An Update on Our Captain, Gary Jackson

by Whitney Pitcher


Our loyal readers may have noticed that A Time for Choosing blog has been blogging without our captain, Gary Jackson, for the past few weeks. Gary has been in the hospital, but thankfully is on the mend. His body told him that if something was going to go wrong, it better happen before Obamacare fully sets in. We’re all thankful to God for how He is working in Gary’s healing. Please keep Gary in your prayers as he continues to recovery. We look forward to having him back with us soon to continue taking on both the Left and the Republican Establishment.


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7 responses to “An Update on Our Captain, Gary Jackson

  1. God bless and speedy recovery for our good word warrior.

  2. Thank you for letting us know about Gary’s hospitalization. Please give him my best wishes and let him know I’ll be saying prayers for him. May the Lord give him strength and healing and a full recovery.

  3. Get well soon buddy! Don’t let them give you “the pill!” My prayers are with you!

  4. I’ve been worrying about not seeing his byline for WAY too long now, but I thought he might just be taking a much-needed break from the rigors of 24/7 reporting and championing Our Cause so effectively!

    In some personal emails not too long ago, he told me of health issues, but, in typical Gary Jackson fashion, played it down and made it sound like it was very much a thing of the past. What wasn’t “a thing of the past” was his fitful sleeping habits which he acknowledged he needed “to work on!” Well, sounds like the Good Lord intervened and started that regimen for Gary (we all need some Divine intervention, but not the kind that scares the bejesus out of us!!).

    I’ll add my thoughts & prayers for his full recovery as well; man, do we need him on the front lines as 2014 approaches!

    Thanks a bunch, Whitney, for posting this much-anticipated news & update on Gary & his health. We have to get him back in fighting shape!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Hey Joy I’m almost ready to gt back in the fight Thanks for the kind words. See ya soon.

      • He talks! He breathes! He’s alive!! Thanks for the super-welcome note, Gary! We know you’ll listen to the doctors THIS time, eh? Anyway, you don’t want to miss out on all the fireworks, do you? Amd with the wussification of FNC these days (Kucinich & Rove – to name just two losers…), the battle lines are definitely being drawn! En garde!

      • Gary P Jackson

        Oddly enough, I was following my doctor’s advice, to the letter!

        The gout thing is just one of those deals, though we did up the dosage of a [supposedly] preventative medication I’ve been taking for years. As for the heart, I’ve been doing everything by the book. The stent just failed to do it’s job.

        Funny you mention Kucinich. I saw him the other morning on FNC, he was actually making sense. He’s a hard core liberal, but actually respects the Constitution. I don’t much agree with him, but he’s someone worthy of respect none-the-less. Can’t say that about many in politics these days!

        As for Rove, well …. you know how I feel about that rat-bastard!

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