Photo: Boxes of Uncounted Military Ballots in Allen West’s Florida District

A hero votes. These brave men and women put their lives on the line for all of us, and yet the democrat party consistently works to disenfranchise their vote. It’s an unforgivable evil

By Gary P Jackson

As you know, the democrat party is working feverishly to steal the election in Florida. Specifically Allen West’s seat. It just doesn’t do for a powerful black Conservative to have a voice in Washington. He might convince those enslaved by the democrat party to join him!

Tanya Grimsley tweeted a photo of military ballots just sitting in boxes, that have never been counted. We know the military votes heavily Republican, which explains why the Florida democrats don’t want them counted.

This is disturbing, and we’re hearing reports from all over the country that military ballots haven’t been counted. This is a problem every election season, but this time it’s to the point of criminality.



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10 responses to “Photo: Boxes of Uncounted Military Ballots in Allen West’s Florida District

  1. Allan Brewster

    Eric Holder went to court to try to change the timing so that military absentee ballots would not count. The judge commanded all of the military votes to be counted. So every voting precinct that is not counting the military vote is in violation of a court order and as such are breaking the law.

  2. All Military Is A Force of One

    ” Thank you for sharing such valuable information~! ” Soldiers FIRST because without THEM there is no US~” The Light

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  4. Lucretia

    Nothing surprises me anymore about this administration. Crooked Chicago politics. Just what O’Bama is all about. Why did we ever think our votes would count? I want an answer as to why the military ballots were not counted. Are they afraid of Col. Allen West? What in the world is our country becoming? Have we not learned anything about the past? We are going to repeat every wrong that was done before and then complain about it.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Until the Republican Party is either cleaned up or replaced, this is what we are going to get. We need warriors and instead we get eunuchs!

      Reince Preibus, the GOP chairman has JUST NOW gotten involved in Lt Col West’s situation, but has of yet to do anything but talk.

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