About That Gardasil Mandate “Opt-Out” Perry Is Touting

By Gary P Jackson

On Monday night Rick Perry faced an onslaught of scrutinty over his decision to usurp the Texas legislative process and order school girls to be injected with Gardasil. Besides questions of crony capitalism, the idea of usurping parents’ rights, and government overreach are major concerns.

Team Perry has been claiming there was an “opt-out” for the drug since this became an issue, almost immediately after Perry tried to shove this mandate down Texans’ throats.

Non-Texans have no idea how big of a concern Perry’s nanny-statism was when this Executive Order was written.

Texans don’t react well when Liberty and Freedom are in peril. Just ask this guy.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc. were incredibly concerned about the Gardasil mandate and the claimed “opt-out” provision. So concerned they issued this statement:

“Opting-Out” of HPV Vaccine WILL NOT WORK for Many in Texas

Governor Perry is misleading legislators and families in Texas by claiming that they will be able to “opt-out” of having their 6th grade daughter vaccinated with the vaccine for the sexually transmitted virus HPV. For many families currently, the exemption isn’t worth the piece of paper it is printed on. Besides the simple fact that parents should not have to get permission from the state to make informed consent medical decisions for their own children, here are four reasons why “opting-out” of state mandated vaccines doesn’t work for many families in Texas:

“Opt-out” or Conscientious Exemption to Vaccination Process is a Bureaucratic Nightmare

To get the exemption form, parents must first submit a written form to State Health Department in Austin which forces the disclosure of the child’s full name, birthdate, and mailing address. The Health Department takes those written requests and creates yet another form on which they print the child’s same personal information that the parent had to send to health department, and the Health Department sometimes takes weeks to mail out these forms inevitably disrupting the child’s school attendance. The Health Department only sends the forms by U.S. mail, and once the parent receives the forms, they must be notarized within 90 days of submitting them and then repeatedly resubmitted every 2 years even though there is no expiration set in statute.

[1] Because the Health Department further eroded parental rights by publishing more rules getting rid of provisional enrolment for exemptions, (families used to have 30 days at the beginning of school to get their paperwork in), now schools participate in aggressive misleading education campaigns touting “no shots – no school” while not informing families of the exemption or the instructions how to obtain it.

Private Schools Deny Admission

The Texas attorney general issued an opinion in April of 2006, ga0420, that states that private schools do not have to accept the conscience exemption to vaccination in Texas Law[2], and many private schools do not. For example, the Dallas Diocese for Catholic Schools policy number 5024 states, “Schools will comply with immunization requirements established by the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department. Conscientious objections/waivers are not accepted in schools of the Diocese.” [3] Every new vaccine mandate causes more children with valid legal exemptions to be denied their private school education.

Doctors Refuse Medical Care

Even though you may be able to get a piece of paper from the state health department affirming your right to refuse state mandated vaccines for your child, just try and find a doctor who will honor it! According to a recent study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, 39% of pediatricians surveyed said they would throw kids out of practices who are not vaccinated. [4] PROVE has documented this rampant problem of doctors dismissing families utilizing a vaccine exemption in Texas to the legislature in previous sessions. Please review our report entitled “The Erosion of Public Trust & Informed Consent through Immunization Harassment, Discrimination and Coercion” prepared for the House Public Health Committee in 2005. [5]

Insurance Rates Rise and Accessibility Affected

Responsible parents who have secured health care coverage for their children will be forced to pay higher insurance rates whether they want the HPV vaccine or not. Even if you “opt-out” of the HPV vaccine mandate for Gardasil by Merck by securing a conscientious exemption waiver, there is no way for Texas parents to “opt-out” of the corresponding rise in their insurance premiums. § 1367.053. (a)

(2) of the Insurance Code REQUIRES that any vaccine required be law must be covered by insurance. [6] This first-dollar coverage requirement results in corresponding direct hiking of insurance premiums to meet costs, and for a vaccine as expensive as this one, an HPV vaccine mandate risks putting premiums for basic health care coverage out of reach financially for even more Texas families. Additionally, we have received complaints from families where insurance companies are harassing parents with letters and discriminating on coverage based on whether or not the child has had all their state mandated vaccines.

Read more here.

Rick Perry and his people can spin this anyway they want to, but the fact is, his Gardasil mandate was going to be almost impossible to “opt-out of because of Texas law and insurance regulations.

Many people have justified Perry’s mandate by saying states require kids to be vaccinated for all sorts of diseases. That’s a bogus argument.

The reason for mandated vaccinations, besides the obvious benefit to the person, is the safety of others. All of the diseases children receive mandated vaccinations for are contagious. You can’t “catch” cancer, which is what Gardasil supposedly prevents.

The fact is, Perry knew the Texas Legislature would have NEVER approved of mandating this drug, and in fact, they overrode his Executive Order.

One can speculate all day long as to why Perry was motivated to usurp the legislative process, but the fact is,. like all Statists, Perry thought that he, and only he, knew what was best for Texas, to hell with the representatives of the people.

We have someone like this in the White House now, we don’t need to send another one to replace him.


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37 responses to “About That Gardasil Mandate “Opt-Out” Perry Is Touting

  1. Wayne Miller

    You can’t “catch” cancer, but you can “catch” the Human Papiloma Virus which is linked to the cause of cervical cancer. That statement is disingenous.

    • Gary P

      Only by having sex. Are you suggesting there are mass orgies in Texas schools? Because that’s about the only way HPV would be a big enough threat to require a mandated vaccine.

      I love how Perry supporters go to such great lengths to justify absolutely every thing the man has done.

      • Actually, HPV can be spread by skin-to-skin only.
        “HPV/Genital Warts are generally spread by means of skin-to-skin and sexual contact, although HPV can also be spread from mother to child during birth. A person may also self-infect by having an area of infected skin or tissue touch another area on the person’s own body.

        The virus also can be spread by contact with contaminated objects, clothing, or towels where the virus has been kept warm and moist for short periods of time between contacts. ”

        Doesn’t have to be “mass orgies” or whatever else exaggeration you’d like to make, either. Did the first folk that had AIDS have orgies? No. it started with one person and spread from there. Don’t think there were that many “orgies” involved. Haven’t you heard that when you have sex with someone, you have sex with everyone they’ve ever had sex with?
        Let’s be honest, kids are having sex at younger and younger ages. Wake up!

      • And, Gary, if a site can’t allow posts that give facts to refute your statements, it doesn’t say much about a site.
        I’m waiting to see if you will allow what I’ve just posted on the facts about HPV.

        You do want to be seen as a credible source, don’t you?

      • And, I must say that I ferociously supported/defended Palin against all comers when she was running and afterwards. After seeing that she had been damaged by the media beyond repair to run for office , I then went to Cain. Until I researched him further and what I found was very, very distasteful.

        Now, I’ve chosen Perry. And, what I’m” seeing is that he is being “Palinized” just as Sarah was, but it’s being done by not only the MSM, Fox, but ……….other conservatives! Why? For what purpose? To get Obama light into office, or the 999 guy? Or, just let Obama win again?

        Use your power to help a conservative win, and quit all this trash. What will you do IF Palin chooses to put her support behind Perry? Of the top 3 (Cain, Romney, Perry), his record is more conservative than either of the other two.

        See here: http://peskytruth.wordpress.com/2011/07/19/rick-perrys-negatives/#comment-1047



        I don’t intend this for public consumption, just for your eyes……unless you want to make it public.

      • Gary P

        When Sarah Palin talks about “corruption in the Republican Party” just who do you think she’s referring to? She’s mentioned Perry by NAME on many occasions.

        I doubt she endorses anyone in the primaries, but you can bet your last dollar that she will NOT endorse Rick Perry.

        Perry is done. Not just as a candidate for president, but as Governor as well. He will be gone after this term. Texans are sick of his corrupt ways, and sick of him giving things like border security lip service while doing everything possible to make sure his cronies have a never ending supply of cheap labor provided by illegal aliens.

  2. The truth about the “opt-out.” The nation got a good look Monday night at how honest Rick Perry is.

    • Gary P

      Indeed. Perry is about to have a whole lot of sunlight shined on him. Gonna end him as a viable candidate, both nationally and here in Texas.

      • Robert Hutchins

        Perry is just ignorant! The autism community has been hammering him over the Gardasil vaccine crap on twitter as of late! I thought that it was great that Bachman said what she said. Some say she lied about the story, but from what I saw, I think that she didn’t believe the story herself and that is what the look about her was from. I really think that Perry is done in! Add in the fact that all the Texas Educators hate him and his goose is cooked on his presidential run. I may just write in my own name if it comes down between Perry and Obama. Horrible choices this upcoming election. I see Obama for another 4.

  3. Spot on, Michelle. thanks for the reporting.

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  5. Gypsy

    As a Texan I was FURIOUS when Perry signed this executive order. I had two teenage girls at the time, I had taught them abstinence, and they had no need for an expensive ($130 X 3) series of shots for a sexually transmitted disease. Besides, the vaccine was brand-new and who knew what the consequences could be?
    I’m even madder now that we find out Perry’s campaign was pocketing money from Merck. This is crony capitalism at its worst and it’s exactly what we don’t need more of in government. So to Perry supporters, yes, this Gardasil issue IS a big deal. We can’t just sweep it under the rug and make excuses.

    • Gary P

      We’re just learning that over $4 million dollars may have changed hands between Merck, Perry and things Perry is involved in.

      This is a scandal that is not going away.

      • Wrongo. It was more like $5,000, and I guess all the 44 other states did the same?
        As of July 2011, legislators in at least 41 states and D.C. have introduced legislation to require, fund or educate the public about the HPV Vaccine and at least 20 states have enacted this legislation, including Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington. Source: National Conference of State Legislatures.

        There are still some who are convinced that Merck contributed more than a paltry $6,000 to Perry. They are simply wrong. Merck gave two checks, one for $1,000 and another for $5,000 to Perry in the 2006 election timeframe (in 2008, they contributed a whopping $2,500). Here is a source to view all of Perry’s contributions: ProPublica. In fact, Merck has only contributed $23,500 to Perry over a 1998-2010 span, not exactly George Soros money. For comparison, from 2000-2006 Merck gave $2,460,000 to state politicians across 40 states.

      • Gary P

        Wow, are you on Perry’s staff or Merck’s?

        Seriously, the ties between Perry and Merck are wide and deep. Now compared to other corrupt Perry deals, Merck’s is small, but it’s still a matter of cronyism and corruption. It also says Perry is a cheap date and will give it up to any and all with a buck or two to spread around.

      • 5000 directly to Perry and thousands more to the Republican party, which Perry headed at the time. That was just from Merck. The other HPV vaccines made even heavier contributions. Perry tried to mandate, but luckily in Texas, Congress did not pass it. The rest are lies from big pharma, the cdc, etc. Gardasil is not safe and many other countries have either pulled it or put a stop to the marketing campaigns. Not too long ago a 14 years old girl dies 2 weeks after receiving HPV vaccine. Look at VAERS and look at the vaccine injury cases. They make the vaccine sound as though it is safe for everyone and it is not. It is questionable as to whether it is even needed and actually works.

      • Then, Gary P. provide some facts, please. Not just statements.

      • Gary P

        I written extensively about Rick Perry and his corrupt ways. He’s the most corrupt governor in the country. His ties to Merck are smaller than the rest, for sure, but just as troubling. There are plenty of articles out there. The Wall Street Journal, American Thinker, and so on have plenty. So do many Texas based websites.

        Not sure where you live, but Texans know what a sleazy bag this guy is. Remember, Perry has been primaried every election cycle. He’s been luck that those who primary him are inept, and of course, Texans don’t elect democrats statewide. In other words he benefits from being the “lesser of two evils”

        He’s not going to be the GOP nominee. He’s proven that he simply can’t run with the big boys. Our next project is finding a Conservative to take him out in 2014, when we hold our next election for Governor.

    • RhiannonC

      I have been doing research on Gardasil and there has been atleast 103 deaths or serious reactions from just one shot. It is nothing but a money maker, and it is harming our little girls all over the world. There is not enough clinical research on this vaccine. Supposively it is good for four years well if the child survives after the first shot at 9 years of age she is going to, and I hope not have sex at 13 and she could still get HPV even if she doesn’t have sex because you don’t neccesarily have to have sex to have it. HPV does not cause cancer and it could possibly make them infertile, just exactly what they want to stop the population.
      Most women who get cervical cancer in late adulthood about 50 years of age, by that time the vaccine has long been out of your system.
      We have to teach our children now about sex, drugs and other possibly harmful things in this world.
      I am 35 and have cervical dysplasia, I am fine, but a vaccine will not help me, I have to have the LEEP procedure. It sickens me that if Iowa manadates this I could lose my own children.
      We need to educate ourselves on Gardasil and stop the mandating or we could lose our babies!

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  7. Ace is losing his mind. It’s actually fun to watch. He’s spinning that Palin accepting Federal funds for Gardisol equals Perry’s EO mandate.

  8. Yeah, nice hill to die on, GOP. Eating your own. Good job.

    And don’t cry when you get Romney as the nominee and he gets McCained. Just look in the mirror.

    • Gary P

      Sorry, but we already have a corrupt POS in the White House, no way in hell will we send another one.

      I know Perry supporters think we should just cancel the primary process and hand the nomination to Rick, but that’s not going to happen. Rick Perry has a long record of crony capitalism, questionable real estate deals, and liberal policies. The democrats would destroy him if he was the nominee.

      Oh, and trying to scare people with Romney isn’t going to work either. Neither he nor Perry will be our nominee. Conservatives demand better, and will have it.

    • I’m no fan of Romney, and comparing him to McCain is valid, but I think the comparison works even better for Perry. Perry is a phony who tries to sound conservative during election campaigns, while pursuing exactly the same kind of statist policies that conservatives are trying to fight. http://www.jpattitude.com/110908.php

      • Gary P

        There’s only one person who says what she means and means what she says, and that’s Sarah Palin. Was following her career long before McCain chose her to be his running mate. She’s the real deal, and exactly the one we need to clean up DC.

  9. heidilore

    Very well written. I have been against this HPV vaccination for a very long time. No way in hell would I ever allow my daughter to have one.

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  11. krystin

    I was given Gardasil when i was 15 going on 16 years old in a group home for foster children and probation children , i got the three shots because i was told it would prevent hpv and cervical cancer and a lot of the girls were getting it i am now 18 years old. Gardasil does not work didn’t prevent me from getting hpv when i found out i had it my doctor was just like well alot of people have it you have no worries. Well i don’t think it works for others i truly believe its just another way to get money out of people. There are young adults that get this shot and go out with no worries thinking they wont get hpv because the got this shot. Well worry because it doesn’t prevent much, my sister also was given this Gardasil but she is is a worse position than me when she got hpv it went to another level than just having cervical cancer. Now that i fully understand Gardasil i wouldn’t of gotten it when i was younger because it wouldn’t of made a difference,

  12. Robert Hutchins

    Look at the SaneVax website and also go to canaryparty.org, age of autism and Ann Dachel’s blog. Interesting information there about all vaccines. If you believe that you have suffered a vaccine injury due to Gardasil or any other vaccines, you can file a claim under the VAERS – Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. I believe that sane vax tested 13 vials of Gardasil and found that it actually has the HPV in it, which Merck denied for over 5 years..

    I did not have any trouble getting our vaccine exemptions from the state of Texas. So far, insurance has not been a problem nor our pediatrician, when we told him no way on the last round of vaccines.

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