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Bristol, Joan, Willow and Melissa are on Celebrity Wife Swap Tonight at 8:00 p.m. on ABC

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I cringed a little  when I first learned that Bristol and Willow Palin were going to be on Celebrity Wife Swap, but Sarah’s girls are smart women who know how to fend for themselves, and who are engaging and grounded.  Sarah continually urges the YOUTH to penetrate and infiltrate the culture, and this family is walking not just talking.

I thought this was a wonderful opportunity, but I have been a bit disappointed at the lack of enthusiasm and support it has been  receiving. It has not come without criticism from some of Sarah’s staunchest supporters who point out that Joan Rivers had said something negative about Sarah Palin. She did, indeed.  According to Joan’s daughter,  Melissa, Joan said that Sarah Palin wasn’t very smart and she got uninvited off the show Fox and Friends because of it. It was worse than that, it seems, and on Joy Behar’s show, when Joy asked if Sarah Palin’s position as a contributor had anything to do with it, and Joan answered that it was because she was a “Nazi”.  She also said she had regretted voting for Bristol Palin on “Dancing with the Stars” just because she felt sorry for her.

I have to admit, prior to 2011 when I got involved in this movement, I wasn’t watching much television, or paying much attention to what celebrities or others were saying about Sarah.

I love comedy, though, and that when it is politicized, it is no longer funny. I love watching Joan Rivers and her daughter, Melissa, go at it with each other.  They are hilarious together as they have conflicts mothers and daughters do.  I also watch Joan’s show, “Fashion Police”, precisely because she keeps politics out of it.  I’ve never heard anyone utter a negative comment about Sarah Palin on it.  I enjoy seeing pretentious Hollywood stars getting exposed for wearing hideous  outfits, shoes or just appear incredible. It is relaxing (to me).  I tune in for the jokes, too. Joan always gives a great final punch line.  She can be a loose cannon and that’s what’s fun about her show.

Rivers-Palin-300x198 1

But this is not about Joan Rivers. This is about Bristol and Willow Palin, and again, what Sarah Palin has continuously said about penetrating (infiltrating) the culture. My question to Conservatives is how are we going to get better television and comedy that represents us, if we shy away and don’t seize opportunities when they present themselves. We should be thankful that the Palins are a family who make bold choices, and for that alone, we should support them. They are changing the culture in positive ways by making decisions like this. Not all will result in a perfect world, but doing so is a step in the right direction.

The show is already made more wholesome by their presence on it. Bristol and Willow will showcase their unspoiled ways, goodness, and win hearts and new fans this way. Anyone can see how this exposes pretentious Hollywood phoniness and lifestyles that are touted as superior, but really aren’t.

Bristol will show that although she has no mean bone in her body, like Joan says, she does not forget when someone trashes her Mom or talks behind her back. She is confrontational in a very healthy way – something we can all learn from. (Can you imagine being able to communicate with someone who has talked badly about you behind your back, and instead of being enemies, you make a friend as a result?). I think she wants answers about what was said about her and her mother on Behar. Joan also said on the show that she had only one regret about the whole incident: voting “for [Palin’s] stupid daughter [on Dancing with the Stars] who couldn’t dance at all – because I felt sorry for her.  I should have voted for David Hasselhoff, because he was sober.”

No matter what happens on the show, I am giving this a big thumbs UP because we do need to try new things. It takes courage and confidence to INFILTRATE the culture like Sarah says, but it also takes patience. Nothing worth fighting for happens overnight.  If we sit at home and complain about what people say, without getting in enemy territory, we will never have a voice. How can we win the war on culture if we don’t even begin to fight.  Lets’ give it a chance. I’ve heard many whiny comments about this, yes, I cringe again, that something might come out that we may not like, but the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Sarah Palin went on the lamest comedy show ever, SNL (which I call So Not Laughing) to prove she had a sense of humor. She was right to do so. Infiltration is messy but it’s worth a shot. We have TOO FEW comedians on the right, and the comedians on the left have become too politicized, bitter or arrogant. Let’s do what needs to be done and keep the Breitbartian spirit alive.  The more obnoxious liberals were, the more he liked engaging them in HIS world.

According to the previews I’ve read, Joan, Bristol, Willow and Melissa created a special bond, one which was not without tears in the end, Joan has gone on saying. What is there not to like about this new venture? It’s exciting.

Melissa visits Wasilla, Alaska, and spends one week with Willow and Bristol’s 4-year-old son, Tripp.  Bristol  stays with Joan in Los Angeles where the home doubles as a set for three reality TV shows. Schedules seem very rigid in LA and Bristol tries to lighten Joan up. (She already has the upper-hand!) GO Bristol!bristol

Here’s a clip I made of the previews of the show that airs TONIGHT at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.

This is what happened at the end of last show…

bristol cryingjoan

 Here’s the UPDATE SIX Weeks later:

There you go!  A great experience, overall.  There is not much more to add to the post.

bristol in a capwillow


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Merry Christmas From Sarah Palin

A Christmas greeting from Sarah Palin:

Merry Christmas!

My family and I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! I offer this to all because Christmas is a holiday for all, whether you are a Christian believer or not. The message of Christmas is full of hope, peace, joy, and the fellowship of all mankind; so I find it amazing that every year we hear more accounts of a ramped up “war on Christmas.”

How sad and ironic that a handful of grinches are at war with the annual celebration of the birth of the Prince of Peace, whose coming was prophesied centuries earlier and was then gloriously heralded by the angels with a blessing for “peace on earth” and “good will toward men.” Even if one doesn’t believe the story, can’t one at least recognize the beauty of the message? Or at the very least, let everyone else enjoy the season without throwing a temper tantrum at the sight of a Nativity scene? People who feel affronted by a baby in a humble Manger display or a few Christmas carols have truly lost all sense of proportion and seem to be most in need of some holiday cheer.

At a time when our country is divided on so many things, Christmas unites us. It’s a beautiful part of our culture, and for many of us it’s a beautiful part of our Faith. In fact, for believers it’s “the main thing.” In today’s tumultuous times we can remember the bible’s record of Three Wise Men from the East who received an angelic message of Jesus’ birth. They may have been unsure of the message, so they sought truth. They trekked to Bethlehem to find out more. There, they found Jesus and they honored Him. The story of the wise men reminds us that today wise men still seek Him. So in this season especially, let’s seek truth.

Let’s celebrate with family and friends. Let’s shout a cheery “Merry Christmas” to everyone we meet. Let’s remember our brave men and women in uniform defending us far from home. And let’s all pray for a peaceful New Year.

From our home to yours, Merry Christmas.

~Sarah Palin

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” (Luke 2:14)


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Stalker Who Threatened To Rape and Murder Sarah Palin, Her Daughter, and a Friend, Is A Bachmann Supporter


Shawn R. Christy, right, looks over court documents with his mother, Karen, center, and father, Craig, at the family’s home in McAdoo. [Republican Herald]

By Gary P Jackson

We’ve talked about Shawn Christy before. This guy is certifiable, and as we reported, so is his family. Christy lives in a fantasy world where he believes he and Governor Palin had some sort of “intimate relationship” and his crazy family goes along with this. I’ve even had Christy’s father, Craig, send me insane messages about Secret Service cover-ups after I wrote about this nonsense.

Christy has threatened to kill Sarah, rape and kill her daughter, as well as Sarah’s good friend, Kristan Cole. He’s sent both Sarah and Kristan violent threats, and was even harassing Kristan’s kids on Facebook. Again, Christy’s mother and father were in on this, and sent messages of their own.

All three of these people belong in a facility for the criminally insane.

Kelsey at Barbaric Thoughts has the latest on these loons.

Recordings of telephone calls made to Sarah Palin’s attorney by a 19-year-old Pennsylvania man accused of stalking the former Alaska governor are peppered with profanity-laced tirades and vows to continue calling nonstop.

In one recording, Shawn Christy of McAdoo, Pa., tells Palin’s lawyer: “You want to play games, you wanna play little court games, well play games, now come on .. Come on! Let’s play games as far as you want it to go on!”

The recordings have been submitted with a motion by attorney John Tiemessen asking a state magistrate in Alaska to deny a request to dissolve a restraining order against Christy.

The motion says Christy’s father, Craig Christy, also has made multiple calls to his office. One of the calls is included in the filing.

There is really not sufficient punctuation on a standard keyboard to express the seething, spitting, splenic, paranoid, bat-guano crazy rage that is encapsulated on the audio,” Tiemessen wrote in the document filed late Tuesday. “None of these calls advance resolution of this matter. They only reinforce that the Christies are a disturbed, obsessed and delusional set of individuals who can not be trusted to behave in a minimally socially acceptable manner on the telephone.”

[ …. ]

Shawn Christy disputes involvement in a letter threatening Palin’s teenage daughter Willow that was submitted as evidence against him earlier this year.

The letter, consisting of cut-and-paste words, says that if Palin didn’t announce by the non-existent date of April 31 that she would not run for office, “you will be cleaning Willows brain cells off your clothes.” It is signed “Hollow Point” and mailed from southeastern Pennsylvania, which the Christys say is nowhere near McAdoo. They also say the handwriting on the envelope is nothing like Shawn Christy’s, who submitted copies of the letter and envelope, along with a letter he wrote to Palin in the past to compare hand writing.

I demand evidence be submitted to the United States Secret Service for further investigation, to prove my innocence, and I demand a retrial,” Shawn Christy wrote in his request.

His mother, Karen Christy, told The Associated Press that the phone calls to Tiemessen reflect the deep frustration the family feels over the letter her son is accused of sending and their inability to find who has the original. In one of the recordings, Tiemessen said he sent the original to the Anchorage office of the FBI, but declined to identify what agent had it, saying he didn’t know. The FBI won’t confirm possession of the letter, Karen Christy said. She believes the letter weighed heavily in extension of the restraining order against her son.

No one has yet to prove that Shawn wrote that letter and no one has been able to produce the original letter,” she said. “Until something is proven that Shawn did it, I don’t see how they can hold that against him.

Craig Christy just mailed a request to get the restraining order against him resolved as well, according to Karen Christy.

Tiemessen told the AP in an email that after the court’s May decision, “Karen Christy promised that her family would not contact us anymore.” That promise was short-lived, Tiemessen said.

The Christys claim that they just want to be left alone,” he said. “They have the power to make that happen. The fact that they continue on this self-destructive path suggests an unfortunate and potentially dangerous alternative desire.”

These people are definitely “disturbed” and most certainly dangerous.

Kelsey has much more, including some screen captures of Facebook postings from both Shawn and Craig. In her investigation, she also discovered that Shawn is a supporter of Michele Bachmann. My advice to Bachmann is: Get plenty of security.

Read it all here.

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