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Fun Video: Sarah Palin Goofs on Washington Times Rusty Humphries, Then Gets Serious

Sarah Palin  Randy Humphries

By Gary P Jackson

Something to lighten the mood. Sarah Palin, who ISN’T ruling out a presidential run, goofs around with Rusty Humphries, then talks serious politics in this exclusive interview, filmed in Phoenix, Arizona:

Rusty included a link to his hour long podcast, where he goes into great detail about his interview and dinner with Sarah and Todd. Listen here.


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Happy 25th Anniversary Sarah and Todd Palin

Sarah and Todd Palin Playin With Their Food

25 years and still going! On a recent fly fishing trip Sarah Palin said this is what commercial fishermen call “playin’ with your food“! She also noted she caught the bigger of the two fish!

By Gary P Jackson

Twenty-five years of marriage, if that doesn’t deserve a shout-out, and possible a medal, especially these days, I don’t know what does!

The two are still just as cute of a couple as they where when newly weds!

Todd and Sarah Palin Younger

Hard to know what to get the couple that truly has it all, but our buddy Michael [CoolChange on Twitter] suggests a $25 donation to SarahPAC. We agree, 2014 is just around the corner, and we know Governor Palin has already started gearing up for battle. In 2010 and 2012 her endorsements were the only ones that mattered.

From earlier this year Sarah declared she was “Loaded for Bear

The couple that stands with each other ….

Sarah Palin, Todd Palin

…. stands with America


Let’s all show Sarah Palin that America stands with her and her family. Send $25 [or more] to SarahPAC today!


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Cute and Inspiring Photos: Trig Palin’s First Day at School

Todd and Trig, First Day of School 1

By Gary P Jackson

Man time really flies! We still remember Sarah Palin’s youngest son, Trig, in diapers, and now he’s starting school!

Governor Palin posted a couple of photos today of Trig with his proud father Todd, as they got off to school.

Todd and Trig  Palin off to School 2

Just adorable.

Here’s another photo Sarah posted a couple of days ago of her two men:

My pot of gold under a double rainbow. ~ Sarah Palin

My pot of gold under a double rainbow.

~ Sarah Palin

With all of the troubles in the world, it’s nice to just sit back and enjoy the wonderment life has to offer us.

No matter how tough is seems, God has truly blessed us all.


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Sarah and Todd Palin at the Indy 500, Guests of Parnelli Jones and Sarah Fisher

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin walks through the pit area before the start of the Indianapolis 500 auto race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis, Sunday, May 26, 2013. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah and Todd Palin were at the Indianapolis 500 this weekend as the guests of 1963 winner Parnelli Jones and team owner, and former driver, Sarah Fisher.

They got to see one of the best 500s in years, and Tony Kanaan take one of the race’s most popular wins!

There were reports and photos posted everywhere of the trip, so here’s a sampling:

Sarah Posted these:

Sarah Palin Sarah Fisher

With Sarah Fisher, former Indy racer and owner of Sarah Fisher Racing, in her pit today during the race. #Indy500

Todd and Sarah 2013 Indy 500

Todd and I at the #Indy500 today. What an epic all-American event!

Todd and Sarah 2013 Indy 500 pre-race

Tony Lee at Breitbart Sports wrote:

Parnelli Jones, the 1963 Indianapolis 500 winner, invited Sarah and Todd Palin to this year’s Indianapolis 500, and the former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential nominee took a ride around the world famous 2.5-mile oval in a Chevy Camaro.

I’m anxious to see the stands full. That’s a spectacular sight, having watched it on TV all these years, growing up,” Palin told the Indianapolis Star. “We’re motor heads, so that’s kind of our thing. Our daughter’s (Piper Palin) middle name is Indy…I wish our kids were here.

According to the Star, Todd and Sarah met Jones through “a mutual friend, Walker Evans, of Walker Evans Racing.” Jones was being honored on the 50th anniversary of his win.

Jones told the Star that he is planning to go caribou (reindeer) hunting with Todd Palin in August.

She’s a real game gal and her husband, Todd, is a macho guy,” Jones said after the Palins took a ride around the IMS’ historic 2.5-mile oval in a Chevy Camaro.

Sarah said the ride around the track was “bucket list stuff.

Todd races snow machines and Walker has come up to Alaska. Walker introduced us to Parnelli,” Sarah said.

Palin will reportedly watch the first pit stop from team owner Sarah Fisher’s pit. Fisher is one of racing’s leading businesswomen.

Palin Indy 500

Walker Evans is an off-road racing legend. A member of the Hall of Fame. Here’s a photo of Sarah, her dad Chuck, and Walker at the 2013 Iron Dog:


For those not familiar with motorsports, Parnelli Jones is one of racing’s true pioneers. Starting out on California dirt after WWII, Jones raced and won in all kinds of races driving all kinds of cars.

Earlier this year Rod and Custom Magazine published an article on Parnelli’s early career, as well as that of Hila Sweet, a beauty queen who could drive as well as the boys, and like Parnelli, gave no quarter on the track! Here’s a vintage photo of Parnelli Jones and Hila Sweet. Hila often doubled as the “trophy girl” at the races, this night it was Parnelli playing “trophy girl” for her win!


Parnelli won the Trophy Dash and I won the Women’s Dash; both of us winning in the same car. Parnelli is presenting the trophy to me for a change as I doubled as the trophy girl a lot of times,” Sweet laughs.

This is a great read for those that love racing history. Check it out here.

The night before the 500 Sarah and Todd were at the Marriott in Indianapolis. They stopped at the bar to chat with fans:

Blogger extraordinaire Mary Chastain who writes for Breitbart Sports tweeted:


From Dan Spehler:

More pictures from today’s #Indy500 here’s a glimpse of Sarah Palin who was hanging out on pit road

More pictures from today's #Indy500 here's a glimpse of Sarah Palin who was hanging out on pit road

Sarah and Todd Indy Gasoline Alley

Sarah Palin and I Indy

Sarah Palin

Going for a ride with Parnelli Jones:



More shots at Palin4President 2016.

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Todd Palin Finishes Strong in Iron Dog Race, Donates Winnings to Chris Kyle Memorial Fund

Team 11 Chris Kyle Memorial

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin has talked about she and husband Todd’s friendship with Chris Kyle. Not only did Todd and Chris compete on the NBC show Stars Earn Stripes to raise money for charity, Chris worked security in Pella, Iowa at the world premier of the Steven K Bannon film The Undefeated. Todd and his partner Scott Davis dedicated this year’s Iron Dog race, a nearly 2000 mile endurance run through Alaska’s frozen wilderness, to the memory of Chris Kyle.

Over the weekend Sarah posted a note on Facebook about Todd’s strong finish, and noted he was donating his winnings to the Chris Kyle Memorial Trust.

Finished strong in the Iron Dog! Todd just told me, “Along with the competition, this was another great trip across Alaska seeing old friends in villages. Honored to have a picture with Alaska’s famous elder, Sydney Huntington. (He’s the one who gave us the quote, ‘Common sense is an endangered species in government.’) I’m overwhelmed by the hospitality and support shown to us in each town and village. I love these folks. It was a rough and tough race, but I’m glad we were able to finish, and I kept in mind I was racing in honor of our fallen warriors who secure our freedom.

Todd’s race winnings are donated to The Chris Kyle Memorial Fund. For the kids and me, we’re proud of our Iron Dogger, especially his dedication to family and freedom.

Todd and Scott

Here’s some video of Todd and Scott at the start of the Iron dog, courtesy of Larry Taylor:

Sarah posted this photo of her and Willow waiting for Team 11 to make it to the finish line. You can find more photos on her Facebook page, here.

Willow and Sarah Palin 2013 Iron Dog

If you’d like to donate to the Chris Kyle Memorial Trust please click here.


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Mystery Solved: Why Sarah and Todd Palin Were in Las Vegas Last Week


An update at the bottom of the article.

By Gary P Jackson

If you saw the Hannity interview last week, Sean mentioned that Sarah Palin was in Las Vegas. Lots of folks were wondering what she was up to. Well as she and Todd are both race fans, they were in town to enjoy the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Race results here.

Scott Tyler Clary tweeted this from the event:

@StrongholdMotor is Stronghold Motorsports, a team that races in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series.

Sarah also took time to go by the Competitive Metals team’s pits for photos as well. They posted a few on Facebook.

This is the hood of one of their competition buggies:

Sarah talks with Greg Parker:

Sarah and Dave Mason Sr.:

Sarah and Shawn Stewart:

Sarah and Greg Parker:

Geoffrey Cooley and Dave Mason Jr. with Sarah:

Geoffrey Cooley took the Competitive Metals Romney/Ryan buggy to a podium finish at the event:

Check the patriotic team out on Facebook here.

You can follow the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series on MavTV, check your local listings for dates and times.

Many thanks to Joy for the tip.


In case you are wondering about that cap Sarah is wearing:

Something from Bristol Motor Speedway’s catalog:

Bruton Smith’s Speedway Motorsports, Inc, which owns Las Vegas Motor Speedway also owns the track in Bristol, Tennessee, among others.


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Todd Palin America’s Newest Action Hero

Forget Chuck Norris. Send in Todd Palin

By Gary P Jackson

Looking at the previews of Stars Earn Stripes it would seem America has a new action hero, and his name is Todd Palin.

Not only is Todd Palin in excellent physical shape, a body no doubt honed from decades of commercial fishing and racing the brutal 2000 mile long Iron Dog snow machine championships, he’s made a lot of friends on the show. We’re hearing comments like this from Navy SEAL Chris Kyle [the greatest sniper in American history]: “Going through that knee-high mud will drain anyone except Todd Palin.He’s kind of like God walking on mud out there.” And: “You don’t need anyone else. Forget Chuck Norris,send in Todd Palin!

Todd [and Sarah] have also gotten huge praise from Iraq war veteran Andrew McLaren.

NBC has released some teasers, including this called Todd Palin, One Man Army:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here’s an overall look at the series Stars Earn Stripes:

One of the cool things about the show, besides the competition, is everyone is not only competing to win this thing, they are also looking to earn money for charities that benefits military and law enforcement. Todd is supporting Armed Services YMCA Alaska, and if he wins, that’s where the money will go.

Kevin Scholla interviewed Todd this week for SarahNet Radio.

Todd talks about a variety of topics, from Stars Earn Stripes, to politics, the future of his Iron Dog competition, to David Lee Roth vs Sammy Hagar in Van Halen.

Todd’s a low key guy and quite humble. The kind of guy you’d love to hang with.

Stars Earn Stripes premieres Monday night on NBC.


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Vote for Carson Kressley!

By Stacy Drake

Say what?

You may be wondering why I would be posting in favor of voting to get Carson Kressley on Dancing With The Stars. That’s a good question. So, here’s the deal. Right now, viewers get to decide in an online poll who the remaining contestant will be for this season. Carson is one of the finalist to choose from.

In a recent interview, Carson said the following:

I mean, that is one of the reasons why I would love to be on the show is to try and get to know her [Bristol] and try to maybe convince her that there’s nothing wrong with being gay and that everybody deserves equal rights and sometimes the behavior from Mom and Dad [Sarah and Todd Palin] is really kind of hateful.

Now, why should we do a favor for this guy after he made a statement like that? To prove him, and everyone else who has bought into this ridiculous narrative, wrong. What better way to open up Carson’s mind to reality, than to have him meet face-to-face with the Palins?

If he is actually as tolerant and open-minded as he claims to be, then he might end up actually liking the Palins, who are very tolerant and open minded. They have exactly the same non-hateful position on gay marriage as Obama and Biden did just a few short months ago. And in fact, as governor of Alaska, Governor Palin refused to veto partner benefits for same sex couples.

After meeting the Palins, Carson probably won’t be giving many interviews using words like “hateful” to describe them. He will most likely be using words like “gracious” and “kind,” as many former haters have also said on such occasions.

So, go here and vote for Carson! Let’s change some minds.

Please note: You can vote five times every day. Let’s make this happen people!

~ Gary P Jackson


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Sarah and Todd Palin Grab Some Chick-fil-A

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin said she wanted to stop at Chick-fil-A during her speech at the rally for Ted Cruz in The Woodlands.

True to her word, she and Todd stopped for some of that great Chicken!

Now I’m hungry!

Great to visit with the Sassy Feet dance squad at the Chick-fil-A in The Woodlands, TX. ~ Sarah via Facebook


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Sarah Palin: “Stars Earn Stripes”..Wimps Need Not Apply!

By Sarah Palin:

Stars Earns Stripes” is honoring our veterans and first responders who are fighting to protect the good guys every day! Todd was privileged to work with an amazing team of production experts, competitors, and patriots in this absolutely kick-butt show that airs after the Olympics. It will blow you away as you witness what our troops and first responders go through.

I don’t know if I’ve ever met such a genuine, dedicated, and hardcore self-disciplined group of “stars” and operatives. This show can change your life if you understand the discipline and dedication our troops and first responders go through in order to bring honor to this great nation and then apply that same courage and discipline to your own life.

Stars Earn Stripes“…wimps need not apply! 🙂


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