A Time For Choosing is a website based on solid Ronald Reagan conservatism. We give no apologies, and accept no substitutes.

This website is named after Ronald Reagan’s iconic 1964 speech at the Republican National Convention of the same name. Although, A Time For Choosing is the speech’s official title, it is so iconic, so well known, and so highly quoted, it is simply known as “The Speech.”

It’s time for all Americans to choose the nation they wish to live in. do they want to continue to live in a free nation and retain their God given liberties, or do they want to allow someone to take it all away?

Do Americans want a nation where they can live their lives as they see fit, or do they want a totalitarian, oppressive government?

It is a time for choosing.


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  1. Larry Hannon

    Count me in! Great job! In my lifetime there have been 2 great presidents. Harry Truman and Ronald Reagen. Sarah Palin falls right in line with those two gentlemen!

  2. Barbi Sanderson

    i just wanted to let you know i love your site. everything is a dead on bull’s eye. although i am a registered democrat, i had sense enough not to vote for the bum and now i have the right to look at all the “dums” that did and say “i told you so.” 😛 Palin in 2012!!!

  3. Joe Clements

    I Will Be With You 100 % Sarah Palin On Your Next Run. I’am sad That you Were Over Run By The Muslim Nations, Poreing Money Into Campaines, I Am Sure The Sleepers Will Be awake, Next Time Around. This Is Very Bad News. Best Wishes Always—-Joe Clements 3017 W. Palm Vista Tucson AZ. 85705—–WW11 Vet —-“Give Them HELL Harry”

  4. “Just as predictable, “progressives” are quick to excuse Roman for his sins. It wasn’t his fault, it was out of his control. You see, Polanski lost both of his parents in WWII Polish concentration camps.”


    Your post of today about Polanski refers to “WWII Polish concentration camps” is not only incorrect — as it implies Polish complicity in Nazi atrocities — but it is also highly offensive to the Polish people.

    These camps (Aushwitz – Birkenau, Treblinka, Sobibor, etc.) were built on then Nazi-occupied (or “claimed”)Polish territory. This is a distinction with a difference.

    It may appear semantic and nit-picky, but it as you well know, words — and how acurately we use them — matter.

    Thanks for listening.

    • Gary P

      Bill, thanks for pointing that out. I forget that everyone doesn’t know WWII history. The concentration camps were in Poland, but all of Poland was occupied by the Nazis, and not by invitation. They don’t call it the “rape of Poland” by the Nazis for nothing. The Nazi occupation was horrific.

      Sorry for offending. Again, we forget that not everyone may know their history as well as we do. And you aren’t being nit picky at all. Thanks for the chance to clarify.

  5. Thanks for your interesting content, and obvious Palin support.

    I hope you will take an interest in Tea Party Nation.

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  6. bridgetteb


    Excellent, excellent article Gary. I just read it on the The Cypress Times. May I post your article, “Shocking, Devious and Evil” in its entirety on our blog please. http://wtpotus.wordpress.com/

    Please leave a message there on any thread; we will pick it up. Or leave the message here and it will come to my email I think. I clicked on both options below to notify me. I didn’t see another way to contact you.


    • Gary P

      Absolutely, just please attribute and link.

      Nice website, BTW…I must add to my blogroll and recommend to my readers.

  7. I’m so glad to have found your web page. My pal mentioned it to me before, yet never got around to checking it out until now. I must express, I’m floored. I really enjoyed reading through your posts and will absolutely be back to get more.

  8. Jeanette Parker

    I so much enjoyed reading Ms. Palin’s endorsements of those in our military who have committed to enter into this new domestic “fight” to take back our country’s leadership.

    I just happened onto this and want to know about future posts.

    FYI, I’m an Independent who recently joined the Conservative Party USA (headquartered in Baton Rouge, La) and the North Houston Tea Party Patriots (headquartered in The Woodlands, Tx)….. I’m concerned though that efforts for both partys’ members and messages will be fragmented and we will be discounted as “radical dissenters, racists, birthers, etc….. I’m a fairly typical member, a 67 year old great grandmother who wants to die in the same country I was born in. Is that too much to ask??

  9. Dianne

    As far as endorsing former veterans, Sarah might want to check out Scott Taylor, 2nd Congressional District in Virginia. Scott has an impressive record as a former Navy SEAL. http://www.scotttaylorforcongress.com/

  10. I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.

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  13. As Election Day approaches, the blog for the new book “What the Great Ate” offers dining facts about famous conservatives and liberals. Read about Sarah Palin’s caribou lasagna, Glenn Beck’s carrot-stick threat, Nancy Pelosi’s chocolate-ice-cream breakfasts, and much more.



  14. Rock Minor

    This is one great blog . I think Sarah Palin is the breath of fresh air ,that this country has been looking for ,for a long time.
    I’ll be watching your blog……

    they can belly ache all they want ,but Sarah Palin, is a dam good woman. And would make a fine president.

  15. Thomas Paine

    Sarah Palin’s Alaska

    My review

  16. Gary,

    I’ve taken some time and looked at some of your posts on this blog – I love that we share the same conservative ideology! I want you to know that although I am new to the blogosphere, I’ve added a link to this blog on mine. I’m hoping that it might help increase your traffic. If you are so inclined to return the favor, I would appreciate it.

    Looking forward to many more of your posts to come.


    • Gary P

      Nice looking blog! It will be my pleasure to add you to our blogroll so others can check it out as well. The more conservative thought the better!!

  17. Sarah Palin is a much needed asset to the future of this great country. Lets all join together to help support her and her goals.

  18. Laura

    Please take the time to read this interview. This, I believe, holds the keys to getting Sarah Palin in the White House…ACTION! I think your site is well suited for some of these ideas. Let me know what you think. http://punditpress.blogspot.com/2011/02/interview-with-hillbuzz.html#comment-form

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  23. Joe Lawson

    Gary, is there anyway to get a widget that will show how many dollars we are at by the minute and who donated by name as an option on SarahPac for the money bomb, For the 3,000,000 facebook friends milestone?

    Also definitely needs to be for a 24 hour period after the mark is reached, and SarahPac also needs to have paypal. I was part of the most successful and first Ron Paul money bomb in 2007.

  24. Debbie

    I am new here but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed browsing your site. great job!
    Please feel free to notify me of any new posts.

    • Gary P

      You can subscribe to our blog by clicking “subscribe on you WordPress toolbar at the top of 5the page.


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  27. Mrs. C. Everett

    Wonder why Sarah’s movie is called “The Undefeated”? After all she was soundly defeated in her run for Vice President ~ then went home and quit the position she was elected to do halfway through her term.In light of this, I don’t understand how you give her the credit for Alaska’s rise in their credit rating ,years after she gave up the Governors position.In your considered opinion can Sarah Palin be counted on to complete her full term if she ever decides to run for elected office again?After all, leaving an important elected position so you can twitter to effect politics and make a reality show would seem to fly in the face of logic. I presume you will not post this as it does not praise Sarah Palin or your web site but perhaps you might consider answering privately because I am genuinely interested how you get around that dichotomy~and I was factual,not critical.

    • Gary P

      Maybe you should go see the movie. Then you’d understand.

      And if you don’t get why Sarah resigned, after all that has been written about the millions of dollars Obama’s hand picked thugs cost the state of Alaska, filing all of those bogus complaints (something they are sill doing, BTW) then maybe you should read up, and get educated before commenting on blogs and showing the world how ignorant you are.

      BTW, the movie isn’t just about Sarah Palin, it’s about the American spirit, which never has, and never will be defeated.

      Go see the movie and wise up.

  28. Amaze! Thank you! I always aspired to produce at my website something like that.

  29. Publius

    Has anyone sat down and done some research on some of these ideas. You know ‘if this, then that’. For example, let’s reduce government spending by 1 trillion in the next 4 years. Very nice, but what happens to all those folks who work for the government and the 4 to 8 jobs in the private sector that are generated by them? Or what about social security, How are you parents/grandparents going to live? Or, medicare, how are they going to pay for health insurance, which essentially isn’t available at a reasonable rate for people over 65?

    By the way Reagan raised taxes at least twice (one of which was the largest percentage tax increase since WWII).

    If you think we have troubles now, just follow Sarah’s policies and the Tea Party and you’ll see that we’ll be in a deep depression. But I guess my words will fall on deaf ears and I’ll be accused of being liberal, even though I’ve had dinner with GHWB and his wife.

    • Gary P

      Oy! You folks who bring up the fact Reagan raised taxes always conveniently leave out the fact that when he took office the top rate was 70% and he fought like a mad man to get it to 28%. That was a low ball number. So it was adjusted up. That said, he sill lowered taxes by a net 40%.

      And yeah, people have sat down and run the numbers.

      You are as ignorant of Sarah Palin as you are Reagan. Her record of fiscal responsibility, and debt and liability management, is the gold standard. She had the best numbers of any governor in the nation. Period.

      Glad you got to have dinner with HWBush. That had to be a fun experience. I was at his son’s last Governor’s Ball, and that was memorable as well.

  30. Joy

    Publius makes what he thinks is a winning, slam-dunk argument – he just fails to even HINT at how we’re going to CONTINUE TO PAY for all that gov’t bloat (gov’t jobs & personnel – NOT Medicare or Social Security) for the foreseeable future. And sensible economic heads will agree that it’s NOT by simply “taxing the rich!” It’s all about STOPPING THE SPENDING. And we certainly have to figure out how to actually START FUNDING the Social Security Fund – now totally depleted, thanks to the initiative of LBJ raiding it for the Vietnam War!! (And it’s been all downhill since then, of course.)

    • Gary P

      It’s easier to call Ronald Reagen evil, and Sarah Palin stupid. My guess “Publius” is a Ron Pauler. These are their standard talking points. I may be wrong though, nothing about Build-a-Burgers, the Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, or the Trilateral Commission!

  31. This is my FAVORITE Reagen speech. I pray for the day we get another candidate like this, because I don’t see it in the current field. Thanks for the video.

  32. Excellent! It is time for choosing the true conservative indeed. I’ll be following you for sure. Take a look at what we’re doing for the electorate to take notice and recognize who the one and only true conservative is – http://www.facebook.com/PalinQuake#!/PalinQuake/posts/184686171634328

  33. David Y Matteo

    I was searching for Reagan’s “A Time for Choosing” speech, and came across your website. I wish I’d known about you a long time ago. I spent some time reading several of your postings, and I love your site. Keep up the great work! You’re getting a coveted spot in my bookmarks.

  34. Glad to have found you! Oh, and I agree with your Bond opinions. I, too, appreciate the Dalton versions, after re-viewin’ ’em. 🙂

    • Gary P Jackson

      Hey thanks! Glad you found us too! We’re kinda slow for the last few days after the election, but come back often, we’re gonna have some fun!

  35. Pingback: In this new Age of Scandal, we’re once again at ‘A Time For Choosing’… | Two Heads are Better Than One

  36. Just found you. Thanks. I worked for Reagan at the White House long ago. He is missed.

  37. Owen

    Just curious, who funds this blog?

    • Gary P Jackson

      The authors, editors, and your’s truly, the Executive Editor and Publisher, receive no compensation whatsoever. Nor do we seek any. This blog accepts no money from any source of any kind. WordPress, the platform we use, does run ads at certain times, but the revenue goes directly to WordPress and not any individual blog. This is in exchange for WordPress providing a FREE platform to millions of citizen journalists of all stripes.

  38. AFVet

    I’m just glad I found the site.
    I’ll be back.

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