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Sarah Palin: Sarah Steelman for U.S. Senate

By Sarah Palin

As we seek to fundamentally restore our great nation to strength and prosperity, we must send more commonsense conservatives to the U.S. Senate. We need sincere public servants who will fight for us, not the special interests and the permanent political class in Washington. Sarah Steelman will fight for all of Missouri and all of us, and that is why we must send her to D.C. this fall.

Sarah has run a grassroots campaign the way it should be run – handshake by handshake, voter by voter, farm to farm, not TV ad after TV ad. As a former State Treasurer and State Senator, Sarah has often had to stand up to the political establishment – even those in her own party – to stop out of control spending and the destructive debt it leaves in its wake. As a mother of three, Sarah knows that we must cut our unsustainable debt to preserve our children’s future. She’ll fight hard for Ag families against the crushing regulations that the Obama administration has put on them.

Please join me in supporting Sarah Steelman for U.S. Senate. Let’s send a commonsense conservative woman from the Show Me state to show Washington how to get things done.

~ Sarah Palin

Check out Sarah Steelman’s website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter


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Dewhurst Claims He Never Supported Payroll Tax But Press Release After Passage Says Different

By Gary P Jackson

Lt Governor David Dewhurst is one of those kind of politicians who lies when the truth would work better. The latest lie came in the debate between he and Ted Cruz. In the debate Dewhurst claims to have never supported a payroll tax, but a 2005 press release, made after the law was passed, says otherwise.

Speaking of taxes, let’s not forget that Dewhurst has also supported the idea of an income tax for Texas residents.

In 2005 the Wall Street Journal noted this in an editorial entitled Deep in the Heart of Taxes: [emphasis mine]

Everything’s big in Texas, and, if powerful Republican Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst has his way, that will soon include the state budget. Allow us to explain.

For almost a decade now Texas has been grappling with court orders to provide “equitable” financing for the state’s school system. The Republican-controlled legislature has now interpreted this to mean that the entire tax system in Texas has to be scrapped to raise more money. That makes us as skittish as a cat near a bathtub, because Texas’s status as one of only nine states without an income tax is in serious peril. Both the state Senate and House have endorsed what Mr. Dewhurst — whose post of Lieutenant Governor is nearly as powerful as Governor in the state — is calling a “wage tax.”

A wage tax is of course a fancy disguise for a personal income tax, and imposing one is a sure way to put a state on the path to slower growth. Since 1990 the nine states without income taxes have enjoyed twice the rate of job growth and 2.5 times the population growth of the highest income tax states. Capital, jobs and economic development in America are migrating from high-tax states to low, and from blue states to red. Why would fast-growing Texas want to imitate New York and Massachusetts?

The hot political issue in Texas this year, as in at least a dozen other high-growth states, is skyrocketing property tax assessments. In order to cut real estate taxes as home values rise, the Legislature has proposed a vast conglomeration of even more noxious levies, fees and assessments. At one time or another this year GOP legislators have proposed the wage tax, a one percentage point hike in the sales tax that would give Texas the highest sales tax in the nation at 9.75%, a business value-added tax, a 4% business-profits tax, a tax on cars, and an assortment of sin taxes on cigarettes, liquor and even snack foods.

All of these taxing schemes are allegedly necessary to fix the Texas school system. Along these lines the Legislature is set to lift outlays for its two-year budget to $137.5 billion from $118 billion, or 12.5% a year — the biggest two-year bulge in Texas history.

Mr. Dewhurst defends his plan by trotting out the kind of class-warfare reasoning normally reserved for Washington. What good Texan is going to have real heartburn about paying — out of $650,000 — $6,000 to $9,000 to improve the education of our youngsters?” he asked last week.

We’re all for youngsters getting a better education, but in Texas and other states under court orders “equity” has become a code word for Robin Hood financing schemes that redistribute school cash. This has reduced the authority of local school districts and parents, while empowering the blob of state-run education departments and teachers unions with a stranglehold on the schools. A Texas Public Policy Foundation study last year found that the state’s high-spending school districts are no more efficient in educating kids than the low-spending districts.

There is a better way out of this fiscal mess. Brooke Rollins, director of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, has suggested a tax plan that would: cut residential and commercial school property taxes by 20%; eliminate the hated business franchise tax, which hammers high-capital investment companies; avoid any payroll/income tax scheme; and make up for lost revenues by broadening the base of the sales tax to many consumer services while raising the sales tax rate by 0.5%. Hold state spending growth to merely the rate of inflation, and the current 8.75% sales tax rate wouldn’t have to be raised at all.

We hope Governor Rick Perry, who heroically closed a $10 billion budget deficit without a penny of new taxes at the start of his term, is listening. Mr. Perry has pledged to veto “any tax bill that would be a job killer.” A wage tax is a toll on employers for hiring workers, and according to one study the latest Senate plan would cost about 40,000 jobs, or the equivalent of eight auto factories.

In 2002 Texas voters gave Republicans control of the Legislature for the first time in 100 years on a pledge to keep government spending under control and maintain a pro-growth tax system. The Dewhurst plan violates both of those conservative governing principles and is the surest way to get the GOP thrown out of office. Better get your veto pen handy, Governor.

Notice Dewhurst went right to the time honored liberal canard of claiming it’s “for the children

Texans remember the lottery was sold as a way to finance education. But as we know, when you give big spenders more money, they’ll simply find more ways to spend it.

The Wall Street Journal praises Governor Rick Perry for his [and Dewhurst’s] smoke and mirrors budget “savings,” but as our Whitney Pitcher pointed out last August:

During the fiscal years for which Rick Perry exercised budgetary authority as Governor of Texas (FY02 through FY10)

• Debt outstanding increased 184.2%, or 20.5% per year

• Per capita debt outstanding increased 140.4%, or 15.6% per year

• Total liabilities increased 60.6%, or 6.7% per year

• Total liabilities per capita increased 35.8%, or 4.0% per year

That’s the worst record of any Governor who ran for President this cycle.

David Dewhurst is the typical liberal Republican Establishment candidate. He has a poor record here in Texas, and there is no sound reason to export our problem to Washington, where he can do even more harm.

David Dewhurst is wrong for Texas and even wronger for Washington.


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Huge Buzz In Nebraska and Texas After Endorsements of Fischer and Cruz by Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

This won’t come as a shock to our regular readers, we all know that Sarah Palin’s endorsement is the gold standard. Still, it’s fun to report on this. And it’s fun to watch the GOP elites squirm.

On Thursday, not long after news of Sarah’s endorsement of Texan Ted Cruz, his campaign was already reporting huge excitement among supporters.

From ABC News:

Call it the Sarah Palin bounce: Hours after the 2008 vice presidential nominee endorsed Ted Cruz, a Republican candidate for U.S. senator from Texas, on Thursday morning, the staff at Cruz’s headquarters in Austin reported a swift and positive reaction.

Nick Dyer, the Central Texas/Youth Director for Cruz tweeted:

Campaign manager John Drogin confirmed by email to Yahoo News that Palin’s endorsement “has added HUGE buzz to our campaign.

Phones are ringing, online contributions are pouring in, and supporters are more excited than ever on our social networks,” Drogin wrote, adding that he’s seen a “flood” of donations but has yet to tally them.

Select reaction from Cruz’ Facebook page Thursday included:

Fantastic endorsement. Congratulations. I support Sarah Palin, and after a lot of research I can honestly say you’re the man for this job,” wrote Facebook user  Charles Netterville. “Thank you for your willingness to help take on the establishment (Both sides) and return this great nation to its former glory.

Good choice Sarah! Sarah is a true Conservative and so is Ted! We need Ted representing Texas in DC!” wrote Barbara Rains Schroeder Hill.

[ …. ]

Drogin noted the beneficial timing of Thursday’s endorsement: four days before early voting is set to begin in Texas.

Palin’s endorsement was a coveted prize in the 2010 election, when the former Alaska governor campaigned for tea party conservatives across the country even when they faced established Republican incumbents. Palin has earned the same reputation this cycle and already saw one major candidate she endorsed, Richard Mourdock, achieve victory in Indiana.

Texas is Sarah Palin country, so it’s no surprise that her endorsement of Cruz has caused a huge positive reaction. But what about Nebraska?

The Washington Post is talkin’ Mama Grizzly:

A ‘mama grizzly’ upset is possible in Nebraska

Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning (R) has been the favorite from the start to succeed retiring Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), but his hold on that mantle has always been tenuous.

First, state Treasurer Don Stenberg nabbed the backing of the influential Club for Growth and Sen. Jim DeMint’s (R-S.C.) Senate Conservatives Fund. Then, former senator Bob Kerrey got in the race and gave Democrats a fighting chance.

But with just five days until the GOP primary, neither Stenberg nor Kerrey is looking like Bruning’s biggest obstacle. Instead, the until-now-dark-horse candidate in the race, state Sen. Deb Fischer, has asserted herself and — according to politicos in Nebraska — has a fighting chance to usurp Bruning on Tuesday.

Fischer, 61, is an eight-year state senator and product of a ranching family whose father served in Gov. Kay Orr’s (R) Cabinet (more on her bio here). Through late April, she had raised less than $400,000 for her campaign, while Bruning and Stenberg have either spent millions (Bruning) or had millions spent by outside groups on their behalf (Stenberg).

Fischer made perhaps her biggest splash of the campaign Wednesday, announcing the backing of Sarah and Todd Palin. A few days prior, her campaign released a poll showing her within a few points of Bruning, trailing 30 percent to 26 percent, with Stenberg at 18 percent.

One Republican consultant who supports Stenberg says the efforts to boost him have largely failed, and he has slipped into third place, but that the anti-Bruning campaign spearheaded by the Club for Growth has successfully brought down Bruning’s numbers, forced Bruning and Stenberg to battle, and Fischer has shot the gap.

The Club and the Senate Conservatives Fund have combined to spend more than $2 million on the race, with the Club opposing Bruning and the SCF propping up Stenberg.

After previously running ads against Stenberg, Bruning’s campaign is now up with an ad targeting both of his top opponents — a sign of Fischer’s momentum.

…Deb Fischer is picking up the pieces that are falling from Bruning’s campaign,” said the Stenberg supporter.

Bruning’s campaign is dubious that Fischer has a shot. It argues that Fischer’s polling has over-sampled the Lincoln media market, which is the only market where Fischer’s meagerly funded campaign is up with ads on broadcast TV.

The Fischer poll is the only poll to show anybody within double digits of Bruning, and there has been a dearth of polling in the race.

Bruning has suffered from being the establishment candidate and his more liberal positions from his college days have long dogged him. But he has also taken care to cover his right flank. To date, he has earned the backing of the Tea Party Express, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum.

Jon Bruning’s fight against Obamacare, and record of cutting waste and fraud has created strong momentum for his campaign,” said campaign adviser Brooks Kochvar. “Despite millions in spending against him, he continues to garner … endorsements from the state’s three largest papers, the chamber of commerce, and Rick Santorum all in the last two weeks.

But his brash candidacy has proved an obstacle, and despite a big early lead, his hold on the nomination has never been firm. The Omaha World-Herald has run a series of tough stories for the attorney general focusing on a land deal with executives whose business he was tasked with overseeing how Bruning got rich while in public office. Then the paper’s editorial board issued one of the most half-hearted endorsements in endorsement history.

The Palins appeared to allude to the wealth issue in their endorsement, saying of Fischer: “We admire your conservative principles and know that you will not go to Washington to amass great wealth or power.

Orr, who is chairing Fischer’s campaign and played a major role in securing the Palins’ endorsement through a series of e-mails to Todd Palin, said the endorsement could make the difference next week.

I think she’s going to win,” Orr said. “I think this is just exactly what she needed to bring additional attention to her campaign.

Even Stenberg’s supporters are suggesting that Fischer is a worthy compromise, even if their candidate doesn’t win.

They also note, though, that there are lots of undecided voters (about one-quarter in Fischer’s poll) and that Stenberg remains broadly popular in the state GOP thanks to several previous statewide campaigns — including for Nelson’s seat.

Voters are leaving Jon Bruning and going to Don Stenberg and Deb Fischer, who are more conservative,” said Matt Hoskins, spokesman for the SCF. “Bruning had a 30-point lead, but now it’s a competitive, three-way race.

One of the things we greatly admire about Sarah is the fact she will go into a heavily contested primary, and find the most conservative candidate, who can win, and choose to support them. Sarah loves taking down the Republican establishment candidates, and has a strong record of doing so. She goes where others fear to tread. She never plays it “safe.”

In 2010 Sarah helped create the largest political turnover since Reconstruction after the Civil War. Look for her to be even bolder this election season. You can bet that the Republican elites, as well as democrats, are going to be in for some long days ahead.


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Sarah Palin Endorses Deb Fischer for the United States Senate

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah and Todd Palin have endorsed Nebraska State Senator Deb Fischer for the United States Senate. Below is the press release from Fischer’s campaign:


Lincoln, NE – Today, Senator Deb Fischer, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Nebraska, announced that she has been endorsed by former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin and her husband Todd Palin.

I’m incredibly honored to receive the endorsement of Governor Sarah Palin and Todd Palin.  I greatly admire their willingness to stand on conservative principle and their resolve in standing up to the political establishment,” said Senator Deb Fischer.

Our campaign is grassroots powered and focused on conservative policy solutions that will change the course of this nation.  I’m a wife, mother, rancher, small business owner, and citizen legislator, not a career politician.  To change Washington, we need to send a different type of person there.  That’s why I’m running for U.S. Senate.

At the onset of the campaign, Deb Fischer shared her story, her passion and and beliefs with Governor Palin and requested her support.    Below is part of Senator Fischer’s note:

I am writing to you as both a fan of your strong, conservative principles and as a fellow female Republican.  I have watched your career with respect as you take on tough issues, all while raising a family and serving your great state.  Your career has inspired me and so many other female politicians who believe principles should be above politics.

Yesterday, Governor Palin responded with the following note:

Deb – thank you for your note.  We have been watching your race closely. Your efforts remind us of those our family put forth for Sarah’s races here in Alaska. Winning over voters through personal interactions is the way to go. People are tired of outside interests spending millions of dollars in political attack ads. We’re glad to see your grassroots efforts paying off!

We admire your conservative principles and know that you will not go to Washington to amass great wealth or power. You will go to Washington to serve the people of Nebraska, protect our Constitution and work for common sense solutions to help restore America. We are happy to support you and have asked SarahPAC to send a financial contribution to your campaign. 

Good luck next Tuesday – the Palins are in your corner.

~  Todd & Sarah  

The endorsement by Governor Sarah Palin and Todd Palin continues the powerful momentum of Deb Fischer’s campaign for U.S. Senate.  Two recent polls show Senator Deb Fischer quickly closing the gap between her and frontrunner Jon Bruning, including one that shows Bruning at 29.5 and Fischer at 25.6.   In her campaign for U.S. Senate, Fischer has been endorsed by Nebraska Right to Life, SHE-PAC and Maggie’s List.  In the Nebraska Legislature, Deb Fischer received an A+ rating from the NRA and a 100% rating with NFIB.   Recently, Deb Fischer was endorsed by the Kearney Hub and the York News-Times of York, Nebraska.  In addition, key community leaders including former Nebraska Governor Kay A. Orr and former Congressman John Y. McCollister have strongly endorsed Deb Fischer’s campaign.

As you know, Sarah recently endorsed Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock who was in a similar situation, polling wise. He defeated 6 term U.S. Senator Richard Lugar Tuesday night in a landslide.

Fischer is a solid candidate with a great record as a Conservative. Check out her website, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Fischer is the type of Conservative leader we need to send to Washington to clean this mess up.

~ Gary


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Jedediah Bila: Joe Miller, The Real Conservative Deal

By Gary P Jackson

We love Joe Miller. He’s a strong leader with a compelling story. He is running against one of the Senate’s worst establishment Republicans, Lisa Murkowski. Sarah Palin endorsed Joe early on, and many others have followed. Murkowski is one of the top Republican elites that need to go.

Jedediah Bila recently interviewed Joe for Human Events:

I’m not a politician. I’m a concerned citizen,” said Joe Miller, Alaska’s GOP senatorial candidate, in an interview with HUMAN EVENTS. “I believe our nation is at a crossroads, and business as usual will no longer work.

Miller, who is challenging Republican Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, defines himself as “a limited-government constitutionalist.

We must reverse the growth of the federal government and restore liberty and opportunity to the American people,” he said. “It means getting the federal government to live within its means and within its enumerated powers.

Miller is unequivocally pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment. He’s a life member and benefactor of the NRA, supports the repeal of Obamacare, and opposes cap and trade and amnesty for illegal aliens. He also supports pro-growth tax reform and cutting corporate taxes.

Miller’s bio is impressive. He graduated with honors from West Point, earned a master’s degree in economics from the University of Alaska and a law degree from Yale, served in the U.S. Army, and was appointed as a state magistrate and a Superior Court master for the 4th Judicial District at the young age of 30. He also owns a successful law practice and has served as an acting State District Court judge and a U.S. magistrate judge in Fairbanks. In 2004, he came close to a win in the race for state representative, but lost to the Democrat incumbent.

Despite his striking resume, Miller possesses an everyman quality. His priority isn’t where he’s been, but where he’d like to help this country go.

Miller grew up in Kansas, but moved to Alaska in 1994 due to his love of the great outdoors. “Alaska is a state rich in natural beauty and natural resources,” he said. “There is a spirit of adventure here. I’ve been able to live in its most populous city, Anchorage, out in the bush (as we call it) in Tok, and now in Fairbanks.”

Miller has been endorsed by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, the president of Alaska Right to Life, Tea Party Express, Lars Larson, Erick Erickson, the chairman of Defundit.org, and many more.

When asked what motivated him to run against incumbent Sen. Murkowski, Miller responded: “Are we going to keep faith with the Founders and defend our constitutional republic, or will we continue our headlong plunge into socialism and more government control? We already know what is at the end of that road—the decline of the dollar, further constriction of our economy, sustained high unemployment, crippling government regulations, and a deeper dependency on hostile foreign powers. I’m running to help turn that around, to stand up for individual freedoms, and to stand up for Alaska.”

Here is a segment from the exclusive interview:

HUMAN EVENTS: What are your priority issues for Alaska?

JOE MILLER: The main issues for Alaskans, like all Americans, are getting the economy moving again and the nation’s debt crisis. Beyond those issues, the development of Alaska’s rich natural resources is key. The federal government has title over almost two-thirds of the state—including, of course, ANWR. Oil production has dropped precipitously during the last decade.

The Trans Alaska Pipeline System is currently running at one-third capacity. Most Alaskans would like to see a portion of ANWR opened to development to help get production levels back up. The state is also rich in other minerals. The Obama Administration’s policies are hostile to these extractive industries, even if done in environmentally sensitive ways. Alaska needs more control over its own land and resources, so it can break away from being overly dependent on federal dollars coming into the state.

HE: What do you consider to be the most significant differences between you and Sen. Murkowski?

MILLER: Sen. Murkowski and I differ significantly. She is a statist; I’m not. She doesn’t want to return the country to constitutionally limited government; I do. She refused to vote to repeal Obamacare; I would. She voted for amnesty; I wouldn’t. I’m pro-life; she’s not. She wants to implement some form of cap and trade; I wouldn’t. She voted for the second Obama stimulus bill this past March; I wouldn’t do that. It really is a positional difference with respect to what we expect out of government.

I think the Constitution is there as a limiting document. That’s why it was ratified—to limit government, to ensure that our God-given rights are preserved. That is not her answer. She sees government as the answer to virtually everything that comes before our nation. And that is shown in her voting record. It is clearly a choice between a conservative, and not a moderate, but really a liberal. That’s why she’s in the top four RINOs in the Senate today, because of that voting record.

HE: Why will the outcome of this election be far-reaching?

MILLER: We must reverse course as a nation. If we don’t, big government running amuck with a stagnant economy and a sovereign debt crisis will drive us into a situation worse than Greece. Nothing is big enough to bail the United States out. And those most dependent on the federal government will be devastated by such insolvency. But this does not have to be the case.

If enough like-minded, limited-government leaders are elected to Congress—and trends in the lower 48 suggest that will happen—the whole tenor of that body can be changed. I plan to be a catalyst for change that will help reverse government growth and get this economy moving again. Alaska is a part of restoring the nation towards fiscal sanity. Sen. Murkowski is currently part of the go-along, same-as-usual, big-government spending going on in D.C.

Miller also spoke of Alaska’s strategic impact on the nation due to “its vast natural resources and geostrategic location.” He added, “I am committed to doing all that I can to get this nation moving again on a sustainable path. Too many people have paid too high a price to get this nation to this point in history, for us to blow it on our watch.

Overall, Miller was optimistic about the ability of Americans to turn things around, but decisive about the need to “act now.” His love for Alaska and for founding American principles is unquestionable.

He’s the real conservative deal, folks. If you want a U.S. senator from the Last Frontier who will stand solidly by our Constitution and against the Obama agenda, you’ve found your man.

Jedediah Bila is an author and commentator living in New York City. For more information, please visit http://jedediahbila.com/.

Joe Miller just released a brand new ad on You Tube that Sarah described as “great all-Alaskana.”

To learn more about Joe Miller and donate to his campaign, please visit http://www.joemiller.us

Alaska and America need Joe Miller. Let’s do all we can to make that happen.

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