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Should Sarah Palin Call Out John McCain On Syria? The Tale of Two Rinos (Updated with a New Poll)


What are we going to do with John McCain who is helping Obama “save-face” by supporting his phony war on Syria? It is clear Americans do not want to get involved. Like Sarah Palin says, “Mr. President, please give America justification before you spend blood and treasure to intervene.”

Sarah Palin and John McCain don’t have much in common, except being on the same ticket in 2008. They don’t agree on much politically, especially Syria. The Governor does what the Senator is supposed to do, but that is as far as it goes.

John McCain’s transgressions seem to be getting worse by the day, almost out of control.  It has raised questions in some voters’ minds: Should Sarah Palin call him out? She made an example of Marco Rubio when he was caught lying about Amnesty. John McCain is just as sneaky and deceptive as Rubio, only more seasoned at it.  He is not well-liked by most people I know, so it would not be an unpopular move.  In fact, almost everyone I know voted for John McCain in 2008 because of Sarah Palin, not him, and resent him for everything else he has done except that.

To say he has been acting very strangely lately, is to put in mildly. John McCain‘s comportment is questionable at best, and even traitorous, but Sarah Palin should not be held responsible for his actions.  She owes him nothing. She has more than repaid him generously with support over the last five years, and should not be put in the position to either defend or call him out. It is Senator McCain who owes us answers. He has strayed too far this time, and something should be done.  Senator McCain is in a powerful position, not just subjugating our interests to our enemies, but needlessly spending our blood and treasure, like Sarah points out, to do so.

Arizonans need to act. What the South Carolina GOP did to Lindsey Graham could be a start.

Who is John McCain?

If John McCain has ties to Obama and the brotherhood we should know about it. If he has had ties to Syria, we should know about it.  What else do we really not know about him? He has covered for Hillary, pushed Gun Control, fought against Tea Party members against a debt ceiling, and for not only Comprehensive Immigration Reform, but pressuring House Representatives to do the same.

Hopefully this clip will raise some eyebrows, help generate questions and motivate us to demand answers from this long-time RINO and controversial Senator, John McCain.  Ketchup anyone?heinz-ketchup-dress-costume

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