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Happy Halloween

I can never resist a photo with Trig Palin in it.

Bristol posted this on her Facebook page. It’s from Piper’s Halloween carnival.


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Mercury Theatre’s 1938 Broadcast of “War of the Worlds”

By Gary P Jackson

October 30, 1938 Orson Welles and his Mercury Theatre Players made history by broadcasting an adaptation of H.G. Wells’ story of an alien invasion of earth, the War of the Worlds.

The events that happened during and after the broadcast are, in many ways, more interesting than the play itself. As people tuned in to listen to CBS radio, many thought they were listening to live events and actual news, rather than a play.

Mercury Theatre on the Air an unsponsored show, with a small audience, ran at the same time as the very popular Chase and Sanborn Hour on NBC. About 15 minutes into Chase and Sanborn, the first comic sketch ended and a musical number began. The band wasn’t a particularly popular one, and many listeners started turning the dial. It has been said Welles knew NBC’s show schedule, and scheduled the first report from “Grover’s Mill” at the 12-minute mark to heighten the audience’s confusion.

You see, at the beginning of the broadcast, there was a disclaimer that listeners were being treated to a play. Welles knew his core audience would get it, he also knew he would have a lot of people tune in late. The play is presented as any radio show of the time, and has musical numbers and other entertainment. As the play progresses, there are “breaking news stories” that interrupt the fictional radio show.

This, of course, is delicious entertainment …. now. Back in the day this show caused widespread panic. Outright fear. Though the play is about alien invaders, Martians, it’s been reported that many listeners thought it was the Germans who were invading America.

There are all sorts of stories of panic among the listeners. Nothing like this had ever been done, and a whole lot of people thought what they were hearing was the truth. There were lawsuits and censures, but Welles’ show went on.

The resulting uproar made Welles famous, and even got his show a sponsor, the Campbell Soup Company. Mercury Theatre on the Air was renamed The Campbell Playhouse.

Though no hard data exists, it has been estimated six million heard the broadcast. Out of that number, 1.7 million believed it to be true, and 1.2 million were “genuinely frightened.” NBC’s audience, BTW was an estimated 30 million.

The 1938 broadcast of War of the Worlds has become a Halloween tradition. It takes us back to a simpler, more innocent time. It reminds us what it’s like to be truly frieghtened.

Here is that broadcast. Grab some eats and a drink, turn down the lights and enjoy.

Happy Halloween.

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Flashback: Newt Took $300,000 From Freddie Mac to Stop Congress From Making Much Needed Reform

By Gary P Jackson

Let’s take a trip back to the “good old days” when George W Bush was President and Republicans controlled Congress.

All of us remember the collapse of the mortgage industry and the billions of dollars lost. We also remember this was because of mismanagement and outright fraud at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The top executives at these two quasi-government agencies were stealing the money hand over fist, and thanks to the Carter era “Community Re-investment Act” that was later supercharged by Bill Clinton, making high risk loans to people who had absolutely no ability to repay these loans.

We’re still suffering from the results of this mess. It was the misdeeds by those who ran Fannie and Freddie that caused the financial collapse of 2008. The economy is still in shambles thanks to this.

The Bush administration tried on numerous occasions to fix this problem, starting in 2003. As usual, the democrats pulled out the race card, and proceeded to demonize anyone who dared to stop the madness. This from 2004:

This was in 2004. Notice all of them say nothing was wrong with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

As John Gibson points out these agencies were corrupt, and basically slush fund to pay off democrats [and some Republicans] so they could keep their scheme going. To keep stealing, to keep wasting taxpayer money.

Notice, Barack Obama, who had only been in the Senate a short time, was second only to Chris Dodd in the money received.

In 2005 Congress once again tried to regulate Fannie and Freddie, and once again met steep resistance from the democrats. On May 25, 2006 John McCain spoke forcefully in support of the legislation and against the evils and corruption at Fannie and Freddie:

Mr. President, this week Fannie Mae’s regulator reported that the company’s quarterly reports of profit growth over the past few years were “illusions deliberately and systematically created” by the company’s senior management, which resulted in a $10.6 billion accounting scandal.

The Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight’s report goes on to say that Fannie Mae employees deliberately and intentionally manipulated financial reports to hit earnings targets in order to trigger bonuses for senior executives. In the case of Franklin Raines, Fannie Mae’s former chief executive officer, OFHEO’s report shows that over half of Mr. Raines’ compensation for the 6 years through 2003 was directly tied to meeting earnings targets. The report of financial misconduct at Fannie Mae echoes the deeply troubling $5 billion profit restatement at Freddie Mac.

The OFHEO report also states that Fannie Mae used its political power to lobby Congress in an effort to interfere with the regulator’s examination of the company’s accounting problems. This report comes some weeks after Freddie Mac paid a record $3.8 million fine in a settlement with the Federal Election Commission and restated lobbying disclosure reports from 2004 to 2005. These are entities that have demonstrated over and over again that they are deeply in need of reform.

For years I have been concerned about the regulatory structure that governs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac–known as Government-sponsored entities or GSEs–and the sheer magnitude of these companies and the role they play in the housing market. OFHEO’s report this week does nothing to ease these concerns. In fact, the report does quite the contrary. OFHEO’s report solidifies my view that the GSEs need to be reformed without delay.

I join as a cosponsor of the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005, S. 190, to underscore my support for quick passage of GSE regulatory reform legislation. If Congress does not act, American taxpayers will continue to be exposed to the enormous risk that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pose to the housing market, the overall financial system, and the economy as a whole.

I urge my colleagues to support swift action on this GSE reform legislation.

This was a full two years before the collapse. Ed Morrissey has a good article here.

While the Republicans were doing their jobs: sounding the alarms, and trying to stop this, where was Newt Gingrich?

Well, good old Newt was taking a $300,000 pay-off from Freddie Mac, to help STOP the Republicans: [emphasis mine]

Internal Freddie Mac budget records show $11.7 million was paid to 52 outside lobbyists and consultants in 2006. Power brokers such as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich were recruited with six-figure contracts. Freddie Mac paid the following amounts to the firms of former Republican lawmakers or ex-GOP staffers in 2006:

*Sen. Alfonse D’Amato of New York, at Park Strategies, $240,000.

*Rep. Vin Weber of Minnesota, at Clark & Weinstock, $360,297.

*Rep. Susan Molinari of New York, at Washington Group, $300,062.

*Susan Hirschmann at Williams & Jensen, former chief of staff to House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas, $240,790.

[ …. ]

The records obtained by the AP reflect growing concern within Freddie Mac over a chorus of criticism from Republicans worried that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae had grown too big. The two companies owned or guaranteed over $5 trillion in mortgages.

The Bush administration and Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan were sounding the alarm about the potential threat to the nation’s financial health if the fortunes of the two mammoth companies turned sour. They did eventually, when they took on $1 trillion worth of subprime mortgages and when their traditional guarantee business deteriorated. Commercial banks regarded Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae as competitors and were anxious to pick up business that would result from scaling back the two companies.

Pushing back, Freddie Mac enlisted prominent conservatives, including Gingrich and former Justice Department official Viet Dinh, paying each $300,000 in 2006, according to internal records.

Gingrich talked and wrote about what he saw as the benefits of the Freddie Mac business model.

Read more here.

The “Freddie Mac business model” consisted of stealing the investors blind and making irresponsible loans. Did Newt actually think Freddie Mac’s business was sound, or was he just earning his $300,000?

We’ve talked about the many betrayals of Newt Gingrich, and this is yet another. While his former colleagues in Congress were trying to actually do their jobs, something that might have saved the Republic from one of the worst economic meltdowns in history, good old Newt sold his soul to the very people who would destroy our economy, for a few pieces of silver.

As the 2012 Republican presidential candidates continue to look less and less appealing, some are starting to fall for Newt’s pretty words and big promises.

Without a true leader in the bunch, no one to really get excited about, many conservatives are falling into the deadly pattern of listening to flowery speeches instead of researching the records of the candidates. Suddenly beating Obama is more important than electing an honest man who will actually bring the reform necessary for the nation to survive.

We must defeat Obama, for sure, but putting in another life-long politician, whose integrity can be bought for a pittance, ain’t gonna get it done. Newt Gingrich is not a man of principle. He’s someone who is always ready to bring aid and comfort to those who would destroy our country. Especially if there is money to be made while doing it.

It would be an incredible mistake to elect a man like Newt. A man who can’t be trusted in any situation.


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Celebrating Ronald Reagan and “The Speech”

By Gary P Jackson

On October 27, 1964 Ronald Reagan spoke to the nation. The televised speech was given in support of Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, but was much more than that. This was Ronald Reagan’s political coming out party. Though he’d been involved in politics for a long time, this event would lead to Reagan becoming Governor of California, and the President of the United States.

Reagan had given versions of this speech, entitled A Time for Choosing before, but after this night it would become known as simply “The Speech.”

Reagan takes on the democrat party, the communists and socialists who inhabit it, and points out the failures of democrat policies. It’s a tough, powerful speech as only Reagan can deliver.

What Reagan was saying in 1964 still resonates today. The democrat party hasn’t changed. It’s still the party of failure, only now it has a communist heading the party, and in the White House. It’s a reminder that democrats never sleep. Democrats always advance their agenda, no matter what. As wrong as they are, democrats never waver from their mission.

It’s also a reminder of how weak the Republican Party is. In the 47 years since Reagan gave his speech, little has been done to stop the march of communism in America. As President, Reagan fought harder than anyone before, or since, but we are still seeing our nation rush headlong toward disaster.

If I had my way, this brilliant speech would be required teaching in every school, and knowing it, really understanding it, would be a requirement for graduation. It’s that important.

Ronald Reagan has been an inspiration to Conservatives for generations. His wisdom and leadership are the gold standard. His legacy is a dedicated group of men and women that believe in common sense government and see America as that Shining City on a Hill. Forever the optimist, Reagan was the leader who brought America out of it’s deep funk after the Carter years, and made us believe in ourselves again.

It all started with this speech.

Enjoy as we celebrate life of Ronald Reagan and the centennial of his birth. Be inspired all over again.


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Backing the Imperfect Candidate

By Patrick S Adams

Let’s be realistic. No large army of supporters which has spent three years fighting to elect our next great one is going to come running out of the wilderness yelling “Candidate X is our man and he’s going to save our nation.” The anticipated great one, Sarah Palin, has chosen to postpone her greatness for another time. The current field of candidates all bring pieces of the puzzle to the table, but are also flawed in some way. The only way to thoroughly review the candidates is to look at their positions on the issues and determine who is the closest in best articulating the conservative philosophy and then going with the least imperfect one.

Rick Perry brings a strong record on jobs, taxes and energy to the table, but his vision is a bit a sloppy and his record on immigration makes it tough to embrace him as a standard bearer. He is a good man with good credentials, but there are issues with immigration and cronyism. Michele Bachmann is a strong conservative, but she has spent more time doing what she does best – fighting for us as a Tea Party leader in Congress – than building the type of support for the presidency in the same way Palin has.

Mitt Romney is an intelligent business thinker, but he is not a core conservative. Most of all, he is a symbol of the establishment – and no matter how electable he looks on paper, conservatives are looking for someone who is not representative of business as usual. Rick Santorum is a core conservative. But, without an infusion of charisma, money and good poll numbers, it’s going to be hard to get him to the top. Jon Huntsman is a moderate, plain and simple. Ron Paul is dead on when it comes to economic policy, but his isolationism on foreign policy is way too far from where the Republican Party needs to be on issues of national security.

Newt Gingrich is a Reagan conservative and The 21st Century Contract With America makes some strong arguments. However, even if he is not establishment in the sense that some other Republicans are, he too comes with baggage. His past marital infidelity and his lack of discipline raise questions. He will have to move up in the polls and he will have to raise a lot more money if he is to be viable. Herman Cain comes in as a political outsider with some new ideas. But stumbles on the trail and questions about his foreign policy credentials makes it harder for him to close the deal as well. All the candidates seem to be missing something or other when you go through them.

Don’t look for the Palin army to coalesce around one candidate just yet after being staggered by her announcement not to run. Palinistas have always wanted one thing since day one and that is the total package. Swallowing anything less than Sarah Palin as president is going to require a lot of water and good gag reflex control. But at some time, we are all going to have to walk into a voting booth and make a decision even if it looks like there’s a name missing on the ballot. When we do pick our nominee, we are going to have to accept imperfection. This is because there is no candidate in the race that gives us the confidence that Sarah Palin would have about vision, ideas, character and discipline.

Had Palin run, some would have pointed out imperfections in her as well. We would have had to explain her resignation and point out that she, too, is human and made mistakes on the campaign trail in 2008. But, drawing a blank on what newspapers you read or what Supreme Court decisions you take issue with when you are answering other rapid fire questions successfully from a trained journalist who is intentionally working you into a “gotcha” moment is easier to accept as a voter than past marital infidelities, being unsure about one’s position on abortion or releasing a questionable campaign ad, providing tuition breaks for illegal immigrants, supporting a health insurance mandate for one’s state, staying on the bus when the regular people wanted you to come talk to them, calling for the withdrawal of all American troops from around the world or working for a president that you now want to unseat.

No human being is perfect. We can’t look for perfection in candidates. We can only look for and hope to find one who most closely represents what we believe. Will we get everything we want? No. But, with Sarah Palin in the race, we’d have come damn close.Without her, we’re going to have to look more long term.

Ronald Reagan was the rare case of a candidate so closely representing the views of so many that he rose to the level of greatness. But even he, in retrospect, had flaws – granted they were seriously overshadowed by all of the great things he did while president. Greatness is defined by what you do, not by what you don’t do or can’t do. For someone like Sarah Palin, her defining greatness will not come from sitting this one out. Instead it will come from what she does in the future. In the meantime, there is no other Reagan and we must learn to accept that.

All things must be considered when making a decision. While there is nothing jumping out to cause any unity in thought on candidates amongst Palin supporters and undecided Republicans, they agree on what they don’t want. This is the main reason for not being able to settle on an alternative candidate to Palin. Unfortunately, there are enough imperfections in all the candidates to make it hard to choose.

It’s not yet time for an endorsement. Sarah Palin hasn’t endorsed anyone either. We can take a look at the more conservative candidates like Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry or Rick Santorum and consider whether or not we can live with one of them as the nominee. But that’s all we have. We can endorse now and have Palin endorse differently. We can wait to see who Palin endorses. Or, we can end up in agreement later on in the nominating process.

We can’t predict the outcome of any of that. What we can do, is be free to choose our own candidates. Without overt direction from Governor Palin (she may want us to be freed up to choose our own candidates), her supporters are beginning to migrate over to other candidates slowly while looking to Palin for “shadow leadership” on issues as they continue to support her as a voice for their beliefs. While Sarah Palin is not running for president, when she speaks at conferences or gives analyses on Fox News, she’s still dead right on the issues – which is primarily the reason her supporters are finding it difficult to accept her not running. If there was a better candidate in the field, they would have already gotten behind him or her.

There should be no mistake about the issues within the Republican Party. Regardless of whom any of us choose to support, if that candidate wins the presidency it will still be necessary to continue moving forward with Sarah Palin’s message and a concentrated effort on renewing and reforming the Republican Party. We will not defeat crony capitalism by allowing the Republican Party to go back to its old establishment ways once it regains power. We cannot accept a return to business as usual once Obama is out.

We are going to have to keep working at sudden and relentless reform long after our flawed – but better than Obama – candidate wins the presidency. Sarah Palin will help us by continuing to lead that fight. Until then, that hole will remain open until she accepts the calling to run at some point in the future or until another who has a similar potential for greatness arrives on the scene. Maybe, whoever we nominate will hear our voices.

The cause lives on.

Patrick’s World USA will not air this week on Blogtalk Radio. The show returns for its regularly scheduled Wednesday night broadcast next Wednesday at 11pm ET 8pm Ct. We invite Palin supporters everywhere to listen in LIVE to the Grizzly Fest online forum on Saturday, Oct. 29th from 2-5 p.m. ET, and to share their own ideas in their dedicated forums.


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It’s Not That Sarah Palin Should Reconsider, It’s That She Must

By Gary P Jackson

A few weeks back the History Channel rebranded it’s sister channel, History International as simply H2. As part of the re-branding and re-focus, H2 ran a marathon of the great doccumentary series The Revolution.

This is a series of one hour shows that tell the story of the American Revolution, from the earliest days, to the establishment of our new nation. Though I had seen these shows before, I sat back and enjoyed them again.

The very last episode is a recap of the events, through the experiences of George Washington. The filmakers mean to impress upon the audience that George Washington was the “Essential Man.” You come away understanding just how essential George Washington was to our nation’s founding. As you look back at some of the events, you wonder out loud if the United States would even exist, if not for Washington’s wisdom and leadership.

Though he had more than a few early set-backs, It’s was General George Washington, serving as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, who took a bunch of farmers, ill equipped and often under-nourished, and beat the best army in the world. Beat them so soundly, the United States became a free nation. Washington’s leadership was essential.

After the great victory, trouble was still brewing. Congress was slow in paying the troops who won the hard fought battle for Freedom and Liberty. There was talk of a coup d’état. The military was ready to take up arms and overthrow Congress and the new government. This, of course, would have been a disaster.

It was George Washington who stopped this. His wisdom and steady demeanor were essential. Without Washington, it’s doubtful the young nation would have survived the insurrection.

When the nation’s leaders realized the original Articles of Confederation were not working, and the nation needed a better blueprint, it was George Washington once more, who worked in service to our nation. Washington would be there every day as our Constitution was drafted, and his input was essential.

When it came time to elect or first chief executive, our first President, the nation again turned to George Washington. President Washington set the tone for the office that presidents have followed since. [more or less] He set the tone for what a president should be, and how they should comport themselves. Remember, Congress, at first, wanted to make him a King. Washington’s wisdom and leadership was once again essential and kept Congress from making what would have been a mistake.

Another theme that run’s through Washington’s service to our nation is the fact he just wanted to go home after completing whatever service he’d just performed. Washington was a farmer and wanted nothing more than to get back to it. Washington never lusted for power or fame. He simply wanted to serve, and every time he was needed, he did.

In fact, as the story goes, after the war, Britain’s King George asked American painter Benjamin West, who was serving as the King’s historical painter, what would Washington do? Would he set up a military government? Would he make himself King, as was customary at the time? West replied: They say he will go home.” King George reportedly said “If he does that, he will be the greatest man in the world.

As I watched this final episode I couldn’t help but think of Sarah Palin and how she is our generation’s “Essential Man.”

Even before Sarah was chosen as John McCain’s running mate she was championing Liberty and Freedom, and fighting the kind of corruption and cronyism that is destroying our society.

She was also touting her beautiful Alaska as the nation’s solution for our energy problems. Sarah understood that our nation holds the largest energy reserves in the world, and all we have to do is go and get them. Her experience tells her we can do this, and do it in an environmentally sound way.

Once Sarah became a candidate for vice president her leadership and statesmanship were quite evident. Even with the feckless team McCain put together, Sarah was able to get her strong message out, and it resonated with the American people.

Not timid in the least, she went after Barack Obama with a vengeance. In her acceptance speech she correctly predicted what a complete disaster Obama would be. She wasn’t gentle about it either. In fact, when the rest of the GOP was afraid to criticize this product of a communist upbringing, Sarah was hitting him hard and she’s never stopped.

Though McCain lost, Sarah Palin was essential to that campaign. She was the one bright spot, the one who packed the stadiums and auditoriums. She was the reason Conservatives had a renewed hope.

After the loss, most thought Sarah would go home and fade into obscurity, like most VP candidates do after a loss. In fact, she wanted nothing more than to go home to her beloved Alaska and resume her job as Governor of the state she loves so much. The democrats had other plans.

She put such fear in the hearts of the democrat party that Obama’s minions went into overdrive trying to sabotage her governorship. Team Obama worked to create a situation where it was impossible for her to do her job. Obama’s team was successful, but in winning the battle, they lost the war. Rather than going away in defeat, Sarah became Obama’s greatest nightmare.

You name the major issue, and Sarah Palin has been the first major political leader to fearlessly speak out against the Obama regime.

She was right with ObamaCare, and with two words: “death panels” turned an easy bit of legislation for the Obama regime to pass into an all out war. Obama was successful in the end, but the battles that took place energized the nation. It was the beginning of what will be the end of Obama’s presidency.

Sarah Palin didn’t created the Tea Party, and goes out of her way to disavow any sort of leadership role. Indeed, the Tea Party is one of the most organic, spontaneous movements since the founding of our nation. Millions of Americans from all walks of life, and every political party, are simply fed up and want real change and real solutions.

That said, it has been Sarah Palin who has inspired the millions of Tea Party members. Millions of people who have never had a political bone in their body have stood up after hearing Sarah speak.

Many women, have been inspired by Sarah to run for office, and have won.

Sarah has criss-crossed the nation delivering her message of Liberty and Freedom. She’s stood in the desert of Searchlight, Nevada and in the snow, surrounded by violent union thugs, in Madison, Wisconsin. She’s inspired us at every turn and has been essential to the Tea Party’s growth and success.

In 2010, when she was needed, Sarah looked at the many candidates and started endorsing those she felt met the standards necessary to get our nation back on course. Sarah endorsed well over 100 candidates in local, state, and national races, and while they didn’t all win, I doubt anyone has had a better win-loss record. It was Sarah’s voice and Sarah’s support that was essential in taking back the House and gaining seats in the Senate. It was her essential support that helped women like South Carolina’s Nikki Haley to become Governors.

The momentum from all of this caused the greatest political turnover in the nation since Reconstruction after the Civil War! Some 660 plus democrats in statehouses around the country lost their jobs.

Sarah’s role in all of this was essential, as few other politicians were out there in the trenches fighting for us. Without her, it’s doubtful such a major political shift could have ever taken place.

Sarah Palin has been one of the few, who don’t do foreign policy for a living, talking about America’s disastrous course. She’s been months ahead of everyone else, and has been proven right. She’s still the only one who has a specific foreign policy doctrine. None of the presidential candidates have articulated anything that comes even close. The Palin Doctrine is specific and makes sense.

Sarah was also one of the few out there warning about quantitative easing, and how it would harm the economy. None of the permanent political class, including the Republican presidential candidates, had a word to say.

And she was right. The policy of buying up our own debt has hurt our economy, devalued to dollar to the point of near irrelevance, increased our debt, and resulted in our credit rating being downgraded for the first time in history.

Now does all of this make Sarah Palin some sort of genius? Nope, it just means Sarah has a lot of common sense, something essential in life, and something that is completely lacking in the halls of Congress and the White House!

I must confess that all of this was rolling around in my head at a time we all thought Sarah was running for President. I had started to write about this several times, but as often happens, something else took priority.

I wonder, had I written before what Matt Drudge called “a bad day for America” ….

I’m on record as saying I support and respect Sarah’s decision not to run, going so far as suggesting a way forward. Well, looking at recent events, I must say in all sincerity that I still support Sarah and respect her, but simply can’t sit here and pretend that it’s all OK.

You see, Sarah is still essential. She is the one person with the ability to lead Conservatives to a lasting and enduring victory.

It’s Sarah, and Sarah alone, who has the wisdom, and most importantly, the skill, to help us achieve victory. Unlike the others, Sarah Palin has a successful record of doing exactly what must be done to get our nation back on the path to solvency. If we are to preserve Liberty and Freedom, we must have Sarah Palin leading this fight.

Sarah has said she plans to play a major role in 2012. I suspect she wants to again help elect members to Congress, and possibly a governor or two, as she did in 2010. That’s a noble effort, and no doubt she’ll play a pivotal role as she did in 2010.

There’s an issue though. You see, we can elect members to Congress, but we don’t always know if they will deliver. Some of the class of 2010 turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment. It happens.

As much of a service Sarah would be to the nation by helping elect members to Congress, we are still at the mercy of those members, and without the proper leadership from the top, the desired results may never occur.

While the executive branch is on equal footing with the legislative branch of government, the president sets an agenda, and if the president’s party is in power, their agenda is likely to be supported strongly, especially if that agenda is one that makes sense.

Sarah has laid out a pretty aggressive agenda over the last few years, one that includes a real energy policy, a serious road map back to prosperity, and as of late, one that includes ending corruption and cronyism, and all of the situations that lead to it.

No one is seriously talking about reforming government, taking on the massive corruption, but Sarah Palin. Certainly none of the presidential candidates, as some have their own ethics issues.

If ending corruption and cronyism is something Sarah Palin wants done, then it’s going to take her, sitting in the White House, to make this happen. Even then, it’s going to be the fight of her life, but she’s the only one who will even take the fight up. And she has a successful record of winning such fights.

Speaking of our presidential candidates, lets look at those who have a serious chance at being the nominee:

Mitt Romney: The likely nominee. No Conservative wants this guy. He’s a human windsock. The ultimate finger-in-the-wind politician. He wasn’t a very good governor, and he created the first system of socialized medicine in America. Worse, his people actually consulted with the Obama regime when ObamaCare was being set up.

Like his father, Mitt is a Northeastern liberal. There’s not a single issue that he doesn’t have two or even three positions on. As governor Romney passed over more Conservative judges to appoint out and out liberal democrats, and his administration was full of liberals. It’s scary thinking about the sort he would appoint to the Supreme Court.

It’s who Romney is though. He’s likely our nominee, and will probably lose to Obama. Sadly, even if Romney wins, we all lose.

Rick Perry: Readers know I have no respect for this man. When Sarah Palin talks about corruption and cronyism in both parties, she’s referring to Rick Perry. Texas has few real ethics laws, and Perry has taken advantage of this throughout his long political career. He’s created a system of cronyism and patronage that even makes the folks in Chicago green with envy.

He talks the talk on illegal immigration, but in Texas has done nothing but encourage more illegals to come. He’s given lip service to ending Sanctuary Cities, but done nothing to make that happen. Despite the fact legislation has passed the Texas House and Senate that would ban Sanctuary Cities, Perry has refused to use the bully pulpit to urge reconciliation of the two bills, so he can sign this ban into law.

The Texas Tea Party has demanded Perry come home and deal with what he has called “an emergency situation” and get the ban on Sanctuary Cities done.

Let’s not forget the Texas DREAM Act, which grants illegal aliens in-state tuition discounts, something Perry says if you don’t support,that makes you “heartless.” Perry’s biggest campaign supporters are for open borders between Texas and Mexico. It’s no wonder he doesn’t do much to stop the illegals from invading Texas.

Perry talks jobs, but the only jobs program he actually controls is a complete failure that misses targets and is really nothing more than a slush fund for Perry to reward his cronies.

Perry even has his very own “Solyndra” type scandal in Convergen LifeSciences.

Texas is in good shape compared to the rest of the nation, but that’s more in spite of, rather than because of, Rick Perry. Texas has always been strong relative to the nation. We’re a right to work state, have a favorable tax code, and good weather. Texas is very business friendly.

Perry, like Romney, talks the talk, but you can bet that, if elected, he’d continue the cronyism and corporate welfare to his buddies. As a member of the Republican Establishment™, you can bet absolutely nothing would be done to reform government.

In fact with Texas’ lax ethic laws, and the corruption that follows, Rick Perry had an incredible opportunity to champion real reforms here in our state. Instead, he embraced the system in place and wallowed in it.

Newt Gingrich: A smart man, too smart for his own good. [and ours] The other night I got into a huge fight with fellow Palinistas who are thinking Newt is their man.

I pointed out Newt is a serial adulterer, something these folks were suddenly willing to forgive. All of a sudden morals mean nothing if “their guy” has a chance of winning.

Of course, these cat’s missed the point completely. If a man can’t be trusted to keep fidelity with the person he is most intimate with, then all bets are off.

Case in point. A few years back Newt sat on a couch with democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and shilled for Al Gore’s global warming hoax. Now Newt has since tried to apologize for this betrayal, but the man doesn’t get it.

At the time he was canoodling Pelosi on the couch, Conservatives were in a major struggle to stop the global warming zealots from enacting suicidal cap and tax laws. We were working hard to get the truth out. Facts that prove beyond a doubt it was all a hoax. That man made global warming was a myth designed to make shysters like Al Gore a lot of money. Gore is one of the major investors in the system that would have traded carbon credits. A $10 trillion a year business, had cap and tax been passed.

And here’s good old Newt lending legitimacy to Al Gore and the global warming fraud.

This is one of Newt’s huge problems. He thinks too much. He wants to be “in on the conversation” and doesn’t understand that all he is doing is adding legitimacy to an otherwise illegitimate issue. He’s done this more than once and given hard core leftists aid and comfort.

Instead of “being in on the conversation” as Newt is always want to do, a wise man would point out the illegitimacy of the subject, and move on.

That’s not the only time Newt has seriously betrayed Conservatives. He famously chose to support Margret Sanger Award winning liberal Republican De De Scozzafava over a true Conservative, Doug Hoffman.

When called out on this, Newt refused to see the error in his ways, getting indignant with Conservatives. Seeing her hope slip away, Scozzafava dropped out of the race, then rewarded Newt’s efforts by promptly endorsing the democrat Bill Owens, who by the way, is actually more conservative than she was. This makes Newt just as smart as those who run the NRSC, who endorsed the likes of Arlen Specter, Lisa Murkowski, and Charlie Crist, all who promptly left the party when the going got tough. Typical Establishment™ thinking.

For those with short memories, Sarah Palin was one of the first to support Doug Hoffman, and after her endorsement pretty much every major Conservative in the country joined her. Hoffman lost a close race, and one wonders where things would have ended had Newt either endorsed Doug, or just stayed away.

There’s much more, but you get the picture.

Newt constantly betrays Conservatives. He means well, but there is always some shiny new object to catch his eye. He simply can’t keep fidelity to the movement, and his want to be “in on the conversation” no matter how ridiculous, causes more hard than it does good.

Newt would make a decent chief-of-staff for someone, but you’d have to be crazy to put this man in the White House.

Herman Cain: I really like Herman Cain. Have for a long time. Problem is, he has absolutely no experience. He’s never run a city, never run a state.

Sure, he was a successful CEO, but that isn’t the same. Working with legislators to get difficult bills passed is a skill set a successful president must have. It may turn out that Cain is great at this, but we don’t know, he has absolutely no record of being able to turn his wonderful talk into action. It’s a bit frightening at a time like this, with the nation staring into the abyss.

Another issue is Cain’s lack of foreign policy chops, and he seems to think he can just sublet that out to his State Department, once elected. Foreign policy is the one area the president has a lot of control over. I’d like my president to at least have a coherent thought, and not have to hold a half dozen press conferences to “clarify” everything he says on the subject. This is one of Cain’s biggest problems, he has to “clarify” many of things he says. That doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in the man.

Cain has some ideological issues that are troubling as well. He supported TARP and even wrote an op-ed saying it was just fine for the government to own banks, and that it would be a win-win for us all. It’s not and it wasn’t. There’s more, but you get the idea.

Now I like Cain, and want to like him as a candidate, but there are just so many questions that can’t be answered. It’s basically a situation where we’ll have to elect him to see what we got. It’s like Nancy Pelosi’s [in]famous “you gotta pass the bill to see what’s in it“!

I’m hoping Cain can do something to inspire some confidence. I want to see Cain do something that can inspire some confidence!

This brings me back to Sarah Palin. Sarah is the complete package. She is a solid fiscal Conservative. Her record of fiscal responsibility, of slashing spending [in good times] cutting government waste, lowering liabilities, and creating budget surpluses is unmatched by any of the GOP candidates.

Sarah’s record of fighting corruption is legendary, and goes back to her earliest days in elected office, almost two decades ago. And Sarah Palin has no problem whatsoever taking on corruption in her own party, which is why the Republican Establishment™ worked so hard to keep her from running for president.

If we are to see corruption and cronyism seriously addressed, Sarah Palin is the only one who will do it. Sarah talks about this in every speech now, even international ones, but giving speeches isn’t like being in office and making things happen. And Sarah has proven when she’s sitting in office, she makes things happen!

As Governor, Sarah was able to make good on every single campaign promise. Her’s was an aggressive agenda and she and her team got it done at a record pace. She accomplished more in her three years than most politicians, including governors and presidents, will in a lifetime.

We’ve looked at Sarah’s foreign policy doctrine, it’s one that puts America first, supports our friends, and keeps an eye on our enemies. It’s one that keeps us out of misadventures and nation building, while at the same time protecting our interests around the world. It’s one built on common sense.

Something else: Sarah Palin has done something that even Ronald Reagan, one of our greatest presidents, didn’t do. Sarah has inspired millions to get actively involved in the Conservative movement. Not just vote, but get out there and do whatever is necessary to effect real change. Millions are active daily in the pursuit of a better America.

When she says one doesn’t need a title to make a difference, she’s certainly describing the millions who are doing just that. No current presidential candidate is capable of that sort of thing. None can inspire millions to actively work toward making America better. Sarah can, and has.

Sarah doesn’t just speak to Conservatives. Sarah is the one who appeals to independents and even democrats. She comes from a normal blue collar upbringing and knows exactly what us regular folks have to deal with on a daily basis. She is the only one who can speak to pretty much any group with authority. Her appeal is universal, because her message is universal.

I know Sarah Palin has said no to a 2012 presidential run. But I want to officially ask the Governor to reconsider this decision.

Sarah Palin is our “Essential Woman.” We need her leadership in order to restore this great nation. She’s not going to be able to do this from the sidelines. It’s going to take her being in office to make sure the changes needed are accomplished.

Sarah can help elect hundreds of people to office, and likely will, but we are still at the mercy of those people, and whether or not they can do what they say they will do. With Sarah we don’t have to worry, she walks the walk. Besides, her presidential coattails will be quite long.

Certainly none of the current Republican candidates will effect the changes needed. Most aren’t even talking about the issues that really need to be addressed, instead they are involved in petty fights with one another. It’s like there is no adult in the room! And none have a record that suggests they’ll actually follow through with the happy talk.

America is at a tipping point. We need solid proven leadership from someone we know can do what she says she will do. Someone with a record of getting the difficult things done, and make it look easy while she’s doing it.

Sarah Palin has built up a legion of supporters. In Iowa alone there was in place all she needed to win the caucuses. Most of her supporters are looking for someone to inspire them, and are in no hurry to get behind another candidate.

If Sarah were to reconsider, it would be a game changer. She would have the support needed to be the Republican nominee, and she would most certainly whip Barack Obama like a rented mule.

Sarah Palin has worked hard since 2008 advancing Liberty and Freedom. She’s worked hard to energize the Conservative movement in ways we’ve not seen in a generation or more. No one can blame her for deciding she’d rather step back and take a minor role, stay closer to her beloved Alaska, and her beautiful children. She’s earned that much needed respite from all that goes with leading a national movement.

Our nation is in trouble though. Many forces are attempting to destroy the very fiber of our society. Sarah Palin is the one person in a position to make a difference. This is not to say others won’t make a difference, but it’s Sarah who can become our nation’s 45th President, and effect the real change needed for our nation to thrive. This is something only Sarah can do.

None of the current presidential candidates have the talent and ability to get this done. None of the other candidates have the vision for our nation that Sarah has and Americans want.

It is my great hope that Sarah will seriously reconsider her decision not to run for president. There is plenty of support for this. If she does enter the race, even at this late date, she will have the support necessary to win the Republican nomination and the presidency. She might miss a filing deadline or two in a few states but not many, and not enough to matter.

Sarah, your nation desperately needs you. Please reconsider and answer your nation’s call.

Sarah, you are our Essential Woman.


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Rick Perry Looks To Further Complicate Tax Code For Some Reason

By Gary P Jackson

In an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal Rick Perry talks about his new tax plan. Like Herman Cain, Perry doesn’t propose a constitutional amendment to change or eliminate the current tax system. Perry’s is simply an add on device. A gimmick.

Before we go any further, readers should know Russia, the former “evil empire,” eliminated it’s progressive tax rate for individuals in 2001 and changed to a 13% flat tax. In 2002 the government saw an increase in revenue of 39.7% over 2001. After adjusting for inflation of 15.1%, real revenue rose 24.6%, supplying 15.3% of the consolidated budget. GDP growth in 2002 was 4.7%, a small decline.

2003 saw a gain of only 27.2% over 2002. After adjusting for inflation of 12.0%, real revenue increased 15.2%, supplying 17% of consolidated budget revenue. On the other hand, GDP growth in 2003 was a more robust 7.3%.

Russia’s tax system has been a great success, though it isn’t perfect, and I want to discuss it further in another article, it is better than this:

By Rick Perry

The folks in Washington might not like to hear it, but the plain truth is the U.S. government spends too much. Taxes are too high, too complex, and too riddled with special interest loopholes. And our expensive entitlement system is unsustainable in the long run.

Without significant change quickly, our nation will go the way of some in Europe: mired in debt and unable to pay our bills. President Obama and many in Washington seem unable or unwilling to tackle these issues, either out of fear of alienating the left or because they want Americans to be dependent on big government.

On Tuesday I will announce my “Cut, Balance and Grow” plan to scrap the current tax code, lower and simplify tax rates, cut spending and balance the federal budget, reform entitlements, and grow jobs and economic opportunity.

The plan starts with giving Americans a choice between a new, flat tax rate of 20% or their current income tax rate. The new flat tax preserves mortgage interest, charitable and state and local tax exemptions for families earning less than $500,000 annually, and it increases the standard deduction to $12,500 for individuals and dependents.

OK, let’s stop right here. How, exactly does Perry’s plan “simplify” the process? You’re giving tax payers a choice, for sure, but in most cases you’ll have tax payers figuring their tax burdens using both formulas, to make sure which works out better for them. Twice the work, not less. More complicated, not less.

This simple 20% flat tax will allow Americans to file their taxes on a postcard, saving up to $483 billion in compliance costs. By eliminating the dozens of carve-outs that make the current code so incomprehensible, we will renew incentives for entrepreneurial risk-taking and investment that creates jobs, inspires Americans to work hard and forms the foundation of a strong economy. My plan also abolishes the death tax once and for all, providing needed certainty to American family farms and small businesses.

Exactly how is a taxpayer, using the new plan, going to “file their taxes on a postcard” if there are still all sorts of deductions? A flat tax should be lower than this, and take into consideration that nothing would be deductible. The only exemptions would be people earning below a set level of income, adjusted for inflation, of course. That would be simple, easy, and uncomplicated.

Perry’s plan doesn’t simplify anything, but it sure sounds good …. on a post card.

My plan restores American competitiveness in the global marketplace and provides strong incentives for U.S.-based employers to build new factories and create thousands of jobs here at home.

First, we will lower the corporate tax rate to 20%—dropping it from the second highest in the developed world to a rate on par with our global competitors. Second, we will encourage the swift repatriation of some of the $1.4 trillion estimated to be parked overseas by temporarily lowering the rate to 5.25%. And third, we will transition to a “territorial tax system”—as seen in Hong Kong and France, for example—that only taxes in-country income.

Bad and actually pretty good in this deal. The good first: Allowing the repatriation of dollars is a good thing. It would be better if there was a small window of time it could be done tax free. We’d likely get ALL of the estimated $1.4 trillion to come back home that way. Better to see it circulating in the economy, because you aren’t gonna tax it if it never comes home anyway. I would drop the idea of taxing this money.

Now the bad. Lowering the tax rate on corporations alone isn’t going to do much as long as business has to deal with draconian regulations and labor unions. A good time back Sarah Palin introduced the idea of eliminating corporate taxes all together. That would entice businesses to come to America while other reforms are being made, and would remove the potential for corruption and cronyism. [probably why Perry doesn’t like it] You wouldn’t have lobbyists working to game the tax code or create exemptions for their businesses.

Besides, as we all know, corporations don’t really pay taxes anyway. They simply pass that cost along to the customer. It’s built into the retail price you pay for every item.

The mind-boggling complexity of the current tax code helps large corporations with lawyers and accountants devise the best tax-avoidance strategies money can buy. That is why Cut, Balance and Grow also phases out corporate loopholes and special-interest tax breaks to provide a level playing field for employers of all sizes.

I hear ya talking, but ain’t nothing being said. Tell us Governor Perry, how exactly does you plan address the special interests?

To help older Americans, we will eliminate the tax on Social Security benefits, boosting the incomes of 17 million current beneficiaries who see their benefits taxed if they continue to work and earn income in addition to Social Security earnings.

We will eliminate the tax on qualified dividends and long-term capital gains to free up the billions of dollars Americans are sitting on to avoid taxes on the gain.

Finally, something that makes some sense. Social Security and disability payments should never be taxed.

All of these tax cuts will be meaningless if we do not control federal spending. Last year the government spent $1.3 trillion more than it collected, and total federal debt now approaches $15 trillion. By the end of 2011, the Office of Management and Budget expects the gross amount of federal debt to exceed the size of America’s entire economy for the first time in over 65 years.

Under my plan, we will establish a clear goal of balancing the budget by 2020. It will be an extremely difficult task exacerbated by the current economic crisis and our need for significant tax cuts to spur growth. But that growth is what will get us to balance, if we are willing to make the hard decisions of cutting.

We should start moving toward fiscal responsibility by capping federal spending at 18% of our gross domestic product, banning earmarks and future bailouts, and passing a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. My plan freezes federal civilian hiring and salaries until the budget is balanced. And to fix the regulatory excess of the Obama administration and its predecessors, my plan puts an immediate moratorium on pending federal regulations and provides a full audit of all regulations passed since 2008 to determine their need, impact and effect on job creation.

ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank and Section 404 of Sarbanes-Oxley must be quickly repealed and, if necessary, replaced by market-oriented, common-sense measures.

OK, something we can finally agree on. Regulations cost American jobs producers a little over $1 trillion dollars a year in compliance efforts. Can you imagine the economic impact of eliminating all but those that really are necessary?

For the first time we hear about a constitutional amendment. Sadly, it’s a balanced budget amendment, not one that sets the tax code in stone so future presidents and congresses will find it very difficult to fool around with.

I have issues with a balanced budget amendment. It’s a good idea, in theory, and most states already have one. The problem is, many states, including Rick Perry’s Texas, have gotten really good at gaming the system, and use accounting tricks to “balance” the budget on paper, but not in reality. Texas has big problems looming because of this. Another discussion for later.

Perry makes some good points here, but any tax plan that doesn’t come in the form of a constitutional amendment is nothing to get really excited over. Nor is any plan that doesn’t scrap the current system completely.

Also, no talk about other needed reforms, like a “right to work amendment, that would end government sanctioned extortion from workers, in exchange for work, and cause the economy to explode with jobs.

America must also once and for all face up to entitlement reform. To preserve benefits for current and near-term Social Security beneficiaries, my plan permanently stops politicians from raiding the program’s trust fund. Congressional IOUs are no substitute for workers’ Social Security payments. We should use the federal Highway Trust Fund as a model for protecting the integrity of a pay-as-you-go system.

Cut, Balance and Grow also gives younger workers the option to own their Social Security contributions through personal retirement accounts that Washington politicians can never raid. Because young workers will own their contributions, they will be free to seek a market rate of return if they choose, and to leave their retirement savings to their dependents when they die.

Ronald Reagan was talking about this in 1964. [almost to the day in fact] Pretty much word for word. Reagan’s idea was to take care of those already promised, but work toward personal responsibility for the rest. If Congress was a private business, what they have done with Social Security would land each and every member in prison.

Read more here.

This is sort of a Hail Mary plan for Perry. His campaign has ground to a halt as Americans have learned more about his actual record, and his troubling predilection for cronyism and corruption. It’s very much a miss.

It’s like Perry is trying to be all things to all people, rather than a leader or a problem solver. Having two separate, and different, ways of paying taxes will only complicate an already complicated situation.

A simple flat tax, or even, under the right circumstances, a national sales tax instead of an income tax, could work.

What Perry has is yet another hot mess that only a life-long member of the permanent political class could come up with and then actually present to normal folks, smiling and thinking they got something.

Perry really doesn’t get it.

I haven’t taken time to run the numbers on this deal, no need though, because like Perry’s quixotic campaign, it’s pretty much DOA. It doesn’t seem to accomplish much. It’s not bold enough. It doesn’t really get to the core problems.

Good effort, as at least we are talking about taxes, but not good enough to make Perry any more appealing.

A true leader would come up with a bold and decisive plan that would simplify the tax code, not just add another component.

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Vile Animal Orlando Jones: “Kill Sarah Palin”

By Gary P Jackson

No other way to describe someone like Orlando Jones. From the Hollywood Reporter:

The actor-comedian tweeted over the weekend: “Libyan Rebels kill Gaddafi, if American liberals want respect they better stop listening to Aretha & kill Sarah Palin.

Of course, the website tried to make this animal’s death wish Sarah’s fault by bringing up the Gifford’s shooting. Never mind it was a left wing loon who’d been stalking Giffords since 2007, and had it in for her because she wasn’t radical enough for his taste, that did the shooting. Oh, and don’t forget, it was the democrat party hate site Daily KOS that called Gifford, a “blue dog democrat,” a traitor who would be dealt with, and put a bulls-eye on her.

Also it was a KOS diarist who wrote “she’s dead to me” the day before she was shot. This was simply because Giffords didn’t vote for Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader!

This is all disgusting, but becoming more and more the norm for progressives. The mask has fallen and they are showing who they truly are.

If you’ve been following the “occupy” movement, you’ve seen the protesters, many paid by labor unions and all supported by Barack Obama and the democrat party, defecate on police cars, destroy property, and engage in violence. There have been many rapes reported, including the rape of a mentally disabled woman.

Somehow I think has-been actor Orlando Jones would fit right in with this group.

I’ve never understood the vile hatred from the left. Anyone that even slightly disagrees with their diseased ideology is threatened with violence. Or in Giffords’ case, the victim of their wrath. The left has no real ideas, no viable solutions, and America disagrees with them on every issue, so all they have left is violence to impose their will.

I suspect one of the reasons Sarah Palin decided not to run for President was the fear of violence toward her and her family. We recently saw Bristol attacked in Hollywood, and though she handled herself quite well, what if the loon had brought a weapon with him? Sadly, it looks like Sarah’s decision is not going to stop the hatred or the threats of violence. In the struggle of good vs evil she still represents an existential threat to the left.

These are dangerous times. Barack Obama and his union thugs have teamed up with the Communist Party USA and the American Nazi Party to fuel all of this violence and hatred. They are all behind the nationwide “occupy” movement to destabilize the Republic.

I don’t know if Orlando Jones supports this movement or not, but he is typical of those who do.

Pray for the nation, and pray for Sarah Palin, Barack Obama and his many comrades mean to destroy both.


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Evidently Herman Cain Doesn’t Understand How the Constitution Works

By Gary P Jackson

A prime example of why Herman Cain is not ready to be president. Cain has been under fire for his series of statements and clarifications concerning his stance on abortion that left many wondering if Cain is really pro-life, or the typical politician claiming to be “personally” pro-life while supporting “choice” on the issue. As Jazz Shaw, who evidently doesn’t understand the Constitution either, pointed out: A frustrated Cain finally said he would sign an amendment banning abortion.

In an interview with CBN’s David Brody, Cain talks about amendments not only banning abortion, but gay marriage as well.

From the interview:

Brody: Are you for some sort of pro-life amendment to the Constitution that in essence would trump Roe v. Wade?

Cain: Yes. Yes I feel that strongly about it. If we can get the necessary support and it comes to my desk I’ll sign it. That’s all I can do. I will sign it.

Read more here.

This is incredible. Herman Cain is running for president and has no idea what the job is, or how the Constitution works when it comes to constitutional amendments. Fact is, the president has absolutely no role at all to play in the process, other than being a cheerleader for [or possibly against] a certain amendment. There’s nothing for him to sign.

Most of us learned this in grade school, but as a refresher: [emphasis mine]

The authority to amend the Constitution of the United States is derived from Article V of the Constitution. After Congress proposes an amendment, the Archivist of the United States, who heads the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), is charged with responsibility for administering the ratification process under the provisions of 1 U.S.C. 106b. The Archivist has delegated many of the ministerial duties associated with this function to the Director of the Federal Register. Neither Article V of the Constitution nor section 106b describe the ratification process in detail. The Archivist and the Director of the Federal Register follow procedures and customs established by the Secretary of State, who performed these duties until 1950, and the Administrator of General Services, who served in this capacity until NARA assumed responsibility as an independent agency in 1985.

The Constitution provides that an amendment may be proposed either by the Congress with a two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate or by a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the State legislatures. None of the 27 amendments to the Constitution have been proposed by constitutional convention. The Congress proposes an amendment in the form of a joint resolution. Since the President does not have a constitutional role in the amendment process, the joint resolution does not go to the White House for signature or approval. The original document is forwarded directly to NARA’s Office of the Federal Register (OFR) for processing and publication. The OFR adds legislative history notes to the joint resolution and publishes it in slip law format. The OFR also assembles an information package for the States which includes formal “red-line” copies of the joint resolution, copies of the joint resolution in slip law format, and the statutory procedure for ratification under 1 U.S.C. 106b.

The Archivist submits the proposed amendment to the States for their consideration by sending a letter of notification to each Governor along with the informational material prepared by the OFR. The Governors then formally submit the amendment to their State legislatures. In the past, some State legislatures have not waited to receive official notice before taking action on a proposed amendment. When a State ratifies a proposed amendment, it sends the Archivist an original or certified copy of the State action, which is immediately conveyed to the Director of the Federal Register. The OFR examines ratification documents for facial legal sufficiency and an authenticating signature. If the documents are found to be in good order, the Director acknowledges receipt and maintains custody of them. The OFR retains these documents until an amendment is adopted or fails, and then transfers the records to the National Archives for preservation.

A proposed amendment becomes part of the Constitution as soon as it is ratified by three-fourths of the States (38 of 50 States). When the OFR verifies that it has received the required number of authenticated ratification documents, it drafts a formal proclamation for the Archivist to certify that the amendment is valid and has become part of the Constitution. This certification is published in the Federal Register and U.S. Statutes at Large and serves as official notice to the Congress and to the Nation that the amendment process has been completed.

I know many will say Mr Cain just made a mistake and it’s no big deal. But it is a big deal. We’re not talking about electing a city council member, we’re talking about electing someone to the most powerful position in the world. We’re talking about serious issues that will effect the lives of tens of millions of Americans. You’d think one of the parties to the discussion would at least know and understand the process for which his desired goals would be obtained.

I like Herman Cain, the man. I think he’s good at what he’s done, and capable of doing more. That said, his lack of knowledge, lack of planning, and lack of experience continues to trouble me greatly. I’m a Conservative and see these problems crystal clear, what do you think the media and the Obama regime will do to the man if he becomes our nominee?

There’s a reason why we generally elect governors to the presidency. The skills required to successfully govern a state are the same skills needed to govern the nation.

I know why Herman Cain appeals to so many people. For one, none of the governors running for president are acceptable, and Cain enjoys that “outsider” status. What Cain doesn’t have is the basic skill set needed, and an understanding of the position he’s applying for.

Conservatives need to think long and hard before electing Herman Cain.

Personally, I feel both of these issues, abortion and gay rights, are states rights issues, and the federal government has no standing in either, but Roe v Wade made that position moot on abortion. The Court overreached big time and “found” a right that had never before existed.

As for some sort of marriage amendment, if there was to be one, I’d want it to strengthen state’s rights and stop judicial interference. Though some states have voted to allow gay marriage, others have had the courts impose it on them, even though the people were against. Mitt Romney imposed it in Massachusetts by Executive Order. I believe in the right of the people to vote one way or the other. I do not think the courts should be able to override the will of the people, as long as everything is done legally.

I also doubt either issue is going to be solved anytime soon. On abortion, I’d love to see it banned, but for now, our best bet is to continue to educate people of the horrors of abortion, and continue to de-fund the multi-billion dollar slaughter houses run by Planned Parenthood. Public opinion is changing and more people now are pro-life than at any time in recent memory. This is a fight we are winning.


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GrizzlyFest ’11 Website Up and Running!

By Gary P Jackson

GrizzlyFest is a major online event scheduled for October 29. GrizzlyFest is taking the taking the power and inspiration of Sarah Palin, and putting it to good use. Conservative leaders Tammy Bruce, Jedediah Bila, Steven K Bannon, and our own Stacy Drake and Whitney Pitcher are panelists.

This event has been in the works for some time, with a presence on Facebook and Twitter. GrizzlyFest now has it’s website up and running. For the latest information, schedule of the event, and discussion agenda, click here.

This is an event you won’t want to miss.

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