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Exclusive Youth For Palin Ground Report From Pella, Iowa And The World Premier of “The Undefeated”


Youth for Palin administrator Austin Harris with Sarah Palin in Pella, Iowa

By Gary P Jackson

Austin Harris, the 15 year-old administrator and Iowa coordinator for Youth For Palin was at last night’s world premier of The Undefeated in Pella, Iowa and along with Youth For Palin co-founder Elizabeth Hawkes gives us a report of the event from their perspective:

By Austin Harris and Elizabeth Hawkes

In early May of this year, I discovered that a movie was being produced about Governor Palin and dismissed it immediately as another attack video.

It is reasonable to consider liberal movie producers deviously conjuring up a project to undermine Governor Palin as so many in the LSM have done in the past. “They’re just up to their old tricks again!”, I thought.

Indeed, who is not aware of those well crafted tricks dedicated to misrepresenting Governor Palin as diva, bad person, selfish mother, and just another self absorbed narcissist in it for the money? But to my surprise and relief, I soon discovered that there was actually someone that understood Governor Palin and he was, shockingly, a conservative movie producer from Hollywood, Stephen Bannon.

The day of the premiere was filled with excitement. At 4 o’clock in the afternoon we finally arrived in the beautiful town of Pella, Iowa. The journey took us over an hour to drive but, in hindsight, it was well worth every minute as my anticipation of seeing Governor Palin reached unparalleled levels.

Every place I looked there was the media and the “common folk” of Iowa surrounding the Pella Opera House eagerly waiting for just a glimpse of Governor Palin.

As I pondered that not even President Obama could attract so many fans, I maneuvered my way to my seat and sighed with relief, “I was finally and actually here!”.

Larry Peterson welcomed people to Pella by giving us a lesson on the rich history of the Pella Opera House. We then sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic and This Is My Country. What transpired next was better than any Hollywood studio stage editing or director’s cut. Halfway through our second rendition of these patriotic songs, Governor Palin walk into the theater. All around me, cheering supporters were taking pictures as Governor Palin took her seat, not in an isolated roped off area by herself but right in the middle of the crowd with everyday, average Americans.

The Mayor of Pella, Darrel Dobernecker, welcomed Governor Palin to Pella by cleverly telling her, “You like to rock the boat and it is better to rock the boat then to sink the ship.”

Next, Stephen Bannon introduced the movie, we prayed and appropriately ended with the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Undefeated kicks off with cinematography of Governor Palin on the stage with John McCain announcing her as Vice President. Then the film spends a few minutes showing pictures and video’s of Governor Palin during her childhood years. It talks about Exxon oil spill and why people love Alaska. It provides a well choreographed perspective on why she ran for Mayor and Governor. It describes, in detail, why Governor Palin did these things, how she did it, and how the people benefited from it in Alaska. It talks about a wide variety of issues that go from oil to corruption to budgets to resigning and what she did after she resigned.

The documentary depicts her as a dedicated and hard working Mayor and Governor that never lost her perspective of being an everyday, average American.

Sarah Palin didn’t care if the corruption was in her party or not; she took it on where she saw it and won. The film correctly portrayed her as a person that really cared about the people and not just about herself.

The crowd in the theater was very energized and clapped and cheered numerous times during the movie.

If Governor Palin does decide to run for President in the 2012 primary, this movie will really help her with those voters that are still undecided.

The Undefeated is a huge game changer.

My level of support, respect, and enthusiasm is much higher then it was before, and trust me, it was very high before.

If you have not seen this movie please do. It will change your perspective on Palin dramatically.

Austin Harris with Andrew Breitbart in Pella, Iowa

Austin Harris with Robert L. Vander Plaats, 3 time Iowa RepublicanGubernatorial candidate, in Pella, Iowa

This was an exclusive by Elizabeth Hawkes and Gold Coast Chronicle Original article here.



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A Time For Choosing

By Madeleine McAulay

September 3, 2008. That was the day. That day was the day that changed my life. 12 years old, a young mind, and a heart wide open, I sat and I watched the Vice Presidential hopeful, Sarah Palin give a compelling, heartfelt, and passionate speech. As I watched my heart, spirit, and soul were completely engulfed. I had never experienced anything like it. Typically a 12 year old would not be compelled to watch an hour long speech, I was no different, but this woman, this mom, she was unlike anyone I had ever encountered before, I sat and I watched the entirety of the speech holding on to every word the Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin said.

Why Sarah Palin? Why not Sarah Palin? Sarah Palin is not just your everyday politician. She is a wife, a mom. She is a mother who got involved in her local community because she saw corruption. She saw dirty crooked politicians and she was determined to change it. She did not want to change it for selfish gain. She wanted to change it for the sake of her Children, her children’s futures. Starting with the School Board, to Mayor, to Governor, to Vice Presidential Candidate, Sarah Palin busted through doors as a storm. She was a whirlwind of passion, dedication, and love for her God, her Family, and her Country. What is next in store for Sarah Palin? Can you say Madame President?

These Heels are made for Walking and that’s just what they will do, Obama, in 2012 Sarah Palin is going to walk ALL over you! (My Favorite) 

In one ear I have the Palin haters telling me she won’t run and that she is unelectable. But then I have the facts coming in the other. The facts that Sarah Palin is a True American; she is an American willing to do anything in sacrifice for our Great Country. She is a Mama Grizzly ready to attack when someone tries to mess up the Fundamental Values of our country, which is exactly what is going on. She is the only Republican Candidate willing to do what is right no matter the party affiliation.

She is the only Republican Candidate willing challenge the Current Administration without fear of being criticized by the Lame Stream Media. She is the only Republican Candidate willing to take on the GOP when she sees corruption. Quite frankly she is the only Republican Candidate I trust, she is the only one willing to get her hands dirty, for the mission of saving our country and restoring it to its former greatness.

Sarah Palin is the change I can believe in, the leader I can believe in. And I am 100% positive she can conquer and defeat the Current Administration in 2012.

Governor Palin’s Vice Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech:

Madeleine McAulay is the co-founder of Youth For Palin. You can follow the group on Facebook, Twitter, and at their website.

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Madeleine McAulay: 15 Years Old and a Political Maverick

By Madeleine McAulay

I’m Madeleine McAulay, a 15 year old from North Carolina, who is turning herself into an up and coming political diva! Day to day I look to bust through new doors creating opportunities for myself.

As a young girl I was always interested in politics. Whenever I would meet someone new I loved to ask if they were an “Elephant” or a “Donkey”. I always preferred the “Elephants”.

I grew up in a conservative family, but the family was not completely engulfed in the political realm. As I grew older my political aspirations grew larger, but it was not until the 2008 election that my ambitions really sparked. The day that John McCain announced his running mate, was the day that changed my life forever. As I watched the Vice Presidential hopeful, Sarah Palin, at the Republican National Convention I became inspired. Sarah Palin was not the typical “politician” she was a wife, a mom trying to make a difference for her children.

Even though John McCain and Sarah Palin did not win the election that did not mean Sarah Palin was going to just disappear back to her home state of Alaska. That was the complete opposite for Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin became one of the most influential “politicians” known to man. Sarah Palin continued her political career and her success lead to the creation of a new group on Facebook, Youth for Palin. Youth for Palin is a grass roots organization striving to implement the strong conservative values to the American youth with an emphasis on Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. I got word of this group and was quickly brought on as one of the group’s Administrators.

In Present day I serve as the Co-Founder of Youth for Palin, now a 600+ Member Conservative Force. Youth for Palin’s official title is, Youth for Palin: Mama Grizzly’s Cubs. The organization now has its own official site: www.mamagrizzlyscubs.com, along with twitter @YouthforPalin. Due to the strong leadership of our team we have been able to overcome any hindrances that have been placed in their way. Youth for Palin is now thriving and is the largest Palin support group on Facebook.

My aspirations are to become a Government Attorney and to pursue a career in the world of politics. Some may ask me why I’d would want to pursue a career in such a corrupt government, my reply is always that I want to help end the corruption and to help restore America to its former greatness. I know it will not be easy and that I will be faced with trials that will test my beliefs and morals, but I’m reminded every day that God has a divine and perfect plan for my life and that with Him we can conquer anything.

Along with her duties at Youth For Palin, Madeleine McAulay is also a contributor and recently wrote The Silent Slaughter


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The Silent Slaughter

I’ve noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born. ~ Ronald Reagan

A thoughtful guest commentary by Madeleine McAulay:

1,300,000 innocent lives are murdered in America alone every single year, but you don’t seem to see that as breaking news. Millions of innocent lives were lost during the Holocaust, and we went to war. Over 3,000 innocent Americans lives were lost on September 11, and what did we do? We went to war. I think it is safe to say that when many lives are lost, we as Americans decide to step in and end it. We have seen this happen multiple times in our nation’s history. That seems like the humane thing to do. But why is it that when 1,300,000 babies lives are taken away no one seems to pay any attention? Is one’s life more valuable than another?

Abortion has destroyed innumerable innocent lives. When I say destroyed I mean more than just ruined. I mean mutilated, massacred, slayed, demolished, assassinated, and slaughtered. What these doctors do to these babies is disgusting. As Americans we should be outraged, but are we? No, we are not. We go on with our lives in denial, instead of owning up to the fact we allow over 3,500 babies to be slaughtered, in America, each and every day. We as Americans are supposedly the peace keepers of the world, but how can we be the peace keepers if we allow such a blood bath to go on within our own borders? We should be mortified. In America today, we care more about the trees and our animals than we do about our children, the future of our country.

As Americans, as peace keepers, we should be ashamed of ourselves. How can we commit such an evil act against such an innocent human being? People say that it is none of our business, and that if we are Pro-Life, then we should just not get an abortion. But that is the problem. We as fellow Americans need to stand together for all of the babies who have been silenced. For all of the lives that were never lived. These babies, these lives, need a voice. We need to give them a chance, a chance to live a prosperous life. Who are we to judge their purpose? God has a divine plan for each and every life and we are selfish beyond belief if we believe our breath is more precious than another. Since 1973, 50,000,000 murders have been committed. When will we as Americans do something about it?

Madeleine McAulay is the co-founder of Youth For Palin. At 15 years old, her wisdom is greater than many twice her age. We’re proud to be able to share her writings with our readers.


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