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Shannyn Moore: Just a Girl from Hades

by Stacy Drake

“The left’s Alinsky tactics … of isolating Sarah Palin or her poor children and beating on them, beating on them, beating on them … [won’t succeed] with the tea party movement. …You can call them racists and homophobes. But those tricks aren’t working anymore, because people are saying,
This is ridiculous.’”

“In the era of new media there’s checks and balances for the type of propaganda you serve up and if you think you can unring this bell… you’re wrong.”
Andrew Breitbart

The title of this blog is in no way a slam against Homer, Alaska. It’s merely a dig at Homer’s most hideous, self-promoting resident. Perhaps that would be a former resident, I really don’t know nor do I care enough to check.

In the quote above, Andrew Breitbart was referring to Rachel Maddow with his comments but I apply the same sentiment to all left-wing operatives that pose as any sort of ‘truth seeker.’

Anyone familiar with Governor Palin’s unhinged, ankle-biting enemies knows who Shannyn Moore is. This is an individual with little respect for honesty and certainly none for herself. She’s been hard at work since August 2008, doing nothing for a planet she purports to care for except nipping at the heels of a woman she isn’t fit to shine the shoes of. Lie after lie, phony scandal after phony scandal. I and others have referred to this sort of behavior with a Wile Coyote analogy. It make sense and it’s just as pathetic.

I’m not going to mince words here as I am growing more impatient with the left’s use of Governor Palin’s children or grandchildren to attack her. It’s been going on since the beginning of the presidential campaign but it’s only increased with time. They seem to think that is the ticket to chase her away from this nation’s political dialog. I’ve got news for them… Governor Palin is one tough lady and she is no anomaly within her family. The hack from Homer cannot do any damage with her feeble attempts to discredit Sarah Palin or her family. She has and continues to only discredit herself.

On Saturday, Ms. Moore uploaded another ‘juicy’ indictment of supposed “hypocrisy” to the left-wing rag, Huffington Post. She comes to her hypocritical conclusion after snooping her nose through the case files of a custody suit, which belong to a pair of young adults living with the consequences of their actions. Young adults with much to learn, yet their lives are splashed all over the internet and on garbage TV shows. Why? Because of politics… Plain and simple, old fashioned left-wing, gutter politics. Albeit on a whole new grotesque level. Only the left would engage their political battles upon the heads of their enemies children. The judges that allowed this to happen are primarily to blame, as I believe their ruling was based in politics as well but that’s a discussion for a whole other blog post.

Shannyn believes that the revelation that Tripp Palin, the governor’s grandson, is “an enrolled tribal member of Curyung Tribal Council” so therefore “the majority of Tripp’s health care costs are … covered by IHS and the Alaska Native Medical Center” means that Governor Palin should be FOR death panels… er, something.

Comparing all encompassing government mandates to tribal enrollment is beyond stupid. The programs set up by the federal government to assist the native population were set up a long time ago. The native population PAID for these services with blood and land. The parameters of these agreements were put into place with signed treaties. In this case that agreement was the “Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.” Tripp Palin is eligible due to his heritage to receive these benefits. Uffda has more details about IHS and Tripp Palin’s heritage here.

As someone with a healthy dose of native blood myself, I take offense to the notion that any benefit given to natives from the government as a fulfillment to past treaties is akin to “socialism.” Thereby by making all natives socialists in the eyes of Shannyn Moore and her 3000 comment posters at HuffPo. Oh, you lefties only wish.

Shannon would rather paint all American Natives and Alaska Natives as socialists than admit the fact Bristol and her family are the sole providers for Tripp. Where the hell has Levi been again? He’s been posing naked in porn magazines and using the entertainment industry’s general hatred of Governor Palin to cash in. Never giving back any of that dirty money to the son who’s life he is responsible for. I’m sure Shannon saw all of that in her little ‘fact’ finding mission but somehow omitted it once again. Levi has been too much of an asset to these people. Can’t chance losing him by admitting what an utter deadbeat father he has been.

So now I’m wondering, do military service members get the same label with this crowd? Are members of the military subject to the same “hypocrisy” label if they don’t agree with a public option? Their health care does come from the government after all. Come on Shannyn, your argument was such a wild shot that the constraints of the moral rules you pretend to follow are a bit too broad to hold much value. You end up labeling two tremendously large groups of people “hypocrites” and “socialists” that clearly do not fit into these categories.

Something tells me you’re only taking issue with Governor Palin’s grandson on this however. Yes, it looks like the left was done beating Governor Palin over the head with her son for the week and moved on to her grandson as their weapon of choice. Both children are toddlers, one with special needs by the way… Fair game to left-wing political creatures.

I thought Shannyn Moore and her keyboard pecking lefty hoard would be able to understand the difference between a benefit and mandate, but I was wrong. They see the word “health” and start chucking kitchen sinks at Sarah Palin and family. Not even stopping for a second to realize that Bristol, not Sarah enrolled young Tripp into a program which happens to be his birthright. Does Shannyn think she’s given herself a whole new set of possible phony scandals by indicting a mother for the actions of her adult children? I can’t believe we haven’t already read this article with Track as the focal point receiving his military benefits. I guess the left prefers dragging the babies through the mud over soldiers these days. It must not be as fun to beat up on our troops now that George W. Bush isn’t their commander in chief.

This is just another episode in which Shannyn Moore beclowns herself in an attempt to hurt Governor Palin. She failed tremendously as she always does. Normally I would type here that she should take a step back and try to realize that using small children is vile and evil but why bother. These people have proven over and over again that they have no morals and no decency. The depths in which they are willing to sink to trash Governor Palin knows no bounds.


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