Celebrating Ronald Reagan and “The Speech”

By Gary P Jackson

On October 27, 1964 Ronald Reagan spoke to the nation. The televised speech was given in support of Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, but was much more than that. This was Ronald Reagan’s political coming out party. Though he’d been involved in politics for a long time, this event would lead to Reagan becoming Governor of California, and the President of the United States.

Reagan had given versions of this speech, entitled A Time for Choosing before, but after this night it would become known as simply “The Speech.”

Reagan takes on the democrat party, the communists and socialists who inhabit it, and points out the failures of democrat policies. It’s a tough, powerful speech as only Reagan can deliver.

What Reagan was saying in 1964 still resonates today. The democrat party hasn’t changed. It’s still the party of failure, only now it has a communist heading the party, and in the White House. It’s a reminder that democrats never sleep. Democrats always advance their agenda, no matter what. As wrong as they are, democrats never waver from their mission.

It’s also a reminder of how weak the Republican Party is. In the 47 years since Reagan gave his speech, little has been done to stop the march of communism in America. As President, Reagan fought harder than anyone before, or since, but we are still seeing our nation rush headlong toward disaster.

If I had my way, this brilliant speech would be required teaching in every school, and knowing it, really understanding it, would be a requirement for graduation. It’s that important.

Ronald Reagan has been an inspiration to Conservatives for generations. His wisdom and leadership are the gold standard. His legacy is a dedicated group of men and women that believe in common sense government and see America as that Shining City on a Hill. Forever the optimist, Reagan was the leader who brought America out of it’s deep funk after the Carter years, and made us believe in ourselves again.

It all started with this speech.

Enjoy as we celebrate life of Ronald Reagan and the centennial of his birth. Be inspired all over again.


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4 responses to “Celebrating Ronald Reagan and “The Speech”

  1. Outstanding post. Thanks. I’m a little embarrassed that I didn’t realize this was the anniversary of The Speech.

  2. Joy

    Thanks for reminding us – and commemorating the anniversary! – of that great speech, Gary! It was memorable, that’s for sure! But somehow I recall that Reagan gave the keynote speech at the GOP Convention earlier that summer – and THAT’s the one I vividly recall (we always watched every moment of BOTH Parties’ Conventions in our family home for years!). But either one is a great reminder of the core values that most American Conservatives hold close to their heart & soul all of their lives! And that’s why Goldwater will always have a special place in MY heart – he was truly inspirational and fought the good fight (albeit mostly uphill!) throughout his political career. In fact, when he died, he was held in very high esteem by colleagues on BOTH sides of the political aisle – and this was primarily bec. he was true to his ideals and never wavered on principle (alien concepts, to be sure, to MItt Romney!!).

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