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BOMBSHELL: Mississippi Democrat Party Officials Admit Team Cochran Wanted Help Stealing the Election


Thad Cochran poster boy for everything wrong with the corrupt Republican Party. A Republican Party more interested in holding on to power, and corrupt business deals, than representing the American people.

We watched them steal this election

~ Gregg Phillips, a longtime Mississippi GOP operative who was a top aide to former conservative GOP Governor Kirk Fordice

By Gary P Jackson

I find this simply incredible.

Pete Perry, is a Cochran ally who serves as the Hinds County GOP chair. This matters because:

[emphasis mine]

To make matters even more interesting, Democrats in Hinds County are accusing Cochran’s Hinds County Republicans of illegal activity.

In an interview with Breitbart News on Thursday, Claude McInnis–the Hinds County Democrats’ top official–said that Perry asked Democrats to help him “break the law” by working together to accept Democratic voters who voted in the June 3 Democratic primary and in Tuesday’s GOP runoff.

Charging that Perry “has never ran a legal election in this state” because “he was never qualified by the Secretary of State’s office,” McInnis alleged that Perry asked him and county Democrats not to share records of who voted in each primary on June 3. The practice–called “switching the books“–is where, heading into a runoff, Democrats and Republicans swap poll books that list which voters voted in the respective parties’ recent primaries.

To start a primary, since Mississippi doesn’t technically have party registration, Democrats and Republicans each begin with their own lists of all registered voters. As voters cast ballots, poll workers write “VOTED” next to the names of people who vote in their primaries. If the process heads to a runoff in either or both parties’ primaries, the Democrats switch their books with Republicans and vice versa so poll workers in the runoffs can ensure nobody who voted in the Democratic primary votes in the GOP runoff and vice versa.

The Democrats get the Republican book and the Republicans get the Democrat book to protect against crossover voting,” McInnis said. “In Mississippi and a lot of other states, if you voted in the Republican primary, you must only vote in the Republican runoff; you can’t switch.

McInnis alleged in an interview with Breitbart News that Connie Cochran, Sen. Cochran’s sister-in-law and the Perry and Hinds County election commissioner, asked local Democrats not to switch the poll books.

In the state of Mississippi, you have to take steps to prevent crossover voting,” McInnis said. “If you voted Democrat in the Democratic primary, you can’t vote in the Republican runoff. The way we protect that is we switch the poll books. Pete Perry and Connie Cochran, who’s the chair of the election commission, called us and asked us not to switch the books–which is a clear violation of the law.”

McInnis told Breitbart News he personally witnessed at least one Hinds County precinct–Precinct 16–where the books had not been switched during the runoff day.I went out to a precinct to make sure the laws were being followed, and I got there at about 4 o’clock p.m.,” McInnis said. “They had not switched the books, under the influence of the young Republican and Democratic workers there. I demanded that they switch these books immediately. The Democratic poll manager there switched the books at 4 o’clock that evening.”

McInnis said he thinks Perry engaged in this practice throughout the entire county, but he can’t be sure because Democrats were only allowed inside 15 of the county’s 109 precincts on election day. Two Democrat candidates for the U.S. House third congressional district in Mississippi headed to a runoff, and while Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) represents most of Hinds County, the third congressional district has 15 precincts inside Hinds County.

I think this was county-wide, but we only had 15 precincts because we only had a small runoff in a very small part of the county; we only had 15 precincts in the eastern part of the county,” McInnis said. “The rest of the county had only the Republican runoff, so we had no authority to go to Republican polling places and do anything about it. But in the places we could, we did–because we did not want to be accused of anything with the Republican Party.

When asked how Perry could have succeeded in not switching the books–since he and other Democrats refused to cooperate with his request on the grounds that they believed it was illegal–McInnis replied that he worked with Sen. Cochran’s sister-in-law–the election commissioner in Hinds County–to get the job done. “Connie Cochran is the election commissioner,” McInnis said.

I can’t tell you if he did this at all the precincts, but I can tell you at the precincts I went to, they didn’t switch the books. I know one woman at one precinct where she had voted in the Democratic primary, but she also was allowed to vote in the Republican runoff. It happened at more than one precinct.

McInnis and his fellow Hinds County Democratic Executive Committee member, Chairwoman Jacqueline Amos-Norris, provided Breitbart News with email evidence that Perry and Connie Cochran were trying to not “switch the books” on runoff day. “Connie, unless I send you something in writing, it does not exist,” Norris wrote to Connie Cochran in the email dated June 18, six days before the runoff. “Claude informed me of what Pete said to you about the Poll Books and that’s not true and not legal. If I need to come down, please let me know.

What supposedly happened, according to McInnis and Norris, is that Perry told Connie Cochran that McInnis agreed to not switch the books. McInnis and Norris both said that isn’t and wasn’t true, which was why Norris sent that email to Connie Cochran to inform her that it was not true.

She stated that she told him it wasn’t going to happen, and that was the end of it,” Norris told Breitbart News.

For his part, Perry denies all of this, but top democrat officials are sticking by their story:

Rickey Cole, the state Democrats’ chairman, said it really wasn’t the end of it because Perry somehow managed not to switch the books in several precincts across the county. “We have no way of knowing how many it happened at because we didn’t have the authority to go into most of the precincts in Hinds County,” Cole said, noting that because of the fact that the third congressional district was happening in just 15 Hinds County precincts, the Democrats only saw what happened there.

Cole also said that he thinks not switching the books could “absolutely” have happened in scores of Mississippi’s 82 counties and more than 1,800 precincts. “This process had to be honored in every precinct in Mississippi, all more than 1,800 precincts“:

If I were doing the inquiry into this election, I would want to compare the June 3 Democratic poll books in every precinct with the June 24 Republican poll books in every precinct. That’s the only way to know whether there was any crossover or not. None of this is done electronically. This is all on paper. We don’t have electronic poll books yet in any county in Mississippi. So if any Republican runoff poll workers either didn’t have the Democratic poll books from June 3, or didn’t use the Democratic poll books from June 3, there would have been no way for them to have known whether a voter voted in the first Democratic primary or not.

McInnis also alleged that Perry personally illicitly decided which absentee ballots in Hinds County would be allowed and which ones would not:This is a thing that’s supposed to happen at the precincts. But we watched him decide which absentees would be voted and which absentees were not going to be voted. He also decided which affidavits would be voted and which ones would not. We watched him do that. We watched them break the law.

According to Phillips’ analysis of absentee ballots, 861 votes were cast by absentee ballot on June 24 in Hinds County–most of which were probably in the GOP runoff, though some may have been from the Democratic runoff of the third congressional district nomination, since 15 of Hinds’ 109 precincts are in that district.

Cole said, “There’s something very wrong” if the proper process wasn’t followed everywhere statewide, something that could–coupled with the questioning of thousands of ballots already–have drastic consequences.

If they find enough precincts where this process wasn’t followed–and they go through this methodical process and find thousands of instances where June 3 Democrats were voting in the June 24 Republican runoff–then I think an appeal should be filed with the Republican Executive Committee on those grounds,” Cole said. “Then the relief would have to be the ordering of a new election.”

Catherine Engelbrecht, head of True the Vote, believes this may go even deeper, in the light of eye witness reports that Perry also illegally fiddled with the absentee ballots, the results of the original January 3 election are now in questionell. It could be that McDaniel won the original election outright, and no run-off was actually needed.

Engelbrecht agrees, and thinks there should be an investigation into the GOP’s June 3 primary, too—because McDaniel may have actually won that outright, meaning there was no need for a runoff, she said, if this level of irregularity happened then.

I think at this point, there are too many questions left unanswered and too many actions that have openly subverted process and disregarded election law,” Engelbrecht stated. “I think that it is entirely possible when it is all said and done and the dust settles, we could see thousands of ballots being called into question, not only in the runoff, but I hope this also extends back into the primary.” She added, “Who knows who really won that primary? Based on the behavior that all of America just saw so plainly in the runoff, I think the bigger question may become who really won that primary?”

This is quite possibly the most egregious case of voter fraud in our nation’s history. Between this, and the race baiting by Thad Cochran’s team, accusing the Tea Party of racism, and McDaniel being affiliated with the KKK, there is a stench over the Mississippi GOP that will linger for years, if not decades to come.

This incident illustrates everything that is wrong with the Republican Party, a party that spends more time attacking the base of it’s own party, than the democrats, who are destroying our country. A Republican Party more interested in holding on to power, and corrupt business deals, than representing the American people.

There are a lot of phony “conservatives,” the ones with books to sell, and columns at phony “conservative” websites to promote, who are telling you and I to forget all of this. That McDaniel “lost” and that we need to “learn how to win some elections.” I won’t repeat the words used on these worthless crapweasels, but I will say THIS: When you come across these jackasses on Twitter, Facebook, or in print, call them out. Slap them around. Remind these a-holes that brave men and women fought and DIED for our country, and to just give up and walk away from what is an obvious case of illegal activity dishonors every single one of them.

Over the last few days I’ve come to know who is for real, and who is just in it to sell books or be popular on Twitter! It’s time to treat the latter as the enemy of Liberty and Freedom, every much as you would any other liberal.

This is a righteous fight. A fight that MUST be fought, and MUST be won. If the Republican Party gets away with this crap in Mississippi, We, the People, will never matter again.

The Republican Party hates you and I, this we already know. The question now is are we going to allow this to continue, or are we going to act!

Never give up, never surrender!



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Mississippi Democrat Party Chairman: “Highly Conceivable” McDaniel Finds Enough Irregularities to Demand New Election



America as we know it ends” [if voter fraud is allowed to determine election outcomes]

~ Catherine Engelbrecht, head of True the Vote

By Gary P Jackson

Within an article by Matthew Boyle at Breitbart is buried some very interesting quotes by democrat party leaders, who know exactly what went on in the June 24 run-off election in Mississippi.

Claude McInnis–the election coordinator for the Hinds County Democratic Party Executive Committee–estimated that after their review, McDaniel’s team will find about 3,000 total Democrats who voted in the June 3 Democratic primary and again in the GOP runoff on June 24 in his county.

“I’m going to guess 3,000,” McInnis said in a phone interview with Breitbart News. “It may be more, but I only have access to the Democratic votes, so that’s what I’m guessing the difference may be.”

Statewide, state Democratic Chairman Rickey Cole told Breitbart News, “It is very conceivable–it is highly conceivable” that McDaniel and his team “will find a number of irregularities that will reach 6,700 or greater.

You can’t predict these kinds of things,” Cole said when asked if he thinks a challenge from McDaniel would be successful, but “if I were in a race this close, I’d be doing the same thing.

Cole said if McDaniel finds at least 6,700 Democrats who voted in the Democrat primary three weeks ago and the GOP runoff on Tuesday, a Mississippi court could actually demand a new election.

You don’t have to prove who they voted for,” Cole said. “You just have to prove there were that many ineligible ballots. That puts the intent of the voting public in doubt, and that’s the path by which a court would order a new election.

Besides any Democrats who voted in both the June 3 Democratic primary and the June 24 Republican runoff, McDaniel’s campaign is also reviewing absentee ballots.

According to data compiled by GOP operative Phillips, there was a significant spike in absentee ballots for the runoff over the primary. Between both the Democratic and Republican primaries on June 3, there were a total of 18,036 absentee ballots cast. In the runoff on June 24–between the statewide GOP runoff and the low-profile third congressional district Democrat runoff–there were 19,144 absentee ballots cast.

Speaking to the increase in absentee ballots, Catherine Engelbrecht, head of True the Vote added:

When you look at what causes voting behaviors to radically change, in the absence of a demographic shift, in the absence of any single point of departure, in three weeks what could cause such a shift?” Engelbrecht asked.

Here’s the things that we know: We know that mail-in absentee ballots were not subject to Mississippi’s new voter identification regulations,” Engelbrecht stated, adding:

We know that, historically speaking, in the last several years, there have been numerous people jailed for absentee ballot harvesting and falsification of identities using absentee ballots. And we know of the Breitbart News video showing that absentees were again being harvested in the runoff and primary. I would go so far as to say when I tried to go and look at the absentee ballot applications this past week at two separate courthouses, I was not allowed to look at them.

Right now,” Engelbrecht says, “election officials and state GOP officials are not being forthcoming with absentee ballot applications. Her group has publicly called on Mississippi GOP Chairman Joe Nosef to refrain from certifying Tuesday’s runoff election until all the absentee ballots and applications are verified.” Nosef hasn’t responded to a request from Breitbart News about whether he’ll comply with the request to verify those votes before certifying the election. He also has not responded to a request about a call from McDaniel to intervene and order state party officials across Mississippi to cooperate with McDaniel’s allies who seek to verify the election’s outcome.

A 2006 study by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, which interviewed several left of center, right of center, and nonpartisan election integrity experts nationwide, found that the absentee ballot process “is subject to the greatest proportion of fraudulent acts” over any other part of the election process in America.

Engelbrecht points to Mississippi law, which has fairly strict absentee ballot eligibility rules, as a reason why many of the absentee ballots could be thrown out, and she notes there’s plenty of other reasons why they could be discarded upon further review.

There are so many pieces that would potentially invalidate many of these absentee ballots, for instance, if the application is not properly filled out, if the notary is not a proper and duly designated notary–which we’ve seen historically happen in Mississippi as it relates to absentee ballot harvesting,” Engelbrecht said. “Did they have somebody witness it? Did the signatures inside and outside the ballot envelopes match? All of these things need to be checked, and in a race this close, every vote matters.” She then asserted, “You don’t need a whole lot of election fraud; you just need a little bit in the right places to swing an election.”

I want to remind readers, it’s illegal to vote in both democrat and Republican primaries, for the same election. In other words, anyone who voted in the June 3 democrat party primary, could not, by law, vote in the June 24 GOP run-off election, which, of course, was to decide the winner of the GOP primary. It goes without saying a significant number of democrats voted illegally on June 24.

The evidence is going to take McDaniel and his allies some time to compile, as nothing in Mississippi is handled electronically; it’s all done by handwritten paperwork.

Mississippi has seen new elections called before; a judge called for one in the Hattiesburg mayoral race just last year, after similar actions to what McDaniel’s campaign is alleging occurred there. But for a U.S. Senate primary–and most likely a U.S. Senate seat, as the Republican nominee is expected to win in November–a judge ordering a new election because of widespread voter fraud would cause a political firestorm.

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BREAKING: McDaniel Campaign is Filing Legal Challenge on Monday #MSSen

Chris McDaniel

By Gary P Jackson

From Charles C Johnson:

Charles is a definite MUST follow for those interested in the criminality in the Mississippi election. He has been doing an incredible job covering things.


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Inspirational McDaniel Videos Banned from Local MS TV: “Never Surrender”

By Isabel Matos

Yes, she is a Republican. Proud American and McCain National Hispanic Chair.  A real charmer, isn’t she? There’s more where those came from. Feel free to be infuriated.  This is not about her, though. It’s about the foolish, separatist establishment mentality. In any case, her tweets should motivate you to go to Chris McDaniel’s defense.

It has been said when you feel like quitting, remember why you got in fight in the first place.

enjoy the two inspiring videos by Chris McDaniel.

Video by Charles Johnson uploaded two days ago.

In this speech that was banned from local TV, Chris McDaniel promises to never surrender. It’s deeply moving. #Neversurrender

Video by Charles Johnson

This video was blocked by a local affiliate from airing even though Bea Harrison, host of That’s What I Love About the South, invited Senator Cochran to speak as well. He ignored her. Harrison says that that affiliate has ties to mega lobbyist and former Governor Haley Barbour.

I’ve been publishing a lot of documents and videos. I’m an independent journalist. If you like my work, support it here.

This was videotaped prior to June 24th. It was uploaded four days ago. At 3:45 minutes McDaniel’s remarks included mentions of Senator Cruz has demonstrated what courage can do on the floor of the Senate, Senator Lee from Utah has demonstrated what a voice can do to change not only a state but a Republic. They need reinforcements and this is what that fight is about. This was videotaped prior to June 24th. It was uploaded four days ago.

What are you willing to do? How far are you willing to go? Your country is demanding you defend your principles again. That you fight again.

    1. Will you be men and women of courage? When you engage your local, state or federal government, they will mark you, they will not kill you and you’ll have to stand nevertheless and defend your belief system.
    2. Will you be men and women of judgement? Judgement means more than the perception of what your actions will accomplish today but your actions will accomplish ten years from now. Youth is a reminder of the obligation you have to your Republic. We need to engage today.
    3. Will you be men and women of Integrity? Integrity means the ability to defend yourself. It means more than what you think. Sometimes it means a willingness to defend yourself despite your imperfections and defend. DONT LET YOUR IMPERFECTIONS get in the way of your duty to your country and your families.
    4. Will you be men and women of dedication? Don’t lose hope. Don’t despair. They don’t want you to engage in the system.

Nothing could be more true as we await the results of the legal battle (It is not over yet as McDaniel has not conceded). Those involved in the decision-making regarding the certification of ballots should listen to (in case they missed them) the videos above.  They included members of the committee include Roger Wicker, a couple of Barbours – Austin and Henry, and Thad Cochran himself. Yes. It is true. According to my source, Cochran establishment members whose names we are not familiar with are involved in the decision to certify votes or not. One name not on the list but who we need to know: Pete Perry.  He is the Hinds County Republican Chairman. Perry is dismissing “Tea Party” accounts of crossover votes in his county. He is calling them “wild accusations”.  (That would explain the GOPe’s delay and intransigence on the matter, I am guessing.)

As I understand it, the complaint by the representative of the Tea Party yesterday was that ‘they had found over 800 instances of June 3 voters in the Democrat primary who illegally voted in the June 24 runoff election.’

Instead of making wild accusations which stir up social media with cries of fraud and corruption, it would be much better for all involved Ð the voters, the candidates, the 500 poll workers in Hinds County Ð if we let facts enter into the conversation. And the facts are that their claims are wildly exaggerated. As a committee, we are still in the process of going through the election results before they can be certified, but this morning we can discuss some of the specific examples that were raised yesterday.

It is not too late to request Perry’s removal from his chairmanship as it is at the center of all the fraud that has gone on (despite what he says), or send an email to the Chairman of the Republican Party, Joe Nosef about why he should make a decision IN FAVOR OF McDaniels.  Your kindly worded emails to him with reasons for doing what is right are welcome.  The emails are obviously getting to him. (I can’t even believe I am writing this but it is all true).

I may send an email because a candidate was robbed of rightful victory on June 24th. You would think a Republican would not need national attention or pressure nationwide to do what is right, but this is what it is coming down to it seems. If I can help, I will.  There have been no lies on our part and there is no excuse for the Republican establishment to dismiss these charges or deny election results were illegal. Once my head cools and the shock wears away, I may send a comment or two,

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Tea Party Patriots Asks RNC Chair to Intervene . The Silence is Deafening.

Thad For Mississippipriebus-at-lectern-ap

By Isabel Matos

Here’s a great little clip in which a caller describes paid voting, impeding drives in a small precinct. The mother of the caller is a poll watcher and is willing to sign an affidavit, per Charles Johnson who is an activist and freelance journalist.

It’s incredible there are Republicans in Mississippi who doubt there is fraud going on. As we wait for results from those “talks” taking place, I would like to know what you think we should we do about the GOPe’s betrayal?

I’m not just a dreamer, I’m an activist. I don’t just want to read about what’s happening in Mississippi. I want something to be done about it. Let’s talk about the aftermath after ALL the stones have been turned. Let’s drop this hashtag #rememberMississippi when we finish fighting this. We might as well wave the flag of surrender and consider the soul of the party to be irretrievably lost at the rate some are going. Cochran’s “victory” should be where we draw the line.

What more will it take? Is treachery not enough?

As a loyal base we always find ways to forget all the wrongs and move on. The GOPe has relied on that in past, but there is proof that crossovers took place; however, it is all being swept under the rug. It’s as if none of it is even happening.

The absence of outrage and delay are worry-some. The fact is, Thad Cochran might end up winning. No one in the position to do something about seems to care enough to carry out the truth. I still can’t believe it is happening in this country.

I will never be jaded. This is beyond antagonism . I wish it was just desperation on the part of the GOPe but the fact is they are winning and gloating about winning. Even if it is treachery, and they could do what is right by defending us, why would they? Why pass up a power grab that would get us out of their way? Their hatred towards the base is stunning. The mockery of this conservative candidate is shameful. As someone whose family came to this country in search of freedom I’m saddened and disheartened by all of it. Something is dead wrong. If we don’t stop them, GOPe will be emboldened to do more. It’s more than just about Mississippi. It concerns us all. I never thought I’d see the day where there was proof Republicans hated us more than they loved freedom. It was always my suspicion but they crossed the line. IF they remain silent and do not correct this wrong I will never forget. I remember all the wrongs they have perpetrated in the past. But this will be the most gratuitous act of defiance, greed and stupidity yet. I thought we all understood Stealing and Cheating disqualified candidates from winning elections but I guess I was wrong. Republicans have become Democrats.

Here are three recent reactions. Which of the paths below would you choose? I am at a loss for offering solutions. I just know we’re in trouble.

  1. Tea Party Patriots asks Priebus to intervene in Mississippi race. “No one disputes that Thad Cochran’s vote total Tuesday was the result of crossover votes cast by Democrats — in fact, Establishment Republicans and their operatives are bragging publicly about their ‘brilliant’ strategy,” Martin said in a statement provided exclusively to Breitbart News. “But the necessary logical flip side of that is that Chris McDaniel won more votes from actual Republicans than did Cochran. Thus, only a fool would dispute that McDaniel is the clear choice of Republicans in MS. He is, by all rights, the Republican nominee, regardless of what state law states. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus should address this. As Chairman of the national party, he has overall responsibility for the selection of GOP nominees across the country.”
  2. Steve Deace suggests we not vote for any more Republicans who do not represent us. I agree but who the candidate is that he describes is unknown and we would have wait to watch the GOP implode in 2016.  It’s not now 1. Don’t vote for anymore corporatist Republicans in red states/districts.  All these people do is take the power of incumbency and nullify our movement with our votes. Solidly red states/districts ought to be represented by movement conservatives without exception. If they’re not, we have learned the hard way we’re no longer choosing “the lesser of two evils.” We’re choosing people who will score points repeatedly for the other team while wearing our uniform. We cannot defeat the Democrats until we defeat the GOP establishment, and we can’t do that until we stop empowering them. 2. Coalesce early behind the non-establishment presidential candidate with the broadest conservative appeal. If we aren’t successful in implementing this plan, I believe we will see the GOP implode shortly after losing again in    2016. Look at what happened in York, Pennsylvania, earlier this year for an example of what will come next
  3. True the Vote (TTV), a voters’ rights and election integrity organization, submitted a letter to Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef calling for the release of absentee balloting information for independent review prior to election certification and requesting an Audit. His answer may irk you. This was part of his response (not all to avoid ruffling feathers) .. I am worried Chris is allowing misinformation to get out there about the process.  This is his address:
Joe Nosef,
Chairman Mississippi Republican Party
415 Yazoo St Jackson, MS 39201 601-948-5191


Seriously? Mississippians and Americans deserve better.

Arrival 001

Fidel smart ass

oh brother, jeb rino sleep

What was the point of coming all this way if Republicans will repeat history.




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Levity With a Political Purpose. Photo Bomb Away, Congressman!

Photo Bomb Louie

By Isabel Matos

Gimmicky or not, Louie Gohmert is making headlines with his recent photo bombs.  Above he appears between Ralph Reed and Kevin McCarthy, “next-in-line” to John Boehner who replaced Eric Cantor after his June 3rd defeat. Here is what it was really about: Boehner using threats to have McCarthy elected.

Next, Gohmert introduces a bill offering a Million Dollar Reward for recovering the lost Emails which he says they know are out there, and $500,000 for any information on who destroyed them. He tells Bill Hemmer Holder needs to go and that this offer is one way of working around his “Just Us” not Justice department that he is convinced will not do anything about it.

Last, I could not have said it better than Caleb Howe myself but will add that maybe Louie wanted to call attention to the establishment winner of Oklahoma’s race, James Lankford.  I like the “GOP We’re Watching You” feel to it.  It is both funny and brilliant. And it still has me laughing.

He’s coming. He’s coming. He’s coming.

Louie Gohmert doesn’t know who you are. He does’t know what you want. But what he does have are a very particular set of skills; skills he has acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you put him in your camera shot, that’ll be the end of it. He will not look for you. He will not pursue you.

But if you don’t, he will look for you. He will find you, And he will photo bomb your SOUL.

To do justice, I am listing a few videos of the exchanges between Louie Gohmert and Eric Holder. Exchanges? More like personal confrontations, which is great! Eric Holder DOES NOT LIKE Congressman Gohmert, and that should makes us like him even more.  Any Republican who can rattle Eric Holder and make him lose composure is doing his job. The clips are not just about the IRS scandal and date back a few years in some cases. Thank you, Congressman for all you do!


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McDaniel Supporters Barred From Reviewing Voter Rolls in Nine Mississippi Counties


By Gary P Jackson

From Gateway Pundit:

[emphasis mine]

Lindsay Krout, a volunteer working in Mississippi, was barred from reviewing voter rolls in Lafayette County Mississippi Friday morning.

Lindsay said when she went to the Lafayette County courthouse this morning and was forced to wait for an hour. Then the county clerk told her the Secretary of State’s office said the county had to redact the Social Security number and addresses from the voter rolls. The clerk said it will take until Wednesday to redact the information. And, the county will charge McDaniel supporters for the extra work.

Mississippi law states that the clerk must allow public viewing of the election documentation:


Lindsay said McDaniel supporters in Lowndes County and Lauderdale County faced similar pushback from the local officials. The clerks also said they would have to schedule the time so county officials could be present.

There are reports that Governor Phil Bryant wants to certify the election on Monday.

UPDATE: McDaniel supporters are facing the same pushback in Stone County.

UPDATE: The McDaniel supporters say they are facing a similar situation in Marshall County, Quitman County and Coahoma County

UPDATE: Lindsay writes, “Add Forrest County and Smith County to the list.

** The McDaniel campaign is asking for donations and resources to investigate the voter rolls.

It should be noted that Connie Cochran, Thad’s sister-in-law, is on the Mississippi Election Commission, and has been reprimanded for illegal activity, surrounding an election, before.

This is getting nasty folks, it’s time for people to rise up and DEMAND the law be followed in Mississippi, and around the nation. Enough is enough!

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Mississippi Tea Party Leader, Mark Mayfield, Commits Suicide

Mark Mayfield, Merrida Coxwell, John Reeves

By Isabel Matos

Madison Journal Reported: Ridgeland attorney and Mississippi tea party leader Mark Mayfield died this morning of an apparent suicide, Ridgeland Police said.  The cause of death is a gunshot wound to the head, but other details had not been released, the police said.

Madison County tea party leader Pat Bruce sent out an e-mail about 9:40 a.m. saying Mayfield had killed himself 10 minutes earlier in his garage.


Mayfield served as vice chairman of the Mississippi Tea Party and was arrested for conspiring with Clayton Kelly to take photos of Thad Cochran’s infirmed wife at St. Catherine’s Village in Madison.

Mayfield was given a $250,000 bond at his initial hearing and posted a $25,000 cash bond.

Politico expanded on the news (I do not agree with they were too eager to claim Cochran defeated McDaniel in the primary on Tuesday), reporting:

Grant Sowell, a leader of the Tupelo Tea Party who has known Mayfield about five years said he sort of “got cut off from the world” after the arrest. He shut down his Facebook and was upset that the whole scandal might hurt McDaniel’s chances.

Sowell said he called Mayfield a few days after the arrest to encourage him with some scripture, and Mayfield warned him that the phones could be tapped.

“He said, ‘I’m not guilty of anything,’ but … it gave people a paranoid feeling,” said Sowell.

“Nobody should have died over this,” he added. “It’s just an election. I’m heartbroken by it … I wish I’d reached out more.”

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Daniel Horowitz: This Is Treachery


In light of last night’s election results in Mississippi, there is one question every conservative should be asking: how much longer can a party survive when its leadership is inexorably against the ethos of its base?

While Democrats harness their base supporters to advance the party’s liberal agenda, the Republican establishment works to undermine and disenfranchise its own base the minute they have pocketed their support in the general election. Now, after actively campaigning for Democrat votes in order to win against conservative Chris McDaniel in Mississippi, the GOP establishment has reached a new low in their treachery against those who embody the heart and soul of the party.

Based on the preliminary election results, it appears that the well-oiled campaign by the NRSC and Haley Barbour to turn out Democrat votes was more than enough to make the difference in last night’s primary. With roughly 60,000 more votes cast in the runoff than the primary, and an unprecedented surge in Democrat counties and precincts, it is almost certain that Chris McDaniel won the GOP vote while losing overall by about 6,400 votes.

Campaigning openly for Democrat votes in a GOP primary using issues and arguments contrary to the party platform is one thing. But the fact that they played the race card and ran mailers and robo calls in African American areas accusing their own party of being racist is downright despicable.

Hence, the NRSC and the GOP establishment essentially marshalled Democrat support to beat conservative voters in order to reelect an ineffective incumbent who is barely lucid and will very possibly never serve out his term.

Ironically, the establishment treachery on the campaign trail in Mississippi is merely a reflection of what they do in Washington. The GOP-controlled House has whipped Democrat votes to undermine and disenfranchise the GOP majority on numerous occasions over the past few years. Senate Republican leaders stood shoulder to shoulder with their Democrat colleagues and denounced conservative supporters of defunding Obamacare both on the Senate floor and in the media. They have clearly grown comfortable allying with their fellow career politicians in the Democrat Party than with those who in their own party who want government to work for the people again.

Throughout the primary season, GOP elites have accused the conservative base of helping Democrats by challenging Republicans in primaries. The reality is that we are challenging these people precisely because they work in tandem with Democrat and empower them in growing government. Yet, despite the acerbic differences and acrimony, the conservative base had always soldiered on and supported the Republican establishment candidate in the general election. Conservative were quick to do so with Mitch McConnell in Kentucky.

Now, the establishment has openly and unabashedly empowered Democrats to disenfranchise Republican voters in Mississippi by running on a platform of big government and playing the race card.

They may have the ability to continue fighting their base in the short-run, but no party can be at war with its base forever and succeed. It’s unclear whether the Republican Party will remain viable in the long term. But either way, these people will eventually be left without a home. At some point the base will either reassert itself or start a new party, and Democrats will not be there to help them in a general election. Live by the Democrats; die by the Democrats.

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Speaker Boehner IMPEACHMENT is the CONSTITUTIONAL Remedy for President Obama Not Some Lame-Ass Lawsuit!

Impeach Obama Overpass

The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

The Constitution, Article II, Section 4

By Gary P Jackson

Under President Barack Obama the Rule of Law, and the United States Constitution, have become meaningless. Barack Obama has committed numerous real crimes, and has also refused to work within the confines of the constitutional Separation of Powers, as outlined in our founding documents.

For those that have forgotten, Americans don’t elect a king, or a ruler, we elect a President. The President is head of the Executive Branch of government, but there are two other EQUAL branches of government, the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch. These three branches of government exist to serve as checks and balances to each other. The idea is to keep any one branch from going out of control, as President Obama has been doing since he took office in 2009.

Of course, in order for the Rule of Law, and those checks and balances to work against a despicable, lawless Executive, the other branches of government, especially the Legislative Branch, has to have the moral fortitude to enforce those checks and balances, politics be damned.

Sadly, we have no one with that moral fortitude to do what’s right, and take Obama and his lawless thug government on. It seems all of the Republicans are more worried about protecting their phony-baloney jobs, than protecting the United States of America!

So… in a scene right out of Blazing Saddles Speaker of the House John Boehner is trying to make people think he’s doing something by filing a lawsuit against President Obama for his lawlessness and use of Executive Orders to illegally bypass Congress.

Don’t be fooled my friends, this is window dressing meant to appease voters who are already so angry at Boehner, and Congress in general, that hardware stores are stocking up on pitchforks and torches [as well as tar and feathers] in anticipation of an all out rebellion!

But Gary,” you say, filing lawsuit against President Obama is the way to stop him and is easier and more appealing than impeachment. No it’s not.

Let’s look at Attorney General Eric Holder, America’s chief law enforcement officer, as an example. Eric Holder has been in Contempt of Congress for a year now. [Well, 11 months, to the day, if you want to get technical] He is the first sitting Cabinet member in United States history to have been held in Contempt of Congress. That is a VERY big deal.

We all know if Holder was a Republican, not only would he already be gone from office, he’d likely be serving time in prison, but in Obama’s America™ the Rule of Law is meaningless, and the corrupt media has Obama and all of his fellow thugs’ back. I’d be willing to wager a fair amount of American dollars that most people don’t even know Holder has been held in Contempt of Congress, or the significance of that crime.

One thing is for certain, Eric Holder committed a crime and has suffered absolutely ZERO consequences ZERO repercussions for his actions. Nor has Holder suffered any for his lack of enforcing dozens of laws, even though his actions have, in more than one case, put the entire United States in peril.

Should Speaker Boehner, after a year of so of wasting time in the courts with his lawsuit, be victorious, guess who would be called upon to enforce whatever action prescribed against President Obama: That’s right, Eric Holder. Good luck with that!

Now there will be many who say you can’t impeach Obama. Most of these naysayers will be in the consultant class, who, as we all know, have done a bang up job of advising Republicans so far!

First and foremost, we must all realize this CANNOT be about politics. The Rule of Law, the Constitution, and our Founding Principles, are far more important than whether or not a political party wins the next election. Doing the right thing is often harder than not. What President Obama has done, and is doing, is far too dangerous for Republicans, or anyone else, to care about how this effects the outcome of the next election, or the Presidential elections in 2016.

Republicans have become very adept at using the excuse of worrying about the next election to justify their inability, or unwillingness, to act on any number of important issues. Well, guess what, there is ALWAYS another election!

We have a federal election every two years. Some state, somewhere, is also having a gubernatorial election every two years. If you are going to let yourself be handcuffed by worrying about election results, then you might as well resign from office and go home, because you certainly are worthless as an employee of We, The People!

It’s time for those we PAY to represent us in Congress to actually start representing us, and actually start looking out for these United States, instead of worrying about their own careers.

Oh, and for God’s sake, WHEN you start writing Articles of Impeachment against President Obama, PLEASE appoint a point man [or woman] for media who has enough brain power to articulate the actions.

Republicans blew it, big time, when they impeached President Bill Clinton. To this day, many Americans still believe those nasty old Republicans were angry because Clinton was serviced by a pathetic girl in the Oval Office.

Thanks to poor messaging, as well as a corrupt media, few know, or understand that Bill Clinton was impeached for lying to Congress, [a crime] lying under oath in a civil trial, [a felony] and suborning perjury, coercing someone else to lie under oath on his behalf. [also a felony] Both of these crimes are punishable by five to seven years in prison, under federal statutes. But thanks to poor handling by the GOP, Clinton’s affair with Lewinsky has been labeled by many as “no one’s business” and a “vendetta by Republicans” rather than multiple felonies that would have sent anyone else to prison!

Look Republicans, YOU ARE going to be called racists, and worse, for impeaching Obama for the crimes he’s committed. So what! You’ve been bending over for Obama and the corrupt media for years, and STILL are called racists. At this point, to quote Hillary Clinton: “what difference does it make!” Do your job and start impeachment proceedings now. Forget the attacks. Democrats spew hate 24/7, it’s who they are and what they do. Deal with it!

Just make sure your point man to the media can string two coherent sentences together, has the testicular fortitude to never back down when talking to the corrupt media, and can stay on message, no matter what. Obama has committed crimes against America. Never forget this.

There are also some that will remind Republicans that they don’t have control of the Senate, so impeaching the President would be a waste of time. To this again I say, SO WHAT!

In case you aren’t familiar, the way this works, The House of Representatives draw up Articles of Impeachment, and the Senate holds the trial, with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court sitting in judgement. It doesn’t matter WHO controls the Senate. Harry Reid cannot block this, as he has hundreds of other pieces of legislation, designed to help the American people, and passed by the House of Representatives.

After all evidence is presented, members of the Senate then act as the jury, and vote on whether to convict, or acquit. Yes, as you can imagine, the vote will mostly go along party lines, whether or not the GOP controls the Senate [after the November elections]

If the Republicans do their job however, the evidence is overwhelming. They can use this to portray any democrat not supporting impeachment AND conviction of President Obama as corrupt, as corrupt and lawless as Obama himself.

Let me tell you something, Americans are sick of corrupt politicians. This includes a vast majority of democrats, as well. Politically this is a winner, not that politics matter. I somehow think the GOP Smart Set™ is incapable of understanding just how angry the American people are at corruption in government though.

But of course, the Republicans have to grow a pair! Once this is put in motion, this is a hill all Republicans must be willing to die on. We are talking about the future of these United States, and the Rule of Law. And this IS the hill to die on. If Republicans aren’t willing to stand up for the Constitution and Rule of Law, against an out of control, truly criminal president, then they might as well throw in the towel, resign, and dissolve the party. Yes, this is that serious. And that important.

By the way, once impeachment proceeding get under way, President Obama will be restrained from further attacking the American people, and damaging America even further. This is a very good thing, for sure.

Articles of Impeachment

The Supreme Court has voted UNANIMOUSLY Against Obama 12 Times, SO FAR

Not something to impeach Obama for, but certainly a foundation FOR impeachment. Think about this, Obama has been so lawless that on 12 separate occasions, including once this very week, all nine Supreme Court Justices, including the far left extremists Obama himself appointed, have voted in unison against this lawless president! That is a big deal, if for no other reason, than it proves President Obama has absolutely no regard for the Rule of Law, and no intention of ever following the law, despite being officially reprimanded on numerous occasions.


Let’s talk about the crimes against America, and humanity, that President Barack Obama has committed. This is in no particular order, nor is it presented as a complete list of charges that can be brought against President Obama. These are just the major crimes Obama and his fellow thugs have committed since 2009.

Fast and Furious File under: High Crimes and Misdemeanors

This is the first big one. Fast and Furious was a scheme cooked up by Obama and Eric Holder. Much different than President George W Bush’s Operation Wide Receiver, which recorded serial numbers of weapons, and tracked them ever second they were in the field, Fast and Furious put weapons DIRECTLY in the hands of known drug lords and narco-terrorists. After that, no one paid attention, until the dead bodies started piling up.

This was a vile attempt, supported by Obama’s buddies in the media, as well as Mexico’s President Felipe Calderón, to outright destroy the rights of every single American.

The scam was an attempt to usurp the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, hoping to bring about sweeping and unconstitutional gun bans in the United States. Obama, through his media co-conspirators, got stories out there claiming guns from America were being sent into Mexico, and causing much violence. Of course, no one bothered to note those guns were put in Mexico BY OBAMA!

Mexico’s President Felipe Calderón even helped Obama with his ruse, when he was allowed to speak to Congress. Calderón repeated Obama’s lies, and blamed America’s so-called “gun culture” for violence in Mexico, violence cause by guns Obama and Holder sent to Mexico!

This was a despicable act in itself, and should have started impeachment proceedings immediately, but the results of Obama and Holder’s criminal activity is far worse than a mere attempt to destroy our Constitution, even though many would rightly consider this an act of treason. Sadly President Obama and Attorney General Holder have blood on their hands, The blood of both Mexicans AND Americans.

So far, Obama and Holder are directly responsible for hundreds of dead Mexican citizens [the exact number may never be known, but it’s in multiples of 100, for certain] and two American citizens, federal agents Jaime Zapata and Brian Terry. Two names no American should ever forget. Two Americans who deserve justice. As do the families of the dead Mexicans.

There is plenty of evidence, and no way Obama, and Holder, should escape conviction, after impeachment. This was a despicable act by despicable men. No punishment will ever be harsh enough for these two, for these acts.

Illegally funding terrorists in Egypt, Syria, and the greater Middle East File under: Treason

Yes, treason. Obama has funded terrorists all over the Middle East. Obama backed the various uprisings by factions of the Muslim Brotherhood …. AKA … Al Qaeda …. by sending weapons and financial aid. Many of those weapons, and that money, is now being used by ISIS forces to attack Iraq, OUR ALLY, and destabilize it’s government.

Let’s not even talk about the fact Obama stood by as Freedom seeking young people tried to rise up in Iran, and did nothing while those students were slaughtered in the streets, even as he funded what were essentially Al Qaeda terrorists elsewhere else. In fact, Obama publicly proclaimed he had no intention of supporting the righteous uprising by Freedom seeking Iranians, even as they were murdered in the streets! But remember, Obama didn’t hesitate to support Al Qaeda as they overthrew regimes all over the Middle East, including those friendly to America and Israel, such as Egypt.

I don’t think much else needs to be said.

The VA Scandal

Now anyone who has dealt with the VA knows what is going on. LONG wait lists, people dying while waiting for care, and generally horrible health care, is nothing new. In fact it’s decades old. But that isn’t the point.

Candidate Barack Obama actually ran on this mess in 2008! Candidate Obama promised to fix the VA, and hold those responsible for this mess accountable.

When the scandal broke earlier this year, and people realized many veterans were DYING while waiting to be seen by a VA doctor, President Obama did what he does best, he lied! Obama claimed, like he has of every scandal, that he had “just heard about it in the news.” This is an out and out lie of the highest order!

Not only did Obama “forget” to reform the VA after being elected in 2008, he and his vile cohorts actually used the VA as an example of how “well” government health care works, using it as a selling point for his other crime against humanity, ObamaCare!!!

When everyone was calling for the head of the VA’s chairman on a platter, Obama stood by the director, at least for a time.

Impeachable? Hell I don’t know, but Obama is Commander-in-Chief of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. As Commander-in-Chief, I think we can all agree Obama has been derelict in his duties, and allowed those under his command to die of neglect. The remedy for an officer for this is generally a court marshal, and removal from command. The civilian equivalent for Obama would certainly be impeachment., conviction, and removal from office.

The IRS Scandal File under: High Crimes and Misdemeanors, at the very least.

We are all familiar with this. The IRS targeted Conservative groups leading up to the 2012 elections, attacking many, and denying status to others, thus making it impossible for them to raise money and actively participate in said 2012 elections. We now know Lois Lerner, the IRS official at the forefront of this crime, sought to attack Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, during the same period.

This is the sort of thing that should put not only Obama, but dozens in charge at the IRS, in prison for most of the rest of their lives. This is one of the most egregious attacks on Civil Rights we’ve seen since the bad old days of the democrat party’s Jim Crow laws!

Let me say this to those who think Obama is just an innocent bystander here. All one has to do is look at the coordinated effort between President Obama, his former adviser and Chief of Staff Pete Rouse, and a group of hand picked bloggers in Alaska, as they targeted Governor Sarah Palin, with dozens of bogus “ethics complaints” that would eventually force the Governor to resign, as Obama and his thugs had already cost the state millions of dollars, and had so maliciously abused FOIA, that her administration could no longer carry on it’s day to day activities. Governor Palin resigned for the good of her state, despite whatever political cost it may have brought to her personally. This was one of the most honorable things we have seen from a politician in our lifetime.

For those not familiar with this, plug in “Obama’s Alaska Mafia” into your favorite search engine, for more on all of this. Obama’s actions in this jihad against Governor Palin, and the people of Alaska, is well documented, as well as the part he played in the phony and discredited “Troopergate” witch hunt. [One of the few things CNN has truthfully reported in recent memory!]

Obama has a long history of attacking political opponents that goes all of the way back to his very first successful run at office, where he attacked his own political mentor, using questionable legal moves [a la Palin] to disqualify her from running, taking the win unopposed. Obama, being successful, has since used thug tactics against EVERY opponent in every election since, including democrat primaries!

This is a fluid story, so we’re still learning about all of the crimes Obama and his minions have committed, but one thing’s for certain, with the “dog ate my emails” BS, we definitely have grounds for impeachment.

Remember, President Richard Nixon was about to be impeached, and convicted, over 17 minutes worth of missing tapes in the Watergate scandal. Knowing the potential amount of emails that are missing from Lois Lerner’s computer, as well as [supposedly] five others involved in this crime, this is thousands of times worse than Watergate!

Oh, BTW, now the EPA, which is also under investigation for criminal activity, is ALSO claiming it’s computers have crashed, and important emails lost as well! If you fall for this one, I have property I’d love to show you!

There shouldn’t be any question over impeachment and conviction here.



Look, it may be that, after a full investigation of facts, there is no way anyone could have prevented the slaughter of our four brave men in Benghazi, though there were around nine hours between the first assault that saw Ambassador Stevens murdered, and his body defiled, and the second that saw our brave SEALs killed.

Chris Stevens Dragged Through Streets Sodomized

What we DO know is Ambassador Stevens had made numerous requests for more security, requests that were denied by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

We also know that President Obama and Secretary Clinton KNOWINGLY lied to the American people, blaming the attacks on a You Tube video, and even going so far as to imprison the video’s maker [!] even though they knew this was an act of terrorism, having been warned days ahead of time, and NOT some sort of “spontaneous protest” because of a stupid video!

As with Watergate, it’s the coverup, not just the crime. It’s always the coverup that ends political careers.

And remember, Watergate didn’t have a body count.

Watergate No Body Count

Never forget, both President Obama and Secretary Clinton stood next to four flag draped coffins, in front of the families of these dead heroes, and the whole world, and had the gall to continue to blame all of this on that video. That alone should have those two in prison, forever. [at least it would in a just world]

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Libya

The bottom line, President Obama lied, and had others lie, massively, and even sent an innocent man to prison, in order to win the 2012 election.

Trading Five top Taliban leaders for a soldier guilty of desertion and possibly treason against the USA File this under Treason.

We can discuss the merits of the disgraced soldier, who had deserted his post previously, before deserting to join the Taliban, at another time.

The fact is Obama knew these five Taliban leaders were dangerous, and even after releasing these murderous pigs, stated that he knew they would likely rejoin the jihad against humanity. Obama made this exchange illegally, failing to get congressional approval, as required by law, and knowingly put the entire world in danger with his actions.

Like Fast and Furious this should be treated as both a crime against humanity, and a war crime, as well as treason against the United States. There is no excuse, no way Obama can justify this action in any way shape or form. Those five Taliban leaders have declared war against the United States, and have never renounced their intention to attack Americans anywhere and everywhere they can.

Global Warming Scam, Lack of Energy Policy, Deliberate Attempts to Destroy America’s Vibrant Energy Sector

The world is burning, but it isn’t because of global warming! Terrorism is on the rise, in no small part thanks to Obama, but what does President Obama want to talk about? Global warming! Anyone with a working brain knows there is no such thing as global warming, or climate change, or any other problem with our climate. In fact, a recent article in the UK’s Telegraph proves the radical left wing extremists like those Obama cites, have been cooking the books. In fact there is no warming. The United States has, in fact, according to actual scientific data, been COOLING since the 1930s, which was, in fact, the hottest period on record in the United States.

And yet, the President continues to push this global warming LIE. Just this week, Obama has been out there mocking Americans intelligent enough to understand actual science.

As Obama destroys our coal industry, and destroys thousands of much needed jobs in the process, and is looking to destroy our entire energy sector, while giving billions to his corrupt cronies to fund “green” jobs that never, ever, materialize, global warming continues to be at the very bottom of every list of things Americans give a damn about!

America has enough oil and natural gas to be 100% energy independent for the next 500 years. That’s without importing a single drop of oil! That we are not energy independent, that we instead depend on nations that actually HATE us, and use OUR money to fund terrorism world wide, is, in itself, a crime against humanity, and a crime against the people of the United States.

Lying, pushing the global warming scam, SHOULD send Obama, along with all of his co-conspirators to prison, for a long time.

Lets not forget, Obama was part of the cartel, along with Al Gore, Maurice Strong, George Soros, elements of Goldman Sachs, and others, who had hoped to take in as much as $10 TRILLION [gross] ANNUALLY, via the Chicago Climate Exchange, and the nonsensical carbon trading scheme that all of these vicious left wing extremists have promoted world wide.

For more background on Obama’s multi-trillion dollar carbon trading scam click here!

Prison IS too good for this entire bunch!

The Continued Invasion of the United States by Illegal Aliens File under Absolute Treason

Yes, TREASON. What else would you call putting the wants of foreign nationals [criminal aliens] over the NEEDS of the American people. For my money, ANYONE pushing amnesty for illegal aliens, especially politicians, should be removed from office and charged with treason, immediately.


President Obama has been guilty of treason since almost his first day in office. He has continually ordered Eric Holder, and other Cabinet members in charge of national security, to ignore our immigration laws, allowing hundreds of thousands more illegals to cross into the United States, adding to the 20 or 30 million illegals already here.

This makes Eric Holder, and the rest co-conspirators, also guilty of treason, and means they must be charged as well. The Constitution says one needs two witnesses in order to charge treason. We have 300 million plus who have witnessed Obama’s treachery in this matter, and suffered from it. Illegals steal hundreds of billions of dollars from tax payers in the form of welfare, food stamps, free health care, and other services that many Americans can’t even get.

Never forget the two Muslim animals who attacked the Boston Marathon were illegal aliens. The younger one had a free ride, full scholarship, to one of the most prestigious, and expensive, schools in America. Something most American children can only dream of. The two and their families also stole over $100,000 dollars a year in welfare benefits. They aren’t the only would be illegal alien terrorists in America waiting to strike. Not by a long shot!

President Obama has ordered thousands of violent criminals, including murderers, child rapists, and those guilty other violent crimes, released into the American population, with no further actions taken against them. Many of these violent criminals have gone on to commit even more crimes against the American people. For this alone Obama needs to be removed from office!

Right now we have tens of thousands of children crossing the border illegally and unaccompanied. Obama claims to be surprised by this and clueless of how it’s happened and who started it. Well, Obama started it.

Right now, TB, The N1H1 virus, measles, and other dangerous, and deadly, diseases are being spread in America by these children, who have never been vaccinated.

This is really bad. We have seen many diseases that have long been wiped out in the USA, make strong comebacks since we’ve allowed so many illegals in, without even basic health requirements, including basic inoculations that have been standard for any person traveling to and from ANY foreign countries, for the past half-century!

As I write this, new warnings of danger, from deadly diseases, are being given because of these children. These children who President Obama has been shipping all over the nation, with no regard for the health of the American people whatsoever, despite protests from many of the communities that are being forced to deal with these illegals against their will.

This is pure evil.

It’s no joke either. Thanks to President Obama, we could see a pandemic that could kill millions of Americans. I sincerely doubt he cares in the least.

Angry yet?

We NOW know the Obama regime was advertising for “escorts” for these illegals alien children way back in January of this year, months before they actually showed up on our borders! Escorts for as many as 65,000 children, in fact!

On, the government website that advertises opportunities for independent contractors looking to do business with the federal government , the ad read: Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children:

[emphasis mine]

Classification Code: V- Transportation/Travel/Relocation

NAICS code: 561612

Primary POC: Rachel Ali, Contract Specialist/

Secondary POC: Tony Ross, Contracting Officer/

A. Introduction

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has a continuing and mission critical responsibility for accepting custody of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) from U.S. Border Patrol and other Federal agencies and transporting these juveniles to Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) shelters located throughout the continental United States.

This my friend is what’s known as a “smoking gun!”

We also know President Obama has been advertising IN MEXICO, the availability of food stamps and other welfare programs for Mexican citizens who come to America. There is only one reason to do this, and it isn’t to help the American people!

The Obama regime anticipated this latest invasion, and in fact, triggered it, and has, with it’s devious actions, created a real and true human tragedy.

We now have mothers in Central and South America turning their infant children over to drug lords, narco-terrorists, and other unsavory characters, and paying them, in hopes their children can be sent to the United States. Mexico, which has very strong laws against illegals entering THEIR COUNTRY, is a willing accomplice to President Obama and those who seek to destroy the United States by allowing millions of criminal invaders, who have no allegiance to the United States, or concept of what America is, into the country.

Mexico is allowing these illegal aliens safe passage through their country, and even assisting them in their efforts to invade the United States. Sane people might consider this an act of war, especially since Mexico actively assists it’s OWN citizens who want to illegally enter the USA. This, in my opinion, amounts to economic terrorism.

Of course all of these latest illegal invaders will get full welfare, food stamps, and whatever other benefits that are routinely denied many of our own US citizens, including brave veterans of war! The Obama regime is already dispatching hundreds of lawyers to assist these new illegals.

Again, Obama isn’t the only one guilty of treason here, but he’s definitely the one aiding and abetting this criminal invasion, and the buck stops in the Oval Office.

This is a deliberate and calculated attempt to destroy the very fabric of the United States. It must be stopped and EVERYONE involved held accountable and punished in the harshest manner available.

The amount of contempt I have for these amnesty shills is unending. Everyone of them belong in prison. But I’ll settle for removed from office and out of public service, forever, for most. Obama needs to do time for this. He is destroying America in numerous ways by allowing illegals into this country. Not just letting them in, mind you, but begging them to come. Hell, Vice President Joe Biden has also begged them to come!

This should be a slam dunk for impeachment and conviction. Of course, there are a large number of name brand Republicans who have pledged allegiance to the United States Chamber of Commerce [who wants amnesty and an unending line of even more illegals] while ignoring their oath to uphold the Constitution, so they might be reluctant to go after Obama, and they are, in fact co-conspirators to treason themselves.

May they all burn in Hell for eternity for this betrayal of the American people!


Obama’s zeal to pull out of Iraq, and Afghanistan, has put, not only the United States, but the entire world at peril. Even worse, Obama refused requests from Iraq, a supposed ALLY, for help, when ISIS, which by the way is armed with weapons Obama put in their hands, first started to cause problems. Americans spent a lot of blood and treasure in Iraq, many lives lost, more lives broken, all for Obama to dishonor them with his deliberate actions.

Never mind all of the times Obama has claimed Al Qaeda has been “decimated” to score cheap political points. Obama is directly responsible for these new deaths in Iraq, and the continued persecution of Christians in the greater Middle East. All of this has been triggered by actions taken by Obama.

File this under crimes against humanity, but DO NOT file this under incompetence. President Obama knew EXACTLY what he was doing by backing the Muslim Brotherhood [Al Qaeda for those not paying attention] against mankind. This was and is one of the greatest evils Obama may have committed. This puts the entire world at risk.


I’m sure one can find even more reasons to impeach and even imprison President Obama, but this is a good start.

The Republicans must get serious. Obama has put the American people in peril through numerous actions, from Fast and Furious to Iraq, to the continued embrace of illegal aliens over the American people [at a time when over 100 MILLION AMERICANS seek jobs but can’t find them]

The IRS scandal is one of the greatest attacks on the Civil Rights of The American people in the history of the United States. This goes to the very core of what America is, and isn’t. This is tyranny and fascism.

Impeach Obama, impeach him NOW, the votes are there, and then go after every single democrat in the Senate who might refuse to convict. Republicans worried about the next election need to use this to their advantage, instead of seeing it as a problem. Paint the democrat party for what it is, a lawless, fascist group of Anti-American thugs who seek to destroy America as we know it, led by a feckless, lawless, fascist thug, from the White House.

Grow a pair Speaker Boehner. It’s time you step up and start doing your job, honoring your oath to uphold the Constitution, and start protecting the American people from this vicious tyrant hell-bent on destroying these United States!

This is the Republican Party’s last chance to redeem itself, or go the way of the Whigs.

Gary P Jackson
Publisher A Time For Choosing
American Citizen

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