A Vibrant Sarah Palin Checks In From Arizona

By Gary P Jackson.

Many folks were disappointed that Sarah Palin declined the invitation to speak at the Republican National Convention. We all remember the electrifying speech she gave at the convention in 2008. That said, it’s clear that she’s happy with her decision to miss the GOP dog and pony show, in order to campaign for Conservative candidates.

Sarah spoke with Sean Hannity Monday night from Joe’s Farm Grille. What struck me wasn’t what she said, the interview is pretty much what we’re used to. No, it was how she looked, and sounded. Sarah Palin was in her element. Smiling and upbeat, wearing her Kirk Adams t-shirt, you could see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice, she is pumped up. Ready to do her part to ensure we have a Congress full of Conservatives who want to bring about sudden and relentless reform:

I did love the comment about Obama voters being hooked on “hopium” I bet we here that again.

Video courtesy SarahNet

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One response to “A Vibrant Sarah Palin Checks In From Arizona

  1. Go Kirk Adams!

    What she is doing is highly, important and for me more important than the main election itself~ Talk about having your ducks in a row~ The more cronies we replace with good conservatives, and I wouldn’t mind her pushing to replace some judges as well, the more cronies will try to get something corrupt done but will not be able to because they will have to turn good conservatives to bad to do it~ The new good conservatives will be the block~ Like I said before, from outside in~ What I love is the look on Hannity’s face when he hears all the people cheering~ You would think she is President~ I totally, agree with the methods behind the genius ( ain’t no one controlling her and inturn she is getting more done/ flowing like water)~ While the convention is discussion or talk she is in action~ Last, I said God is here and ready to rumble; I was serious about that~ Time and pressure my friends~ ACH

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