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RS McCain: Democrat Operative Targets North Carolina Mom Exposing Her to Violence


We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

~ Winston Churchill

By Gary P Jackson

A vile democrat party operative, Greg Flynn, out of North Carolina, has declared all out war on moms who also happen to be Conservative activists, who care about the future of their children.

Though many of us bloggers use our real names, many activists with children use a nom de plume when blogging, mostly out of safety concerns, as democrats have been known to physically attack those who have become effective at spreading the truth.

Blogger Lady Liberty has been very outspoken about the anti-American, Common Core school curriculum.

For those who are not familiar, Common Core is the brain child of Obama’s good buddy; murdering domestic terrorist William Ayers. The pro-Marxist, anti-American agenda was dreamed up while Ayers and Obama were running their “education foundation” a Marxist front group dedicated to undermining America from within.

Mary Grabar has written extensively about the Ayers, Obama, Weather Underground terrorist connection to Common Core, here and here.

Left wing “Republican” Jeb Bush is a HUGE supporter of Common Core as well.

In June, Texas Governor Rick Perry signed HB 462 effectively banning the Common Core from our state. This passed the Texas House overwhelmingly on a 140-2 vote. It passed the Texas Senate on May 21. An amended version was approved by the Texas House on May 23. It was sent to Governor Perry on May 27th.

Sadly, other states are still fighting the communist menace, and this is where Lady Liberty, and others are finding themselves on the receiving end of vicious attacks by rabid democrats who want Marxism and anti-Americanism taught to America’s school children.

Stacy McCain has a sickening report about Greg Flynn, a nasty democrat slug who is attacking mothers who are fighting for their children. He “outed” Lady Liberty, by publishing her real name, and other information, so rabid, violent democrats can attack her, and her children.

North Carolina Democrats have apparently adopted the radical motto “By Any Means Necessary” in their war to destroy conservative opposition, as the intimidation tactics employed by Democrat operative Greg Flynn against a citizen-activist make clear:


Lady Liberty is a blogger, but she is also a mother worried about her children. Greg Flynn (an editor at the left-wing blog BlueNC.com, a former employee of the state department of education and a Democrat Party activist) apparently decided that identifying Lady Liberty by name would be a good way to shut her up, exposing her family to harassment from his radical Democrat allies. Every conservative in North Carolina — no, by God, every conservative in America — should be mad as hell about Greg Flynn‘s vicious intimidation tactics.


Lady Liberty has been a leading voice in the opposition to “Common Core” in North Carolina. You should follow her on Twitter.

Every blogger needs to speak out on her behalf.

And pray for ten thousand angels to guard her family.

Stacy has more here, including a nasty retort from Flynn.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am damned tired of pretending democrats are “fellow Americans.” The democrat party has been dedicated to destroying every thing that makes America great for the past 100 plus years. The democrat party actively undermines the very fabric of civilization, on a daily basis. I’m tired of pretending we are all “on the same team” as Americans. We are definitely NOT on the same team!

Liberalism is a dangerous, vile ideology. Rabid anti-American liberals have had control of the democrat party for some time, and have also infiltrated the Republican Party as well. Far too many have made their way into leadership roles in the GOP. It’s why our nation is in such a precarious state.

I don’t like the idea of violence being used to settle political arguments, but violence and intimidation are the democrat party’s stock-in-trade. As Americans, we MUST stand up for what we believe in, and expose those who would try and intimidate patriots who work to make America a better place, like Lady Liberty, and another great North Carolina patriot and blogger Sister Toldjah, who has her own story to tell about violent democrats.

She took to Twitter to tell her tale:

After a few tweets noting she and Bonds talked…

After even more, we learn…

Our friends at Twitchy have much, much more here.

If you aren’t following Sister Toldjah, you should be.

Again, I don’t think political differences should be settled in a violent manner, but over the years, I have seen strong conservatives attacked viciously. Death threats from democrats are nothing new at all. It’s typical, in fact. Democrats are very good at intimidating those who refuse to tow the party line. They are nothing but modern day Nazi “brown shirts.” German National Socialism has been replaced by Democrat National Socialism. The rhetoric and tactics are the same.

The best way to fight these vile, anti-American democrats is to EXPOSE them. Sunlight is the best disinfectant for these cockroaches.

As Americans it’s your duty to fight this evil. It’s your duty to help expose these people. It’s your duty to make sure these vicious democrats are not allowed to spread their hate in peace.

As Americans, we didn’t ask for this fight, but as Americans, we are more than up to the task.

God bless all of those who fight against those who would destroy America. May God keep them safe, and strong!

At the beginning of this article I quoted British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. I think it’s worth hearing all of Churchill’s words:

As we remember Churchill’s words, spoken in the face of great evil, we should also remember the great Ronald Reagan who said:

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

~ Ronald Reagan

Here’s a version given to the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce in 1961:

It is with this in mind that we stand with patriots like Lady Liberty, Sister Toldjah, Stacy McCain, and every other had working American patriot who has dedicated their lives to advancing Liberty and Freedom, and making America, and the world, a better place for everyone.

I hope all of you will join the fight as well.

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Pure Evil: Liberals Call for Killing of 6 Year Old Kid

****Warning: Violent Language and Obscenities [from the democrats that is]****

By Gary P Jackson

Never let someone try to tell you liberals aren’t evil, despicable human beings. They contribute nothing but hate and violence to society.

I’m way past being sick and tired of hearing hate-mongering liberals preach “tolerance” and “love” and then calling for the death of anyone and everyone who dares disagree with their putrid, diseased ideology.

I’m also beyond sick and tied of people who refuse to call these animals out. I’m especially sick and tired of politicians on “our side” [of the aisle] who are too timid to stand up and talk about this. Grow a pair or resign and let We The People put someone with a backbone in your place!

We are at war in this country, whether people are willing to admit it or not. The violent radicals that make up the base of the democrat party are seeing the resurgence of uniquely American values, the values that have made America the greatest nation the earth has ever known, and these democrats HATE IT.

We’ve seen this evil before, in many incarnations. My mind always seems to head towards Germany from say … 1932 to 1945 … but there have been violent, oppressive regimes since the beginning of civilization. You pick one, and that’s what we are headed toward in Obama’s America.

Of course, just defeating Obama, a must in November, won’t fix this. The more the democrats lose, the more desperate they get. The radical element that now rules the party, and sees it’s head sitting in the White House, fought for over 100 years to take control of the democrat party, and now the nation. They won’t release their death grip without a bitter fight.

That brings us to the story of this Six year old kid, whose parents made a video of giving “10 Reasons NOT To Vote For Obama.”:

Now one can legitimately debate the wisdom of putting a kid on You Tube in the first place, but democrats use children as props in their political videos all the time. Conservatives remember the videos when Obama was running for office, and newly elected, with school teachers leading their students in song about “Dear Leader,” in such a cult like manner, that officials in North Korea would proclaim it was bit much!

That said, while many complained, and chastised the adults, NO ONE called for the murder of the children, or the adults, though I’m sure more than a few would have liked to given the adults a good kick in the ass!

The Patriot Update has this:

Patriot Update recently posted a video on YouTube entitled, “6-Year-Old Gives 10 Reasons NOT to Vote for Obama!”, which has caused liberals to go on the warpath.

With over 350,000 views and climbing, the venomous and hate-filled comments from the left are intolerable. Liberal around the country are accusing the parents of “brainwashing” and “exploiting” their child. (Somehow a bunch of elementary school children singing praises to Obama doesn’t count as “brainwashing” or “exploitation.”)

Ironically, the left couldn’t care less if you abort your child. Teaching them conservative values, however, is tantamount to child abuse!

This should serve as wake up call to all conservatives. Patriot Update is calling conservatives to stand together and defend our beliefs against this liberal onslaught. Currently, there are more negative comments from liberals than there are positive comments from conservatives. We’re asking you give the video a “thumbs up” and express your opinion in the comments section of the various web sites that are discussing the video. We must unite and support our conservative values and freedom of speech.

Here’s the video in question:

Here’s a sampling of the hate. If profanity bothers you, suck it up and read this anyway. You need to understand just how evil these democrats are.

Anyone who’s ever been over to the Huffington Post knows it’s cesspool of hate and intolerance. The readers who comment there are deranged and just seething with hate for anyone and everyone that doesn’t share their point of view. They’ll even attack the few authors that dare go off the reservation! It’s a real sewer. Here’s a few gems from their website:

Notice the “Obama 2012” avatars.

Of course, one of these morons had to drag Mitt Romney into it, with a rather incoherent insult. Democrats know how to hate, but they are terribly unsophisticated an uncreative about it:

These are from You Tube:

The “F-word” has been censored.

Of course, not all of these democrats want the kid killed, some just want him raped:

Read more at the Patriot Depot.

There will be some that will try and say all liberals aren’t this way, and these sort of things are “rare” but that’s simply not true. Anyone who is on Twitter knows the hate that these democrats generate on a daily basis.

Conservatives like Sarah Palin and Michelle Malkin get death threats daily. Years back Stacy and I, as well as the rest of our team, used to try and catalog these things, and send them to the proper authorities. There are so many it became overwhelming.

Michelle Malkin re-tweets the ones she gets, and her daily email newsletter always includes a hate tweet at the end.

Her Twitchy website is awesome, and among other note worthy tweets, collects democrat hate tweets. Managing Editors Jenn Taylor and Lori Ziganto do an incredible job of keeping up with the pulse of Twitter, it’s a must read website!

Folks, we are at war for the heart and soul of this great nation. This is no less a struggle than good vs evil. It’s a struggle that will determine whether America, as we know it, lives or dies. It would be immoral to set back while these violent hate-fill democrats run amok.

We’ve seen this sort of hate-filled rhetoric before and we know how it could potentially end if not stopped. Barack Obama’s democrat party is a party filled with totalitarians who are the sworn enemies of Liberty and Freedom. They hate any Freedom that allows you to deviate from their belief system.

It’s not much different than the communist nations that used to build walls on their borders, not to keep people from sneaking in, but to keep their enslaved people from sneaking out! No one in their right mind wants to live under the tyranny and oppression that democrats are just dying to impose on every single American. The democrat solution then, is to stop all free speech, and for those who will not remain silent, shower them with hate and violence.

As a people, good and decent Americans simply cannot remain silent any longer. We must stand up. We must defeat these people. We must remove every single democrat from elected office nationwide.

Of course just defeating the democrats isn’t enough. Too many in the Republican party are too timid [or too corrupt] to join the fight. They too must be defeated and replaced by men and women of strong character and resolve. This is going to be a long, hard fight. It will sap the will of lesser men and women.

As trying as it will be, American didn’t get to this point overnight. It took generation for the forces of evil to become entrenched in our society. It took the radical Marxists, violent fascists, and burned out 60s radicals, nearly 100 years to take over the democrat party. It may take us a generation, or more, to remove them from power. But it’s battle that must be fought.

And just to make it clear, by battle, I mean battle in the marketplace of ideas, and battle at the ballot box.

Evil can only prevail if good man and women stand by and do nothing.


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Violent Democrats: Video Game Allows Players to Slaughter “Tea Party Zombies” Like Sarah Palin

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The game was just a personal project. I am not worried about it effecting business

~ James Oda, CEO, StarvingEyes Advergaming

By Gary P Jackson

Remember when the left and their media partners blood libeled Sarah Palin, and the millions of Tea Party patriots after one of the very own shot and killed a whole lot of people in Tuscon, including Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords? .

Never mind the loon was a committed leftie who had stalked the Congresswoman since 2007, it was all Sarah Palin’s fault because she had “crosshairs” on a map! Oh, and never mind democrats have put targets, bulls-eyes, and “crosshairs” on maps forever.

Remember the president talking about the need for civility, all the while coddling up to violent thugs like this guy?

Yeah, forget all that, talk is cheap, and progressives are violent people, especially when they realize they are failures and about to lose power.

Now we have a major video game maker who has produced a game that allows the deranged progressive to slaughter “Tea Party zombies” like Sarah Palin.

From the Media Research Center:

Have you ever fantasized about beating Bill O’Reilly to death with a crowbar or shooting up the offices of Americans for Prosperity with an Uzi? Well, the folks at StarvingEyes Advergaming apparently have and they’d like to share their latest creation with the world. The game is called “Tea Party Zombies Must Die” and, apart from abysmal game play, features several different levels where your only objective is to mercilessly slaughter everyone around you whether they are a Fox News stars or simply Americans For Prosperity employees.

Among the notable conservatives who you are tasked with brutally killing are Sarah Palin, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Brit Hume, Michele Bachmann, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Glenn Beck, and the Koch Brothers.

[ … ]

Of course there are plenty of lesser targets to mindlessly butcher like the “factory made blonde Fox News barbie who has never had a problem in her life zombie” or the “Koch industries Koch Whore lobbyist pig zombie”. The names are as creative as they are classy. Kind of like the game itself.

While it is disturbing to see that some people believe it would be fun to mow down your political opponents it’s also quite that odd that an advertising company with a diverse portfolio of high profile corporate clients from Meow Mix to Pepsi would create a game to allow those people to do just that. Does StarvingEyes really want to risk their business with TLC or Hotels.com by going out on their own to make a disgusting and offensive game like this? Or were they paid?

The MRC updates with a response from “game” creator Jason Oda, the head of the company, who responded by saying: “The game was just a personal project. I am not worried about it effecting business.

Nice huh.

Read more here.

The company has some high profile customers. Might be time for people to start contacting them and asking if they REALLY want to be connected to this sort of thing.


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Is WaPo’s Jonathan Capehart Calling On Barack Obama To Murder Every Tea Party Member, and Their Families?

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is Liberty.

~ Thomas Jefferson

In the past week members of the media and the democrat party [yes I KNOW, they are one in the same] have called the American people “terrorists” and compared us to al Qaeda, just because we want responsible government that will stop spending our children’s, grandchildren’s, and even our great grandchildren’s future.

Even the Vice President of the United States called us terrorists, and it was former Treasury Secretary [under George W. Bush] who compared us all to al Qaeda.

The rhetoric has been way over the top, but as we’ve learned, that’s how democrats roll. They are a violent bunch.

Never forget that Barack Obama’s best buddy, Bill Ayers, and his group, the Weather Underground, waged war on the United States, and planned to murder as many as 25 million Americans, the number they expected to resist their communistic utopian vision of America that would have emerged from the aftermath of their destruction.

Here Larry Grathwohl explains it all:

I bring this up because Ayers and his ilk have mainstreamed themselves, and their sort of thinking is quite prevalent in the democrat party. Calls for violence against anyone who disagrees with their destructive ideas are quite common.

Remember the SEIU thugs that beat up Kenneth Gladney, a black man, simply because he was selling Gadsden flags and other patriotic gear? How about the Union thugs who trashed the Wisconsin Capitol building and made death threats against Republican law makers because the Governor and legislature wanted to regain control of the budget?

In 2008, Barack Obama, trying to sound tough, pulled out a quote from the movie The Untouchables.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Mobster wisdom tells us never to bring a knife to a gun fight. But what does political wisdom say about bringing a gun to a knife fight?

That’s exactly what Barack Obama said he would do to counter Republican attacks “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said at a Philadelphia fundraiser Friday night.

Just days before the 2010 elections, Obama, talking to Latinos, told them to “go out and punish your enemies,” implying Republicans were their enemies.

Well, the Washinton Post’s Jonathan Capehart takes violent Hollywood imagery as political rhetoric up quite a few notches with his latest steaming pile: Time for Obama to be feared by the Tea Party

It his disgusting piece, Capehart quotes another hate filled liberal democrat, Ruth Marcus, who compares the American people to “car jackers” and then writes:

If they try it, Obama must introduce their “carjacker” to his “Keyser Söze.

Keyser Söze being the mysterious and violent underworld mastermind from the movie The Usual Suspects.

In case you don’t get where this thug Capehart is coming from, he links to Wikipedia which describes how Keyser Söze came to be. We’ve included a movie clip for clarification as well:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

From Wikipedia:

Söze’s past is unknown, but the story told by Roger “Verbal” Kint (Kevin Spacey) has Söze as a low-level drug dealer beginning his criminal career in his native Turkey. The entity that is Keyser Söze is truly born, however, when rival Hungarian smugglers invade his house while he is away, rape his wife and hold his children hostage; when Söze arrives, they kill one of the children to show him their resolve, then threaten to kill his wife and remaining children if he does not surrender his business to them.

Rather than give in to their demands, and to prevent his family from having to live with the memory of what has happened, he murders his loved ones and all but one of the Hungarians, whom he spares, knowing that the survivor would tell the mafia what has happened.

Now, if you STILL don’t get what this violent thug Capehart is suggesting, he goes on to say:

If you’ve seen the brilliant movie “The Usual Suspects,” you know who this diabolical character is and what he did to gain mythical status. Suffice it to say that Söze so out-crazied the crazies that he became a person not to be messed with — a symbol of fear and grudging respect.

Nice talk huh.

He goes on:

In the coming fights over the next budget, unemployment benefits and payroll tax cuts, I want Obama to show the Republican Party in general and the Tea Party in particular that he isn’t afraid to out-crazy the crazies. If that means vetoing bills, taking the fight to individual districts, shutting down the government, so be it.

Something tells me that paragraph was added more as a CYA rather than anything else. I’m sure Capehart wants you to believe he only links to the story of Keyser Söze killing absolutely everyone, only as a metaphor for “getting tough.”

Sorry, I ain’t buying it. This increasing violent rhetoric coming from democrats can no longer be tolerated. These thugs must be called out and dealt with. These thugs want to incite violence. They know they have already lost the debate. They have nothing else to lose.

The American people now fully understand that liberalism is a failed ideology, and they want no more of it. In fact, the American people want to scale back government considerably.

The bottom line is Capehart, thuggish bastard that he is, wants the American people to fear Barack Obama. As Thomas Jefferson said, when the people fear their government, they live under tyranny. Capehart is advocating a tyrannical government, the very antithesis of what our founders created. I suggest Capehart and his ilk move to Cuba, Venezuela, or Iran, they will find the exact sort of tyranny they long for.

As for me and mine, I’d rather the government fear us, and fear us greatly, because then, and only then, can there be Liberty and Freedom!


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Breaking: Violent Pro-Abortion Supporter Bloodies Peaceful Protesters

By Gary P Jackson

Anti-abortion protesters were violently attacked outside a late-term abortion mill in Albuquerque, New Mexico, leaving one man, Bud Shaver, a former Operation Rescue intern, with a deep gash in his head. As you see in the video, the attacker used a set of keys as a weapon. There was clear intent to do some major damage by the attacker.

From LifeSiteNews:

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., July 6, 2011  – A woman who claimed to be a supporter of abortion violently attacked peaceful pro-life protesters yesterday outside Southwestern Women’s Options, a late-term abortion clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico, leaving one protester bleeding.

The woman told the pro-lifers that she had once had an abortion. She then began to punch and kick Bud Shaver, a former Operation Rescue intern, and a woman named Chris. She used keys as a weapon, inflicting a gash on Shaver’s head that paramedics said required stitches.

Shaver, who works with Project Defend Life, began videotaping after the attack began; his footage shows pro-lifers trying to defend themselves from a flurry of punches and kicks. After the attack, the woman walked into the abortion clinic but left a few moments later, driving away before police could respond to Shaver’s 911 call for help.

Shaver told Operation Rescue that the woman was a passerby that stopped, but she did not appear to be a patient of the clinic.

Police and paramedics eventually responded, but the perpetrator was not apprehended. Her description and license plate number were reported to the officers as well as the 911 dispatcher.

The lax way in which the police are handling acts of violence against pro-lifer who are peacefully exercising their Constitutional Rights and offering practical help to need women is shocking,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It sends the wrong message that violence on the part of abortion supporters is acceptable. We pray that this troubled woman is brought to justice and gets the help she needs with her anger and grief issues.”

The attack occurred just days after Operation Rescue released a 911 recording made from another abortion clinic in Albuquerque, UNM Center for Reproductive Health, where a woman could clearly be heard struggling for life.

Operation Rescue says it has also obtained a series of 911 emergency recordings made from Southwestern Women’s Options where the violent attack took place that clearly indicate life-threatening abortion complications that required emergency hospitalization. OR plans to release the first of these recordings later this week.

The pro-life group asked the public to help protect peaceful pro-life activists by calling the Albuquerque Chief of Police and demanding the arrest of the woman who attacked Shaver and his associates.

Contact information:

Albuquerque Police Chief Ray Schultz

Voice: (505) 768-2200

E-Mail: rschultz@cabq.gov

This is unacceptable on every level, but it shows the mindset of the extreme left in this country. Those in favor of killing babies at will are losing the battle, as surveys show Americans are becoming pro-life, especially younger Americans. America is coming to see the immorality of abortion on demand.

Thanks to dedicated men and women America is also learning just how dangerous abortions can be for the mother too. We are learning of many horrors that for years have been covered up. 

So what’s a radical leftist to do? Get violent, of course. Just like the union thugs have had violent protests every time there is an attempt at reform, we fully expect we’ll see more violence from the pro-abortion zealots. After all, most have already committed an incredibly violent act on their own child. Why would they hesitate to attack someone unknown to them.

I’d like to ask our readers to put pressure on Albuquerque’s Police Chief Ray Schultz. Call the phone number above. Hell, shut the phone lines down! Demand they track this violent woman down before she attacks someone else. It’s obvious she is unstable and most definitely a threat to herself, and others. She needs help, and her actions demand justice.

I also ask that readers contact Governor Susana Martinez’s office and ask that this matter be looked into. The phone number is (505) 476-2200, or you can use the contact form here.

We as Americans cannot allow things like this to stand. The attack was bad enough, but the inactivity by the police is beyond the pale. They have the attack on camera, with the attacker clearly visible, and it seems they even have the attacker’s license plate number. This is the sort of thing a good police department could have taken care of within hours of the attack.

Abortion is a disgusting ritual that impassions people on both sides of the debate. That’s a good thing, and the American way. Violently attacking those who disagree, is not.


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Sarah Palin: A Fearless Vow To Never Sit Down And Shut Up

I know that it isn’t about me personally, but it is about the message, that I am not hesitant at all to spread across this country, and that is that our country is on the wrong track. We’ve got to get it back on the right track . . . to allow us to be prosperous and healthy and safe again. . . . Those on the left hate my message, and they’ll do all that they can to stop me.

~ Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

The left continues the blood libel against Sarah Palin, still desperately trying to make their zombie followers think Arizona was all Sarah’s fault, as well as the fault of members of the Tea Party. Of course, they are also angered that she stood up and defended not only herself,  but her strong message. Now this isn’t just confined to the left. The Republican establishment hacks are joining the left in saying she shouldn’t defend herself.

The squishy Republicans, who just want to be loved, have no idea how to defend their positions. This is why America is in such bad shape. For decades Republicans, especially establishment Republicans, have been little more than enablers, useful idiots, as the radical left grabbed more and more power. Now we are at the eve of our nation’s very demise, thanks not only to the left, and their insane policies, but the Republicans too timid to stop them. 

Some get it though, as we are seeing more people stand up and call the naysayers out. Matt Schneider writing in the left wing Mediaite had this to say:

Last night Sarah Palin appeared on Fox News with Sean Hannity, and although some feel all she did was preach to the choir, she actually accomplished a whole lot more with this passionate and, dare I say, courageous appearance. Not only did she rally her conservative troops, but she also laid the foundation for her continued relevance as a national figure while also skillfully establishing why she believed the mainstream media, and liberals in general, despise her. Simply put, she’s the most effective messenger for conservative principles and she will not be silenced.

Despite calling the Arizona shooter “evil” and praying for the families impacted by the tragedy, critics continue to think Palin focused too much on herself as the victim. Yet remember Palin was the one dragged into this conversation, by no choice of her own, with allegations implying she and others somehow contributed to the murders. Therefore, why shouldn’t anyone in her position be entitled to every opportunity to defend themselves against such vitriolic smears?

Palin claimed her controversial video response to the tragedy “wasn’t self-defense, it was defending those who were falsely accused,” which also included other conservative commentators and members of the Tea Party. This eagerness to fight for unrestrained freedom of speech for all and her refusal to apologize for using the term “blood libel” are early signs of Palin’s leadership capabilities and her confidence to never back down, even when under intense fire from the media.

Palin’s tenacity in part derives from her rational understanding of why she is so frequently targeted.

Her message, more specifically hinted at during this appearance, is a growing concern over the debt, the looming energy crisis, and various national security policies.

No matter one’s political beliefs though, it’s hard to dispute that Palin displays a fierce determination in the face of substantial adversity with her promise that “I’m not going to sit down, I’m not going to shut up” about issues in which she believes and with an admirable willingness to “take the darts and the arrows” she receives from all critics while continuing to speak. And when her most significant issue is ensuring that “peaceful dissent and discussion about ideas [is not] stifled by a tragic event,” Palin’s efforts toward this goal should surely be welcomed by all.

Before this interview, some considered Palin at the end of her political career, puke-worthy or not well-educated, while many conservative voices refrained from publicly defending Palin or even suggested dismissing her as radioactive or overly scripted. Did all of these commentators and politicians make inaccurate assessments or premature predictions more reflective of conventional wisdom or their own wishful thinking, rather than based on what now seems to be Palin’s realistic political future? “You betcha!

We have heard the Ruling Class and their media proclaim Sarah Palin’s career “finished” numerous times since November of 2008. Each and every time they have not just been wrong, but spectacularly wrong.

Watching her interview with Sean Hannity on Monday, I saw the determination in her eyes and heard it in her voice. She’s a fighter. She will never back down. She will never shut up.

And thank God for that!


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Flashback: President Ronald Reagan Violently Attacked By Democrat “Peace Activist”

By Gary P Jackson

Included in the above video are 3 news stories from April 13, 1992 when an anti-nuclear weapons “peace activist” violently attacked former President Ronald Reagan, smashing an award he had just been given, with pieces of that award hitting the Gipper.

In a week where we have seen Sarah Palin endure a blood libel, resulting in death threats from left wing loons, watching this video reminds us that violence from democrats is nothing new at all.

Our Friday News Round-Up hand plenty of examples of violent democrats, dating back more than a century. We reported on the VERY corrupt democrat Congressman, Paul Kanjorski saying of the now Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, “Put him up against the wall and shoot him!” during the 2010 campaign.

We also reported as the new year rolled in, democrat icon Francis Fox Piven is calling for a violent revolution in America.

The video below is Code Pick lunatic Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz attacking the Secretary of State Condi Rice at a hearing in 2007. Ali-Fairooz, has red paint on her hands, signifying blood, and was allowed to get right in Condi’s face before being stopped by security. By the way, the Code Pink protesters were given access to the hearing by democrat legislators.

Code Pink, which claims to be a group of “peace activists” supports both Hamas and Hezbollah, two terrorist groups that are enemies of America and all free peoples.

In the past week we have seen Sarah Palin, and all Conservatives, attacked by the left. It is our duty to continually point out who the truly violent people are, and where their ideology lies. It’s the democrats and the poisonous rhetoric they preach that incites violence. And it’s their followers who then act on that violent rhetoric.

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Poll: Americans Find Liberals’ Violent Rhetoric, Not Conservatives, Responsible For Influencing Unstable People To Commit Violence

By Gary P Jackson

This really hasn’t been a good week for democrats. They committed blood libel against Sarah Palin, accusing her, and Conservatives in general, of mass murder. By Tuesday after the shootings, polling already showed America wasn’t buying it. Even half the democrats weren’t having it! And this was a CBS poll. They are notorious for their left wing bias.

More polling came that showed America’s opinion of Sarah Palin had risen because of the way she handled things, showing actual leadership.

Now comes yet another poll that shows the democrats were really acting stupidly, when they went all in, blaming Sarah and Conservatives for mass murder. Quinnipiac University as part of a larger poll, asked those surveyed to weigh in on the Arizona massacre.

Saturday’s shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, in which six people were killed, could not have been prevented, 40 percent of American voters say in a Quinnipiac University national poll released today.

American voters say 52 – 41 percent that “heated political rhetoric drives unstable people to commit violence,” the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds. Liberals rather than conservatives are more responsible for such rhetoric, voters say 36 – 32 percent.

Now there is some good news for all of America. It seems when you get right down to it, America is rejecting the blame game altogether. Choosing to place the blame where it belongs, with the shooter:

Americans seem to be rejecting the blame game for the Arizona shooting. By far, the largest number thinks this tragedy could not have been prevented,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. “Although a bare majority of voters say political rhetoric might drive unstable people to violence, less than one in seven blame it for the Arizona incident.

More bad news for democrats though, Americans are paying attention, and will long remember:

The Arizona shooting captured the public’s attention, with 59 percent saying they are paying a lot of attention to the story and 26 percent saying they are paying some attention to the story.

Those are unusually high numbers,” said Brown. “Clearly it has struck a chord with the American people.

It looks like the democrats’ attempts to cash in on the tragedy in Arizona, using it to bash Sarah Palin and Conservatives, has been a dismal failure.

This renews our faith in the American people. Americas have always stood for fair play and decency, and in the past week the democrats have once again shown they are devoid of both.


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Breaking: Americans Find Sarah Palin More Sincere And Believable After Watching Speech

By Gary P Jackson

Media Curves, a service of HCD Research, Inc. has conducted a survey of self identified Republicans, Independents, and democrats, showing them Sarah Palin’s speech, entitled: America’s Enduring Strength, following the tragedy in Arizona.

The results show that most Americans find Sarah more believable and more sincere after watching her speech:

A new national study among 1,437 self-reported Democrats, Republicans and Independents revealed that Americans indicated that Sarah Palin was more sincere and believable after viewing her speech in response to the shootings in Tucson.

The study was conducted during January 13-14 by HCD Research and reported on its MediaCurves.com® website, to obtain Americans’ perceptions of Sarah Palin after viewing a video of a speech she gave in response to the shootings in Tucson.

Respondents were asked to rate Sarah Palin on a scale from 1-7 regarding likeability, believability and sincerity, with 1 representing “not at all strong in this attribute” and 7 representing “extremely strong in this attribute.”

With the exception of likeability among Democrats, Palin’s attribute ratings increased among all parties after viewing her speech. The most notable increase was her sincerity ratings, which increased from 2.62 to 2.69 among Democrats, from 5.25 to 5.45 among Republicans and from 3.68 to 3.85 among Independents.

You can view a video of how everyone reacted to various parts of her speech, and see complete details, here.

Seeing this reminds me of the tough scold from the left-wing German Der Spiegel. As the democrat party and their media partners at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, The New York Times, and many others, were committing blood libel against Sarah Palin, and Conservatives in general, Der Spiegel warned their American counterparts not to turn Sarah into a martyr, as it would backfire.[emphasis mine]

Following this weekend’s tragic shooting, many on the left in the United States are calling for Sarah Palin and the Tea Party to be called to account for their alleged culpability in the killings. But these claims are spurious and could do more to help the left’s political detractors than harm them.

[ …. ]

Of all people, it is precisely those who have complained the loudest about the culture of debate — about the rhetoric of the Tea Party, the right wing’s harsh words and the baseless Obama-Hitler comparisons — who are now poisoning the debate with their own baseless insinuations. With little reliance on facts, they began searching for scapegoats for the attack and they found them, selectively, among the right wing, the Tea Party, Republican Party boss Michael Steele and Tea Party heroine Sarah Palin.

The accusations being lodged are grave. “Mission accomplished, Sarah Palin,” leftist blogger Markos Moulitsas sneered after the bloodbath. Meanwhile, MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann called for Palin to be ousted from the Republican Party if she didn’t repudiate her role in “amplifying violence and violent imagery in politics.” In his column in the New York Times, Paul Krugman sought to link the “toxic rhetoric” coming from right-wing preachers of hate with the assassination attempt. And former member of Congress Chris Carney said Palin should “say she was wrong.”

[ …. ]

What little is known about the perpetrator does not suggest that he was a supporter of the Tea Party or an admirer of Palin’s — he doesn’t even appear to have any clear political convictions. His favorite books include the “Communist Manifesto,” Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” and “Peter Pan,” an erratic hodge podge. So far, there is no evidence that there were any political motives behind the crime.

Indeed, the massive criticism of Sarah Palin is misguided. This is not only due to the fact that the accusation is baseless, but also because the calculated attempt to weaken Palin in this manner could ultimately backfire.

The reasoning is quite simple: Palin has always profited in the role of victim — a victim of the liberal elite. Time and again, she has been made fun of — when, for example, she spoke for the first time about foreign policy during the 2008 presidential campaign, and later when she wrote notes on her hand during speeches and television appearances. But every time people made fun of the Alaska politician or attacked her as being superficial and unqualified, it merely helped deepen the support of her followers. Now, the allegation that she carries partial responsibility for what has happened in Arizona could turn out to do more to help than harm her.

Yet again, she could emerge as a political martyr.

Despite the left-wing slant of Der Spiegel, they are spot on. The left’s baseless attacks against Sarah Palin have been over the top since day one. To them, she represents everything they loathe. She’s a beautiful, happy, independent woman, and a self made success. She is happily married to her handsome high school sweetheart, and has five wonderful children.

She’s un-apologetically pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-America. She believes in America’s strengths, and the American people. Like the Great Ronald Reagan before her, she sees America as that Shining City on a Hill. She’s to them like garlic to a vampire!

The democrats will never understand just how stupid they truly are. Had they not carried out this blood libel against her, trying to blame her for the actions of a left wing mad man, she would have never had to make her speech in the first place! If she had not made this speech, she would not have had the opportunity for Americans see her shine in the midst of tragedy, and their opinion of her wouldn’t have been improved.

Her supporters saw the speech as nothing less than presidential. An optimistic, forward looking speech that celebrates America, while condemning violence and reminding people who is actually to blame for the tragedy. How ignorant it is to apportion blame, when the only person to blame is the nut who pulled the trigger.

BTW, the left lost it’s mind over the fact she used “blood libel” and doubled down on the attacks. This caused Jewish leaders world wide, on both sides of the political spectrum, to step up and defend her usage of the phrase, another big failure for the democrats.

This craziness also caused everyone to start digging up many examples of democrats using the “blood libel” language as well. Such as:

MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle: John Kerry Underwent A “Blood Libel By The Swift Boat People.” The problem for Kerry here is that two years ago, Joe, he did not talk like that when he was undergoing a blood libel by the Swift Boat people. If he had stood up two years ago, in July of 2004, and looked into the cameras with the same intensity he showed today on this issue and said, Hey, I didn`t see Dick Cheney on the bow of my boat in the Mekong Delta, we might have a different president today. That didn`t happen then, and so he`s playing catch-up in terms of his reputation now.” (“Scarborough Country,” MSNBC, 10/31/06)

Democratic Congresswoman On Accusations Against Al Gore: “I Would Put Them In A Category, Literally, Of Blood Libel.”Rep. DEUTSCH: Well, again, it–it is ve–a–an incredibly fair and well-run process. But let me respond to the two things you said. First is the Republicans’ allegations over the last 24 or 48 hours, which I consider the most scandalous statements that I probably have heard in my entire life. And I would put them in a category, literally, of blood libel, that Al Gore has conspired to prevent servicemen and women from their votes being counted, which is absolutely not true.” (“Rivera Live,” CNBC, 11/20/00)

Some Democrats View Attacks On Their Patriotism “A Blood Libel.”What about Bush’s cheap shot attack on Democrats implying they support terrorists? Unfortunately, it’s just the kind of wedge issue many people, maybe most, in whole sections of the country, primarily the South and the West, are all too ready to accept on faith. Democrats, as they see it, are embarrassed by expressions of patriotism or, worse yet, ashamed of them. For a minority of left-wing Democrats that’s all too true; but for most Democrats that’s a blood libel that Republicans have been spreading since the McCarthy era — alas, with some success.” (John Farmer, “Presidential Campaign To Run From The Sewers,” Star-Ledger, 11/24/03)

Salon: Blair Trumpeted “Blood Libel” Against Iran.You can’t teach an old lapdog new tricks. And Tony Blair was barking up the wrong tree yet again last week in his first major appearance since he skulked ingloriously away from office back in June. Blair seized the opportunity of a New York speech to trumpet the blood libel that Iran is now the embodiment of the entire ‘global ideology’ of Islamic extremism, explicitly conflating the Tehran regime not only with al-Qaida but also with Nazi Germany.” (Chris Floyd, “Blair And Bush Team Up To Sell New War,” Salon.com, 10/24/07)

[Editor’s note ….isn’t amazing how the left always sticks up for the enemies of America and Great Britain …. GP]

Washington Monthly Book Reviews Labels Anti-Clinton Book “Awfully Close To A Blood Libel.Losing bin Laden might be thought of as the pilot for a series to be called CSI: Right ‘Wing Conspiracy.’ In the book, British journalist Richard Miniter sifts through eight years’ worth of the Clinton administration’s approach to Osama bin Laden’s terrorism, and lays the blame for failing to prevent the 9/11 attacks squarely on — altogethernow, Regnery Publishing buffs! — Bill Clinton. Armed with 20/20 hindsight, Miniter finds a long series of missed opportunities to capture or kill the terrorist. The result is an odd book that manages to raise serious questions and make serious points about the competing pressures and interests that go into creating a foreign policy, but that still overreaches in manipulative and mendacious ways. . . . However, if Miniter had been less interested in leveling what seems awfully close to a blood libel, it would be easier to congratulate him for producing a clear account of the competing policy questions, institutional inertia, bureaucratic competition, and the personality conflicts that thwarted the formulation and execution of a policy to stop bin Laden.” (Jamie Malanowski, “Kill Bill: The Relentless Effort To Blame 9/11 On President Clinton,” Washington Monthly, 11/1/03)

CQ Weekly: “Not Just A Fiction, It Was Very Nearly A Blood Libel.”In his Oct. 17, 2002, testimony for the joint House and Senate inquiry, CIA Director George J. Tenet conceded no error, acknowledged no miscalculation. Beyond removing ‘the wall’ of legal restrictions on intelligence sharing and increasing his budget, he saw no need for fundamental change. In his view, any suggestion that the CIA was not joined at the hip with the FBI in pursuit of al Qaeda was not just a fiction, it was very nearly a blood libel. ‘One of the most critical alliances in the war against terrorism is that between CIA and FBI,’ Tenet testified.” (“CQ Outlook: Is Homeland Security Keeping America Safe?,”( CQ Weekly, 6/13/03)

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist and; Author David Halberstam Describes The Movie Pearl Harbor As A “Blood Libel.”Look at ‘Pearl Harbor.’ ‘Pearl Harbor’ is nearly a blood libel against the event. The people who made that movie should be ashamed of themselves. Then you see ‘Apocalypse’ and you see what real filmmaking really is.” (Jeff Stark, “David Halberstam on ‘Apocalypse Now’,” Salon.com, 8/3/01)

Baltimore Sun: Ellen Sauerbrey Issued “A Political Blood Libel” In 1998.Post: ‘Take us back to the last election. Do you still think you won that?’ Sauerbrey: ‘I think it’s irrelevant.’ Excuse me? Sauerbrey then vaguely blamed Baltimore City for ‘problems,’ which she said have been addressed by ‘new equipment.’ And then the subject was changed. Well, all denials to the contrary, the last election is not ‘irrelevant.’ What Sauerbrey issued, in its aftermath, was a political blood libel, accusing her opponents of stealing the democratic process. She had all sorts of time to prove her allegations, or drop them, or apologize for them and blame them on the emotions of the moment. Instead, she took them all the way to court — where they were thrown in her face.” (Michael Olesker, “Accusations Hurt Credibility Of Candidate Sauerbrey,” The Baltimore Sun, 7/21/98)

You really have to hand it to the left. When they fail, they do so in absolutely spectacular and breathtaking fashion!

The democrats have absolutely failed on every level. From the second Sarah Palin was introduced to the nation, Barack Obama, and his party, elevated her to the presidential level. Part of this is because so many of his advisers knew of, and have went up against Sarah before, in Alaska. They all lost.

If you go back and look at the 2008 presidential campaign, once Sarah was chosen, the democrats almost forgot about John McCain and focused exclusively of her. From then on, it wasn’t McCain vs Obama, it was Sarah Palin vs Obama. It created the impression that she was indeed presidential, an impression that has only been enhanced, as Sarah’s real record of achievement has come to light, and she continues to prove herself as a true leader.

The vile and vicious attacks from the democrats after the Arizona shootings should be condemned by all decent human beings. Those who engaged in blood libel against Sarah Palin should be rejected, shunned. Discounted as nothing more than hatemongers and rabble rousers, not fit for polite society.

In the aftermath we are finding the American people are rejecting the hateful rhetoric of the democrat party completely. Their vision for America does not fit with American’s vision for America. Their hatefulness does not fit with America either.


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Video: The Lunacy Of Radical Democrats Blaming Sarah Palin For The Arizona Shootings Explained

By Gary P Jackson

A week after the democrats and their media partners committed blood libel against Sarah Palin, comes a video that explains the sheer lunacy of the left, and their vile and unnatural hatred for her.

Note the girl bear, just like real life democrats, doesn’t realize that Nazis were Socialists. [and left wing] Probably doesn’t realize many of the democrats in Congress are members of the Socialist Party of America caucus as well. [or that Obama was a member of the Communist “New Party” in Chicago]

The girl bear, just like real life democrats, also seems to rationalize away all of the left wing hate and violence, while stupidly blaming Sarah Palin for all of the worlds ills.

Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

Someone needs to show this video to Lauren B!

H/T: Whitney Pitcher!


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