Liberal Icon Camille Paglia: Our PC Nation Has Become ‘Utterly Fascist and Utterly Stalinist’

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Camille Paglia Quote FNC

By Gary P Jackson

Camille Paglia is everything today’s liberals are not: Honest, intelligent, and refreshingly consistent. We’ve been a fan of hers for some time.

Paglia, who now considers herself a Libertarian, appeared on Laura Ingraham’s show on Thursday. Ingraham tweeted some of the excellent quotes from the interview where Paglia ripped into the radicals, and their constant bullying of anyone who dares speak words that don’t meet their approval. She also calls for a “revolution in education.” :

I do have to disagree a bit. Nothing Phil Robertson said was “homophobic.” Being against gay marriage, or even the gay lifestyle doesn’t make you homophobic, just opinionated. Christians have legitimate concerns about homosexuality. At least Christians don’t stone gays to death like members of the “Religion of Peace™” are known to do.

We agree, and hope it’s Sarah Palin!

We agree with Professor Paglia here as well.

Many liberals love to hate. It seems to be the only thing they live for. At 54 [and a half!] I have never seen such vicious hatred for all that is good and decent, as we are seeing today. Camille Paglia compares all of this to Socialist Josef Stalin’s violent reign of terror in the Soviet Union. This also reminds me of the hate spewed by the Nazis against anyone who dared speak in unapproved voices. Socialism breeds hate and violence.

Evil is evil, and we are seeing great evils taking hold in our nation. It’s time for all decent Americans, of all persuasions, to stand up to all of this and fight back against this vicious bullying by the left.

All of this “politically correct” viciousness is no different than Obama supporters screaming “racist!” at anyone who dares to question the evil, Anti-American agenda of President Obama, and his democrat party. It’s all designed to stop reasoned debate, and bully people with legitimate differences into silence. It’s evil and goes against everything these United States stand for.

We all know popular speech never needs defending, and it’s the speech we disagree with the strongest that should be defended with our very lives, if necessary. Americans may cringe at the hateful speech and vicious Anti-Americanism from liberals, but unlike said liberals, we understand that the right to spew nonsense and hate MUST be protected, else we lose our own rights of free thought and speech. That is what separates Americans from the rest of the world.

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