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Huckabee and Akin’s Phony War Against the “Establishment” – Updated

By Stacy Drake

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On Saturday, Doug posted the following Politico article concerning a conference call between Todd Akin backer, Mike Huckabee, hundreds of Southern Baptist pastors, and Christian talk show hosts:

Mike Huckabee rallied hundreds of Southern Baptists on a conference call Friday night in support of Todd Akin, offering advice about how they can help the embattled Missouri Senate candidate stay in the race — while acknowledging Akin still may have to bow out.

This could be a Mt. Carmel moment,” said the former Arkansas governor, referring to the holy battle between Elijah and the prophets of Baal in the book of Kings. “You know, you bring your gods. We’ll bring ours. We’ll see whose God answers the prayers and brings fire from heaven. That’s kind of where I’m praying: that there will be fire from heaven, and we’ll see it clearly, and everyone else will to.”

Peter Hamby from CNN reported more on Huckabee’s hyperbolic rant:

Speaking harshly about establishment Republicans who have tried to force Akin from the Missouri race, Huckabee at one point compared the National Republican Senatorial Committee to “union goons” who “kneecap” their enemies.

The former Arkansas governor said party bosses were “opening up rounds and rounds” of ammunition on Akin and “then running over with tanks and trucks and leaving him to be ravaged by the other side.


Huckabee said he spoke directly with NRSC officials this week and was assured that they would begin to dial back their offensive against Akin. He said party officials specifically told him they would stop pressuring Akin’s consultants and campaign vendors to drop the congressman as a client.

A Republican source provided CNN with the dial-in information for the call, which was convened by Don Hinkle, the editor of ‘The Pathway,’ a publication of the Missouri Baptist Convention.


Acknowledging the political damage done to Akin, Huckabee encouraged the pastors and radio hosts to aggressively defend Akin to their congregations and listeners.

The poll numbers need to come back up,” he said. “Todd needs to show that he can raise money and be competitive. That will be a game changer. If not, the pressure will still be there for Todd to exit the race and clear the field for somebody else.

A spokesman for the NRSC, Brian Walsh, took issue with Huckabee’s comments Friday.

We have a great deal of respect for Governor Huckabee and regret that we do not see eye to eye with him on this race,” Walsh said in an email to CNN. “It’s important to set the record straight though that the types of tactics he describes simply did not happen and further, no one at the NRSC has even spoken with the Governor this week.

Did Mike Huckabee lie to the pastors? Did he not actually speak to anyone with the NRSC? Depends on who you want to believe because the NRSC says he did not. Keep in mind that Huckabee has a history of being less than forthright while ranting. Just last June, he went on a tear against Bristol Palin for allegedly not “showing up” to be interviewed on his show.

It turns out that Huckabee’s staff had actually dropped the ball and forgot to call Bristol, thus she didn’t know when to “show up.” Did she ever receive an apology from Huckabee? Not to my knowledge. Beyond that, what exactly is the former Governor of Arkansas doing telling hundreds of pastors what to say to their congregations? The answer to that lies within his own ego.

He is attempting to cast himself as the “moral” leader of the social conservative movement, while trying to save face after the Akin fallout. And worst of all, he and his friend from Missouri are trying to co-opt the real battle that people like Governor Palin have been waging for years against the GOP establishment in the process. That is extremely offensive when you consider who these men are.

Todd Akin has been in Washington D.C. since 2001. What has he done to “fight the establishment” since he’s been there? Was he a reformer? Did he ever stand up to his own party when they were acting unethically? Why would they come after him then unless they, like everyone else, can see the writing on the wall?

The reality is that Todd Akin is basically a DC Republican who votes the right way on some matters (when he actually shows up to vote), yet loves earmarks:

Some people call amendments ‘earmarks’, I call them amendments.

~ Todd Akin

Mike Huckabee didn’t serve in Washington, but he certainly never fought against the establishment from the national stage he’s been standing on since 2007. He has endorsed a number of non-reform candidates in primary elections, and he never speaks out against the status quo in DC. He never took on crony capitalism, he never sought to reform entitlements, or clean up the system in any way.

Also, just exactly how “moral” is a person who destroys all of the records of his administration when he leaves office? Isn’t the idea to serve the public? Didn’t the people of Arkansas have a right to know what was going on in their government during Huckabee’s administration? What was he hiding?:

Send a public records request seeking documents from his 12-year stint as Arkansas governor, as Mother Jones did recently, and an eyebrow-raising reply will come back: The records are unavailable, and the computer hard drives that once contained them were erased and physically destroyed by the Huckabee administration as the governor prepared to leave office and launch a presidential bid.

In 2007, during Huckabee’s campaign for the GOP presidential nomination, the issue of the eradicated hard drives surfaced briefly, but it was never fully examined, and key questions remain. Why had Huckabee gone to such great lengths to wipe out his own records? What ever happened to a backup collection that was provided to a Huckabee aide?

Huckabee is the guy who granted clemency to Maurice Clemmons, who later murdered four police officers in Parkland, Washington after his release. Was that the moral thing to do? I doubt the families of those officers, or the people in that community think so.

Another uncomfortable fact is that the former Governor was admonished and fined five times by the Arkansas’ Ethics Commission, for things such as:

*Failing to report that he paid himself with campaign money

*Failing to disclose money he received from non-profits

*Failing to disclose benefactors, failing to disclose gifts

*Using the governor’s mansion account for personal matters

*Trying to keep furniture donated to the governor’s mansion

*Setting up a registry for he and his wife to collect gifts as they left the governor’s mansion,

*Spending $13,000 of state money to destroy all of the records from his time in office.

Moral? Hardly.

Huckabee may lean right on social issues, but that is where his conservative attributes seem to end. Pat Toomey wrote an informative piece in 2007, stating:

Given his folksy charm, social conservative credentials, and embrace by the mainstream media, it is not surprising that some are increasingly enamored with him. But this flirtation does a great disservice to the conservative movement if it overlooks Huckabee’s stunning record of big-government liberalism.

During Huckabee’s tenure as governor, the average Arkansan’s tax burden increased 47 percent, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. A dyed-in-blue tax hiker, Huckabee supported raising sales taxes, gas taxes, grocery taxes, even nursing home bed taxes. He virulently opposed a congressional moratorium on taxing Internet access, and sat on the sidelines while his Democratic legislature pushed the largest tax hike in Arkansas history into law.

What’s more, on his watch, and frequently at his behest, state spending increased by 50 percent, more than double the rate of inflation, and the number of state government workers rose by 20 percent.

Yes, as a presidential candidate, Huckabee has signed on as a supporter of the Fair Tax and pledged against raising taxes, but when a candidate’s long and clear record flies in the face of his election-year symbolism, you can chalk it up to politics every time.

The Cato institute gave him an “F” in 2006 on their yearly “Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors,” and a “D” for his entire tenure as Arkansas Governor. He supported Michelle Obama’s nanny-statism, at one time supported Cap and Trade, he referred to the Constitution as a “living, breathing document,” he supported in-state tuition and taxpayer funded scholarships for illegals, and has embraced a big government philosophy overall. One would hope that a “conservative leader” would hold conservative views on more than just social issues and that a man who tells religious leaders what to say on Sunday possesses a moral backbone.

But these sorts of charlatans have been infecting the body politic for a long time. Huckabee is nothing new to the GOP, and promoting believers of fraudulent science in government is nothing new for the former Governor of Arkansas. Via Slate:

In 1998, Arkansas State Senator Fay Boozman helped wreck his chances at a U.S. Senate seat by suggesting that rape-activated female hormones could prevent pregnancy — “god’s little shield.”

Boozman lost by 12 points. Then he lucked out. Gov. Mike Huckabee, a friend and political ally for many years, put Boozman in charge of the Arkansas Department of Health.

The “god’s little shield” controversy was fresh, and Huckabee kept getting asked about it. As far as he was concerned, the story was over, and it was unfair to harp on it. “If nothing else,” said Huckabee, according to a February 1999 story in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, “I hope to make it very clear that our administration is not governed by intimidation. We’re not going to allow the shrill voices of a few to so disparage the character of a very decent and good person to an outstanding position in such a way that Arkansas would lose his service at the Department of Health.

The man doesn’t like criticism, but he is loyal, I’ll give him that. Promoting this stuff however, is not good for the conservative movement, the GOP, or the pro-life movement for that matter. In this day and age, we need to engage people with responsible, credible dialog. The issues are too important to get distracted by this sort of idiotic madness that only serves to muddy the debate.

Some may think I am needlessly piling on Todd Akin and Mike Huckabee. That writing a piece like this doesn’t do anything but help Claire McCaskill keep her Senate seat.

I assure you, nothing I write will have any impact on a race that is already over. Todd Akin is sinking fast, and he has nobody to blame but himself. Huckabee should have advised Akin to leave the race, but instead, he turned the spotlight on to himself and is currently in the process of destroying any credibility he once had with the conservative movement.

He has turned it into a spectacle and will end up hurting the country if the GOP cannot get control of the Senate over this asinine episode.

No, Mr. Huckabee and Mr. Akin, you are not fighting the GOP “establishment.” You are fighting reality.

Update: Dan Riehl shares his latest thoughts on Huckabee:

Social conservatives who still latch onto him better clue up. Huckabee is and always has been out for himself and most of the conservative base is sick of it. He’s been a consistent loser on the national stage, with liberal policies couched beneath a social conservative veneer. In short, he’s a phony as a conservative, or a false prophet, if you prefer. His propping up Akin is just the latest of his self-satisfied and treacherous acts to the conservative cause.


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Mike Huckabee False Prophet and Patron Saint of Corrupt Politicians and Fools

By Gary P Jackson

It’s no secret that we ain’t fans of Mike Huckabee here at A Time For Choosing. I most definitely detest con men of every shape and form. I really don’t like liberal democrats who pretend to be Republicans, for whatever reason.

I don’t think I need to go through Mike Huckabee’s entire career, nor do I need to read you chapter and verse about his time as Governor of Arkansas. If you are reading this blog, chances are you already know about Huckabee’s record as a tax and spend, Big Government liberal. You also know Huckabee is a Nanny Stater on par with New York City’s Nanny Bloomberg.

I will treat you to Governor Huckabee telling the Arkansas legislature: Whatever Tax You Pass, “You Will Have Nothing But My Profound Thanks

A little different than his phony “I’m a Conservative” act, huh!

Huckabee supports the nonsensical “Fair Tax” as well. But that a whole entire rant all it’s on, so we’ll save that for later!

I am however, about to tell you why I am sick of Mike Huckabee and his kind sticking their noses in politics. Sit back, grab something cold to drink, and maybe a snack. This may take a while!

I didn’t much like it when Nanny Huckabee attacked Sarah Palin and sided with Michelle Obama after Sarah made a rather lighthearted comment that aired on her hit travel-adventure series Sarah Palin’s Alaska. In an article entitled: Nanny State Alert! Mike Huckabee: “On ‘Child Nutrition’ I Must Side With Michelle Obama Over Sarah Palin” I noted:

Here’s the deal. This is one more situation where Big Daddy government, [or should I say Big Nanny] is going to tell you how you MUST live your life.

Rather than allowing parents to educate their own kids, and control what they eat, some little elite in Washington is going to control yet one more part of your life, and there will be nothing you can do about it [unless you are wealthy and send the kids to a private school or home school them]

This is where Sarah Palin comes in. While Michelle Obama has been out there preaching her nonsense, Sarah has been having fun with her. There was talk of banning school bake sales, so Sarah shows up at a school where she was giving a speech, cookies in hand! She’s been tweeting about this stuff for some time, just wearing MO out.

This really got going though after this past Sunday’s airing of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. While getting ready to do a bit of camping, after some white water rafting, Sarah is looking for the goodies to make s’mores, and dedicates them to MO because the First Lady “says we aren’t supposed to have desert

It was hilarious!

Bear in mind now, SP’sAK was filmed in the summer, months ago, when the debate was in full swing.

Of course, there was some buzz around the “cookie incident” at the time, but it seems Sunday’s episode turned into an international story. All one has to do is search Bing to find stories from around the world, mostly progressives losing their minds. How DARE Sarah Palin be against totalitarian rule!

That’s what makes Huckabee’s little “me too” so sad. This isn’t exactly fresh ground.

Brian Maloney, the Radio Equalizer had this to say about the whole thing:

Though he had no comment on the calorie-count of a fried-squirrel platter, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is readily taking sides in a nasty political food war.

Earlier today, Huckabee told New York radio host Curtis Sliwa that he’s on board with Michelle Obama’s national dietary scolding effort and against Sarah Palin’s light-hearted criticism of the first lady’s campaign.

[ …. ]

Did Huck just fall off of a turnip truck? He really appears to believe the Obamas are content to campaign for social change in eating habits rather than a gradual move toward laws that prohibit foods they find objectionable.

Ever been to California, Mike? Just try to propose a steak house in a lefty-controlled city and watch the resulting firestorm.

Could someone this naive really be considered a major presidential contender?

I also didn’t like it when sleazy Huckabee lied and attacked Bristol Palin, trying to drum up ratings for his lousy radio show, either. A show he put up against Rush Limbaugh, on purpose. I did love it though, when Bristol called him out on his lie, and put him in his place.

But all that is nothing compared to his misadventures in politics. Most recently he’s taken a stand with certified moron Todd Akin, who may single-handedly cost Republicans control of the Senate, which will lead to the end of America as we know it. Huckabee has been blowing smoke up Akin’s backside, and telling him to stay in the race. A race Akin’s own supporters want him out of!

This ain’t the first time Huckabee has endorsed a fool, or a corrupt, worthless politician. Let’s look at some of Huckabee’s “greatest hits” since 2010:

First, let’s head up to Alaska. We all remember the Joe Miller-Lisa Murkowski fiasco. Governor Palin endorsed Miller, a long time friend. It was a real war, with the GOP Establishment™, specifically NRSC chairman Senator John Cornyn, (R-Tx) coming to Lisa’s aid.

Somewhere along the way, Huckabee stuck his nose in this race, and sent some of his people to “help” Miller. These brain surgeons’ first piece of advice to Miller? Distance himself from his friend Governor Palin. And not just distance himself, but hey, make a big [and public] deal of it. This worked about as well as expected. Support for Miller collapsed. Enough bad blood was created that it became a huge story.

By the time some of the fences were mended, “Daddy’s Girl” [Lisa] had mounted a massive write in campaign, backed by union thugs and even democrats, and Joe lost big time. All thanks to Huckabee and company’s sage political advice. Now America has to deal with corrupt liberal Republican Lisa Murkowski as she supports the democrats more than the American people. Thanks Mike.

Also in 2010, and Huckabee has somehow escaped most of the wrath from Conservatives for this, there was the election for South Carolina Governor. Of Course, Governor Palin backed Nikki Haley. Her endorsement immediately boosted Haley from last place, in a crowded field, to front runner status. So who did Huckabee support?

Remember during that election, accusations were flying that Nikki, now Governor Haley, had an extramarital affair. She was being called a “slut” and a “whore“.

As Jenn Taylor [JennQPublic] noted at the time, in an article entitled From “Nikki Who?” to Nikki the “Raghead” Whore in Less Than a Month all of these accusations were coming from, you guessed it, Mike Huckabee endorsed Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer’s crew!

Jenn starts out:

A month ago, few people outside of South Carolina knew of State Rep. Nikki Haley. But that didn’t stop her opponents from wetting themselves when Haley picked up some impressive endorsements and her gubernatorial campaign gained momentum.

Don’t worry, said their trusty consultants as they mopped up the puddles, a scarlet letter oughta finish her off. And if a little old fashioned slut-baiting doesn’t do the trick, we’ll just make sure everyone knows Nimrata Randhawa Haley is secret “raghead.” Trust us, the good ol’ boys in South Cackalacky know just how to handle a foreign lady who’s in our way.

And thus began their Hail Mary pass to sideline the uppity woman with the ethnic name.

Why bother? Because Haley’s record of fighting for transparent government is a direct threat to politics as usual at the Statehouse. South Carolina’s good ol’ boys are terrified that Haley will force on-the-record legislative voting, so they scraped the sewers for the scummiest strategy imaginable.

Not only were they calling Haley a slut and a whore, they were attacking her religion and ethnic background, calling her a “raghead. ” It’s a rather long article, but it lays out all of the hate and lies coming out of the Bauer campaign. Click here and read it. It’s worth the time.

Now in case you are thinking I drug up some isolated instance and that Huckabee doesn’t normally back sleazebags like Bauer and his misogynist crew, lets move on to 2012 and the Texas Senate race.

I think most of America knows this story. Most certainly our readers do. Once again, we have Sarah Palin endorsed and certified Reagan Conservative Ted Cruz, going up against one of Mike Huckabee’s endorsees, Lt Governor David Dewhurst.

To say David Dewhurst is not only one of the most corrupt men in politics, as well as one of the most despicable human beings imaginable, may be too kind. During the campaign we ran numerous articles laying out all of the corrupt activities the Lt Governor has been engaged in, as well as all of the bills that Texans demanded, that he worked over time to kill, in his position as president of the Texas Senate, a job that makes Dewhurst more powerful than the governor.

We also noted all of the numerous lies Dewhurst told about Cruz, including a last ditch act of desperation, blaming Cruz for the suicide of a Pennsylvania youth. Lies that Dewhurst was telling right up until the day he lost in a landslide to Cruz.

One of the more hilarious attacks from Dewhurst [and his running buddy Rick Perry] though, was the ads attacking everyone supporting Ted Cruz. Dewhurst and Perry conveniently “forgot” they begged Governor Palin to come to Texas and bail out Perry’s behind in 2010, during the Governor’s race. Nope, Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, Mark Levin, and other Conservative supporters of Ted Cruz magically became “Washington Insiders” in Dewhurst’s many ads decrying “outsiders who don’t know Texas.”

This is hilarious because at the same time, Dewhurst was touting Huckabee’s support. Mike Huckabee who divides his time between New York City and his mansion in Florida. I’m not even sure if Huckabee could pick out Texas on a map. On the other hand, it’s well know that Governor Palin has spent a lot of time in Texas, and has a special fondness for the town of Lockhart, not that far from Austin.

But, as they say: Wait, there’s more!

Backing Despicable Dewhurst isn’t Huckabee’s only brush with corruption.

In one of the stupidest things I have ever seen, those who drew up new districts in Florida, after the 2010 census, pitted Congresswoman Sandy Adams against Congressman John Mica. Both Republicans, both incumbents. That’s where the similarities stop, BTW.

You already know what I am about to tell you. Sandy Adams was a Tea Party favorite. One of Sarah Palin’s favorites. Though new to Congress, she had already made a reputation as a true reformer who got it. Unfortunately, she lost.

Who won? Ten term Establishment hack, John Mica. As Breitbart News reported before the election, Mica may be one of the most corrupt members of Congress. Most certainly the most corrupt of the Florida delegation. Mica has sent tens of millions of tax payer dollars to family and cronies.

So once again, Huckabee, the false prophet, backs a corrupt Establishment hack, over a Tea Party patriot, and a true reformer.

That brings us to Missouri and a yet another familiar story. As you know, Governor Palin backed Sarah Steelman. She STILL backs Steelman. Sarah Steelman has impressive credentials as a true reformer. She was exactly who we needed in Washington. She has a long record of distinguished service. She had the support of some major Tea Party groups.

Todd Akin, on the other hand, was going nowhere fast until the democrats decided that he was the weakest link, and spent over $1.5 million in ads painting him as some sort of Conservative boogie man. They figured if they attacked him as “conservative” some voters would take to him. They were right!

Now I’ve looked at Akin’s 12 year record as a Congressman. It’s not bad. His record isn’t in question here, just his intelligence. That and his ego. An ego being fed by Mike Huckabee.

Here’s where I really have big problems with Huckabee and his phony “awe shucks” tent revival preacher act. I detest guys like Huckabee who hide behind scripture to coerce social conservatives to follow them down dead end paths. I have nothing against social conservatives, I consider myself one, though with a huge splash of common sense libertarianism thrown in for good taste. I’ve seen a real tendency among those who only focus on social issues to fall for these false prophets. I hate to say it, but con men like Huckabee start sounding like a preacher and some folks lose all common sense. Huckabee ain’t the only one who does this, but he has a real knack for it.

Huckabee has really screwed us all with this Akin deal though. Reports early on had Akin looking to do the right thing and drop out, after his insane remarks became public, but good old Huckabee stuck his nose in and ginned up his groupies, and now you couldn’t pry Akin away from this race.

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit may have said it best, from the start:

Governor Mike Huckabee not only gave Todd Akin cover with his supportive email yesterday, he also was able to screw Republican candidates across the nation.
Thanks Mike.

Huckabee helped Akin frame the calls for him to drop out as an attack by the Republican Establishment™. I didn’t know that Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, National Review’s Jim Geraghty, Dennis Prager, Charles Krauthammer, Hugh Hewitt, Ann Coulter, the Tea Party Express, as well as the editorial boards of National Review and the Wall Street Journal and well, every Conservative commentator and blogger worth their salt, had magically become part of the Establishment™. When and how did THAT happen? It’s hard to keep up these days!

Huckabee said in a conference call to Southern Baptists: “This could be a Mount Carmel moment,” likely referring to the holy battle between Elijah and the prophets of Baal in the book of Kings:

You know, you bring your gods. We’ll bring ours. We’ll see whose God answers the prayers and brings fire from heaven. That’s kind of where I’m praying: that there will be fire from heaven, and we’ll see it clearly, and everyone else will to.

Speaking of fire, Mount Carmel, is also the name of a little place east of Waco, Texas where David Koresh and the Branch Davidians met their demise in a fiery death. Huckabee’s fool’s errand is more likely to resemble the results of the latter more than the former.

Listening to his rhetoric though, it’s rather insulting to hear him talk about a dumb-ass politician, using biblical references. I know for a fact that God looks out for babies and fools, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to send down “fire from the heavens” because some moron says something stupid, and gets asked [rightly] to step aside!

After the conference call, Huckabee started taking some heat and downplayed his participation. He’s also been claiming he’s been in contact with the National Republican Senate committee, [NRSC] something the folks over at the NRSC have denied. [emphasis mine]

A spokesman for the NRSC, Brian Walsh, took issue with Huckabee’s comments Friday.

We have a great deal of respect for Governor Huckabee and regret that we do not see eye to eye with him on this race,” Walsh said in an email to CNN. “It’s important to set the record straight though that the types of tactics he describes simply did not happen and further, no one at the NRSC has even spoken with the Governor this week.

By Friday night, according to CNN’s Peter Hamby, Huckabee had resorted to calling the folks over at the NRSC “union goons.”

I’ve not always been the biggest fan of the NRSC, but union goons? Really?

Gateway Pundit reports Akin re-tweeted Hamby’s tweet, so obviously he agrees with Huckabee.

This is why false prophets like Mike Huckabee are so dangerous. They have the ability to reach a large number of people. They lead these people astray. Whether it’s convincing them to vote for a corrupt, and often despicable human being, or clinging to a disaster of a candidate far too long, Huckabee, and those like him have a knack for making poor decisions, and dragging far too many people down with them.

There used to be a time we could tolerate these sorts, mixing their snake oil salesman style of “religion” with politics, but that time has past. Thanks to liberals, like Huckabee, America is staring into the abyss. It wouldn’t take too many false moves before the entire nation collapses. Yet here we have Huckabee supporting an unelectable candidate, encouraging him to stay well past his welcome.

While people like Huckabee think they are standing up for the right to life, they are, in reality, hurting the pro-life movement. Worse, if we don’t take back the Senate, and this nonsense makes it a lot harder, we will never repeal ObamaCare. There goes the economy, and anything resembling Liberty and Freedom.

People are going to do what they do, but I implore folks to wake up and start paying attention to these false prophets. Realize who they really are, and how they are part of the problem, not the solution. Mike Huckabee has a decades long record of being part of the problem. It’s time for him to retire to his TV and radio show, and leave politics to those who actually know what they are doing.

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Poll: Akin’s Own Supporters Want Him to Quit Senate Race 50-34 Only Democrats Want Him to Stay!

Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues.

~ Proverbs 17:28 NIV.

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

~ Mark Twain

By Gary P Jackson

Ever since Todd Akin opened his mouth and started spinning tales of the Magical Uterus© his support has cratered among everyone but democrats. [who reportedly spent north of $1.5 million making sure he was their opposition]

First it was a Rasmussen poll showing Akin had dropped from being 10 points ahead of socialist Claire McCaskill, to 10 points behind. This prompted Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit to write:

Thank You Todd Akin.

Thank You Akin campaign media consultant, Rex Elsass.

Thank you Todd Akin for bringing down the Republican Party with you.

Jim also notes:

Cook Political Report has declared Todd Akin “unelectable ” and moved the 2012 U.S. senate race in Missouri to a projected Democrat win. Before Todd Akin’s rape comment it was predicted to be a Republican victory.

Read all of the sad story here.

Doug Brady over at Conservatives4Palin reports that Akin had the cojones to spin this 20 point drop in the polls as [Are you waiting for this?] a good thing!

Upon hearing this Stacy Drake said:

Who knew Baghdad Bob moved to Missouri?

Well now things have gotten worse. A poll from the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch shows that even Akin’s supporters want him gone, by a margin of 50-34. The only support he has is among democrats, who most certainly aren’t going to vote for him.

From the Washington Examiner:

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and the GOP establishment aren’t the only ones who want Rep. Todd Akin out of the Missouri Senate race due to his controversial “legitimate rape” comments. A Missouri poll shows that even his best supporters, by a whopping 17 points, want him to drop out. Only Democrats want him to stay in the race.

According to a new St. Louis Post-Dispatch/News 4 poll, self-described Akin supporters want him to quit, 50 to 34 percent. His image in the new poll is abysmal, with just 17 percent viewing him favorably and 56 unfavorably.

And the bottom line on his chances of beating Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, who he led comfortably before the scandal by five points is just as bad. He is currently nine points behind McCaskill, 50 percent to 41 percent.

The poll echoes a similar Rasmussen Report released Friday that showed a similar shift in the race that many analysts said was Akin’s to win.

The poll reinforces efforts to convince Akin to drop out of the race. He has until September 25 to get his name off the ballot. Akin on Friday dismayed the GOP establishment by announce he was staying in the race. He suggested that he was going to run against the establishment, but even allies like conservative talk show hosts Mark Levin and Sean Hannity, as well as Romney and Ryan, have called on him to step down.

Anti-Akin forces Saturday were pointing to the fact that even Akin’s own supporters want him out of the race and were hopeful that Akin would act on that finding.
An Akin associate, however, said that his campaign expects the furor to die down and that with the help of some new ads he will stage a comeback. And a key Washington conservative activist told Secrets that some conservatives are rallying around Akin and are upset that he’s being left out to dry by the GOP presidential ticket.

Other details from the poll:

— Women are running from him. While they were previously split between Akin and McCaskill, women now oppose him by almost 20 percent, 55 percent against to 37 percent for.

— Republicans want him to withdraw, 47 percent to 37 percent.

— Independents want him to withdraw, 57 percent to 25 percent.

— Undecided voters, by a 67 percent to 16 percent margin, want him to withdraw.

— Only Democrats support his candidacy. Some 47 percent want him to stay in the race, while 37 percent said he should withdraw.

You know who is REALLY angry about the Rasmussen polling and other developments? The democrats! No doubt afraid someone will run a write-in campaign to stop both Akin and McCaskill. As WeaselZippers notes:

Dems Outraged Over New Rasmussen Poll Showing Akin Down 10 Points To McCaskill, Say Pollster Is A “Tool Of The Republican Establishment”…

Outraged their candidate is showing a double-digit lead? Has to be a first.

Todd Akin is a fool, and his arrogance and ego may very well cost us the Senate. If we don’t regain control of the Senate, so we can roll back many of the evil programs the Obama regime has in place, America, as we know it, is finished.

I’ll join Hoft in saying: Thank you Todd Akin. Thank you for helping destroy a nation.

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MIA in Congress: Todd Akin Missed 85 Percent of House Votes this Quarter

By Gary P Jackson

One of the many reforms that are needed in Congress, is a law forbidding these public servants from abandoning their high paying jobs, while seeking another. Try that in the real world and you’ll be jobless in nothing flat!

We all understand an elected official taking time to run for re-election, though an incumbent rarely abandons their job to do it. They work on re-election activities on weekends and during official breaks, for the most part. But when they run for a new job, they sometimes forget about the old one.

There is a hell of a lot wrong with Todd Akin, besides the idiotic comments he made about “legitimate rape” and the magic uterus, but that is bad enough to make him toxic to the Republican Party and the pro-life movement that we all care about.

That said, when you get down to it, the news that he basically abandoned his job as a United States Congressman, in order to get a new job as a United States Senator, is more egregious. More troubling, to me.

In fact, over the past 12 years in Congress, Akin has been one of the worst offenders. His missed votes over the years have put him in the top 20% of MIA congresscritters.

Akin isn’t the first political lifer to do this. Our current president abandoned his brand new job as Senator almost as soon as he was sworn in, in order to run for president, something he promised the people of Illinois he wouldn’t do.

Of course, Obama, like so many before him, was rewarded for his betrayal, with a new, more powerful, job.

And that’s the problem.

Most voters don’t even pay attention to the way their particular representatives vote. They certainly have no idea when these members of Congress abandon their responsibilities altogether.

I’m not picking on Akin here, just because I think he’s a disaster. I’ve long held that politicians should be restricted from running for one office while holding another. Especially members of Congress.

I’m not 100% sold on term limits as the best answer, though I’m not sold at all on leaving things as they are. I’d like to see limits, and a rule that only allows, say a Congressman …. who wants to run for the Senate …. to do it in their final year in office, or resign from office first.

We pay our members of Congress quite well. The very least we can expect is they show up and participate in the job we hired them to do.

Louisiana Republican Congressman Charles Boustany has introduced a bill in the House that would hold these MIA representatives accountable. It’s a good first start.

From MissouriWatchdog.org: [emphasis mine]

ST. LOUIS — An examination of voting records shows that eight of the 11 members of Missouri’s congressional delegation miss more votes than their peers — and that U.S. Rep. Todd Akin has missed 85 percent of the House votes this quarter.

Akin, a Republican, has failed to cast 4.6 percent of the votes during his 12 years in the House, ranking the U.S. Senate candidate near the top 20 percent of the most absent members of Congress.

But U.S. Rep. William Lacy Clay, a Democrat, is the Missourian on Capitol Hill who tops the list, with 7.1 percent of votes missed since 2001.

That puts Clay in the top 8 percent for all members of Congress, according to Josh Tauberer, who crunches the numbers on congressional votes at GovTrack.us.

Akin’s opponent, incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill, has missed 2.5 percent of the votes, just above the median of 2.4 percent.

Missed vote percentages for the rest include:

Republican U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt – 5.7 percent

Republican U.S. Rep. Sam Graves – 4.4 percent

Democrat U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver – 3.4 percent

Republican U.S. Rep. Billy Long – 3.4 percent

Republican U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson – 3.2 percent

Democrat U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan – 2.2 percent

Republican U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler – 1.7 percent

Republican U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer – 0.9 percent

Akin has been largely missing from Washington, D.C., this year while on the campaign trail for the contentious Republican primaryearlier this month.

He missed 21 percent of votes in the first quarter of 2012 and 16 percent of votes in the second quarter, before missing 89 of 105 House votes this summer.

His spokesman, Ryan Hite, failed to respond to a request for comment from Missouri Watchdog.

Representatives for Clay also could not be reached Thursday.

Although he hasn’t closely examined the data, Tauberer is pretty sure incumbents running for re-election or a new office, as Akin is doing, tend to miss more votes than their peers.

It’s definitely a trend, especially presidential candidates — they will drop off the map,” he said.

Tauberer said quarterly spikes are not that uncommon, and they occur for various reasons, such as illness.

There often are legitimate reasons that happens to people, and maybe campaigning is a legitimate reason,” he said.

U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany, a Louisiana Republican, disagrees.

In July he introduced H.R. 6085, known as the “No Show, No Pay” act, which would dock a day’s pay for any of his colleagues in Congress who miss a single vote held on a given day.

In a statement, Boustany said many of his colleagues treat their office as if it’s a part-time job.

They habitually miss important votes on key policy initiatives and legislation by leaving early or arriving late in order to attend fundraising and campaign events,” Boustany said. “This bill discourages these offenders from dodging their Constitutional duty by holding them accountable to their constituency.

A congressional committee is discussing the bill.

As voters we must continually remind our representatives they work for us, and we have some minimum requirements, like actually showing up for work, if they want to remain in our employ.

The American voter has been too complacent, and I include myself among them. For too long we have been so busy with our own lives and our own priorities, that we have allowed government to run amok. We’ve allowed corruption to thrive, and defective politicians to not only stay, but advance, and become even more powerful.

We can no longer let this be the case. It is the duty of the American people to watch these politicians, and start weeding these inferior people out. It’s the only way our nation will survive.

I applaud Congressman Boustany’s efforts, and hope our readers will contact their elected representatives and ask them to support these efforts as well.


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Sarah Palin on the Akin Fiasco: I’d Back Sarah Steelman in a 3rd Party Bid in Missouri!

Todd Akin, selfish fool

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin was visibly angered when she spoke to Greta Van Susteren on Tuesday night.

Sarah continually calls on Akin to get out of the race, and steps up to continue her support of Sarah Steelman as the alternative. If I understand Missouri’s “sore loser” laws correctly, a bid of any sort by Steelman may be impossible, other than Akin stepping down and Steelman being chosen by the state GOP as his replacement. Though the original deadline came and went today, with Akin defiantly saying he won’t quit, there is still a drop dead of August 25, that allows him the opportunity to drop out and be replaced, through court order.

One thing Sarah Palin points out masterfully, by explaining how she stepped down in Alaska for the good of the people and the state. Sarah had her agenda in place, and a competent Lt Governor to continue that agenda. She didn’t want to resign, but it was the only way to advance a positive agenda for Alaska.

Todd Akin is done. This guy has turned the most vulnerable democrat Senate seat into the safest. He must step down, and allow a competent candidate run in his stead. If not, someone, somehow, must mount a 3rd party effort. No other way to play it.

Video courtesy SarahNet


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Greta on Akin Fiasco: Looks Like Sarah Palin Gets to Say “I TOLD YOU SO”

By Gary P Jackson

Greta notes on her blog, what many of us are thinking.

Sarah Palin backed Sarah Steelman, a true reformer, who, like most true reformers, was at odds with the Establishment™.

The people of Missouri chose Todd Akin who the democrat party spent over $1.5 MILLION portraying as the “true conservative” in the race. Akin was also the candidate democrat Claire McCaskill wanted to go up against.

By now you’ve read all about Akin’s theory of the “magic uterus” and how it keeps a woman who is raped from becoming pregnant. I don’t know what to add, except this may be the stupidest human being in the country. He’s just handed a crucial Senate seat, one that was absolutely winnable. Back to McCaskill, the incumbent.

This may have been the most vulnerable of all democrat held Senate seats up for grabs this year. Now it’s likely the safest.

Everyone, including Mitt Romney and Reince Preibus, have called on this clown to drop out of the race and allow the GOP to put a winner on the ticket. As of this writing he’s given everyone the finger and says he’ll stay in.

Unfortunately Missouri’s “sore loser” laws, designed to keep disgruntled primary losers from challenging the party nominees [think turncoat Lisa Murkowski in Alaska] will keep Sarah Steelman or John Brunner from mounting a third party challenge. Normally I am against a primary challenger who lost pulling a stunt like that, but in this case, it would be justifiable, and applauded.

Since Akin will not drop out, the GOP cannot legally replace him on the ticket. But they COULD back a suitable Conservative candidate. Problem is, the best candidate, Sarah Steelman, is already out of the running.

This is a disaster.

My recommendation for the future?

Listen to Sarah Palin!

Sarah has a knack for picking winners. She vets these candidates and knows a real, solid Conservative when she sees one. As Greta points out, Sarah had a 100% success rate in choosing candidates until Missouri voters defied her choice. Now they, and the nation will pay for this mistake.

Read more of what Greta has to say here.


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