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Texas Tea! Ted Cruz Wins and So Does America!

By Gary P Jackson

It was a resounding victory in Texas last night. Ted Cruz, who was polling around 3% early on in the primary, worked hard and earned the endorsements of top Conservative leaders like Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, and Mark Levin, who, as it turns out, knew and worked with him from years ago.

That hard work forced a run-off between he and Lt Governor David Dewhurst.

Though he spent a great deal of time answering false accusations, in what turned out to be one of the nastiest, most vulgar campaigns ever, Cruz ran a positive campaign, where he talked about solutions. Sounding like a young Ronald Reagan, Cruz was all bold colors, with no pale pastels. He laid out his vision of America that represents Liberty and Freedom, and hope.

Meanwhile David Dewhurst spent tens of millions of dollars, a great amount of it his own, running a despicable slime fest. Instead of offering vision and leadership, he spent most of his time trying to destroy Ted Cruz with lie after lie, and some of the most despicable advertisements in Texas history. It was a desperate attempt by a failed politician and Establishment hack. In the end Dewhurst turned off many Texans, even those that voted for him in the primary.

Cruz garnered 631,316 votes [56.79%] to 480,165 [43.20%] for Dewhurst.

We are extremely pleased to congratulate Ted Cruz and all of the hard working Texas patriots who worked tirelessly to make all of this happen. Cruz is already a star here in Texas, and will no doubt go to Washington and take on the entrenched Establishment in both parties.

In his victory speech Cruz talked of unity, thanked all of his many supporters, and talked of Liberty and Freedom, from the American Revolution, to the first battle of the Texas Revolution at Gonzales, to our Greatest Generation that fought the Nazis and Imperial Japan.

This was an inspiring speech in every single way. The Right Scoop has it all here.

In Texas, the winner of the Republican primary will be the next Senator, as Texans don’t vote for democrats in statewide races, haven’t for a couple of decades. So Ted Cruz has said that while he’ll work to ensure victory in Texas, he will also travel the country supporting other solid Conservatives in their races.

Texas made the right choice last night, for the state, for the nation, and for the future of Liberty and Freedom.

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You do NOT have Tea Party support: An Open Letter to David Dewhurst

By Gary P Jackson

This is extraordinary. I’ve never seen a group as large as the Tea Party have to publicly tell a candidate to cease and desist. Of course David Dewhurst is no ordinary dishonest politician. This is a guy who has produced some of the most despicable ads we’ve ever seen, aimed at his opponent Ted Cruz. This is a guy who has robocalls using someone impersonating Sarah Palin, claiming she supports him, when in fact she strongly supports Ted Cruz, and was just in The Woodlands on Friday.

Texas is Tea Party country. More voters identify themselves as Tea Party, percentage wise, than any other state. Among the Tea Party, Ted Cruz holds a substantial 75-25 percent advantage. That’s the ball game.

Now it seems Dewhurst, in a panic is embracing the Tea Party and claiming it’s support. Well, Te Texas Tea Party groups have a strongly worded reply. From the Tea party Express’ Texas Blog:

An Open Letter to David Dewhurst

You do NOT have Tea Party support: An Open Letter to David Dewhurst

Dear Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst,

As Texas tea party leaders, we reject your campaign’s recent claims that you have earned tea party support. We stand with the nation’s largest tea party political action committee, which has more small donors in Texas than you have – over 30,000.

Your performance in Austin is identical to the “go along to get along” establishment political culture in Washington. This behavior has led to a nearly $16-trillion-dollar national debt, infringement on our liberties, and the erosion of the American Dream. We need a U.S. Senator that is a bold leader and a proven conservative, and that is Ted Cruz.

It is obvious that your recent tea party posturing is just a desperate attempt to trick voters in the closing hours of this election. Though you are right to recognize that the tea party will be the deciding factor in this election, our support is not with you. You have failed to attract the support of this grassroots movement because of your record as Lieutenant Governor.

The Tea Party was born out of the shared frustration with both parties, which have failed to address the fundamental problems that are facing our country: unsustainable spending, job-stifling regulations and an ever-growing federal government. This movement has coalesced around the common goal of reducing the size, cost, and intrusiveness of the federal government by electing bold leaders that will stand up in difficult times.

Your dishonest and misleading smear campaign of Ted Cruz, coupled with your recent false claims of tea party support, show clearly that you simply represent the political status quo rather than the leadership we require. We have spent our time, dollars, and passion to elect Ted Cruz because he is the candidate qualified to stand up for the voice of We the People.


Whitney Neal
Flower Mound Tea Party leader

Toby Marie Walker
Waco Tea Party leader

Becky Kodrin
Waco Tea Party leader

Bobby Keith
Waco Tea Party leader

Christine Turpin
Lorena Tea Party Leader

Carol Waddell
Waco Tea Party leader

Katrina Pierson
Garland Tea Party leader

Carol Doucet
Frost Tea Party leader

Koni Burton
Colleyville Tea Party leader

Stacy McMahan
Longview Tea Party leader

Jeannie Forrest
Dallas Tea Party leader

Russell Ramsland
Dallas Tea Party leader

Matt Perdue
San Antonio Tea Party leader

Kirk Launius
Dallas Tea Party leader

Julie McCarty
Grapevine Tea Party leader

Suzanne Guggenheim
Corpus Christi Tea Party leader

Lynne Nevil
Garland Tea Party leader

Heather Liggett
Austin Tea Party leader

Jeanne Jacobs
Garland Tea Party leader

Dean Wright
Austin Tea Party leader

Michael Porter
Garland Tea Party leader

JoAnn Fleming
Tyler Tea Party leader

Sharon Guthrie
Tyler Tea Party leader

Tina Millican
Rockwell Tea Party leader

Don Vogelsang
Spicewood Tea Party leader

Amy Knickerbocker
Arlington Tea Party leader

Julie Turner
The Woodlands Tea Party leader

Joyce Luster
Farmers Branch Tea Party leader

Donna Starnes
Dallas Tea Party leader

Debbie Gregory
Whitney Tea Party leader

Maggie Wright
Burleson Tea Party leader

John Tweedell
Hideaway Tea Party leader

Lynne Tweedell
Hideaway Tea Party leader

Carol H. Haynes
Dallas Tea Party leader

Bill Hussey
Llano Tea Party leader
Terry M. Campbell
San Angelo Tea Party leader

Bob Farris
Dallas Tea Party leader

Sylvia Guzman
Frisco Tea Party leader

Robin Lennon
Kingwood Tea Party leader

Jim Lennon
Kingwood Tea Party leader

Donna Whiteside Smith
Grapevine Tea Party leader

Phil Burton
Colleyille Tea Party leader

Kyle Fleming
Tyler Tea Party leader

Karen White
Dallas Tea Party leader

Patricia Caldwell
Dallas Tea Party leader

Liz Villegas
Fort Worth Tea Party leader

Vicente Bustamante
Dallas Tea Party leader

Angeles Bustamante
Dallas Tea Party leader

Susan Haines
Carrollton Tea Party leader

Donald Haines
Carrollton Tea Party leader

Craig Cosgray
Spicewood Tea Party leader

Dennis Arens
Keller Tea Party leader

**Disclaimer: This is signed by individual tea party leaders and does not serve as an endorsement on behalf of their group or organization.


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