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Another Rino Wins A Primary: Lamar Alexander from TENNESSEE


By Isabel Matos

From US4Palin Joe Carr lost his U.S. Senate bid to incumbent Lamar Alexander according to the Tennessee Secretary of State unofficial election results posted tonight. Alexander got 51% of the vote and Carr got 38%. When Gov. Palin endorsed him a week ago, Carr was down by 29 points. He closed the gap to 13 points.  End article here for Governor Palin’s Endorsement success.

Great article by CHQ  to amplify why Lamar had to lie to win, like all Rinos do.

“Lamar Alexander’s support of amnesty paved the way for our current border crisis and is a direct attack on America’s workers,” said Carr.  “Tennessee’s working families have a right to know whether Lamar Alexander will continue his support of amnesty.  It is unacceptable for Tennessee’s senior Senator to remain silent on this growing national crisis that his support of amnesty helped cause. Lamar needs to come out of hiding and explain himself.”

Finally, for us, I needed to add Senator Rand Paul’s photo because he endorsed him.  He did a cameo in one of his ads for his campaign which was published here.  He has been on the wrong side of just about every race except North Carolina.

We have a problem.  It’s the Primary stupid! They want to cut us off at the primary level and Reince was talking about terminating open primaries altogether.  It’s not good what we are seeing, EVEN IF some are saying and counting on Real Clear Politics polling that we may pick up 7 seats. It’s late. We will talk more tomorrow.




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Palin: The Guy in Office is An Idiot When It Comes to Energy #PalinRally

America's Last Standby Isabel Matos

Below are glimpses of Sarah Palin and excerpts from her “America’s Last Stand” speech at the Tea Party rally in Eastern Tennessee tonight. This post will be updated as soon as a video of her speech is published.

The rally was scheduled to be held at Somokies Stadium, but was moved to the Sevierville Convention Center due to weather concerns.

The Sevier County Tea Party in association and JL Production organized the event. Judge Jeanine Pirro, Senator Rick Santorum, and Col. Allen West were scheduled appeared as well. Palin keynoted the National Tea Party Convention in Tennessee in 2010 when the Tea Party movement would give back the GOP its majority and power in the House in an historic midterm election later that year. In 2011, Palin railed against crony capitalism and the permanent political class at a rally in Indianola, Iowa.  Read more from Tony Lee‘s article.


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