I’m in for a New Third Party! To Heck with the Bushes’ GOP!

The GOP has failed.  Now what?

I have spent the last four days dealing with the Jeb Bush possible (probable) run for President 2016, and can’t help but feel exasperated and even depressed at the thought that we are being set up yet again to have our voices ignored.  My answer to that?  Start a new Third Party once and for all. Why not?

The consequences of doing nothing far outweigh the risk of making the effort to do something.  I KNOW the issue of money is of great concern, and that is outside the scope of my comprehension or pay grade.  Someone else can deal with that crucial issue.


And a problem-solver!  People feel disenfranchised and would love to see A NEW DAY and a NEW REVITALIZED PARTY! But we are not going to get it by trying to change the one we have.  It’s been proven over time. How many “Bush” presidencies do we need in one lifetime to show that this is all fixed and that there has never been room for a REAL PEOPLE’s candidate to take their place?

If 2012 was NOT a wake up call for the GOP, then it is deaf, blind and beyond dumb!! And if it is NOT a wake-up for us, then let me ask you this: If not us, who?  If not now, when? Bush INC is NOT going to relinquish their power to We-the-People, so what choice are we left with?  They are our problem if WE CHOOSE to let them be our problem.  We can choose for the GOP NOT TO BE our problem.  It is well within our power to do so.

The party’s message is tired, worn out and has been proven not to work.  It is not going to change any time soon as long as the pernicious leadership remains at the helm.  If we cannot change the party leadership, then we need to change OURSELVES and say and do what me mean.

We must be taken seriously with a platform of Reform, Revitalization of the economy as well as Restoration of Principles and Honor in Politics.  I have heard some say the party name should be The Conservative Party.  That sounds fine to me.   The name doesn’t really matter, it is the spirit of the party that does.

I would rather spend my time dreaming about this than trying to beg the leadership to listen.  I would rather follow a new, exciting, refreshing solution to a problem we know won’t change, rather than try to fix a failing GOP mentality.

If it generates fear, frustration and setbacks, so be it.  It’s still worth a shot.


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37 responses to “I’m in for a New Third Party! To Heck with the Bushes’ GOP!

  1. Steve Brennan

    “We can choose for the GOP not to be a problem.” That’s it in a nutshell.

  2. The reason the GOP seems to be failing is because people like YOU say it is… You people still have not learned the one and only person capable of doing our country and constitution justice is Sarah Palin.. You ignored her at the convention and you see now what that did for ya… I think all the high up GOP officials are afraid of her.. She will cut out all the foolish spending and get rid of people that are not needed.. As of right now the main subject floating around the internet is Taxes… OMG, that is way down on the list of things needed to be done… first should be the illegal running the show in the White House but nobody seems to care just let him do as he pleases.. that has to come to an end.. if nobody wants to do anything about it,, then ALL in the Government needs to be replaced.. what’s taking place in this country is an absolute travesty.. and people in Washington sitting on their duff doing nothing… i guess they are hoping if they keep their mouth shut it will all go away,,,, WILL NOT HAPPEN……the proven illegal voting that took place,, what’s being done??????? Nothing.. in any sport activity if there is cheating going on there is a penalty,, in Government when cheating is going on,, everyone just keeps their mouth shut and let it ride… to me that is Criminal Activity of the worst kind….. well hell,, i could go on for hours,, but i will shut the hell up and fuss to myself…………..

    • mysticisa

      1. Who is it that you are addressing when you say “you people”? If it is directed at me, I can say to you that I believe the GOP derailed Sarah Palin’s chances for getting the GOP nomination. She WAS and still IS the antidote to the problems of the Left AND our Party. She represents and embodies what we ALL want in a leader, and some.. A third party started by her would attract unhappy Democrats AND Republicans. Like I said, it doesn’t matter what the name of the party is, but what it is about. I mentioned those in the article.

      2. If “you people” is directed at the GOP, I totally agree! (See my Nov. 7th letter to Reince Priebus and the GOP on this blog.)

      3. If you are frustrated at Obama, take a deep breath. Get some fresh air. Don’t internalize what is happening in the White House. We need people to be level-headed and strong in this fight.

      4. Have a great day.

  3. Until we have primaries in every state of the Union on the same day, our 3rd party will not have a chance. By the time Texas has her primary, the candidates I would like to win have all been eliminated time after time. It is ridiculous to say that I have a vote – I am disenfranchised before we even have the election.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I agree. I think the solution is a more concentrated primary season. Spread out, but in bigger clusters. ALSO, we need to rotate who goes when. The idea of one state having it’s primary first being somehow sacred MUST GO.

    • Isabel Matos

      Dear Texas Lady Juanita,

      First of all, thank you for posting a reply. I really appreciate it!

      Primary reform would be part of a great effort, indeed, as you said, but I just want to solve what I have personally identified to be the biggest problem in the Establishment GOP leadership: a power-driven family, the Bushes, who will not relinquish THEIR POWER under any circumstance, and that effects everything else, including primaries. IF JeB Bush runs, he knows he has the GOP machine at his disposal, and that “machine” has helped maneuver the election process in the past.

      How do we fight against a family who is heck-bent on staying in power? They will never hand over the presidency to a People’s Candidate who would threaten their very existence, much less listen to solutions for reform from a base of voters in the party who they have disdain for. The Bushes used to be decent people in everyone’s eyes, but we now know they can be ruthless and should not be trusted. Their interest is no longer in country, but in keeping their legacy of three consecutuve family presidencies (or more).

  4. There is no political solution.

    • Isabel Matos

      Of course there is a political solution! You just have to CHOOSE the problem you want to solve and go about solving it. All it takes is a can-do spirit, which is a very American thing!

      What kind of solution are you thinking about?

      • Do you not yet see? There is no opposition party. All our institutions are corrupted. The Rule Of Law died in 2009. There is no solution. Period. I know that’s hard to accept because we’re raised to be optimistic. But nations do all fall eventually. It is our misfortune to be present at this time. What to do? Survive. Focus on physical survival. Collapse is unavoidable.

      • Isabel Matos

        You have a right to your opinion, and I felt that way before the election results, but I have no choice but to believe in the system because there isn’t a better one out there. It just needs reform. This did not happen overnight. It certainly did not start in 2009. The Rule of Law has been broken before, you just may not have been there to witness it. This has been in the making for years, and I am frankly not surprised it finally reared its ugly head.

        It is not the end of the world, either. If there is a collapse, then it will make room for a new beginning. Things never end. Keep focusing on the good that is being done, there is plenty of it! Especially in the Conservative Movement.

        America is still the greatest country on Earth, we just have to get better at how we fight to defend her freedoms.

    • Glenn Ellerbe

      Oh there IS a solution.
      In fact – there are multiple solutions.

      The only question is whether or not we will enact such solution(s).
      That is yet to be seen.

  5. The time is ripe, I agree. And maybe starting with as little money as possible should be a key part of the startup process.

  6. lemonv

    A 3rd party run is possible, but Sarah must start now to organize it. If she wants to run under an organized party (say, Libertarian Party) she can dilly dally but then she must let her intent be known the sooner the better. If she wants to run under the Repubs with Jeb Bush running also under the new rules imposed by the GOPe, she could make her intent known at a later date.

    The 3 scenarios could be realized if the grassroots organizations such as American Grizzlies, C4P and the likes are still intact and just needs refurbishing to be in tip top shape at the nomination date and especially at the election date.

    • Isabel Matos

      We cannot put deadlines on things such as when Sarah must or must not do things. She alone knows IF or WHEN something needs to be done. I just wanted to make sure that is understood. We should not put pressure on her to do things she has no intentions of doing. Let 2012 be a lesson. She cannot be shackled by anyone or anything. That is who she IS. What we need to do is to continue improving ourselves, to fortify as activists, and to step our of our comfort zones to do things we never thought we would do. Sarah knows we love her. She knows we will be there for her no matter what.

      I like the last part of your comment. I think those grassroots organizations ROCK! I would follow their command in heartbeat! Again, no deadlines.

      Thanks for the reply.

  7. jerseyflash

    I believe…FIRST THINGS-FIRST…let’s get behind Sarah Palin or whoever and get stronger in Congress and take over the Senate…this will stop “HIS” last 2 years in POWER…I think if Sarah Palin is once again the LEADER TO CHANGE…then let’s get and give EVERYTHING to support her cause and desire…how wrong has she been in making comments about EVERYTHING that “HE” does…she’s hitting 100%…remember Nov 7th when Greta asked the viewers ( Who do you think would make the better POTUS…NO-ONE came close to Sarah Palin)…( She was also right when she talked to Mark on Oct 5th…it will take a $$$$ billion dollars to run against “HIM”…she was RIGHT AGAIN )…let’s all get together and “BUILD IT”
    Sarah Palin 2016 and 2020…NO-BODY ELSE !!!!!!!

    • Isabel Matos

      I agree with all you are saying and I am behind Sarah Palin 1000%! I also want to point out that this party, which would be a party of REFORM, could be led by the only person who is really about reform, Sarah Palin herself. She leads, we follow, but it’s okay to give opinions and make suggestions. It shows we are maturing as a base.

      Good post.

  8. The GOP did not listen in 2012, why would they ever care what we think? I agree with Gary. We no longer have anything to lose.

    • Isabel Matos

      I agree with Gary, too! We just need to hear the words “when” from Sarah, because I would not want anyone else leading the party.

  9. mytorpor

    While I have nothing but the deepest admiration for Gov. Palin and she would be my first choice as a conservative third party leader, I could also easily follow Allen West should Gov. Palin decide she did not want to accept the challenge. He has proven he is a true conservative, he has proven he is willing to fight against long odds and he is an excellent speaker. No one person should have the pressure of saving the country placed solely on their shoulders. While Sarah Palin has proven she has very strong shoulders, she will need more than one strong person standing beside her AND millions of us watching her back. And should our first attempt fail, we cannot let the whole new party fall…we MUST be willing to look both at Gov. Palin and beyond, if we are serious about a third party and taking our country back to our constitutional roots.

  10. Marc

    Thanks for this great post Isabel! Hopefully we can leapfrog the GOP and make *them* the third party! 🙂

  11. Robert Arvay

    While I agree that the Republican Party is no longer an effective platform for conservatives, and while I also agree that a Third Party would be an improvement, my feeling is that the Titanic is already sinking, and we are talking about the deck chairs. We need to put in place a shadow government that will rise from the ashes of an America that has gone bankrupt and descended into chaos. I know that this sounds like doom and gloom, but it is realism.
    Let me add that I firmly believe that Sarah Palin is the one and only person whose leadership can prevent disaster. With divine intervention, she can be empowered to rescue the nation. If that is God’s plan, then that is what will happen. But until then, store up food and ammo.

    • Isabel Matos


      There is a morsel of truth in everything people say! I appreciate your taking the time to leave a reply. If you read the post following this one, you will note that there are MANY ISSUES with starting a THIRD PARTY, the number one being, that Sarah Palin hasn’t decided that it is what she wants to do.

      If we could, as Conservatives, set smaller goals to prove we can actually come together unanimously to do something (like HELP KICK BOEHNER OUT OF OFFICE), then we can prove to ourselves that it is possible to do greater thanks.

      Sarah Palin SHOULD NOT BE BURDENED with having the burden of all things placed on her shoulders. WHAT ARE YOU DOING to help your party be better? Get your representatives to answer to you locally and share your experience with us here so we can make changes, one person at a time. There is a lot of work to do, so let’s start now!

      Thanks for stopping by! Please come again soon, even if you think we disagree.

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