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L.A. Times Readers Say They’ll Watch “The Undefeated” over “Game Change” 76% to 14%

By Gary P Jackson

Another interesting poll. The L.A. Times ran a semi hit piece on Sarah Palin a few days ago, a little push-back against all of those calling the HBO fictional account of Sarah’s vice presidential run what it is: Crap!

As we noted a few days ago, current and former Palin aides are not amused. Stacy Drake, writing for Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood has a great piece that includes even liberal democrats ripping the HBO movie apart.

From those who have seen it, and went on record, the consensus is: It’s a total work of fiction, and doesn’t even remotely reflect the actual events that occurred.

The Times asked it’s readers if they would be watching the HBO film, Game Change or The Undefeated which will be debuting in March on Reelz. The other choices were “both” or “neither.”

The results are eye opening:

Which Sarah Palin film will you watch?

The Undefeated on Reelz 1569 votes 76.54%

Game Change 286 votes 13.95%

Both 52 votes 2.54%

Neither 143 votes 6.98%

Total Votes 2,050

Pretty lopsided results.

In case you’re wondering, though I’ve already seen it multiple times, I’ll be one of those watching The Undefeated on Reelz



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ReelzChannel Acquires “The Undefeated” Will Debut in March

By Gary P Jackson

Great news, ReelzChannel has acquired The Undefeated and will be debuting the film on March 11.

From Big Hollywood:

The Undefeated,” the 2011 documentary tracking Palin’s remarkable political ascent, makes its television debut March 11 on Reelzchannel.

We’re thrilled to have yet another opportunity to bring a big story to viewers,” said Stan E. Hubbard, Reelzchannel CEO in a statement. “Sarah Palin is a charismatic figure who burst onto the political scene, and whatever your leanings, if you have any interest or curiosity in politics, social change or the Sarah Palin phenomenon, this is a must-see movie.”

We are incredibly excited that REELZCHANNEL has made the courageous decision to present the network television premiere on the same weekend as the fictionalized hit-piece by HBO,” said Stephen K. Bannon, who also hosts KABC’s nationally syndicated radio show “The Victory Sessions,” in a statement. “‘The Undefeated’ is the story of ‘Everyman’ – of how through grit, determination and force of character one can make an impact in modern America.”

The film, which features political commentators Mark Levin, Andrew Breitbart and Tammy Bruce, follows Palin’s political career from its humble Alaskan roots to a place on Sen. John McCain’s presidential ticket.

The Undefeated” will air at 8 p.m. EST March 11 on Reelzchannel. Encore Presentations for “The Undefeated” will be at 10 p.m. EST March 12 and 5:30 p.m. EST March 25.

Reelzchannel reaches more than 62 million homes on DirecTV, Dish Network, Verizon FiOS TV, AT&T U-verse and cable systems nationwide.

If you’ve not taken the chance to see the movie, now is your chance. As someone who was following Sarah Palin’s career long before she was chosen as John McCain’s running mate, I couldn’t recommend this movie more.


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The Undefeated Number 3 On Amazon’s Best Seller List

The Undefeated director Stephen K Bannon’s epic documentary of Sarah Palin’s career has hit number three on Amazon’s best sellers list of documentaries. Ken Burns’ Prohibition is number 2. Buck, a documentary about training horses is number one.

The Undefeated has been on sale at both Amazon and Walmart [online] for a month. The DVD went on sale in Walmart stores on Tuesday. It can also be seen on pay-per-view.

This is a must see movie. Steven K Bannon does a masterful job of setting the record straight on Sarah Palin. Throughout the movie, Bannon uses the people who were there, and helped change Alaska, to tell the story. Even if you think you know Sarah’s real record, and all she has accomplished, you’ll know more once this movie is over.

Long at two hours, the movie is so compelling, and moves so fast, you’ll not notice.

Get your copy now, and start sharing it with your friends. You won’t be disappointed.

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Stephen K Bannon: Todd Palin A Modern Day Gary Cooper and a Man’s Man

When you move forward and want to make change you’re gonna piss people off, you know, but Sarah doesn’t care.

~ Todd Palin on how Governor Palin created a coalition and got things done for the Alaskan people.

By Gary P Jackson

Stephen K Bannon interviews Alaska’s former First Dude, Todd Palin. This is the essential interview. Todd and Stephen talk extensively about Sarah Palin’s career as Mayor and Governor.

Todd goes into the details of the situation that lead up to Sarah’s resignation as Governor and reminds listeners the role Barack Obama and his associates played in it all.

Todd is also a world champion snow machine racer, winning the grueling Iron Dog, a 2274 mile endurance race though Alaska’s roughest terrain, and the championship, four times. This is the longest snow machine race in the world. Todd is a real racer and you can hear the passion for it in his voice.

Todd is a man of few words, but really opens up here.

The Undefeated DVD goes on sale Tuesday at WalMart and can also be seen on pay-per-view.

Audio courtesy SarahNet.

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Perfect Movie Pairing: Casablanca and Sarah Palin The Undefeated

By Gary P Jackson

Casablanca is the greatest movie of all time. It has an incredible cast, compelling characters, and an even more compelling story. The movie has everything. Set against the backdrop of the essential struggle of good vs evil, there are two love stories and great acts of heroism and defiance. In the end, a huge sacrifice is made for the greater good.

I can honestly say I have seen the movie over 100 times, and yet, every time I see Casablanca I am incredibly moved.

Sunday was a busy day. Though we took time to reflect on the 10th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on American soil. Time to remember those lost, and the ones they left behind, things were hectic for most of the day.

Sitting down with Casablanca on TMC, as chosen by one of the first responders on 9-11 from The New York City Fire Department, was a fitting tribute to all men, and women, of great courage.

As the movie is now out on pay-per-view, I then wanted to watch The Undefeated, another movie you want to watch over, and over, to end the day.

As you watch the story of Sarah Palin unfold, you see a bit of a parallel with the story from Casablanca. You see an Alaska that is as corrupt as corrupt can be. You see an establishment that isn’t about to change it’s ways. You find the Alaskan people are caught in the middle of all of this and in many ways suffering from it.

Then you see Sarah Palin come in, and against all odds, clean house. You see major reform in ever segment of Alaska’s government. From how budgets are created and approved, to the relationship between Alaska and Big Oil. Governor Palin fought the special interests at every turn. You find that she took her case to the people and gained incredible support. In the end, she gets problems solved that have been festering for 30 years.

We see a leader who not only has the highest approval rating of any governor in the nation, but sustains that high rating for so long that it becomes unprecedented.

We get to see Sarah Palin as a vice presidential candidate and how she energizes a Republican Party that wasn’t all that excited about it’s presidential nominee. We also see that coming home after losing the election was anything but welcoming.

Both political parties realized that Sarah was a threat to their way of doing business. They also realized she had captured the imagination of the American people. They realized she would be a player in national politics for decades to come. As such, Sarah Palin must be stopped!

The movie deals with her resignation and how the left, from the White House down to local Alaska bloggers, carried out an organized plot to destroy her personally, professionally, and financially. We relive her resignation speech in her back yard on the shore of Lake Lucille.

As you watch her speak, you see a defiant leader who has the wisdom to hand her government over to a trusted Lt Governor so that Alaska could continue to prosper. A huge sacrifice for the greater good.

As Casablanca ends, and the sacrifice is made, we see Rick and Louis walk off screen together, heading into the fight, but we will never know how it turns out. In The Undefeated we see Sarah Palin, after making a huge sacrifice, return to battle ,and like Victor Laszlo, become the leader of a great resistance movement, known as the Tea Party.

We see Sarah lead Tea Party candidates to victory after victory as they take back the House and gain seats in the Senate during the 2010 elections.

Like Casablanca, which ends with Rick saying: “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” then fading away, The Undefeated leaves us with the same feeling as Sarah tells President Obama: “Game on!” In both endings you know there are great victories to come.

The Undefeated is a visually stunning movie. Stephen Bannon has created a compelling film. It’s a bit long at almost 2 hours, but it’s so fast paced. At the end, you want more!

We see footage of Sarah Palin at events throughout her career, and get snippets of speeches. We hear her voice from the audio version of her book, Going Rogue, an American Life. But her story is told by those who were with her. Those who helped her transform Alaska. It’s an amazing story. One better than anything Hollywood could create today. And, it’s a true story.

As we see Sarah Palin talking about crony capitalism today, corruption at every level, we can look to the movie and see that she has been hammering this theme home for 20 years. I say this a lot, but what Mayor, then Governor Sarah Palin did in Alaska, was just a dress rehearsal for what President Palin will do in Washington.

If you’ve never seen Casablanca, or haven’t in a long time, I suggest you set time aside and enjoy this great film.

Most of America hasn’t had a chance to see The Undefeated yet. If you care about the future of our Republic you simply must see the film and you must share it with your friends. Currently available on pay-per-view, you can pre-order The Undefeated on DVD from Amazon or Wal-Mart for October release.

Like Casablanca this is a movie you will want to own, and watch over and over.

I recommend calling up all of your friends, ordering up The Undefeated on pay-per-view, and making an evening of it. If you already support Sarah Palin, The Undefeated will remind you why. If you are on the fence, or maybe not a supporter, this movie will change your mind.

If you choose to pair up Casablanca with The Undefeated you’ll have a wonderful double feature.


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Illinois Organize4Palin Speaks with Tammy Bruce

by Whitney Pitcher

I was blessed with the opportunity to speak with Tammy Bruce, as part of her weekly “Palin Report”, about things that we are doing with Organize4Palin in Illinois, the showing of The Undefeated at the Smart Girl Politics Summit in St.Louis, and Governor Palin’s upcoming Tea Party speech in Iowa . Audio courtesy of PalinTV:

Thank you so much to Tammy Bruce  for the opportunity to discuss Organize4Palin’s efforts in Illinois. If you have not done so, please join Organize4Palin to become part of the “tundraroots” movement in your state  in support of Governor Palin. You can follow Organize4Palin on Twitter here  and can follow Illinois Organize4Palin on Twitter here.

Crossposted at Organize4Palin.com

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What Happens When a Film about the Anti “Chicago Politician” Plays in Chicago

by Whitney Pitcher

I had the opportunity to attend the screening of “The Undefeated” in Chicago on Saturday. The screening was announced late on Wednesday night and was shown on Saturday at noon, meaning that there was roughly 60 hours between the announcement and the screening itself.  In spite of this, a lack of traditional advertising, and its liberal Chicago location, even known Palin critic, Roger Ebert, noted that the 200 seat theater was nearly full.  The location of the theater was particular interesting, as it was situated just across the street from where Bill Maher would be “performing “later that evening and only a few blocks away from President Obama’s reelection headquarters, placing the theater in the symbolic midst of both Governor Palin’s  personal attacks and her political opposition.

The reaction to the film has been a delight to see. As the Chicago Sun Times noted, even Chicago Democrats came away with a new found respect for Governor Palin:

Eddie Bryant, who attended the screening of “The Undefeated” at downtown’s Gene Siskel Film Center, is an African-American and Chicago Democrat. The retired 67-year-old Union Pacific employee said he was surprised to find he actually likes Palin.

“I came because my friend is always talking about Sarah Palin. People say this lady is brainless. She’s not only smart, but she’s a clean-government person. I gained respect for her,” Bryant said.

Roger Ebert, known for tweeting and writing rather hateful comments about Governor Palin, wrote a review that was relatively mild by the standards of any harsh critic of Governor Palin. If anything, the most revealing aspect of Ebert’s review is his inability to understand the difference between conservatives and Republicans. Yes, Mr.Ebert, sometimes the protagonist and the antagonists are on the same team.

Ebert also noted that the audience was attentive and began cheering when a clip from Rick Santelli’s now famous “rant” on the floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange was played.  Applause erupted about a half a dozen times throughout the film particularly when memorable lines from Governor Palin’s speeches were shown. All in all, a very receptive audience in Chicago. Stephen Bannon engaged in a nice question and answer session with attendees following the film.

From my personal perspective, I had the opportunity to see a rough cut a few weeks ago, but seeing the finished version with nearly two hundred other individuals in a theater is completely different than watching it on your couch in front of a 20 inch TV screen. The spirit of The Undefeated showed throughout the film. Governor Palin took on the oil companies and won. She took on the political establishment and won. She took on corruption and won. It was not only her accomplishments that make the title “The Undefeated”, but the attitude which Governor Palin and the Tea Party movement carry themselves. Though I do not want to give away too much, I have to say that the final several minutes of the film provide a cinematic crescendo to the movement of the film with great commentary about Governor Palin, the political establishment, and the Tea Party from Andrew Breitbart, Tammy Bruce, Sonnie Johnson, Mark Levin and others.

Organize4Palin’s Illinois group and Students4Palin were at the screening handing out palm cards and signing people up with Organize4Palin before and after the film. Below are a few volunteers still ready for action, just after most attendees had been seated:


One of the individuals who signed up with Organize4Palin simply identified herself as “Chloe’s Mama Grizzly”. She had come up from Marion, Illinois—more than four and a half hours from Chicago. She spoke to me about her own personal story about an overreaching government and their neglect of parent’s rights. Her experience and the example of Governor Palin had planted a seed in her to possibly run for elected office.

Governor Palin’s story of reform and fighting corruption is likely why many Illinoisans, including Democrats like the aforementioned Mr. Bryant, have respect for her.  Illinois has a bipartisan corruption problem and a massive spending problem. Just as the country as a whole needs Sarah Palin as a leader, so does the state of Illinois. As I drove back to Springfield from Chicago on I-55, I passed the Exxon Mobil refinery in Joliet, and it reminded me of how the film highlighted Governor Palin’s firm stance against the oil giant in holding them accountable to their lease.  Additionally, the sometimes harsh Illinois winters will benefit from the completion of the natural gas pipeline that Governor Palin championed which will bring North Slope natural gas to the Midwest. Just as the cinematic story of her achievements came to Illinois, so do her political achievements themselves as well.


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So Why is the Palin Army so Strong?

By Patrick S Adams

Three years ago, when Sarah Palin was introduced to the nation, many people from across the political spectrum were electrified by her. The exception to that were those on the left and in the media establishment who were scared blind by the positive reaction the nation had to her. It was an emergency for them. They couldn’t beat her on her record or her political positions so they had to go after her and her family personally.

The progressive movement has spent nearly a century infiltrating our country’s politics, academia and culture. They were willing to go with Hillary Clinton but Obama was just too attractive and so dazzling to them that they dropped her like a bad habit and shot the works on him. They went all in. The “Shadow Party” felt it could come out now and fundamentally transform this thing with him at the top.

Then she happened.

As the revelations about the Journolist listserv show, the mainstream media was complicit in their efforts to try to destroy her. Remember, they were all in. They were ideologically committed to Obama after decades of Nixon, Reagan and Bush bashing. Why do you think people who don’t follow this stuff as closely as we do think Palin said she can see Russia from her house? It’s because they are more like Jay Leno’s “man on the street” than they are their own thinkers and researchers. They believe what they read at face value. The mainstream media has been playing to these rubes for years by advancing agenda over intellect. Smitty at The Other McCain writes “The Progressive project is predicated upon the notion that the American people are sheep.”

James Lewis at American thinker writes:

The Undefeated is a stunning documentary about Governor Sarah Palin against the lynch mobs of the left. These are not overly polite Adlai Stevenson liberals. They are radical throwbacks to Saul Alinsky and Jozef Stalin. They follow Alinsky and the ACORN rules

More importantly, this is about a lot more than Sarah Palin. It’s about money and power. Sarah Palin is the target because she and the Tea Party stand in the way of the progressive agenda. There were billions of dollars in green money (think cap and trade, alternative fuels, funny looking light bulbs, etc.) and investments in the coming of socialized medicine at stake in 2008 when the liberal media opened fire on her with all barrels. These people were about to take a bath if Sarah Palin succeeded in helping John McCain become president. The same can be said for the progressives who want to fundamentally transform America into a European socialist style democracy.

The fact that she hasn’t gone away and still stands between them and their progressive agenda is just eating at them. Add to this the fact that negativity is a communicable disease. I don’t have a problem with people who disagree with Sarah Palin, I have a problem with people who foam at the mouth and who go berserk at the mere mention of her name. Negativity is the devil’s work. It is also reflective. It comes back at you. So when liberals complain that Palinistas are being a little less than civil, understand that the devil is a very crafty demon indeed.

Governor Palin is the antithesis to liberalism and progressivism. Her record in Alaska shows she’s capable of busting up our hybrid socialist-quasi crony capitalist system. She is a threat to a lot of people who rely on the status quo that benefits them when wealth is redistributed through the tax code, 50% of the people pay no federal income tax and only those in the know with the right lobbyists and inside connections can get around the government made barriers to being successful. They will stop at nothing to destroy her.

When Governor Palin returned to Alaska, that’s when the election should have ended. She should have been able to go back to being governor just as easily as John McCain went back to being Senator. But it didn’t stop there.

During the campaign, a documentary group called The Wasilla Project ginned up several malcontents to lie about Sarah Palin and distort her record. For example, they falsely claimed that she made rape victims pay for their rape kits when she was Mayor of Wasilla. Their website was later scrubbed but not until after the “Thank You” page following Obama’s win warned its readers to continue going after Sarah Palin because she would be back in 2012. I regret not keeping a screen shot.

After her return to Alaska, Palin was hit with the frivolous ethics complaints, which were filed by malcontents, fueled by the agenda driven Alaska Bloggers and picked up on way too easily by the mainstream media. This was all part of an overall smear campaign designed to destroy this woman., which she short circuited by resigning her governorship and sticking it to the media and the ankle biters by becoming a Fox News contributor, best selling author and sought after public speaker.

This only fueled the growth of the pro Palin movement. Supporters started blogs and websites when they saw Palin under attack. The Left and the media have basically created their own monster and now they struggle to contain it as it pulls the spitting high tension wires down on its way to the city of cronyism and socialism that she is about to destroy. There are hundreds of pro Palin blogs and websites across the internet. See if any of the other candidates have that kind of a following.

Ask yourself, why all the Palin sites? Why all the Palin bloggers and tweeters? The mainstream media attacks on Palin have been like a medicine ball and now her army’s rhetorical stomachs are hard. They have become a well toned legion of well practiced writers, researchers and on the ground activists. Because they worked hard at battling with the mainstream media, they have become good at their craft. They strike with lightning speed and laser like precision.

So, when Conor Friedersdorf wrote that article about the empty theater, he lit a match in a foxhole at night and the Palin army nailed him. The Atlantic is a battleship that has been shooting missiles at her for the last three years and Friedersdorf just happened to put out his observation about the empty theater while standing on the deck of that battleship. The Palin army was all over that. He should have know he was going to get hit.

Palinistas are conditioned to be this way after how the mainstream media has treated her. They’re committed to the mantra that there will be no free shots. This also applies to those on the right. Those who attack Sarah Palin will feel the wrath of the Palin army not because her supporters are mean spirited like liberals or establishment types, but because her supporters know you can’t win a street fight by being nice.

The media will show you what they fear most. The Undefeated is a big deal. It’s a game changer. Expect the media to go after it, lie about it and smear it. But after 3 years of fighting, the Palin army has no problem shooting down anything that the mainstream media can say from here on out.

My advice to the media: trash The Undefeated at your own peril. When liberals mess that close to the truth, they always get burnt. Oh, and keep your heads down low. We Palinista’s are rhetorical sharp shooters and we fire at the mere thought of lying about Sarah Palin.

Listen to Patrick’s World USA on BlogTalk Radio tonight at 11pm ET 8pm PT 7pm AK. Organize4Palin’s Thomas S. Schmitz will be my guest to talk about The Undefeated.


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After A Phenomenal Opening Weekend: Sarah Palin Documentary “The Undefeated” to Expand to Additional Cities This Weekend

Strong opening weekend fuels film’s expansion to Tucson, AZ, West Palm, FL, Milwaukee, WI, Charlotte, NC, and Ontario, CA. Additional theaters added in Phoenix, AZ and Atlanta, GA.

$11,000-plus per screen weekend averages in Orange County and Phoenix.

By Gary P Jackson

As we told you yesterday, The Undefeated has far exceeded expectations set by the film’s creators, Victory Films. On the heels of a great opening weekend, Victory is announcing the movie will expand into new markets, and continue to be shown in the theaters where it opened.


Santa Monica, Calif. (July 18, 2011) ARC Entertainment today announced “The Undefeated,” which chronicles Sarah Palin’s rise from obscurity to national prominence, will roll out to additional AMC Theaters (AMC) beginning on Friday, July 22nd.

With sold-out runs and enthusiastic audience support on opening weekend, the film will roll out to new markets including Tucson, AZ; West Palm, FL; Milwaukee, WI; Charlotte, NC; and Ontario, CA. The film will also expand into additional theatres in Atlanta, GA, and Phoenix, AZ, and will continue in theatres in Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Denver, CO; Orlando, FL; and Orange, CA.

ARC Entertainment, the distributor of the film, announced today that the film had a stronger opening weekend than expected with the top markets, Phoenix and Orange County, achieving weekend per screen averages above $11,000 driven by multiple sold-out runs. The film was rushed to select digital theaters in only three weeks, and was marketed entirely through social media and grass roots efforts with virtually no traditional media spend.

Given the audience response on our opening weekend we now know we have a film that works. Our objective is very simple to bring this film to every market and every corner of the country; starting with a limited theatrical release and then through an aggressive broader distribution strategy including streaming video, on-demand access and DVD,” stated filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon.

Trevor Drinkwater, CEO of ARC Entertainment, said, “We have been inundated with requests from around the country to have the film play in their market. Our expansion plan is being methodically analyzed and managed to allow the film to be viewed by the widest audience in the most effective manner.

This coming Friday the film will play in the following AMC theaters:

Ahwatukee 24
4915 East Ray Road Phoenix, AZ 85044

Arizona Center 24
65 N. 3rd Street Phoenix, AZ 85004

Barrett Commons 24 Theaters
2600 Cobb Place Lane NW Kennesaw, GA 30144

Block 30 @Orange
20 City Boulevard West Orange, CA 92868

Colonial 18 Theaters
825 Lawrenceville – Suwanee Road Lawrenceville, GA 30245

Concord Mills
8421 Concord Mills Boulevard, Concord, NC 28027

Foothills 15
7401 La Cholla Blvd. Suite 144 Tucson, AZ 85741

Grapevine Mills 30 Theaters
150 Grapevine Mills Parkway Grapevine, TX 76051

Highlands Ranch 24
103 Centennial Road Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

Indian River 24
6200 20th Street #600 Vero Beach, FL 32966

Mayfair Mall 18

2500 North Mayfair Road Box M-146 Wauwatosa, WI 53226

Ontario Mills 30
4549 Mills Circle Ontario, CA 91764

West Oaks 14
9415 West Colonial Drive Ocoee, FL 34761

Willowbrook 24 Theaters
17145 Tomball Parkway Houston, TX 77064

We are thrilled that The Undefeated can benefit from the digital cinema platform to quickly expand to additional markets this weekend,” said Jonathan Dern, president of Cinedigm Entertainment Group.

Written and directed by Stephen K. Bannon and produced by Victory Film Group co-founder Glenn Bracken Evans and Dan Fleuette, “The Undefeated” was independently financed by Victory Film Group and its partners.

The film includes leading prominent political commentators Mark Levin, Tammy Bruce and Andrew Breitbart as well as conservative activists Kate Obenshain, Sonnie Johnson and Jamie Radtke. Additionally, the film features interviews with Alaskan civil servants, elected officials and advisors who were involved in Alaskan politics during Governor Palin’s tenure.

After the incredible feedback we got from enthusiastic audiences, we are very excited to bring this story of a true American hero to additional audiences across America,” said Glenn Bracken Evans.

About Cinedigm

Cinedigm is a leader in providing the services, experience, technology and content critical to transforming movie theaters into digital and networked entertainment centers. The company partners with Hollywood movie studios, independent movie distributors, and exhibitors to bring movies in digital cinema format to audiences across the country. Cinedigm’s digital cinema deployment organization, software, satellite and hard drive digital movie delivery network; pre-show in-theater advertising services; and marketing and distribution platform for alternative content such as CineLive ® 3-D and 2-D sports and concerts, thematic programming and independent movies is a cornerstone of the digital cinema transformation. Cinedigm ™ and Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp. ™ are trademarks of Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp. http://www.cinedigm.com (CIDM-G)

About ARC Entertainment

ARC Entertainment provides brand marketing, retail strategy, physical distribution and sales services for consumer products, with an emphasis on entertainment-based products. ARC Entertainment is a “solutions-based” distribution company. ARC Entertainment’s unparalleled relationships with national retailers, coupled with strong sales and marketing expertise, enables the Company to explore unique programs and business models for its content partners. The company develops creative and profitable retail marketing programs by connecting Intellectual Property and Content owners directly with retailers. This enables ARC Entertainment to truly align content development, investment and distribution with the requirements of retailers and their customers. ARC Entertainment monetizes Content in multiple revenue streams including: Theatrical Distribution, DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital, Electronic Sell-Through, Streaming, VOD, PPV, Pay and Free TV. www.arc-ent.com

About AMC Entertainment Inc.

AMC Entertainment Inc. delivers distinctive and affordable movie-going experiences in 360 theaters with 5,128 screens across the United States and Canada. The company operates 24 of the 50 highest-grossing theaters in the country, including the top three. AMC has propelled industry innovation and continues today by delivering premium sight and sound, enhanced food and beverage and diverse content. http://www.AMCTheatres.com

About Victory Film Group

Victory Film Group develops, produces and distributes documentaries and films that address today’s leading political, socio-economical and cultural issues while incorporating the conservative perspective. Victory Film Group’s motion pictures are considered amongst critics to be one of the best conservative-themed collections in film history. http://www.victoryfilmgroup.com

For More Information:







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Mark Levin Talks with Stephen Bannon About The Undefeated

By Gary P Jackson

A great conversation between The Undefeated’s Stephen Bannon, and the Great One Mark Levin, who stars in the show. Bannon gets into the nuts and bolts of the movie, talks dollars and cents, and how he’s been able to do all of this with no advertising budget.

This is a fun and informative interview.

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