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It’s ISIS, Not ISIL, Congresswoman!

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By Isabel Matos

Nice life, Congresswoman, but something is wrong. Maybe a little intervention is just what is in order right now for some political clarity. I will do you a favor and provide useful information anyone can find.  (By the way, readers, I know it’s “Not ISIL”, not “no ISIL” but there’s a reason for it being spelled that way.)

Intentionally or not, you have been referring to a group of terrorists in Iraq and Syria as ISIL, not ISIS, a distinction easy to find. As Allen West points out:

ISIL refers to a group of terrorists that has professed the establishment of an Islamic caliphate that refers to itself as IS (Islamic State).

We should all be referring to the savage and barbaric group as ISIS  (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) and not ISIL (The  Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant).

Allen West explains how White House spokesmen, Josh Earnest, and Rear Admiral Kirby from the Pentagon, as well as other voices out of the Obama administration, use the term ISIL and why these distinctions matter:

First, if you choose to refer to this group as ISIL, you have basically rewritten the map of the Middle East and fallen into the trap of not recognizing the existence of Israel and also of Lebanon. If you use ISIL you are then validating the Islamic totalitarian and jihadist claim that the modern day Jewish State of Israel is an occupation state and does not exist in the eyes of Muslims.  He continues here:

Second, if you fall into the trap of referring to this group as IS, you have validated the existence of an Islamic caliphate and through your words lend it recognition and credibility.

West concludes:

Lastly, we need to address this group as ISIS because it is seeking to establish an Islamic state within the borders of two recognized nation-states; Iraq and Syria. ISIS can attempt to break down any borders and not recognize them, but we must. We cannot allow this group to reestablish some 7th century regional caliphate and therefore must fight to reestablish sovereignty…

There is an opportunity here to truly promote a country where there can be respect and coexistence of Muslims, Christians, and other religious minorities. A place that would thoroughly reject the idea of Islamic jihadism and would continue to be a reliable ally of the United States.  Read the entire article plus a video explanation here.

I know you believe in Israel and the importance of sending the correct message to terrorists that we do NOT dismiss them or that we would EVER intentionally use the term to imply support of the establishment of a caliphate that calls itself an Islamic state.  I know that. But as Chairman of the Middle East and North African committee you should know the difference.  In case that information did not get to you (in July), I sent you a tweet last week about ISIS vs. ISIL:

I also took the time to make a clip (in Spanish and English for the locals to hear) to show that you have used the term ISIL instead of ISIS in at least three interviews, including in a segment on a recent appearance on Jose Diaz-Balart’s show on none other than MSNBC.  Maybe it was an oversight on your part, but it leaves me wondering why you would having missed such an important point being in a prominent position on foreign policy matters.

I also added in the clip your explanations for having voted against ending DACA, Obama’s illegal amnesty, none of which made sense to me. When you consider praise from LaRaza for work done in favor of amnesty as reason for celebration and joy, I know something is wrong. You’re out of touch. Your job is to protect us, not push the legalization of illegals, which by the way, are part of the Mexican Cartel who have been chatting with ISIS, the group you refuse to identify as such.  Calling it immigration reform is an insult to our intelligence. WE  KNOW you’re wrong. Who do you represent? Jeb Bush or us?

We will need new leadership in Miami if the Republicans we have continue a communist-enabling (suicide) mission. Enough!

I extend an invitation (and a request for a reply) for a meeting or interview, Congresswoman. In case you missed my visit or the note I left at your office:

Dear Ileana,

Please grant me an interview.  I would present you with facts, not opinion, about AMNESTY, to show it is a communist-driven agenda. I’m not alone complaining you’re inaccessible.  

Thank you.



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WTF? Hezbollah Commander Known as “God of Death” Posed as Special Forces Officer at Ft Sam Houston!

Mideast Israel Striking Syria

Ten pounds of anthrax in a medium-size suitcase, carried by a Jihad warrior through the tunnels can kill 300,000 Americans in one hour,” he said. “It will make 9/11 look like peanuts. There’s no need for plans… Just one courageous man, to spread this confetti on the White House lawn. Then we will really be able to celebrate.“

~ Hezbollah leader on how easy one of it’s members could cross over from Mexico and commit a major act of terror.

By Gary P Jackson

Back in February I talked about the latest craze in terrorism, Hezbollah murderers going to the country of Belize, obtaining “cleansed” passports that would allow them to enter the United States through Mexico.

We already had one radical Muslim terrorist infiltrate the United States Army and commit a violent act of terror at Ft Hood, Texas. Never mind that President Obama calls it “workplace violence.” We have a serious problem!

Now comes the story of Wissam Allouche, a vicious Hezbollah terrorist, who was able to become a United States citizen in 2009, thanks to the incompetent morons who run our immigration department.

From Creeping Sharia:

Are people at the DoD and DHS being fired for their incompetence in not identifying this Muslim terrorists membership in Islamic terror groups that have killed Americans? via Accused ex-Hezbollah member referred to as “god of death” – San Antonio Express-News.

[Wissam] Allouche was arrested by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force here last week after being indicted on charges of not disclosing, during his quest to obtain his U.S. citizenship, his membership in the Amal militia and Hezbollah in Lebanon in the 1980s and lying about matters related to his marriage to a U.S. citizen.

He is also charged with not disclosing his prior membership in those groups when he applied for a security clearance with the Defense Department as he sought a contracting job. Before 2009, Allouche worked for L3, which provides linguistic services for the U.S. military overseas, and he was deployed for several months to Iraq. He has lived in the U.S. since about 2002, and once owned Windcrest Mobil, a gas station at Walzem and Interstate 35, according to his lawyer.

He is not charged specifically with espionage or terrorist activity. Hezbollah, conceived by Muslim clericks, was formed in the 1980s in the wake of the Israeli occupation of Lebanon, and has been considered a terrorist group by the U.S. since 1997, according to testimony and news reports. Some reports said Hezbollah was formed by members of the Amal movement, and other reports say Hezbollah gets support from Iran and Syria.

For more than three years, the task force has been investigating Allouche, and even used an undercover person to record conversations with him, authorities said. The FBI raided his then-home in Universal City in 2011, and found documents which they claim he fabricated to falsely show he had security clearances, membership in U.S. special forces and Defense Department intelligence units.

He admitted on tape that he was a member of Amal and that he was a commander of Hezbollah,” prosecutor Mark Roomberg told the judge, who agreed to keep Allouche behind bars pending trial.

Roomberg also claimed Allouche admitted to “sodomizing and murdering an Israeli POW.”

Allouche entered a not guilty plea to the charges, and his lawyer, Cynthia Orr, challenged the government’s characterization of her client.

Much of “the evidence comes from his disgruntled ex-wife and his disgruntled ex-father-in-law,” Orr told the judge.

No derogatory information was found about his character, loyalty and honesty,” an official with the Department of Homeland Security wrote about Allouche, and he was granted citizenship, according to documents submitted at Wednesday’s hearing.

But the department also asked the Joint Terrorism Task Force to take a look.

Army Criminal Investigations agent Jeff Cram, a member of the task force, testified that an investigation revealed Allouche’s ties. And, Cram said, Allouche was seen by at least two people at Fort Sam dressed in U.S. military uniform displaying insignias from special forces, and the rank of major.

He also boasted to women on base of being in the special forces, Cram testified.

While Orr argued that it could have simply been flirtation, Roomberg and Cram alleged a “honey pot” or a “honey trap” situation — recruiting someone into espionage through a romantic relationship.

Cram also testified that the task force received eight photos from a source showing Allouche during his days with Amal and Hezbollah. In them, he is holding assault rifles or rocket propelled grenades, Cram said.

He was given at least three aliases,” Cram testified.

One meant “god of death,” Cram said, adding that Allouche was also known for “acting crazy or acting dangerously.

If convicted of lying in his naturalization forms, Allouche faces up to 10 years in prison, and his citizenship would be revoked. He faces up to five years in prison for the charge of lying on security-clearance forms.

First of all, what is the Muslim fascination with sodomizing their enemies? We know, for example, after Muslim terrorists murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi, they took turns sodomizing him, both while he was still alive, and after his death. It’s believed these were the same Muslim radicals who sodomized Qaddafi when the former Libyan dictator was captured and killed.

It’s particularly odd, since Muslims routinely torture and kill homosexuals. Homosexuality is a crime under Sharia Law.

Mark Tapson has more on this barbaric Muslim practice, here.

Sexual perversions aside, this is incredibly troubling, especially at a time while the Treasonous Bastards™ in Congress are looking to give amnesty and benefits to 20-30 MILLION illegal, criminal aliens.

Our immigration system is broken, mainly because the system is seemingly run by idiots! Our immigration system is broken because we have a president who instructs his cabinet officers to ignore the law. Our immigration system is broken because it has allowed 20-30 MILLION illegals to exist in America in the first place!

That a terrorist could enter the country is bad enough. That a known Hezbollah COMMANDER could become a United States citizen, is worse.

Now’s a good time to remind you to call your members of Congress and demand this amnesty nonsense stop immediately, and demand further that people in charge of immigration be fired.

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Hezbollah Terrorists Getting Passports in Belize in Order to Come to US via Mexico


By Gary P Jackson

In December I wrote about Hezbollah teaming up with Mexican drug cartels, like Los Zetas, and how they planned to use the extensive network to engage in terrorism against the United States. Yet another reason to stop the politicians in both parties who are looking to “reform immigration policy” while doing absolutely nothing to secure our nation’s southern border.

Now comes a report that these Hezbollah terrorists are going to Belize, obtaining fake passports, and coming through Mexico and into America.

From Creeping Sharia:

1. In 2012 Labboun Rafic Mohammed (Muslim cleric) with alleged links to Hezbollah was arrested in Merida Mexico. He was also a fugitive from U.S. justice.

2. He arrived in Yucatan and apparently used a network of Lebanese government officials. These officials colluded with parties in Belize who provided a fake passport from Belize.

3. Labboun’s fake passport was in the name of Wilhelm Dyck. Dyck was a deceased Mennonite child. Labboun also possessed a drivers license in the same name.

4. Razur Antonio Elias – Director of the Mexican Drug Observatory indicated in a report that Islamist organizations are linked to Mexican drug traffickers on the Yucatan Peninsula. Traffickers are providing passports, birth certificates, and drivers licenses from Belize. COST REPORTED $25,000.

5. The network is also providing transfers of Hezbollah members with forged paperwork to pass through Mexico to the United States. Merida Mexico appears to be the Nexus of this operation.

There’s more:

We have been able to establish that that very same day, a person posing to be Wilhelm Dyck made an application for a Belizean passport at the Passport Office in Belize City; that’s on the twenty-ninth of August, 2012 and that he paid a hundred dollars to expedite the process for the express issuance of the passport. And we’ve also been able to establish that the following day, a passport was indeed issued; that is the thirtieth of August, 2012, in the name of Wilhelm Dyck.

[ … ]

The information in the computer also had a photograph of the person purporting to e Wilhelm Dyck. And immediately upon pulling up the photograph, the senior immigration officer without any prompting from the police authorities said that that person looks like a Lebanese national. Which raised the question; which has to be asked to the relevant persons who accepted the application and processed the application: if there weren’t some alarms that went off in their head when they saw a person looking like he did appearing before them claiming to be Wilhelm Dyck.

As you know, when you now apply for a passport, you have to physically go to the office and have your photo be taken. In the past, there was system where you would bring a photograph already taken, the J.P. would just sign the photograph and the birth certificate and would certify you as being the person who appears on the photograph and someone who they have known for a period of time. This instance, there is a Justice of the Peace that has now been detained and is being interviewed by police authorities.

More here.

Even more on Rafic Labboun from September of 2012:

Rafic Labboun, an imam from the Shiite Association Bay Area (SABA) Mosque in San Jose, California, has been arrested in Mexico by Mexican immigration authorities working in cooperation with the FBI and Homeland Security.

Labboun was taken into custody with the two known Hezbollah agents from Belize, Justin George Abdallah Elders and Yasser Safa in Merida, a Mexican city located in the Yucatan peninsula. Both men are citizens of Belize. Intelligence agencies in the United States were tracking this group as part of a cell of Hezbollah-linked Arab terrorists who were operating in Mexico and Central America.

Labboun was released this summer from a federal prison, where he had served 27 months for credit card fraud that authorities suspected was linked to fundraising for Hezbollah here in the US. In that case, Labboun kited $102,000 in credit card purchases of gold in Saudi Arabia which involved defrauding several U.S. banks by creating a false line of credit between the banks.

The money made its way to Lebanon and has never been returned, even though Labboun was required to pay back the money as per the agreement of release and subsequent his three year probationary term. Instead, Labboun fled to Mexico on a false passport from Belize. It is believed he was helped by the alleged Hezbollah agents with whom he was arrested.

At the time of Labbooun’s trials, prosecutors were only able to convict Labboun on credit card fraud as his connection with Hezbollah could not be conclusively proven at the time. However, as RadicalIslam.org reported at the time, the SABA Mosque where Labboun is still considered an imam openly supports Hezbollah and the pro-Khomeinist regime in Iran.

Mexican news reports stated that Labboun identified himself to Mexican immigration authorities with a false passport from the government of Belize. The news reports also confirm that he was accompanied by other five people, two of whom are known by the FBI and Homeland Security to be Hezbollah agents in Belize. A tank or armored vehicle of some kind was also allegedly used in the operation.

Hezbollah Terrorists From Belize

More on Labboun here.

Here is an entire website that tracks Labboun and Hezbollah in Mexico.

This is cause for great alarm, and something that should be preventable. Our lack of real border security already causes thousands of deaths a year, just from the random illegals who come across the border, many of those deaths caused by accidents, like the illegals driving drunk. Now we have a group of terrorists, hell-bent on killing as many Americans as possible, coming into our country.

It’s time we put our military on the border. It’s time we have common sense, real world rules of engagement to stop anyone illegally crossing our borders. We are the only civilized nation on the planet that has such an uncontrolled, open border. If this continues, many innocent Americans will die.

Hezbollah has already bragged:

Ten pounds of anthrax in a medium-size suitcase, carried by a Jihad warrior through the tunnels can kill 300,000 Americans in one hour,” he said. “It will make 9/11 look like peanuts. There’s no need for plans… Just one courageous man, to spread this confetti on the White House lawn. Then we will really be able to celebrate.

Hezbollah is helping the Mexican drug cartels launder money, and in turn, the cartels are helping Hezbollah set up a terror network ready to attack the United States. While all of this is going on, politicians in both parties are scheming to make it easier for the terrorists to hit us.

Coming soon to an American city near you?:



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Hezbollah Teams with Mexican Drug Cartels “Ten pounds of anthrax in a suitcase can kill 300,000 Americans in an hour”


Ten pounds of anthrax in a medium-size suitcase, carried by a Jihad warrior through the tunnels can kill 300,000 Americans in one hour,” he said. “It will make 9/11 look like peanuts. There’s no need for plans… Just one courageous man, to spread this confetti on the White House lawn. Then we will really be able to celebrate.

By Gary P Jackson

As you know, a new tunnel between Mexico and America was discovered a few days ago. A very sophisticated tunnel with electricity, good ventilation, and more.

On the heels of this find, Pamela Geller has an extensive report on the growing alliance between the Islamic terror organization Hezbollah and Mexican drug cartels like Los Zetas.

These terrorists are raising money by helping smuggle cocaine into the United States and laundering money for the cartel:

n December 2011, the US authorities released an indictment filed against Lebanese drug lord Ayman Juma, which exposed Hezbollah’s involvement with the Los Zetas drug cartel. According to the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Los Zetas is the most technologically advanced and most dangerous cartel operating in Mexico.

Juma was indicted in absentia for smuggling 85 tons of cocaine into the US and for laundering $850 million for Los Zetas. He was also accused of serving as a go-between for the Mexican crime syndicate and the Shiite terror group.

According to US officials, for a modest 8%-14% commission, Juma’s money laundering process would take about a week. The operation involved bank accounts in dozens of countries, making it virtually impossible to track the dirty money.

According to the indictment, Hezbollah is using Juma’s cartel connections to minimize its dependency on Iranian funding. The international sanctions crippling Tehran’s economy have taken a serious bite out of the $200 million in annual aid given to Hezbollah, but the latter’s appetite for cash has only grown. Los Zetas’ Beirut-based money man has reportedly helped the Shiite terror group meet its financial needs.

The growing alliance between these Islamic terrorists and the drug cartels, flush with billions of dollars, should concern every American. These terror groups have more than enough money to finance a large scale attack on America, one that will dwarf 9/11 and kill hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans.

I highly recommend that our readers check out Pamela’s entire report here.

Lest you think this is all a big to-do about nothing, for years there have been reports of officials finding copies of the Koran and prayer rugs on the American side of known border crossings for illegal aliens and a copy of the book In Memory of Our Martyrs celebrating suicide bombers, which was published in Iran, was found in the Arizona desert. As Pamela points out, Iran is heavily involved with the Mexican drug trade as well.

Thanks to the treachery of both of America’s political parties, our Southern border is wide open with little stopping illegal aliens of all sorts from crossing over. Every American is in real danger as long as our borders are left unsecured, and yet, for various self-serving political reasons both democrats and Republicans would rather look the other way, than actually secure the border.

Hell, Obama and Holder actually put weapons in the hands of these violent drug gangs, resulting in the slaughter of hundreds of innocent Mexicans, as well as American border agents Brian Terry and Jamie Zapata.

Americans deserve better than this.

Oh, and those folks who think drug use is cool, that we should just legalize it all, remember, your drug purchases help fund Islamic terrorists who would slit your throats in their sleep, given half a chance! Drug use isn’t a “victimless crime” it supports terrorism against every single American.

In 2013 I hope all Americans wake up and demand our borders be secured and those involved in the drug trade stopped once and for all.


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Report: Hamas Loving Pig Chris Christie Appoints Four Violent Jihadis to NJ’s Muslim “Outreach” Program

By Gary P Jackson

I’ve talked about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s dirty ties to radical Islam, including the fact that as a United States Attorney, Christie intervened on the behalf of a convicted Hamas terrorist, stopping his deportation.

Now it seems Christie has decided he needs further “outreach to America’s sworn enemies, and has picked some real winners to represent New Jersy. From the Paramus Post:

A RadicalIslam.org investigation has discovered that at least four Islamists sit on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s Muslim outreach committee, which was formed after Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa concluded in May that NYPD intelligence-gathering operations in New Jersey did not break any laws.

All of the information about the Islamist backgrounds of these four committee members is publicly available, yet the Christie Administration picked them to serve as liaisons to the Muslim community of the state. As a result, they are having private meetings with N.J.’s top security officials. This is just the latest example of Christie’s embrace of Islamists that should be shunned, not exalted.

The discovery that the Islamists were on the committee was made when RadicalIslam.org obtained a previously unreleased list of committee members present at a September 5, 2012 meeting at the Leroy Smith Building in Newark.

The four committee members of concern are:

• Imam Mohammad Qatanani, whose deportation is sought by the Department of Homeland Security for not disclosing on his green card application that he was arrested and convicted by Israel in 1993 for his involvement with Hamas;

• Ahmed Shedeed, a fervent supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and President of the Islamic Center of Jersey City, a mosque with a history of Islamist leadership. Its website currently contains disturbing statements about jihad, the West, wife beating and polygamy;

• Mohammed Younes, the President of the American Muslim Union, a group with Islamist leadership and close ties to Qatanani’s mosque, which was founded by a Hamas fundraiser; and

• Imam Abdul Basit
of the New Brunswick Islamic Center, a mosque founded by a radical cleric. In July, it held a Brotherhood-linked seminar featuring multiple extremist speakers.

Addressing the committee were: Attorney General Chiesa, NJ State Police Superintendent Colonel Rick Fuentes and the Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness Director Edward Dickson. These addresses were followed by dialogue with committee members.

Other NJ officials that were present at the meeting were: First Assistant Attorney General Calcagni, Special Assistant Christopher Iu, Special Assistant Paul Salvatoriello, State Police Major Gerald Lewis and Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness Community Affairs Chief John Paige.

Profiles of the Four Islamist Committee Members

Imam Mohammad Qatanani

The most notorious of the committee members is Mohammad Qatanani. He was arrested in Israel in 1993 because of his links to Hamas, including the fact that his brother-in-law was a Hamas official in the West Bank. Qatanani told the Israelis that he had been a member of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood but left in 1991 because he had limited time for this project. The Israeli government says he admitted to being a Hamas member and was convicted, but he was released as part of a plea bargain. The Department of Homeland Security is seeking his deportation for failing to disclose this on his green card application.

In 1994, Qatanani moved to NJ to lead the Islamic Center of Passaic County in Paterson, a mosque founded in 1989 by Hamas fundraiser Mohammed El-Mezain. In November 1994, El-Mezain stated that ICPC was collecting money for Hamas, according to an FBI report. The two men jointly led the ICPC and lived together as El-Mezain raised money for terrorism until he stepped down in 1999. In July 2006, the Department of Homeland Security began deportation proceedings against Qatanani.

The DHS says Qatanani “engaged in terrorist activity” and is guilty of “material misrepresentation” and “engaging in unauthorized employment … by allowing an out-of-status alien to reside with him.” It also describes a “highly dubious” transfer of thousands of dollars to the West Bank.

It is certainly suspicious when a person who has been convicted of being a member of, and providing services, to Hamas, who has personal ties to a Hamas militant leader, and a Hamas fundraiser also sends undisclosed cash to the West Bank,” the 2008 DHS court filing states.

Qatanani is the only Hamas supporter identified by name in a July 2008 NJ Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness intelligence report about the Hamas network in the state. His preaching between 2007 and 2009 reflected his radical views, as shown in translations made by the Investigative Project on Terrorism. For example, he prayed for the defeat of “occupation and oppression” in Iraq, Palestine and Chechnya in 2007. The enemies of Islam are the U.S., Israel and Russia in this context.

He also preached that Jews and Christians “will be swiftly punished by Allah” and that Muslims should not speak poorly of Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, a top Muslim Brotherhood cleric that endorses suicide bombings and Hamas. He also defended donations to the families of suicide bombers. Just this September, Qatanani said the U.S. should outlaw criticism of Islam.

Under Qatanani’s leadership, the ICPC has held various Islamist speakers, such as Hamas-supporter Imam Reda Shata, Hamas-linked activist Abdelhaleem Ashqar (who is now in prison for refusing to testify about the Hamas network in the U.S.) and Wagdy Ghoneim, who was voluntarily deported from the country in 2005 for his terror ties and now preaches extremism in Egypt.

The reason why convicted Hamas terrorist Qatanani hasn’t been deported, is because Chris Christie intervened on his behalf.

The other three profiled, including Imam Abdul Basit, a 9/11 Truther, are just as evil as Qatanani. Read more here.

H/T: Pat Dollard.


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IDF: Over 68 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel since last night 2 Critically injured

By Gary P Jackson

Watching my Twitter feed through the night, I caught tweets from the Israeli Defense Force in real tine talking about rocket attacks from Hamas in Gaza into Israeli cities, indiscriminately terrorizing and injuring Israelis. The IDF reports two Israelis were critically injured.

At last tweet, the number is over 68 rockets fired by these savage Muslim terrorists at innocent Israelis.

Here’s some of what we saw during the night.

The Israeli people go through this sort of terror on a regular basis. Please add them in your daily prayers.


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Busted! Obama Tells Audience Questioner Post-Debate That He Indeed Delayed Calling Benghazi Terror Attack

By Gary P Jackson

In Tuesday night’s debate, Barack Obama, and his teammate CNN’s Candy Crowley lied about the timeline on the Benghazi terror attacks. They called out Romney who rightly pointed out that the Obama regime took over a week to admit Benghazi was an act of terror. Obama and Crowley attacked Romney, claiming Obama said it was terror straightaway.

Well, CNN’s own reporting proves Obama and Crowley lied. Now, we have a report that Obama, himself admitted last night that he lied. Obama admitted this to the audience member that asked the question on Benghazi.

From Tom Blumer at NewsBusters:

It looks like Candy Crowley, her establishment press excuse-makers (for her and President Obama), and supporters of the President are going to have to resort to finding penumbras emanating from Obama’s September 12 Rose Garden appearance — y’know, the one during which the press and Democrats insist that the President really, really did call the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya a terrorist attack.

The reason they’re going to have to do this is because the person who asked Obama the Libya question is saying that the President himself told him that he delayed calling Benghazi a terrorist attack. Erik Wemple at the Washington Post apparently doesn’t grasp the damning significance of what the questioner, Kerry Ladka, relayed to him.

Wemple does acknowledge that the President never answered Ladka’s actual question, which was “Who was it that denied enhanced security (at Benghazi) and why?

But catch what Ladka claims took place after the debate (links are in the original; bolds are mine):

Kerry Ladka stood before President Obama at last night’s town hall-style debate and asked the question that would touch off an onstage verbal brawl and, later, an intense national discussion.

… Was Ladka satisfied with how the president responded? Simply no. “I really didn’t think he totally answered the question satisfactorily as far as I was concerned,” Ladka tells the Erik Wemple Blog.

… President Obama, though, wasn’t done with Kerry Ladka. After the debate, the president came over to me and spent about two minutes with me privately,” says the 61-year-old Ladka, who works at Global Telecom Supply in Mineola, N.Y. According to Ladka, Obama gave him more information about why he delayed calling the attack a terrorist attack.” For background, Obama did apparently lump Benghazi into a reference to “acts of terrorin a Sept. 12 Rose Garden address. However, he spent about two weeks holding off on using the full “terrorist designation. The rationale for the delay, Obama explained to Ladka, was to make sure that the “intelligence he was acting on was real intelligence and not disinformation,” recalls Ladka.

So, lefties in the media and elsewhere: What about Obama’s admission to his questioner that, in the questioner’s words, “he delayed calling the attack a terrorist attack” don’t you understand?


H/T: Ray


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Convicted Terrorist Scheduled to Speak Tuesday Night Before Presidential Debate

By Gary P Jackson

Convicted terrorist Andrew Stepanian, who boasts about being praised for “succeeding where Karl Marx and the Red Brigades failed,” will speak Tuesday night before the presidential debate at Hofstra University.

Stepanian is a convicted felon. He was convicted of domestic terrorism in conjunction with attacks carried out by he and other members of his far left “animal rights group.” Stepanian is also a a leader of the anti-American, Anti-Liberty and Freedom group “Occupy Wall Street.” It should surprise no one that he is also a blogger at the Huffington Post and AOL.

Stepanian and other radicals recently staged protests against Mitt Romney’s campaign.

Brandon Darby at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government wrote in February:

AOL/Huffpo Hosts Convicted Domestic Terrorist & Occupy Organizer; Still Threatening Violence

Andy Stepanian, a convicted felon who served 3 years in federal prison after being convicted on domestic terrorism charges, writes for AOL and the Huffington Post–and hasn’t stopped threatening opponents with violence.

Stepanian’s HuffPo biography notes that “Andy and 5 others were charged and convicted as terrorists for their activism,” but casts him as the hero of a “landmark free speech case” and a survivor of “Guantanamo North.”

Here is how the often left-of-center Anti-Defamation League (ADL) described Stepanian’s involvement in animal rights terrorism against a research firm called Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), as part of a group called Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC):

May 2004: Federal agents in New York, New Jersey, California and Washington arrested seven people at their homes in connection with their SHAC activities.

Spokesperson Kevin Kjonaas was apprehended in Pinole, California, as were Lauren Gazzola, whom the indictment identified as SHAC’s campaign coordinator, and Jacob Conroy. Darius Fullmer and John McGee were arrested in New Jersey. Andrew Stepanian, a member of the Animal Defense League, an animal rights group that works with SHAC, was arrested at his Long Island, New York, home.

In Seattle, Joshua Harper, a self-described anarchist and SHAC activist, was arrested as well. The indictment against the so-called “SHAC 7” alleges that the defendants encouraged harassment and intimidation of HLS employees and tried to force the company out of business through acts of vandalism, stalking and computer hacking as well as e-mail blitzes, telephone calls and faxes.

The indictment further charged that SHAC targeted employees and shareholders, as well as companies that provided services to HLS, by posting personal information on its Web sites and encouraging followers to “operate outside the confines of the legal system.

Stepanian now claims to have been a “political prisoner,” and has joined the Scott Crows and Lisa Fithians of the world to defend radical tactics in political organizing. He has been involved in organizing the communist and anarchist groups that came together in the Occupy Wall Street movement, and his Sparrow Media organization is currently promoting a book entitled The Declaration of the Occupation of New York City.

Unsurprisingly, Stepanian seems to hold a grudge against the men and women of the FBI–and others, like myself, who work with law enforcement to hold his leftist and anarchist comrades to the same laws and standards the rest of us have to obey in our democratic society.

In a recent Twitter exchange, Stepanian let his opinions fly–and issued violent threats in the process.

Read more here.

In July Dan Spencer wrote:

One of America’s unrepentant terrorists to lead Romney protest

Later today, Gov. Romney will be fundraising in the Hamptons. The left is planning a massive protest, busing in the usual left-wing suspects, including the Democrat supported Occupy, Move On, GreenPeace, etc. That these radical groups would choose to protest the presumptive Republican nominee is not surprising.

What is unusual, is the fact that the protest is being led by one of America’s unrepentant terrorists — Andy Stepanian. Stepanian a so-called Liberal/Progressive activist is an admitted convicted terrorist, who boasts about being praised for “succeeding where Karl Marx and the Red Brigades failed.” Sort of reminds one of Bill Ayers and Van Jones who helps astroturf the Occupy Movement and American Autumn.

The Terrorist-led protest is especially ironic, considering that David Axelrod has publicly said he condemns heckling Romney’s campaign. Nevertheless, I’m sure the Obama campaign won’t say a peep about a convicted terrorist organizing protests designed to do just that. The mainstream media certainly won’t bring it up either, although you can bet they’ll give coverage to the protests.

This leads us to tomorrow night’s appearance by Andrew Stepanian at the debate:

A convicted terrorist released from federal prison in December 2008 is scheduled to speak in Hofstra University’s “public area” outside Tuesday’s presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, The Daily Caller has learned.

Andrew Stepanian, a felon who went to prison for animal enterprise terrorism, appears on Hofstra University’s published schedule at 8:00 p.m., during the hour before the debate begins. Stepanian runs The Sparrow Project, a left-wing PR project whose website indicates connections with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Stepanian, an ardent animal rights activist, was convicted in 2006 of terrorism stemming from a criminal conspiracy to target a company that tested medications on laboratory animals. He received a three-year sentence for his activities on behalf of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC).

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, then the U.S. Attorney for the state, oversaw the prosecution of SHAC and six of its members under the Animal Enterprise Protection Act, a 1992 law — later updated in 2006 — whose only section is titled “Animal Enterprise Terrorism.”

All the defendants were convicted.

Among SHAC’s tactics were the distribution of matchbooks printed with a picture of a black-masked figure and the slogan “strike a match.” Inside the matchbook cover was printed the name and address of a target.

Today, Sparrow Media’s website features an “about us” page that instructs: “We want you to strike that match, light that fire, and fight that fight.

The New York Times reported that during the three-week trial of Stepanian and his co-defendants, “defense lawyers acknowledged that a Web site run by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty posted home addresses and other personal information about animal researchers and others.”

The defendants said they were engaging in free speech and claimed no connection with what the Times characterized as the resulting “vandalism, death threats, computer hacking and pipe bombs.

Reached for comment, Stepanian said he would be speaking about ”the exponentially growing prison industrial complex and specialized prison programs like Secure Housing Units & Communications Management Units.

Stepanian was housed in a Communications Management Unit in Illinois with other terror convicts during the final mouths of his incarceration.

Hofstra University’s website reports that the U.S. Secret Service and local law enforcement are handling security for Tuesday’s debate.

More here.

How is it a convicted felon, a felon with a history of terroist activities that include bombings, is welcomed to speak at the same event where our President and his likely replacement are speaking?

For that matter, why is a violent terrorist, a man who still very much advocates violence as the solution, allowed to speak at in college in America?

Yes, I know there’s a thing called free speech that we all love, but is college the best place for a violent criminal terrorist to be allowed to express it?

You have a violent anarchist talking to a bunch of inexperienced, impressionable young kids. Inspiring others to be violent and unhinged is not acceptable.

Liberalism is not compatible with civilized society, and this is yet another example of that fact.

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Flashback: Barack Obama Says Muslim Call To Prayer “One of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”

By Gary P Jackson

In the wake of Obama’s big endorsement for the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, better known as the Cordoba House, I think it’s time for a big “told ya so” to everyone who went nuts when sane people were pointing to all of the warning signs about Obama and his radicalism.

One had to really work at it not to see what America was in for if it elected Barack Obama.

We could go on for days about Obama’s long time affiliation with the members of the domestic terror group Weather Underground, whose Marxist founders are still quite active. Then there is his hate filled, racist, anti-American preacher Reverend “God Damn America” Wright, whose “church” openly supports Hamas. Then there is his buddy Khalidi, a former spokesman for Hamas. (just to name a few)

Too many American’s ignored the warnings. Again, one could go on for days talking about the whys and hows, and the stupidity of it all.

Anyhow, hopefully Americans are starting to open their eyes and realize what we are dealing with here.

I still remember people going nuts if anyone even suggested that Obama was a Muslim, or leaned that way. Of course, since being elected, Obama has gone out of his way to promote his Muslim brothers while ignoring American traditions of all kind.

Way back in March of 2007 writing for the New York Times, Nicholas Kristof gave us our first clue:

Obama: Man of the world

The conventional wisdom about Barack Obama is that he’s smart and charismatic but so inexperienced that we should feel jittery about him in the Oval Office.

But that view is myopic. In some respects, Mr. Obama is far more experienced than other presidential candidates.

His experience as an antipoverty organizer in Chicago, for example, gives him a deep grasp of a crucial 21st-century challenge — poverty in America — that almost all politicians lack. He says that grass-roots experience helps explain why he favors not only government spending programs, like early childhood education, but also cultural initiatives, like efforts to promote responsible fatherhood.

In foreign policy as well, Mr. Obama would bring to the White House an important experience that most other candidates lack: he has actually lived abroad. He spent four years as a child in Indonesia and attended schools in the Indonesian language, which he still speaks.

I was a little Jakarta street kid,” he said in a wide-ranging interview in his office (excerpts are on my blog, www.nytimes.com/ontheground). He once got in trouble for making faces during Koran study classes in his elementary school, but a president is less likely to stereotype Muslims as fanatics — and more likely to be aware of their nationalism — if he once studied the Koran with them.

Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent. In a remark that seemed delightfully uncalculated (it’ll give Alabama voters heart attacks), Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”

You can read more here.

It’s interesting that a guy who thinks we have 57 states (or possibly more) and talks about Navy “corpse-men” can recall “the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent.


This, BTW, is the opening lines from the prayer, in English:

Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme!
Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme!
I witness that there is no god but Allah
I witness that there is no god but Allah
I witness that Muhammad is his prophet…

If you can get past the voice over, this video has the Muslim call to prayer Obama describes as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.

Here’s another video of Obama dissing the Christian faith that has surfaced. It’s interesting to note that some of the things he mocks from the Bible, are actually being done today in the name of Mohammed and Islam. Make of this what you will:


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HillBuzz: Every Democrat In America Must Be Tied To The Ground Zero Victory Mosque

By Gary P Jackson

As the debate on the Ground Zero Mosque reaches a higher level, after this deliberate provacation has gotten Barack Obama’s blessing, our friends over at HillBuzz have weighed in with full force:

Last night something happened we were deeply hoping for, but never thought — not in a million years — the current “president” would be stupid enough to do. We knew he could never resist supporting the Ground Zero Victory Mosque when asked about it directly, but we assumed reporters would be smart enough to never ask him a question that would open a window for him to let more of his anti-American, West-hating true nature shine through.

So, the fact that the current “president”, and leader of the Democrat Party, has come out in favor of building a symbol of Muslim conquest and Islamization on the soil where so many thousands of Americans were murdered by Muslims nine years ago is a great benefit to all of us who spend our days and nights resisting the Left.

This is the sort of thing that will shock a great many Americans out of whatever transe they remain in, and force them to see that Democrats do not belong in office, and that Democrats largely hate this country and apparently want to destroy it.

The other night at Sidetracks, during Market Days, we ran into our friend Phillip (a theater critic in New York). Market Days is a sort of Homecoming here in Boystown, and people we see rarely during the year make guest appearances for the largest street festival in the Midwest.

Phillip is a New Yorker, an ultra-liberal, a dyed-in-the-wool-Democrat, and a man who enjoys saying terrible things about Sarah Palin and just about any other conservative woman you can think of. Phillip lived about ten blocks from the World Trade Center, however. He knew people who were murdered by Muslims on 9/11.

Saying he knew people “who died on 9/11″ is ridiculous, though that’s the way the Lamestream Media usually couches this. Many people around the world died on 9/11/01 of natural causes: heart attacks, strokes, old age, you name it.

Over 3,000 Americans were murdered by Muslims in a certain part of New York City almost nine years ago. MURDERED. BY MUSLIMS. Not “killed”. They didn’t “die”. They didn’t become “living impaired”. They were MURDERED BY MUSLIMS.

That’s an irrefutable fact.

We agree 100 percent. Anyone supporting this slap in the face to all decent Americans needs to own it. Read the rest of what the Boyz have to say on this here.


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