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Sarah Palin: Sure There Might be a New 3rd Party Rise if the GOP Doesn’t Stay True to it’s Platform

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin was on Fox News earlier today talking to Uma Pemmaraju about the up coming Republican Nation Convention. She also fielded a few viewer questions ranging from how one should vote if they don’t like either candidate, to whether she’d ever run for Governor of Alaska again. She also noted, when asked, that if the GOP doesn’t get it’s act together, and start following the platform set out by it’s members, the party may very well go the way of the Whigs.

When a lady asks what to do if you can’t get behind either candidate, further asking if she should just refrain from voting, Sarah tells her: “give Romney a shot,” reminding her that we must remove Obama from office, and repeal ObamaCare.

We asked about running for Alaska Governor again, Sarah answered:

I would much rather be able to work on unlocking Alaska’s vast resources. The largest state in the union, so rich in oil and gas and zinc and iron and copper and gold and the world’s richest wild seafood fisheries on our planet. I would rather work on unlocking our resources to help secure our nation for solvency for our sovereignty as a union than be holed up in Juneau again.

The one answer that is sure to strike fear in the hearts of the GOP Elite is the one about a new, third party emerging.

You know in studying history, look what happened in the mid-1800s when the Whig Party went away and the Republican Party surfaced because people, the electorate, got sick and tired of both parties fighting for power and [not] doing the will of the people, that’s why the Republican Party rose up.

So, you know, if history is any indication, it’s certainly a possibility at some point if Republicans don’t remember what the planks in their platform represent. And the planks in the platform are all about equality. They are about equal opportunity, to prosper and thrive in the most exceptional nation in the world, and how do we do that through a free market .

This isn’t a new feeling. Many of us have figured this is the GOP’s last shot to get it right. There are a lot of real solid Conservatives in the Republican Party, but ofttimes their efforts are stymied by what passes for leadership within the party.

After the interview, Sarah posted on her Facebook page reminding supporters she’s headed to Arizona to help Kirk Adams, Paul Gozar, and others:

As I mentioned on Fox this afternoon, I’m traveling to Arizona to join Kirk Adams and other commonsense conservative candidates at a rally on Monday at Joe’s Farm Grill in Gilbert, Arizona.

Check out Kirk’s website www.kirkadams2012.com for more info about the event.

Video courtesy SarahNet



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