have Record Turnout for Cruz on Tele-Townhall


By Gary P Jackson

Think the American people aren’t behind Senator Ted Cruz and his efforts to stop ObamaCare?

Stephen K Bannon of Breitbart reports Senator Cruz’s latest tele-townhall broke all previous records for participation:

The Tea Party Patriots blew away expectations at last night’s tele-townhall on the Continuing Resolution with 104,000 participants for Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK).

The previous record for an event was three weeks ago when 67,000 participants attended. TPP Co-founder Jenny Beth Martin stated, “no special measures were taken to draw the crowd—only the standard Facebook post for two hours and a robocall earlier in the day.

The pupose of the tele-townhall was to get TPP members up to date on the latest developments in the ongoing battle to defund Obamacare. It was the TPP’s rallies during the congressional recess in August that drove interest in the current hard-line strategy.

Senator Cruz laid out a series of action items that grassroots activists could take on a daily basis to stop Obamacare. These measures included everything from signing petitions to doing blog and Facebook posts. Cruz emphasized the importance of citizens talking to their neighbors about Obamacare and enlisting more people around the country to join the movement to stop its implementation. Of particular note was his call for TPP members to get the word out on the special Obamcare exemption for Congress.

Calls were taken from the participants, and several veterans expressed the importance of getting veterans to join the group. Rep. Bridenstine , a former fighter pilot, expressed his frustration with House Democrats in clocking a rule change that would allow funding of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Tea Party Patriot officials believe the intensity of emotions to continue the fight against Obamacare will carry through the upcoming debt ceiling negotiations. Martin noted that the tele-townhall four weeks ago drew over 50,000 participants, and active engagement by grassroots is building with each passing day.

Keep up with Tea Party Patriots updates for future tele-townhalls here.

More, including video here.


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Megyn Kelly Interviews Three Groups Targeted by Obama’s IRS


By Gary P Jackson

Today Megyn Kelly Interviewed representatives from three separate , and very different, groups attacked by the Obama regime. Megyn talks with Brian Brown, from the National Organization For Marriage. Lori Marcus, Z Street. Scottie Hughes, Tea Party News Network.

Maybe the most egregious assault may have happened to Brian Brown, who had personal tax information given to the co-chair of Obama’s re-election campaign.

Video courtesy SarahNET.

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Bernie Quigley: Sarah Palin, Tea Party Save America


By Gary P Jackson

Writing for The Hill Bernie Quigley states the obvious:

Sarah Palin, Tea Party save America

This morning from The Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker: “Breaking news: Conservative organizations suddenly have found common cause with one of their favorite objects of contempt — the benighted Mainstream Media … Or as the tea party queen and former Alaska governor likes to put it, the ‘lamestream media.’ In a twist of irony, the two groups have coalesced around a common enemy: the U.S. government.

The Tea Party queen here is, of course, Sarah Palin. Interesting, because Parker was among the first to announce, when Palin first arrived on the scene, that Palin was “out of her league.”

Many will remember that Parker, a liberal Republican, once bragged that she “Didn’t take part in the assassination of Sarah Palin-she led it!” Parker, a failed talk show host [along with Client Number 9] isn’t exactly someone with an ounce of credibility, or dignity, for that matter.

The league” is what we commonly call the “establishment” today. This definition of the word “establishment,” which was popularized in the ’60s, popped up again (here, I think) to juxtapose and enhance the Tea Party. It contains lamestream press, the two political parties, and the families of influence from Eastern money and Northeastern states, the Kennedy and the Bush apparatuses primarily (Obama proudly walks his Kennedy doggie) and now the Clintons and their generation.

The establishment has flipped. America today has done what needs to be done and it could not have been done without the Tea Party. But truth be told, there would be no Tea Party today had there not been a Sarah Palin to egg it on and advance it.

Reports now are everywhere that “DC turns on Obama,” a headline today at Politico.

We saw it coming when just last month the venerable TV veteran Tom Brokaw condemned the White House correspondents’ annual fete, calling it “Versailles.”

Something in our nature makes it true when an old soldier, a “Gray Champion,” says it, steps in front of the parade and says “no more.” But we have been hearing this from Palin for several years now. Next year it will be different.

What has happened in America these past eight years is that the states have awakened as if from a slumber since 1865. A sea change has occurred between Hamilton’s American vision and Jefferson’s. The Tea Party and Palin have awakened Jefferson. It is a door that opened that will not be closed. The mainstream media has not exactly joined in, but it will. That is the next step.

Quigley goes on to compare the Correspondents Dinner to Frank Rizzo, the corrupt former Mayor of Philadelphia, who used to provide free lunches to reporters covering him.

Worth reading more here.

Sarah Palin would be the last one to take credit for the Tea Party, but she is absolutely the reason why the Tea Party has become so strong, and thrived, despite a most egregious assault from the Obama regime. Sarah has been out front taking on anyone who dare disparage the Tea Party in any way. She’s been out there fighting for Liberty and Freedom.

Sarah Palin is a force of nature, and frankly, so is the Tea Party. All of us working together can save America, and will!


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Richmond Tea Party was Targeted by IRS for Harassment


By Gary P Jackson

From former senatorial candidate Jamie Radtke:

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Meanwhile in Cincinnati: When Tyranny Is around the Corner

by Whitney Pitcher

Last week, President Obama gave the commencement address at Ohio State University where he mocked those who warned against the potential tyranny of overreaching government “around every corner” and accused such critics of “gumming up the works”:

In recent days, leaks from a soon-to-be released inspector general’s report have shown that the IRS targeted Tea Party groups starting in March of 2010 and that the IRS’s chief counsel knew as early as 2011 that such groups were being targeted. The targeting of Tea Party groups included in depth questioning from IRS officials ranging from inquiries regarding interactions with the media to predicting event revenue, expense, and other details of future rallies. Despite earlier claims from the Obama administration aiming to pin responsibility on low level field agents, it has become clear that IRS offices in Washington and at least two other offices were involved in the targeting of conservative groups.  Additionally, IRS officials based in Cincinnati (just 100 miles from where President Obama gave his speech mocking government skeptics) disclosed confidential documents from Tea Party groups to Pro Publica, a left-leaning media group whose main funders also fund the Soros-backed Center for American Progress.

The news of the last two weeks alone has proven that those who support limited government have reason to question the size and scope of government and how such a large, over-reaching government can truly be held accountable. The Obama administration has been able to feign ignorance over the dealings of several of his own cabinet departments. He has claimed no previous knowledge of IRS targeting of conservative groups, calling the IRS an “independent agency”. The Obama administration has claimed only a stylistic role in the editing of Benghazi talking points by his own State Department and CIA. This evening, press secretary Jay Carney claimed that the Obama administration was unaware of that the Department of Justice obtained phone logs of AP reporters, again calling an executive branch entity like the Department of Justice, “independent”. All of these examples are proof that government has become too big and leadership has become too small to take responsibility for its own failures.

Late Leftist historian Howard Zinn quipped during the Bush administration that dissent was the highest form of patriotism. Now, dissent in the name of patriotism means that groups undergo harsh scrutiny from the government they wish to help restore to its proper purpose and size. Pardon us, for “gumming up the works”, Mr. President.  We simply want our government to abide by the charter of liberties you swore an oath to uphold. We won’t be silenced.

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