Our Comment Policy

Our comment policy is quite simple. We enjoy and appreciate the fact our readers wish to comment on our work. In fact, we encourage it.

All comments are read and considered for publication.

We reserve the right to publish all or part of any comment as we see fit, and deny publication of any comment that we feel doesn’t meet our standards.

We also reserve the right to engage our readers in lively conversation, and often do.

We also reserve the right to ridicule, castigate, denigrate, and otherwise make fun of those who make ridiculous statements that are just begging for it.

Our Standards

Pretty simple, we are Reagan Conservatives. We strongly support the ideals and legacy of the great Ronald Reagan and Conservatives who came before him, as well as after,and everything they stand for. With that said, we will not publish attacks on Conservatism. Simply not going to do it, so don’t bother.

FACT BASED criticism, however, is welcome on any subject, any time. Our only rule is be respectful.


Our blog has an aggressive spam filter built in. No one wants their blog’s comment sections crammed with ads for knock-off fashions, or nude celebrity photos.

With that said, we regularly look through the spam to make sure a legitimate comment didn’t get caught up in the mix. So if you have made a comment that meets our standards, but hasn’t been published, give it a bit, as it may be flagged as spam, and if so, it will be published.

As a mater of policy, we consider cut and paste talking points spam. They are boring and usually not fact based. They don’t impress us, or anyone else, so save yourself the time. They won’t be posted.


This should go without saying, but profanity is not welcomed or encouraged. [though we understand the urge] While most of our readers are adults, one never knows who might pop in. Comments with EXCESSIVE profanity may be edited for content, or simply rejected, at our sole discretion.

In Closing

Commenting here is a privilege, not a right. However we do wish to see every one be able to take advantage of that privilege and share their comments with all of our readers. Honest, informed commentary is a good thing.

We appreciate all of our readers and look forward to seeing and publishing your comments.

Kindest Regards,
Gary P Jackson
Executive Editor and Publisher