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ABC News Allows Ted Shpak To Lie About Sarah Palin on Memorial Day, Again

By Gary P Jackson

I hate to bring this up on the day we honor our fallen troops, but this is the second Memorial Day in a row that Rolling Thunder’s “legislative director” Ted Shpak has found a willing reporter, this time Matt Negrin, at ABC News, who would allow him to smear Sarah Palin.

We had enough problems last year with Sarah Palin. She came out last year and said she’s speaking, and she’s bringing her bus and starting her tour, and that wasn’t happening. I went ballistic when I heard that. One of our members invited them who had no business to invite her.  She showed up. Don’t come in the way she came in. It was a sad site to see. If she had just came like everybody else, I’d say it was OK. That’s not the way it happened.

If you remember, Sarah Palin was invited to ride with the heroes from Rolling Thunder, a wonderful group who are dedicated to making sure no one ever forgets those who were held as prisoners of war, or are missing in action.

Sarah wasn’t invited to speak, and had no intention of speaking to the group. That’s not what Rolling Thunder is even about. It’s about the ride, and as this report shows, she was just another rider in the crowd.

In fact, when reporters crowded around Sarah and her family, as she spoke with veterans who were riding, some rather large bikers ran the reporters off! And they weren’t real nice about it!

This wasn’t a media event, it was about honoring the troops. Last year it was Ted Shpak and MSNBC that turned it into a circus. I guess Shpak is looking for another 15 minutes of fame.

Todd and Piper rode on one bike, while Sarah Palin rode with Petrina Herman, a professional models agent [and fiancée of Harley-Davidson dealer New York Myke] of San Diego.

As we reported at the time, Sarah and her family were not only invited, she was well received by the riders. For some reason Shpak, a man of questionable character and agenda, decided to go on the far left MSNBC “news” network and bash Sarah. A disgraceful act.

Also at the time, ABC News’ Sheila Marikar reported: “Rolling Thunder announced Thursday that Palin accepted an invitation to participate in its May 29 rally

The Washington Post reported that Nancy Regg, a spokeswoman for Rolling Thunder, had confirmed Sarah had been invited and was planning to ride. You can read more here.

In a follow-up article it was noted that the invitation came from a retired Rolling Thunder board member, Michael DiPaolo, who had connections in Alaska and got the Palins to agree to attend.

You can read more about that here.

On May 29th of last year, in response to a read I wrote:

I had never heard of Shpak before Friday, but did some digging. I have decided not to embarrass Rolling Thunder by publishing my findings, but it’s sufficient to say Shpak dishonors the group with his membership.

I still feel the same way. Rolling Thunder is a wonderful and patriotic group. We need more folks like them. That said, if anyone wants to do their own research on Shpak, they’ll understand what I said and why I said it.

Of course, we can’t excuse Matt Negrin of ABC News, a character who seems to have a habit of smearing Sarah Palin.

It’s sad that people like Shpak and Negrin soil the memories of our fallen heroes, with unnecessary lies, to push their own agenda. I guess every crowd has it’s share of weasels.

I’d much rather remind America what Rolling Thunder is really about. Here’s a moving video from last year’s ride. A solitary Marine holds vigil, at full attention, during the Rolling Thunder rally in tribute to fallen comrades:

God bless all of those who serve. And God bless those who keep the memories of those who have fallen alive.


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